Virtua Tennis 4 – How to Serve Like a Pro [Guide]


If you’re a fanatic of professional tennis, you can have the chance of a lifetime to be in the shoes of one of your tennis heroes with Virtua Tennis 4. The game is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii among others. Despite accessible gameplay, there is a deep learning curve for those who want to be the best at the game. One of the key moves players of Virtua Tennis 4 have to condition themselves in is serving.

In virtual tennis, timing is everything. The maxim “know your enemy” applies when you have to time your serves on whoever the opponent you are facing. The basic technique is to stay put and wait until the colored meter is on top. You must train yourself on this because every player has a distinct timing speed. Be quick with your fingers in hitting the button in countering the serve of a fast opponent. If you would react late, a weak and slow serve would be the result. If you are face to face with Roger Federer, be reminded that this pro serves a bit slow. To see him serve at optimum speed, better wait a few seconds. You have to observe your opponent’s movement during the serve as well as the service meter nearby.

An important tip you should not miss is that most of your opponents do not change tactics when serving. Because of this, you can return their bullet serves by anticipating their movements. Have an assortment of moves to catch your opponent off guard. If he is standing not far from the baseline, serve a fast one. If he is far from it, you should make it slow. Ultimately, do not forget that raw speed is not enough. Focus on the direction of the ball whenever you serve. Make it hard for your opponent to return it by serving near the service box lines and directly to the body of the other party.


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