Virtua Tennis 4 – Super Shot Tips [Guide]


Playing to your character’s strength is the best technique to fill up the Super Shot meter in Virtua Tennis 4. For instance, if you are Andy Murray, the backhand would be your best shot. File up as many backhand shots as you can to fill up the meter in the soonest possible time. Remember that all players in the game have their own inherent strength. Look for ways on how to play as them by exploring and experimenting on your moves. However, do not depend on their strength all the time. Your opponent will easily notice what you are doing. As much as possible, just use it to fill the Super Shot meter fast.

A lot of players are very eager to use the Super Shot once they acquire it because it is swift and hard to check. On your part, spare the shot for more appropriate situations. It is all about strategy and there is no need to use it if you feel you are down by a lot of points. You will just get 15 by using it successfully and you have to earn it all over again. When you are down by 40, forget about it because your opponent is ready to take away the game from you.

You need the Super Shot when you are about to win a set or more appropriately, to break the serve of your opponent. If you have a match point, you still have to use it to prevent your opponent from catching up. If you have the advantage, letting the other party win seems a big insult. In addition, reserve the shot for deuce games and tiebreak’s in order to break the deadlock on your opponent. You will have a greater chance of securing victory in these critical situations.


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