Virtua Tennis 4 – Timing Your Shots [Guide]


Timing your shots is one essential attribute you have to develop to be successful in the latest sequel of Virtua Tennis. If you have more loses that wins, there is a big chance that your timing is off. In this fourth series, you have to make some adjustments to make the right shot. If you are playing other games, do not look for a sprint button so accept the simple fact that you can retrieve the ball all the time.

To hit the ball, the best technique is to get into the proper position before holding the shot button for the hit. In the previous series, just holding the shot button is enough to hit the ball. Before you make a single move, learn to anticipate where the ball is going. Do not expect that your opponent will always hit on the same direction because they also know how to deceive you. Staying at the middle of the court will give you the flexibility to run after the ball in either direction.

It takes a lot of practice to master timing but it can be done. One technique of obtaining proper timing is not to hold the shot button for long period but do it when you have the exact distance from the ball. Doing it prematurely is the worst technique you could ever do. In positioning the ball, the same technique is employed. Zero in towards the ball and be sure to position the left stick where you want to hit the ball. If you miss the technique, you might end up not hitting the ball and running on an opposite direction. The key in timing your shots is to run towards the ball before pressing any button. Control your fingers in pressing prematurely and you will master the reflexes of hitting the ball on time.


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