inFAMOUS 2: Extreme Makeover Trophy [Guide]


This is a mission that takes a bit of time in order to achieve it. The goal is to destroy 30 balconies. Now, some people wonder why they’re not awarded it with the 30 Big Destruction job, even though they’ve  already destroyed 30 balconies. Well a tip is to just keep going! Don’t count the balconies you’ve destroyed, just go destroy and go some more!

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to gain the trophy:
1. First locate the place where most balconies are found.

2. The goal is to destroy 30 balconies, chuck those sticky bombs and get moving!

3. Some individuals wonder why they don’t receive the trophy even through they’ve already finished destroying 30, well ya gotta do it after receiving the 30 Big Destruction XPs.

4. Still continue on destroying the balconies you pass by.

5. After you’ve acquired 30 Big Destruction Experience Points, You’ll be rewarded with the Extreme Makeover Trophy!

To view the full video on the guide, play the video below:
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