The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Story So Far [Guide]

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I know it still seems so far away before we get our chance to explore the world of Skyrim but there is a lot of information out there that you can do a service to yourself and know before we ever step foot in the amazing land the people over at Bethesda have created. If you have not had a chance to read my hands on time with the game from E3 be sure to check it out Here.

But today we are gonna focus on the world of Skyrim and what a world it is, as you can imagine the creators have crafted an amazing story behind the events that will be taking place in Skyrim and today we are gonna catch you up on what’s going on.

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Skyrim is the name of the region that sits in the northern part of Tamriel. It is the dwelling place of the Nords who are hardy men and women who have built up a strong resistance to the frost of the area in both natural and magical forms. Skyrim is borderd by Morrowind to the east, Cyrodiil is to the south Hammerfell to the southwest and Solstheim lies to the northeast.

In the time of the Imperial Invasion many of the Nords migrated to Bruma and became citizens of Cyrodiil because of the fear of death. Some also fled to Solstheim as its remote water area made it a great haven.

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Skyrim is also known as the Old Kingdom of Fatherland and was the first area of Tamriel to be inhabited by humans. The humans migrated there from the land of Atmora in the far north and across the Sea of Ghosts. While the date of this great migration is unknown it is believed to have been before the Elvish civilization began to flourish. According to the legend, Ysgramor was the first to land at Hsaarik Head which is at the extreme northern tip of Skyrim’s Broken Cape. Him and his companions were believed to be fleeing the Civil War in Atmora, when they landed they called the land Mereth after the many elves they found roaming the forests.

The Nords are well known for their hatred of other races and since they were the first to settle in Nirn they see other races as un-worthy.

For a long while the relations between the Falmer Elves and men were relatively peaceful however the elves eventually noticed that the Nords shorter lifespan, fast rate of maturation and expedient reproductive cycle would lead them to eventually over populate the elves and this would leave to problems if unchecked. At this time man was looked at as a primitive life form to the Falmer Elves so controlling there spread was not seen as anything unethical in the Elves minds. So on what would be known as The Night of Tears the Elves rose the city of Saarthal to the ground. Only Ysgramor and his two sons were able to escape back to Atmora where he discovered that a peace between the various races had been achieved. He returned years later to Skyrim with an army known as the “Five Hundred Companions” that was composed of the heros of the Atmora Civil War. His army easily drove out the Elves and the foundation of the First Empire was laid.

Falmer Elves still lingered on the borders of Skyrim until the reign of the King Harald who was the 13th of the Ysgramor Dynasty. He declared the people of Skyrim to be independent of the people of Atmora for at the time they were considered the same people. All the humans that exist in Tamriel are descendants of these Nords.

The First Empire of Men was lead to by the expansion started by Vrage the Gifted. Within fifty years the Nords had complete control of Skyrim as well as parts of High Rock and Cyrodiil, and the Dunmer Lands of Morrowind.

As all Empire’s before them they were doomed to fall, and it happened by the very system they used to choose their successors. For a great while the gathering of the lords of many different Holds called the Moot chose the successor to the Empire. After the death of King Borgas no decision could be made on a successor and the Skyrim War of Succession began. High Rock, Cyrodiil and Morrowind seceded and recieved little resistance from the Nords. The war lasted until the Pact of Chieftans which decided the Moot would meet only when a clear successor could be found.

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There will be many different types of terrain in the land of Skyrim. While much of what we have seen of the land features snow capped mountains and valleys many other types will be seen. Skyrim is the most rugged region in the continent and contains 5 of the highest peaks in all the land. The cold and snowy weather that dominates Skyrim leads to a large collection of Lycans and Werewolves. The only place you will find flat land will be in the far west areas, and this is where most of the populations will live. In the land of Skyrim a variety of crop is raised including wheat and snowberry. The cold climate makes Skyrim the only area in Tamriel that you can brew the famous “Nordic Whisky” or as it is also known, “Rotgut”. Rotgut is outlawed in the Empire but that does not deter many from illegally selling and brewing the drink.

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The land known as Skyrim was increased after the War of the Bend’r-Mahk. A resistance by the Bretons and Redguards was feeble in the cities of Jehenna and Elinhir. The city state of Dragonstar is now divided into two separately ran eastern and western sections where many acts of terrorism take place on a daily basis.

In Skyrim through history, Solitude has always been one of the most influential and riches counties. It is growing ever more powerful and is controlling much of the northern coastline after the alliance of King Thian and Macalla the Queen of Dawnstar through marriage. They are seeking to expand their influence even more by annexing former Imperial fiefs and sending exploratory missions into the Seas of Ghosts.

Solitude’s ancient rival is Winterhold. They two are experiencing a renaissance in influence and power as refugees from Morowind have brought new ideas and culture to the area. Since the country has become the home of the Ysmir Collective many Scholars have migrated to the area. The Ysmir Collective is a rescued library and is the cornerstone of academic life in Winterhold.

While those two prosper Hrothgar and Whiterun have not been so lucky. What were once Imperial Cities have now been ravaged by attacks from Frost trolls, harsh winters, floods, and droughts. The people in desperation have turned to the Witch leader Jsashe or as she is now known, the Witch Queen of Whiterun. Her magic has yet to bring the land prosperity.

So that should give you a good background on just what is going on in Skyrim. It posses a rich history that needs to be known to fully understand the events that we will embark on starting on 11-11-11.


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