F.E.A.R. 3 – Interval 07: Port (Walkthrough) [Guide]


After traversing the difficult terrain of the broken up highway, you are getting closer to your quarry. This interval is the last homestretch towards the finale, so you must soldier on and get to the target in one piece. Everything else around you is getting more insane by the moment, so you have no time to lose.

Once you are about to begin, you’ll find two monkey creepers going for you, which you must dispatch quickly. As you push on forward, you’ll be killing more creepers and avoid getting hit. Once you’ve gotten near the airplane up ahead, climb up the stairs and take out more of those creepers right up to the double doors. All of a sudden, a body forcibly opens them, letting you continue ahead.

You can now go through the terminal, where you’ll find a corpse you can psychic link with at the entrance. The exit should be ahead, and a corpse for psychic link right there as you proceed. You will be fighting more guards and monkey creepers, at which you must not let them stop you. You will then arrive at a lounge, so pass through that and into the kitchen. There’ll be guards inside, so kill them before leaving the area.

There should be a body for psychic link just before you climb the stairs. Go through the door up ahead and kill the enemies along the way, guards and creepers alike. You’ll go through a kitchen and reach a dead end before having to get down to the lower level. There’ll be an area labeled Employees Only, so go through there and along the hallways to find the exit. You see Becket, only to miss him by just a hair.

You’ll then have to go through the food court and down the stairs, but not before a psychic link with the corpse near the washrooms just behind some crates. As you go downstairs, go through the elevator in the middle and use the stairs at the opposite side. There should be a door near those telephones, and you will find a corpse for psychic link and an Alma Doll inside. You should find a health food booth that you can enter, which will have you end up in the kitchen. The exit is just up ahead from there.

Near the ATM is a booth that you can enter, and you’ll find a corpse behind the counter for psychic link. You can then duck under the gate to exit this area. As you do, two monkey creepers will appear and go off somewhere. You can follow them and encounter enemies along the way, which you should dispatch quickly. Go up the escalators as you continue taking out enemies along the way.

There should be adjacent stairs that you can go down with, and it leads to double doors that lead into the Executive Club. Not much luxury and prestige is left in this place, especially as a super soldier appears before you with his minions. Dispatch of the uncultured fiends as safely as you can, then exit through the security booth. As you reach the lower level, there will be more enemies to take out. As you get out, you’ll then jump through a hole in the fence as you kill more guards up ahead.

Go down to the lower level and slide the doors open. Shoot your way through the enemies in the next area as you reach the stairs and get away from the chopper gunfire. Find the rocket launcher nearby to take it down in one or two shots. Once you’ve taken that bird out of the sky, proceed into the shop that the creeper came out of and go straight through the doors and the stairs downwards. You’ll find a corpse for psychic link at the bottom.

You can then go back upstairs and through a door, then turn left and go down another set of stairs to reach the exit and another doorway. As you go further down, take the door up ahead and get ready for a fight with another super soldier and his lackeys. Once he’s down for the count, find a corpse on the trolley to psychic link with, then go upstairs to find the Conveyance Control Room. There should be a lever on the panel that you can pull to open a door on top of the conveyor belt.

Head for that door by the conveyer belt and prepare for a fight with monkey creepers on the other side of those flaps. As you battle your way through the muck, psychic link with a corpse near the luggage. There is another Conveyance Control Room where you have to pull another lever for another door. Run for that door and walk along that conveyer belt to the other side. You should find the way out on the far end, but not before doing a psychic link with the body nearby.

That chopper will soon go down in a magnificent display of incomplete combustion. You proceed around the corner and past that junk engorged in flames towards a passage at the back of the stairs. Get ready now because you now have to fight The Creeper, the real one that has been haunting you throughout the game. This fight will be all about tracing the trail of smoke that shows his movements. Shoot him just as he uncloaks to get that extra damage in before he gets to attack. See through his movement patterns and dodge whatever he tries to throw at you. Remember that you can’t regenerate your health until you’ve survived each attack wave. Do this while moving forward in order to escape and progress through the level.

Do a psychic link with the body near the telephones, then go upstairs and along the ramp to reach the corner where you can escape that Creeper. You’ll then pass through some metal detectors where guards are waiting for you. Take out the enemies and get the riot gear in time for two super soldiers. The riot shield will make it easier to fight them by covering up and shield-bashing them as you get close. Keep your back to the wall in order to prevent being surrounded. Be careful when they are about to blow up, you’ll have to run for it to not get hit.

Once you’ve gotten past them, proceed to the security room and get out through the door on the other side. Run along down the stairs and go straight to the exit. As you go right, there should be another corpse that you can psychic link with at the dumpsters. There should be a garage door that you can open up ahead. Keep your weapon loaded as monkey creepers will keep popping up, so take them out as you enter the garage and close the door to block them off.

Go through the next door and go upstairs to two more doors. You will then be hit by another one of Alma’s contractions. Things are looking very bad at this point, so you should hurry and finish this level. There should be another corpse on a chair at the far end of the dilapidated room that you can psychic link with. Get out of there through two sets of double doors straight ahead.

You’ll find a mech that you can commandeer on the left. Use this to blast your way through the enemies and fight the large enemy mech before you. You can’t take it on a straight-up battle, so lure it to the boxes and use them as cover while you regenerate your health. Shoot it when its shields go down and you should destroy it with patience and tactics. Two super soldiers will pop out, but that shouldn’t be a problem for the mech.

Go straight ahead to the end of the level, where the unfortunate father-slash-rape-victim Becket is. After the cutscene, you finish the penultimate level. Get ready for the final stage of FEAR 3.


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