FIFA 11 – How to Upgrade Quickly in Virtual Pro [Guide]


To prove your mettle against the A1 players of FIFA 11 and exhaust all your energy on Virtual Pro, you have to level up your stats and draw together your accomplishments fast. We are not used to resort to cheating, but we prefer helping players improve their game. As a determined player, follow these simple step-by-step tips that will do wonders to your game.

Of course, first and foremost is to select a team on Virtual Pro. Scout for a team with players known for their excellent passing skills and swiftness. Do not think twice of choosing 5-star teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona. The next step is to choose a weak opponent. Do this through team management and under “My FIFA 11”. A perfect opponent is a one-star team like Accrington belonging to the second division in England.

Change their formation and manipulate their position by moving players forward to the farthest they can reach. If you can not place some players in the area you want, adjust the position of other players a little to avoid errors. This kind of formation will weaken the team’s defense. Another great option is to inter-change the position of goalkeeper and strikers or the other way around. Position your Virtual Pro at left/right striker, but select another good striker. If you want to shortcut the process, you can also use Creation Center. Create a group of players with stats at 1 and make each one GK. This might be time consuming, but it is effective.

You have to select Exhibition Match and then the teams. To be able to get all the accomplishments during the same matches, you have to utilize World Class difficulty. Some of the accomplishment samples are beginner, intermediate, and others. Finally, achieve all possible things that you will require like volleys, goals, or headers. Enjoy the game using these tips.


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