Minecraft: When Pigs Fly Achievement [Guide]


When you want to see your precious piggies fly in Minecraft then this is the guide for you. When Pigs Fly Achievement is one of the hard tasks to accomplish because it involves finding a high cliff or making a cliff, a hard to find item and a pig that is very hard to position. If you have all of these, then lets get down to business.

You must first achieve the “Cow Tipper” Achievement. Once you’ve accomplished that, you are now ready to begin.

Next thing your gonna do is find a saddle, sometimes located at dungeon chests. Don’t bother using crafted ones because they won’t work.

Oh a Saddle!

Next is find a pig, use your acquired saddle onto the pig and prepare to ride on it.

Oh hai thar!

Once you’ve saddle up and rode your pig, All you have to do now is find a tall steep cliff and ride off the edge thus killing the pig. If you can’t find a tall cliff, you can just make one about 8 blocks deep.

Free fall: pig style

And there you have it, you have just Achieved “When Pigs Fly”

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