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Minecraft is a very fun but complex game to learn. With so many different events and strategies, you’ll keep on guessing for hours and hours just making the next move. Luckily, We have provided you the basic tricks and strategies for you to survive the mysteries of the Minecraft World.

Crafting is one of the basic methods in playing Minecraft. It involves combining a series of items to create a more useful item. There are so many different crafting items to help you; from mining, farming, transportation, and even battling monsters. But in order for you to do so, you must first collect the necessary ingredients required. Once you have collected all of them, you can now start crafting.

For those who don’t know where to start crafting. You can access it in your inventory and there you’ll see the crafting grid with the size of 2×2. This is mainly used for crafting basic items like sticks and wooden planks. For more complex crafting, there is a grinding table that lets you craft items in a 3×3 grid, but it will require you to craft the table first. For crafting the Crafting table and other items, please see below.

Here are some Basic crafting items:

Wooden Planks : Primarily used for building and can be crafted to other crafting items such as the Crafting Table.

Requires : 1 any kind of Wood

Sticks : Used to craft items such as Ladders, Torches, Signs, Arrows and other tools for handle and weapons.

Requires : 2 Wooden Planks

Torches : Gives light to dark places and is also used to melt ice and snow.

Requires : 1 Stick + 1 Charcoal or 1 Coal

Crafting Table : Allows you to craft using a 3×3 grid

Requires : 4 Wooden Planks

Furnace : Allows you to smelt ores and other stuff

Requires : 8 Cobblestones

Chest : Stores items such as blocks. A neat trick is that you could create a large chest with double capacity if you place two chests side by side.

Requires : 8 Wooden Planks

These are just some of the recipes that can be done in Minecraft. See our other guides on how to make more complex recipes.

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