Minecraft : Block Recipes [Guide]


Blocks are the basic unit in the world of Minecraft and are also an important part of the game. No kidding! The whole game is composed entirely of blocks. Besides designing the whole game environment, they can also be utilized for various reasons and be a source of mining ores, stones and woods. Obtaining resources from them allows you to gather up all the materials needed for crafting other items.

Here are some recipes to craft blocks:

Glowstone Block: (4) Glowstones Ore Blocks : (9) Gold Ingots or Iron Ingots                                                     or Diamond gems or Lapiz Lazuli dyes

Wool: (4) String                        TNT: (4) Gun powder + (4) Sand

Slab: (3) Stone or Sandstone      Stairs: (6) Wooden Plank or Cobblestone or Wooden Plank or Cobblestone

Snowblock: (4) Snowballs           Clay Block: (4) Clay

Brick: (4) Clay bricks                 Bookshelf: (6) Wooden Plank + (3) Books

Sandblock: (4) Sand                  Jack O’ Lantern: (1) Pumpkin + (1) Torch

These are just some of the recipes that can be made in Minecraft. See our other guides on how to make more complex recipes.

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