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Rage is shaping up to be a new hit for the developer id Software. The game creates an interesting twist on the post apocalyptic shooter and shows a intricate world that is very dynamic. So before you just plunge into the wasteland read this so you will know all of the history and backstory of this crazy world.

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In Rage the world was plunged into darkness when an asteroid impacted the earth. The asteroid that hit the earth named Apophis is an actual asteroid that we are tracking today and is expected to pass by earth in 2036. In Rage the asteroid hits on August 23, 2038. It was expected life would not be able to survive but few pockets of life have started civilization anew in the wake of the nuclear winter.

These groups have formed many gangs, clans, and organizations to preserve their land and interests in this world. They also ban together to fight the mutants that roam the wasteland, these mutants are believed to have been altered when the asteroid hit but some believe the human organizations doing experiments on abandoned humans have caused the mutations.

There also was a large portion of humanity that descended into the Earth via pods called Arks. These Arks were a product of the Eden Project that was a joint venture of many nations. Each Pod held twelve humans and hundreds of Pods were sealed under the surface of the earth. Your character in the game emerges from one of these pods and into the wasteland world where he must figure out just what has happened to the world. Each human was chosen because they possessed a certain ability that could contribute to rebuilding society. The Ark project did not go as planned however. The player awakens to find all the other members of his pod are dead and many other pods suffered the same fate. Worse than that all the equipment in the Ark is destroyed and your player has no memory of who he is, what happened, or his objective.

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2004: Scientists discover an asteroid the size of Manhattan in deep space. Excitement turns to concern as prediction’s have it passing dangerously close to Earth’s lunar orbit sometime in 2029. They name it “Apophis” – after the Egyptian god of chaos.

2024: Scientists assign Apophis a Torino rating of 7, the highest ever on the scale to measure the likelihood of an object impacting Earth. Publicly, the US and other collaborating governments announce a rating of 4. NASA and the European Space Agency believe the rating will be increased to 10 with-in 12 months.

2025: Humans begin the “Ark” project. Capsules are buried deep underground and designed to burrow out at preset dates several years after the disaster. The goal of the project is to preserve knowledge, genetic samples and other items essential for human life. Thousands of Arks contain groups of “inhabitants” who are injected with Nanotrites. This allows them to deep sleep but the advance technology is untested.

2025–2027: The government stockpiles massive arsenals of weapons and supplies within hardened fortifications deep inside the Earth.

August 2029: The public is made aware when small meteorites begin to impact earth. The Ark project is put into effect.

December 2029: Apophis strikes the Moon and slams into the Earth carrying the force of 1000 tons of TNT. Entire countries are devastated , cities are erased, and lakes and rivers evaporate. The Earth is cast into a multi-year impact winter as the sun is blocked by dust and debris in the stratosphere. 80% of life on earth is over after only 1 year.

2035: The dust starts to settle as survivors crawl out of caves and shelters to a world that is nothing like before. Civilization is gone, and little hope remains. People group together in loosely formed clans. Small settlements and camps are constructed as many try to find shelter from the unknown dangers lurking in the wasteland that has become Earth.

Rage hits stores October 4th and will be on the PS3, 360 and PC from Bethesda Softworks and id Software.


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