Borderlands 2 – The Gunzerker Details


The original Borderlands was a huge hit. It was developed by Gearbox Software, and published by 2K Games. You ran around, collecting tons of loot(primarily guns), killing all kinds of enemies, and becoming much stronger along your journey. The game was great, but just the concept itself was perfect.

You had four different characters to choose from, and each were their own, unique class. The gameplay changed heavily depending on what character you chose. Borderlands 2, an upcoming game from the same developer and publisher, will have multiple classes to choose from, but we happened to get details about one: The Gunzerker, “Salvador”.

The Gunzerker

This character reminds us heavily of Brick, the Berzerker(from the first Borderlands) both visually, and by class name. However, instead of being a heavy hitter like Brick, he’ll be heavy on guns! Salvador will have the ability to hold two of any weapons, one in each hand. He will be a brand new character, with a brand new skill tree, and brand new gameplay elements. He’ll also have several other abilities. We’ll list the ones that were revealed.

Divergent Likeness – If you are wielding two weapons of the same type, you’ll get an extra damage bonus.

Down, Not Out – If you are incapacitated on the ground, you will still have dual weapons wielded and may continue to shoot(until you die… or are revived, whichever).

Overheat – What gun you are using is irrelevant to this… Your rate of fire will continually increase for as long as you are holding the trigger.

How dynamic Salvador will be, we don’t know. What we do know is, The Gunzerker will be an awesome character in Borderlands 2, regardless.


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