The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Fairy Fountains [Guide]


Fairies have always held great importance in any of the Zelda video games and Ocarina of Time 3D is not any different. This guide will walk you through the importance AND the locations of the Great Fairy Fountains as well as the Pink Fairy Fountains in the game.

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Throughout Hyrule Field, there are numerous Great Fairy Fountains you will encounter in the course of your quest. These fountains are hidden in various different passages. Each one has a Great Fairy that will present you with magic spells and useful power-ups. This guide will show you how to find each Great Fairy Fountain in the game.

Climb up the Death Mountain Trail as Child Link. Climb up the incline leading to the left of the red flag. Throw bombs at the rocks obstructing your path. You must also blow up the boulder on the other side of the gap. You must set up the bomb in such a way that it will detonate right beside the bog rock. Use the five-second fuse in timing the explosion. The volcano will start erupting as you make your ascend. Use the Hylian Shield as your protection from the flying rocks. Press R to duck down having the shield as cover. As the rocks cease hitting you, rush to the other side of the mountain before the volcano starts erupting again. Continue moving up and as you reach the end of the Canyon, use your slingshot to take out the Skulltula n the wall. Take out another two of them on top of the platform. Climb up the top and as you reach the summit, plant a bomb beside the cracked wall. Play Zelda’s lullaby as you stand on the Triforce. You will obtain the upgraded spin attack and the magic meter from the Great Fairy.

Proceed to the Hyrule Castle as Child Link. Get pass the gate by bribing the guard or going around it. Go directly at the fork then make the rock explode with a bomb to open up a hidden passage. Again, enter and stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda’s Lullaby. You will be rewarded with the Din’s Fire spell by the Great Fairy. Afterwards, proceed to Zora’s Fountain where you have encountered Lord Jabu-Jabu. You can get here as Either Link. At the Southeast corner, there is a solid rock that is impossible to hammer or blow up. Target the wall behind it by placing a bomb beside it. For the third time, enter and stand on the Triforce symbol to play Zelda’s Lullaby. You will in turn get the Farore’s Wind spell from the Great Fairy.

Your next destination is Death Mountain Crater and it is accessible only as Adult Link. Take the hidden path in Darunia’s throne room. The path to the Great Fairy Fountain is being blocked by two rocks. Utilize the Megaton Hammer to crash it. Have the Great Fairy double the length of your Magic Meter by standing on the Triforce symbol and playing Zelda’s Lullaby. Get to the Spirit Temple as Adult Link by warping to its entrance. Look for the cracked wall between a couple of trees and use a bomb to open it up. Get the Nayru’s Love Spell from the Great Fairy by playing Zelda’s Lullaby while standing on the Triforce.

Finally, move towards Ganon’s Castle and lift up the huge pillar outside. It is just around the exact area where you found Din’s Fire as a child. Grab the Golden Gauntlets and play Zelda’s Lullaby for the last time while standing on the Triforce symbol. In return, the Great Fairy will take away half of the damage you sustained.

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In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, there are bunches of Pink Fairies that congregate in a tiny pool that you can catch and put in a bottle.

You can also use them to heal yourself on the spot. This pool is located in the Fairy Fountains. The fountain is accessible as Adult Link or Child Link. It can also be reached through the Cucco deep in the river. You can also get to the ladder upriver before the entrance leading to Zora’s Domain. As you make you way down the path, try to float over parts of the river. As you reach the end of the path by the Singing Frogs, throw the Cucco then cross the water afterwards. Grab it again after climbing the ledge. This procedure will bring you to the ladder that ends up to the Fairy Fountain.

Another option is through a ladder on top of the Deku Scrub-filled maze. The maze can be reached by passing the stairs that lead to the Forest Temple within the Sacred Forest Meadow. There is a hole in an indentation at the middle of the maze that leads to the Fountain. Your third option would be to check rows of tombstones looking for the one with tiny plants marking. Pull it back and drop it into the hole. Bomb the intriguing wall you will see to find the Fountain. Another bombing job to find the Fountain is through a boulder at Hyrule Field just South of the drawbridge.

As an Adult Link, look for the hole that will reveal the Fountain by playing the Song of Storms while the Shard of Agony will react to the spot. The exact location of the Fountain is at the middle of the boxes beside Gerudo’s Fortress. Beside the entrance of the Desert Colossius, stand on a stone located in a tiny oasis with a dry pool. Play the Song of Storms to fill the pool with rain and make the Pink Fairies appear.


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