Fruit Ninja: Tips and Tricks [Guide]

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a game developed by Halfbrick for Apple Inc. devices. Fruit Ninja also became available for Android OS devices, as well as Windows Phone 7. If you like the idea of combining fruits and swords then this unique, if slightly bizarre in terms of concept, game is for you! Below are some tips for the game to help you reach those seeming insurmountable high scores:

One Finger Please
In slicing the fruit, others advocate the use of additional fingers to do multiple slices at once. This tick is maybe useful in other cutting games, but in Fruit Ninja this action will lead to a low score. In this game, you have to use one finger only in cutting your way to higher scores.

Time your Cut
A true ninja is patient. This stealthy warrior does not just cut indiscriminately, but waits for the right timing. Do not immediately cut a single fruit that comes out. Wait for two or three fruits that will come out in succession, and then cut with a swipe of your finger. This technique will enable you to achieve optimum scoring and if you slice three fruits with a single cut, bonuses are up for grabs.

Do not be Paranoid with one Fruit
There are definitely lots of single fruit that will pop out. A 50-point bonus will be awarded to you if you do not let go of a single fruit. If you are too eager to cut every single fruit you encounter, you are bound to sacrifice your most effective technique. This leads to lower score average.

Be on Alert for Banana Bonuses
In the game, there are double point or frenzy and freeze. You can quickly increase your point total to 200 points or higher. For beginners, the nest options are power ups and banana bonuses. For these bonuses, you have to slice them as soon as they come out.

Multiple Bonuses for Multiple Fruits
After five games or more, catch a freeze banana and frenzy that will appear at the same time. With this option, you will get bonuses after bonuses for more fruits you cut. Another advantage of this perk is that the clock is slowed down allowing you to cut more fruits. This will enable you to aim for higher score.

Play it Upside Down
The fruits will come out from the bottom of the screen. You will notice that your hand blocks a portion of the screen. You will not be able to see the fruit as they come out from the bottom. The best solution to this concern is to turn the device upside down. It may sound and look odd but you will be able to see the source of the falling fruits better. You have more preparation before doing every slice.

The game may look very simple, but the fun part of it is highly regarded by gamers and critics. The game is perfect for a busy person who can convert the motion of scribbling figures on a pad to a cutting motion on the iPad screen. Fruit Ninja already has 20 million units downloaded across all platforms and its popularity is still on the rise.


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