Minecraft: All Achievements [Guide]


Minecraft can sometimes be tricky for starters. This guide will help you further understand the preparations and procedures of the different achievements on Minecraft. It actually involves simple steps to follow.

Like what the title implies, I’m going to show you all the achievement methods to be done. This guide is that easy and smooth because the materials needed were already prepared. It will only take you about 10 minutes or so if you already have the needed items/materials. There are currently 16 achievements on Minecraft.

List of Achievements:

Taking Inventory

This requires nothing and you only need to press ‘E’ to open the inventory. If you have set other button for the inventory hotkey then press it instead.

Getting Wood

You can punch a block of wood from the ground or you can take the material straight from a tree.


This is an item which has various usage in-game but mainly for crafting. You need to put certain materials to form new items that would then progress your level within the game. Just put the necessary materials needed: 4 pieces of wood.

Time to Strike
Swords can be used to slay animals and monsters. The materials needed are: 2 wooden planks and 2 wooden sticks.

Time to Farm
A tool used for farming. Harvest crops and plant trees with this one. The recipes needed are: 5 wooden sticks and 3 wooden planks.

Time to Mine
Another helpful tool but this time for mining. Pile your way up and down the blocks with this mining tool. It requires 5 wooden planks and 5 wooden sticks as well.

Getting an Upgrade
This achievement focuses on improving your pick axe or the tool used for mining. You will be needing 3 cobblestones and 2 wooden sticks.

Bake Bread
Next stop is by baking a bread. You don’t need an oven for this one. Just 3 wheat will do the job for you.

The Lie
This next achievement is a bit challenging because the items needed requires effort. You need to milk the cow, get eggs and also have sugars and wheat with you. The cake requires 3 milk contained in a bucket, 1 egg, 2 sugars and 3 wheat.

Hot Topic
This achievement will let you build a furnace. You need 8 cobblestones which I believe is an easy thing to do.

Acquired Hardware
This next achievement will simply require you to smelt an iron ingot. Mix the coal and iron ore inside the furnace then you wait for a couple of seconds.

Delicious Fish
You need to catch first then nicely cook the fish inside the furnace.

After that you will receive the achievement pin.

Cow Tipper
This will take some time especially if you don’t have a cow near you. Just slay the animal and you’re done with it. The only thing you need is the leather.

When Pigs Fly
The next achievement requires timing and patience. There are many ways to drop off a pig from high land. It can be on the rails and even on the cliffs. The main goal is to kill the pig by flying it over fly high land.

Monster Hunter
Monsters are usually located within the cave systems of your Minecraft. You need to dig up or down to locate them. If your stereos are on you can actually hear them coming.

A good way to find them is through digging holes.
Once you have spotted the enemy, slay them right away because it also attacks you leaving threat to your HP.
And there you have it, the achievement mark.

On A Rail
Ride on the cart and travel a thousands meters to achieve this one. Make sure that you flip all the switch because it gives you a halt when on travel. After ensuring your safety, you can now sit back and relax while you travel a long way far from home. Press the button ‘Go’ when you’re ready.

There’s a desert plain in Minecraft. Awesome!

These are the current achievements on Minecraft and I do hope you have enjoyed everything about this guide. It will surely take time for newbies but don’t be on a rush.

Meanwhile, here is a video which can supply your hunt for achievements on Minecraft:

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