Dungeon Siege III Walkthrough [Guide]


Obsidian Entertainment is a group of developers that generally makes sequels for big-name RPG games. Whether it’s Neverwinter Nights 2, KOTOR II, Fallout: New Vegas, or Dungeon Siege III, Obsidian is the go-to developer for RPG sequels while the originators are busy crafting a new experience. That’s not to take anything away from Obsidian, though; they have managed to piece together excellent games, and their titles often improve upon the formulas established in the original adventure, while also including plenty of fresh ideas, and a brand new perspective. Dungeon Siege III is the latest game from Obsidian, and it is published by the King of the RPG, Square Enix.

Even though I wrote this guide by playing the Xbox 360 version of the game, it is compatible with the PC version and the PlayStation 3 version, as there are no differences between the games!

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The Legionnaires have been brutally eradicated from the land. However, The Venerable Odo has managed to save a few of those with Legion ancestry, protecting them from certain death. Now they must quest around the world to save the legacy of the Legionnaires!

With that back-story out of the way, I think it’s important that you’ll know just how to control the characters in the game!

  • Left analog stick – Movement
  • Right analog stick – Camera control/Change view
  • A – Attack
  • B – Special Abilities
  • X – Special Abilities
  • Y – Special Abilities
  • LB – Stance
  • LT – Defensive Mode
  • RB – Interact
  • RT – Empowered Mode
  • D-pad (up) – Quest Guide
  • D-pad (down) – Mini-map
  • Start – Pause
  • Back – Player Menu

Ah, but a horror_spooky guide just wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a few tips and suggestions to keep in mind while you play!

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In Dungeon Siege III, there are two different methods that the game uses to display the health of enemies. Fans of hack-and-slash RPGs like this know that knowing how much more life an enemy has is a very important feature. Dungeon Siege III takes a unique route when displaying health. For bosses, just a standard health bar is used. However, for regular enemies, there is a pentagram on the ground at their feet. It will start off bright green. When the enemy takes damage, the pentagram will start turning red, and when it turns blood red, that means the enemy is practically defeated already.

As for player’s health, it is displayed using a health bar as well. Players can hold LT and then use the X button to activate their special ability to heal themselves. At the start of the game, this only works really if you are low on health. However, this ability can be upgraded to be used at any point in the game. It can even be used if you have full health, but are planning on acting like a tank and running into a giant mob of enemies. It will just keep healing any damage the enemies are causing.

Speaking of healing spells, there are other types of spells in the game as well. There are three different wheels of ability, that appear on the HUD of the game, right above the portrait of the player’s character. The icon on the left can be used with the X button, the icon in the middle with Y, and the icon on the right with B to activate that power. If you hold down LT, it switches to defense mode, which results in all new different abilities. Tapping LB will show more offensive magic spells for the player to utilize.

Dungeon Siege III doesn’t use healing potions or magical potions to refill a character’s life or their magic bar. To replenish magic in Dungeon Siege III, players have to attack enemies with regular melee attacks. There are also blue orbs that are dropped by enemies that can be collected to refill a portion of the magic bar. Likewise, green orbs are dropped and they refill the health bar. Health is restored by using healing spells or by reaching a save point.

A hack-and-slash game generally has co-op. Dungeon Siege III is no exception to this rule. This game supports drop-in/drop-out co-op play as well as online co-op integration. The game will record the player character statistics that aren’t the host player, but these statistics will only be available on that save. If you join a random game on Xbox Live or are invited to a friend’s game, you will be scaled to their level and will be allowed to upgrade your character to be competitive at that point in the game. Two players can play the game on one console, and the couch co-op can be taken online.

Finally, I feel like I should mention Power Spheres in here. In Dungeon Siege III, there are purple circles next to the character portrait on the HUD. These circles can be used for various purposes. Defensive magic and abilities don’t use the magic bar, but they do use these Power Spheres, for example. Players can also hold down the right trigger and press A to unleash a devastating attack. The attack changes depending on what weapon they have equipped (LB gives players different abilities because it equips their other weapon).

I wrote this guide with the intention of helping gamers get through the main storyline in Dungeon Siege III. As a result, I don’t cover the vast number of side-quests that are available in the game. This guide is to be used to get players from the beginning of the game all the way to the very end of the game. However, I encourage anyone playing to do as many side-quests as they can, especially if they get stuck on a boss or particular tough dungeon and they need to boost their XP. Completing quests is a fantastic way to earn XP.

Well, I think you’re good to go…Ah, wait a second. This is a complex action- RPG game! I HAVE to go into more detail than that.

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Lucas is the son of the last Grand Master of the Legion. This makes him a very important character, as you could probably guess from the title of “Grand Master”.

In terms of gameplay, Lucas is a very well-rounded character. He can be used for up-close and personal affairs, mainly, but his sword is long enough that it can practically be used as a long-range weapon.


Anjali is an Archon, a spirit of Fire, and a servant to the Gods.

Anjali is one of the best characters you can have in your party. Her magical abilities can be levelled up to deal an absurd amount of damage, and her capabilities as a healer are truly limitless. Some of her best equipment is available at merchant stands, and it makes her damn near unstoppable. She’s like a powerful breed between a healer, a tank, and a long-range attacker. She is also useful for up-close melee attacks.


Reinhart is a mage for the Legion.

Reinhart is also a very good character to have. I personally think that the duo of Anjali and Reinhart will guarantee smooth sailing for the entirety of the game. I feel like they are the best two characters in the game. Reinhart’s magical abilities complement Anjali’s very well. I will get into that a bit later.

Reinhart himself is particularly adept at long-range attacks.


Katarina is the half-sister of Lucas. Her mother was a witch, so she’s half-Legion, half-witch. What a feisty combination.

Katarina is my least favorite character in the game to play as. She’s basically only good for long-range attacks and her abilities that she earns throughout the game are fairly uninteresting, and not all that useful compared to the other characters.


It just wouldn’t be an RPG without XP and leveling up. Leveling in Dungeon Siege III is handled in a unique way. It is broken up into three different categories, and players choose to upgrade certain abilities for each character in the different characters each time that they level up. The three categories are Abilities, Proficiencies, and Talents.


Abilities are the magical attacks used in this game. I refer to them as magic throughout the vast majority of the game, because that’s what they are. Players don’t always get the opportunity to choose a new ability, but by level 20, all abilities for a character will be unlocked.

Abilities range from offensive attacks to defensive powers. The offensive attacks use the “power” bar, or the blue magic bar located under the health bar. The defensive powers use Power Spheres as their source of energy. The defensive powers are also extremely helpful. They include the shield ability, which is a MUST-have ability, as well as the healing ability. I highly recommend that you unlock these two abilities as soon as possible.


Proficiencies are points added to Abilities already unlocked. These enhance the spells in certain ways to make them more useful and powerful. There are two different categories for each spells that points can be spent on. In the game, these two different categories are represented by the colors gray and blue.

You can only upgrade each Ability a set amount of times.


Talents are more passive powers that are granted to the character. These talents range greatly from chracter to character. They can include increasing the amount of gold picked up from dead enemies, or adding special effects to the dodge ability.


There are very slight differences between the single-player game in Dungeon Siege III and playing the game in the co-op mode. I have decided to mention this in my guide.

The main difference between the solo experience and co-op experience is AI partners. These companions are recruited by playing the main game, and there is no added challenges to getting them. The difference is that in co-op, players control these characters. A person playing single-player can manage the inventory of all his party members.

It’s worth noting that dialogue during co-op is chosen by a vote. However, in the case of a tie, the host player will automatically get to pick what the dialogue is (i.e. if only two people are playing the game). This isn’t all that is shared between co-op players of the game. Players also share gold, and can sell each other’s inventory. Be wary of who you let play with you.

Keep in mind that any people playing in co-op WILL NOT KEEP THEIR CHARACTER DATA. Unless they are playing with you and you are the host, they will have to start their game over back at square one if they make their own save. Any progress made with any character while joining someone else’s game or playing as the second player in offline, same-screen co-op can’t be imported to your own saved game.


Dungeon Siege III features online play. This includes play with party members, or randomly joining someone’s game. From the pause menu, you can set your game to being offline-only, private (only people you invite can join), or public. If the game is set to public, anyone can join your game at random at any time. They will be scaled to your level.


I have decided to include a few of the personal strategies I developed while playing the game. Feel free to use these strategies in your own game. If you feel like you have developed a sound strategy yourself, you can e-mail it to me. I will decide if it’s a good strategy, test it out myself, and then I will update this guide with your strategy included, and you will be rewarded full credit.


Characters used: Anjali, Reinhart, and Katarina
Used for: Mobs, bosses

I call this the “Triangle Formation 2.0″ because the characters should be standing in three points that if they were connected with a line, would look like a triangle.

Have Anjali in her fire state. Have her use the healing spell, which will create flames. Have everyone in your party stand in it, with Anjali at the back. Reinhart and Katarina should be at the front, to the left and to the right of Anjali.

Have Reinhart cast both of his “clock” attacks, which can be activated by switching to his gauntlets and using X and Y. Katarina should spam her RT+A attack as much as possible. Have Reinhart shoot lightning bolts, and then have Anjali shoot fireballs.

These different auras of fire and the clocks on the ground will essentially create a giant vortex that will be damn near impenetrable. Everyone will be getting healed constantly, and enemies are sure to perish if they get too close. This is great for large groups of enemies to wipe them out in a quick fashion, and for large bosses that aren’t very mobile.


Characters used: Anjali and Reinhart
Used for: Magical enemies, enemies with projectiles, the final boss

This is Dine and Dash because it requires you to constantly heal while fleeing. It is strategic retreating at its finest. If you ever get low on health, keep tapping LT to teleport around as either Anjali and Reinhart. Katarina and Lucas both roll around, which makes them more susceptible to attacks, even while dodging than Anjali or Reinhart.

While you are teleporting around, remember that LT will bring up the defensive abilities that can be used if you have Power Spheres. Spam the X and Y button to try and activate shields and recharge health while constantly teleporting around. The enemies will have no chance of hitting you, and you don’t have to stop teleporting like crazy until you are fully healed and you have a shield that is at full capacity.


Characters used: All
Used for: Bosses, large enemies

I’m going to leave the reason that I named this strategy “We Are, We Are” conspicuous, just to see if anyone gets what I’m referencing. I doubt it, but oh well, on with the show! This strategy uses all four of the characters in the game, playing on their strengths, and is extremely effective.

Have Reinhart and Anjali stay back. Have them cast their auras to deal damage to enemies as well as creating a big vortex of healing for the party. Keep Katarina standing directly inside the vortex of delicious healing flames and glowing clock symbols while she fires her guns constantly.

Lucas is the toughest character to use for this strategy, but not if he has good armor and a high amount of stamina. Lucas is going to function like a tank for this strategy. Have him run up right into the face of whatever you are fighting, and have him waste all of his offensive magic spells and use up all of his power spheres. If you have more than three Power Spheres, you can use one to activate his shield.

When Lucas is in the read for health, have him roll backwards into the giant healing vortex. This strategy is very helpful for the game’s Hardcore Mode.

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A. A Gathering in the North


Pick your character, and then head straight forward along the ledge. Keep walking until you come to a courtyard, right in front of a burning mansion. Ignore the dead bodies and head inside the mansion. It’s a straight-shot to some boxes blocking the stairway. Destroy them with melee attacks, and then basically just keep going forward until your first battle.

This first fight is very easy. Just take out the enemies any way that you see fit, and then keep following what is essentially a straight-path. You won’t be missing out any loots if you stray off the path, and really, there’s nowhere to stray to anyways. Eventually, you meet up with Marten Guiscard. You talk to Marten Mass Effect-style. If you’re in a co-op game, everyone will vote on the dialogue option to say, and the winning dialogue option will be the one that is said.

When he’s done talking, follow him. There will be a few enemy encounters along the way, but they will be no problem as they are very weak. When you come across a bridge, run straight down the bridge, using RB to ignite the explosive kegs along the way. When all three are ignited and you’re on the other side of the bridge, congratulations!

Level complete!


Save the game. Then follow the path. To the left and to the right there will be treasure chests that you can loot for items and gold. Keep following Marten until you get to a big wooden gate. Open the gate and head to the right to grab some loots. Then follow the path to the left of the gate to reach a save point. I recommend using save points to equip any new armor and weapons you have picked up along the way.

Walk across the bridge to get in a conversation with Bogden.



Bogden is the first boss, and very easy. Basically, just hack and slash the living crap out of him. Kill any of his cronies that will be hanging around trying to back him up.

After the battle is over, walk through the door.


Have a conversation with The Venerable Odo. With that done with, you’ll probably level up for the first time. Upgrade your character as you see fit.

When you’re done, go to the Quest List. Make the Search for Survivors your active quest.

B. The Search for Survivors


Before leaving, do a little bit more exploring. Head to the basement area of this place for loots, and to farm XP against spiders.


Head back out to Pilgrims’ Road. Go to the right after crossing the bridge, and follow the path. You’ll have to do battle, and there will be various loot scattered around the place. Nab the loot, and then take out the enemies. Press up on the d-pad to make yellow glowing orbs appear to lead you to your current quest. Follow this line of orbs into Lower Raven’s Rill. There will be a locked gate, but if you talk to the man in front of it, he will open it for you.


This quaint town as a merchant as well as other stuff. You probably don’t have much gold on you at this point to buy any equipment, but if you do, then you might as well upgrade yourself. Just buy anything that is better than what you currently have, which should be pretty obvious.

There will be an old woman with an exclamation mark above her head, standing outside of a house as you walk through town. Approach her and speak with her to get another quest. Follow the yellow orbs again until you are approached by Alexei. He will tell you about his sister. Follow the yellow orbs, and you will come across a guy with an exclamation point above his head as well. Talk to him to complete an objective for a different main quest, and be rewarded another side-quest to complete if you’d like. Talk to the fisherman as you walk out of town, save, and then head into the forest.


There is a couple of tough battles in this forest. There will be a ton of enemies that deal an extraordinary amount of damage. Just stand back and try to make them fight you one at a time. When they’re dealt with, keep following the yellow orbs until you reach the cavern.


Just follow the yellow orbs. This cavern doesn’t have any loot worth mentioning. Like virtually every other place in the game, it’s more or less a straight shot to your destination. Keep following the orbs, save at all the save points that you come across, and deal with the enemies. They are pretty weak, and much easier to defeat than the baddies encountered in the West Forest.



Barbat is an archer, with a circle of purple around him. This circle drains magic. If you are a class that doesn’t use magic much, then just run right up and beat the hell out of him. If you’re using a magic character, just say out of the circle and fire magic at him repeatedly until he dies. He’s not a hard boss. Save right afterwards.

Follow the orbs. You won’t have long to rest.



This boss can be a huge pain. Vera deals a massive amount of damage herself, has a lot of minions running around, and it’s just bad. Kill all of the skeleton soldiers right off the bat. They will be the biggest problem, easily. When you take them out, turn your attention to Vera.

Vera herself is somewhat easy if you just stay back and use projectile attacks on her. If not, just get in close and nail her with repeated melee strikes. Wait for your Power Sphere to fill (the purple orbs next your character’s face) and then hold RT and press A to unleash a deadly attack. Just keep spamming attacks on her to defeat her.

With Vera defeated, walk over to the cages that are nearby. Free the prisoners from the cages. Then follow the yellow orbs. You’ll have a conversation with a strange woman that will give you a side-quest. Then you’ll have another conversation, this time with Alexei from earlier. When you’re done speaking with him, the quest will be complete.

C. Unanswered Questions

Now’s time to do a side-quest. Go to your quest screen. Choose any of the side-quests you have allocated thus far. You can tell the difference between side-quests and main quests because main quests are highlighted with gold. Pick any of the side-quests and then complete it. Just follow the orbs, defeat any enemies that you come across. It’s pretty basic stuff.

But for the sake of the guide, I will provide a detailed explanation of how to complete one of the optional side-quests. The quest I chose was the one where you avenge the death of the widow’s husband. Follow the golden orbs until you reach Boris. He’s a really easy boss, and all that is required of you is to spam attacks.


With the side-quest completed, go speak to whoever gave you the quest in the first place. Talk to them about Grigorio. Then follow the yellow orbs. Have a conversation with him. Then it’s time to return to Odo. Follow the yellow orbs all the way back to Odo and have another conversation with him.

D. Enter the Mournweald


Follow the golden orbs. It will lead you to the basement with the spiders. Kill the spiders, and then open the door.


Once again, keep following the golden orbs that are floating above the ground. There will be new enemies to contend with in this area, including a pair of giant wolves as well as a big troll creature. Be sure to use your Power Sphere attacks on the troll, but take care of the wolves first. This battle isn’t all THAT hard, really, but they do deal a lot of damage up-close, so don’t get too close.

Keep travelling through the forest. If you see treasure chests on the side of the road, don’t be shy about opening them for loot. Keep going until a tangle of giant roots are blocking the path. After a short scene, the roots will untangle. Time to follow more orbs.


This place is literally a hallway. It’s the straightest path in the entire game. Just follow the path. A bunch of demon, ghost, water monsters will try to attack. Take care of them, and then return to following the path until you come across some dead bodies.

Examine the closest dead body. Take the ring from the dead body, and then start following the orbs again. Suddenly, The Radiant Youth will materialize out of nowhere. Have a conversation with him, but then the forest will start shaking uncontrollably. Follow more orbs, and then you and your party will be teleported back to the forest.


Back at the forest, backtrack all the way to the Legion Chapterhouse. Head back to Odo. Have another conversation with him. It’s time to use the ring from earlier to open a portal! Follow the yellow orbs to a room with Armand. Buy any equipment off of him (yeah, you saved his life…so HE’S GOING TO SELL YOU STUFF! Gee buddy, I think you kind of owe us one) that you want, and then activate the portal in the stone doorway. Step on through.

E. The Battle for Raven’s Rill


Walk along the demonic bridge and save at the save point in the middle of the platform. Hang a right to collect loot at the treasure chest over here. Don’t worry about the fact that there’s no room to walk scare you; a bridge will form out of giant, demonic rocks. After you have looted successfully, use the yellow orbs to reach the next portal.


There are flying demons in this area. They are easily killed. Kill the lot of them, and then follow the orbs again. Open the door to head out into the next area right off the bat.


Nazi Zombies! Actually, just regular zombies. And some of them have swords. There are a lot of them, but they are easily taken care of with melee attacks.
Proceed to follow



This boss will hang out, completely out of reach. She’ll summon a bunch of skeletons to do battle with you. They will constantly respawn, but you will need them to recharge your power. Fire off all projectile attacks at the boss until you run out of power. Then beat the hell out of the skeletons until it is recharged again.

Spam the boss with more projectile attacks until she is defeated.

With this boss dead, follow the yellow orbs…


Get ready for madness! Fight any enemies and then keep following the orbs for yet another boss fight…



This guy is easy. He will be surrounded with a red aura, and a bunch of baddies will be around to accompany him. Don’t worry too much about him, and just spam attacks until he is dead.

Follow the orbs. Another boss will come running out like a madman.



Same strategy as before.



Ah, but don’t get too comfortable.



The difference with this boss is that he’ll be packing an aura around him that will drain your magic power. Still, he’s not a big deal. Hack, slash, rinse, repeat.


With Marek dead, SAVE AT THE SAVE POINT NEXT TO THE DOOR. Then head inside for yet ANOTHER boss battle in this quest. Jeeeeeze.



Wow, this boss will drive you nuts, I guarantee it. There are two phases of this boss, and both of them are considerably difficult.

Rajani has a few different attacks. She’ll swing at you with her staff, which deals a ton of damage, and she’ll also make pillars of dark energy appear. These attacks are devastating. You have to constantly be moving, using all of your magic on her. When you run out, run over, cross your fingers, and hack and slash like crazy. When it recahrges, return to the same strategy of hacking, of slashing, of using a ton of magic.

When Rajani’s health is depleted, she will then have a second wind, and will be much more powerful. The roof will collapse from her power. Stay in the middle of the room to avoid being damaged by the flaming debris. Rajani will have a slew of new attacks at her disposal. She will teleport to the four different corners of this room, while constantly making dark pillars shoot out of the ground. In addition, she will also shoot purple laser beams that will track you and won’t stop until they hit you, or you successfully dodge them by spamming the left trigger.

When the magic power is recharged, spam attacks again, from far away. When you melee her, be sure to do it as fast as possible so she doesn’t whack you with her staff. Remember, when your health is low, press LT and then press X to start a healing spell. Depending on what you’ve done as you upgraded your character, you can start the healing process before your health is low.

By the way, this fight is a million times easier in co-op. Try to get someone to play with you so you can revive each other by holding RB if Rajani deals too much damage.

Oh, thank god. Follow the orbs. There’s a lot of loot in the next room, so be sure to scour the treasure chests and what-not. Release Jazar from his prison. After the chat, follow the yellow orbs back to Odo and Marten. After the conversation, you’ll return to the Legion Chapterhouse.

F. On the Road


Follow the orbs to Pilgrims’ Road again, albeit a different part of the road that you have yet to visit. Just follow the yellow orbs until you reach the swamp. Stop by to grab loots when possible, there will be a quick conversation that will grant you a side-quest to complete at your leisure, and use any save points that you walk by as well.


This is essentially a straight-shot, just like Pilgrims’ Road. Keep walking, fighting enemies for XP, and raiding treasure chests for loot. Save at any save points you come across, just in case, but this area really is not going to be much of a problem.


Yup, this boils down to another hallway. Keep walking and fighting enemies. This area turns out to be a bit more interesting than the last couple of areas because there is a semi-powerful new enemy that makes its debut here. It’s like possessed walking knight armor. While it’s easy to kill, it does a hefty amount of damage. Anyway, make it out of the cave by following those handy, shiny, beautiful golden orbs of awesomeness.


You’ll be approach by the general. After the conversation is over, head to the save point and save your game.

G. The Root of the Matter


Follow the golden orbs to have a conversation with Roderick. When he’s done talking, keep following the orbs again. You’ll do battle with a new type of enemy along the way, which is a weird worm thing that burrows into the ground. They are a bit of a pain since they can allude your attacks, but they don’t do all that much damage that you’ll have to worry about.


Keep following the golden orbs again. The enemies here are dangerous, but luckily, there will be soldiers that will alleviate the pressure. Follow the golden orbs as usual. Save at the first save point you see.


After having another nice chat, start following the golden orbs again. Keep battling the enemies and push through. Eventually you come across a broken section of bridge. Unfortunately, this is basically the first time in the entire game that you can’t rely on the golden floating orbs for guidance! So, turn around. Take the first right, and start heading that way.

You’ll come across a group of enemies that include humanoid beasts that do a significant amount of damage, but die quickly. There will also be two giant enemies, and a couple of magic enemies that will constantly use negative auras against you. Take out the magic guys FIRST, and do so with in-your-face melee attacks. Then back up as far as possible to pick off the other guys with projectile attacks as well as magic attacks.

With them dead, walk over to the switch. Pull the switch, and then you can start backtracking, following the golden orbs. The missing section of bridge will now have a bridge. Head across the bridge, and do battle with the enemies that confront you. To the right is a treasure chest that is hidden off-screen. Walk forward a little bit to initiate a confrontation.

After the quick chat, you will be absolutely SWARMED with enemies. And I mean, SWARMED. Run away from the giant mob of enemies as quickly as possible, and then start picking them off. They will deal a ridiculous amount of damage as well as take a decent amount of time to get rid of. Just keep running and only attack when you feel as though it is absolutely safe to attack at that point.

With the enemies defeated, use the save point that appears. The glowing orbs will point you up a giant tree root. Fight your way up the tree root. At the first platform there are a bunch of chests that are usually packed with a sick set of new equipment. Make sure you and anyone in your party is fully equipped to the max, and then head up the root to the next platform.

The game will save automatically, giving you a much-needed checkpoint in the progress.



The boss is the big green cloud in the middle of the area. Enemies will constantly spawn, including dangerous ogres. Walk along the outer-rims of the platform. There are cages here with soldiers inside. Open the cages to free the soldiers. They will then help you in the battle.

Now it’s time to focus your attention on the green cloud. Run around in a circle on the platform. Throw all of your attacks towards the green cloud, and if you have any auras that deal damage, use them in the middle area. Keep running around in a circle to avoid the attacks and keep repeating the process until the boss’s life bar is completely depleted.

With the boss defeated, you’ll have a conversation with him. After the convo is over, you’ll be on the ground again with a bunch of treasure chests lying around. Open the chests to gain loot. When you try to leave by following the golden orbs, a nerdy guy will talk to you about the natives that you just did battle with. When the conversation is over, return to following the glowing golden orbs.

Eventually, a woman will approach you and start talking to you again. Have the conversation with her, and then keep following the orbs.


Following the orbs. Fight the enemies. Keep pushing forward, backtracking through the swamp.


When you reach the battlefield, you’ll have a quick conversation with that Lord guy again, and the nerdy guy that is going to get you to Stonebridge. When they are done talking, visit the merchant and get any new equipment you can and then sell the old stuff to restock your supply of gold. Then save at the save point.

Follow the golden orb. The nerdy guy will raise makeshift bridges out of the swamp waters. You can use these bridges to make your way across the roots. Save at the next save point, and then keep following the orbs again.


Walk forward a little more and have a nice conversation.



Easy boss. He’s surrounded by a red aura. Take out all of his minions and the turn your attention to him. He will be defeated very easily.

With Svarbog taken care of, start following ‘dem orbs again. Keep walking until you come across a save point. And a robot! Talk to the robot for some funny dialogue. He’ll then open the gates, walk on through.

H. The Grand Chapterhouse


Walk through the city and enjoy the sites. It’s a very beautiful location in the game, with quirky characters and interesting locales. Keep following the orbs as you walk through the city. Any NPCs with exclamation points above their heads will be ripe for side-quest nabbin’, so if you feel like doing any extra quests for extra XP, don’t be afraid to do so. Apply how you’ve been playing through the game thus far to the side-quest and you’ll do fine. Remember, these are optional, and are segrated from the main quests in the pause menu due to the fact that the main (required) quests are highlighted in gold.

Stop at the merchants to buy new supplies if you need to. Then keep following the orbs until you reach a gate. There is a lever on the wall next to the gate. Pull the lever to head into the Chapterhouse.


Save, and then follow the orbs. You’ll get ambushed by a group of enemies in the room with the gates that are going up and down uncontrollably. Dodge under the gates. Walk to the platform in the middle and read the scroll. Then follow the orbs. There will be a locked door. You need to go around to get the next scroll.

So, head around. Avoid the traps on the walls. They will shoot flames at you. Run past all the enemies and then use the lever on the pillar. This will open a passageway that will allow you to get to the scroll. Pick it up, which will deactivate the gargoyles on the walls shooting the fireballs, and destroy all of the enemies nearby. It will also unlock the gate that was previously locked.
Head through that gate.

Run past all of the traps, avoid the enemies, and then dodge under the crazy gates in the middle of the next room. Use the switch to deactivate the crazy gates and unlock the two gates to the left and right. Head to each one of them, nab the scrolls to disable the traps and the enemies. Then follow the golden orbs to reach the next scroll. Grab that one as well to deactivate the rest of the traps and all of the other enemies.

The golden orbs will then lead you back to the beginning of this place. There is a save point in the middle of this room, that you already used, and you need to use it. Then follow the golden orbs up the nearby staircase. There is a large bookcase. Press RB to interact with it to make the bookcase open, revealing a secret passageway and initiating a cut-scene.

After the converesation is over, you get to pick which of the next two quests that you want to do. So, if you are doing the other one, skip ahead to Majority Rules. I recommend you keep following this guide if you are having trouble, and just do the quests in the order I have written them, for convenience’s sake.

I. The Tumbledown Court


Go through the portal. Then follow the straight path to the save point. Save, and then keep going until you get to the next portal. Head through.


Follow the orbs. Giant flaming balls of doom will then start firing. Keep dodging repeatedly to avoid the mortars as you make your way through this snowy mountain area. When you reach the first save point, save, and then start doing battle with enemies as you keep going along the mountain. Keep fighting your way up the mountain and dodging the mortar fire. You’ll need gunpowder for the cannon.

Keep following the orbs and you’ll find a locked gate. This is where the golden orbs are pointing towards. Turn directly around and then walk down that path until you come across an NPC that will have a conversation with you. When he is done talking, start following those golden orbs again. Take note of the soldiers doing battle.

Keep following the orbs more. There will be a big, giant frost troll that you will have to kill. His attacks are easy to dodge, but he has a ton of health. After he is taken care of, open the chests and get the gunpowder and cannonball. Backtrack to the cannon and use it to help out the soldiers.

Start following the golden orbs again. There will be a big wall of ice. Destroy the ice wall and then keep following the orbs again. Walk under the waterfall and have a conversation with Ibsen.

J. In Search of Solitude


Follow the orbs, save, fight the enemies. Then keep following the orbs again. You should know the drill by this point.


Elder Frost Dakkenweyr

This guy is a walk in the park, except he has a lot of health. Defeat all of the other enemies that surround him, and then focus on destroying him with a combination of magic and regular attacks. Dodge his attacks, and you should be fine.

With him dead, the glowing orbs will lead you to floating purple rocks. This is a conduit to destroy. Take care of it with repeated attacks. Then start making your way up the mountain again by following the golden orbs. Fight enemies, collect loot, and then just keep pushing forward. Destroy the second conduit as well. Then follow the orbs to the third conduit as you fight your way up the mountain more.

Backtrack all the way back to Ibsen when all of the Conduits are destroyed and have a chat with him.

K. The Tumbledown Court (revisited)


Follow the orbs. Fight enemies. With the Ibsen business taken care of, you can now focus on Tumbledown Court quest yet again. Mortars will try to kill you again, so be sure to dodge them. Break down any ice barricades that get in your way.

Eventually, you wind up in a cavern. Fight through the cavern along with the reunited Roderick. Fight alongside him and make your way through this cave. Save at the next save point. Keep going to reach a conversation/cut-scene where you will be re-introduced to Phineas the nerd. Argh! When you’re done talking, follow the orbs again.

Avoid the fire trap on the ground and keep going.


There is a red stone. Press it with RB to turn it green and summon a platform. Get on the platform and press RB again to go across. Then start following the orbs again.


Follow the orbs and save at the save point in here. Visit the merchant to upgrade your equipment and sell your useless equipment. Have a long conversation with the queen and the lord.

L. Enemy at the Gates


Gather up any side-quests that you want in your queue of quests to complete. When you are satisfied, follow the golden orbs.


Follow the orbs to reach Roderick.


Follow the orbs. Kill the enemies, which will now include little goblin dudes, and grab the black powder satchels. The golden orbs will lead you to a dead end. When you get there, head to the right and then follow the path track downwards. There is a rock switch down here that is red. Press it to turn it green. This will make a platform go to the area that the golden orbs are pointing towards. Run back up there and then use RB to use the platform. The golden orbs will lead you to the last satchel of black powder. Run through the next area, destroying the explosive barrels, defeating the enemies, and pushing along until you get to the save point. Save and head through to the next area.


Azunite Lieutenant

Not a tough boss. Kill the enemies around him. Then focus all of your attacks on him. He’s essentially a bigger version of the other knight-like enemies that you have been fighting in these tunnels.

With the boss dead, walk over to the nearby mine cart. Place the explosives that you have collected in the cart. Then turn tail and RUN. Backtrack, using the yellow orbs for guidance. Kill the enemies that you come across, and keep running out of the tunnels.

M. Uninvited Guests


Follow the golden orbs. They will lead you to Roderick. Have a chat with him about this next quest. Then follow the orbs again.


Yup. Explosives again. Follow the orbs until you find the black satchel powder. Keep going through the tunnels, nabbing the powder, until you have three. Then use the rock switch you’ll inevitably come across, and walk forward into the next room. Kill the enemies in this room, and then nab the last satchel charge. Then follow the orbs again to a floating platform. Use the platform to sail across the gap. Do battle with the enemies over here, and defeat them all.

Use the save point across the gap. Defeat the enemies in the next room.


Azunite Lieutenant

Yup. Him again. Except now he has an aura around him. Stay back, and then just shoot him to death, essentially.

Place the charges in the cart. Then run. Backtrack all the way back to the queen. You’ll encounter some enemies, and when you use the platforms, there will be giant flaming fireballs soaring at you. Dodge the fireballs.


Follow the golden orbs all the way back to the Queen. Save your game, and then go have a chat with Phineas, the Queen, and the lord. It’s a lengthy conversation.

N. Ebb and Flow


Follow the golden orbs after Phineas runs off. He will then lower a platform. Walk onto the platform and then use RB to take it up like an elevator. To the left, there is a treasure chest off-screen. Grab the loot. Phineas will then start performing a magical ritual. Invincible enemies that will just keep rebuilding themselves will appear. The goal here is to defend Phineas from these guys.

Just stand your ground and constantly kill them. This section really isn’t all that difficult. When they are all dead, take the platform back down. Follow the orbs to have a quick convo with Roderick.

O. Lord Devonsey’s Trap


Follow the orbs. Just keep following them, taking out enemies, saving at save points, opening treasure chests. Typical Dungeon Siege III stuff. Keep following the orbs until you reach Lord Devonsey again. He will talk to you and relay the plan.

When he is done talking, walk over to the platform. Lower the platform. Take out all the enemies down here. A cut-scene will then trigger. And a nice little conversation.



This giant mammoth is blind, but deadly. Stay away from it, and spam all of your special ability attacks at it. Use your magic. When you run out of magic, kill the smaller enemies that try to help the Warbeast. This will recharge your magic, and will allow you to return the focus of laying in damage to the Warbeast. This fight will take a while because the Warbeast has a lot of health, but this strategy will ensure a victory.

With the Warbeast dead, another cut-scene will trigger. Followed by a conversation between the Queen, Phineas, and Lord Devonsey. When the conversation concludes, raid the treasure chests for a ton of gold and other loot. EPIC LOOTS! Really, it’s epic how the gold flies out of the chests. When you’re done, follow the orbs. Roderick will offer to take you to the Causeways.

Take him up on his offer.


Orbs. Golden ones. Follow them to the portal that leads to the Causeways.


Walk through this area back to the Chapterhouse with Odo.


Walk forward. Get Odo and Marten up to speed.

P. Majority Rules


Save. Leave. Follow the orbs.


Follow the orbs. Go through the big doors next to the robots, and then keep following the orbs until you see the merchant icon on the mini-map. Buy any new equipment you can afford, sell old, useless stuff. Then keep following the golden orbs. Open the doors into the Meisterhall.


“FREE THE KRUG!” Walk past the protestors and then have a conversation with Sigmund. Follow the orbs to go talk to the meisters and propose an alliance to the council. They will propose a recess after a while. Now it’s time to win their votes so they will swear allegiance to the Legion! You can complete these in any order, but I suggest, if you have been following the guide thus far, to complete them in the order that I have written them in the guide.

Head to the guy standing in the upper left part of the room, with a big yellow exclamation point above his head. Chat with him. Get his quest. Then go talk to Mudgutter, the weird little goblin with the George Washington wig. Have a conversation with him as well to get his quest. Talk to the other goblin, Fiddlewick, and go through his dialogue to learn about his quest. You can’t get his vote, though.

Q. Strike!


Follow the golden orbs back to the City. You’ll have to talk to the robot guard to gain access through a door to the Lower Ward area.


Run through this area. Stop at the merchant to get new equipment. Save the game and then follow the golden orbs again.


Use the levers to open the doors as you walk through this area and follow the golden orbs. Keep going until you are stopped due to a conversation starting. After the conversation is over, start following the orbs again. Save at the save point. Keep following the orbs, and you’ll get in a fight with some Cyclops and other enemies. They are easily defeated.

Keep going until you come across giant gears. Head to the right to pull the lever on the ground. This will activate the gears. Then follow the golden orbs again through the door. Keep following the orbs, fighting enemies, and walking along. This will go on for a while until you find a save room. Save. Head out onto the ledge. Pull the lever to make a bridge.

Walk across the bridge…


Cyclops Foreman

This Cyclops is easy. Defeat the enemies around him. Defeat him. That’s all there is to it.

With him dead, the golden orbs will forsake thee! They will point off the platform and into the lava. You can’t go that way, obviously, so keep walking across the bridge, to the left. This is still a straight-shot, so don’t worry about not being able to rely on the golden orbs. Just run through, pulling the levers as necessary to summon bridges, defeating enemies, and keep running through. Eventually you’ll pull a lever that will reposition the bridge so you can faithfully pursue the path of the golden orbs once again!

Follow the orbs again. Defeat any enemies you encounter. Walk through doors, and then keep following the damn golden orbs. You will encounter a cut-scene with a prisoner behind bars. Save, and then continue to follow the orbs.


Mad Bomber

This little goblin will be behind a wall of fire, chucking bombs. Other goblins will help him out, as well as a couple of Cyclops..es. Take out the other enemies and dodge through the fire to confront the Bomber. Beat the hell out of him and he will be dead very soon.

Business taken care of! With him dead, follow the orb into the next cavern. Use the save point. Then follow the golden orbs some more.



Big boss Cyclops! He’s actually pathetically easy. Just don’t let him hit you. He deals a lot of damage, but he also takes a lot of damage as well. What an anti-climatic battle.

When he’s been defeated, chat with him. Then follow the golden orbs through the gate and into the next room to find A GIANT CHEST! EPIC LOOTS! Raid the big chest, raise the smaller chest, save the game, and then follow the golden orbs into the next area. Defeat enemies, raid for loot, and then keep following the golden orbs.

You’ll then have a conversation with Kassel and Fiddlewick. Decide the fate of the Cyclops and then leave the Foundry…you know, by following that ever-so- awesome trail of glowing golden orbs.

R. Trouble in the Crypts


After the convo, follow the golden orbs to the next area you need to go to.


Follow the golden orbs. There will be a lever attached to a pillar that you will have to pull to lower the bridge. Continue to follow the orbs. Fight enemies and be sure to check coffins for more loot.


Goblin Demolitionist

Beat the hell out of him. That’s it. Donezo.

Follow the golden orbs again. The next lever you see, pull it. A bridge will move into place. You have to walk across it while fighting enemies and avoiding the giant swinging guillotines that threaten your life! The golden orbs point to a closed gate that is locked, so just walk past it to the other side. On the other side, pull the next lever to open the gate. Then make your way back across to that door and keep following the golden orbs through.

You’ll come across another locked gate. The orbs will be pointing to it. Do a 180 degree turn and head up the stairs. Avoid the guillotines and then pull the lever to open the door. Head back down the stairs and through the door. Pull the lever to make a bridge. Go across the bridge. Pull the two levers on the pillars next to the cage with the robot inside. Then head to the left of the cage to find another lever on the ground. Pull it to lower the cage.


Modified Automaton

Easy boss fight? You know it. Apply the same strategy as you have since the very beginning of the freaking game.

Pull the lever to lower the bars. Then head to the right of where the boss was once located. There will be a lever over here. Pull it to make a bridge appear. Kill the enemies. Head into this room to get a bunch of loot, and then cross the bridge. Start following the yellow orbs again.


Street Boss

I literally defeated this boss in mere seconds. You will have NO problem at all with this one.

Follow the orbs. Save. Pull the lever on the pillar.



For being a Master Thief, Ehregott is another boss that is disapointingly easy to kill. His minions will constantly respawn, so focus all of your attacks on him. After not too long, his health will be completely depleted.

With Ehregott defeated, he will surrender. Have a conversation with the dude. When the conversation is over, it’s time to return to Mudgutter. Follow the glowing trail of gold orbs out of this place. You will come across a couple of rooms along the way filled with epic loots. Leave.

S. The Automaton Rebellion


Oh no! The robots have gone absolutely MAD! Talk to Marten and keep walking through the city, following the golden orbs.


Firestorm XE

Easy robot boss. Kill him.

Follow the golden orbs. Defeat the robots as you make your way through the city streets. Save at any save points. Continue following the golden orbs.


Yellow orbs…must be followed. Robots…must be defeated.


Thunderstorm CE

Another easy robot boss. Kill him in the same manner as the last.

Follow the orbs to the Meisterhall.


Save as soon as you step in. The robots in here are friendly. Walk past them and head into the next room. Have a conversation with Sigmund about the Gent. Then follow the orbs to the next save point and save your progress yet again. Walk through the portal.



Dapper Old Gent

OH MY GOD! A unique, challenging boss fight! This guy is quite difficulty, especially compared to all of the other bosses in the game. There are little towers lining this platform. Some are covered in orange forcefield energy. Ignore these ones. Destroy the ones that aren’t covered in a forcefield. These will spawn violent Automaton robots, by the way. Keep destroying all of these little towers until one of the big generators in the middle lacks a forcefield and you can focus on that.

Destroy the generator. The shield covering Dapper Old Gent in the middle of the platform will then disappear. Run over and attack the pedastal that the Dapper Old Gent is standing on. He will knock you back with his forcefield. Turn your attention back to the Automaton towers. Then destroy the next generator. Then attack the pedastal again, which will drain the Gent’s lifebar.

The next time, you’ll have to destroy twice as many Automaton-generating towers and two generators this time to lower the forcefield. When his health is less than half, he will concede defeat.

You get to decide the fate of the Dapper Old Gent during the conversation between him, you, Odo, and that whacky pirate Sigmund. Following this, there will be yet another cut-scene to watch.

T. On Holy Ground


Save the game. Follow the golden orb. Have a conversation with Rajani and another one of the weird fire-angel people. Kill enemies. Follow the golden orbs.


Azunite Lieutenant

Kill him. Seriously. Kill him. That’s all there is to it.

Save at the save point. Continue following the golden orbs and killing enemies as you make your way through this Spire.


When you reach this area, walk over to the platform. Pull on the lever, and the platform will make like an elevator and take you up to the next floor. Walk up the stairs.


Archon of War

Waaaaay easier than the fight with Rajani. And there’s a ton of loots to get from this fight. Just fight her like any other boss, but be a bit more wary. She can deal more damage, for sure, but she’s not a huge threat.

When she is dead, take the platform back down. Follow the golden orbs. Defeat any enemies you come across, collect loots, and then keep pushing forward.



Azunite Lieutenant

Surprisingly, this guy is actually tough. He has an aura around him that makes him so. He has a ton of health as well. Still, spam attacks on him. Just try to stay far away to avoid him dealing too much damage to you.

Keep following the orbs. There will be a tight hallway FILLED with enemies. They are all easily taken out, so it’s pretty easy to kill them all. When they are all dead…


Archon Handmaid

A flashy servant to the next Archon you fight. She’s fairly easy to kill, but dodges moves a lot. That’s all there is to her.

Follow ‘dem orbs…


Ride the platform up. Follow those orbs!


Archon of Vengenace

This Archon is a bit more challenging than the last one. She can summon fire jackals and will also make flaming pillars appear. Try your best to dodge her attacks. Get in close, and then use attacks that have a wide area of attack so you can simultaneously destroy her jackals while you do damage to her.

Scour the area for loots. Take the platform back down. Follow the orbs.


Archon Handmaid

Same as before.

When she’s defeated, notice the merchant icon on the mini-map. I know I have almost never said this during the entire guide, but stray off the path of the golden orb path. Make your way to the merchant, who is on the west side of this area. This guy has KILLER equipment. Purchase it. You surely have enough gold after the endless string of boss fights the game has thrown at you since the last time you’ve had a chance to visit a merchant.

Follow the golden orbs…the end draws near!


Short conversation. Followed by…


Cyclops Brute

This is a super-powered Cyclops. To make matters worse, you have to fight two of them at once, and Jeyne and Chakti are chilling out in the middle of this place, constantly casting spells. Whenever there is a big blue circle around you, be sure to use dodge to avoid taking the damage. Focus all of your attention on the pair of Cyclopses, and only attack the smaller enemies when you need to recharge your magic. When they’re both dead, you don’t get to rest for long…



Chakti will make clones of herself, and uses a staff to fight. She is very fast and tends to bounce around. There’s not a real strategy to her besides just hitting her with all of the attacks at your disposal. Also keep in mind to be constantly dodging the spell attacks from Jeyne while completing this battle.

With Chakti defeated, follow the orbs. There will be another platform that you pull a lever to ride up.


After a conversation, there will be a giant fight with a bunch of enemies. Take them all on and take them all out. After they have all been dealt with, check the spaces to the right and to the left of the staircase. There is loot hidden here, so be sure to raid those treasure chests.

Then head up the stairs, as the golden orbs will tell you to do anyways, and go to the next platform. Use the lever to ride it up.


Head right into the next room.


Jeyne Kassynder

Jeyne is quite powerful. She is like a rainbow Archon, and has devastating light attacks. Her melee attack will destroy your shields with one fell swoop, and her magic attacks dish out a significant amount of damage. The strategy here is to stay as far away from her as possible and then start hitting her with projecticle attacks.

When you run out of magic, run up and start swinging at her to replenish your magic supply. Activate any shields you have and constantly heal yourself as well to avoid death. Her attacks can one-shot you, so spam dodges whenever you aren’t dealing damage to her.

U. Rebirth


Ah, but it is not yet over. Marten will meet back up with you and your party. After the cut-scene, take the platform down. Follow the golden orbs, and then there will be another cut-scene. In this scene, you will be introduced to the final merchant that you encounter in the game. He has epic equipment as well, so be sure to buy the best of the best from him, and of course, sell all of your wanted gear.

Head to the portal. Marten will stay behind, no matter what dialogue options you choose.


Straight-shot to the next portal.


When you enter the Chapterhouse, Armand (remember him?!) will talk to you. When the conversation is over, press up on the d-pad to activate your…er, no, the orbs have been deactivated! Crap. Well, head to the right, and then Jazar and Armand will have another conversation with you and your party. They need you to escort them back to the portal so they can use the Causeways to reach safety.

The orbs magically return. Yay! It’s true what they say; you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. Follow those orbs around, and they will lead you back to the portal. Armand and Jazar will go through the portal after another nice chat.

With that business taken care, start following the orbs again. They will lead you back downstairs. Down here, be sure to save your game before exiting through the door to the outside.


As soon as you start following the orbs outside, enemies will fall from the sky in giant fireballs. These enemies are somewhat tougher than any of the other generic minions you have encountered throughout the game, so don’t take them lightly. Keep defeating them and following the orbs until the game does a little mini-cut-scene.

This scene is to introduce you to the toughest regular enemy in the game. It resembles the feminine, demonic enemies that fall from the sky, but it has multiple arms and it dances around in a really creepy manner. These things are even tougher than the enemies that fall from the sky, so they are not to be taken lightly. Defeat this first one, and then follow the orbs again.

There will be a conversation with The Radiant Youth. When he’s said what he came to say, keep fighting through the forest. Use the orbs as guidance. Save at the save point that you will come across, and then continue to follow the orbs and save.


Corrupted Creator

Following the scene, it’s time for the…FINAL BATTLE! This boss is actually pretty hard until you get his pattern done. Luckily for you, this guide will tell you exactly what that pattern is so you will be able to defeat him without much trouble at all! Actually, I take that back. It’s still going to be a tough battle, but with me by your side, you will be able to get through this!

This behemoth of a boss will start the battle by swatting his armored arm down at you. Spam projectile weapon attacks at him until the armor on his hand bursts. Be sure to dodge any of his swiping or smashing attacks. Kill any enemies that spawn as well. Keep focusing the attack on his armor-plated hand until the armor falls into pieces, and his entire arm blows up!

Now he’s mad. The Creator will shoot black goo all over the place. Little monsters will spawn from the goo, and enemies will also fall out of the sky. Kill as many of the little monsters as you can as you run around. Avoid stepping in the goo, as it will drain your magic. The Creator will be firing a laser directly at you the entire time as well, so be sure to spam dodge attacks as you also constantly use shielding and heal yourself.

The Creator will then suck up all of his minions into his mouth. Hide behind a rock, as he will then spew the goo everywhere, which will knock you down and take away precious seconds that can be used spamming attacks at the boss’s head. After he spews the goo, he will collapse. That’s your cue to run over there and hack and slash like you never have before. Magical attacks do a lot of damage to this boss as well.

When the health bar is depleted, he will be done for.

Enjoy the ending dialogue. You get to choose the fate of Jeyne! Should she live or should she die? The choice is yours!

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I hope this guide helped you beat Dungeon Siege III for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or PC!

Special thanks to SBAllen.

Special thanks to all the contributors that have written long walkthroughs like this that have helped me out a lot over the years!

Special thanks to my cousin Josh Oswalt and my brother Clay Cooper for playing this game with me!

Did you feel like I didn’t elaborate enough on certain quests? Did you find awesome loot that I overlooked? Well, shoot me an e-mail and I will edit the guide and give you credit for any corrections, concerns, personal strategies, hints, tips, and what-have-you! I can be reached via e-mail at: horror_spookyathotmail.com


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