Captain America: Super Soldier FAQ/Walkthrough [Guide]


Captain America: Super Soldier
Written by Dalton “horror_spooky” Cooper
Copyright 2011 Dalton Cooper

Marvel is the master of the superhero movie. The genre was considered long-dead
after a multitude of flops in the 90s, but with the highly successful films
like X-Men and Spider-Man, Marvel managed to make superheroes relevant again in
today’s film industry. They are currently planning a massive Avengers film, and
as a result, they have started building the team by giving them their own
films so the audience can become acquainted with the characters. Iron Man,
Thor, and The Incredible Hulk have all made it to the big screen. Captain
America is the latest Marvel hero to grace theaters, and he’s got a companion
video game to go along with his blockbuster film, just like the rest of his
Avengers buddies.

Even though I wrote this guide by playing the Xbox 360 version of the game, it
is compatible with the PlayStation 3 version of the game. I am not entirely
sure if this guide will also be compatible with the Wii and DS versions of the
game (due to the hardware limitations of those systems when compared to the 360
and PS3), and I also can’t guarantee that it will be compatible with the 3DS
version of the game set to release this October. The previously planned PC and
PSP versions of the game have both been cancelled.

This game is compatible with 3D television sets.

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Things to Remember
3. Walkthrough

0.      Prologue: Come and See
1.      Stand Alone Together
2.      The Flemish Farm
3.      The Wooden Horse
4.      The Secret Journey
5.      The Big Red One
6.      Camus and the Fly
7.      Icarus and Daedalus
8.      To Have and Have Not
9.      The Longest Yard
10.  Keep Your Powder Dry
11.  They Were Expendable
12.  Red Ball Express
13.  The Small Back Room
14.  Hell is for Heroes
15.  When Trumpets Fade
16.  Church on Time
17.  The First of the Few
18.  Went the Day Well?

4. Challenges and Extras
5. Game Stats and Code
6. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
World War II is raging, and the one-man-army soldiers from the Call of Duty
games are taking a beating. Taking a lesson from professional wrestling, the
United States government decides to use superhero steroids to produce Captain
America, a hero ready to fight off the Nazi threat and help the Allies win the
war! Will Captain America succeed or will the Nazis complete their evil goals
and completely dominate the entire world?!

WE NEED A HERO! But we need a hero that knows how to do his thing, so here are
the controls for Captain America: Super Soldier…

Left analog stick – Walk/Run
Right analog stick – Camera/Aim Camera
A – Mobility/Dodge
B – Use/Counter
X – Strike
Y – Grab
LB – Protego
LT – (Hold) – Aim Shield
RB – Apparate
RT – Throw Shield/Fire Turret
D-pad (up) – Tactical Vision
D-pad (down) – Show Objective
Start – Pause
Back – Map

Even superheroes need to remember things. And so do you!

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2. Things to Remember
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Before starting the game, it will ask you to choose the difficulty you will be
playing the game on. For all intents and purposes, my guide, and all my guides,
are written by playing the game on the Normal difficulty setting. Usually this
means that the only real difference is the amount of damage enemies do, but
that’s not the case with Captain America: Super Soldier.

There are serious differences between the different difficulties that can make
the game a much different experience. Here are the different difficulties in
the game and what they entail for you as the player:

RECRUIT (Easy) – Forgiving combat, Boosted Focus, Health regenerates
SUPER HERO (Normal) – Balanced combat, Balanced Focus, Health regenerates
AVENGER (Hard) – Aggressive combat, Reduced Focus, No Health regeneration

Obviously, choosing the hardest difficulty will result in a much different
approach to the game than the other two options. Taking out the health
regeneration ability is a very unique and new way to increase the difficulty of
a game. But like I said, I chose the SUPER HERO difficulty to write this guide
as the majority of gamers tend to play the game on the Normal difficulty
setting the first time around. You can change your difficulty at any time in
the in-game options menu.

Focus is represented by the Focus bars on the bottom left-hand corner of the
screen. These bars are located right above the health bar. They are filled in
the color of blue by defeating enemies and stringing together combos. They
allow Captain America to deliver far more devastating attacks than his standard
punches and kicks to the enemy by holding the RB button when attacking. Using
these Focus Abilities regenerates Cap’s health.

Tactical Vision Assist is another factor when it comes to the different
difficulty settings in the game. If you choose RECRUIT or SUPER HERO, then the
Tactical Assist option is turned on. You can still turn it on when playing the
game on the AVENGER difficulty, but it won’t automatically be activated upon
starting the game.

Captain America has various upgrades that you can apply to him to increase the
power of his abilities or teach him new attacks. This can be accessed in the
pause menu. You can also view Zemo’s Diaries, Film Reels, and the schematics of
the enemies encountered in the game from the pause menu.

The combat in the game is reminiscent of that found in Batman: Arkham City. Cap
can perform dynamic counters and string together a series of devastating blows
against enemies. When an orange circle appears around an enemy, tap the A
button to counter that attack. LB is also used in combat to block attacks with
Cap’s shield. Other combat attacks are detailed in the Controls section of this
guide, and keep in mind that there are a lot of combos that Cap can pull off,
so don’t be afraid to experiment to find the best results.

The main purpose of this guide is to get the player from the beginning of the
game to the end of the game.

Well, what are you waiting for?! You’ve got a war to win, fella!

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3. Walkthrough
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After the cut-scene, follow the trench along its linear path. The first couple
of enemies will appear, and the game will remind you how to attack. Defeat them
and then continue to find enemies attacking American soldiers. This is where
the game will teach you about dodging, countering, blocking, and the like.
These guys are easily dispatched as well, but their attacks deal much more
damage since they are equipped with tasers. They will circle Cap, but remember
to tap A when the orange circle appears around them, and he will counter their
attack, leaving them wide open for a flurry of offensive maneuvers to do away
with them rather quickly. With these enemies defeated, keep running forward
until part of the trench explodes, cutting you off.

When this happens, hang a right and right into the makeshift bunker. You’ll
encounter Bucky here. Go the direction Bucky came from to exit the bunker and
return to the trenches. There will be more enemies here, and the game will tell
you about using the Y button grab enemies. This is best used in the middle of a
combo, not to initiate a fight. Take out these bad guys and then keep running
forward to the next bunker where Cap says he’ll need a working radio to the
soldiers inside.

Run out of this bunker to reach more trenches. The game will tell you to press
A to jump over the flaming rubble. After doing this, the game will tell you how
to throw your shield. Experiment with this, defeat the enemies, and then
continue forward to initiate another cut-scene.

Follow the path and then you’ll run into a much stronger enemy that is capable
of blowing up tanks. In case you didn’t notice, on the bottom left-hand corner
of the screen there is a blue set of bars above the health bar. By defeating
enemies in combat and stringing together combos, these bars are filled. This is
your Focus Bar and it allows you to use a “Critical Strike” attack. This is
accomplished by holding RB and then tapping X.

This big guy is easily defeated, though, especially if you have a couple of
Critical Strikes in reserve. Just charge him and spam attacks on him. He’ll be
defeated without too much trouble. And when he’s down, enjoy the next


Walk over to the radio and tap A to listen. After the chat is over, tap B at
the table to the right to grab the Dossier. After the next chat has been
completed, turn around and head to the back of the cabin. Take the film reel
from the table located back here.

With the video watched, there will be some more chit-chatting to sit through.
When everyone is done flapping their jaws, the plane will be attacked. Walk
over to the door and tap B to launch Captain America out of the door and to the
hostile ground below!

Cap crashes through the roof, knocking down the three enemies. Walk over to
each one and hold RB and press B to knock them out one-by-one. With them
defeated, follow the straight path. You can press BACK to check your map if you
get lost, but it’s a straight-shot to the next objective, so the possibility of
you getting lost in what is a glorified hallway is practically non-existent.

You’ll come across a couple more enemies. Take them out and then walk over to
the glowing device on the wall to interact with it. This activates a mini-game
where there are two different sets of letters and numbers glowing and floating
in the air. You have to use the two analog sticks in tandem to line up the
number or letter that appears on both sets of characters. Do so. The mini-games
might have different combinations from game-to-game, but for my copy, the
similar character was the number three.

When this is done, head through the doorway. Cap will be taken down to a slow
walk. Head over to the balcony and watch the scene. When prompted to do so,
whip out your shield by holding LT. This will lock-on to the enemies. Pull the
right trigger next and take out the three enemies to initiate yet another

Go through the broken window by pressing A. This will initiate a platforming
QTE in which a circle closes in on the A button, and you need to press the A
button at just the right time in order to string together a combo of “perfects”
and build up your Focus meter. Failing to press A or pressing the wrong button
results in failure. It’s very easy, just keep hitting A when prompted and you
won’t have any trouble at all completing this segment.

There will be another scene, and then Captain America will confront four or
five enemy soldiers equipped with shotguns. They will surround him. When you
see yellow flash on the screen, hold LB to block their shots. Then take out
each enemy. When they’re defeated, walk over to the glowing device on the wall
to activate another matching mini-game. The similar character in my game was
the number two.

With the door opened, head through. Go to the right to pick up a Dossier Folder
sitting on the table. Head through the hallway and go up the stairs. Pick up
another Dossier Folder sitting on the table. Then turn your attention to the
enemies at the computer terminals. Throw your shield at the group of enemies
on the left side. This will blow up the machines and defeat all of them in a
single explosion. Afterwards, take out the other three enemies with basic
combat attacks.

Climb up the stairs and up the ladder. In this new room, grab Zemo’s Diary that
is sitting and glowing on a table. After you nab that, walk over to the large,
glowing radio and interact with it.


Enemies will rush into the room. Take them out. If you destroy the computers
with your shield, you can probably kill them all with one fell swoop. If you
take too long to defeat these guys, more enemies will rush in, but they aren’t
too much of a problem. With all the enemies defeated, a door will open up. Go
through the door, up the stairs, and keep following the hallway, basically.

You’ll come across a pair of enemies guarding large, double doors. Behind those
doors is the library, and your next objective is to access it. Defeat the two
enemies in any manner that you see fit. With them defeated, press B to enter
the library.

The first room you come across will contain a lone enemy talking to himself.
Defeat him and then to the right of the doorway there is a stack of Dossier
Folders sitting on the table to collect. Run over to the bookshelf and interact
with it. It will slide open, revealing a secret passageway. Head through the
passage. Pick up the collectible sitting on the end-table and then walk over to
the back of the next bookshelf. Interact with it to open it up.

Two enemies with shields will attack. They are easily taken care of. Use the Y
button to stagger them, which renders their shields useless. With them
defeated, check out the tables by the fireplace. Dossier Folders as well as
stacks of Dossier Folders are there for the collecting.

After grabbing these, go to the device on the wall that is keeping the large
metallic doors shut. Complete the mini-game. My similar character was the
letter “F”. Head through the door to find Dossier Folders on the table to the
left of Captain America, as well as a Ceramic Egg collectible to the right of
our hero. Head down the stairs.

Cap will point out a machine. Walk over to it to initiate another mini-game.
This mini-game is different than before. By using the left and right analog
sticks to control Cap’s left and right hands respectively. Move the two wires
close enough that electricity appears between the two, but don’t move them too
close or you’ll get an electric jolt and have to redo the mini-game.
Regardless, when the deed is done, be prepared to face off against some

When the ground enemies are dealt with, a couple of bad guys will appear above
Cap. Two white lines will appear on-screen. When the line up, press LB to send
the enemies’ bullets back at them. Defeat the two of them like this. Tap “Up”
on the d-pad to point out the weak points of the ladders. Throw your shield at
these glowing icons to make the ladders in this area useful.

Climb up the ladder in front of the enemies you just defeated. There is a Stack
of Dossier Folders on the table up here. Go through the door to reach a
dead-end as well as a collectible Hydra briefcase.

Return to the previous room and then climb up the other ladder. You’ll now have
to complete a linear platforming sequence. It is completed by just tapping A
when told to do so and requires no detailed explanation. Keep in mind, however,
that the the “Perfect Timing” prompt won’t be shown on the screen. You can
still achieve a Perfect Timing bonus, but you’ll need to rely on your own
abilities. The trick is to tap A as soon as possible to initiate the next part
of the platforming segment.

Anyway, you’ll reach the next machine. Sabotage this machine just like you did
the other one. However, an explosion will happen this time that will allow Cap
access to the next area of the game. Go through the opening and then hop down
when you can to reach the third and final machine. Perform the same mini-game
as you did with the other machines to destroy it, resulting in a large
explosion and a cut-scene.


Launch yourself off the platform and then tap A along the next linear sequence
of platforming so Cap can reach his next destination. Upon landing on solid
ground, grab the Stack of Dossier Folders that are laying on the ground. Walk
forward and next to the wall on the right will be another collectible to snag.
A cut-scene will then play, depicting the arrival of enemies on the scene.

This is the first true test of your combat skills in the game. There are a
bunch of ground enemies to contend with, and if that wasn’t bad enough, there
is also a couple of snipers shooting from the rooftops. Take care of the ground
enemies first while dodging the bullets of the snipers. When the ground enemies
have been taken care of, deflect the bullets back at the snipers using LB when
the white lines line up. With all the enemies defeated, go through the nearby
double doors.

A swarm of enemies will come down on Cap. The game will then reveal to you the
ability to select multiple targets to throw your shield towards. You accomplish
this feat by pulling on the left trigger to enter the free-aim mode. You then
move the cursor on an enemy. Tap RB to select them, and then do so for any
other enemies you wish to take out with your shield throw. Each enemy that is
selected costs a Focus bar so be aware of that stipulation.

Regardless of how you take these guys out, stay in the first room. They will
all come piling in through the door, which makes them easier to take out
without having to deal with all of them at once. When they are defeated, go
into the next room and then take out the snipers by either deflecting the
bullets or chucking your shield at them.

With the enemies taken care of, examine the long table to the right to collect
a Dossier Folder. In the room to the right there will be beds, so go into that
room. Go from room-to-room until you find more Dossier Folders. Then head into
the kitchen area. Head to the cellar with barrels in it that should be
straight-ahead. There are Dossier Folders on the ground as well as a Stein
collectible on the counter. Return to the kitchen, grab the Stein on the
counter in here, and then head up the stairs.

Up here, grab the Dossier Folders you see, as well as the helmet sitting on the
end-table. All of these collectible items will be glowing, so they shouldn’t be
too hard to find. The open room on the second floor contains even more
collectibles to nab, so don’t hesitate to do so. With this area sufficiently
scoured and drained of its resources, approach the large, locked metal door.

Trying to open the door reveals that you need an access code. Turn around and
return to the open room on the second floor. Go to the radio in the room and
then access the radio to get the code. Return to the metal door and head
through. Grab all the collectibles in this area. Keep heading forward, grab
any collectibles, and then defeat the enemies by the machines. After they are
taken care of, access the large radio to report back to headquarters.

Smoke grenades will be tossed at your feet. They make it difficult to see, but
thankfully not too many enemies try to attack. When they are defeated, return
to the door that you used to enter this building in the first place. If you
need help finding the door, use the map. You’ll be able to tell where the door
is by the yellow icon on the map, which will always display your next
objective. Head through the door to return to the West Ward.

A group of enemies will be coming from the direction of your next objective to
the left. They are easily taken care of, and when they are, start making your
way through the narrow alleyways that follow. There will be one or two enemies
that are encountered, but take them out. When you reach a jeep, there will be
two directions to go. Go to the right to find a Ceramic Egg collectible. Then
go the left path and keep going through the alleyway to come across more

These dudes are in a barn with a grenade turret. More enemies will come out of
the barn. Defeat them while avoiding the fire from the grenade turret. Head
into the barn and then climb up the ladder. Defeat the enemies up here,
including the enemy in orange that was operating the turret. When they have all
been taken care of, use the B button to man the turret yourself.

Destroy all the enemies that charge the barn. There won’t be too many. After
they have been killed, use the machine at the end of the barn. It’s one of the
machines that need decrypted by lining up the same characters. By completing
this mini-game, a metal door at the bottom floor of the barn will unlock. Head
through that door.

In this cellar-like area, there are a lot of collectibles. These collectibles
include an enemy schematic on the table against the wall. Grab it. Then hang a
left. In this next room, there will be shielded enemies. Defeat them, and then
go through the doorway that has a glowing orange icon in front of it. This
will lead to an outside warehouse-like area.

This place is like a maze. Use the map to help you reach your next objective.
In the meantime, the first few things you’ll see here is a couple of mechanics
working on trucks. Sneak up and take them out stealthily by attacking them with
the X button from behind. There’s an alarm nearby, so don’t let them reach it.
Take out any armed enemies you see as you make your way to the objective,
which is a door leading into the Motorpool. Also be sure to snag any
collectibles you see to earn more Intel Points. When you reach the door, press
B to head through.

This next warehouse contains a TON of violent mechanics. They are all defeated
with one hit, so don’t worry too much about them. They’re not dangerous, just
annoying. When they are all defeated, there will be a couple of snipers at the
end of the warehouse. Defeat them with your shield or by deflecting their
bullets back at them, and then a metal door will open up.

One of those larger, stronger enemies will appear. They’re smarter now, and
you will have to use the A button to counter their attack when they glow to
get behind them and use Critical Strikes to defeat them. Once this guy is done,
go through the doorway and in the next room collect all the collectibles that
you see. Remember, you can press “up” on the d-pad to use Tactical Vision and
make all the glowing collectibles glow even glowy…er. Nab everything and go
through to the next room.

You’ll come across another big guy. Defeat him using the same strategy as
before. If you don’t have any Focus bars to spend on Critical Strikes, stay
back and throw your shield to stagger him and dodge his attacks to rebuild
your Focus to use Critical Strike attacks again to put him down. If you manage
to knock him off his feet, use the RB+B combo to initiate a button-mashing
sequence with the A button that can also be used to defeat this behemoth.

Head up the stairs. Cap will note that the metal door is locked. Well, it’s
time for another linear platforming segment. Use A to swing your way across
the warehouse. The A button prompts will return as you might need to get a
“Perfect Timing” jump in order to dodge the fire from the snipers. When you
reach the building they’re hiding in, defeat them, grab the collectibles, and
complete the mini-game at the glowing machine on the wall to unlock the door.

Exit this building through the doorway on the right to initiate another
platforming sequence that will lead you right back to the door you just
unlocked. When you reach the door, grab the collectibles in here. There are two
Ceramic Eggs (one nestled against the lockers) and some Dossier Folders on
nearly every table in this place. After picking everything up, go through the
glowing door to reach the West Ward.

Out here, initiate yet ANOTHER platforming sequence. The “A” button prompts
disappear again, but you need to get Perfect Timing in order to dodge the
sniper fire. Upon reaching the sniper, take him out. Then use the ledges to
reach the ground below. There are four enemies down here to contend with, so
do with them what you will, then head through the door to reach the armory.

Run through this area, defeating enemies and collecting objects on the way.
When you reach a basement area, clear the area of all the enemies. When they
have all been defeated, Cap will deduce that this armory needs destroyed. Run
over to the ammo cache shown in the cut-scene. Interact with it to plant a

With the explosives planted, enemies rush Captain America. Ignore them. Don’t
go back the way you came to escape, as I’m sure you’d figure, as a timer has
started and the place is about to blow Resident Evil-style. Instead go to the
end of this basement area. A metal door that was previously locked is now
unlocked, revealing a staircase. Run up the stairs to successfully and safely
escape from the armory.

Head forward. Blow up the explosive barrels if you’d like, then keep going
until you see a doorway. Head down these stairs and grab the Ceramic Egg. Keep
walking and go up the next flight of stairs. Enemies will approach you, so take
them out. Head down the street to the left to a dead-end to grab some Dossier

Then head down the street. There will be more enemies to encounter. Take them
out. When they’re defeated, go down the hill through the double doors. As you
head down the street, notice a small stairway off to the side of the road. If
you go up these stairs and down the alleyway, you’ll find a Hydra briefcase.

Now use your map to lead you to the elevator that will finally finish up this
extremely long chapter! Hack the terminal by the elevator once you reach it
using the same mini-game method as before. When it has been hacked, ride the
elevator up.


Enemies will rush Cap once you exit the elevator doors. Defeat them all in the
typical Cap fashion. Some of the enemies will be up on crates, so you will have
to chuck your shield at them and deflect their bullets. Walk past the crates
and there will be a glowing object that you need to hit with your shield. Do

This will create a path in the wire firence. A couple of enemies will be there,
so take them out. You’ll see another glowing object, but ignore it for now and
defeat the enemies. Then hit the object with your shield to break down the next
fence which will open another path.

Through the open crate there will be enemies in the distance. There will be a
big guy in the forefront. Take him out with a stealth attack via your shield
and then smaller, weaker enemies will come through the crate to attack Cap.
Beat them, which shouldn’t be too difficult. With all the enemies defeated,
head through the open crate to reach another object that needs to be nailed
with your shield. Throw your shield at it.

After the short scene, enemies will come out of a doorway. Enemies will also
mount themselves on top of the various shipping crates in this area. They are
all snipers, so be sure to either deflect their fire or chuck Cap’s shield at
them to defeat them. Under the staircase there is a Hydra briefcase sitting on
an ammo crate to collect.

With all the enemies dealt with, head up the stairs and into the building.
There will be a glowing door. Head through it.


Following the scene, use the zipline to get across to the dome building. Cap
will burs through the windows and knock down some of the enemies in the
building. Use this time to knock them out with the RB+B combo, and then defeat
the walking enemies. There will be quite a bit of them, but there are a few
mechanics in the mix, so you don’t feel too threatened.

When they’re dealt with, go up the stairs. On one of the pillars, there will be
space to plant an explosive. Plant the explosive, and then walk up the stairs.
Complete the linear platforming segment and then plant an explosive at the next
pillar in which you are able to do so.

* * * * * * * * * *
Baron von Strucker
* * * * * * * * * *
Ah, the first boss in the game! Charge him and try to punch him. He will block
your punch, which will initiate a button-mashing QTE. It will be one of the
face buttons. Tap it repeatedly to stagger Strucker, opening him up to a flurry
of punches.

Hit him with a combination of strikes. A quarter of his health will be depleted
at this point, and then a couple of foot soldiers will join in on the fight.
Dispatch of them, and then waste all of your Critical Strikes into Strucker to
do a considerable amount of damage to the man.

Once all your Focus is drained, return to the previous strategy of mashing on
the face buttons and hitting him with combos. Defeat any of his foot soldiers
that try to join in on the battle. When he has just a sliver of health left, a
button prompt will show up on the screen, which is your cue to end the battle
and defeat Strucker.
* * * * * * * * * *
Baron von Strucker
* * * * * * * * * *

Defeat any left-over enemies, and then go over the scaffolding to initiate yet
another linear platforming QTE segment. Do your thing. A timer will pop up on
the screen with a five minute countdown in place. Defeat all of the enemies up

The structure in the middle will now have a space to place an explosive charge.
Do this, then run around the structure to find the next spot where an explosive
charge needs to be placed. Do this as well. A different part of the structure
will then need to be dealt with, so do the mini-game where you combine the
electrical charges of two wires. After that…

* * * * * * * * * *
Baron von Strucker
* * * * * * * * * *
Guess who’s back…back again! Employ the EXACT same strategy as before. The
only difference is that there is a timer this time. Weaker enemies will try to
join in on the fight, but use them to rebuild your Focus bar.

Keep laying into Strucker until he has been bested.
* * * * * * * * * *
Baron von Strucker
* * * * * * * * * *

With Strucker bested, go to the final part of the structure. Place another
explosive charge.


After the scenes, Captain America will be strapped to a table. Tap B repeatedly
and complete the button mashing mini-game twice to free him. When he’s free,
walk over to the panel that’s glowing. Complete the wire mini-game to get rid
of the electric barrier blocking the doorway.

With the electricity gone, press against the wall to jump up on the ledge. Use
the large chain as a zipline to reach the next area. Press up on the d-pad to
reveal that the nearby wall is breakable. Run over to the wall, destroy it, and
then run through the next few rooms. Keep going until you reach another ledge
that you can climb down on.

Drop down to the platform and then run across. Tap A to jump and then complete
this next linear platforming sequence. When you reach solid ground around,
break through the wall, which will be glowing. Run forward and you will be able
to launch yourself upwards, right into another linear platforming sequence.

When you’ve completed this one, run around the wall to find a breakable wall.
Break it, and then complete the next linear platforming sequence you come to.
You will clearly see a Dossier File when you jump from a pole to a ledge, so be
sure to pull yourself up, grab the file, and then drop back down onto the ledge
so you can shimmy across to the left and finish the sequence.

Break the wall on the left and keep going until you can go no further. Climb
the ladder, and then break the wall at the top of the ladder on the right.
Grab the stack of folders in there, and then turn around and head to the
direction left of the ladder. Keep going until you have to complete a couple of
linear platforming segments, then climb up the next ladder that you find.

At the top of this ladder, break the wall to the left and drop down. Grab the
film canister, and then use the ledge to climb back up. Enemies will spot you,
but that’s okay. Use the chain to zipline to a narrow area where you can shimmy
across a ledge. Use the ledge to reach a new area where you will be shimmying
along pipes and avoiding steam coming out of the vents. Jump from pipe to pipe
and work your way up until there’s no where to go but left, avoiding the steam
while you do this. Keep shimmying until you can drop down safely.

Run forward. Complete the next linear platforming segment. Zipline across to
the middle structure. Do battle with the grunts here, and you’ll probably
realize at this point that Cap is without his trusty trademark shield. Yup,
they done stole’d it from him. That’s okay, the combat here is pretty easy.
Once these guys are defeated, other enemies will make their way towards you
from a bridge. Defeat them and then go across the bridge into the room from
which they came from.

Beat the bad guys in here and then use the radio to report back to base. Scour
the room for collectible items and then head through the nearby door to reach
the next area.

Head up the stairs and keep going until you see a door-locking device on the
wall. Hack it in the usual fashion and then head through the door. You’ll be
introduced a new type of brute, this one outfitted with a shield. Charge the
beast and grab him with Y. Then mash whatever button the game tells you to mash
repeatedly to open him up for a sequence of punches. This should knock him off
his feet, which will allow you to use RB+B in tandem to defeat him.

Another door will open up, and this next room is filled with soldiers. The game
will introduce the Super Soldier ability to you know. By holding RB and
pressing A, time slows down and virtually every enemy in the vicinity can be
defeated with a single attack. Use this now to clear the room and then continue
into the next room where there will be more enemies to defeat. These ones have
sniper rifles, too, so be quick about it since you don’t have your shield to
deflect back at them or to protect yourself at all.

With all the enemies defeated, Cap will be shown the next locking mechanism to
hack. Hack it and then a large metal door will open. Run through. Cap will note
that this place has an underground railroad (good god almighty!) and that is
how this base is resupplied. Okiedokie. Well, keep going until you reach a
glowing door that will grant you access to the labs.

In the first room in the labs, there are no enemies. There is, however, a
Schematic to collect on a table. There is also a very hard locking mechanism
that is in need of hacking, so take care of that to nab a collectible that will
unlock some concept art. Then head through the nearby open doorway into a room
with a machine in the middle surrounded by enemies. Take them all out.

After they have been defeated, sabotage the machine. Cap’s shield will fall to
the ground. Run over to it to pick it up. A door will open and a trio of
snipers will swarm Cap. Defeat them and then head through to the next area.
Defeat all the scientists and enemies here. A little bit of searching towards
the back wall of this area will yield a film reel, a Schematic, and Dossier
Folders. One of the rooms in this area will have Cap’s gear sitting on the
table, so be sure to grab that after you’re done collectible-hunting.

When this is done, do a little bit of bactracking to find a door that is
glowing. Go through this door to return to the Cellblock.

A brute enemy flanked by a bunch of smaller enemies will be here now. Defeat
them all. Then head up the nearby stairs and defeat all of these enemies, too.
When they are all dealt with, listen to the radio on the wall to reveal the
location of the hostages. Grab all the collectibles up here, and then go to the
locking mechanism on the other side of the blueprint map hanging on the wall
(it is opposite to the radio that you just listened to). Complete the mini-game
to open up a metal door below you.

The enemies in this room are equipped mainly with shotguns. Take them out
quickly and then use the lever to open the door. Run through the next area,
being sure to check tables for Dossier Folders, and then keep going until you
find another large, locked metal door. Use the lever next to it to open it and
then run into the next area to find a door with electricity blocking the path.

There are two transformers hanging on the wall next to the electrified door.
Using Cap’s shield, destroy both of them. The actual door will then close, so
run up to it and place an explosive on it, per Cap’s instructions. A short
countdown will begin, so get some space between you and the door.


Take out the initial swarm of bad guys. When they’re dealt with, run through to
the large cellblock. This place is kind of a pain, and it’s nearly impossible
for me to provide a proper description of how to reach your destination
without confusing the hell out of you. As a result, you need to rely on your
map for this one. It’s not that bad, just keep track of your location on the
map and work your way to the yellow square. Nab any collectible items you find
on the way, defeat enemies, and then when you reach your objective, a cut-scene
will play.

In the distance, there will be a device to destroy with your shield, above the
door. Destroy the device by chucking your shield at it. A bridge will then
extend to your location. Run across. The door will open up and defeat the
snipers in the next room. Climb up the ladder. There will be more snipers up
here to deal with, so take them out. When they’re all dead, pull the lever.

Jump down the ladder and backtrack. You’ll see little objective markers. Follow
them like breadcrumbs to reach the next door to go through. Run forward to the
balcony. Launch yourself up. Complete the linear platforming segment to reach a
new platform.

Defeat the mechanic working at the turret and then take it over. There are ten
enemies below that need killin’. Blast them repeatedly until they are all dead.
Afterwards, make your way over to the other turret and then use it to lock onto
the bridge. This will cause an airstrike to destroy the bridge, thus halting
any more supplies reaching the base!

Get off the turret and turn your attention to the locking mechanism on the
door. Complete the hacking mini-game and head through the door.


Run down the hallway. You’ll come across a ladder, so climb up to the top. You
will then see a large AA Cannon. Behind it against the wall is a machine with a
glowing panel. Complete the wire mini-game like you have so many times in the
past, and then bail. Jump back down the ladder and the cannon will explode.

Head to the next door to enter the Laboratory. Cap will take notice of the dead
scientists on the ground. Keep walking, and then a new type of enemy will make
itself known. These guys are known as Screamers, and they have psychic
abilities as well as a Star Wars-style forcefield. Basically, they are a


Ahem. Well, they can be taken out in two different ways. You can charge them
and then use the Critical Strike attack to defeat them with a single hit. Or if
you are out of Focus, just wait for the cue to send their attack flying back at
them. This will disable their shield and in turn it leaves them wide open to a
flurry of melee attacks that will put them away. There may be a QTE button-
mashing sequence involved with battling them, so keep an eye out for that so
you can mash that button like momma mashes potatoes.

When this first one is defeated, scan the area for Dossier Folders and then
continue. You’ll notice a room full of enemies. They are quickly killed by the
two Screamers, so hang back and watch it happen. Then run in there and take out
the Screamers. There is a possibility that they will take Cap’s shield from
him, and if this happens, you will need to rely on Critical Strikes, especially
if their forcefield is stopping you from reaching your shield again.

When these baddies are bested, grab the Schematic off the table and look by the
cabinet to pick up a Hyrda Briefcase. Then head onwards. Go through the door
with the green light above it and keep going until you reach a hackable
mechanism on the wall. Hack it to enter the door. Run through and a cut-scene
will occur.

Launch yourself across the gap at the glowing icon to the right. When you land,
let the Screamers kill the large enemy. Then kill the Screamers. When all the
enemies are dead, approach your ally strapped to the table. Press A at the foot
of the table to release him.

After the scene, following your buddy, Dugan, across the extended bridge. He
will ride up in the elevator without you. A swarm of scientists and other
enemies will attack, but don’t stress too much about it. They are easily
defeated, especially since the bulk of the enemies are scientists that can be
taken out with a single hit. When they are all dead, the elevator will return.
Hop inside and interact with the controls to send Cap topside.


A helicopter will arrive as does a bunch of foot soldiers. Ignore the heli and
deal with the grunts on the ground. Dugan will shoot down the helicopter. Take
out the rest of the enemies and then run across the courtyard. Climb the stairs
and then you’ll encounter a couple of brute enemies. Defeat them and then go
through the double doors to enter the Estate.


Upon entering the mansion, there are stacks of Dossier Folders to the left and
to the right. After collecting them, walk forward. Instead of going up the
stairs, go down the staircase to the right or left. Circle around and then go
up the next set of stairs to reach the checkpoint marker which will trigger a

* * * * * * * * * *
Madame Hydra
* * * * * * * * * *
IT’S A NAZI EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG!!! Oh wait, it’s just Madame Hydra. She will
hang out on the balcony out of reach and she has the uncanny ability to dodge
Cap’s shield. So you need to deflect her SMG fire back at her. Doing this will
cause her to summon her guards.

Defeat the guards. While doing this, be sure to deflect any bullets she shoots
at you back in her face. When about a quarter of her health is depleted, then
she runs off.
* * * * * * * * * *
Madame Hydra
* * * * * * * * * *

With Madame Hydra dead and gone, run around this area to grab Ceramic Egg
collectibles as well as a Cameo Collectible sitting on an end-table next to one
of the gaseous clouds. When you’re finished looting, go through the door with
the glowing symbol on it to pursue Madame Hydra.

Run straight ahead through the room with the fireplace. Keep going until you
encounter Madame Hydra again. She will hide in a room and a metal door will
snap shut, preventing Cap from pursuing her any further. Grab the Ceramic Egg
that is in plain view on the boxes, then use the Tactical Vision (remember,
pressing “up” on the d-pad will activate this) to discover that the door on the
left is breakable. Walk over to it and smash it to oblivion. Go into this room
and grab the two Ceramic Eggs in here. Then walk over to the bookcase and press
B to open it.

In what Cap refers to as the “trophy room”, there are a group of enemies
waiting for you to break through the metal door. It seems that unlike Captain
America, they haven’t forgotten that he has the ability to PUNCH DOWN WALLS.
Regardless, initiate the fight by attacking one of the foot soldiers.

* * * * * * * * * *
Madame Hydra
* * * * * * * * * *
This fight can be SERIOUSLY annoying. Madame Hydra will be firing at you from
above like before, except this time she is a lot more aggressive. The foot
soldiers are no push overs either; instead of just fighting a bunch of weak
scientist-types, you have to deal with the bigger brutes and the more lethal
grunts. Ugh.

Well, be sure to try to deflect Made Hydra’s bullets back into her dumb face
all the while doing battle with the grunts. When enough damage is done to her,
she will join the fray personally. She is extremely dangerous at this point, so
lay in as many Critical Strikes as possible.

If she’s still sticking around after you’ve wasted your entire Focus Bar into
her, then it’s time to use a new strategy. She will fire at you if you are far
away and you can have the chance to block/deflect the bullets. In case you
didn’t realize it from trying to deflect her bullets before, doing this is a
very annoying and tough undertaking. Now, you could theoretically hold down the
block button to avoid taking damage until she runs out of ammo, which leaves
her open to a flurry of melee attacks, but that takes too long. This is how I
completed this fight personally:

Tap A. No joke. Just mash the A button to get Captain America to dodge his way
right up close to Madame Hydra. Get behind her and then spam the X button like
you’ve never spammed a button before in your life. You can deal a significant
amount of damage to the witch that way.

After she loses another quarter of health or so, she will toss a smoke grenade
at her feet and run off yet again. Take this time to scour your surroundings
for any and all collectibles before pursuing Madame Hydra up the stairs at the
next checkpoint marker. When you reach the marker, a very short scene will

A couple of bad guys with shields with attack, but they are easily dispatched.
The problem is Madame Hydra shooting at you from the safety of her elevated
position. Do your best to send her shots back at her while doing battle with
the grunts on the ground. She’ll eventually join the fray again, which is your
cue to waste your Critical Strikes into her as well as employ my strategy from
earlier to deal the most damage.

This time, when she has about a quarter of health left, she will only fire in
very large bursts. This means you can’t deflect back at her at all, so what you
need to do is charge her. Grab her with the Y button and then mash on the
button that the game tells you to mash on. This will send her back up to a
higher position to try to kill you some more. Wonderful.

This time she will chuck grenades. They are easily avoided with the A button.
She will also fire repeatedly and mercilessly at Cap. Send her bullets back at
her. Keep doing this while dodging grenades when she throws them and then when
her health bar is very nearly depleted, the fight will be over!
* * * * * * * * * *
Madame Hydra
* * * * * * * * * *

With her defeated, run down the hall behind the now-open doorway. Take the
first right you can to grab a ceramic egg, then return to the beaten path. Grab
the next Ceramic Egg you see, and at the next left, take it so you can grab
more collectibles. When you’re done, make your way to the area where Madame
Hydra was and approach the large hole in the wall to end the chapter.


Run through the trenches until you reach the first AA cannon. Defeat all the
grunts in the area and then place an explosive charge on the yellow machinery
next to the cannon. Get out of there as it explodes. There is a small area to
the left of the AA cannon that contains a Schematic, so snatch that sucker up
as soon as you get the chance.

Afterwards, continue through the trenches. Take out any snipers you see and
defeat any enemies. At the next AA cannon, repeat the same process as before.
Exit the trenches when you get the chance. There will be a field with a rocket
turret at the end of it. Take out all the enemies, dodge the rockets, and make
your way to the turret. Kill the mechanic operating the turret and then take
control of it yourself.

Enemies will start piling out of the trenches. Blast them away. When they stop
coming, turn around and then go through the trenches behind you. Work your way
to the large building guarded by a bunch of shielded enemies, foot soldiers,
and the like. This battle might take some time, but it’s not too hard. When
they are done with, enter the building.

The first room to the right will have a Schematic. Then run down the hall.
There will be a launching pad at the foot of the broken staircase. Use it to
initiate a linear platforming segment. Platform your way up as far as possible
and then platform your way up even more when you get the chance. In this room,
grab the collectibles tucked between the computers and then use the radio to
report back to HQ.

Use the lever up here to open the doors below you. Turn around and then notice
the pipe you can grab onto hanging on the wall. Do so and then shimmy as far
left as possible. Press B to drop down to the floor below, then go to the doors
that you just opened. Head inside and operate the controls on the wall to clear
the chapter.


After the scene, notice the large group of enemies hanging out on the broken
bridge. Run over to them and defeat them all. They’re mostly just weak
mechanics that won’t cause you any troubles. When they’re dealt with, another
cut-scene will play.

Turn around. To the left of the train is a door that is locked. Hack the
locking mechanism on the wall. Take a left to grab a Ceramic Egg, but then turn
around and make your way up the incline. Take out the mechanic from afar and
then hack the next mechanism. In the next room, defeat all the enemies, grab
the Schematic on the desk, and then hack the next mechanism.

Leave the room. Climb the nearby ladder. Turn the lever not once, but twice.
Then hop down to the catwalk. Go to the left and work your way to the train.
Behind the train there is another lever. Pull it. Follow the train to the set
of machines that the train will stop in-between of. Interact with both of the
machines and sabotage them.


Upon entering the power plant, your first order of business is to clear the
entire area from enemies. When that has been accomplished, head up the stairs.
Hang a right and approach the large yellow tank. The camera will pan out,
revealing your next linear platforming segment! Platform your way to the top of
this tank, and then do the wire mini-game on the device at the top. Immediately
after doing this, walk to the check point and Cap will jump off the tank to
avoid being blown to pieces.

Climb back up the stairs. There will be a steel plate on the wall. Approach it,
and you will have the opportunity to platform your way up to the next ledge.
Do so and then run into the next room to discover your next target that needs
to be blown up.

Right when Cap shuts his trap, you’ll notice a glowing orange pipe. Use that
pipe to begin yet another line–wait! This platforming sequence is slightly
LESS linear than the others! Just platform your way until you are blocked by a
pipe with gas coming out of it. All that you need to do is turn around and then
return to the linear platforming to reach your target. Plant the explosive, and
then use the pipes on the right to platform to the next area.

Cap will point out your next piece of agenda. Run over to the tank array
machine that Cap points out and sabotage it. Bail before it can blow you up. A
checkpoint marker will point to where you need to go next. Do so. Cap will
point out a structure in the distance that needs to be attacked in order to
create a way for him to reach his next target. Throw your shield at the three
glowing pipes to achieve this.

Now head to the right and use the pipes to platform your way across to your
new target. Interact with the machine to sabotage it. Doing so will start
another countdown. Use the nearby zipline to get Cap to safety as the tank
explodes and a cut-scene starts.

After the scene, jump down and then use the ladder to climb up. You will have
the opportunity to ambush the enemies, so take care of them. When they’re all
defeated, go to the left to see the next checkpoint marker. Run over to the
marker and then keep going to complete the next chapter.


Grab any collectibles in the room and then approach the locking mechanism. Hack
it to open the door and then head into the next room. After the short scene,
defeat the enemies and then climb up the ladder. Approach the boxes to launch
yourself up to the next area, which will include a linear platforming segment.

When you hit solid ground, hit a right to platform your way across to the other
side. Grab the Dossier Folder and then launch yourself up to the pipes. Jump
up using the pipes. Shimmy along to the right when you can’t jump up anymore,
then when you can jump up to new pipes, do so. Then shimmy along to the right
as far as you can go again, and then press B to drop down.

* * * * * * * * * *
Iron Cross
* * * * * * * * * *

The Iron Cross will fire at you, so just constantly deflect his attacks back at
him until it is staggered. When it is, run forward and lay into it with
whatever attacks you’d like. If your Focus Bar is filled up, lay into him.
There may be a button-mashing sequence involved, so be on your toes.

Eventually, the Red Skull will start throwing grenades in your direction. Trick
him into throwing the grenades at the Iron Cross. This will cause the Iron
Cross to stagger, then button mash at him after grabbing him with Y.

When this little sequence is done, you’ll have to return to the previous
strategy of reflecting his attacks and then hitting him with all you’ve got in
Cap’s typical arsenal. Just keep doing this until Iron Cross is defeated.
* * * * * * * * * *
Iron Cross
* * * * * * * * * *

After the scene, use the lifeless husk that was the body of Iron Cross to
launch yourself towards Red Skull.


When Cap gets up, there will be some chit-chatting. Start making your way
through the hallway until you can’t walk any more, and wait for the
conversation to be over. Then platform across the flaming gap. Hang a left and
run down the hallway.

The next room will contain a Screamer. Take it out and then use the zipline to
get across the gap, to a rocky cliffside. As you could probably guess, there is
yet ANOTHER linear platforming sequence. Platform your way up to the pipes.
Avoid the dangerous steam as you shimmy along and “A” your way to victory! Just
following the obvious, beaten linear platforming path like you’ve been doing
since the beginning of the game until Cap is back on solid ground.

Search the area for collectibles then turn your attention to the checkpoint
marker. Run along this catwalk and then platform your way to the AA cannon.
Blow up the cannon by placing an explosive on the equipment next to it. When
this is done, zipline back across to avoid being blown up in the resulting

Return to the center area where there is a large Hydra symbol on the ground.
Try to operate the hacking mechanism to initiate another boss fight.

* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *
Run up the stairs. Whenever the helicopter tries to shoot at you, which a
yellow on-screen marker will warn you about, be sure to block its bullets with
your shield. At the top of the stairs, defeat all the enemies up here, all the
while blocking the fire from the helicopter to avoid taking too much damage.

Man the rocket turret. Fire repeatedly at the helicopter until it is no more.
* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * *

Run back down the locked mechanism. Hack it and unlock it. Run into the next
room and grab any collectibles. Go through the next door that you can. After
the short loading screen, go to the locking mechanism on the wall and then
operate it to reach the next room.

Make your way to the door that is labeled the “Orchard” and head on through.
You will come across a rocket turret. Man the turret and then blast the enemies
as they come out of the trench. Then work your way through the trenches,
defeating the enemies as you encounter them. Use your map as a guide to make
your way back to the house. Scour the house for collectibles and then go
through the door to make it back to the Courtyard.

Work your way through the Courtyard. This back-tracking is annoying, but just
use your map. We need to get to the “Tank Path” door. It’s not that difficult,
really. Once you reach the door head on through to finally make some progress
with substance!

As you run forward in this new area, there will be a large enemy not facing
you. Take him out and then kill all the other enemies in the vicinity. When
they are all dead, then go to the left to enter the Chapel Path door.


Walk up the cobblestone path and you’ll run into a group of baddies. There is a
nice variety of them this time, including Screamers as well as bigger enemies
and smaller grunts. When they are all defeated, be sure to check the area for
collectibles, and then run up the stairs.

After the short scene, run up to where your adversaries ar–were. You can jump
up the side of the house using the ledges, and then use the poles to swing
across to more ledges. After this linear platforming sequence, drop down. Go
into the destroyed house. The steel plating on the wall will be the place when
you can jump up using the ledges.

After climbing up here, Cap will be attacked by another enemy. Take this sucker
out then approach the mechanism and hack it to open the door. Nab any
collectibles you see and then run up the stairs. Take out the guard operating
the rocket turret and defeat him. Man the turret and then shoot all the
enemies as they come into view. After that, it’s time to explore the rest of
the house.

Climb up the stairs and defeat the enemies as you encounter them. If you’re
lucky, you can get a jump on them. When they’re all defeated, man the next
turret to mark the location of the enemy tanks. When this is done, go through
the door and defeat the next set of enemies. Go to the next turret to mark the
next tank and it will be destroyed.

Hop down and face the enemies as they emerge from the smoke. When they are
dealt with, run up the church.


* * * * * * * * * *
Zola’s Robot Body
* * * * * * * * * *
This fight isn’t too bad. Zola does deal a lot of damage, but in terms of
strategy, it’s one of the easier boss battles in the game. Just treat it like
most other battles. Waste your Focus Bar into him as much as you can. When that
strategy goes by the wayside, it’s time to switch things up a bit.

Wait for the visual cue around Zola, represented by a glowing yellow circle
like every other enemy in the game, and then keep doing so until your Focus Bar
is filled back up. After that, waste it into Zola again to keep depleting his
health bar. When his health is down far enough, charge him and grab him with
Y. This will initiate a button-mashing sequence. After that is complete, the
fight is over!
* * * * * * * * * *
Zola’s Robot Body
* * * * * * * * * *

With Zola defeated, run over to the nearby machine. Interact with it, do the
wire mini-game, and then another cut-scene will play.


Jog on down to a broken staircase near the large hole in the ground and then
launch yourself to the poles. Swing Cap along the poles in a linear action
sequence and then walk through the alleyways. It’s all a very linear path, and
you should be able to make your way to your next destination, which is a door
leading to the Tank Path.

Use the map if you need to in order to reach the door that leads to the
Courtyard, but I don’t think you’ll need to. Once you reach the door, head on
through. Cap notes that he won’t be able to turn back once he enters, so if you
want to take the time to scour the game world for collectibles and what-not,
that is up to you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Zola Robotic Manifestation
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Employ the exact same strategy as before. Yeah, all you need to do is counter
his attacks, then nail him with strikes, and just work at chipping away at his
health bar.

When enough damage has been dealt, the robot will stagger. That’s your cue to
rush him and grab him with Y. This will start a button-mashing sequence, and
when you complete it, you win the battle.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Zola Robotic Manifestation
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Make your way to the nearby Range Finder turret to lock onto the giant Sleeper
monster. Yes, this beast is a


Regardless, after the planes lay into it (why the hell they need you to mark
its location is beyond me), Cap will antagonize it. Take a left and use the
broken steps to launch yourself up to the poles. Complete the linear
platforming segment and run through the hallway to encounter another boss

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Zola Robotic Manifestation
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Well…you should have a pretty good idea about what to do now. The only
difference between this fight and the last fight is that now a bunch of grunts
will charge you while you try to deal with Zola.

This can actually be beneficial as you can build up your Focus Bar more often
to deal the most significant amount of damage to Zola. When enough damage has
been done, the fight is over…obviously.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Zola Robotic Manifestation
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Defeat any left-overs from the boss fight, then take control of the rocket
turret. It’s time to get the Sleeper’s attention, so blast him to hell with the
turret. Keep doing this until the game tells you that you have gotten a
checkpoint. At this point, find the next set of broken stairs and launch across
to yet ANOTHER linear platforming segment.

And this one leads to a happy la–

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Zola Robotic Manifestation
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Damn Nazis! Take out all the grunts while also fighting Zola. Use the SAME.
EXACT. STRATEGY. AS. BEFORE. I don’t know what it is with Marvel-licensed Sega
games with repetitive boss fights, but what are ya gonna do. If you need a
strategy for this, then you haven’t been playing the game at all to this point,
so…there’s that.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Zola Robotic Manifestation
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Take care of the left-over grunts. After the scene, turn your attention to the
Sleeper. There will be three glowing icons that indicate areas that you need to
chuck Cap’s shield towards. Throw his shield to destroy the wires and
successfully decapitate the Sleeper.


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
4. Extras
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


Captain America’s Challenges are tests of skill, similar to the Challenges
found in popular comic book game Batman: Arkham Asylum. There are a variety of
different challenge types, including combat challenges and collection

The Challenges are unlocked by playing through the game and finding
collectibles hidden in the environment. I have done my best to point out as
many of the collectibles as possible in this guide, but there are an absurd
amount to collect in the game, and many of them respawn after initial
collection (like the Dossier Folders).


There are a multitude of Extras to unlock and explore in Captain America:
Super Soldier, and they are as follows:

A. Gallery – There are different pieces of concept art to unlock.

B. Zemo’s Diaries – There are diaries to discover and unlock in the game. On
top of that, by pressing the Y button in this menu, players can look at seven
collectibles that also need unlocking to enjoy.

C. Film Reels – There are film reels to collect and unlock while playing the

D. Costumes – There are three different costumes available to Captain America
in this game. The default costume choice is his film attire. The other two
costumes are the Classic Captain America costume and the Ultimates Captain
America costume. The latter two must be unlocked before they can be worn.

E. Credits – The game’s credits can be viewed by selecting this option.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
5. Game Stats and Code
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Captain America: Super Soldier has a neat and convenient feature that allows
gamers to check their statistics earned by playing the game. The game keeps
track of the collectibles you’ve found, upgrades earned, your success in the
Challenge mode, the enemies you’ve defeated, and your progress in the main
storyline of the game.

The main menu also has an “Enter Code” option. If you pre-ordered the game, you
were given a special code that unlocks Cap’s alternate costumes right at the
start instead of having to play the game to unlock them.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
6. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Captain America: Super Soldier for the Xbox
360 and PlayStation 3!

Special thanks to Jeremy Wise and everyone at CheatMasters!

Special thanks to Marvel Comics, for kicking ass.

Did you feel like I didn’t go into enough detail regarding the millions upon
millions of collectibles in the game? Want me to provide detailed strategies
for the different Challenges in the game? Well, shoot me an e-mail and I will
edit the guide and give you credit for any corrections, concerns, personal
strategies, hints, tips, and what-have-you!

I can be reached via e-mail at:

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