Age of Empires Online Walkthrough [Guide]

Age of Empires Online

Age of Empires Online brings you into a rich and immersive environment where you build your very own world. Share it with friends or rivals from around the globe but be careful, building the best is not always easy. We are here to help you in that goal. Our walkthrough will explain the basics and guide you through some of the more tricky areas of game play.

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Table of Contents

I. Beginners Walkthrough

II. Farming

A. Types of Repeatable Quests

B. Best Daily Quests

C. Egyptian Alliance

D. You Complete Me


A. PvP Overview Guide

B. PvP Strategies

1. Macro Builds

2. All-In Builds

3. Easy Aggression Builds

C.  PvP Tips

1. Expand and Train

2. Enemy Villagers

3. Know Your Enemy

4. Scouting

IV. The Best Of

A. The Best Equipment

B. Best Crafting Schools

V . Sticky Wickets

A. Breaking Eggs to Make an Omelet Challenge Quest

B. Moe’s Mystorium

C. Gold Guide

D. The Lots of Rogues

E. Defend Mycenae Quest

F. Losing Your Religion Quest

VI. Greek Civilization

A. Greek Economy and Macro

B. Best Greek Units

C. Greek PvP

D. Greek Unit Counters

E. Greek Scouting

F. Best Ship Equipment (Greek)

VII. Egyptian Civilization

A. Pending


Beginners Walkthrough [Guide]

Are you struggling to get to grips with Age of Empires Online? Well, this guide will help you out with all the basics, so read on to get the help you need!

A number of online gamers seem to be confused with the ins and outs of Age of Empires Online. They are lost on what to do and with the whole concept of the game. These concerns prompted me to create this guide for the benefit of beginners in the game. This version of the guide contains the basics of missions, gameplay, progression, and supplies. In this way, players who want to be good at the game will learn how to progress. This humble guide will show you the ropes of the game especially if you haven’t play an Age of Empire game before.

In this game, Robot Entertainment and Gas Powered Games collaborated to make the gameplay simple. All you need to do is to setup your city, complete missions, and collect items. Afterwards, you can utilize your experience and loot to deal with more challenging missions. After completing all the missions, you can start the repeatable quests on elite mode as you return back. In player vs. player match-ups, use awesome items in battling other players. Completing numerous quests is your ultimate objective in this game.

If you are a beginner, you can never go wrong with the in-game tutorial that will point you the way to obtain and start every quest. You must be aware of the four kinds of quests namely global quests, repeatable quests, challenge quests, and storyline quests. The set of quests that advances the primary plot is the Storyline Quests. Some of these are defending Argos against the Sea people or invading Troy. On the contrary, Challenge quests do not usually advance the storyline but players are encouraged to take them for the challenge. In return, essential experiences are earned which make other quests easy to tackle and a great reward awaits successful players.

Like the name implies, Repeatable Quests can be played repeatedly. However, there are less experience points and rewards that are earned on these quests compared to Storyline Quests. One remarkable feature of these quests is that it will provide you the much needed items and experience points if you fail to complete a mission. This is of necessity for you to obtain a few more level to take on more challenging missions. While completing such quests like the Storyline Stuffs, you can do another repeatable set of quests dubbed as Global Quests. Do not fail to accept these quests and purchase one if you have the chance. Getting 10,000 experience points is not bad for being able to find the lost Argos cow. Its beauty is that it can be completed in every mission without much time and effort.

You can never succeed in this game without building your capital City. Building Blueprints can be obtained as you advance in the game and they will be indispensable in your Capital City project. There are a number of buildings that you can construct in your Capital City. Production Facilities produce building supplies while Storage Centers will give you inventory space. To craft certain items, you have to build schools and also build shops to trade all sorts of goods. The more awesome items placed in your shops, the more they will help you in missions.

The best items in the game are found in missions and through trading items. In missions, there are chests with random loot pieces. Recipes are also found in these chest used for crafting loot pieces. To get new loot, redeem your city points from shops in Storyline towns. Right in your own town, there is the Empire Shop where you can use your Empire Points. They are used to purchase Lucky Tickets which can be converted to a lot of gold if sold back to the vendor. You can also buy items from other player’s Epic Stores.


Farming [Guide]

In MMORPG’s, farming doesn’t mean actually working on a farm, but instead doing things in-game repeatedly to improve your account or character. In this guide, you will discover the efficient way to earn more coins and items. So let’s get started!

Types of Repeatable Quests

You must understand that there are two kinds of repeatable quests in this game. The first set is those that can be repeated just once a day whereas the other set can be repeated right after completing a set. For the first type, one great example is that after you are done with all the Argos quests, the King will then offer Lots of Rogues repeatable quest. After you are done with it, the King will not let you repeat the quest again right away. Another set of repeatable quests the King will offer is the Breaking Eggs to Make an Omelet. Upon completing this set of quests, it will be offered again for you to do it right away.

It is an effective strategy to focus on completing the daily quests first before moving to the quests that can be repeated right away. The former offers higher experience points and rewards. The quests that offer more experience points will give you the chance to earn more Empire Points. These points can be converted into coins by spending them on Lucky Tickets at the Empire Store.

Best Daily Quests

The best daily quests that I will cover deal with the regions up to Argos. The first challenge is Lots of Rogues which is the exact quests that should be done for XP Time Returned. Completing the Elite only takes about 5 minutes and you will be rewarded with 37K experience points. A 15-minute quest is We Can Always Use More which has a pay of about 60K XP at Elite mode. As a greed game, it will offer you a change of pace from an offensive game. You can make it easier by training villagers and constructing less than a dozen Guard Towers.

Egyptian Alliance

The Egyptian Alliance is a set of quests that can be repeated right away but it has two tag-along daily quests. They are the Pharaoh’s Favorite and Pharaoh’s Luggage which both can give you about 1OK experience points. In 15 minutes, it can give you about 60K worth of experience points. The quests can be completed instantly by picking off villagers and infantry and rushing with Toxotes. In terms of experience points per hour, these quests will give you what you need fast.

You Complete Me

You Complete Me is an in-game quest than can be repeated right away and gives you more than 100K experience points. It pays out more than the others but it is the hardest quest there is. You have to look for a partner who is serious in working out the quest. In tackling this quest at the elite mode, move out early with your Archers. You got to pick off villagers and infantry before the computer have the chance to build up. At the outskirts of the computer base, you and your partner have to construct two Fortresses each taking a different base.



PvP is another form of challenge a player may participate with in Age of Empires Online. There are fundamental skills and knowledge that is needed to perform well in Player vs Player competition. This section of our guide is dedicated to this form of fighting.


PvP Overview Guide

In Age of Empires Online, there are challenging features of the game other than picking a fight against the computer. You will also be capable of engaging other players in head-to-head matches. Another lively feature is teaming up with a friend and challenging other players in a two against two match. There are gamers who find that this kind of match is tougher than beating the computer.

There are essential pointers players have to remember when playing PvP. They should learn more about the basics as well as the equipment and unit counters. If you are on these types of challenges, aim to overwhelm your opponent by striving to master strategies and useful builds. It is not only PvP enthusiasts who will benefit from this set of guides but those who are also into C0-op and PvE matches.

You would surely want to obtain the much needed skills to be victorious in unranked matches. These victories will enable you to collect sufficient points you can use to purchase the awesome equipment you can get from the PvP shops. If you want to optimize the capability of your army, you really need to PvP in order to buy the crucial equipment from the PvP shops.

There are two sections to the guide namely AoE Online Greek PvP guide and AoE Online Egyptian PvP guide. The Greeks are the primary race available in Beta because they are the first premium race. It would be better for Beta players to favor the Greeks over the Egyptians for a couple of months after the release. The second section will be the Egyptian civilization which will be coming soon.

You have to bear in mind that the two civilizations have distinct strategies and units. It is important to split them into two because each civilization will have numerous sub-sections. The first would be “Scouting” which is the foundation of any PvP match. You need to possess the skill to scout and obtain crucial information about our opponent’s movements. Prepare a strong defense if your opponent builds. Know the proper counter to that build to gain advantage. There are online information about Greek Scouting that you can access.

In civilization against civilization and mirror matches, “Unit Counters” will give you the edge. You must know the exact unit you have to build to match your opponent. There is more information about this section that can be access in succeeding guides. After knowing the ins and outs of unit counters and scouting, proceed to the next sets of phase which are “Macro and Economy”. In building a huge and effective army, you would need all the structures and resources which can be done by knowing how to macro. In all of race you will be playing, building a strong economy meticulously will almost assure you of success.

Another awesome feature of AoE Online is the “Equipment and Talents” which is not present in other real-time strategy games. This guide will cover picking the right builds in accordance with your present equipment and PvP strategies. The “Build Orders” will be beneficial if you are already used to the basic. This is a kind of specialized builds for setting up a safe macro game and attacking opponents. Ultimately, you can never expect to win without “Strategies” and there plenty that you should develop like deciding whether to apply pressure or macro up and choosing the right units. Moreover, there are additional tweaks that you can utilize for each race which will catapult your game to the next level. Develop the right tactics to be formidable at PvP.


PvP Strategies

Figuring out what your opponent is doing is possible to learn if you know the underlying mechanics behind Age of Empires Online PvP. The added advantage is that you can easily create your own sets of strategies.

Macro Builds

The first among the three builds that you should enhance is the Macro Builds. Playing a Macro game means that you have to put your attention to big things in contrast to focusing on tiny details called micro. In the macro game, players will try to allocate majority of their resources to technologies and more Villagers. Very few resources are allocated to defensive structures and offensive units. The immediate focus is constructing a big economy and a lot of units producing structures. A player of this type would accumulate 12 Barracks or Stables as well as 70 villagers.

Gaining an edge in a Macro game means appropriate talents, perfect scouting, and the best gear available. To accurately see the number of units your opponent has, you have to erect plenty of Watch Towers. Scare him off by putting up just enough defenses. Your huge Caravan and Village number can be utilized to the fullest by investing on Market or Villager talents. You will be more set to Macro by obtaining the best harvesting equipment for your Town Center and Villager. This includes the Titan’s construction shovel and Epic percent training time pieces. The more good equipment you have, the more you can play the game better. These are the exact things you need to be victorious. If you can create villagers fast and harvest swiftly than the other guy, finish the game with constant pressure and large units.


All-In Builds

In games where un-ranked PvP is more popular, the cheese or All-in Builds stand out from the rest. You will definitely loose the game if you can not beat the opponent with this set of builds.

  • A common but weird type of All-in is the Villager All-in is burning down the Town Center using more three quarters of the villagers and some Spearmen.
  • In the Guard Tower Rush, you will start building Guard Towers with great proximity to the opponent. These towers will eventually be pushed to the location where it can eliminate vital structures and Villagers.
  • The third among the All-in Builds is the Proxies where you will build unit-producing structures just outside of your opponent’s base to minimize travel time.

Ironically, these builds can easily be countered if you know where they came from. Scout your opponent’s build by setting up Watchtower near your base as the game starts and another one beside the opponent’s base. The best deterrent for All-ins is Guard Towers and Archery Range. The former are for the opponent’s Guard Tower rush and the latter is for Villager rush. The secret of successfully executing All-ins are sufficient talents and equipment that will support it. Exhaust all building talents in Guard Tower rushes and utilize the best gear. Choose construction and tower-boosting advisors to further strengthen your strategy. The reason behind selecting the best advisors and talents for a specific All-in is because of the slim chance of winning after going All-in.


Easy Aggression Build

The last category of build that is sometimes mistaken for All-in Build is Easy Aggression. Getting an outright win through this strategy is just an incidental benefit because the real objective is to gain a considerable advantage that will serve as an edge in the course of the match. Its great difference from All-in Builds is that winning is possible with it and break even is also possible in worst case scenarios. It is also a player’s potent weapon against a well-equipped opponent.

One reason to use Easy aggression is to react to the opponent’s activities. If you can see that you have the advantage on equipment and gear over the opponent’s build order, decide for an early aggression. If you decide to use Toxotes to attack, I will support them with the best gear and talents. If the opponent throws up a Barracks and trained unit’s from it, you should counter with an Archery Range and additional Toxotes. Aside from this, employ additional aggression by harassing villagers.

Early Aggression can also come handy if you are up against players with better gear while you are leveling up and at PvP mode. Aim to take out some of your opponent’s villagers early in the game just to level the playing field. This will minimize the other side’s advantage on equipment like faster training rates on Town Center, Titan’s Construction Shovel, and -% training time on villagers.


PvP Tips

Increasing your winning rate in Age of Empires Online PvP is a tough call, but there are useful tips you can use to improve your game as early as possible. The tips being discussed here are not only applicable for PvP, but for PvE as well. So let’s get started!

Expand and Train

One practical strategy you can employ is to expand. You can start doing it by constructing town centers around the map without getting the attention of your enemy. The technique here lies in the enormity of the PvP maps. Town centers increase your population limit and you would not have to spend that much. The production from the villagers of these town centers will be very beneficial. In connection with this, the second vital tip is to train villagers. This should be a non-stop activity that you should constantly do. On the other hand, you better have an early timing push or an all-in strategy. A villager is only 50 food each and your investment will be returned in just a minute.


Enemy Villagers

The third essential tip is to annihilate enemy villagers. While training your own villagers, grab every chance of eliminating villagers of the opposition. You might argue that the other camp could just produce fresh villagers but the biggest blow you can give to the enemy is the time that would be lost in gathering. Do not hesitate to use Toxotes to trade for villagers. Sacrificing a number of them for an equal number of villagers will you the vital edge. If you have units operating in the opponent’s base, do not spend time on Guard Towers or Town Center. Focus your operation on taking out villagers and like the Toxotes, be willing to sacrifice units for villagers.

Know Your Enemy

Sun Tzu stated that you should “Know your enemy” and this is the tip that we will adapt as number 4. Be as conscientious as you can to know the activities of your opponents and what their plans are. You will then have the advantage of creating the right units to send. You can also device ways to allocate more resources in improving your economy and supporting your villagers. Do whatever it would take to keep your scout alive. Construct numerous Watchtowers in many areas and utilize cavalry as scouting units. It will not be a big blow to you if you sacrifice a cavalry unit in exchange for precious information about the enemy’s base.


Scouting is of vital importance with our number 5 tip. A good scouting will put you in a position to wisely decide if you are going to spend for an Army. The lesson is never to overspend on Army. Only do spend if you are planning for an attack or for defensive purposes. You would not want to spend on an Army that will not see action. You would rather advance to New Ages, improve your economy, or get more villagers. While your Town Center is busy advancing to Age III, increase your income through Caravans and Markets. Save your resources for the final battle which will give you the capability of creating larger army, more advanced, and an army that is capable of rebuilding fast. Another great reason to spend for an army is if you want to harass the opposition or there is a need for you to survive.

All of these tips need careful planning on your part. It also entails wise decision making. You leadership skill will be enhanced in these campaigns. It will also train you do be frugal and patient. These are the qualities that will help you be a good strategist in order to be triumphant in the game.


The Best Of

In any game there is always an item, a spell, a strategy etc. that is THE BEST in the game. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to be THE BEST in Age of Empires Online, this section is where we will highlight certain areas of game play that we feel are the best.

The Best Equipment

Best Infantry Equipment
Your infantry units have their own strengths and weaknesses. This will be your main basis in gearing them. You must also consider how they will fit to your main strategy. You must be aware that there are three infantry units for the Greek Army. Each infantry has a distinct role to play.

The first infantry unit is the Spearmen. They are the best match for the Cavalry because of the armor and weapons they get. They are also good at snaring opponent’s units. On the other hand, they are not efficient if not used against Cavalry. They can easily be taken out by Toxotes. For this reason, the gear for this infantry must be built in order to deal exclusively with Cavalry. There are bonuses to Cavalry for a lot of Spearmen gear, and this includes increased and damaged armor. They are essential statistics to obtain.

For their weapons, the most appropriate is anything that can give +damage and +snare. Snare is their best deterrent for the much faster Cavalry. You would not want to see your Spearmen helpless when in confrontation with the attacking Cavalry. Search for the best weapon with snare. The two best weapons for this purpose are both level 40. You can choose the spear from the Sparta PvP Shop or the Dark Iron Spear.

When it comes to armor, there are only a few options for Spearmen at level 40. Nevertheless, this infantry take a lot of hits, so you better focus on one with good defensive stats. A host of specials will also be very useful. Spearmen can function without the expensive training time special. Choose anything which can increase damage but not very costly. Mass produce Spearmen in an overwhelming number because the cost is not that much. You can do this through Trainer Thoth and a -%cost special piece.

If you are strengthening your Spearmen, your enemy might do the same. If this happens, you need to combine the strength of your Cavalry and the Hypaspists. Remember not to rely heavily on Hoplites. If Spearmen are indispensable, so do Hypaspists. On the contrary, Hoplites can’t be functional in PvP although they can be of use in PvE. They are said to be the Marines in the infantry, but they do not currently possess the HP levels to be “meat shields”. They have proven to be weak when face to face with Toxotes and Hypaspists and can not deliver a convincing damage.

In this situation, your only other option is the Hypaspists which you have to equip with an excellent sword. Put priority on the sword from the shield because they are good at creating damage and not to defend. Select the sword with the highest damage rate. Expect for the worst damage so get the armor with the most protection. Choose one with +health. There is no need for special equipment because anything that can be produced cheaper and faster will be very useful. The –training time items must be saved for your villagers.


Best Ranged Equipment
Ranged units and Archers are not too attractive to inexperienced players in Age of Empires Online. Because of the level of their skills, they feel that these assets are not very useful. To get the most out of them, you should invest on a considerable micro and obtain the necessary gear. The inherent advantage of ranged units is that they can engage the opponent from a distance. This will be the main consideration in efficiently using them in battle.

It may seem hard to believe that a simple fact like this can be overlooked by beginning players in AoE Online, but it really happens. There are certain ways to exploit the advantage of distance in battle. One great move is to use ranged units to shoot and to move them before shooting again. With this technique, you are effectively moving away or towards the enemy. Another advantage of shooting and running away is the avoidance of melee units. Moreover, chasing down retreating villagers will be much easier by employing this technique.

Seasoned players have better uses for ranged units, and this is more evident when they are up against players their equal. Most beginning players would like to rush instantly with their infantry against a computer. This is because they know very well that the latter can not respond appropriately to the attack. Against a player that is well versed in AoE Online, this will turn out to be a suicidal move. If you really like to rush towards the opponent, better do it using the ranged units. You can outrange the Town Centers while attacking the villagers. Taking out Archery Range, Stables, and Barracks can be easier for you if you strategically position your ranged units where Town Center can not launch a counter attack.

In the hierarchy of stats, range and speed are more valued because ranged units are superior in most units in the game and you need speed to maintain that edge. You will never trade ranged units with units with no range and have lots of +damage stats. For high impact, the best weapon at long range will always be the bow. The epic bow from the Sparta Shop is perfect for the Toxotes while the Archer’s Bane is great for the Peltasts. Select bows that can give +damage and +range. The best arrows for all archer types are those that have 7%+ increase in range, 7%+ in damage, and -3% in critical hit chance.

You will it hard to find an ideal armor because of few options. The epic defense store will provide you with the strongest armor pieces in the game. On the other hand, a tunic will give you health and protection from bonus damage. There can also be armor pieces that provide less protection in favor of damage. You can also prefer any “Of the Jackal Piece” but it depends on the scenario. Remember that Toxotes is not capable of doing bonus damage to Peltasts so shun armors that provide bonus damage protection. The best rules to follow aside from the god epic armor piece are +%damage/range weapon, and +%speed special equipment. Bonus damage to buildings are provided to Archers that use both their bows and arrows. The +damage to buildings are handy in PvE if ast farming units is needed. However, it is not as beneficial as the +range.

The Osiris’ Boots item is capable of increasing movement speed by 7%, and it is presently the best special item. Like what was mentioned earlier, speed is essential to maintain distance from the opponent. Attacking from a safe distance is tantamount to fighting without being seen, and this is the philosophy of some of the greatest generals that have lived.

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Best Crafting Schools

One of the abilities that you can unlock early on in Age of Empires is Crafting. You have the option to choose two schools where you can obtain recipes to craft items for your army and those that you can sell to other players. You must be cautious in your school selection because each school is a bit costly to construct. Choosing a wrong school can be a disappointing drawback on your part. You must know the criteria of the best schools to come up with a wise decision.

The Craftsmen school is the elite school that every player should aspire for. Every mission in this game definitely needs this school. It is not really important what situation you are in, the kind of army you have, or the quest you are engaged in, this school is indispensable. The chance to create equipment for your villagers and learn recipes will have a great impact to you army. Uncommon-level items can be created at level 30. They will in turn provide +10% gathering rate of all types of materials. Loot pieces that reduce villager’s cost and increase their gathering rate is also obtainable.

Loot shops in Argos and Mycenae do not have inventory of Villager weapons proving that Villager items are rare. The fairly good weapon that the Greeks obtained from the farming challenge quest turns obsolete at level 25. The whole idea is that your Villagers are of great importance to you. Any loot piece that is beneficial to them will have a huge impact to your whole army. Any item that you can craft for your Villagers will provide you an edge considering the rarity of gear for them.

Always consider your kind of play when constructing a building. Completing missions can be done by any type of army if players only know what types of units suit them. Most players prefer to utilize Archers and play micro opting to attack, retreat, strike again, retreat, and so on. This kind of strategy enables them to move away from Siege attacks and melee. These kinds of players should choose the Archery School. For those who want a balance army, Infantry school is the best because it allows creation of various items. This is most preferable for the Greeks because of numerous Infantry units. On the other hand, Religious crafting school is for the Egyptians because the strength of their race was derived from religion.

Building gear of their own is the top priority of most players in Age of Empires. It is just natural that they would choose craftsmanship as their priority school. However, the next decision should now depend on the bulk of the army. The succeeding school should be based on this consideration. It is Infantry and Archers for the Greeks and Religion for Egyptians. Be reminded that one of the most awesome armor pieces for Villagers and Archers are produced by the Religion school. There is really no sure thing in war.


Sticky Wickets

In any game there are area’s, quests, items that are either difficult to complete or attain. This section of our guide will address those things, aka the “Sticky Wickets” of Age of Empires. Look for additions often to this area, as we are expecting good things to come over time.

Breaking Eggs to Make an Omelet Challenge Quest

If there is a quest in Age of Empires Online that is consider tough by gamers, it is the Breaking Eggs to Make an Omelet challenge quest. The challenge requires players to remain standing during a 30-minute fight against a well-equipped computer player. On the contrary, they do not know that this quest is pretty easier to deal with having the proper strategy and technology. They should know how to do it.

If you will be doing this quest in the elite mode, there are essential things that you have to do. You have to pay for all talents which over +range, damage, and building health. That means max out guard tower, wall, and fortress technologies. Also obtain the Star Tech. Consequently, you need to equip Castle Builder Adviser of Age III and Apprentice Mason Philon of Age I. You will also need to max out in Market talents. After doing all these crucial preparations, you can do as you please for talents and advisers. If you still can’t keep up, another option is to put points into villager talents to have added resources.

Immediately advance to Age II as you commence the match. After finishing the stage, proceed to Age III. You have to build a Market while researching Age III. After completing Age III, use your villagers to construct a fortress. Build it at the far west entrance to your base. Utilize 12 villagers for production at the base. Another fortress should rise beside your Town Center as soon as the first fortress is completed. A third fortress should also rise at the east entrance to your base after completion of the second one.

After the three fortresses have risen, the computer will automatically start attacking. Make sure to train villagers continuously. Purchase additional wood and stone from the market using your remaining gold. Your 4th fortress should rise at the South entrance to your base next to the existing one. The 5th one should be constructed at the west entrance to your base. In the Northern entrance to your base, a few houses and base number 6 should rise. Keep building more after these set of fortresses. Ten fortresses will be plenty on normal mode. Take time to take out computer bases or build up units. This is a relax mode because on the Elite mode, fortresses should be built like mushrooms. You have to keep constructing fortresses to keep up with the pace.

The technique is to build fortress like crazy and train more units. On the other hand, put your points in the right talents if you can not keep up with this pace. The concept of fortresses is to see and engage your opponents from long range. For this reason, you should equip with the best weapon for the fight. Prepare good bow, arrow, and armor. Range boosters can also be used because computer buildings can easily be hit by your fortresses. Hitting them will slow down their progress which will give you an edge.

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Moe’s Mystorium

If you are looking for the ultimate shop for your capital city in Age of Empires Online, Moe’s Mystorium is inarguably the lone ideal shop. Building it requires very costly materials and the blueprints are rare because it is a high-level epic item. Among the circles of low level players, there is a lot of buzz about this shop which makes it more intriguing. These players want to know the facts behind it and the reason why players of Age of Empires online are so crazy about it.

The real essence of Moe’s Mystorium is being the lone location where you can purchase the best items by spending your coins in-game. The hot item in the shop is the loot chests which are very similar with the ones that can be seen around the map when you are engaged on a quest. They are based on level, and a chest contains a random loot piece but has a slim chance of turning to epic quality. Being based on level, you can only be completing missions offering level 24-27 chests if you are on level 30 and working through Argos. You would not want to collect gears that are not appropriate to your level. All this can be changed in Moe’s Mystorium wherein you can buy chests of a specific level. Lower level players can buy higher level chests and random items level within that range.

Level 40 chests are the best chests that can be purchased from the shop. Because it is the top chests in Moe’s Mystorium, the awesome items for your city and army are in it. These items are also the most valuable among the different levels. As you complete the missions, be thrifty and save as much money as you can and buy only a few items. The reason behind it is all the spending you have to do should be on level 40 where the best items are waiting for you. If you are in need of Advisors, the ideal way to obtain is through Moe’s. The level requirements of the entire Advisors are in the multiple of five like 10 or 25. Buy level 25 chests for a level 25 advisor.

The plans for Moe’s Mystorium are a rare find and come as Manna from heaven, but. in this case, it is from high level chests. Gamers who get the first access on the shop will earn big bucks out of it. As a premium player, you are like a businessman. You get a percentage whenever players buy items in your town. To earn big through this process, there is a need for you to promote your shop. You would not want to lose players that would spend more than 10,000 coins at one purchase.

You must be aggressive in advertising to get a killing before the market gets saturated. If more people get Moe’s Mystorium in their city, competition will get stiffer. You will be having a hard time to look for players who will purchase from your shop. On the other hand, if you are late in obtaining the plans, you have the option to sell them for a lot of coins. Use these coins to purchase more chests to improve your army. These are your options if you are not comfortable with marketing your shop. Ultimately, if you are one of the first to obtain Moe’s Mystorium, the only option you should take to be successful is to build it. Just imagine that your civilization will have plenty of supply for the rest of the game just for the first week earnings of your shop.

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Gold Guide

This gold guide will show you the immediate way to give your army the top equipment in the game. It will also teach you how to get the best buildings and advisors for your civilization. You have to know how to get gold and where best to spend them.

In Age of Empires Online, you can get gold fast through doing quests to collect Empire Points. The Empire Points will then be used on Lucky Tickets. There is an interesting reason behind this move. Let us start with your capital city where you will notice a crown-shaped icon floating over it. This is known as the Empire Store which should not be mistaken with the premium store. The latter has a treasure chest floating above it. You can obtain various items from the Empire Store using the Empire Points. One crucial item you can get from here is the Lucky Ticket. It has a treasure chest icon and costs 10 Empire Points. You will get a random quality ticket upon opening the chest. The ticket classifications are Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epic. These tickets can then be sold to any shops which pay a fix price for the tickets.

The cheapest tickets are the Common tickets that can only be sold for 1-10 coins. Next is the Uncommon tickets that cost 50-100 coins. Rare tickets cost higher which is 500 to 1000 coins. The most valued ones are the Epic tickets that can be sold for 5,000 – 10,000 gold. Nevertheless, you will seldom find tickets that have the highest cost in the price ranges. The majority of loot pieces and quests pay out lower than 100 coins. You have to be patient because quests are the key to gather Empire Points. The Empire Points will then enable you to purchase Lucky Tickets, which are your key to wealth in the game.

You have uncovered the best way to get gold and that is to get Luck Tickets. These tickets are then obtained by getting more Empire Points. The basic facts you should know is that Empire Points are form of reward from quests. They can not be obtained from collecting random loot chests within the map when doing quests. More Empire Points are rewarded in higher level quests.

You need to complete quests quicker to earn more Empire Points in order to earn more gold. Efficiently farming for Empire Points can be done through short and repeatable quests like the “Lots of Rogues”. Longer quests like the “Defeat All Enemies” will not maximize you Empire Points earning potential. Avoid collecting chests around the map and also seeking all of them one by one. Collecting random loot award from chests will take most of your precious time because they are guarded by neutral enemies.

A good technique would be to buy these chests from Moe’s Mystorium. Just focus your time on completing quests after quests quickly to earn more Empire Points instead of tracking down every chest in the map. Another important thing that you should remember is not to waste your time selling items and Advisors. The amount of time you spent in this activity will earn you more in terms of completing quests. The lowest amount that you should bargain for every item that you sell is 1,000 coins. If you can not get to sell it at this price, forget about being a salesman and just do missions.

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The Lots of Rogues

The Lots of Rogues is a challenge quest in the Age of Empires Online, and there is a very simple technique to overcome it. This guide will show you exactly that. In this quest, you are given 2 minutes and 30 seconds to build up your army that will engage the incoming enemy horde. The interesting thing about the quest is that it can be completed in just a few minutes and not always available. This is the reason why gamers always want to play it whenever it pops up. After some missions in the city, the King of Argos will give this quest. It offers players some random loot chests, solid XP, coins, and points.

To come up with an easy strategy, you will need a market, Fortress technology, and Hetairoi Commander Jason Age IV advisor. For non-elite mode, level 25 would work-out fine. It is the level for uncommon advisor while level 30 is for rare and level 35 for elite. Aside from this, there are other optional items you could have like Castle Builder Sostrate Age III Advisor as well as Apprentice Mason Philon Age I advisor.

If you have completed all the stuffs, its like a walk in the park for the non-elite mode. Proceed by immediately advancing to Age IV. Afterwards, build a market and about 4 Fortresses. Just mass up Hetairoi as you reach Age IV. Before the computer catch up with you, you will be ready to get out 30+ of them. Let them stay at the side and as the computer commence the attack, rally the Hetairoi to go past the army, and get to the back. Then, focus down the catapults and wait until the Hetairoi annihilate the computer army. If you suffer a huge loss in your Cavalry, your Fortresses are enough to deal with the remaining army.

For the strategy to work with the Elite Mode, you will need a higher level Hetairoi and good equipment. The basic strategy is similar, but this time, your Fortresses should be built like a wall to defend the eastern side of your Town Center. The defense can be reinforced by putting up houses in front of the Fortresses. They would act as another form of shield. The first wave of your Hetairoi must be focused in taking out the catapults. You can accomplish this by hiding then off to the side and attack the catapult with one swift move. Allocate some Hetairoi to ward off some Battering Rams that will try to demolish your Fortresses. Your Fortresses are susceptible to Siege weaponry, but they are capable of standing up against Bandit Chiefs and Somatophylax. Another technique to make it easier for you in the elite mode is to have some cool gear on the Fortresses. You will definitely need good defensive armor as well as high-powered arrows and bows.

Alternate Preparation Another type of preparation before you start is to obtain the Advisor from Mycenae which can be purchased for only a few hundred coins. With this Advisor, you will be able to train Somatophylax at the Fortress. The epic version of this Advisor has the capacity to spawn stronger Somatophylax. You also have the option to unlock the Ballista or either buy the Advisor from the Argos shop. It will allow you to train the Heliopolis at the Fortress. The two techniques will both work, but the Ballistas are more preferable than the Heliopolis. Nevertheless, you must have sufficient points to unlock the Ballistas and have to re-talent whenever the quest pops up.

Step-by-step Walkthrough Commence the match using idle Villagers, about 5000 of every resource type, and a Fortress. There is already an allocated Fortress for the Somatophylax so get to upgrade your Town Center to Age IV quickly. Proceed with training the Somatophylax at your Fortress and pull off three Villagers. Prepare the production of a dozen houses. The next scenario will depend on the kind of units you selected.

When using Ballistas, build two Siege Workshops and a Market using some of your Villagers. Continue training Somatophylax so that about 20 will be ready for the first wave of attacks. At Age IV, use both Siege Workshops to produce as many Ballistas as possible until there is wood. Sell off all stones to the market o be able to obtain more wood for training more Ballistas. Send your Somatophylax in front to engage the attacking enemy hordes. Utilize the Ballistas to take down the Catapults and the remaining enemy infantry that attacked you.

When using Heliopolis, build a Fortress and a Market. Age IV and the Fortress have the same time of completion. Train the Heliopolis at the Fortress up to the last wood. Also, train Somatophylax with the same degree from the first Fortress. Get more wood for training by sending your Villagers to gather them and selling your stones to the market. You will then be ready with 6+ Heliopolis and 20 Somatophylax as the enemy commence attack. Allocate 5 Somatophylax for their own control group because they do not have the range to eliminate the Catapults, unlike the Ballistas. Engage the enemy infantry using Somatophylax and Heliopolis. In the middle of the fight, send the 5 special Somatophylax to get behind the army and take out the Catapults. The Heliopolis alone is capable of eliminating the infantry fast, so the win can be achieved in less time.

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Defend Mycenae Quest

Players of Age of Empires Online are having some headaches with the Defend Mycenae quest. There are actually certain techniques that can be employed to effectively beat the quest. You can utilize the strategy even before the quest starts. Visit the city of Mycenae and click on the item shop icon. You will then have the option to buy numerous items.

The best deal is to purchase the advisor that will enable you to train Somatophylax. To add the advisor to your hall, you just have to right click the card and it will cost you about 300 coins. Equip this advisor to be part of Age III by proceeding to your Advisor Hall at your home city. You will find that training the Somatophylax has plenty of benefits. These units are cheap to produce and have very quick training time. They are also powerful and with plenty of HP. They have the reputation of being the most formidable unit that only needs one population to use.

With all its positive qualities, the Somatophylax has an Achilles heel. Before you can produce them, you will need a Fortress and it is expensive as well as takes long to get. Nevertheless, your ace in the Defend Mycenae mission is that you will be starting with a couple of Fortresses. With this advantage, it would be easy for you to produce more than 30 of these units before the start of the match.

Having this edge in the quest will give you more confidence to continue tackling every stage without much difficulty. At the start, immediately choose the two Fortresses and bind them to the “0″ key. You have to set the really point to the opening of your base. This will enable you to produce a horde of Somatophylaz without even looking at the Fortresses. While pressing the “0″ key, queue them up with 12 in each Fortress.

Check out your Villagers while the Somatophylax are on training. Pull them out of wood and prepare them for harvesting Gold. In this mission, you will only need Food and Gold. You should also unlock the +1 weapons and armor upgrade for your Armory. If you can, also start researching for the +2, as well. You are also not required to redistribute your talent points if there will be conflict on your part.

Most of the Gold you have will be spent in training about 8 Priests. After the training, rally them right next to Somatophylax unit near the entrance. At the Southern portion of your base are two Temples that are initially hard to locate. After training all your units, proceed to the Southern half of your base where your market is located. You can use the option to trade Stone and Wood for Gold. Trade all the Stones for Gold because you will not have any use for them. Just save a few Wood and trade the rest away.

Bind the 30 Somatophylax and 4 Priests to CTRL 1 and position them to the entrance of your base. This group can be further strengthened by adding the available melee units at your entrance. The first wave of enemy attack will happen just as you are ready to dispatch your Somatphylax. Engage the attackers with your units but do not let them stray away so far. You must always be within the range of your towers. Spare some of your units to take out the Catapults that will spawn. These Catapults are capable of quickly demolishing your base.

Continue to train Somatophylax and bind the next set of 30 of them and another set of 4 Priests to CTRL +2. A large horde of enemy units will attack the Western portion of your base. Employ your next combination of units to defend the West portion. They will be best positioned outside of your Western wall where the attack will originate. Your Somatophylaz has the propensity to run after Archers. Do not let them do it and just get them back to the base. The continuous training of the Somatophylax is essential in replacing lost units. This will ensure that you will constantly have defenders in front of your base. Incidentally, these units are in charge of the center and eastern side of the base.

You have to get all your entire units back to base with 6 minutes remaining on the timer. You now have to concentrate your force to protect the big structure in the city and let go of the outer defenses. This is almost the amount of time it would take for the enemy to break through the defenses. If they succeeded, they will be overwhelmed with Archers that lined the walls, a few Priests, and the more than 90 Somatophylax that you have trained for battle.

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Losing Your Religion Quest

In Age of Empires Online, one of the later challenge quests in Argos is known as Losing Your Religion. The task is for players to convert two temples within 45 minutes with their priests. To complete this challenge quest with ease, you have to find out the specifics of the mission. It is imperative that you avoid any mistake and this guide will show you the ultimate strategy.

In this mission, your primary advantage is that you are on an island. You have a considerable amount of time to build a large economy and keep the enemy at a distance. It would take some time before the enemy attacks you in your turf. Because of this edge, all you have to produce are Villagers and aim for about 25-Villager mark. After doing this, you can start advancing to Age II and Age III.

At the Age III mark, one tested strategy in beating this mission is to get out a Fortress. You have to get it together swiftly to time it with the first major enemy attack in your turf. You can utilize numerous villagers to fast track the construction. If the Fortress is already operational, you can commence training your choice of the army for eliminating the opponent’s base. To maximize your effort, you can also train a few more villagers while building up an army. This is for the purpose of harvesting gold and wood.

For the army, you have the option to use a combination of a Ballista and Somatophylax. A perfect combination would be 4 Ballistas and 25 Somatophylax. This potent combination of armies can be put up in just 20 minutes and they are efficient in taking out an army. In addition, you can build Docks, a Temple, and a number of transports. Better train 3-4 priests, as well.

If all goes well, pack your Merchant transport. Get to the enemy’s turf and find a safe place within the territory. You can also bring 3-4 Priests with you and let them stand by beside a storehouse by some Villagers. A few Villagers will side with you as you demolish the enemy’s base. Use your army to eliminate the base at the middle land-mass.

You will notice that the two temples you need to convert are separated by a body of water. This area is totally blocked from where you spawn. Your best option is to build another Dock using the Villagers that converted to your side. It should be located on the enemy land-mass and prevent enemy units to cross on this land-mass. With this strategy, you will not need any offensive ships. All you have to do is to train one transport. Finally, use the Merchant transport to bring your Priests to each of the Temple at the northern part of the map to end the match.

The essential points to remember in this challenge quest are to build your economy fast, build up a huge base, and totally eliminate the computer. Your last priority is to convert the temples. It would only take you about 20 minutes to beat the computer, so you still have plenty of time to focus on converting the temples.


Greek Civilization

Greece stands as a bastion of culture amid the powers waring for control of the Mediterranean. Take control of the Greeks as they navigate the tribulations of maintaining an empire in a region rife with conflict.

Greek Economy and Macro

In Greek PvP of Age of Empires Online, an effective way of gathering strong, huge, and top of the line armies is to enhance your macro skills and maximize economy. It is a given fact that sections on Counters, Strategies, and Builds are much more interesting, but giving time on this section will give you more knowledge at your disposal. It is practical to enlarge your income because doing so will give you access to more units and better technology. As you will see, the ways to develop your economy and to harvest minerals are plentiful.

Greek Economy
Building things in this game is fun and worth your while. If you want to have resource return spots, you have to build Storehouses. They are basic if you want to have a huge improvement in economy. Build them in strategic places so that your villagers will save time in walking back and forth with their goods. If you have the Star-Tech talent, building a Market is a great option because it will give you .75 resources per second and enables you to train Caravans. Another benefit is that you can utilize gold to buy or sell other resources. Even without expanding, you can increase resource earning rate by training villagers and Caravans simultaneously. Farms are also nice to build because it needs no maintenance and will not be depleted which make them useful in macro games. Their advantage is more evident in the late game.

Talking about macro games, if you are planning of playing one and have about 25 villagers, you can build a Town Center. This will give you an extra 20 supplies and increase your villager’s production twofold. You need to get the caravans and farms going so that gold will keep on coming in the duration of the game. It is the best alternative than letting your villagers move from every mine to obtain gold.

If you are not moving up in the ages or not in a rush, train your villagers to have constant production. In this way, you can produce more buildings and gather more resources. The upper limit is from 70-80 before Villagers start to over-harvest. Aside from villagers, you have to train Caravans if you have a Market. You can get more gold from your Caravans if your market has a greater distance from your Town Hall.


Greek Macro
Putting your focus on a Macro game will require you to gather technologies. To afford the research of these upgrades, Closet Organizer Irene is the practical option. She is capable of reducing upgrade costs drastically. Another great addition to your gathering spree is talents. There are Farm talents for farm-heavy game and the + gathering talents for wood is crucial because there are no repeatable resource for wood. For your villagers to be efficient, the 15% villager movement speed will do you wonders. Ultimately, the knowledge you have acquired in strengthening your economy will be very handy as you improve your macro by spending wisely.

These skills normally jump out of the window when players are deeply absorbed in their attacks and busy defending from opponents. Being always strong in your macro will give you the advantage over opponents who have advanced micro. There are some techniques to enhance your macro. Rally points are essential in your buildings. Cravans should rally to the town center and villagers should rally to a resource point that does not easily run out. On the other hand, your army must rally to an area between your base and your enemies. You should also bind your buildings in hot keys. This means that you bind Stables to 8, Two Centers to 0, and Blacksmith to 5. All this can be done by pressing control + any digit.

This will give you full control by just pressing any button. While you are fighting, they will rally to designated spots. This will enable you to queue up more army units, villagers, and upgrades. With your strong economy, you are capable of constantly training armies for attack. You can immediately throw a big army to an attack without any hesitation because you still have reinforcement in your base. They will be ready to go if the enemy counterattacks. Rallying villagers to wood is not a waste off time because any excess you have can be used to create farms and buildings. Having big resources means building big for your advantage.

Big economy is the key to victory. Give importance to macro because micro is where you automatically divert if macro already needs less of your attention. You will have enough time at your disposal as you became more patient in investing on Caravans and Farms. The time that you should have spent in animals and gold mines can then be diverted to maximizing your macro and creating more units.


Best Greek Units

If winning is your primary desire in Age of Empires Online PvP, your best and only option is to create the best units to beat missions. Based on Age, there is a top list of the best Greek units.

  • In the initial Age, the Spearmen will be your best bet because you still do not have access to other formidable units. This unit can take care of the opponent in this stage.
  • The Hypaspist will be your front liner in Age II. They can be obtained for a minimal cost only and they are the best deterrent for infantry units. Your opponent will use plenty of infantry against you in this Age.
  • In Age III, you will need a special adviser to train the specialty unit you will be getting. The Somatophylax is the top choice after unlocking this Age. You have to travel to Mycenae to purchase the low-level version of the adviser. Do it by clicking on the money bag that floats above the Mycenae shop. You can obtain the adviser for 300 coins. Buying the adviser from the shop will save you from waiting for a lucky adviser drop. Begin to create Somatophylax from your structures after equipping the newly purchased adviser.
  • The best unit in the game is the Ballista. They can deliver shocking damages from long distances. You will have access on it in Age IV at level 20. It can only be utilized by teaming it with another unit. Choose high HP units like the Somatophylax. Let the latter be the front liner to absorb most of the damage while the Ballista annihilates enemy units. The Somatophylax can deal with the damage Archers bring because of the range. On the other hand, Ballistas can match the Archers’ range and can eliminate them as well as the Guard Towers with just a couple of hits. With all their awesome capabilities, Ballistas are hard to obtain because you have a hard time getting to Age IV. You will run into tough obstacles with the computer that will not let you to tech to the top and players that will not allow you to progress.
  • In the late game, you might be surprised that the Toxotes have the reputation of being one of the best Greek AeO Online units. The key to control them well is to let them fire then make the retreat from the advancing opponent. Just keep on repeating this move and move around swiftly to dodge the attack of catapult fire, Ballistas, and infantry. Another great combination is equipping Adviser Ranger Fletcha and upgrade Archers with good gear and the best technology. With these enhancements, Archers are almost invulnerable.
  • In this stage, the best units will be individualized if you are able to access epic items. For instance, your Spearmen can have a solid epic spear and chest piece from Argos. These items will improve their strength to level 20-25 range. Your standard units will double their health and damage if you reach level 30+ to get awesome items in the game.


Greek PvP

If you choose Greek civilization for competitive play in Age of Empires Online, this part of the guide will tackle the essential facts you need to know in order to win matches. You must understand that beta players have been playing with the Greek civilization for a number of months. With many players getting used to this civilization, matches get tougher. This will only change when other civilizations are already being tried by players.

To succeed in your campaigns using the Greeks, you have to be acquainted and get used to certain key elements. Scouting as the Greeks is the first, crucial skill you need focus on. It is an essential skill you should strive to develop to be competitive in PvP. In scouting, you will observe and analyze the opponent’s movements to prepare the specific units for counter attack. In this way, you will not get surprised by the other side’s unconventional builds. On the other hand, you will deny the opponent with the chance to scout or protect your turf against scout harassment. In mirror matches against Greek units, you must learn how to take them out with the Greek unit counters. You will be more victorious with your counters if you know the specific units to build after a successful scouting mission.

Aside from learning counters for Greek units, mastering Egyptian unit counters is also a must. Although not available to play in Beta, this part must be highly anticipated. You must also give weight on Macro and your Economy. A strong Economy and huge army are indispensable for any civilization. You need to have a number of options to do this instantly. After accumulating considerable knowledge about the basics, you must begin to customize your talents and gear in accordance with your strategies and style of play. Be creative in this area because the top builds and strategies rely on specific gear and talents.

Your gear and talents are now ready, so it’s time to mix up useful build orders to defeat your opponent. Choose from an assortment of builds such as macro builds, rushes, or gimmicks. You must also put in mind that playing in PvP matches needs a deep understanding of every situation. Getting a better perspective depends in being aware of strategies to be able to come up with potent combinations of talents, equipment, and new builds. You can outwit and outmaneuver your opponent by strategically positioning your units and making using of the terrain to your advantage.

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Greek Unit Counters

In Age of Empires Online, you might overwhelm the computer with a host of your preferred unit that you have amassed but it an entirely different scenario in PvP. Because both you and you opponent will start on the same footing, you only gain an edge by knowing unit counters. Another crucial insight you should not miss is to build up an army that can deal with any kind of threat that the other side is building. Do not rely on the notion that having a larger army is better. The main benefit of understanding Greek unit counters in AeO Online is that you will not be confused with what to do in PvP. Your moves will largely depend on your opponent’s plan of action.

Before learning about the various counters, you must be acquainted with the types of units you need to employ the counters. There are actually four types of units, and they are the Cavalry, Archers, Siege, and Infantry units. There are distinct counters for each of these units. The Barracks is where the Greeks produce Infantry units and have right of entry to other units. The three primary units are the Spearmen who are strong against Cavalry. Next is the Hypaspists who are strong against Infantry. The last one is the Hoplites who are efficient all-around unit.

It is possible that your opponent would build multiple barracks early in the game. To counter this move, there’s a couple of counter moves that you can do. It’s either creating Hypaspists by getting your own Barracks or pump out Toxotes by putting up an Archery Range. If you want to defeat all infantry, you have to employ Toxotes. On the other hand, they can not cope up with Cavalry transition and need micro to create. As for me, I would use Toxotes for more than one Barracks, but if there is only one out there, I’ll go for a Barracks myself.

If you are up against numerous Infantry at the later part of the game, you can opt for Hypaspists and Toxotes. If the Infantry is supported by Archers, you should be reinforced by Cavalry. If it is backed up by Cavalry, you need Spearmen at your side. Toxotes will do if it is purely Infantry.

Going to the Greek Archery Range, there are three ranged units that can be produced namely Toxotes, which are strong against Infantry. There are Peltast and Gastraphetes which are strong against ranged units. The Sarissophoroi is the sole counter of Archers in the game. In addition, if you are not researching ranged weapon and armor grades, the Peltast is not a threat to Gastraphetes or Toxotes. The former has shorter range than the latter, so they have to get closer to gain an advantage. This is their tactic in giving considerable damage to ranged units. Their slow movement will make it hard for them to reach opponents with Cavalry at the frontline. In contrast, the Saissophoroi are quick and have plenty of HP. They are so swift that they can overwhelm the enemy and take on the Archers as well as Cavalry units.

From the Greek Stables, three Cavalry units can be produced such as Sarissophoroi against ranged, Prodromos against Cavalry, and Hippikons which are good all-around unit. Hands up, the Spearmen are the most effective anti-Cavalry unit for the Greeks. The Prodromos are also a counter to Cavalry, but they are a melee unit that is only efficient when the opponent is heavy on Cavalry and Toxotes. However, they are the best counter against Hetairoi. You can deal with their chaotic raid in your base with the use of the snare-spear.

Greek Siege Units like the Ballistas are tough opponents. They can overwhelm you with a lot of damage, but they do not take much of them. The three types are Battering Ram, Ballista, and Palintonon which are all strong against buildings. Palintonon and Battering Rams can be eliminated by Cavalry and Infantry, but the Ballistas are the ultimate warriors. They have the speed, range and packed with big splash damage. You can deal with them heavily through the Hetairoi, but they can only be accessed at Age IV and high advisor requirement. Without this unit, use strategy by dealing with the Ballistas’ speed. Snare them using the Prodromos. Their high speed can match those of the Ballistas and getting the Palintonons in the process. They incur minimal losses because they spread out quickly.

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Greek Scouting

Being well-informed about enemy movements comes from efficient data gathering and this can be done through scouting. It is an easy skill to master provided that you know what you are looking for. You can always take advantage of the information that you have collected. With the scout unit, it is convenient to undertake scouting in Age of Empires.

The first method in scouting is to collect as much information as possible. Your basic objective with your scout is to know the plans and movements of your opponent. Look for the technologies, units, and buildings the other camp is preparing. If you know this critical data, you are always one step ahead of their plans. To gather information effectively, start with the construction of Watchtowers, one of the best buildings you can erect. You also need to send your scouts at the area just outside of your opponent’s base and getting the Age 4 Talent will do wonders with this mission. You need to locate your Watchtowers just outside the enemy’s base. The ideal spots are behind trees and exits. You will then easily spot the units your opponent is preparing and when he will attack with those units.

Establishing your Watchtowers will enable you to advance through the Ages and make Villagers. After hitting 14 villagers, the option that I could see after utilizing my Watchtower and Scouts can be building Archery Range and Toxotes if my opponent has nothing but undefended villagers. I can also build Archery Range for Toxotes if the other side goes for a Barracks. If he has Archery Range, I will also have mine plus a Guard Tower. I will also tech into Peltasts to counter his Toxotes. Ultimately, I will build a Barracks and train Spearmen if he builds Stables.

Doing all these requires talents and equipment but these are the basic counter moves. Others might choose Cavalry as their primary unit, but if you lack enough talents to scatter, just fully talent each unit.

The harassing play-style largely depends on the Greek Scout equipment that shoots up damage by 300% and in the Scout Special slot. This will elevate the role of your Scout to attackers. At the beginning of the match, the Scout can be deployed at once and create damage by attacking Villagers. If they are not countered, they can deliver a decisive blow to the opponent. The drawback with this strategy is that your information gathering efficiency suffers. You might not be able to control your base effectively and keep up with your macro. To make it more effective, manage to build up your base while utilizing the Scout for harassment. An effective option related to this strategy is to take on the Villagers that are too far from their Town Center. The move is also effective in Tower Rush Build wherein you build towers secretly while harassing Villagers.

Scouting is so easy that your opponent can also employ it as a strategy. The hard part is to check your enemy’s Scout. Checking them and denying them of scouting will define your success in PvP. Early in the game, you have to live with the fact that you will be actually be scouted by the opponent and you have to stop it against all odds. The best deterrent to scouting you can employ early in the game is equipping your Town Hall with good Bow and Arrows. You need to maximize your Town Hall’s range to target enemy scout more efficiently. Employ anything that will improve your range.

If you are not after an early game attack, be on the offensive by sending a number of Spearmen to eliminate Watchtowers. You can also snare the opponent’s scout if they too complacent. The Dark Iron Horse Catcher is the right weapon for this job. Construct one Watchtower early in the game and others at the end at your main base. Through the Watchtowers, you easily spot the opponent’s Watchtower’s that are being built as well as Shenanigans.

If you are doing good at harassing enemy scout, you must also be prepared to counter the opponent’s harassment tactics. The things you must not forget is to make sure that you are mining close to your base, and your Town Hall has plenty of good equipment. If the enemy attack your Villagers, employ your Villagers to attack the scout. Their ranged attack can do solid damage.Use it against the scout and get back to mining for about 5 seconds. Repeat this process to master it for you to be able to deal with enemy scout while gathering. You also have to Garrison any unit in the Town Hall that gets low because of the scout. You will only lose 20 seconds of gathering time than totally losing that particular unit.

Your ultimate aim in scouting is to know the things you will look for especially the first-unit producing structures of your opponent. It can be Stables, Archery Range, or Barracks. Knowing the enemy’s move will give you the upper-hand in coming up with the immediate counter move. If the opponent build Barracks, counter with an Archery Range or also a Barracks. Counter its Archery Range with Stables and construct Barracks for their Stables.

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Best Ship Equipment (Greek)

In Age of Empires Online, you should have the best types of equipment for Greek ships. Being a Greek player, you have access to four types of ships. These are the Merchant Transports, Triremes, Fire Ships, and Fishing Boats. We will discuss each type of ship in this guide.

Like a real fishing boat used in catching fish, the Age of Empires Fishing Boat is a unit for gathering. For this reason, the appropriate thing you have to do is increase gathering rate, reduce cost and increase speed. The Epic Opian Nets is the perfect weapon so far for Fishing Boats. It offers exactly what you are looking for which is a +20% gathering rate. On the other hand, the Dolphin Hull will satisfy your objective to reduce cost which is beneficial as the expense of damage and health. It would also be best to look for an armor piece that increases speed. Make sure that you have good gear on Fishing Boats to make them more efficient. They are also indispensable in PVP if the opponent is not aware that you have them in your possession. In PVP, a secret fishing operation would definitely safe from harassment.

Fire ships are the fastest boats in the group. Its unique role is to take out other boats as well as Docks. After these dangerous missions, fire ships turn useless. Damage is of great importance for the Fires Ships and bonus damage against ships. Max out health and defense are appropriate for armor. Because it is capable of catching boats with ease, range and speed are not important factors for. Forget the rest of the stats, as you max out health and damage.

One type of versatile ships are the Merchant Ships. They carry large volumes of gold by trading between docks. Another important function they undertake is the transport of units. As their function dictates, they are capable of almost negligible amounts of damage. They are the favorite targets of Fire Ships because they are too slow and have low HP. However, some of the special items for the ship will definitely boost its speed. You have to scrap +trade upgrades for speed upgrades. The +speed upgrades has also dual function such as increasing the rate at which they earn gold through trading and increase their success in transporting troops. Landing units behind enemy base is a trick that can be done in PVP if you got the speed.

For the Triremes, there are actually two kinds. There is the conventional Trireme and the Ballista Trireme wherein the latter does bonus damage to buildings. It also deals splash damage and has an unbelievable range. On the other hand, the former has an average range and damage. If you are already at higher levels, it is just fine you do have Trireme around. You can always rely on Fire Ships as The masters of the sea while Ballista Trireme is the master of sea-to-land attacks. Although the two have more dissimilarities, their shared trait is to increase range among all other things. Health and damage just come next.

For the Ballista Trireme, range is everything. They can actually target enemy structures in most PVP maps while queuing up in Argos. Aside from enemy structures, Town Centers can also be attacked in PvE missions. If you want to hit structures from a safe distance, you really have to upgrade the Trireme range.



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