Dead Island Walkthrough | FAQ [Guide]


Dead Island
Written by Dalton “horror_spooky” Cooper

Four years ago, Dead Island was announced by Techland and Deep Silver. The game’s ambitious premise was set to cash in on the sudden zombie craze that was infecting all forms of entertainment media, but a series of delays and a lack of information about the game made fans lose hope. Dead Island has finally hit store shelves, though, and this guide is geared up and ready to help gamers everywhere survive the zombie apocalypse!

This guide contains naughty language as well as descriptions of blood,
violence, and gore. If you are offended by any of this, then by all means,
don’t continue reading.

Also, if you aren’t interested in being educated about a video game while also
enjoying my impeccably excellent sense of humor and being amazed by my second-to-none writing talents, then, well, that really hurts my feelings and you should apologizes post-haste. =(


I. Introduction and Controls

II. Characters, Enemies, Weapons, and the Mini-Map

1. Logan Carter
2. Purna
3. Xian
4. Sam B
5. Enemies
6. Weapons
7. Mini-Map

III. Walkthrough / Main Quest

0. Prologue: Rise and Shine
A. Chaos Overture
B. Blood On The Sand

1. Act I: Resort
    1. Passport To Life
    2. Exodus
    1. To Kill Time
    2. A Piece Of Cake
    3. Seek’n'Loot
    1. Born To Be Wild
    1. Black Hawk Down
    2. Misery Wagon
    3. Only The Strong Survive
    4. On The Road

2. Act II: City of Moresby

3. Act III: Jungle
    1. RIVER TRIP (cont.)
    2. HARD TALK

4. Act IV: Prison

    1. ON THE EDGE

IV. Side Quests
A. Act I: Resort
  1. Bloody Health Service!
  2. Lazarus Rising
  3. Life In The Bag
  4. Bloody Valentine
  5. Tell Me Where It Hurts
  6. Ashes To Ashes
  7. Fiery Drinks
  8. Wind In The Stomach
  9. A Ray Of Hope
10. Knockin’ On Heavn’s Door
11. My Precious…
12. On The Air
13. Too Much Sugar
14. Counsel Of Despair
15. Nectar Of Life
16. Hit And Run
17. Omar Escort
18. Teddy Bear
19. The Lost
20. Crash
21. Waterdance
22. Make Yourself At Home
23. Family Matters
24. Time For Booze
25. Fluid Necessity
26. Death In The Glass
27. Light My Fire
28. Two Hearts

B. Act II: City of Moresby

C. Act III: Jungle
  2. WEEDS

D. Act IV: Prison

V. Extras and Easter Eggs


VI. Cheats and Glitches

VII. Conclusion

Return to Top I. Introduction and Controls

Getting drunk definitely has its downsides. Four people that are on Banoi Island for various reasons get wasted as hell, only to wake up with problems a little bit worse than a hangover. The entire island is covered with zombies, and for some reason, these four folks are immune to turning into a zombified
freak. It’s called Dead Island for a reason!

And to help fight those damn zombies (or zambies, whichever you prefer), it’s probably wise to review the controls a little bit:

Left analog stick – Walk/Run
Right analog stick – Camera/Aim Camera/Crouch
A – Jump/Dodge
B – Quick heal/Activate Fury
X – Pick up/Interact
Y – Reload
LB – Kick
LT – Aim weapon/Punch/Aim
RB – Switch weapon/Weapon wheel
RT – Shoot/Punch/Attack
D-pad (up) – Menu
D-pad (down) – Flashlight on/off
D-pad (right) – Join co-op game
D-pad (left) – Join co-op game
Start – Pause
Back – Menu

Now you can take on the world! Or at least a remote, isolated island located in the middle of the ocean!

Return to Top II. Characters, Enemies, Weapons, and the Mini-Map

The unlucky survivors on Dead Island are actually sort of lucky in the sense that they are all experts are something! Right? Right. There are four different characters to choose from, in true Left 4 Dead-like fashion. Each of these characters have their own narrated biography provided at the character select
screen that I have summarized for simplicity’s sake as well as for personal reference. And I have also provided their starting stats.

Here are the four broskis and brodettes that you can choose from when you first start a new game! There are no character-specific quests or anything like that, so don’t worry about what character I played through the game with; this guide will still provide enough detail and strategy to get you through the game no
matter which character you choose! Well, what are you waiting for? Fire-type, grass-type, or water-typ…oops, wrong game.

But a Pokemon zombie game would kick an absurd amount of ass.

* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
Expertise: Throwing
Health: 100
Speed: 100
Stamina: 80

BIO: Logan is a Texan and a former football star. He became an adrenaline junkie when drugs and alcohol just didn’t do it for him anymore, and got involved in the street racing scene. During a race, he crashed, killed an innocent girl, and shattered his leg.

Logan likes to blame the other driver for breaking his leg, but the fact of the matter is, his destroyed leg meant the NFL didn’t give two craps about him any longer. And since he’s not the Logan that has metal claws that burst out of his knuckles (at least, I don’t think he is), he was pretty much screwed in terms
of a successful football career and his contract was thusly terminated.

However, Logan’s celebrity status still holds weight. He’s been flown to the tropical resort island Banoi to sponsor a blood drive…heh, he’s getting a lot more BLOOD than he bargained for. Bahahaha.

“Logan Carter’s no goddamned douchebag.”

* * *
* * *
Expertise: Firearms
Health: 100
Speed: 100
Stamina: 90

BIO: Purna is another likeable, cuddly, and downright cute addition to the cast! Alright, alright, I’ll tell the truth. Truth is, she’s a got a nasty attitude on her and a mouth that would make a drunk, deaf sailor blush!

Hailing from Parts Unknown Australia, Purna was one of the few successful female detectives in her area. However, she quickly became disgusted with the
ability of criminals to get away with whatever they pleased because of their relationships with politicians.

After an incident where Purna shot a rich man who was molesting his own daughter (in self-defense, mind you…and no, not molesting his daughter in self-defense, she shot him in self-defen…oh, nevermind), she was discharged from her status as a detective. Since then, she has come to live in Banoi, working as a bodyguard for the hotel to protect celebrities and rich people that come to the island for vacation.

“…so I fucking took his gun away and shot the bastard.”

* * *
* * *
Expertise: Sharp weapons
Health: 90
Speed: 100
Stamina: 100

BIO: Xian’s life hasn’t been quite as filled with bloodshed and violence as Logan’s or Purna’s. In fact, no one has die…okay, I take that back, too. Her father was a very well-respected member of the Hong Kong police force. She was close to her father, and he taught her martial arts, just like the Karate Kid!

Unfortunately, he died when she was 10 years old. Afterwards, Xian decided to pursue a career by following in her father’s footsteps as a police-lady. No, her father wasn’t a police-lady, but you get my point. After graduating, she was placed in the first-ever all-female anti-mob squad, but they were never used as their male coworkers thought they weren’t up to snuff enough.

Eventually, Xian was shipped to Banoi undercover to gather intel on rich Westerners for her superiors. Desk jockeys for the win!

“My father would not be proud of me.”

* * * *
* * * *
Expertise: Blunt weapon
Health: 110
Speed: 100
Stamina: 90

BIO: Sam B had a rough life. Like Xian, his daddy died when he was a youngster. His father sold drugs in New Orleans, where Sam hails from, and was inevitably killed. As a result, Sam was raised by his grandmother most of his life.

As he grew older, Sam became obsessed with rap music. He decided that the only thing he wanted to do with his life was become a rap artist, so he did just that. It took a while for his career to get off the ground, but once it did, Sam had a major hit song.

After that one song, though, no one cared about Sam’s music anymore. He’s still a fairly well booked and paid artist, but he’s only known for his one-hit wonder, called “Who Do You Voodoo, Bitch?” He has been booked at Banoi to perform his rap music for the lovely tourists and local zombies!…er, friendly islanders.

“I had bitches up the yin yang and for the first time in my life, I was making money.”

It wouldn’t be a video game if these guys didn’t have something to fight. And if the name of the game didn’t give it away, these characters will be doing battle with zombies. Now, there are different zombie types in the game that the player has to fight, as well as human enemies. Here they are:

Walker – This type of zombie is slow, and you’ll often find it lying on the ground. It can grab you, which will initiate a QTE in which you have to pull on the left trigger and then the right trigger to free yourself.

Infected – These guys can be EXTREMELY dangerous. If the Walker represented the kind of zombies found in the Resident Evil games, then the Infected are definitely representations of the undead in the Dawn of the Dead remake. They can run fast, and they attack viciously and quickly.

Thug – These behemoths are most reminiscent of the Tanks from the Left 4 Dead games. They deal a lot of damage and it takes a ton of effort to kill one of these suckers. The plus side is that they are slow. The downside is that one punch from them will knock you on your ass. Literally.

Suicider - These tortured souls explode in a gooey mess. You just need to walk by them, but be sure to get out of dodge…otherwise they will kill you with a single explosion! If you want XP from their deaths, you have to hit them with a weapon at least once before they blow up.

Ram - Think a Tank in a straight-jacket. And bam, you’ve got a Ram. These guys mindlessly ram themselves at you like a rhinocerous. They can be killed easy with Fury attacks, but it’s probably wise to run by them as they deal a crazy amount of damage.

Floater – Ick. These fatties are virtual clones of the Boomers from Left 4 Dead, except without all of the zombie-attracting puke. Yeah, they still spit bile, but you don’t need to go crouch in a corner and swing your gun around like a mad man if they do. They’re best avoided, but in situations when they have to be killed, just be sure to avoid their bile, and if you can get behind them, lay into them until you run out of stamina.

Humans – Throughout the course of the game, you will have to fight a variety of
human enemies. They have various names based on the gangs they are affiliated
with or whatever, but they’re all basically the same. They’re almost always
packing heat, and they are always jerks. They can be killed a lot easier than
the zombies, but they have a serious advantage thanks to their firearm skills.

Butcher – These vicious beasts are very dangerous. They have a lot of health, move very fast, and deal a ton of damage. They use the sharpened bones that used to be their arms to deal damage. They MUST be killed when they confront you, otherwise they will just chase you around and stab at you until you die. Kill them. That’s the best advice I can possibly give. Give them all you have and then some.-

There are a ton of weapons in the game, and to list them all would simply be ridiculous. However, it is feasible to go over the different types of weapons that you will be using in the game. After all, any zombie slayer needs to learn the tools of their trade!

Blunt – The blunt weapons in this game range from baseball bats to good ‘ol brass knuckles. These weapons can be used to break the bones of enemies, which is useful to render one or more of their limbs completely useless.

Sharp – Whether it’s something exotic like a machete or something homely like a meat cleaver, sharp weapons are very dangerous tools. They can slice off limbs of enemies and when they are thrown, they can even get stuck into the flesh of your foes!

Thrown – Molotov cocktails and grenades are the two weapons that mainly fall into this category. While it’s true that virtually every weapon in the game that isn’t a firearm can be thrown at an enemy, real weapons that fall under this type deal devastating damage. Zombies just don’t like fire.

Firearms – While the main focus of the combat in this game is definitely melee, firearms do make an appearance. During the early stages of the game, players will only come across pistols. There are also machineguns and shotguns to be found though, as well as mounted turrets to mow down the zombies in large quantities at a time.

Modified – Using various items found throughout the island of Banoi, players can customize their weapons using workbenches, ala Dead Rising 2. However, it is necessary to find the proper Mods to do this. Mods can be found just lying around or by completing quests.

The Workbench – With each use, the weapon begins to wear down. Weapons can be repaired at any number of workbenches placed throughout the game. Workbenches will also help you by allowing you to upgrade your weapons (if you have enough money) to improve their stats. Workbenches are also the place where you modify your weapons with a little bit of duct tape, elbow grease, and probably some
barbed wire. Now you can kill zombies like you’re Cactus freakin’ Jack!
Speaking of which, OmegaMustard put together a great blueprint mod guide for the game that can be found right here on CheatMasters!:

* * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * *
The mini-map is one of the most important things in the entire game. And any zombie killer worth his chops needs to know and understand the mini-map completely as it is essential to completing this game.

>> – Fast-travel
! (white) – Quest-giver/person of interest/unactivated quest
! (red) – Quest-giver/person of interest/activated quest
Flag (red) – Active quest objective marker
Flag (white) – Unactive quest objective marker
Hand (red) – Active quest key item/main quest key item
Hand (white) – Unactive quest key item/side-quest key item
Wheel – Drivable vehicle
Circle (yellow) – Area transition point
Circle (red) – Area transition point for the main quest
X – Workbench
Cards – Merchant

Learn these symbols well! Also, the mini-map is ESSENTIAL to completing quests.
It will almost always direct you to your next objective.


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- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
0. Prologue: Rise and Shine
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Just another day in paradise, right? Use this time in your room to familiarize
yourself with the controls. Once this has been accomplished, explore the room
and scavenge that sucker for loot. You paid for the damn hotel room, you are
entitled to everything in there, right?! Plus, it’s not like the owners are
going to be wanting anything back any time soon!

With your room successfully looted, exit through the door. As you make your way
down the hallway, explore any open rooms for money and other items. There are
plenty of luggage bags just sitting around, so be sure to loot them as well.
Afterwards, keep making your way to the objective flag. Approach the double
doors, that are clearly barricaded shut on the other side, and interact with

Afterwards, run over to the balcony area. There will be a short and disturbing
cut-scene. Following the scene, loot the baggage and what-not. Then turn your
attention to the downed elevator. Click on the right analog stick to crouch and
position your character in front of the hatch on the top of the elevator. Hold
the X button to open the hatch and then hop down into the elevator (or lift, as
British gents would say) to trigger another lovely scene!

Crawl out of the elevator and loot the ever-loving hell out of every single bag
you see. Make your way towards the next objective flag and be sure to loot any
and all things lootable. Man, I didn’t think I would be talking about loot this
much in this game, but I think by the end of this guide, the word “loot” will
be used more times than in Dungeon Siege III! Eh, might as well get it out of
the way now:


Or is it:


The voice instructs your to get a weapon, which sounds like a pretty good idea.
When you reach the next objective flag, a trio of zombified tourists will
charge you. Instead of facing these beasts head-on, turn around (oh, how the
quick-turn in Resident Evil would be so useful in this situation!) and sprint
down the hallway. Click down the left analog stick to sprint, just like in Call
of Duty. Will it destroy your controller? Yes. Do devs care? No. They don’t.

And do you know what doesn’t care about punching you in the face? Zambies.


- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Upon awakening, make your way through the cabin. Loot anything that you see. A woman will stop you and demean you for not helping Sinamoi while he tries to fight off the zombies outside. Try to exit the cabin. You’ll get stopped again and be told to find a weapon before you try to leave.

Well, it’s dangerous to go alone! So take this!…paddle. Use the X button to
grab the paddle that’s leaning against the door. With the paddle in hand, exit
the cabin. You’ll get punched in the face AGAIN by a zombie. After your
character sells the punch like he was just bitch-slapped by Hulk Hogan, you’ll
regain control.

Take this time to learn the basics of combat in Dead Island. Your goal here is
to kill all the zombies in the vicinity. If you kill the zombie that has a hold
of Sinamoi, he will help you in the fight. When they’re all dead, that’s the
end of the Prologue!


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
1. Act I:Resort
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Talk to Sinamoi after the cut-scene. Explore the house again and you may just
find more cash and other items if they have respawned. You can also talk to
Steven to get a side-quest, which will be covered at the end of the guide so
that anyone looking to just blow through the main storyline won’t have to read
through a bunch of extra info they’re not interested in.

Anyway, with that out of the way, head back outside the cabin. Start making
your way to the next objective flag, being sure to loot like you’ve never
looted before and to grab any weapons that you see. You’re sure to encounter a
couple of zombies on the way, so deal with them by bashing their brains in. It
truly is the only polite way to greet a member of the undead, you know.

You’ll reach a new area with pools. Kill any zombies that you see and loot like
crazy. There are a few cabins around here that can be looted, but if you don’t
feel like going out of your way, just keep following the path to the next

When you go far enough, you’ll meet Ted B. I can only assume the “B” is for
“Bundy”, but whatever. It may be a little gross that he’s sitting in enough
zombie blood to fill a kiddy pool, but he’s brandishing a useful knife so be
sure to grab his weapon from him. When that’s done, continue into the nearby
house, which houses (oh, jeeze, I’m so punny huh) your objective.

Loot the house. There will be a door in here, but it’s locked. Bash it open and
then loot the place. One of the lootable items in here is a security keycard
which will grant you access to the lifeguard tower. Once the keycard has been
collected, return to Sinamoi to complete the quest.


- – - -
- – - -
Speak with Sinamoi to get this quest. And when you’re done chit-chatting with
the fella, head outside to the beach. You should know the drill by now…follow
those pretty dots on your mini-map to the next objective, marked by a red flag.
As you make your way across the beach, though, be sure to take out any zombies that give you trouble or are just plain hanging around for XP. Loot any buildings you come across and any dead bodies you find as well.

Eventually you will come across a truck that is being attacked by zombies. A
survivor named Harris is inside. Kill the zombies around the truck to save him.
He will then go into the nearby shack that has plenty of items to loot as well
as a workbench in the back. This bench can be used to repair your weapons,
upgrade them, or create brand new ones by combining your weapons with other
items using duct tape, just like in Dead Rising 2 and its downloadable spin-off

With Harris saved and the shack sufficiently looted, it’s time to continue to
your objective. Climb up the stairs and you will reach a gate that is locked by
an electronic card reader attached to the wall next to it. Use the keycard from
earlier by simply interacting with the card reader and the gate will slide

Unfortunately, there are a bunch of zombies on the other side. Kill them in any
fashion that you wish, though the game wants you to use this encounter to teach you to throw your weapons at explosive tanks to kill multiple zombies at once. Whatever method you choose, when all the zombies are dead, approach the next locked card reader device and use the keycard on it.

The gate will rise open, revealing a Thug-type zombie. This behemoth is beating
the rotting corpse of an unfortunate tourist, but when he sees fresh meat
(read: you), its trouble! Now, this guy can be a pain in the ass, but if you
use the explosive tanks to your advantage, then he can be killed in one fell

The Thug walks very, very slow, so use that to your advantage. Stand by any
explosive tank and wait for him to get close. Back up so that he walks past the
tanks and towards you, then sprint around him to the other side. He will turn
around and walk right by the tanks again, which will give you an opportunity to
chuck a weapon at them, blowing them up, and killing the Thug. Yay! With him
dealt with, head into the Lifeguard Tower.

Notice the skull icons on your mini-map? These are zombies. Your goal right now
is to kill all the zombies in the tower to make it safe for the other survivors
to join you at this new base of operations. Do this. Also notice the yellow
icon that looks like an X made out of tools, which represents a workbench that
you can use if you need to. Anyway, clear out the bottom floor first of any
zombie menace.

When they’re all dead, use the stairs in the first part of the tower to reach a
hatch. A plane that is crashing will send a distress signal to the tower as you
approach the hatch. Open the hatch, and then look up to see the plane fly by
overhead. A hatch. A plane crashing on a tropical island. I know what took the
devs so long to make this game! They were all watching LOST! I swear, if I have
to fight any zombie polar bears, I’m out!

Now that I have gotten my lame LOST jokes out of my system, take care of the
zombies here on the upper-level. Enter the radio tower when you’re done looting
and then loot inside of here. Note that any items you grab in here will respawn
after you complete this quest, and since you will be standing right here when
you start the next quest, its wise to loot this place so you can re-loot it

When everything has been Dungeon Siege’d (my new verb to describe looting in a
video game), examine the radio. Radio in to Sinamoi to alert the other
survivors to the fact that this tower is now safe and available to use as a new

Man, if only Frank West were here…



- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
The survivors need your help getting situated in their new home. You’ll notice
a crap ton of exclamation points have popped up on your mini-map. Visit each
exclamation point to acquire a ton of side-quests. I cover the side-quests at
the end of this guide, but there are two that are required to complete in order
to finish this quest, so I will cover them here as well as later.

You need to talk to the survivors Mike and Dominic to get these quests. Mike’s
quest is called “Ashes to Ashes” and Dominic’s quest is called “On the Air”. I
recommend completing Mike’s quest first, as that will be the first quest I
cover chronologically. It will just be far more convenient for you this way,
trust me.

Ah, but even before “Ashes to Ashes” can be completed, there’s another quest
right before that which will make EVERYTHING a lot easier. While collecting
side-quests, you should have spoken with Hank the mechanic, the dude that is
chilling in front of the truck. He will tell you to collect parts from broken
down vehicles to fix the truck, so do that.

With “Ashes to Ashes” as your active quest, start making your way towards the
objective marker (once again, in the form of a red flag on your mini-map). You
will undoubtedly notice broken down trucks on the side of the rood. Before
doing anything with them, kill any nearby zombies. When they’re dead, go to the
hood of the truck and hold X to steal spark-plugs from it.

Repeat this process a total of four times. When you have the four spark-plugs,
make your way back to Hank. Give him the necessary items, but then you’ll be
told that you’ll have to wait for the truck to be fixed before you can actually
use the damn thing. Argh! Alright. Run around into the forest and explore. Kill
zombies and, well, kill time. If you want, you can visit the merchant in the
tower and sell unneeded items or buy new ones, upgrade your weapons at the
workbench, or complete other side-quests that are detailed at the tail-end of
this guide (just in case you get stuck).

When enough time has passed, Hank will pull the truck out of the tower’s
garage and you can use it to help you complete “Ashes to Ashes”. If the truck
gets destroyed, you can do a little bit of exploring and some working vehicles
should have spawned in the vicinity somewhere, so you can use those to help you
complete the quest now.

You’ll eventually reach the gas station, which is right near the lighthouse. If
you want, you can go to the lighthouse now and talk to the people there (it’s
part of “On the Air”), but if not go to the gas station. Speak with the
attendant through the broken window. He’ll unlock the door, and you can go

Speak with the owner of the gas station. He will inform you of the current
situation regarding the pumps. Go through the door that leads to the back of
the station, then climb the ladder to get to the roof. There will be an opening
on the roof, so drop down. There’s a tough Thug in here as well as regular
infected zombies.

There aren’t any explosive canisters around this time to blow this baddie up,
but there is a truck in here. Get behind the wheel of the truck and just ram
the hell out of the thug. Drive him right up against a wall and just hold down
on the gas until he is dead. When he’s dead, get out of the car and kill the
remaining zombies.

A switch on the wall will be right where your map is leading you to. Flip the
switch to return power to the gas pumps. Take down the barricade on the garage
door to get outside. Kill the zombies that swarm you, and then pick up one of
the empty blue gas canisters in the garage. Take it to the side of a gas pump
and put it down.

A bunch of skulls will appear on your mini-map, indicating that the Backstreet
Boys…er, more zombies, have come to feast on your flesh! Defend the gas
station and take out all the attacking zombies. When they’re all dead, throw
the gas canister into the back of a truck and then drive all the way back to
the lifeguard tower.

Place the gas canister at Mike’s feet. Chat with Mike, and then a cut-scene
will play. Yay! You have completed half of this incredibly long quest! That
means you are half-way there! Isn’t this exciting?

For “On the Air”, you need to visit the lighthouse. This is where James and his
group went to after splitting off from Sinamoi and his followers. The first
time that you arrive at the lighthouse, Colin will be outside to greet you.
Just follow Colin through the lighthouse to the door that leads to James.

Go through the door and speak to James. He will fill you in on the deets at the
lighthouse, and he’ll also suggest that you offer help to everybody that wants
it. Well, go around and collect more of these side-quests. You will have to
complete a couple of them in the process of finishing “On the Air”, but the
ones that aren’t actually a part of the main storyline are detailed in the
side-quests section of this guide.

One man that you NEED to speak to is Darvin. He is blocking the entrance to the
storage area of the lighthouse. You need to get in there to collect the signal
amplifier that Dominic needs. Darvin informs you that fellow survivor Marcus
left to fix the transformers to power the lighthouse’s lamp hours ago. He will
grant you access to the storage area of the lighthouse if you go check on him
and get the power to the lighthouse.

Okiedokie. Well, find a vehicle and drive to Marcus’s location. There will be a
few zombies in the way, but kill them all. Marcus will be safe behind a fence.
Speak with him, and he will tell you to go fix the other transformer. Get back
in your vehicle and drive to the location of the next transformer.

To power on the transformer, you will need to break through a set of red double
doors. Doing so will grant you access to a room filled with machines with a
bunch of switches…and it will also set off an alarm that attracts zombies.
Quickly flip all the switches in this room to in turn shut the alarm off. Kill
any zombies that showed up and then when all the switches are flipped, head
back to Marcus.

When you’re done speaking with Marcus, he will pay you. Then drive back to the
lighthouse. Go back to Darvin and speak with him. This will complete the “A
Ray of Hope” side-quest as well as further along “On the Air”. In the storage
room of the lighthouse, loot the hell out of it, use the workbench if you need
to, and then grab the signal amplifier.

Use the map in the lighthouse to fast-travel back to the lifeguard tower if you
so wish. Speak with Dominic next and give him the amplifier to complete the
quest. He will also pay you quite a bit of cash for completing this little
task (somewhere in the neighborhood of $200…which is a TON of money when it
comes to Dead Island).

With Mike and Dominic helped, speak to Sinamoi again to complete the quest!


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Man, that last quest was long. I mean, it was like three or four quests all
rolled into one, but still. Damn. Your next assignment is to find at least
three cans of food to Sinamoi to help build up a food supply for the survivors.

Canned food can be found everywhere. Chances are you even have some right now
in your inventory, unless you’ve been pawning it off in one of the side-quests
or selling it. If this is the case, just search the bungalows for some of the
noms. Then return it to Sinamoi.

It may even let you get away with only giving him one can of food. It let me,
anyway, but I’m not sure if that was an isolated glitch or something else.
Regardless, give him the food to complete the quest.

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
It’s time to visit a couple of gas stations and still boxes of juice from them.
Because you know Sinamoi be needin’ his Capri-Sun, even though the entire
ISLAND IS COVERED IN ZOMBIES! Well, hop in a truck and drive to the first gas
station that the game leads you to from the lifeguard tower. It’s pretty
straight-forward. Just grab the box of juice, located in the room with the
cash register on the ground under a shelf, and then throw it in the back of
your truck. Then proceed to drive to the second gas station.

Things at the second gas station aren’t as simple. Unfortunately, the place is
crawling with Thugs and zombies. It’s really annoying. I recommend avoiding the
Thugs unless you have any explosive weapons, guns, or your vehicle has enough
health that you can just ram it into them until they die. Also notice that the
ground is covered with electric sparks.

Your goal is to get the electricity turned off. This will activate a new side-
quest called “Waterdance”, but I’m not entirely sure why it’s considered a
side-quest when it’s clearly part of progressing through the main game.
Regardless, it’s time to get crackin’ on getting rid of those electric sparks!
First thing’s first, head to the nearby open shed, which your mini-map will be
directing your towards anyways, as well as to the location of the other two

Kill any zombies in the shed, reach the switch, and flip it. With that first
switch turned off, it’s time to go turn off the second one. To reach the second
switch, run around the side of the gas station. You’ll see a truck that you can
jump onto next to a fence. Jump on the truck, jump behind your fence, then
battle your way into the next shed. Kill everything that you see, loot
everything that you see, flip the switch, and open the shed door.

Step back outside, then make your way to the next switch, which is kind of far
away. You’ll reach a tunnel with a couple of flaming cars blocking the path.
In the meantime, there will be other zombies around this area as well to give
you a headache. Take care of them in the best of your abilities, then turn your
attention back to the tunnel. Flaming zombies should come out of there every
once in a while, so kill them before they can reach you and deal a significant
amount of damage.

On the outside of the tunnel, there is a ladder that isn’t fully extended.
Sprint towards it and jump up towards the rungs to grab on. Climb up to the top
and then flip the switch up here. Now, be sure to CLIMB back down the ladder
and don’t jump off. Jumping off of this location will surely result in an
immediate death, and you really don’t want to risk that, now do you?

When you are back on Mother Earth, it’s time to get inside that gas station and
get that ever-valuable box of juice. The area of ground that was once ravaged
by electricity is now safe to walk on. There is a ladder attached to the side
of the gas station on this side, so use the ladder to climb up to the roof of
the gas station.

On the roof, there will be a Thug as well as a ton lootable containers and
items to snatch up. There is an explosive canister right next to the Thug, so
I highly recommend chucking a weapon at it to kill the Thug without too much of
a trouble and without having to waste your grenades or any Molotovs you have
saved up. When he’s dead, loot the roof, then walk over to the glass.

Smash through the glass and hop on down to a back-door area of the gas station.
Loot the place, open the door, grab the box of juice, then run to the front of
the store. Remove the barricade on the front door, open it, grab the box of
juice, then carry it back to your truck. Throw it in the back and then drive
back to the lifeguard tower with the precious boxes of juice.



- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Unlike the last couple of chapters, this chapter only consists of a single
quest. However, it’s kind of lengthy, so fasten your seat-belt folks! After
getting the quest from Sinamoi, hop in a truck and follow your mini-map back to
the hotel you escaped from at the beginning of the game.

Your map will lead you to a side-door on the hotel that is guarded by not one,
but two Thugs. Just like in any other Thug situation, kill them if you can for
the XP and the cash that can be looted from their corpse. If not, then it’s
best to just out-maneuver them since they’re slow as sin anyways. Regardless,
right in front of the door is a dead body and next to that body is the keycard
necessary to unlock the door and enter the hotel yet again.
Thanks to a fan for providing this tip!:
Great walkthrough! I enjoy walkthroughs with personality instead of simply “go here, do this” – anyway, I wanted to share an alternate approach during the beginning of chapter 3 / Born to Be Wild. it’s not necessary to fight the Thugs at the coded entrance. with the Thugs standing on the lower section, walk up the stairs and go to the area directly opposite the door. you’ll be behind a table and between two small walls. if you creep to the edge and look down on the Thugs, they will slowly ascend the stairs to get to you. when they do this, you can safely jump down, grab the keycard, unlock the door and enter the hotel. I imagine if you’re quick enough you may be able to do it all on the first try. if you run out of time and the Thugs are on top of you, simply sprint around them and back into position across from the door. instead of chasing you, the Thugs will return to their posts and you can repeat the process.


Grab the keycard, use it on the electronic lock, and then head into the hotel.
A voice will speak to you through the intercom, and this man is Davies, the
head of the hotel’s security. They obviously have been trained in what to do in
case of a zombie outbreak, otherwise he’d be toast! Dead toast, even! Anywho,
follow your map to actually meet this fellow face-to-face.

After the conversation with Davies on the other side of the elevator shaft, hop
down onto the elevator. Go through the hatch on the top and then exit. Use your
map to guide you through the hotel. There’s really no other paths to go through
or any open exploring to be had, unless you count looting the hell out of every
container and item you can open exploring.

Kill zombies. Loot. Use your mini-map to make your way through the hotel. You
will be directly led to Ken, a man in a closet that is severely injured and is
dying. He needs morphine to ease the pain away, and now your mini-map will
direct you to the morphine. I don’t know why this isn’t considered an extra
side-quest or anything like similar situations were in the previous quest, but

Fight your way to the medical room. There is a Thug guarding it, of course, but
there is indeed morphine sitting on the chair in the medical room. Grab it and
then make it back to Ken. Unfortunately, Ken will die and your new objective
will be to get to the security room and meet up with Davies so you can then get
that big-ass armored truck Sinamoi described at the start of this quest.

Well, keep following your map, keep killing zombies, and keep looting things
like looting is going out of style! Eventually you will reach a hallway with a
locked door at the end. Davies refuses to unlock the door until you clear the
corridor of zombies, so do that. There may be some Infected zombies, but it
will mostly just be harmless Walkers that you have to deal with. Anyway, with
the zombies all dead and gone (dead and gone), the door will unlock. Hey, you
didn’t even have to find a keycard this time!

Speak with Davies. He will brief you on the current situation. To access the
parking garage and reach the armored truck, you will have to screw with the
computers in the server room. The server room isn’t too far away, but once you
reach it, you will run into some opposition.

The computers that you need to mess with are on your map. The server room is
actually split up into two different rooms. I labeled one of the rooms the
“dark” room, and the other one the “Thug” room. The Thug room contains a single
computer that you need to mess with and only one enemy, which is a Thug-type
zombie. Kill the Thug if you can, but if you can’t, I have a strategy to easily
help you reset the computer and avoid taking any damage from the jerk.

There is a small in-between room between the two server rooms. Chill out in
there and wait for the Thug to get really close, but not close enough that he
will trap you in the room. Then sprint past the Thug, hold X on the computer,
and then turn around. He should be close enough to you now that you can run
past him again and shut the door on him so he can’t interfere with your
activities in the next room.

In the dark server room, there are a few more computers that need resetting, and
only holding the X button will do! Meanwhile, there are a lot of zombies in the
room as well, and they need to be taken care of first to avoid damage. Once all
the zombies are killed, go around and reset all the computers. With this
accomplished, make your way back to the security room.

Speak with Davies. You’ll then be able to go through the door that leads to the
parking garage. Do so, and then use your map to lead you right to the armored
truck. Now, the parking garage is literally CRAWLING with zombies, and there’s
a Thug blocking the door to get inside of the armored truck. Kill him if you
can do it quickly, if not, you will have to do another bait and switch
strategy to get him away from the door.

Run up to the Thug and smack him with something to get his attention. Then lead
him around the truck in a circle. Avoid confronting any other zombies and dodge
them the best you can. When the Thug is far away enough from the armored truck,
hop inside and then a cut-scene will trigger.

Following the scene, you’ll see a helicopter burst into flames in the sky. Uh-
oh! Get back inside the truck and then drive back to the lifeguard tower. Park
the truck in front of the tower in the large red pulsating circle, which should
be pretty obvious. Take this time to deal with the merchant or upgrade/repair
any weapons if needed. Then go talk to Sinamoi to finish the quest!


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Sinamoi will tell you to go investigate the downed helicopter. Well, do just
that! Use your mini-map as your guide and battle your way to the site of the
crash. As you reach the objective marker, a cut-scene will play to debut a new
type of zombie: the Suicider.

This bubbling mess of ick can be dispatched of quite easily if you have a lot
of stamina. Just run up real close to it and then run away as fast and as far
as humanly possible. It will explode and then you can loot it to obtain its
heart. At this point I don’t really know what you’ll need that for, but hey, if
there’s loot, loot it!

Continue following the mini-map to discover a small crowd of dead people with
plenty of cash on them. Loot them and then continue to follow the objective to
meet the survivor of the helicopter crash, Nikolai! After speaking with him,
it’s time to complete another escort-style mission. Follow Nikolai until you
reach a ledge overlooking the assortment of lootable corpses that you just
stumbled upon moments earlier.

They are all now zombies! Jump down and then kill them all. When they’re all
dead, Nikolai will start running again. Follow him until he stops again. When
he does this, that means that more zombies are right around the corner. Kill
them and then follow him again all the way to a bunker. Speak with him to
complete the quest.

This bunker is awesome because there is a map on the wall in here to fast-
travel to the lifeguard tower or the lighthouse if need be. There’s a workbench
in here as well as plenty of containers to loot. There’s a ladder that leads to
an upper-area that has even more stuff to loot, so don’t miss out on it! You
can also speak with Nikolai again to obtain a side-quest that you won’t be able
to complete until a bit later in the game.

When you’re done at the bunker, use the map to fast-travel back to the
lifeguard tower. When you arrive, speak with Sinamoi to complete this quest…
but not the chapter just yet!


- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
After speaking with Sinamoi for the umpteenth time, hop back inside the good
‘ol armored truck. Drive to your next objective, which is a workshop to have
some mechanics reinforce the armored truck. When you arrive, there will be some
zombies attacking the fence leading to the workshop.

Hop out of the truck and then slaughter the horde. When they’re all dead, drive
the armored truck to the designated pulsating red circle on the ground. After
parking the truck, get out and then run into the garage to complete the quest.

- – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - -
Speak with Earl the mechanic inside the garage. He will begin work on the
armored truck, and it’s your job to protect his workshop from any zombies while
he is busy with the truck.

Your mini-map will alert you as the zombies get closer. They are fast, running
zombies that deal a stupid amount of damage in large groups. Don’t let them
surround you, and try to knock them down with kicks if at all possible. There
will be three waves of them.

When they’re all dead, wait around a little bit until the mechanic finishes
his work. The garage door will open up, so head inside and speak with him about
the truck.


- – - – - -
- – - – - -
After the scene, speak with Jin. Get in the armored truck with her and then drive to your next objective, which will effectively complete the first act of the game.

2.Act II: City of Moresby


- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – -
Welcome to a brand new location to explore! Upon arriving, head up the steps to
the church to be introduced to a new enemy called the Ram. This thing is big,
in a straight-jacket, and is mindlessly ramming itself into the doors of the
church. There are also a few Walker zombies clawing at the church walls as

There are numerous explosive canisters around this area to help you deal damage
to the Ram as well as the zombies. Use these canisters to your advantage as
much as possible. If the Ram still isn’t defeated, you ahve no other choice but
to get in close and hit it with melee strikes. Be sure to dodge out of the way
when it starts to charge, though, or else it will knock you off your feet and
take away about a quarter of your health.

When the beast is finally defeated, kill any straggler zombies that survived
the battle, then the people inside the church will open their door to you. Head
inside and speak with Mace to finish the quest.

To Top

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Once inside the church, take a little bit of time to deal with the merchant and
the workbench as needed. Then approach Mother Helen. She will inform you of the
current situation without you actually having to press X to speak with her or
anything, which is kind of weird considering that was the norm for literally
ever other quest-giving NCP so far.

Anyway, she’ll tell you that one of their own has been turned into a zombie,
specifically a Thug-type zombie. Not only that, but the church bells are
continuously playing and it’s attracting hordes of zombies from around the
city. Go into the room adjacent to the hallway that Mother Helen is standing
in front of to encounter the Thug.

Treat this Thug like every other Thug, except you HAVE to kill this baddie.
Just lay into him with everything you have, and if your health gets too low,
keep in mind that there’s plenty of health to be had in the church, in the room
with the Thug, and on a bench in the hallway, which has a box of fruit sitting
on top of it.

Anyway, when he’s dead, examine his dead body to get a set of keys. Dungeon
Siege the room, and when it has been Dungeon Siege’d, approach the fuse box on
the wall. Interact with it to turn off the church bells, then return to Mother

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Speak with Mother Helen. She’s your new Sinamoi. Except she’s a lady. And a
nun. Possibly of the flying variety. When you’re done chatting with her, you
will have a new main quest. It seems that Mother Helen sent out a few of her
followers to the pump station to fix their water problem (that is, they lack
it) and they have yet to return or turn the water back on.

Make your way to the pump station. When you arrive, you will be attacked by
multiple humans with guns. If you have any firearms, use them against them, or
kill one that’s on the ground QUICKLY, take his gun, and then take cover by the
blue truck. There are three enemies that will be on the roofs above, so take
them out first so your cover is relevant.

When they’re dead, kill any of them that are outside and slowly work your way
into the pump station. The place is crawling with humans, so take it slow.
Go room-by-room, kill all of the humans that you come across, and then loot
everything in site. Be sure to check them for potentially better pistols or at
least pistol ammo.

The enemies will appear on your mini-map as red skulls. You need to hunt every
single one down and kill them all. When they’re all dead, the game will point
you to the roof of the station. It’s time to find Antonio, one of the gentleman
that Mother Helen sent to his deat…er, to go fix the water. Remove the
barricade on the door on the roof to free the fella and then have a quick chat
with him.

When he’s done talking, follow him. Even though this feels like an escort
mission, it really isn’t as you won’t be encountering any opposition, of the
undead or living variety. When you reach the control room, listen to Antonio as
he checks on the pumps and when he’s done flapping his jaw, this quest is

To Top

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Antonio will tell you that there are a total of five fire hydrants that need to
be turned off in order to return the water pressure back to normal. That’s all
fine and good, I suppose. You can actually tackle the fire hydrants in any
order that you wish, but I highly recommend that you just do them in the order
that the game wants you to as that is how I wrote my guide and it is also the

The fire hydrants are guarded by a horde of zombies and either a Suicider, a
Thug, or a Ram. The Rams are the hardest in this situation as they have to be
killed in order for you to shut off the hydrant. The Thugs don’t even need to
be engaged, and the Suiciders…well, just run up next to them and run away
and they will do the nasty work themselves.

Apply this to the hydrants as you visit each one. Thug? Ignore it, but kill all
of its zombie entourage. Ram? Ram it back! Kill it because it will knock you on
your ass if you even go near the hydrant. Suicider? Make it stay true to its
own namesake.

The final fire hydrant is conveniently located right outside of the church.
Once that one has been secured, head up the steps and return to the church.
Mother Helen isn’t in her usual spot; she’s in the room where you had to kill
the Thug-type zombie and stop the church bells from ringing earlier.

Check the room for any lootables and then talk to her. If you stick around, you
can overhear an interesting radio call from your old pal Sinamoi.

To Top

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Speak with Joseph, who is standing outside of the church. Be prepared for an
escort mission. Follow Joseph as he snakes his way through town. He will stop
when the first group of zombies show up that are necessary to kill. These
baddies will be marked by red skulls on your mini-map. Kill them, and then
continue to follow Joseph through the streets.

After a bit more of following Joseph through streets and buildings and what-
have-you, there will be another group of zombies to kill. When they’re dead,
all hell breaks loose and you will have to protect Joseph from a lot of zombies
as he pushes his way through and makes absolutely no effort to defend himself.

Luckily for you, Joseph has an incredible amount of health. He can take a
serious beating and still live. Regardless, keep following him until the two of
you reach the door to the sewers together.

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Speak with Joseph in the sewers and then it’s time to make your way through the
hell that is the sewers. Before you do anything though, you need to cut off the
water flow in the canals so you can get deeper into the sewers. Climb the
ladder and make your way to each valve on the catwalk.

There are only two valves, but they are each protected by a zombie. Be sure to
kill each zombie before they even get to their feet and turn the valves. Climb
back down the ladder and continue to the next objective. The next room is
covered with water, so your next order of business is to open the floodgates so
you can continue your disgusting adventure in other people’s filth.

Your map will guide you to the control room. Interact with the controls to open
the floodgates and initiate a cut-scene! This scene is used to introduce
another new zombie type to contend with: the Floater. These guys are total
knock-offs of Boomers from the Left 4 Dead games, in terms of looks. Their real
purpose in Dead Island is to just provide an intimidating force and to include
a zombie-type enemy that has a ranged attack that can somewhat disorient you.

I recommend running past most Floaters as they aren’t just worth the hassle,
but the game demands that you murder this one and the zombie buddies he spwned
with. Leave the control room and do just that. Treat Floaters as if they were
Thugs or Rams in that you should use your best weapons against these suckers,
and don’t take them lightly.

Luckily for this first encounter, there is a rather large pipe placed right in
front of the vile creature. Use this pipe for cover from its bile attack, and
then move out of cover to attack, rinse, and repeat. This should keep you from
taking too much damage from the damned thing while also making sure you can
still semi-constantly deliver damage yourself.

When the enemies are defeated, it’s time to SPRINT through the sewers! And
trust me on this, you are going to want to sprint. There are so many zombies in
the sewers that it’s ridiculous. You can’t really hope to fight them all off,
so your best bet is to follow your mini-map through the maze-like sewers and
avoid confrontation at all cost. It’s a strategic retreat…forward! It makes
sense, trust me.

You’ll come to a door that is barricaded in the sewers. Unlock it and then keep
going. You’ll finally come to a room where you need to slide down the wall to
continue. Before you slide down the wall, though, use the explosive canister
located on the catwalk you’re on. Toss it down to the zombies below and then
blow it up from your location. This will take care of all the zombies and leave
a clear path for you to reach your next objective.

Slide down the wall when all the zombies are killed and then keep following
your mini-map in pursuit of the red objective flag marker. Eventually you will
come across a door. This door is the end of the road for the sewers and the
end of the road for this chapter as well.

To Top


- – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – -
Upon arriving in the town hall, go to the workbench. I know you’re going to
need it after going through those damned sewers. When that’s done, go up to the
top floor and speak with the mayor, who is hanging around next to a fast-travel

After that conversation, a cut-scene will trigger. I don’t know why they’re so
concerned about getting around, considering the fast-travel map in the city
hall and everything, but whatever! Jin’s runnin’ the show I guess.

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Speak with Josh. He will tell you that you can use the sewers to get to the
supermarket. However, you need to bribe the guard that’s protecting the door to
the sewers in order to gain access to them.

First, go speak with the guard. He will grant you the side-quest necessary to
bribe him, which is called “Guard on Duty”. Basically, he wants alcohol or he’s
not going to let you through. There’s a good chance you already have alcohol in
your inventory, but if you don’t, then just look around for some. There is some
alcohol that can be found in the city hall you’re in anyway, you just have to
do a little bit of looting to find it.

When you have the alcohol, speak with the guard again and hand it over. Then
head into the sewers. There is mostly just Suiciders in the sewers this time,
and very few zombies. I recommend forcing the Suiciders to kill themselves and
then killing the zombies for XP as you make your way through the sewers. You
aren’t going to be in here very long, there’s not much opposition, and it’s a
good way to do a little bit of grinding.

Follow your map to the door that leads into the supermarket. You’ll be in the
back room of the market, and a little investigating will yield a Floater-type
zombie along with a few other, weaker undead freaks. Kill them all, even the
Floater. With this accomplished, fight your way to the main area of the
supermarket, killing every zombie you see and looting as much as you possibly

In the open area of the supermarket, there is plenty of health, but there is
also plenty of Punks ready to fill you full of lead. Use your mini-map and the
white skulls to locate them and then try to shoot them from far away. Use the
shelves as cover. When all the initial Punks are dead, continue going through
the supermarket.

You’ll run into even more Punks. Kill them all as well and loot their dead
bodies like always. Then continue, killing any Punks that you see. As you go
through the supermarket, Punks will eventually shut a door on you and barricade
it. No worries; just turn to the right and bash through the door that’s there.

There will be some zombies in the next room, but they are Walkers and they
start on the ground, so kill them. Scour the room for any collectibles and any
lootable goodies before continuing. You’ll find a small warehouse-like room
filled with survivors that are hiding out from the Punks. Grab the medical kit
on the wall and then bash through the next door.

You’ll have to kill more punks in this area as well. Kill them all. Some of
them will be equipped with automatic rifles, so there’s a new gun type for ya
if you haven’t stumbled on any already. When they’re all dead, use nearby
workbench to upgrade, repair, what-have you. When you’re good to go, approach
the trolley that is holding a bunch of boxes of food.

Approach the handle of the cart and then press X to activate it. The cart will
then load itself up on the truck and a cut-scene will play, which will in turn
end this quest.

To Top

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Now it’s time to get back to city hall! You have to go through the sewers to
reach the place. Kill any zombies that you feel need some killin’ done to them,
but otherwise just sprint back to the city hall. Because once you arrive…

EVERYONE IS DEAD! Oh no! You’ll get a spiffy side-quest upon entering the place
that I highly recommend you do called “Big Daddy, Where Are You?” There are
more details about this quest in the side-quest section of this guide towards
the bottom. Otherwise, use your map to guide you out of city hall. Kill any
opposition you come across.

Your map will lead you to the door that leads right back into the sewers that
took you to the city hall in the first place. Jog through these sewers. It’s a
very long way to fresh air. Avoid the Suiciders at all costs and only kill
zombies when it’s an absolute necessity. If you die down here, you will be
sent all the way back to the starting point of the sewers, and that’s just a
pain in the ass.

When you get out of the sewers, it’s time to make your way back to the church.
The game should have led you right outside of the church anyway when you exited
the sewers, but regardless, go back to the church. As you start making your way
to your next objective, this quest will be completed and this chapter will come
to an end.


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Mother Helen has some bad news for you. It seems that Jin and Joseph went to
the police station to try to give those locked up there supplies as well. And
they haven’t returned. Man, people Mother Helen sends out to do stuff NEVER,
EVER, COME BACK! Well, make sure your weapons are all up to date and you have
some medical kits and what-not because you’ve got a challenge in front of you.

Upon leaving the church, you’ll find Joseph at the bottom of the steps. He will
explain that the looters at the police station attacked them and captured Jin.
Well, who’da thunked it! After your chat with Joseph, your mini-map will guide
you to a manhole that leads to the sewers again.

Sprint through these sewers as there are plenty of Suiciders down here that
will give you trouble. You don’t have to be stuck in the sewers for long,
though. You’ll find the door to the police station’s parking garage before

On the ground next to a dead body near the police car with the open trunk, you
can net yourself a tape recording collectible. Besides that, kill anything that
gets in the way and then continue onwards to the actual police station itself.
The tight hallways in this station will help you kill zombies easier, so that’s
a plus, and it’s virtually impossible for you to get surrounded.

Fight your way to the jailcell area. There is a side-quest around here if you
are interested. The details for it are at the bottom of this guide, but it is a
very easy side-quest and really needs no explanation. Regardless of whether or
not you decide to go through with the side-quest or not, keep making your way
through the station.

As you follow the objective markers, you’ll eventually surprise a couple of
Punks. These Raskols (as some people in the game refer to them as) aren’t too
annoying. Initially, there will only be one or two to deal with. Kill them,
loot them, and continue.

As the rooms in the police station get bigger, there will be a lot more Punks
to fend off. Use the cubicles as cover to kill them, and be sure to pay
attention to your mini-map in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to
help you with the locations of these guys. When they’re all dead, loot, and
then continue going room-by-room to your next objective.

You’ll eventually reach a door that is locked. Bash through it to find Jin and
initiate a cut-scene. After the awkward dialogue ceases and the scene is over,
you will be back outside of the church with the armored truck. Speak with Jin
to finish this quest.

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – - – -
This quest is ridiculously easy. Speak with Mother Helen at the church, and it
is done. I don’t think you get any XP for it, but you will get rewarded with a
nice purple (like World of Warcraft) weapon.

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
This is another super-easy quest. Approach the armored truck and press X on it
to fast-travel to the Resort area again. As soon as you spawn, you will be
attacked by zombies. God knows why they get out of the damned vehicle whenever
this happens, but whatever.

Hop back inside the armored truck. Drive it all the way back to the lifeguard
tower. Park it inside the pulsating red circle and then get out of the vehicle
to end the quest.


- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Speak with good ‘ol Sinamoi outside of the lifeguard tower. After talking with
him, hop in the truck and drive it to the hotel. There is a new door to go to,
so be sure to follow your mini-map and don’t go running to the other door you
used before to get into the hotel.

Enter the door. Watch the scene. Quest complete.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Return to the lifeguard tower. Talk to Jin, then talk to Mike about getting a
bomb. After he hands it over, this quest is complete.

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
Get inside of the armored truck with Jin in tow. Then drive to the desginated
location, which is the bunker tunnel that will lead to the third act of the
game, which takes place primarily in a jungle. Ooo! Anyway, when you reach the
appropriate destination, you’ll have to park the armored vehicle and then get
out with Jin.

Follow Jin as the two of you fight your way towards the old bunker, which is
your objective. This is just like any other escort mission; Jin will run some
way, then stop, and then you will have to defend her from oncoming waves of
zombies. Do this a few times until you get close to the bunker. When you do so,
you will have to speak with Jin again.

She will tell you to clear out the zombies in the area, which is probably a
good idea anyway. There are multiple zombies around here as well as a Thug.
Just like always, kill the other zombies, then focus your attention on the
Thug. Try to lure him AWAY from the edges because he can easily punch you off
and to your death.

When the coast is clear, approach the metal door on the bunker. Hold down on
the X button to plant the charges on the door. Then run away. Jin will actually
walk closer to the bunker. When she stops, walk up next to her and then the
door will explode.

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – -
Upon entering the bunker, go to the manhole on the ground. Interact with it to
complete this act and this chapter, though this particular quest is actually
to be continued…

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
3. Act III: Jungle
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
A quest that has bled into another Act?! What is this madness? Regardless, as
the name of the quest suggests…welcome to the Jungle! Get behind the wheel of
the jeep that is in front of you when you spawn after Jin gets into the
passenger side. Keep driving until you reach the dead-end bridge, and park in
the designated circle. Exit the vehicle, and Jin will follow suit.

She will then walk to the right to a ledge overlooking a waterfall area. This
is the Gaia Falls area, and the place needs to be rid of zombies so you and
Jin can make safe passage across the not-so-raging rapids. Well, hop down into
the water and start killing all of the zombies. There are only two types of
zombies to deal with down here; mainly Walkers, and one Floater.

The Floater is slow like the other special zombies and will be far away from
you. So far away in fact, that its bile attack will be rendered obsolete. Kill
all the Walkers, but don’t get too close to the Floater. When they’re all dead,
there is a neat strategy I developed for this particular Floater that will get
you through this part with relative ease.

Approach the Floater. As it starts to move towards you, walk backwards, with
the camera fixated on the Floater. It is only programmed to go a certain
distance and once that distance has been ascertained, it will turn around. This
is your cue to run up behind the beast and wail on it. Keep doing this until
your stamina runs down, then retreat, let it build, and repeat the process.
Obviously you only need to do this if you are lacking a better weapon like a
Molotov or a grenade that could kill the Floater a lot easier, but I digress.

With the Floater dead, follwo Jin. This is more escorting, which is your
favorite thing in the whole world, remember? If any zombies get in the way,
then kill them, but I doubt there will be any issues. Keep following Jin until
the two of you reach River Village.

For now, ignore the side-quest markers. Follow Jin until she stops at one house
in particular. There will be a conversation between her and the dude inside the
house. After this convo, you’ll be granted entry into the building along with
Jin. Listen to their conversation, loot the place (there are two knives on the
wall as well as a tape recording on the desk in front of Mowen), so make sure
to get all of this good stuff.

To Top

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Matutero, Jin’s buddy from the River Village will give you this quest. The
local psychopath Afran and his band of heavily-armed nutjobs has taken all of
the weapons and ammo from the River Village. You have an “S” on your chest, so
you get to be the one that goes and gets those boxes back.

As you make your way towards the boxes, you will be introduced to a new and
very dangerous type of zombie, the Butcher. This crazy guy will stab the crap
out of you with his arm bones, and he runs faster than the Infected do. There
really is no getting away from him, he just needs to be taken care of head-on.
Kill him by applying the same strategy that you would any special-type of
zombie. Use your best weapons first, and your Fury if you have to.

With the Butcher and any other zombies in your way dead, continue making your
way towards the boxes. As you get closer to them, you’re bound to notice one or
two humans in the distance. These are Afran’s soldiers, and they are jerks.
They are basically the same thing as Jungle Muggers, though.

Start killing them. Make your way into the water-covered rocky area as you
continue to off Afran’s men. Some zombies will emerge from the murky depths.
Leave a couple of the soldiers alive to help kill off the undead, which
includes a Floater mind you, then return to killing the people. Loot the entire
area. Then go towards the objective marker that is the opposite of the way you

As you near the farther boss, you’ll notice a set of wheels. A red jeep is
yours for the taking. Throw the ammo box into the back of the jeep and then go
back and retrieve the other box. Throw that in the back of the jeep as well and
then use your mini-map to guide you as you drive back to the village.

When you get to the village, park the truck outside of Matutero’s cabin. Take
the two ammo boxes out one by one and then place them in their designated areas
on the ground. Speak with Matutero to tell him that the mission is completed!


To Top

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Matutero wants a boat, but that jerkwad Afran done stole it! Hop into the red
jeep and start driving to Afran’s compound. It’s time to deliver justice to
Banoi! By killing people!

When you reach the compound, the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s
absolutely crawling with enemies. I ain’t never seen so many white skulls on
one mini-map in my whole life! Read that last sentence in a Southern accent,
please. And if you choose not to, well, just know that you’ve hurt me in a way
that can never be repaired.

Slaughter your way through the compound. Kill the ever-loving hell out of
anyone that gets in your way. Slice and dice them. Loot their dead bodies and
then slice and dice even more. Or shoot them. You know, just do what you need
to as you continue through the military village.

Use the mini-map and go objective to objective. You’ll come across a beach with
cabins dotting along the ocean, so be sure to loot them and look for any
collectible items, health, weapons, what-have-you. Pretty much you just need to
get to Afran, so kill everyone that’s a threat and Dungeon Siege the ever-
loving hell out of this place.

As you get closer to Afran, the coward will flee in a cut-scene. Now you got to
get up close and personal. Kill everyone as you near his house. Keep your gun
trained upward as enemies will rain bullets down on you from above. When the
coast is clear, bash through the door and take out the enemies on the lower
level as well.

Loot the downstairs and then go upstairs. Be careful because Afran is up here
and he deals an absurd amount of damage. Blow up the explosive canisters up
here before even bothering shooting at Afran as there’s a chance the resulting
explosion will kill him immediately, or at least set him on fire. Regardless,
take cover behind some boxes and shoot at Afran until he dies if the explosions
fail. Take care of any straggling cronies as well, then loot all their dead

With the tyrannical Afran dead, go back down the stairs. Go over the boat and
use the workbench if needed. Then approach the controls of the boat and press
X to sail it down the river to the aptly named River Village. Speak to Matutero
upon bringing the boat there and collect your reward.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Now it’s time to go talk to the silly Mowen. Speak with Matutero and then get
back on the boat. Mess with the controls to sail back down the river. When you
reach your destination, hop onto the land and use your map to reach the hut of

Open the door. Loot the place. Speak with Mowen. Wrap it up!

To Top

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
After your chat with Mowen, a quasi-escort mission takes place. You don’t have
to defend him from anything, but you do have to follow him back to the boat.
Hop back on the boat to finish this chapter up in the middle of a quest again.
Well, okiedokie!


- – - – - – - – - -
RIVER TRIP (cont.)
- – - – - – - – - -
Use the boat controls to get to the laboratory. Hop off the boat when you
arrive at the destination. Use the mini-map to get through the island. As you
make your way to the lab, you’ll be attacked by zombies and a Butcher. Kill
them all and continue on your way.

When you reach the outside of the lab, kill the enemies surrounding the
outside. Then go inside the lab. There’s a collectible on the table in here, as
well as a few Walkers. Kill them all to get access through the nearby locked

Head through the door and then speak with Will when you meet him in the hall.
When he’s done talking, go through the bathroom door and grab the collectible
sitting on top of the toilet in the stall. Then use your mini-map to guide you
Dr. Robert West, who has an uncanny resemblance to Dr. Robert White, the
scientist known for performing the first head transplant and messed up stuff
like that. Coincidence? Well, I really have no idea.

Speak with Dr. West in his lab to complete this quest and gain another.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Dr. West wants you to help out his fellow scientists. This is another quest
that contains a couple of side-quests inside of it. Visit with Will and Bob to
get both of their side-quests. You can choose whichever one you want to do
first, but I recommend just going along with me. I’m a cool cat. Trust me, bros
and brodettes.

Do Bab’s rat quest first. It’s the easier one of the two and it’s located right
next to Bob. After getting the quest from him, open up the doors he’s next to.
You have to stand in the next room and wait for Bob to lock the doors behind
you before the ones in front of you will electronically unlock.

Go through the doors when they unlock to rescue Bob’s buddy. All you need to do
is kill all the Walkers in the hallway, really. Kill all of the Walkers in any
manner that you see fit. When they’re all dead, return to Bob and tell him the
good news!

Now with Bob’s quest out of the way, it’s time to complete Will’s quest, which
is measurably more difficult than Bob’s. Argh. Damn you, Will. Well, be sure to
get the quest from him. Will wants you to replace a broken fuse in the
generator room to make sure the lab stays up and running and the undead
monstrosities stay outside.

Use your mini-map to guide you out of the lab. Hop in the green jeep that’s
outside, mow down any zombies you see on the way, and drive to the designated
building. It will lead you to the fuse that you need to use. Yeah, I’m a poet.
But guess what? I KNOW IT.

Bash open the door to the building. Loot the place before attracting the
attention of the Ram at the far-end. Now, if you are good at bashing down the
doors in the game, then by all means, simply draw the Ram over to you and then
bash down the door to the fuse at the far end of the building. If not, you will
have to deal with killing the Ram.

Whatever route you choose, bash through the door at the end of this room. The
fuse is inside, so grab it. Before you leave, grab the tape recording off of
the counter and use the nearby workbench if you need it. The zombies in here
will rise to their feet after you have the fuse, but they are easy pickings, so
kill them in any manner you wish, or ignore them. It’s your call.

Leave this area and then follow your map to the next building. Get inside, and
then replace the fuse on the fusebox on the wall. When that’s done, approach
the large machinery and mess with the switch to turn on the generator. Will
unfortunately informs you that this process has attracted the zombie masses, so
it’s time to bolt.

Sprint out of the building. If your jeep didn’t return to its spawn, hop inside
and drive it back to the labs. If not, just sprint, using the mini-map as your
guide, and only bothering with the Infected that are sprinting after you as
well. When you reach the labs, go speak with Will, get your rewards, and then
loot the room he’s in. If you have a shotgun in your possession, there are
shotgun shells on the desk in here.

With Bob and Will sufficiently helped (and Bob’s friend Frank sitting around
waiting to possibly be turned into a zombie–pending results from a blood test
he shall conduct himself), it’s time to return to Dr. West. Tell him what went
down to complete the chapter. And no, this quest doesn’t continue! Donezo!
Donezeo Washington!

To Top


- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Dr. West wants you to gather a blood sample from the local cannibalistic
natives that apparently have a so-called “camp” near the labs. These guys first
experienced the virus do to their cannibalism, but rejected West’s request for
a blood sample in the past.

Hop in the jeep and then drive to the location of their “camp”. What Dr. West
describes as a “camp” is much more like a complicated, dangerous village of
cannibals that have been living there for a very long time. If anything, the
scientists are the ones doing the camping. But I digress.

It seems that the brave cannibals of the Jungle won’t let you through their
giant bamboo door. Alas, you must find an alternate route of passage! Luckily
for you, that’s not too hard to do. Just turn around and take the first right
you can. Make your way through the wilderness, then cross the makeshift bridge
connecting the two boulders. Just keep going this way and you’ll land yourself
right into the middle of a bloody cannibal fighting arena! Oh noes!

Their leader will spout some nonsense at you. The gist of it is that you need
to kill all of his “Warriors”, which are zombified natives, and you will get a
blood sample. It starts out with just one Infected at a time, but then you will
have to kill two Infected at a time. Then the Infected will be covered in
flames or poisonous gas, and they will just keep coming until they are all

If you need to heal during all of this fighting, there is plenty of foot in
baskets littered around the arena. When all the Infected have been killed, an
Infected Warrior will make himself known. It’s just a Thug-type zombie that
looks like a native cannibal, except a little quicker on his toes. Kill him
and his other zombie bretheren.

When they’re all dead, loot what you can. Grab the blood sample from the dead
body of the Warrior. The gates will be raised so you can safely exit this
ghoulish area without taking the scenic route. Jump back into the jeep and then
drive all the way back to the labs to report your success to Dr. West.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Dr. West wants you to help even MORE scientists in his lab. Argh! Well, there
are once again two different people giving the quests out. One is named Frank,
and the other doesn’t even get a name. Seriously, the other guy is just called
“Scientist”. Interestingly enough, NPCs that don’t even have dialogue are given
names, but I guess this fellow just wasn’t special enough.

I don’t really care which quest you do first this time. There isn’t one that’s
overly more difficult than the other or anything. Just get both the quests and
then pick one. I will be covering the “Rotting Flesh” one first in this guide,
so if you want to follow this baby exactly, then do that one first…or scroll
down a little bit and complete the other side-quest!

Firstly, your mini-map will send you to a house near all the other scientist
homes. It’s not very far from the labs, so don’t worry about a long walk or
anything like that. It seems that Scientist had two of his other scientist
(lower-case “S”…VERY IMPORTANT) buddies infect themselves with the virus to
get tests done. How nice of them. Now you need to collect muscle tissue from
their dead bodies. How nice of you.

Bash open the door to their house. There will be one there to greet you, so
kill him. It’s just a Walker-type and poses little to no threat at all. After
he’s dead, bash open the door to the bathroom and kill the zombie in there.
With them both dead, loot their dead bodies for the muscle tissue. Also loot
the entire house for collectible items, healing items, weapons, weapons used
for modding, etc.

On the way returning to Scientist to give him the muscle tissue, make the ”
Substance of Matter” side-quest your new active quest. Just outside the lab,
there is a warehouse that contains the chemicals you need to deliver to Frank.

To get inside the warehouse, approach the fenced enclosure on the side of it.
There are boxes blocking the way inside the enclosure, but just use the boxes
to get inside. Open the door and head into the warehouse. Loot everything, and
be sure to grab the personal ID collectible sitting on the desk as soon as you
walk in.

Step a little further into the warehouse and you’ll see a whole pile of zombies
eating another zombie. Gross! Kill them all. The one they were chewing on will
start to get up after they’re dead, so kill him, too. Take the barricade off of
the warehouse door and then open it. Grab the can of chemicals and start making
your way back to Frank in the lab.

The annoying part about carrying around the can is that you have to drop it
each and every time you need to open a door. You can just run through and open
all the necessary doors then go back and grab the can of chemicals if you’d
like, but either way is going to take the same amount of time in my estimation.

Regardless, deliver the chemicals to Frank. Drop them in the corner of his lab
in the area that the game has designated for you. Chat with Frank to end the
quest. Then go speak with Scientist and talk to him to end his quest. Also, you
can loot the dead body on Scientist’s operating table if you so wish.

When the two scientists have been helped, go back and speak with Dr. West
again to receive your next quest…and your entry into the next chapter.

To Top


- – - – - -
- – - – - -
Ope, the sadistic leader of the cannibalistic natives that call Banoi their
home, is the next fellow you need to talk to. At least, that is according to
Dr. West and the mysterious “Voice” who will give you a talking-to before you
leave the labs and go on to complete this quest.

Also, I hope you’re ready for one of the longest, most annoying quests in the
game. Why is that? Well, it’s essentially a giant ass escort mission. Yay. Ugh.
Well, go speak with Ope at his sadistic little arena of death where you killed
those zombies earlier. He’ll agree to come with you to Mowen’s boat to take you
to the tomb of his ancestors.

This is the first part of the escort mission. Follow Ope through the Jungle,
listening to his little speech as you do so. You will have to stop and
eliminate all the zombies that appear on your mini-map as red skulls. You know
how escort missions work by now, and this one really isn’t any different. Keep
following him until you reach Mowen’s boat.

Get on the boat and sail it to your new location. Follow Ope in this new area,
making sure to kill the zombies that are required to kill as you do so. You’ll
eventually reach a village that is SWARMING with zombies. You have to kill all
of them, and there’s a couple of special zombies as well, like any combination
of a Floater or a Thug or what-not. It’s frustrating, but when they’re all
dead, continue following Ope.

Keep applying the escort missions rules as you follow Ope. Kill the zombies
that you are required to kill, but try to avoid any zombies that you don’t have
to kill to avoid unnecessary headaches. Ope will stop once the two of you reach
a dilemma–someone has broken the lever to lower the drawbridge! Oh no!

Luckily for you, you’re the errand boy/girl, and you are just the right guy/gal
for the job! Hop down the ledge onto the boulders below, then sprint, jump
across, and land on the boulder across from you with a dead body and a bunch of
fruit on it. Eat the fruit if you need to replenish your health then climb up
the ladder. Pull the lever to lower the bridge and reunite with Ope.

Keep chilling with Ope as you continue to escort him on this island. Kill what
needs to be killed, avoid what does not. After a little while of following Ope,
a cut-scene will play. When the cut-scene is finished, you will now be
following Yerema.

Yerema is a much easier escort. She tends to sprint past everything, but you do
rarely have to fend off an attacking wave of zombies for her. Follow her, kill
the zombies that appear on your mini-map as red skulls, and avoid the rest like
the plague…which I guess they kind of are. The two of you will reach a hut
that is considered safe…and just in time, too, as you spot Mowen being
attacked by a horde of zombies!

Run to Mowen’s aid before his health runs out. If you need to check on his
health, or the health of any other NPCs you are escorting, simply hold down on
RB to bring up the weapon wheel, and it will be located on the left-hand side
of the screen. Kill all of the zombies tormenting Mowen and then returning to
Yerema when you’re done.

Escort Yerema all the way to the boat. Take this time to use the workbench, eat
any food on the boat to replenish your health, and get ready for the fight of
your life, which is coming up right when this boat is stopped at your next
destination…So, use the boat controls and set sail when you are ready!

When the boat stops, you will have to continue to escort Yerema. This time you
need to escort her to the laboratory. There are a lot more instances of forced
zombie killings this time around, so be aware of that. There is one such
instance when you have to deal with at least a dozen zombies that will be
coming from both in front of you and behind you, and it’s incredibly difficult
and frustrating since most of the zombies are the running, fast Infected-types.

Play through the pain! And trust me, I felt the pain, too with this quest.
Return to escorting Yerema to the laboratory. You will be stopped on the stairs
when she wants you to check if the coast is clear. Yeah, she just ran across
two islands with dozens of zombies nipping at her heels, but a couple of bodies
lying down on a catwalk is too much? Please.

Personal opinions on Yerema aside, open the door, go up the stairs, and then
kill all the dead bodies. Because they’re not so much dead as undead. When all
of these zombies are taken care of, grab the personal ID collectible on the
crate and return to Yerema to continue your escorting.

She will now sprint all the way to the laboratory, so follow her. Avoid any
zombies that you aren’t required by the game to kill, and there actually
shouldn’t be anymore required-kills, so that’s fan-freaking-tastic news,
believe you me.

When Yerema reaches her destination in the laboratory, leave her be. Go speak
with Dr. West about her to finish this quest. Phew.

To Top

- – - – -
- – - – -
When you’re done at the laboratory, return to Mowen at his boat. Have a quick
chat with him to end this quest…as well as this chapter.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Now it’s time to return to the City of Moresby and get things done! You need to
get supplies for the boat before sailing to the prison island where the Voice
is located. Upon arriving at the dock in the city, speak with Mowen again to
get reminded exactly what you need to be retrieving for him.

Mowen needs his package that he has left in storage, as well as two gas
canisters to make sure the boat has enough gas to complete this trip. Follow
your mini-map to the package, which will lead you to a shipping yard with a
bunch of shipping crates all around. You’ll have to use a broken down truck to
jump up on top of the needed crate, which is right next to where you enter the

A zombie will run through and jump you, so be ready to perform the LT+RT QTE
that is required to take it out. When it’s dead, continue onward. Mowen’s crate
where he keeps his stuff is red. Open the doors and then go inside. Loot the
place and grab his package (er…). Then leave this area.

Now use the mini-map to guide you to the next objective, which is at a gas
station. When you reach it, kill all the zombies around. Then grab the two gas
cans off the ground and throw them into the back of the truck. I recommend
looting the actual gas station as well as there is a personal ID collectible
next to the cash register and plenty of healing items to be had.

With the gas cans both in the truck, drive back to the boat. You won’t be able
to drive right next to it as there are barriers in the way, but drive as close
as you can and get out. Kill all the zombies around you, then grab one of the
canisters, walk it to the boat, and drop it in the area designated by the game.
Then grab the other canister and repeat the process.

With the gas cans put in place and the package sufficiently handled (what? This
game gave me an opportunity to use the same joke over and over and I’m going to
milk the hell out of it! Don’t judge me!), speak with Mowen on the boat again.
It’s time to set sail for Shutter Island! Uh…yeah, Shutter Island.

To Top

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Ha! PSYCHE! You need to reinforce the boat before you can even think about
setting sail to the prison island! Jin says that there are pipes at her dad’s
old workshop that you can use, so set sail for the Resort and the workshop.
There is a lot of zombies there, though, so be prepared for a fight when you

A ton of zombies, consisting of Walkers and Infected, will swarm you upon
landfall. Kill all of them. I mean, every single last one. There is also a Thug
closer to the workshop, but you don’t necessarily need to kill him; you can
just ignore him and grab the pipes that are laying in a pile next to the

With the pipes in tow, return to the boat. Place them on the back of the boat
as instructed. Then witness a cut-scene straight out of Code Veronica. When the
scene ends and Jin returns to the boat, the quest is completed.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
The Voice will chime in on the boat’s radio and inform you that something
“terrible” has happened in the lab. Use the boat controls to set sail for the
lab yet again. When you arrive, sprint all the way back to the actutal
laboratory, avoiding as many zombies as possible, and only killing those that
get in your way. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of required zombie-slaying coming
up, and you don’t damage your weapons, or yourself, more than necessary.

When you make it back to the lab, head right in. All the scientists (and
Scientist!) have been turned into zombies. Kill every zombie that you see in
the lab. As you make your way through, you’ll hear Yerema scream for help. Make
your way to Dr. West’s lab.

You’ll see a horde of zombies pounding on the door. Kill all of them. When they
are all dead, head into West’s lab. Yerema is in a cage, so use the keyboard
connected to West’s computer to release the locks. Speak with Yerema after she
has been freed and she’ll give you the skinny. I will also give you the skinny
because it’s a pretty important plot point and it shows that Dr. West is a
total jackass.

It seems that after you left Yerema here for Dr. West to experiment on so he
could use her “pure blood” to find the cure, he just kept on taking more and
more blood from her. Yerema freaked out and locked herself in the cage. Dr.
West tried to electronically unlock the cage door, but in his fury, he made a
mistake and released the cages to all the zombies they were experimenting on in
the labs!

The Voice will start freaking out on the local radio about how Dr. West was
killed before a vaccine was made–or was he?! When the Voice is done talking,
open the mini-fridge on the shelf. Inside is the antidote needed to save the
Voice’s wife Emily.

Now, if you interact with the radio again, you will be taken to Act IV and you
can’t return to any other part of the game. If there are any left-over side-
quests you need to complete, places you want to explore, achievements you want
to go after, or whatever, then now’s the time to do it. If you complete Act IV,
you can restart the game with the new game+ option, of course, but you will
have to regain access to all the areas of the game and essentially start all
the way back over when it comes to the side-quests.

When you’re ready, press X on the radio to be transported out of Act III-
FINALLY!-and smackdab into Act IV!

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
4. Act IV: Prison
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
When you arrive in the prison, sprint down the hall. Mowen will talk to the
prisoner on the other side of the bars. Then you will be allowed through, so
open the door. You can trade with a couple of the merchants around here if
you’d like. Otherwise, head into the messhall to trigger a cut-scene and meet a
nice, cuddly new friend!

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Titus needs you to free his buddy Sanchez from his cell to help you get to the
Voice. Sanchez’s cell is located in the same cellblock where you acquire drugs
in the side-quest called “Acid Funk”, if that helps.

You need to go up a few flight of stairs to get to Sanchez’s cell. Speak with
him and he’ll berate you for not unlocking the cell door in the control room.
Follow his orders, go to the control room, kill anything inside of it, and then
use the controls to release Sanchez from his imprisonment.

Go speak with Sanchez, and get ready for another


or an


Follow Sanchez and kill any of the zombies that get in your way. Sanchez has a
tendency to die a LOT quicker than any other survivors you’ve escorted in the
past. Not to mention, you have to kill Thugs as well as regular zombies and
even Rams! It’s frustrating, but just push through. Try to save your Fury
ability to deal with the Rams and Thugs if you can.

When you get out of the cellblock, shut the doors behind the two of you. This
is to keep any stragglers from coming out to take you out. There’s a Thug
blocking the way back to the messhall. Luckily Sanchez won’t run up to it like
an idiot and try to kill it, which means you can take it a little bit easier.

Upon the destruction of the Thug, continue to follow Sanchez all the way back
to Titus. When they’re done chatting, the conversation is over. To grab your
item reward for completing the quest, head into the kitchen area with the
workbench inside. This is where Sanchez is hanging out.

To Top

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Have an other chat with Titus to activate this next quest. You need to gather
weapons and ammo from the armory and give them to Titus and his followers.
Yeah, this is probably the fifth time you’ve done a quest like this, but
what’cha gonna do?

As you make your way to your objective, a couple of prisoners will warn you
about the guards that are still alive and kicking, and packing heat. You will
find them using overturned vending machines and cabinets as cover while they
pop off the heads of the undead. Now, running at them head on is a really
stupid idea. If you have any good guns, though, shoot them from afar, go for
headshots, and then loot their dead bodies.

If not, go around. To the right or left you should be able to get around to
their side. Flank those suckers! When they’re all dead, continue onwards. You
will meet another prisoner near the armory that warns you that you need to get
the master key to unlock the door to the armory. So yeah, another fetch quest
for you!

This is actually a side-quest, but yeah, it’s one of those side-quests that are
made a part of a main quest. Use your map to guide you to the office of the
senior guard. You’ll have to kill quite a few of his human men on the way to
him. You’ll have to bash open a few doors, but when you get to him, be sure to
take him out quickly as he has a machinegun that shoots VERY fast.

With everyon dead, grab the master key(card) on the cupboard sitting against
the far wall. Return to the prisoner and give him the keycard. You now have to
protect him while he messes with the door’s lock. His idiocy will then open a
set of double doors that will have quite a few Infected pouring in as well as a

Kill the Infected first. Unlike Sanchez, this guy doesn’t seem to die easy, so
that’s the good news. Otherwise, take them all out, then focus your attention
on the Thug. Don’t waste your weapons’ durability on him or much ammo. Just
wait for it to get about halfway through the hallway. There’s an explosive
canister. Blow it up, and that should kill, or mostly kill, the Thug.

When he’s dead, the prisoner will get the door open. Go inside, loot the place,
and then grab the box of ammo off the shelf. Then return to Titus and hand over
the box of ammo to complete the quest.

To Top

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Titus needs you to do more of his and his gang’s dirty work. They want the
kitchen cleared out of any and all undead. Follow the mini-map to the doors
that lead to the warehouse of noms connected to the kitchen.

Upon entering, grab the meat bait on the shelf to the left. Then jump up on the
shelves. Stay on the shelves, as there is a ton of zombies on the floor below.
Notice, however, that there are quite a few explosive red canisters dotted
around this room. Toss the meat bait on the ground to lure zombies near the
first canister closest to you. When enough is all bunched around it, fire at
the canister and blow them sky high.

If there’s just a couple left, kill them like usual. If not, try to use the
explosive canisters to your advantage. Lure them over near one, or if you’re
feeling lucky, risk actually picking one up and chucking it towards a group of
the undead suckers. When the room has been cleared, head into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, kill the rest of the zombies. There’s also a Thug in here.
Luckily for you, there also happens to be an explosive canister. Chuck the
canister at the feet of the Thug and shoot it right into the canister. It will
blow up the Thug. Then use the mini-map to go through the next set of doors.

Conveniently, this leads you right into the smaller kitchen area where a group
of the survivors, including Mowen, Jin, Titus, and Sanchez are all hanging out.
You know, that place in the messhall with the workbench. Speak with Titus again
to complete the quest.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Now it’s time to get into another armory for Titus. The last box of ammo just
didn’t do. Follow the mini-map to the armory. Your opposition will include
mainly Walkers, a few Infected, and even some prison guards that will shoot at
you. It’s not going to be a big deal, though.

When you reach the door, you’ll discover that it’s blocked. You’ll then be lead
to another cellblock area identical to the one where you saved Sanchez. There
is a TON of zombies here, including multiple Rams and Thugs, so trying to fight
here is hopeless. Follow the mini-map to your control room.

Get inside the control room. The Voice will then talk to you and berate you for
trying to give weapons to the prisoners. When he’s done yellin’ at ya, he will
open up an alternate door in the control room. Head down that way, killing any
zombies that get in your way.

You’ll find a darkened staircase. You probably haven’t done so in a while, so
press down on the d-pad to turn on your flashlight. Then make your way down the
stairs and into the sewers. Sprint through these sewers until you reach a
ladder. You have to jump up and press X to grab onto the ladder, so do so, and
then climb up out of it.

Sprint down the hallway. You’ll see Jin and Yerema standing in front of double
doors. Speak with Yerema. She’ll fill you in on the gory details. Apparently,
a mob of prisoners didn’t like Titus, so they freaked and attacked him. The
ensuing riot attracted a whole horde of zombies. Mowen sacrificed his life to
make sure Yerema and Jin safely escaped through a ventilation shaft. Well, how

Run with Jin and Yerema to the elevator. When everyone is piled inside of the
elevator, some icky gas stuff will fill into the elevator and everyone will go
to sleep. Joker gas?! Oh noes!

To Top


- – - – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – - – -
What?! A bamboozling has taken place! You don’t get to stick around and get to
know Kevin better, but after the scene is over, upgrade at the workbench if you
need to, then just start sprinting. You’ll have to go up some stairs, open some
doors, and then just blow past the zombies. All of them. There’s way too many
to even bother with.

If you take a lot of damage, be sure to check the cells for health. There’s
plenty of health around, so don’t be shy. There’s also a couple of workbenches
placed strategically between your starting position and your objective, so use
those as well if you need to.

When you reach your objective, the quest is done…and so is the chapter!


- – - – - -
- – - – - -
It’s time to end this thing…ONCE AND FOR ALL! Bahaha! Run forward and kill
all of White’s men that are on the ground. You can’t do anything to him as he
is safely on the helipad and can leisurely fire at you at will. When all of his
men are dead, more will come up in elevators and what-not.

Kill these dudes as well. With them dead, White will send out a bunch of
Infected to fight against you. Some will be on fire, others will be brandishing
sharp weapons like knives. Kill them all as well.

With everything dead, an explosion will occur by the staircase. After the bomb
goes off, run up the stairs to reach White. Enjoy the ending cinematic!


To Top

Return to Top IV. Side Quests

Dead Island is a weird blend of Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, and Fallout 3. The
Fallout 3 side of the coin contributes to Dead Island having a multitude of
side-quests to complete, given to you by a ton of different characters in the
game. Characters with side-quests to complete will be marked on the mini-map
by an exclamation point.

Some of the side-quests are required to complete in order to progress the main
storyline. If this is ever the case, those side-quests are detailed above in
the primary walkthrough of the game. I will make a note of this below.

There are also quests in this game known as “continuous events”. They are
listed in this guide in the order that I encountered them. These continuous
events are quests that can be completed over and over again as usually the
quest-giver just gives you the same item after you bring him Xamount of

The side-quests are listed in the order that I myself completed them. If you
are looking for help regarding a particular side-quest, please use CTRL+F (or
your operating system’s “find” feature) and then type in the name of that quest
to find it below with ease. Good luck!


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
A. Act I: Resort
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

- – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - -
Jack will be trying to break down a door in the tower. Speak with him to get
this quest, which is fairly easy and straight-forward. Your first objective in
the quest is to break down the door that Jack is trying to knock down. Interact
with the door and then play the mini-game to break it down. You have to pull
down on the right analog stick and then flick it upwards when the bar is in the
middle of the red blotch. Do this until the door is broken down.

Once inside this infirmary, kill all the zombies in here, hiding in the dark.
After they are all dead, return to Jack and speak with him to end the quest.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Speak with Hank the mechanic to get this quest. I recommend completing this
quest in my main walkthrough, and it’s very unlikely that this quest wasn’t
completed by you anyways. The gist of it is to steal spark-plugs from the hoods
of trucks, give them items to Hank, and then have him fix up the truck he has
in the garage so it can be used by you to complete other quests quicker and


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Jack needs additional medical supplies, so it’s up to you to get them for him.
Well, on the highway leading upwards and away from the lifeguard tower, you
will find a medical supply truck that is broken down. Kill any zombies nearby
and then grab the medical supplies out of the back of the truck. There is a
trunk that you can lockpick if you have lockpick skill level 2 as well, so keep
that in mind.

With the medical supplies in-hand, head back to Jack. Give him the supplies to
end the quest. In return for your help, he will give you a sickle that does an
insane amount of damage (for early in the game, anyway), so be sure to grab
that before leaving him.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
You can find this quest on the highway between the lifeguard tower and the
lighthouse. There will be a truck parked in the doorway of a bungalow cabin,
effectively barricading the people inside and keeping them safe from the zombie
menace. Do the logical and polite thing by getting in the truck and backing up
so can you forever put their well-being in jeopardy!

With the truck moved, head inside. Jessica will freak out about her hurt
husband. Head into the bathroom, and, sure enough, there will be her husband,
leaning against a toilet and bleeding to death. It seems he is turning into a
zombie, so it’s best to get his wife the hell out of there. Hop in the truck
and Jessica will get in the passenger’s seat.

With Jessica inside the truck, back out, and go to the right. Try to avoid
hitting any zombies as it damages the truck. Drive along the narrow sidewalk
outside of the bungalow and follow it. It will eventually lead to the highway.
Once on the highway, follow the objective marker to the lighthouse. Park in the
big red circle at the lighthouse and get out of the truck to end the quest.


- – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - -
Mick Fler at the lighthouse will give you this quest. You can only get it after
speaking with James at the top of the lighthouse, which is a required objective
for a couple of different quests in this game. Regardless, speak with Mick. He
wants painkillers or bandages.

If you haven’t been selling them, you probably will already have painkillers or
bandages. He just needs one of either item, so give it to him to complete the
quest. If you don’t have any, just loot the hell out of places, or buy some
medical supplies from the merchants at either the lighthouse or the lifeguard

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
This quest is covered in MUCH detail in the main walkthrough. It is required to
progress through the main storyline.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
When the “Ashes to Ashes” quest is completed, Mike will hang out on the upper-
level of the lighthouse. You can visit him whenever you have five alcohol
bottles. Give him the alcohol bottles and he will bake you up a Molotov
cocktail. Not only that, but you’ll be given 50 XP every time that you
accomplish this. This is a continuous event.

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Ned is located in the lighthouse. Just give him canned foods and he will reward
you with cash. This is a continuous event.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
This quest MUST be completed to further the main storyline. As a result, the
details of this quest are located in the walkthrough above. Get the picture by

- – - – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – - – -
Most of this quest will be completed by following steps in my walkthrough for
the main quest listed above. The gist of it is to talk to James at the top of
the lighthouse. He will then tell you to help out everyone around the
lighthouse. Just go around, talk to everybody, and then speak with James again.
He will pay you handsomely for your services.


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Jeannie at the lifeguard tower will give you this quest. She accidentally left
a necklace that her husband gave her at her bungalow, #6, in the Silver
Bungalows District.

The necklace is located in the same bungalow that you find Jessica and Roger
in, so there is a good chance that you have already stumbled upon it.
If you don’t have the necklace, just go to the bungalow and loot it to death.
You will find the necklace, then return it to Jeannie to complete the quest.

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
Main quest. ‘Nuff said.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
You are bound to notice the exclamation mark for Luke Craig’s quest on your
mini-map. If not, just open up your map and look around until you notice it.
Side-quests will always appear on the larger map once they are available.

Regardless, to reach Luke, you’ll have to kill some zombies. Luke will be in a
room behind two double doors. Break the doors down and speak with Luke. He will
give you insulin that you need to give to his brother Danny. Follow your map to
reach Danny, who is hiding in a bungalow also being attacked by zombies that
need killing.

Save Danny from the zombie threat. Then speak with him to give him the insulin
and to obtain your cash reward.


- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Speak with James at the top of the lighthouse to receive this quest. Then go
back down to the bottom of the lighthouse. Hop the fence to the clearing where
all the luggage is almost spelling “HELP”, albeit with the P missing its curve.

Kill all the zombies, including the Thug that is walking around. They will all
spawn back, and some zombies will race out towards you, but just use the crates
near the unfinished “P” as fast as you can. Place them in their proper places,
using the shadowy cube-shaped figures for reference.

When you are done rebuilding the “P”, make your way back up to the top of the
lighthouse. Speak with James at the top to finish this quest and receive your

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Kim is near the woman where you get the “Toy Story” quest from. In fact, they
are in the same room, so that’s pretty damn near. You can find them easily by
checking your map for side-quests while working on the main quest “To Kill

Just give Kim water. That’s all there is to it. This is a continuous event,


- – - – - -
- – - – - -
Omar Torres is the man that you need to speak to in order to start up this
quest. He is in a bungalow, and he can be found by looking at your map, or by
just happening to see his exclamation point on your mini-map when you get close

Omar will ask you to take down a “tall guy” that owed him money…when he was
on the living. Looks like debt truly doesn’t have a statute of limitations.
Follow the objective marker to a bar where Omar’s buddy used to reside. There
will be a blood trail at the bar that you need to follow.

The blood trail will lead you down into a restroom. There will be bodies and
blood everywhere, and Omar’s buddy will be in a stall. He is a Thug-class, and
very dangerous. Take him out any way that you possibly can, and then search his
dead body for the safe key that Omar needs.

Return to Omar and give him the key. He will then head into the next room of
the bungalow, which I guess belongs to the tall guy we just offed. In this next
room, you are to look for the safe. Just go over to the painting on the wall
and press X to move it aside. Speak with Omar again and then you will have the
quest completed.


- – - – - -
- – - – - -
The increasingly annoying Omar will want to join the group of survivors at the
lifeguard tower. Ugh. And yes, this is an escort mission. Bother. Well, just
follow Omar. He will take a snakey path back to the lifeguard tower, and be
sure to fend off any zombies that try to attack you two.

When you reach the lifeguard tower, speak to Omar again. He will reward you
with a sweet revolver, one of the earliest guns in the game, and then he will
join your group of ragtag zombie apocalypse survivors.

- – - – -
- – - – -
Anne is in the same room as Kim, the lady that no matter how many bottles of
water she drinks, she is cursed to be thirsty until the end of days! Anne has
gone a little loopy post-zambie attack, which is understandable I suppose, and
she wants her teddy bear.

Travel to the location of her teddy bear. It’s in a bungalow that is now
occupied by a crazed lunatic with a knife and a woman rocking back and forth in
the corner talking about blood. The lunatic will try to stab you to death, so
kill him. Grab the teddy bear off the chair and return it to Anne to complete
the quest.

- – - – -
- – - – -
In the lighthouse near Colin, where all the survivors are hanging out really,
Maggie is sitting on a floatie. Speak to her about Steven (the very first
side-quest you got, remember?) missing her. Then fast travel back to the
lifeguard tower.

Speak to Steven. Tell him what Maggie said, and the quest is completed.


- – -
- – -
Laurie will be hanging out on the side of the road, yelling for your help. You
will inevitably drive by her while trying to complete quests in the main
storyline of the game. Hop out of your vehicle or run up to her or whatever,
and she will tell you that her husband is trapped in their crashed car.

Follow Laurie to the site of the wrecked vehicle. Crouch and approach the door.
Hold the X button to try to open it. A swarm of zombies will attack, so kill
them. When the coast is clear, return to the door and hold the X button again
to actually open the damn door this time.

Laurie and her boytoy will run off. Open the trunk of the car and loot it. You
have earned it, bro!

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
It’s part of the main storyline. NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT!


- – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – -
Harlan is a fellow behind a fence being terrorized by zombies. Kill all the
zombies that are trying to break in and attack Harlan, then have a quick chat-
a-roo with him to get his quest. He wants you to break into the house behind
him so he has a place to stay.

Notice the pile of boxes against the fence? Climb up the boxes, then run along
the top of the fence. This part is kind of tricky, but just be sure that once
you are on top of the fence, don’t move the camera in any direction and just
push forward on the left analog stick. When you are close enough, jump over the
wooden fence that leads to the backyard of the house.

Run around to the other side to find a door that you can go through to get in
the house. Inside, you’ll find a Thug. Kill the Thug, then loot his dead body
to find the keys to the house. Open the door to the house to let Harlan come
inside. When he’s situated, talk to him to complete the quest and receive a
pretty badass baseball bat, too.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
This is a quest you should pick up from chatting with the lovely folks at the
tower. While you actually get this quest a lot earlier than a lot of the
side-quests I have mentioned so far, it’s best to wait until a bit later to
even attempt this as the zombies on the way are vicious and there are a lot of
Thugs to contend with as well.

Go to the lighthouse then hop the fence to reach the area with all the crates
on the ground that spell out “HELP”. Then just follow the mini-map to the
Diamond Bungalows. This is where you’ll find Kelly’s husband. He’s sitting on a
bed with a scantily-clad gal. Speak with him, digest his douchebaggery as best
as you can, then make your way back to the lifeguard tower.

Give Kelly and Max the “good” news, as the game suggests.


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Svetlana is a floozy located in the Diamond Bungalows, in the bungalow that is
occupied by a bunch of other survivors. She wants champagne in exchange for
diamonds and 100 XP. This is a continuous event. This is also an example of
severe and dangerous alcoholism.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Harlan wants a couple of gas cans in order to power his new place of residence.
This quest is pretty simple. Just drive to a gas station and find two gas cans.
Hell, you don’t even have to fill any of the cans up this time; gas cans that
are filled with gasoline will be marked by a red “hand” symbol on the mini-map.

Toss the two gas cans in the back of your truck and return to Harlan. Place
them in the designated location and then speak with Harlan to complete this

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Good ‘ol Harlan wants bottles of alcohol and with them he will make some
Molotov cocktails for you to use. Like your deal with Mick or Mike or what’s-
his-name-that-creepily-burnt-the-dead-bodies, this is a continuous event and
will net you a very useful weapon each time you do it.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
There’s a reason this quest’s difficulty is labeled as “hard”. That’s because,
well, it is hard! There will be a small cave on the way from the lighthouse to
the Diamond Bungalows with a couple of shipwrecked ships. The ships are home to
cases with flares inside.

The hard part comes in with the fact that the place is SWARMING with zombies.
Not only that, but I encountered three Thugs simultaneously while trying to
attempt this. If you can kill them, do so, but if it’s a matter of life or
death…choose life and get the hell out of there!

When you grab the flares, return to Trevor. He is hanging out at the top of the
lighthouse with James.


- – - – - -
- – - – - -
This quest is obtained by talking to Jennifer in the Diamond Bungalows,
specifically in the one with all the rich folks holed up and that jerk guy that
hates his wife. Anyway, this quest is straight-forward, simple stuff. You
remember Anne? No? Well, remember that crazy chick that wanted you to risk your
life traversing an island infested with zombies that can punch you through a
brick wall? Yes? Well, then you remember Anne.

Follow the objective marker to Anne. Speak with her and then return to
Jennifer. Tell her that her sister is A-okay. Just leave out the part about the
fact that her sister is bunking with a lunatic that can drink enough water to
actually win a Wii (too soon?) and that she’s placed her life in the hands of
an inanimate teddy bear.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
2. Act II: City of Moresby
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
At the warehouse in the city, there will be zombies attacking the front door.
Kill them all and then head inside the warehouse to complete this side-quest.

- – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - -
Tavin at the warehouse will give you this quest. If you bring him five
detergents, he will reward you with 70 XP as well as incendiary grenades. This
is a continuous event.

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Stan is chilling outside his apartment in the city. Unfortunately, for him,
looters have invaded his home and have ransacked the place. I don’t recommend
attempting this side-quest unless you have a gun or a weapon that can be thrown
and deals a significant amount of damage.

There will be human enemies in this apartment, obviously, and they all have
guns. If you lack a gun, kill one of them and take their weapon to use on the
rest of them. It will make your life much easier, believe me. Kill your way
through the apartment and try to use doorframes and walls as cover as guns can
kill you a lot faster than any zombies.

When they’re all dead, return to Stan and give him the good news that is home
has been cleared of all invaders!

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – -
Deanna from the Church needs insulin for her loved one. Two people in one game
with diabetes that both need insulin?! If this isn’t some kind of world record,
I don’t know what is. There is a chance you have insulin already, but if you
don’t, visit any number of the pharmacies or stores located around the city and
check the fridges to find insulin.

Grab the insulin. Return to Deanna. Save the day…AND A LIFE! Drama!

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Carla in the warehouse wants her asthma inhaler. Ugh. People in this game
either have asthma or diabetes, I swear. This is the unhealthiest zombie-
infested island ever! Well, you can find them in a number of pharmacies, and
the game will point you directly to the location of one.

Grab an inhaler and bring it back to her for a nice cash reward.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Warehousian Jack wants a picture of his daughter. Allow the mini-map to guide
you to the store where the picture is located. But beware…as soon as you get
close to the store, a couple of looters will try to attack you. Kill these guys
to the best of your ability, loot them, and then enter the store.

There will be another looter in here hiding behind the counter. Kill him dead
and then grab the picture that’s behind the counter. Return the picture to Jack
to brighten up his day.

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – - – -
Nick and his band of ruffians in the city have been locked out of their home
base! It seems that their buddy was beginning to turn into a zombie, so they
abandoned him. He got pissed off at this and decided to lock the door behind
them. What a nice fellow.

First thing’s first! Head around to the left side of the building to find a
ladder. Climb up to the top and then go through the door on the roof to get
inside. There is a fast-travel map in here as well as a workbench, so you know
this place is legit. However, there is also a Thug-type zombie that used to be
friends with the people you’re questing for, and he needs killed.

Do so. He’s a fairly easy Thug to kill especially since you don’t have to worry
about any weaker zombies getting in the way. When he’s dead, unlock the door
for Nick and his ragtag group of scaliwags.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
A fellow at the Church needs you to kill his family, who have unfortunately
been turned into a couple of zombies. They are located very far away from the
church, so be prepared to deal with plenty of zombies in the streets on your
way to his house to kill his family…because he’s too damned lazy to do it
himself I guess!

On your way to the house, you will undoubtedly come across a large barricade.
You need to use a ladder to climb over the barricade and then hop down on the
other side. I guess it was an attempt to keep the infected only on one side of
the city…obviously, it didn’t work out so great. When you’re on the other
side, keep on moving until you reach the house.

There will be zombies in here to deal with as you make your way to the second
floor where your primary targets are located. Bash open the door and kill them.
They are easily killed. Loot the place then return to the church, bring the
good news (that you made his family disappear), and the quest will be

To Top

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
Kwan in the warehouse will grant you this fine quest. His brother Cho is hiding
in an abandoned apartment building. The game will point you right to him, which
is great. When you get inside the apartment, he will be rocking back and forth
on the kitchen floor like a lunatic. Talk to him then be prepared for another


Woohoo. Follow Cho through the streets. There will be three different zombie
encounters. The first two waves are simple. The third wave contains a Thug, so
be sure to take out the weaker zombies first. If you have a Molotov cocktail
or a bomb of any sort, use it to try to take out as many as possible as quickly
as possible. Regardless, when they’re all dead, Cho will run into the

Follow him to witness the tearful reunion and to complete the quest.

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
Speak with Carl at the warehouse to get this quest. Then follow your mini-map
to the “electric shop” which looks exactly like every other shop or pharmacy in
this freaking city. Inside the shop, there will be a zombie, so kill it. This
lone zombie is all that’s a threat in here, though.

With the zombie killed, grab the parts needed off of the counter and the wire
from the shelf. Then return to Carl with the parts to complete the quest.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Just get 5 bottles of alcohol and give it to Florencio in the warehouse. I
recommend visiting the Resort area of the game for alcohol as there seems to be
a considerably more plentiful amount of alcohol there than in the city. This is
not a continuous event, however, so keep that in mind.

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - -
This is a quest that you should just keep in mind while exploring the city
anyways. If you don’t have this quest as your active quest, then look for a
white flag on your mini-map while doing other quests. These are the locations
that you need to put up the posters for Howard from the church.

If you make this your active quest, then be prepared for a challenge! The
posters are spread out across the city and it requires a lot of traveling and a
lot of zombie-killing/avoiding to hang them all up.

But once you have completed your task to let the city know that you’ve found
their lost Howie, return to him to end the quest.

- – - – -
- – - – -
Heh, this quest sure takes the “fast” out of “FAST AID”! Amiright? No? Well,
I hardly ever am. Lucas from the abandoned building will give this quest to
you. He requires medicine from the pharmacy for some reason.

However, he wants you to visit a specific pharmacy. And you are obligated to
do so in order to complete his quest. The pharmacy in question, however, has a
ton of zombies in front of it, not to mention a Ram. I recommend avoiding doing
battle with the Ram unless you feel you have the equipment required to take it
out. It’s best to just maneuver your way through the horde, get inside the
pharmacy, and then leave when it has been Dungeon Siege’d.

Then make your way back to Lucas and wa-la! Quest completed.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Frank wants you to kill all the zombies outside of the pumping station. As soon
as you step outside of the pumping station, which you need to do to complete a
part of the main quest (but since this is completely optional, I’m including it
in this portion of the guide). Anyway, the zombies that you need to kill are
just Walkers, and they appear on your map as white skulls. Kill them all. Talk
to Frank again. Mission accomplished.

To Top

- – - – -
- – - – -
You’ll inevitably hear Terrance’s cries for help while completing the fire
hydrant main quest. He’s leaning against a building, is dying, and has written
up his last will and testament to be delivered to his family. They are located
at the church.

Go to the church. Go upstairs and give his will to the desginated NPC at the

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
This continuous event requires you to acquire five batteries. Ryan from the
church wants them in order to power flashlights when the sun goes down and the
spooks come out of the woods!

- – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – -
Hugo at the church has a tape that needs to be dlievered to Garett Grant. Grant
is working at the local radio station, making sure that 103.75 THE BOX is still
playing those happenin’ tunes and providing only the BEST music each day with
limited commercial interruption! Right…anyway, this quest is extremely
straight-forward. Just jog your ass to the radio station and give the tape to

You don’t even have to go back and report to Hugo regarding your success!
Well, isn’t that nice?

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Speak with Garett to get this quest. It seems that the loudspeakers all over
town need to be turned back on in order for Mother Helen’s message about the
church being a safe haven to reach any and all survivors. Use the mini-map to
make your way to the first speaker that needs fix.

Your map will lead you to a building with a ladder attached to the side. Climb
up the ladder and onto the roof. You’ll have to deal with Punks, aka the human
enemies in the game, up here. Kill them all and when the coast is clear,
approach the fuse box. Hold X to fix the speaker and then work your way to the
location of the second speaker.

The second speaker is a bit trickier. Once you approach the building that is
located on, your map will quit helping you out. Run around the building until
you locate the fuse box. It is located behind a fence, and there is a ladder
behind the fence as well. Your goal is to get on top of that roof and then
climb down the ladder to fix the fuse box, which in turn fixes the speaker.

Move your eyes upward. Notice that there is a makeshift bridge connecting the
building on the left (when you’re facing the fusebox) to the building that you
need to get on top of. Sure enough, there is a ladder on the adjacent building,
so use it to get to the bridge, which you can then use to make it to the
ladder. Climb down, fix the fuse box, climb up, but stay on the rooftops.

Your map will guide you in the direction of the third fusebox. Just cross the
makeshift bridge across to the other rooftops. There are a few zombies up here
so kill them. When they’re dead, you’ll find the fusebox being guarded by a
Thug. Ignore the Thug if you don’t feel comfortable confronting him and then
fix the fusebox. Hop off the roof.

The map will then guide you to the fourth fusebox. When you arrive near the
location of the fusebox, notice the tower set up in the middle of the street.
Climb up the ladder to the top of the tower, sprint, and then jump across to
the roof. You’ll see a Suicider, so run straight ahead. There is another
Suicider guarding the fusebox, so fix it and then jump off the roof before
either of them can kill you.

With all of the speakers reactivated, go back to Grant.

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Greaaaaaat. Another one of these. UGH! Well, use your mini-map to guide you to
the first speaker. As you near the location, you’ll notice a bunch of white
skulls on your mini-map. These are Punks and they will fire at you as you run
along the rooftops, so they need to be taken out. Kill them, loot them, and
then face northward. Turn to the left and jump over the barricade, and you will
see a ladder on the nearby building. Climb up it.

Using the wooden platforms on the sides of the building, platform your way
across to the first fusebox that needs fixin’. After this is completed,
platform your way back to the ladder. Climb down. Avoid the Rams in the streets
and make your way to the second ladder. The second ladder is facing the coast,
on a house that is covered in shade.

Climb up it and then once again, platform your way to the next fusebox. It’s
straight-forward platforming. Just jump from platform to platform. That’s all
there is to it. With the second fusebox fixed, it’s time to get to the third
fusebox and the third speaker.

The third fusebox is much easier to come by than the last two. Get off of the
roofs and the follow the coast pretty much as far as it can go. Take the last
possible right, and you will see a small entry way blocked by a couple of
crates (not to mention a gory mess). Move the crates and head through the small
entry way. The fusebox is at the top of the stairs, next to the lootable

The fourth fusebox is close by. It’s attached to a pole, but to get to it you
need to balance on the concrete wall leading up to the pole. There is a pile of
boxes that will help you get on top of the wall, then you just need to walk
straight ahead to the fusebox. Fix it and then return to Grant to complete the

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Thankfully, there are only three speakers to activate this time. Your map will
guide you to the first one. It’s easy to find. You just need to climb a ladder
to and the fusebox is attached to a wall next to the catwalk.

The second speaker is a little bit trickier. Your map will conveniently lead
you right to the ladder that you need to climb. The only problem is right when
you get to the top of the ladder, you will be under fire from a couple of
jerks. Take cover behind the wall as quickly as possible and then pick off the
baddies fast. When they’re dead, loot them, and then fix the fusebox that was
next to them.

The third fusebox is perhaps the easiest to reach. You just follow the map to
the ladder. Climb it. And bam, the fusebox is right there. There’s no zombies
to kill and no platforming to suffer through. There’s also a tape recording
next to this speaker, if you’re in to collecting all of that fun stuff.

With the speakers are all set and ready to go, it’s time to return to Grant yet
again. Speak with him to finish the quest. YAY!

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Theresa is in the church. They need alcohol for injuries. Riiiiight. ;) Well,
give her five bottles of alcohol and the quest is complete.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Bruno at the church needs Antonio’s tools to fortify the church against the
zombie apocalypse. Sounds reasonable enough. You have to fight your way all the
way back to the pump station, go to the room where Antonio was being held
captive, grab his toolbox, and then return all the way back to the church. It
is straight-forward, easy stuff. Speak with Bruno after you have the toolbox to
complete the quest.

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
This is a continuous event given by Bruno at the church. Bring him three nails
and for every three nails that you provide him with, you will be rewarded with
cash and some XP. 70 XP to be exact.

To Top

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
This side-quest is necessary to complete the main quest. Details for this quest
are found in the main walkthrough of the game.

- – - – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – - – -
After completing the Supermarket Journey quest in the main quest, this quest
will become available. It seems that in your absence, the city hall was taken
over by zombies, who proceeded to infect and kill all the rich folk hiding out
there. Your goal is to get a universal key from the Mayor, who is chilling out
in his office…dead, of course.

Using your mini-map, fight your way to the Mayor’s office. Kill any zombies
that get in the way and be SURE TO LOOT THEM. The zombies here are loaded,
especially compared to the other zombies encountered in the game. It’s not
rare to nab $1000+ dollars off a single corpse, so if there was ever a time to
loot, now’s that time.

When you reach the Mayor’s office, you’ll find that he has become Infected,
obviously. There will be another zombie hanging out with him in here, so kill
that zombie first, then take out the Mayor. The Mayor has a lot of health and
operates almost like a Thug-type, except he’s not as big as they are.
Regardless, when he’s dead loot his dead body for the key.

And also be sure to loot his entire office! There is mighty fine loot to be had
in this place. The safe under the desk has diamonds in it, so that’s pretty
awesome in and of itself.

Also, you may have noticed a mounted turret on the way to the Mayor. If you
want, you can use the turret to blast away at zombies on the street below. I am
pretty sure that they respawn infinitely. It’s a nice way to kill some time.
Get it? “KILL” some time? Oh, I am just too much some times!

To Top

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
While exploring the police station, you’ll find jail cells. The NPC Reza is
locked up behind one of them. Speak with him to get this easy quest. Just
follow your map to the objective marker, which is in the security room, and
then press the button on the wall to release all the prisoners. Then go back
and talk to Reza again.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Speak with Tim at the church to get this quest. Annoyingly, he wants you to go
back to the police station. It seems that someone raped his wife and the
primary suspect never got incarcerated for the crime. He wants revenge, which I
suppose is understandable, but he wants you to go out and get the file for this
suspect off of a detective’s desk in the police station.

You don’t need to go back through the sewers to reach the station this time.
Your map will guide you right to the front gate of the station and you can
enter it this way, but it will still lead you right into the underground
parking garage for some reason. Regardless, kill any zombies that get in your
way. You don’t need to worry about any Punks this time around.

Keep following your map until it stops guiding you. It does this because you
are supposed to find the file on your own by looking at everyone’s desk.
Luckily for you, I already found the file and I will tell you exactly where it
is! Mwahahaha.

Sprint to the end of the room, right after you enter. There are two desks
against the far wall. One of them has a personal ID collectible on it, so grab
it. In front of that desk is the desk with the necessary file. After you snatch
it, run back through the police station, through the streets, and back to the
church to give Tim the file.

To Top

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Tim is just so damn lazy. Now it’s time for you to get his neighbor’s gun for
him so he can use it to kill the rapist. Or the zombie rapist. Whatever the
case may be I suppose.

Luckily, the neighbor’s apartment is nearby to the church. I guess that makes
sense since Tim has survived and made it to the church and all that fun jazz.
Yay for small continuity in a video game! Regardless, enter the apartment when
you reach it.

You’ll probably notice that the room is filled with toxic gas. This is a
problem, but if you stay close to the door, then it won’t hurt you. Sit tight
for a couple of seconds while you read this paragraph. You need to run straight
down the hall and take the last possible left. This will lead into the kitchen.
As you do this, you will constantly be taking damage, so keep that in mind.
There is a Thug-type zombie waiting for you in the kitchen. Don’t bother with
him. Instead, on the far wall in the kitchen, there is a briefcase sitting in
an alcove. Loot the briefcase to get the gun. Got it? Good. No? WELL I ALREADY

With the gun in hand, return to Tim. Give him his weapon of vengeance to end
the quest.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
This side-quest comes straight from Mother Helen herself at the church! There
is a small cemetary…at least, that’s what it’s supposed to be, outside of the
church. There seems to be zombies running amock around it and Mother Helen
wants them taken care of.

There are three Thugs all surrounded by various Infected and Walkers. Just kill
them all in any manner possible. When they’re all dead, return to Mother Helen
to complete the quest.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Speaking of buryin’…Owain in the church, on the second story, wants a shovel
so he can start burying the dead. How thoughtful. Just find any old shovel and
give it to him to complete the quest.


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
3. Act III: Jungle
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

- – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – -
Speaking with Loren at the River Village will net you this side-quest. She is a
reclusive woman hiding behind a window. She’s a doctor of some sort. I think.
Regardless of her profession, use your mini-map to guide you the medical supply

Bash open the front door to the medical supply building and then loot the
place. Behind the curtain, there is a dead body lying on the bed. On the floor
next to the bed is a tape recording collectible, so be sure to grab that.
Otherwise, sitting on a table at the back of the hut in the corner will be a
bedpan with the necessary keys inside.

Once you have the keys go to the closet. Unlock the closet to receive the
medical supplies that Loren wanted. Run back to her and give her the supplies
through the window.

- – -
- – -
Good ‘ol Loren needs healing herbs. Healing herbs can be found all around the
jungle. This is a continuous event.


- – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - -
Tobias, a resident of the River Village, wants a local cabin cleared out of the
undead horde. Accept this quest and then follow your mini-map to the location
of this cabin to deal with the infestation…THE INFESTATION…OF THE DEAD!!!

There are a few Walkers in here, as well as a Thug. Now, this Thug is extremely
dangerous because of the close-quarters. Straight-up, this cabin is a huge pain
in the ass because of this. You need to take the Thug out quickly if at all
possible. Try to use your Fury ability against him, use any guns that you have,
and try to blow him up as that’s the quickest and easiest route.

When all of the zombies are dead and the cabin has been looted (there’s an ID
Card to snatch), return to Tobias to receive your reward…a pretty hefty cash


- – - – -
- – - – -
You actually get this quest in Act I. It spans through the third Act, so I have
decided to include it here, in the Act III section since it can technically be
started and completed within this Act, while if you get it during Act I (which
you should if you have been following my main quest guide), you have to go
through the entire first two acts and a fraction of the third one to get it
completed. By man, the reward is an awesome purple weapon and plenty of XP, so
I say it’s definitely worth the wait.

Monica at the lighthouse is the (not so) young lady that grants you this quest.
Early on in the game, your character will see a plane crash on the other side
of the island. This quest is all about finding that plane in the jungle to
investigate the debris and look for any potential survivors. Righty-o.

When you reach the jungle, the first area you travel to with Jin is called the
River Village. Activate this quest once you arrive there as the plane crashed
not too far from that area. Use your mini-map to run through the jungle. You
don’t have to get all that close to the plane crash, just have it be in view,
and that is considered good enough.

However, if you want to take it a step further and possibly get your hands on
some pretty sweet firearms, I recommend making your way to the wreckage of the
plane. There are Jungle Muggers, whatever the hell they are, that are there.
They all have pretty good guns, and it may be worth killing all of them around
the plane to get ammo and their guns. Be warned, though, that they are packing
serious heat and they severely outnumber you, even if you are playing in
4-player co-op.

Whether or not you loot the plane, return to Monica after you have at the very
least witnessed the wreckage. Talking with her will complete the quest.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Brian, holed up in his cabin like pretty much everyone else in the Jungle, will
speak with you only through his window. The window is guarded by a chainlink
fence, which everyone knows is top of the line, zombie-proof quality stuff.
All he wants is canned food, and guess what? It’s a continuous event!


- – - – -
- – - – -
Nick from the abandoned house, met during the second Act of the game, will give
you this quest, which can only be completed once you have access to this third
act, and the Jungle area. Consequently, this side-quest runs parallel with
another side-quest gained during the third act, which is the next side-quest I
am going to go over, and it’s called “Death Wish”.

After obtaining this quest from Nick, use your mini-map while in the Jungle to
lead you right to where you need to be: a military compound. This compound has
plenty of Jungle Muggers that you need to deal with. And I mean PLENTY. As in,
a lot. Kill all of them that are outside of the complex first, loot them, and
also loot the area for healing items before going into the building.

Immediately upon setting foot inside the building, you will be under fire. Kill
your opposition and then head into the next room. There is radio equipment in
here and you need to record the message that it plays for Nick. When you have
accomplished this, return to Nick at the house to complete the quest.


- – - – - -
- – - – - -
Vargas is a real bastard. He has murdered Carter’s wife and now he wants you
to get revenge for him! How manly. What you’ll have to deal with before
actually killing Vargas is detailed in the side-quest “Spy Game”, which is
literally right above this quest. Just scroll on up there if you need a little
bit more strategy and detail on how to actually reach Vargas’s location.

Regardless, the radio room at the military compound where you record the
message for Nick in “Spy Game” also houses the dastardly Vargas. He is hiding
behind a couple of overturned filing cabinets and is using them as cover. He
does a sick amount of damage with his rifle. Killing him is rather easy, but
when he’s dead, hop over the filing cabinet barricade and loot his dead body.
Be sure to take his gun, as it is very powerful.

Also, there’s and ID collectible on the bulletin board behind Vargas’s little
makeshift cover. When the deed is done, return to Carter and tell him that you
have accomplished completing his daily chores. Which included “Murder Wife’s
Murderer” on the to-do list.


- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
This quest is actually obtained originally in the first act of the game. It’s a
long quest, but it’s not difficult in the least. In fact, it’s quite simple
all-around and more or less just requires you to go to point A, then point B,
then point C. Nikolai from the Resort area of the game will grant you this
quest. If you don’t remember him, he was that Russian dude that you escorted to
a bunker as a side-quest. What a chill bro.

Nikolai gives you this quest. The first order of business is to reach the City
of Moresby, which you should have done by now if you are already at the Jungle.
Upon reaching the city, you need to find Nikolai’s restaurant. The mini-map
will guide you to it. I recommend fast-traveling to the Church in order to
reach the restaurant quicker (assuming you haven’t already accomplished this).

When you reach the restaurant, speak to Sergei. After the conversation with
Sergei is concluded, you can’t complete the quest any further until you reach
the Jungle. But hey, this is in Act III for a reason! When you reach the
Jungle, it’s time to find the super-secret Russian hide-out in the middle of
all the brush and what-not.

Now, this is a little tricky. If you have this quest selected at the River
Village side of the Jungle, it will lead you right into a wall that you can’t
pass, with the Russian hideout bunker sitting visibly and cozily behind it.

Don’t worry! There’s hope yet! By doing the side-quests that come before this
one in the Jungle, you have crossed a lardge rope bridge. Be on the side of the
rope bridge that’s not the side that houses the River Village, and then have
this quest activated. The mini-map will lead you to a whole new direct, albeit
into another wall made of jungle brush that you can’t pass.

However, you need not worry, my padawan! Face the wall, hug it, and go to the
right. You’ll see a large tree trunk in an arch shape. Walk under the trunk.
The plants here you can walk through. They are a light green color and kind of
perty if I do say so myself. After you make your way through them, you will
come face-to-face with the bunker that you needed to find.

Go into the bunker. Loot the place. You know, Dungeon Siege this mofo. Then use
the ladder to reach the second story of the bunker. Up here there is more stuff
to loot, including a personal ID collectible. However, you need to interact
with the radio sitting on the desk to complete this quest.


- – - – -
- – - – -
Yes, I know Act III takes place in the Jungle, but hear me out! This quest is
made available after completing the “Spy Game” quest for Nick at the abandoned
house, which can only be done upon reaching Act III. When you fast-travel there
to turn that particular quest in to Nick, you’ll notice another denizen of the
house has a side-quest for you, so speak with him to get this one.

You need to go back to the dreaded police station. Man, I don’t know what it is
about that place, but I HATE IT. Well, sprint through the city streets until
you reach the usual gate to get inside the station. Sprint all the way through
and only kill zombies that you need to as you work your way through the station
to your objective.

You’ll find your objective behind a cell. He’s Bill. And somebody killed him.
Open the cell door. Listen to Patrick squak at him through the radio, which is
located next to his dead body. Pick up the personal ID card behind Bill’s body
near the far wall of the cell. When Patrick is done talking, crouch down to
speak with him through the walkie talkie.

After telling him the bad news, you need to fight your way through the police
station a little more. Just use the mini-map. You’ll find a computer and you
need to download the data off of it by holding down on the X button. Be sure to
kill any nearby zombies before doing this, however.

Once you have downloaded the data, leave the police station the very way you
came. Your map will guide you right where you need to go, so no worries there.
When you get back outside in the streets, sprint all the way to the abandoned
house. Speak with Patrick again to finish the quest.


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Yup. It’s one of THESE kinds of quest. This quest is covered within my guide
for the main quest, located above.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Ditto for this quest. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look right above you.
Ahh, that’s better, huh!


- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
In the hills outside of the laboratory lives a small collection of houses where
the scienstists live. You pass through it while trying to complete the main
quest called “Man of Faith”, so it can’t be missed. As soon as you drive
through this area, this quest is added as part of your side-quests.

One of the scientists, Sebastian, is holed up in his house, which is being
attacked by zombies. Kill all of the zombies in the area. Once they’re all
dead, speak with Sebastian through his window to confirm his safety.


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Our buddy Sebastian has a friend that he was communicating with via radio, but
that friend’s radio has gone “dead”. Sebastian wants you to go investigate his
friend’s whereabouts, hopeful that he’s alive. Oh, silly, stupid Sebastian…
you holed-up bastard.

Sebastian’s buddy’s house isn’t located far from Sebastian himself. Use your
mini-map. Kill any zombies that get in the way, which will include a Butcher-
type zombie, so be prepared for that. Fight your way to Sebastian’s home, then
enter. Kill the two zombies inside, and then check the bathroom for a personal
ID collectible item.

Interact with the radio in the living room. Then return to Sebastian to tell
him that his buddy is deader than dead.


- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Sebastian wants even MORE help from you. How selfish. This cooky scientist
can’t do a damn thing for himself! Well, use your mini-map to reach the first
house that you need to raid of its TV dinner supply to hand over to Sebastian.

You can’t just go through the front door, though. Climb the ladder attached to
the house. On the roof, there is a glass window, so bust it and then hop on
down. Kill the zombie in here and if you snoop around, you’ll see a glittering
personal ID lying around. Snatch it up, then open the mini-fridge on the
ground. Take the food rations inside of it and then exit the house via the
door that you should unbarricade.

Make your way to the second house. There’s no roof-smashing this time, but
there’s plenty of door-bashing to go around! Bash through the door and then
once again, loot the place of everything it has to offer, including yet another
personal ID collectible on a shelf right above the mini-fridge. Scour that
fridge for more of the food rations.

With the rations in tow, return to the suddenly optimistic Sebastion and hand
over the noms.


- – - – -
- – - – -
A Warrior from the cannibal village wants Oleandor flowers. These flowers
apparently keep them from becoming zambies. This is a continuous event…but
it’s one that gives you cash as well as 1000 XP! So it’s definitely worth


- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Another quest given by Sebastian the whacky scientist, clinically depressed,
near-death scientist. He wants you to e-mail his parents, who he rudely blew
off when they tried to visit him for his birthday, and tell them that he loves
them before he turns into a zombie.

Sebastian’s computer is back in the labs. So return there. Find his computer
and then press X at the keyboard to send the e-mail. Return to Sebastian so you
can confirm to him that the deed is done.


- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Main quest. Look at it. You’ll find this quest there under the “Demonic
Science” main quest.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Yup. “Demonic Science”. You know the drill by now, I hope.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
Lachance in the labs needs helpin’. I guess Dr. West plays favorites, because
Lachance isn’t one of the scientists (or Scientist) that you are required to
help. Talk to him to get the quest.

Much like the “Substance of Matter” quest, your objective in “Insect Repellant”
is to get chemicals from the chemical warehouse located right outside of the

Go to the warehouse. There will be a couple of new zombies in here, but they
are easily disposed of. The chemical you need is on the counter, and you don’t
have to throw it on the ground each time that you want to open a door.

When you have the chemicals, run back to Lachance and hand them over for XP and
a new mod. And another side-quest that you can check as “completed”.


- – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - -
Nguyen wants you to retrieve his laptop from his home so he can look at porn…
er, I mean, continue his research. Nguyen’s home is located sort of, kind of
close to the other scientist houses…except it has been quite nearly knocked
off a cliff.

You’ll see a large, broken staircase made out of metal that leads down to a
lower section of the cliff, where Nguyen’s home is. Carefully make your way
down the steps, jumping from broken piece to broken piece as need be, because
if you fall, it spells out certain death.

Ignore the Ram that’s down there unless you want to fight it, and only kill the
zombies that you need to. Get inside Nguyen’s house, grab his laptop, then exit
from whence you came. Return to the labs and hand it over.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Connor is the quest-giver. He is dying on the floor of his home, which is
clustered with all the other scientist homes. After you speak with him, loot
his house, grab the file off the desk, and then return to the labs.

Monroe is one of the scientists in the labs. Give him Connor’s files to end the

- – - -
- – - -
Nguyen’s research apparently involved studying the Floater-type zombie that you
have unfortunately had the pleasure of meeting. When they die, you can
sometimes loot meat from their bodies. If you have been doing this, hand over
some of the meet to Nguyen to end this quest. Otherwise, go find a Floater and
return to Nguyen with its meat in tow.

I oftentimes find a Floater right outside of the labs, near the broken down
green truck.


- – - – - – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – - – - – -
Monroe wants you to clear out the warehouse full of food and water from any
zombies so they can safely eat and all that jazz. I suppose that’s a reasonable
request, what do you think?

Head to the warehouse. It’s basically right outside of the labs. Kill all of
the zombies inside. The enemies will consist entirely of Walkers, with one Thug
that you need to worry about.

When they’re all dead, heal up with the food items in the warehouse and then
return to Monroe to call the quest completed.

- – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - -
Monroe gives you this rather obtuse continuous event. He wants the meat of five
Suiciders. The reward is cash as well as 1000 XP but…really, Monroe? Really?


- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
When you return to the City of Moresby to get the boat supplies for Mowen, you
will come across a gentleman in the ally. He begs for your help, but lures you
into a trap! A bunch of bandits will ambush you with machetes and other sharp
instruments of the murderous trade. Kill them all.

When they’re all dead, speak with the guy again. He will tell you that they
kidnapped his daughter, and if he didn’t lure strangers to them so they could
murder and loot them, they would do terrible things to her. Follow your
mini-map to the pier to save her.

Kill all the Punks in the area. She’s located in a shipping warehouse at the
pier, so just fight your way to her, eliminating all the red skulls on your
mini-map like always. When they’re all dead, the daughter, Amber, will yell for
your help from the room she is being held captive in. Unfortunately, the door
is locked electronically.

Approach the keypad on the wall next to the door. Aim a firearm at it and then
fire to destroy it. This will effectively unlock the door. Head inside and
reassure her about the status of her father to complete this quest. Also, isn’t
it creepy how she sounds like a little girl, yet looks like a 40 year-old
woman? The hell is that all about?

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
D. Act IV: Prison
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

To Top

- – - – -
- – - – -
A junkie in the prison wants you to get him some drugs. Use your mini-map to
lead you to the necessary cellbock, and right up to the drug dealer’s cell. Be
careful, though, as there are Thug-types as well as Rams and plenty of other
zombies that you have no real hope of taking all on at once, so try to maneuver
around them.

When you actually get to the cell, you’ll discover that it is electronically
locked. Turn around and head up the stairs. This leads to the control room.
Kill the zombie in here, loot the place, and then interact with the computer to
unlock the cell of the drug dealer.

Run down to the drug dealer’s cell. It’s time to find you some drugs! Nummy.
Well, the first thing you’ll want to do is kill the zombie in here, and then
check in the toilet for drugs. There are also drugs on the second-bunk mattress
on the left against the wall. The soap dispenser on the wall also has some
drugs in it that you should grab. A pole on the frame of the bunkbeds can be
removed, which will reveal drugs hidden behind it.

Once you have all the drugs, sprint all the way back to the junkie. Give him
his fix to complete the quest.

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Angel in the messhall of the prison wants you to put down the Banoi Butcher
(no relation to the Bay Harbor Butcher of Miami). This crazy bastard killed his
entire family with a machete when he was only nine years old and has spent most
of his life in solitary confinement on this prison island.

Use the mini-map to guide you to the Banoi Butcher. He has murdered a ton of
prisoners and guards during his massacre, so if you’re in a hallway filled with
dead bodies and overturned cabinets, you’re on the right track!

When you enter the room of the Banoi Butcher, he will be behind a broken glass
window, feasting on a head that he decapitated. Listen to his little rant, then
the door to the room will unlock and you can head through. If you have a gun,
you can kill him REALLY easy with a single headshot. If not, you will have to
do it the hard way (assuming you also lack explosives), and fight him. He has a
machete, is really strong, and it’s a really hard fight.

After he’s dead, loot him, loot the room, and loot the dead bodies. When the
place has been Dungeon Siege’d, return to Angel. Tell him that you killed the
Banoi Butcher and he will hand over a very nice weapon in return.

To Top

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
I thought we were going to skate through Act IV without having one of these…
but…you need to go up into the “Full Metal Jacket” quest in the main
walkthrough to read about this sucker. You have to complete it in order to beat
the main quest. So, yeah. There’s that.

- – - – - – - – -
- – - – - – - – -
This quest is very easy. The prisoner named Harland wants you to get medicine
for his buddy, who is currently in the fetal position in the corner. Just go up
the stairs. The medical room is right upstairs from the messhall. Grab the
medicine from the shelf. Return the medicine to Harland. Mission complete.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
V. Extras and Easter Eggs
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
The dangerous island of Banoi is host to plenty of dangers, including eggs of
the Easter variety! Not only that, but there’s some extra content to sink your
teeth into, DLC to look forward to, challenges to complete, achievements to
unlock, and a ton of other stuff.

To Top

- – - – - – -
- – - – - – -
Dead Island has 48 achievements with a total of 1000 gamerscore to earn. If you
want some help unlocking all of those bad boys, please refer to this
achievement/trophy guide written by Kenneth Stubs (aka OmegaMustard) that is
available right here on CheatMasters:

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
To go along with achievements and trophies, there is also a multitude of
challenges that you can complete for XP in the game. If you are familiar with
the challenges in the Call of Duty multiplayer, then you know exactly what
these are! And I have listed them all in this guide, just for you! How nice of

Decapital Punishment – Cut off heads
Splat! Headshot! – Crush heads
YA RLY – Get kills
Traffic Jam – Kill enemies using a vehicle
Somebody set up us the bomb – Kill enemies with explosives
Party Crasher – Break down doors
Military-industrial complex – Fire rounds from a gun
I can swing it – Swing a melee weapon
Finders keepers – Loot corpses
Treasure hunter – Open lootable containers
Black Friday the 13th – Buy items
Can’t have enough ram – Ram enemies
Dead Men Walking – Kill Walkers
He never liked it – Cut off limbs
Who butchers the Butchers? – Kill Butchers
Let the zombies hit the floor – Kill Floaters
Anger management – Kill Rams
What a way to go – Kill Suiciders
Shocker – Kill enemies using a weapon with shock damage modification
Smells like apocalypse – Kill enemies using a weapon with a fire damage mod
Firepower – Kill enemies with guns
Socialite – Spend time playing online co-op
Trust me, I’m a doctor – Revive a teammate
Undead Presidents – Loot money
It’s WAY over 9000! – Kill enemies with Fury attacks
My collectibles, let me show you them! – Find all the collectibles in the game

To Top

- – - -
- – - -
Wanna know who made the game? Now you know.

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Dead Island keeps track of the statistics of all of your individual use of each
character as well as overall statistics of the entire game. This is what is
kept track of:

Overall time played
Quests completed
Explored zones
Distance traveled
Items modified
Medkits used
Food consumed
Co-players healed
Co-players revived
Walkers killed
Infected killed
Humans killed
Floaters killed
Butchers killed
Suiciders killed
Rams killed

- – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - -
Developer Techland and publisher Deep Silver plan on releasing downloadable
content for Dead Island. If you go to this section, it will say that you have
yet to unlock any of the content. This is the listed content:


Hmm…interesting. Visit CheatMasters after the DLC drops to find a guide for
this downloadable content!

To Top

- – - – - -
- – - – - -
Dead Island is absolutely FILLED with Easter Eggs. There is a ton of references
to films, video games, what-have-you. If it’s in popular culture, it’s probably
referenced in Dead Island. To go through and list each reference would be
ridiculous. However, I will do a little mini-guide on how to fight
Jason Voorheese from the Friday the 13th films, as well as how to find his
house and get a badass, but useless, chainsaw.

To find Jason, just open the map. Scroll up and you’ll see two workbenches next
to each other on the map. Jason is located directly to the right of the
workbench higher up on the map. I know this description is crude, but you can
always check out a YouTube video for a visual reference.

Anyway, set your own waypoint marker and make your way to the location
described in the above paragraph. Jason is a formidable foe, but zombies will
also attack him as well as you. Loot the hell out of his house after he’s been
killed to see some cool nods to the films (a decapitated head on an altar?!


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
VI. Cheats and Glitches
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
It should truly come as no surprise that Dead Island, a massive free-roaming
RPG, is loaded with bugs and glitches and other problems. Well, I encountered
plenty myself, and here’s my personal account of glitches, as well as other
glitches that I have heard of or seen online:

Constant screaming – While doing one of the game’s many escort missions, the
person I was escorting was attacked by zombies. They started screaming. I saved
them from the zombies, but they continued to scream at the top of their lungs
as though they were being attacked until the quest was completed.

Invisible walls – There are sometimes when you get trapped behind invisible
barriers, either inside of a building or one that’s just randomly out in the
wilderness. While rebooting the game often fixes this problem, you can
sometimes maneuver around the walls if you’re lucky.

Quests complete themselves – Yes, this happens, and it usually happens for
quests that span Acts. For example, you can get a side-quest in Act I that
isn’t supposed to end until Act III. However, the objectives that you were
supposed to complete in Act II complete themselves when you enter the area, and
when you reach Act III, the entire quest will be fully completed! All by
itself! This is the kind of bug that you WANT to have happen to you.

Mini-map goes nuts – I oftentimes tell you to use the mini-map in this guide to
point you around to the correct locations in the game. However, sometimes the
mini-map goes absolutely bat-shit insane. It points in fifty different
directions, or tries to lead you in the blatantly wrong direction. To rectify
this, you can either reboot the game or simply select a different quest from
the menu screen and then re-select that quest.

Weapon duplication – This is actually VERY useful for anyone looking to cheat
on Dead Island and exploit a programming issue with the game. You can only do
this with melee weapons, so keep that in mind. You need to hold down the left
trigger to start the throwing animation. Then you need to pull the right
trigger and press Y at the same time. The result is that you will throw the
weapon you intended to throw, and it will duplicate itself. Ohhh yeah! Success!

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
VII. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Dead Island for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3,
and the PC!

Special thanks to Jeremy Wise and everyone at CheatMasters! Without him, this
guide wouldn’t have been possible!

Did I somehow overlook a side-quest? Did I miss a cool Easter Egg or maybe I
failed to go into enough detail for certain segments in the game? Well, shoot
me an e-mail and I will edit the guide and give you credit for any corrections,
concerns, personal strategies, hints, tips, and what-have-you!

I can be reached via e-mail at:

Feel free to check out my other guides, walkthroughs, and reviews on


Legal Information
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This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Legal Information
- – - – - – - – -
This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

This guide is exclusive to and will not be available anywhere else.

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