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There are a lot of items that you can create in Minecraft. Upon incorporating several random items, you can create dozens of new items. All you need here are your ideas. And we know players from around the world have had a bajillion’s ideas. This Crafting Encyclopedia is just an attempt to group all the Minecraft player ideas into one guide. It will grow as we find more items that we feel are useful to our viewers. So check back often for updates.

We’ve also done a very Basic Minecraft Crafting Guide that goes through the very beginning items you should have. Take a look at it if your just starting out in the game.

For viewing ease we have broken the guide into “books” of random items.

Table of Contents

Book I

1. Wood Pistol
2. Stone Bullet
3. Diamond Pistol
4. Diamond Bullet
5. Gold Flint
6. Battle Axe/War Axe
7. Held Torch
8. Gold Arrows
9. Gold Bow
10. Fire Arrows
11. Spiked Helmet

Book II

1. Log
2. Waterwheel
3. Gear
4. Magical Tools
5. Coloring Machine

Book III

1. Wooden Hammer
2. Stone Hammer
3. Iron Hammer
4. Diamond Hammer
5. Golden Hammer
6. Mega Hammer
7. Hamburger
8. Spiderweb
9. Sticky Arrow
10. Freezer


Book I

1. Wood Pistol: This uses stone bullets to fire. This weapon by the way damages same as the bow but unlike the bow, it isn’t rapid. So nevertheless, the bow is quite better.

2. Stone Bullet: The ammo used for the wood pistol.

3. Diamond Pistol: Uses diamond bullets. This is a lot stronger than the bow but unfortunately, it still doesn’t fire rapidly.

4. Diamond Bullet: The ammo used for the diamond pistol. Now, the reason behind why this item is so hard to craft is that, the diamond pistol is extremely powerful.

5. Gold Flint: This is not recommended. This is used to craft just like regular flints.

6. Battle Axe/War Axe: Good at cutting trees compared to swords. You can also craft a stone, iron, gold, and even a diamond battle/war axe.

7. Held Torch: A portable torch.

8. Gold Arrows: A bit stronger than normal arrows and fired using a gold bow.
Note: You rarely find these from skeletons.

9. Gold Bow: Stronger than a normal bow. Fires all types of arrows namely normal, fire, and gold arrows.

10. Fire Arrows: If your on rage and you want to light your opponents up on fire, this is the arrow to use. But this does less damage compared to normal arrows and isn’t rapidly fired.
Note: Skeletons do not drop these arrows.

11. Spiked Helmet: This helmet doesn’t give you any armor boost but if any melee enemy tries to hit you, they take small damage.
Note: Does not work with ranged attacks.

Here is a video clip about the items listed above:
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Book II:

1. Log: Can be used to transport energy same as with the redstone.
It will spin like in this video: Click Here to View Video
It will only transport energy in a line and cannot be curved, unless a gear is used.

2. Waterwheel: Will spin when it hits flowing water.
Used to regenerate energy to the log.

3. Gear: It acts as a block. It has the classic “gear” textures in all sides. This is used to convert energy from logs to machines and from waterwheels to logs and even from logs to other logs.

4. Magical Tools: They will at first act like normal tools such as wooden tools but when you regularly use them, they will get better… even better than diamond tools.

5. Coloring Machine: Put wool and flower in it, pick a color then the wool will turn into the same color. Same way as furnaces smelt things.
This can be placed on half blocks. On the other hand, half blocks cannot be placed on it.
Note: If you put another coloring machine, they will convert into a “larger coloring machine” which works a bit faster.

Here is a video clip of Book II items:
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Book III:

1. Wooden Hammer: This item can break stairs, fences and signs instantly.

2. Stone Hammer: If you want to break anything made out of wood, this is the item you should have for it breaks any wooden item instantly as well as stone stairs, levers, and stone pressure plates.

3. Iron Hammer: Now this can break anything made out of stone and wood. This is also used to break iron doors and iron blocks.

4. Diamond Hammer: This is used to break any ore. Also breaks anything made out of wood, stone, or iron.

5. Golden Hammer: Can break anything except bedrock unfortunately, this can only be used for three times.

6. Mega Hammer: This is the ultimate hammer of them all. This can break anything except for bedrock same as the golden hammer but can be used for about 2,000 times.

7. Hamburger: Heals eight hearts.

8. Spiderweb: When something walks past this, it slows it down.

9. Sticky Arrow: Shoot this on any monster, animal or player in order for you to slow them down.

10. Freezer: Put your things inside the freezer for you to store or freeze them.

Note: It takes five minutes to freeze something.

More crafting ideas will follow. Watch out for them!

Here is a video clip of all the items listed in Book III:
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