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Redapocalypse04 brings you a full walkthrough guide covering 17 Objectives of Bodycount. You can use the table of contents to jump to the area you need help with.

|                                  Bodycount                                  |
|                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
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|                                Version: 1.00                                |

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                           ||  Table of Contents  ||
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I. Walkthrough____________________________________________________________[W00]

   Enter Tesanga City Streets_____________________________________________[W01]

   Locate the Militia Warlord_____________________________________________[W02]

   Investigate Power Signature____________________________________________[W03]

   Gather Intelligence on Hidden Bunker___________________________________[W04]

   Contact Major of Local Platoon_________________________________________[W05]

   Assassinate the General________________________________________________[W06]

   Infiltrate Target Nexus Facility_______________________________________[W07]

   Destroy the Target's African Operation_________________________________[W08]

   Escape Africa__________________________________________________________[W09]

   Investigate Connection With the Target_________________________________[W10]

   Find Target Bunker Entrance____________________________________________[W11]

   Deactivate Termination Chip____________________________________________[W12]

   Locate Target Nexus____________________________________________________[W13]

   Retrieve Datacore______________________________________________________[W14]

   Assault Target Weapons Facility________________________________________[W15]

   Locate Datacore/Destroy Target Base____________________________________[W16]

   Final Objective________________________________________________________[W17]

II. Technical____________________________________________________________[TEC1]

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                              ||  Walkthrough  ||                         [W00]
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                         | ========================== |
                         |                            |
                         | Enter Tesanga City Streets |                   [W01]
                         |                            |
                         | ========================== |

When you get control, move to the boards blocking the door and shoot them. The
game shows a prompt telling you exactly what you need to do when you need to
do it. Outside, zoom in and shoot the barrels next to the enemies to get
skill kills, then move over and pick up the intel and ammo. If you need to
crouch, click in the Right Thumbstick. Shoot the other boards and move through
onto the next wall. Here, you need to throw a grenade to take out the first
guy. You can hold it to cook if you want. You'll need to use an impact grenade
to deal with the second enemy. Another side note that isn't really mentioned
in the game: Press the Left Trigger/L2 only halfway and you will zoom in and
be able to move. Only when fully depressing the trigger do you enter cover

You'll now have to destroy a comms dish. There will be pockets of enemies,
usually numbering three or four, along the way. Press Y/Triangle to switch to
your SMG. Remember that a lot of the cover in here is destructible. Also, keep
an eye out for explosive barrels. There are plenty of them around. Once you
reach the comms dish, you'll face a slightly heavier force. Head up there
and shoot the dish to bring it down.

Now you must activate a power source, which is in an empty house nearby. Doing
this leads you to another power source in the house across the street. There
are a couple of guys in here. Now enter the next house and move to the room.
Inside you'll find some C4. Head back outside. There are a few enemies
waiting for you out there. The woman says that you can check your combat
console for details. Do this by pressing Back/Select. It brings up some
information that doesn't really help you right now.

Now head for the extraction point. It's not far, but you'll have to go
through an open area to get to it. This area has enemies on the wall on the
far side. Take them down and watch out for grenades. As you get closer to the
extraction point, some enemies come up from it, around the concrete barricades.
Kill them and plant the C4 on the gate. Back away and then head on through
when the gate is blown to end this mission.

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| ========================== | | | | Locate the Militia Warlord | [W02] | | | ========================== | Move to the weapons cache and use it. I highly suggest taking the G36 with you. It's a powerful and accurate gun. Move forward and the game notifies you that you've acquired your first OSB upgrade: Adrenaline. Press Up on the D-Pad to activate it, which makes you temporarily invulnerable. You need intel, the blue orbs dropped by dead enemies, to fuel these upgrades. Outside, there are enemies on both sides of the trench. You may also spot things on your HUD pointing to round objects on the ground. These objects are mines, so don't get too close. Individually they don't do much damage, but they're always clustered together. Leave the trench area and soon you'll have a target marked for assassination. Make your way towards him. When you get close the militia warlord busts out of a building. He's wielding a large minigun, but he's slow, and still doesn't take much damage. Throw down some mines and lead him to you. They should take him down. If not, pepper him with bullets until he's out. Head towards the transmission and scan it. You'll need to shoot through the walls to get to it. After doing this, make your way towards the exit. You can use the walkway to get onto the large pipe, and from here you have a good view of all the enemies on the platform below. Take them out and mow through the rest of them to the end of the mission.

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| =========================== | | | | Investigate Power Signature | [W03] | | | =========================== | You've obtained a new OSB upgrade: Explosive Bullets. It adds more power to your shots. Move forward and you'll soon see a weapon cache to your left. You can grab the P226, a silenced pistol, if you want to be a bit stealthy. Take out the enemies in the first area and move to the waypoint. You'll be directed to another waypoint, and then yet another waypoint. After this third waypoint, watch out for guys clad in red. They'll run towards you and blow themselves up. After moving to the fourth waypoint, you'll be told to assassinate a target. The next area is crawling with soldiers. Shoots your way past all of them and enter the waypoint building. Another heavy mini-gun guy comes busting through the back wall. It can get a little cramped in here, but you'll be fine as long as you remember to use grenades and OSB abilities, paticularly the explosive bullets ability. Once he's down, head through the hole he created and into the out of place door to end the mission.

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| ==================================== | | | | Gather Intelligence on Hidden Bunker | [W04] | | | ==================================== | Move forward until you reach a locked door. Head into the left side passage. If you go left in here, you reach a weapon cache. Go right to open the locked door. You'll have to destroy the glass to get through. Go forward through the door once it's open and you'll enter a large room filled with enemies. Kill them and head on, down some stairs. There are a couple of guys floating around here. At the bottom, move into the hallway and go left, where you'll immediately find a few guards. In the next room, take out the two enemies on the walkway, then the guy ahead of you. You'll fight through a few more baddies until you reach some charges. Pick them up and go back the way you came. You'll have to deal with more enemies, of course. Plant the charges on the door when you get to it and enter the next room. Jump off of the catwalk and scan the crates. The room begins to fill up with enemies now. Take them all out and head forward. Watch for more enemies above, where you need to be going. Go upstairs and kill the enemies to your right, but go left. The exit is just ahead.

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| ============================== | | | | Contact Major of Local Platoon | [W05] | | | ============================== | Kill the guy running away from you and enter the red building up a bit and to your right. You'll find a weapon cache in here. When you leave it, be careful. There will be soldiers both on the ground and on the balconies of the house across the street and the target house. Now head to the target house. Before you go upstairs, you'll have to defuse three explosives placed around the house. Defuse the one at the bottom of the stairs. It takes a bit to defuse the explosive, and you have to stay in the general area while waves of enemies come towards you. Once that has been defused, move to the next one. There's a big open area ahead of you, but the two sides might be too focused on killing each other to pay too much attention to you. Once you've got that one, defuse the final explosive on the most exposed side of the building. This is the most difficult one to defend. Not only is cover minimal, but the waves might include a heavy soldier. Once the charges are defused, head into the yellow house across the street. You need to get back onto the wall from the first mission, but the path is barricaded, so head upstairs in the yellow house and jump out of the back. Go under the wall and use the stairs on the other side to get on top of it. Go towards the waypoint and after the cutscene, you are tasked with killing the major. Deal with the two snipers on top of the structure first, then the other guards. Finally, take out the major. He doesn't take a lot of damage to bring down, but he can and probably will call in an airstrike on you, so be quick. Move to the next waypoint to end the mission.

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| ======================= | | | | Assassinate the General | [W06] | | | ======================= | Keep going until you see stairs to your right. Go up them and look around for a weapon cache up here. Head towards the enemy base now and do some waypoint jumping. There are plenty of people in here all over the place. Eventually you're told to go hack a SAM site, which is simple enough. After doing that, even more troops start popping up. Move through the buildings whenever possible and make your way over to the general's location. He'll run outside, so head back out. He's taken cover in something that really isn't even a building. Unfortunately, he's surrounded by guards, including a sniper. He can also call in airstrikes, so watch for the green arrows on the ground, which indicate that one is incoming. He isn't very tough, so kill him and head back into the previous building to grab the encryption key. From here, jump off the balcony and head to the extraction point to end this mission.

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| ================================ | | | | Infiltrate Target Nexus Facility | [W07] | | | ================================ | Get on top of the large pipe again, like in the first mission, and take out everyone below you. There are also guards in the watchtowers. Once you enter the compound, shoot the explosive barrels to blow a hole in the wall ahead. Dispatch everyone and start moving through the buildings. After the huge thing comes out of the ground, approach the doors and an enemy comes out. You can't kill her, but she can definitely kill you. Her weapon does a lot of damage at close range, so keep your distance. Occasionally, some other troops come in as well. What you need to do is use your newly acquired airstrike upgrade on the three comm stations. You'll need a full intel bar to use an airstrike, and the best way to get intel is by shooting the "boss". She can't die, but everytime you shoot her she drops a ton of intel. When you're full, walk up to the comm station and press Down on the D-Pad while looking at it. Do this for each station and then run to the waypoint to finish this mission.

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| ====================================== | | | | Destroy the Target's African Operation | [W08] | | | ====================================== | Move forward until you reach a locked door. Now head to the next waypoint. On one side of the final room you'll find the terminal to open the door, and on the other side you'll find a weapon cache. After opening the door, head back, but prepare to deal with enemies on that bridge ahead of you. Shoot your way through the now open door and down the stairs. At the bottom, deal with the enemies in the next room and watch out for a couple on a platform high above you. Eventually snipers come out, further down the room. At this point you can deviate to the left, take out the enemies in the next room, then head upstairs and shoot at everyone from a high platform. Or you can skip the stairs and just head straight to the end and start taking enemies out. Either way, watch out for the troops in the middle of the room. They fire some kind of blue projectiles that do a lot of damage. In the next room you'll face a few more enemies. Once you're at the data upload terminal, two enemies enter the room from the other side, so be careful. There's also a guy off in the distance. Upload the worm and wait for the lasers that the two soldiers came through to shut off, then head downstairs. You'll have less than a minute now to escape the facility. Ignore all the enemies and just continue running down the stairs. At one point, two enemies will be facing you and an explosion tears through the wall next to them. Enter the hole it created and head for the exit to end this mission.

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| ============= | | | | Escape Africa | [W09] | | | ============= | Keep going until you're told to take out the SAM site. At this point, look to your right and you should see the weapon cache. Keep moving forward and you'll soon run into enemies, including two snipers and a heavy. After this you approach the SAM, which is surrounded by enemies. Plant the charge on it and fight off the approaching enemies. Once it's gone, head to the top of the tallest nearby building, the one you probably just came through, to get up to the next SAM site. You'll face another sniper and another heavy, along with other troops. One the second SAM is down, head up the nearest stairs. You need to get onto the crane. There are plenty of enemies outside, so clear as many of them out as you can before leaving the building. You can also take out two snipers on the far end of the crane from this building, which you should do since you're going that way. Once outside, deal with the enemies on the ground and on the crane above you, then make your way on top of the crane and over to the far end. You'll have to hold out for a minute and a half as waves of enemies come towards you. Once the time is up, jump off the end of the crane to finish this mission.

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| ====================================== | | | | Investigate Connection With the Target | [W10] | | | ====================================== | At the start, you're only equipped with a silenced pistol. Take the first bridge heading left and keep going towards the spot on your mini-map. It's a weapon cache. Now head for the next waypoint, which turns out to be a computer. Start hacking it, then prepare for an onslaught of bad guys. As soon as you're done hacking, or maybe even a little before you finish if you're unlucky, a heavy comes into the room. He seems to be stronger than the other ones you've encountered, so don't hesitate to run away, back out the door you came in. Lure him out where he's alone and plant mines along the way to soften him up. Once he's down and the computer is hacked, put C4 on it, then head towards the next waypoint. Once you get there, the target comes out onto the balcony to shoot at you. One or two well-placed impact grenades take him down. Unfortunately, some scavengers make off with the intel, so track them down. You'll have to use your mini-map again, moving towards the icon. Note that the icon only displays the general area that the scavenger is in. Take the first guy out and move for the second. When you get close, a heavy busts through the wall. Also, the entire area comes alive with bad guys, so try to find the scavenger and take him out quickly. Remember, he's the one with the green parka. The third scavenger is hanging around a building on the other side of the canal, and the fourth scavenger is in the top floor of the building with the computer in it. When going for this last guy, watch out for snipers. After taking him out, run for the extraction point.

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| =========================== | | | | Find Target Bunker Entrance | [W11] | | | =========================== | The first part of this is simple shooting. You'll be engaged in firefights for a while as you move from waypoint to waypoint. Eventually a couple of snipers get involved as well. At the end, you are tasked with activating terminals. Activate the first one and move outside of the building. Some enemies will come from straight ahead and from your left. The straight ahead crowd includes a heavy. Take them all down and move on. There are plenty of guys on the rooftops, which is where you need to be. Once on the roofs, snipers move into position. After a short walk, you come to the second terminal. Activate it, then drop off of the rooftops and head for the the ice house. After the cutscene, you'll be stuck in this room with several troops. Use grenades wisely. Every once in a while, you'll get shocked, and you will be unable to fire your weapon for a couple of seconds. Move down the tunnel and shoot/melee the wooden door at the end of this next room. Hit the switch and deal with the few troops that come out of the open door, then enter it to end this mission.

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| =========================== | | | | Deactivate Termination Chip | [W12] | | | =========================== | Head into the elevator and push the button. Once you get out, you should see a weapon cache directly in front of you. The next large room has enemies in it. There are a couple on the ground floor and a few on the catwalk above. The next large room has a door lock waypoint, but the walls bust open when you get near it. Take out all of the enemies here and move to the real door lock. Head back and enter the next door. The door lock in here is guarded by five enemies, so deal with them and use it. Now head to the medibay and use the terminal inside. This will stop those annoying shocks. A few troops come in through the exit. Once you reach the stairs, look for enemies at the top of them. Kill them and head for the exit door, which is locked. Go back and head up the other set of stairs, into the next room. There are enemies in here, in the middle and on the left side. Take them all out and open the door, then deal with the lone soldier that comes your way. Grab the encryption key and head back through the previously locked door. You'll fight your way to a room where you have to hack a computer. Once there, you'll hold the position as waves of troops come at you. The first wave comes from straight ahead, but subsequent waves come from the catwalks, so you'll have to move underneath one of them. After a couple of minutes the objective should be completed, so run downstairs and into the exit door.

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| =================== | | | | Locate Target Nexus | [W13] | | | =================== | Move forward and you'll find the area covered in mines. Use the last house on your right to get around them and deal with the enemies. There are more bad guys inside the next building, and most of them are on the catwalks above you. Exit this building and you'll have to deal with troops on the ground and four snipers in the buildings ahead of you. Once you've taken care of them, move forward and more snipers and ground troops come out. After a bit, two heavy soldiers also jump into the fray. Once they're all dead, move forward, but not too fast, because the area once again fills up with enemies and a couple of snipers. After taking this last group out, move on, into the next railyard. There are more enemies here, including a sniper at the end, but they aren't nearly as numerous as before. Take them all out and head into the door to end this mission.

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| ================= | | | | Retrieve Datacore | [W14] | | | ================= | Head into the right side path to open the next door. There's also a weapon cache in here. You'll immediately fight a few enemies. Go downstairs and deal with the couple of guards you meet. In the hallway at the bottom you'll face more enemies. Keep going and you'll be told to deactivate the self-destruct sequence. Kill the guards up here and in the room with the glowing things, then hit the button. A guard comes through the exit, so kill him and move on. You can go straight for the next button, or you can go upstairs and pick everyone off from up here, then hit the button. Either way, after using it, a few guards come from the next area. The third and fourth buttons are more of the same, though with a few more enemies. Once all four have been taken care of, head back to the previous set of stairs and use them to go through a newly opened door with enemies inside. Continue dealing with enemies until you go downstairs. The next large area, a series of rooms labeled HC, contains quite a few enemies. The hallways after this also have bad guys floating around. The next large room has you stuck fighting off waves of enemies. The first two or three aren't so bad, but the last wave has you taking on several heavy soldiers with the MEVDAK shotguns that shoot big purple rounds. If you brought one with you, I suggest you use it now. After killing all of them, you'll come across another large room with enemies. Wipe it out and head down the first set of stairs to your left. There are a few guys in here, including a heavy. Push the button in there, then go back up and head to the exit to complete the mission.

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| =============================== | | | | Assault Target Weapons Facility | [W15] | | | =============================== | After the voice tells you that there's a Target patrol ahead, drop down and kill the guy to your right. When you go up onto the platform, you'll find a sniper dead ahead and some more enemies, including a heavy, on another platform. After killing them and dropping down, immediately look to your right. There's another sniper on some scaffolding high above you. As you progress to the waypoint, a few more enemies come out. Keep in mind that the big things that look kind of like sea mines are explosive. Inside the next building you'll face several enemies, but before long you're outside again. Once outside, clear the first area, then move right and start making your way towards the waypoint. There are heavy guys to deal with from time to time, and eventually you'll run across snipers too, in the tall buildings with big explosive drums in them. When you're told to start assaulting, a bunch of guys come your way, around the central structure from the left. Take them all out and move back inside. The door at the end opens and several enemies file out, but they're all grouped together. One grenade will take them all out. Enter that door to finish this mission.

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| =================================== | | | | Locate Datacore/Destroy Target Base | [W16] | | | =================================== | The first side path on your right leads to a weapon cache. When you reach the stairs going down, look to your right. There's a sniper and some other enemies on the stairs over there. There will be another enemy in the next hallway. When you get to the next door, it will close, so head back the other way and take down the enemies in the next room. Hit the switch and go back. Bad guys are back in the hallway, along with a heavy soldier. The next room is filled with enemies high and low. There's a sniper up above, just ahead of you, and there are some guys on a catwalk directly above you as you enter the room. After clearing that out, you'll come to a fork. Head right and take out the lone guy here so he doesn't come up behind you, then go to the left. After the cutscene, deal with the middle guy and the snipers, then download the datacore. You will now have to deal with a large number of enemies flooding the area, including many heavy soldiers. The best strategy here is to stay in motion. Constantly run around the stage, killing people whenever you can. As you run, you can collect intel, and if you need to, you can use the adrenaline to buy you some time. After a while, you'll need to use a terminal. Keep running around, taking potshots, until almost everyone is dead. Use the terminal, mop up any stragglers, and head to the waypoint. Once you arrive at your destination, you'll be in another area with four rooms, where each room has the glowing pillars. You need to use each of the four terminals. Luckily, there aren't nearly as many enemies as there were the last time you did this, but make sure you go up each set of stairs to clear the top off before dropping down to the terminal. Once all four terminals are used, just run to the waypoints. A timer soon comes up, so ignore any enemies you see on your way to the exit.

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| =============== | | | | Final Objective | [W17] | | | =============== | You'll now have to deal with the woman in black, the Nemesis. Shoot her up to get intel. Sometimes she'll blast off of the map and a few soldiers come in. Whenever you're prompted, press Left on the D-Pad to send out a wave across the map that immobilizes everybody, even the Nemesis. At this point, use the SAM at the end of the map near where you start to launch missiles at the Nemesis. She will be launching airstrikes at you during this time, so stay on the move. After hitting her with missiles, deal with the goons. She'll come in close, so shoot her for more intel, and keep repeating this cycle until her health bar is gone. My personal strategy for this was getting up near the SAM site and staying there. There is a metal crane/winch thing nearby that acts as indestructible cover. Use it when the Nemesis drops down on you and she can't shoot through it. When she's been immobilized by your OSB ability, all you have to do is walk about 10 feet and use the SAM. A few guys will come out after this, but they're easily dealt with. After hitting her about four or five times with the SAM, she goes down, and the game is over. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ || || || Technical || [TEC1] || || +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Do not use this guide without permission from the author. If you have any questions about this guide or the game, contact me at: snapzilla2050 @

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