Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough | FAQ [Guide]

Red Faction: Armageddon

Chapter by chapter, step by step this guide will walk you through Red Faction: Armageddon and give you special hints and tips along the way to bring your gaming experience to the highest possible level.

Use the section tags provided in the table of contents along with the “find” feature of you browser to navigate this guide. Also keep in mind that I completed Homefront on the Xbox 360 so any controller commands may need to be translated for your own gaming system. The Guide info however should be accurate. Enjoy !

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I. Walkthrough

  Chapter 1________________________________________________________________[W1]

  Chapter 2________________________________________________________________[W2]

  Chapter 3________________________________________________________________[W3]

  Chapter 4________________________________________________________________[W4]

  Chapter 5________________________________________________________________[W5]

  Chapter 6________________________________________________________________[W6]

  Chapter 7________________________________________________________________[W7]

  Chapter 8________________________________________________________________[W8]

  Chapter 9________________________________________________________________[W9]

  Chapter 10______________________________________________________________[W10]

II. Technical____________________________________________________________[TECH]

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                                 | Chapter 1 |                             [W1]
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Look up using the Right Thumbstick when prompted. Hold the Left Trigger when
prompted to aim at the explosive barrel in front of you. Now tap the Left
Trigger to snap between the explosive barrels. Blow them up after this to get
some salvage. You get salvage from explosive materials, and you can use it to
purchase upgrades later on. Press Up on the D-Pad to switch to the Maul when
ready. Walk up to the wall and lay into it using the Right and Left Triggers
when you have the Maul equipped.

|Enter the Terraformer|

You should see some ammo laying on the ground in front of you. You'll also
gain access to the Plasma Cannon, which is a powerful weapon that's great for
destroying structures. It comes with limited ammo though. Explore this area
before you proceed. Keep an eye out for blue salvage and ammo, and also for
orange barrels and tanks. They are explosive and yield salvage when you blow
them up.

|Destroy the Solar Towers|

Walking towards the shielded door gives you this objective. There are three
towers in the area that you need to bring down. Use the explosives near each
one to make this a quick job. Don't forget to grab the salvage left behind.
There's plenty of ammo in this area, so don't be afraid to play around. After
you've taken all three towers down, explore the road on the opposite end from
the door you need to go through. It's an area underneath a bridge (which you
may have destroyed by this point). There's some salvage back here along with
an Audio Log. Hold X to listen to it.

|Enter the Terraformer|

Go through the doors and you'll find enemies on the bridge ahead. Just wait a
bit and an airstrike comes in and destroys them. Move through the door and
look to the left. There's an area here with plenty of explosives, salvage, and
ammo. There's also salvage down the road on the right side. There are several
enemies at the end of the road, including one in the tower on a turret. Take
him out first (the plasma cannon works well here). Once they're down, keep
going until you see the ship fly over you. Explore the area to your right for
goodies, then hit the cutscene.

|Secure the Area|

There's a three story building on the right side of the road, and it's filled
with enemies. Your priority should be the rocket turret on the roof. Blowing
it up takes a good chunk of the building with it. Check the corner of the
platform the building is on for an Audio Log. If you keep going forward,
you'll come across a broken bridge that you can't yet repair. Instead, go up
the stairs on the opposite side of the road as the three story building.

|Find the Cultist Reinforcements|

Keep going and you'll come across another three story building filled with
enemies. Again, the priority should be the turret on top, though this one
doesn't fire rockets. There's plenty of explosives floating around the area.

|Eliminate the Cultists|

These guys will be firing at you from up the hill, where you need to go. There
is usually a green guy with them. He's tougher than the rest, and he carries
a rocket launcher. Still, he's not too bright, so you can trick him into
blowing away half of his own allies and some of the explosives by him. Scour
the area for salvage, then drop back down to the broken bridge. You now have
access to the nanoforge, which allows you to rebuild objects by holding the
Left Bumper. Use it on the bridge to get over to the door.

|Enter the Terraformer|

Go through the doors and stock up on ammo. You'll need it. Now hit the
button. You will be trapped in a large room with a large four-legged mech. If
it sees you, it instantly starts draining your energy with an electric attack.
If you go behind cover, lasers come out and converge on your position. When
they close in, a huge blast eliminates everything you're hiding behind. Get
used to rebuilding cover with the nanoforge. The best way to do this is to
get up on the raised sides of the area and just run in a circle around the
mech. Hit him with a few plasma cannon shots to take him down for good.
Alternatively, you can blast the orange explosive bolts on the ceiling. Doing
so will cause the crane things up there to fall. It takes some precision, but
hitting the mech with one of those is pretty satisfying. After he's down, you
can scour the area for ammo and salvage. Hold X to proceed to the next

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                                 | Chapter 2 |                             [W2]
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|Get to the Turbine Room|

You immediately acquire the Impact ability. Press the Right Bumper to use it.
It sends out a wave of energy directly ahead of you. Great for clearing the
area of enemies and also for quickly busting through buildings. The meter on
the left side of your reticule corresponds to all nanoforge abilities. When
it's full, you can use an ability.

Use Impact to get through the doors (or just melee, it works too). You'll come
to a room filled with enemies on all levels. There's are also a few to your
right as well. Get everything you can on the first floor. Don't worry about
getting upstairs, you'll be up there in a minute. Go downstairs and take out
the next batch of enemies. One of them has a rocket launcher. Remember that
you can press Back to use the GPS, which shows you where you need to go.

When you go back upstairs, you'll engage in close combat with a few enemies.
There's also an Audio Log in the second side room you come across. You'll soon
be on the upper part of the room you were in previously. There are a couple of
enemies across the bridge and to the left, but a large number of them will come
from the room on the right, where you need to be going. A plasma cannon shot or
two works well here for clearing them out.

|Stop the Cultists|

You'll soon come to a room with three turbines. They are the things with beams
of energy rising out of them. Clear this entire area of enemies, then repair
any turbines that were blown up in the fight. Be sure to check the area for
explosives and salvage.

|Save the Terraformer|

You'll enter a room with a large device in the middle. Clear the bottom
floor of explosives, salvage, and enemies, then climb the ladder. There are
more enemies in the next room you come across, including one with a rocket
launcher. Use the explosives in here to good effect. Just before you exit this
room back into the main area with the device, you should see an Audio Log on
the floor to your left. Go right when you're back in the main area and you
will enter another room filled with enemies. When you get to the very top of
this room, watch out, because green enemies armed with plasma beams are on the
other side, and those things do a lot of damage. Take them down and move
through the door.

Keep going and you'll reach a cutscene. You will then be trapped in a room with
an exo suit. It's hardly as tough as the mech from earlier, but the room is
cramped, cover is minimal, and that thing packs a punch. Quickly hit it with a
couple of plasma cannon rounds to take it down, then move into the next room
and hit the switch. Don't forget to check upstairs for goodies. The rest of
the chapter is an enemy free walk to the finish.

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                                 | Chapter 3 |                             [W3]
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|Explore the Tomb|

You're in an exo suit, but your abilities are limited to the magnet gun. Still,
it's a pretty cool weapon. Fire a shot at something you want moved, then fire
another shot at what you want it moved to. The first tagged object will go
flying towards the second tag. Use this weapon to remove the door ahead of you.
Soon you come to a holographic projection of an Ultor scientist. The big ball
above it comes crashing down. Explore the area for salvage, then sling the
ball into the door ahead using the magnet gun.

In the next area, you need to use the magnet gun to tear apart the structure
in the middle of the room. There's another large ball above it. Use the magnet
gun to bring it down on top of the structure. Keep tearing at the thing until
it finally falls apart.

|Get Back to Bastion|

After the cutscene, you're no longer in the exo, but you do still have the
magnet gun. You also have access to dual-wielded pistols. Keep going and
eventually S.A.M. notes that she detects a life form up ahead. You should see
a shadow on the wall. She also notes that it's moving too quickly to get a
lock on it. Enter the room where it was and immediately look to the left. You
should see a broken down structure with some salvage on it. Drop down here
and you'll find more salvage and an Audio Log. Use the magnet gun to pull the
structure down and the salvage along with it. Use the magnet gun again to
clear the path ahead.

You'll need to repair the upgrade station here. Use it and you can spend your
salvage on upgrades. At first, only the first tier is available, but more
become unlocked as you progress through the story. Keep going and you should
notice a single salvage container off to your right. Drop down and collect it,
then keep going and you'll come across two more.

You eventually come face to face with your new enemy, and it's a bug! Squash
it. A lot more come out to fight you. This particular type of bug isn't hard
to kill. They like to get in close, which is perfect because they are
susceptible to melee attacks. Sometimes they'll spit at you, but it's
generally nothing to worry about. Remember to tap the Left Trigger to quickly
snap to and between targets. This is necessary since they like to jump around
so much.

Further on you'll encounter another large group of bugs around a ruined
structure. There's also some salvage to pick up here. The next group of bugs
are coming out of a pod. It's a fairly obvious thing attached to the wall with
electricity surrounding it. Take it out first, because it continually spawns
them. There are two more pods up ahead with a large group of bugs guarding
them. You'll also find a shotgun around here.

After you fall through the floor, you'll need to take out a large number of
bugs and two pods. Use Impact to clear them out quickly. If you turn around,
you'll see two salvage tanks behind you. Keep going until you reach the next
cutscene. There's a new type of bug to deal with now. It's just as fast as
the others, but it's tougher and it shoots back. Repair the bridge when you get
to it and cross over to the salvage. Drop down and double back underneath the
platform you were just on. There's a pod down here to take care of.

There's another group of bugs to deal with ahead. This one has both types.
Keep going until you see a structure to your right. There's an Audio Log on
the ground between it and the main path. It's almost impossible to miss.

|Get to the Mining Colony|

Keep going until you have to turn left and go across a bridge. Instead, turn
right and explore the collapsed tunnel for an Audio Log. After walking for a
while, you come across the charge launcher. You can shoot up to four charges
at once, then press X to detonate them all. You'll have to exchange it for
another weapon, preferably the Maul. That hammer is rather pointless if you
have the magnet gun in your possession.

Once you enter the village area, a large number of enemies come for you.
They come out of cracks in the wall. Although these cracks look like pods,
you cannot destroy them. They simply vanish after releasing some bugs. There
are so many bugs here that you will probably have to take cover in one of the
buildings and let them come to you. After they're down, go to the signal, then
scour the area for loot. There's also an upgrade station here.

|Get to the Elevator|

In the tunnel ahead you'll find more bugs. As the game notes, this is a good
place to use Impact. In the next area, a huge...thing comes out of the
ground. Not only does it fire heavily damaging blasts at you from time to
time, but it also boosts the health of every enemy in the area greatly, and it
takes a lot of damage. Switch to the charge launcher and lay into it. Don't
even focus on the lesser enemies if you can help it, not until that thing is
gone. Two more groups of bugs come out of the walls after it's gone.

Scour the area for loot, and look on the left side, just past the large
collapsed tunnel, for an Audio Log. Activate the elevator to end this

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                                 | Chapter 4 |                             [W4]
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|Secure the Elevator|

Before you head forward, go to the left and look on the side of the elevator.
You'll find an assault rifle, an Audio Log, and some ammo and salvage.
As you move down the tunnel, you should notice some light above you. Shooting
the sparking part near the top will cause the light to explode, dropping a
small bit of salvage. Almost immediately you run into one of the large
pincer things that come out of the ground, along with a few enemies. Take it
out and move on until you reach a weapons locker. Here, you can switch out
any weapon with another weapon as long as you've already found it.

|Escort the Convoy|

At the next structure you'll come across a new type of enemy. He's big and
he takes a lot of damage. He also hurls a ball of energy at you. It explodes
a couple of seconds after touching something. Take him down and you'll have to
deal with at least four waves of bugs coming out of the walls. Once they're
all gone, repair the bridge.

|Investigate the Construction Site|

You come across a building with a lot of pods on it, except the pods aren't
spitting out enemies. There are a couple of bugs here to deal with, though.
Bring the building down on top of them, and make sure you sift through the
rubble for plenty of salvage. Head up to the raised area. Here you'll find
salvage, ammo, an Audio Log, and an upgrade station. You'll also find the
plasma cannon, again, except this time it goes into your armory. It's also
going to be very helpful for what's about to come. Activate the excavator
when you're ready.

|Ride the Excavator|

This sequence only lasts a little over a minute at most, but it's pretty
intense. You are stuck on the excavator as it cuts a hole through the rock. A
ton of enemies will be coming from behind, shooting at you. This includes
every type of bug you've faced so far, and a new one. These new bugs are like
weaker variants of the big hulking things. They don't take much damage, but
they shoot balls of energy that hurt a lot. When Mason speaks to S.A.M., the
sequence is about to end.

|Get to Carver Center|

When you next face the bugs, they'll be all over you. Use Impact to clear them
out. Head up the road and you'll come to the Carver Center. The area is
crawling with bugs, a couple of pods, and two infested buildings that you
need to destroy. Luckily, there's an exosuit to your right that you can hop in.
It makes things much easier. Check the area over thoroughly for salvage and
explosives, then head forward. You can stay in the exo, which is advisable.

|Get to the Gondola Station|

You'll come across two of the pincer things in the next area, along with a
few bugs. The mech should take them all out fairly quickly though. Check a
building on the right side for an Audio Log. The next area you come to has
another pincer thing and some bugs. After this you reach the gondola station.
Collect everything and use the weapon locker/upgrade station if you need it,
then activate the gondola. At this point, the second vehicle gets blown up
and you'll need to take out a bunch of enemies. Hop on the gondola when they're
all dead.

|Ride the Gondola|

You'll have to fend off a lot of enemies while riding the gondola. Keep an
eye out for lots of pods in the area too. At two points you'll have to clear
the track of infection, the same type of infection that takes over buildings.

|Get to the Bastion Elevator|

There's plenty of salvage to collect once you exit the gondola. If you head up
the road to your right, you'll also find an Audio Log. Heading forward you
will come across two more pincer things and a lot of bugs. There are two
hulking monsters on the other side of the tunnel. Further on you reach the
elevator. Go down below it and repair the generator here. When you get back
up top, there's a ton of bugs and a pincer thing across the chasm. Take out
a few waves of bugs, then wait for the vehicles to get on the elevator and
activate it.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Chapter 5 |                             [W5]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

|Gather Power Cells|

Take down the group of bugs when you encounter them. There's a turret in the
middle that swivels around 360 degrees, and it does heavy damage. Check the
cylindrical store near the beginning of this area for an Audio Log. Scour the
area for goodies, then bring the power cell down to you. Move to the next
area, where you'll find more bugs and a pod. There's also an infected building
next to the power cell. Destroy the building, grab the cell, and continue up
to the tunnel. There are two turrets here you can man to fight the horde of
enemies that come down the tunnel for you. After they're all gone, explore the
area to the right of the turrets and you'll find an Audio Log.

In the next area, if you don't go up to the shielded door, you can just
explore it for salvage and an Audio Log at the far end of the room. When you're
ready, go up to the shielded door. Press the button. It doesn't work, so you'll
have to repair three generators in this room. Standing in your way are a lot of
bugs. Once they're all repaired, hit the button again. Take out the hulking
monster in the tunnel and move on. The final room has a pincer thing and
several bugs. Take them all out, then acquire the power cell and clean the
room of loot.

|Return to Bastion|

When you reach the room with the second power cell, you'll need to deal with
several bugs and a weakened pincer thing. When you get back to the starting
area, you'll be right next to a pincer thing and surrounded by enemies.
Abilities like Shell come in handy here. There's a turret here, but it's in
an awkward position. It's usually better to just fall back and take pot shots.

|Find the Water Pumps|

You'll immediately face a few bugs. Look in one of the shacks on the right
side for an Audio Log. Move forward a bit and you'll find the nano rifle. It's
good at destroying buildings, but still doesn't have the magnet gun's infinite
ammo. It's a great back-up for your assault rifle though. The next area is
crawling with bugs. There's an Audio Log on the top level on the other side of
the room. There are also multiple pods down on the bottom floor. Take them
out and clear the room of bugs, then repair the four water pumps.

|Find the Next Pumping Station|

You'll immediately come across another hulking monster, except this one is
yellow and a lot more powerful. It's a lot faster and launches yellow balls of
energy at you that explode on contact and do a lot of damage. Take it out
quickly. Move forward and take out the pods and bugs ahead. Keep going, down
the spiraling ramps. A few more waves of bugs will come out of the walls. Take
them all down and repair the pumps, then head into the tunnel and into the

|Find the Corporal|

Keep going until you find a rocket launcher. There are plenty of things to
collect in this area. There's also an Audio Log by the crates behind the
upgrade station. After you try to contact the corporal, look to your left in
the next area. There's an infected building you can destroy. Further on you'll
find out what's causing the flashes. A new type of bug. These guys blink in,
attack you, and then disappear again. Their attack is pretty powerful, but
slow. The nano rifle is a great weapon for taking them out quickly.

The area ahead has a few of these guys floating around. Make your way to the
top and repair the generator. There are some more bugs ahead, along with a pod.
Move through the next room. When Mason comments about the Red Faction beacon,
go left and you'll find a little cubby hole with some goodies. Exit and you'll
fight a few bugs. There's also an invisible bug up ahead.

In the next room a wave of enemies comes from the wall. As you climb up,
a couple more waves pop out, but they're augmented by a pincer thing. Don't get
caught up on the top level with these guys. You can easily be overwhelmed here.
Further on, past the upgrade station, you'll face another load of enemies.
There's a hulking monster here and two pincer things, along with an invisible
bug and all sorts of other bad guys. Use the cover here wisely and try to
either take the pincers out quickly or sit back and whittle the powered up
enemies down.

There comes a point where you can go left on a yellow walkway or down and
right. Go right to find an Audio Log. On the walkways you'll encounter a few
invisible bugs. At the top there are a few small bugs. Move forward and extend
the bridge. You'll need to hold off a large wave of bugs as the bridge
extends. Keep going until you reach another walkway. There are a few bugs here
as well. On the other side, go right and you'll find some salvage. Keep going
to the waypoint.

|Find an Upgrade Station|

Head towards the cavern. There's an invisible bug on the way. Inside the
actual structure you'll encounter a few more enemies, including a hulking
bug. Take them all out and make your way to the upgrade station. You get
access to repair grenades. A bunch of enemies will swarm in from the cavern
area. Take them out, then go out into the cavern and eliminate the pincer
thing. Clear the place of salvage and move on. There's another pincer thing
and some bugs just outside of the cavern. When you get back to the generator,
tap the Left Bumper to send a repair grenade towards it.

|Get to the Purification Plant|

First, head back to the lift and get the salvage/ammo. Continue forward. Both
paths lead to the same place, but it's easier to go up top and then backtrack
on the lower path. When you choose a path, some bugs come out. If you continue
along the upper path, you'll find a side room. Inside are two invisible bugs,
some explosives/ammo/salvage, and an Audio Log on the bottom floor. When you
get back to the bottom, you'll have to deal with several bugs, two pods at the
top of the stairs, and three hulking monsters.

In the next area, you have to bring down the entire purification plant, as it's
been infected. The area is filled with enemies of all types. A good tactic is
to use the magnet gun to fling the hulking monsters into the bottom of the
plant. Destroy the bottom of the plant to bring it down all at once, then
clear the area of enemies and hold X to end the chapter.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Chapter 6 |                             [W6]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

|Destroy the Infected Buildings|

You'll pick up the plasma beam shortly. This is a fantastic weapon for taking
down structures. It functions like a continuous-fire nano rifle. Across the
chasm, take down the large group of enemies and the infected building here.
Explore the area and you'll find an upgrade station and weapon locker. Across
the path from it you'll find an Audio Log.

You can do most of these buildings in any order. From the first infected
building, you can go either down the dirt path by the Audio Log, or through
the door and into the tunnel with a hulking monster inside. I went down the
path and took out the building/bugs here, then went down the next large
tunnel. After exiting the greenhouse type building, go right and look in one
of the buildings on the ground floor for an Audio Log.

Keep going and take out the large infected building here, then kill the
pincer and all the bugs and backtrack to the second room. Turn right and go
through this tunnel. There are a ton of enemies in here to kill along with the
building. There's also an Audio Log near one of the smaller buildings. Keep
going until you reach the final building. It's relatively lightly guarded, but
take out the pods before you do anything else.

|Find a Way Out of the Sewers|

You come across the pulse grenade early on here. It does decent damage, but
doing no damage to structures isn't really a benefit when you can repair
anything at any time. It's definitely not a replacement for your main weapon,
your heavy weapon, or your destruction weapon. Anyway, go across the bridge
and take out the bugs and single pod in this structure. There are more
enemies on the second floor when you get close to the upgrade station. To the
left of the station there's a wall you can destroy which takes you to some

The next room has two pods on the bottom floor and one in a room up top. The
place is also filled with enemies, of course, including an invisible bug. Make
your way to the top and cross the next bridge. There are two waves of bugs to
fight over here. Go through the next structure, but wait before you cross the
bridge. The mob detonates a charge on a rock above the bridge, causing it to
crash through the bridge.

|Meet Kara at the Market|

Keep going and you should see a weapons locker straight ahead. There's an
Audio Log to the left of it. Keep going and you'll face more bugs, a pod, and
a hulking monster. In that same area, you can go up the ramps to your left,
where the pod was, and blow a hole in the wall at the top. There's some
salvage behind it. In the next area, if you stay on the upper floor, keep an
eye out for another breakable wall on the right side, just before you enter
the cave system. After the next cutscene, you'll face a few waves of bugs as
you progress through the area.

|Find Kara|

When you drop down you'll be in a room with an upgrade station, weapons
locker, and an exo suit. Get in the suit and move forward to find more bugs
and an infected building. You'll also have quite a few hulking monsters thrown
at you during this sequence, but the suit should make short work of them. Also,
most of the bugs come from pods, so keep an eye out.

You'll come back to a cave area with signs up pointing you to different towns.
Shortly after this you'll have to take down a pincer and two pods. After that,
you enter a structure. Immediately look left, on the bottom floor, for an
Audio Log. On the top floor in this area you'll find two pods. Further on,
after crossing the bridge, take out the two groups of bugs, then head into the
barracks. You'll come across more enemies here.

|Reach the Elevator to the Surface|

There's really not a whole lot to do here except move from structure to
structure, eliminating vast hordes of enemies as you go along. When you reach
the prison area, don't forget to check the cells on all three levels for
salvage. You'll come to another three story cell block. This one has two
invisible bugs in it. Keep going and you'll come to a point where you have to
leave the exo suit behind and climb up a ladder. There's an Audio Log at the
top in plain sight.

|Kill the Behemoth|

Soon enough you'll be trapped in an area with a very large monster. It likes to
shoot poisonous balls of energy at you, and it will also charge at you if you
run away. Try to get it to charge through the infected building in the middle,
just to get it out of the way. Maintain your distance and hit that thing with
your heavy weapon of choice as much as possible. After it's down, clean the
area of loot and move forward to the end of the chapter.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Chapter 7 |                             [W7]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

|Find and Destroy Alien Pods|

Take out as many bugs as you can and move forward. You'll need to take out the
actual pods to stop them from spawning. You quickly encounter a new creature:
the tentacle. It grabs a piece of debris and hurls it at you. It's pretty easy
to take down as long as you dodge at the right time. Take it out, along with
the pods in the area. There are two to the right in a cave. There are also a
couple of infected buildings in the area. Move forward and another tentacle
comes up, this time accompanied by a yellow hulking monster. There's yet
another tentacle up ahead when you make your way towards the final pods.

Once you get to the top and eliminate the final pod, you'll have to deal with
an invisible bug, another tentacle, and a lot of other enemies. When you head
back down the hill, a behemoth comes towards you. Just keep backing up and
pelting him with heavy weapons. After you take him down, head back towards
Red Faction and you'll face a pincer and two tentacles. Take them out and
eliminate any straggling bugs. Enter the exo suit when you get the
oppurtunity and hold off the waves of bugs and tentacles.

|Destroy the Relay Stations|

Plant the beacon, then move towards the first station. You'll face a few
enemies of the human variety. Tear the tower down and move on. You'll come
across the rail driver, which is essentially a sniper rifle that can shoot
through walls. There's also an Audio Log here. When you get close to the next
relay station, a tornado drops down and wipes it out. There are more enemies to
deal with on your way to the next tower. You'll also probably be picked up by
a tornado/dust devil at some point, but it doesn't really harm you.

Take out the tower here. Keep an eye out for an Audio Log by one of the ramps
leading down to the next tower. Take it out and then take out the last tower.
The last tower is guarded by an exo suit, but it only takes a few shots from
the rail driver to take it down, and you can destroy it before it even notices

|Get to the Perimeter Outpost|

You'll be placed inside of a four-legged mech for this one. It's the same kind
that you destroyed near the beginning of the game. Right Trigger fires the
electrical beams that are great for dealing with infantry, and holding the
Right Bumper fires an explosive attack. The Left Bumper turns on some kind of
visual mode where enemies show up better, and clicking in the Right Thumbstick
sends out a pulse of energy around the mech. This mech is also capable of
simply walking right through buildings. Take out all the enemies in this area,
along with the single exo suit, and move on. There's another camp of enemies up
ahead that you'll have to destroy as well.

Continue ahead, wiping out enemies and their occupied structures as you go.
You'll face another walker just like yours, but it's easy to take down. Just
avoid it's own laser attack. You'll eventually have to destroy an excavator.

|Hold off Hale's Attack|

You'll be stuck in a slow-moving mine cart while Hale follows you in a walker.
Keep shooting the electrical junction node things on the floor when Hale gets
over them. It'll short out his weapons for a bit. Also keep an eye on your
compass at the top of the screen. Enemies will show up ahead of you from time
to time. After a while you reach the end of the tracks and your mine cart
starts to go up a slow-moving elevator. Cultists will come out from all sides
as you ascend. At the top, use repair grenades to fix the generators and open
the doors.

There are more enemies out here, and Hale starts following you again. There
are no junction nodes to hit though. When prompted, destroy the generator
hanging above Hale's walker. This will take care of him, for a few seconds

|Drop the Power Stations on Hale|

Back up to the force field and wait. When the game prompts you, shoot the
targeted object. It'll blow up the power station on the ceiling and that will
then drop onto the walker. Do this three times and Hale should be just about
dead. Just hit him with a couple more heavy weapons shots to take him down for
good. Make sure you blow the power stations exactly when the game tells you to,
otherwise you could miss, and you don't want to be stuck in the last, small
room with Hale's walker if he's not almost dead.

|Get to the Marauders|

You're back in the four-legged walker for this one. You'll face a LOT of
opposition from the cultists, including exo suits and vehicles. After killing
a ton of enemies for about 5 minutes straight you should find yourself at a
shielded door. You need to destroy three generators in this heavily guarded
area to take down the shield.

Once it's down, you'll enter a tunnel that's completely free of cultists!
Unfortunately it's filled with bugs and infected buildings and even a few
behemoths. At the end you'll have to deal with two behemoths at the same time.
Just stick back and take them on one at a time and they shouldn't be too much

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Chapter 8 |                             [W8]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

|Get to the Front Line|

You'll be facing bugs again. Keep going until you kill the hulking monster.
Take out the infected building and move on. You'll come across the singularity
cannon on the ground. It's great for taking out groups of enemies. Move into
the next room. If you keep going straight, you'll pass under the weird looking
generator thing and come to a platform with some salvage and an Audio Log on
it. There's also two waves of bugs and a hulking monster to take down here.
Further on you'll find more bugs and another infected structure.

When you drop down, be prepared to take on a behemoth and an invisible bug.
The area's kind of cramped and awkward, so keep moving. Once you're done here,
move up and you'll find two marauders being swarmed by bugs. Fight them off
and go towards the bridge. You'll face a load of small bugs on your way, and
when you get there you'll find six pods. Take them all down and destroy the
bridge. Now backtrack and go down another path to the cave supports. You'll
have to take out a tentacle first. Destroy the supports to bring the cave down
on the bugs on the other side.

Keep going until you're in the first actual room with a weird thing going from
the floor to the ceiling. On the left side of this room you'll find an Audio
Log. In the next room, get on the turret and you'll have to deal with a ton of
bugs. The turret is slow-firing, so the bugs will swarm around you pretty
quickly. Just shoot the floor around you to clear the immediate area. Do this
for about a minute and a shield will pop up.

|Find the Lab|

Move forward until you see a weapons locker. There's an Audio Log in front of
it. Keep going and you'll be trapped in a room with a lot of bugs and an
invisible bug. Move forward onto the walkway. Be careful here. At two points
along the walkway a tentacle bursts from the wall and damage the walkway, then
goes back in. Later on, the tentacle comes out of the ground, and here you can
kill it. When you first see it come out of the ground, look to your left for an
Audio Log.

When you get down to where the tentacle was, another one pops out, along with
some bugs. Further on there are even more bugs and a yellow hulking monster.
When you enter the next structure, keep an eye out for an Audio Log to your
left. In the next room you'll be trapped with some bugs, two pods, and an
invisible bug.

|Find the Chip|

There's a behemoth in the hallway up ahead. Keep going and you'll eventually
be trapped in a room with a LOT of enemies and at least 8 or 9 pincer things.
They are literally everywhere, so keep an eye out for heavy weapon ammo,
because you will need it. Also, make good use of your nano forge abilities.

|Get to Winters|

You'll be flying in a ship for this one. Pressing the Left Bumper brings up
another visual mode, similar to the walker's. Right Trigger and Right Bumper
control the weapons. Pressing X and A causes you to ascend/descend vertically.
Most of this is a whole lot of flying around, taking out a ton of enemies and
infected buildings. The ship isn't as hardy as the walker was, so don't get
too cocky about flying into the middle of a lot of enemies. The visual aid
mode helps out a lot, since there's a lot of space for enemies to hide, and the
bugs blend into the walls real well.

After a while, you'll be tasked with destroying some generator things that
emit energy which block your path. After you do that, you get a cutscene. You
then have to demolish a rather large bridge. Do so to end the chapter.

                                 | ========= |
                                 |           |
                                 | Chapter 9 |                             [W9]
                                 |           |
                                 | ========= |

|Ride the Barge|

Go down and get on the barge. Man the turret and blow away the few bugs that
show up. You'll have to get off the barge again shortly when you reach a
shielded door. While on foot you'll encounter a wave of bugs. Repair the
bridge and move across. There are two invisible bugs floating around here.
After repairing and crossing the next bridge, you'll find two hulking
monsters in the small area, so prepare to back up. There's another monster
further on, too. After you've taken them out, shut the shield door down and
jump from this platform back onto the barge.

After shooting a couple of tentacles you'll have to get off again. This time
you move through an area filled with bugs and a few pods. The top floor of
this area also has a hulking monster in it. You'll find the thing you need to
repair just after you defeat him. After repairing it you'll move out onto a
bridge. There are of course more bugs here. You can take cover in the little
hut thing there, but make sure you don't use anything destructive too close
to your location. Everything you're standing on can be demolished, sending you
into the magma below.

The next turret sequence makes you work to get to the next area. There are a
load of enemies to fight, and they jump all over the place. Try to prioritize
the large monsters first, then the ones that shoots balls of electricity.
You'll have to get off again after a while and unlock another door. You first
encounter an invisible bug, then a yellow hulking monster. After this, use
the terminal and get back on the barge.

When you become trapped between the door, fire your turret at the wall when
it prompts you to. You'll soon come to a machine that's guarded by four
shield generators. Shoot them all to hell with your turret. Ignore all of the
monsters unless you are seriously low on health. Next, destroy the four arms
of the machine and then target the small thing at the bottom of it to take it
out completely.

|Find the Ultor Facility|

You'll be dumped inside another four-legged mech, except this one is upgraded,
it would seem. Your weapons are different, but everything else works the same.
Move through the cave system, wiping out loads of bugs as you go. You'll come
across a lot of pincers too. When you finally reach the Ultor entrance, you'll
have to deal with bugs, pincers, and tentacles.

|Find the Queen's Lair|

More walker stuff, but this time you're moving through a cave that's not only
filled with enemies, but with pods. Also, your shields are damage. To turn
them on, you must push A, but they'll quickly start to drain again. Your actual
health doesn't recharge, so you must be careful here. Stay back and take pot
shots. Don't rush in or try anything hasty, even with the shields on. They
just diminsh too quickly to be useful for anything other than absorbing a
blast of energy.

|Investigate the Heat Signature|

You're now on foot. You'll need to move through this area and destroy the
ends of three tentacles. The first one is fairly easy, though after you
destroy it, prepare to face a few invisible bugs. The next two tentacles have
you fighting a lot of enemies. You'll face just about everything they can
throw at you. To top it off, there's always at least two pods that you'll need
to deal with to stop them from spawning. Take out the heaviest enemies first,
then rush forward and deal with the pods. Always keep an eye out for ammo and
upgrade stations/weapons lockers. They're floating around the area. The last
tentacle has you fighting a behemoth as well.

On your way to the heat signature, you'll face three of the hulking monsters
all in one spot. Run away and target one of them from a distance. When that
one dies, the explosion should be enough to at least seriously damage the
other two, if not destroy them outright. There's a wave of small bugs after

|Get to the Top|

This sounds easier than it is. You'll have to fight your way up a long
rock-ramp thing filled with bugs. The first part has a few invisible bugs in
particular. There are pods all over the place and plenty of bugs to go with
them, so you'll constantly have to push forward or risk running out of ammo.
Eventually you encounter tentacles and two hulking yellow monsters. After
that you come to a chamber with a bunch of bugs and pods and a behemoth. A
pincer also shows up after you take him down. Heavy weapons ammo is bound to be
scarce by this point. There's some ammo on the ground floor by a weapon and
some more if you rush up top and go to the left. Also, if you've upgraded
the Berserk ability completely, it offers you infinite ammo while it's active,
so make use of that. Keep going and you'll fight more bugs and eventuall
three yellow hulking monsters.

|Kill the Queen|

Pull out your heavy weapon of choice and wait for the queen to move forward
and spew yellow stuff at you. At this point, three spots on it will be
vulnerable. Two on the sides, and one in the middle of its chest. Hit those
spots. Every time you destroy a spot, enemies come out to pester you. Take
them down and continue destroying all three spots. At this point, the queen
destroy the central pillar, your only means of cover. She also starts dipping
down below. When she comes back up, she fires a huge beam of energy across the
entire stage. It's unavoidable, as far as I can tell, and it will kill you
quickly. Try to dodge so that you roll under it and you should come out okay.
When the queen is firing the huge beam, there are four points on her head that
are vulnerable. They don't take much to destroy, so lay into them. Everytime
you destroy a spot, more enemies come out. Keep an eye on the queen at all
times though, and make sure you prioritize her. Destroying a spot shuts the
beam off, and that's more important than killing the enemies around you. Take
out all four spots to bring the queen down...sort of.

                                 | ========== |
                                 |            |
                                 | Chapter 10 |                           [W10]
                                 |            |
                                 | ========== |

|Get Inside the Terraformer|

A lot of bugs will be coming out of the big hole in the middle of the area
here. There's also a few hulking monsters roaming around. After traversing
the walkways, you'll come to a large structure that you need to enter. There
are two behemoths guarding it, along with some other enemies. Inside you'll
find a ton more bugs, plus a couple of pods. You'll need to go up the ramps
to get to the next area, so make sure you repair them.

|Activate the Environmental Controls|

At the start, don't drop down. There are at least two yellow hulking monsters
down there. Pick them off from your safe perch and deal with any other
enemies in the area. Try to stay on the top floor if you can, since the
controls are on the top floor on the other side anyway. After doing that you'll
need to get to the bottom floor and make your way to the security area. In
here, operate the blast door controls. At this point a ton of bugs and two
tentacles come out of the floor. There's also a yellow hulking monster on the
other side of the room. You can easily get caught in a tight spot in here,
since the room is so small, so try to backtrack and bring the enemies to you.
Once they're down, enter the blast door and hit the button.

At the next door, you'll immediately encounter enemies. Do NOT drop down. There
is a behemoth on the ground floor. Just pick him off and anyone else, then
destroy the tentacle ends. You'll have to go into the room just to the left
of the entry door. Here you can destroy two pods and the last tentacle end.
There's another pod on the other side that you can get from ground level. Hit
the last button when it's clear.

|Get to the Central Control Room|

After the next cutscene you'll be trapped in a room with a ton of enemies.
Also, tentacles will keep popping out of the floor for a while, so stock up
on heavy ammunition. Once you finally take them all down, move on. You'll have
to destroy tentacle ends in this area. After taking one down, a few bugs will
show up. After taking out all of the tentacle ends, move into the middle of the
area and repair the cores.

At this point, a bar shows up in the middle of your screen and slowly fills up.
You'll have to hold off wave after wave of bugs as they try to take the cores
offline. Get used to using repair grenades, you will need them. Also keep an
eye out for hulking yellow monsters that appear on the solid ground connected
to the main platform you're standing on. When the bar finally fills up, the
game is over.

                               ||             ||
                               ||  Technical  ||                         [TECH]
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