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There are a series of bosses that you will encounter in Dues Ex: Human Revolution. In order to go through to the next round, you must beat each one you meet. This walkthrough will guide you on the “How To” in order to defeat all four bosses in the game. Just follow the guide and I’m sure you’ll finish the game easily.

Return to Top Lawrence Barret

This guide will give you hints on how to defeat the first boss in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Lawrence Barret in just less than a minute. This will provide you tricks on what you should and should not do during the battle.

1. As soon as the battle begins, throw an EMP grenade at Barret immediately. This will place him into a temporary immobile condition. While he is stunned, you will have the opportunity to look for something you can throw at him. The arena is filled with materials that will cause damage.

2. First, pick one poison canister which should be  located at your right side. This will prolong his immobile condition and give you more chances of surveying the arena and look for things which you could possibly use.

3. You need to hit Barret with anything in the arena. Look for explosive barrels or even fire extinguishers. These will create confusion to Barret and  give you enough time to pick poison canisters and other things which you could possibly throw.

4. As you survey the arena, make sure that while you keep on throwing things at Barret, you position yourself in a place where he can not see you. I suggest you stay in a position farthest from him where he is not facing towards you. Use the walls of the arena to hide yourself.

5. Once you have used everything you can find, and there is nothing left to throw, you can now use your weapons. Just continue hitting him till he’s done.

Here’s the video of how to complete this battle.

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Return to Top The Mantis

The 2nd boss you will encounter in the game is Yelena Federova.
Dues Ex has been garnering a reputation for its cheap and frustrating boss battle; however, this guide will give you strategies on how you can take Yelena down without any difficulty. You don’t even have to worry about her charge attack, her stealth power or her double machine guns. You can do this with characters built on stealth or non lethal take downs. Just follow the following guide and you’re sure to knock her out in just a blink of an eye.

1. During the start of the fight and throughout the battle, Yelena’s going to charge at you and use her different attacks. Her attacks can actually be interrupted by any stun weapon. You can use a stun shot gun but the EMP grenades and the PEPS gun will also work well in this fight.

2. While she is stunned, switch to a proper damaging weapon and put bullets in the mix. She will eventually retreat and charge for her next move. You can chase after her if you want but it would actually be better if you just let her come near to you again.

3. Take some time to find some EMP grenade. Throw it anywhere in the arena, in places where Yelena may possibly charge. Being able to set up the arena will do a lot in helping  make the fight very much easier. You won’t actually have to move just let her be at the central spot.

4. After some time, Yelena will charge. Just simply hit her using a stunning weapon. This will stun her, thus interrupt her attacks to you.

5. While she is stunned, take the time to search for some lethal weapon and start hitting her.

6. If you want to use some augmentations in the process, just switch to stealth and go behind her. While you’re busy putting bullets inside her, she will actually not be able to animate for a few seconds, which will give you enough time to walk behind her and kill her.

Here is the video of this battle.

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Return to Top Jaron Namir

Jaron Namir, the third boss in Deus Ex Human revolution is your next target.  Pay close attention as we’ll give you things you have to do and the things you should NOT do when you encounter him.

1. If you really want to beat Jaron Namir, it will be easier if you have all your augmentations intact. Do not go to the clinic and pick the chip upgrade because doing so will automatically turn all your augmentations off, making for a  hard time fighting him.

2. Now, at the beginning of the level, you’ll see a turret. You should bring that turret down to the elevator. It will be of great help once you encounter the third Boss.

3. Now when the fight starts, make sure that you stay on the outer areas, doing so will lessen the chances of Namir get to you. This is because once he tries to cloak or stalks you, he usually stays on the middle area. His movement pattern is quite similar to Yelena’s.

4. For you to successfully defeat him, when his shadow starts to appear, start shooting it, do not give him a chance to make his move. Do this repeatedly in order to beat him.

Here is the video of this battle:
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Return to Top Zhao Yun Ru

This guide will give you a very fast trick on how will you defeat the last boss in this game, Zhao Yun Ru. Folks seem to think she’s very hard to defeat but I’ve searched for tricks which could help you eliminate her with ease. This guide will show you a really fast way. You don’t need to undergo complicated instructions or look for special augmentations, just follow this guide and you will have a fast sure win.

1. At the beginning of the battle select right away a suitable weapon which you will use against her. And in this guide, we prefer the laser rifle. Without this weapon, you really won’t be able to defeat her easily. We strongly emphasize the importance of this weapon. For those who don’t have this weapon, I’m afraid you have to defeat her the hard way.

2. Now if you already have the weapon, just look for the boss and position yourself in a 15 to 20-degree angle from her position. Make sure that you position yourself properly. This will help you hit her without her noticing you.

3. After having positioned yourself, just select a spot where you will hit the target. Start shooting her. You don’t even have to shoot her for a long time. You can defeat her in just a single blow, you just have to make sure that the weapon you are using is the laser rifle. It will be impossible to defeat her in a fast way without this rifle. Just give her a blow and you’re done.

Here is the video of this battle:

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