Spider-Man: Edge of Time FAQ | Walkthrough [Guide]


This walkthrough of Spider-Man: Edge of Time will guide you through all chapters and help with the game upgrades and perks. Boss battles got you down? No Problem!! We’ll get you through them in flying colors. Learn the combo attacks that work the best and finish the game as a true HERO.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was a small hit for Activision, both
financially and critically. With this new-found success with the franchise that
hasn’t been seen since the video game adaptation of Spider-Man 2, Activision
has taken the developers of Shattered Dimensions and set them straight to work
on their next foray into the world of everyone’s favorite webhead.

Step into the world of Spider-Man: Edge of Time and bring plenty of web
capsules, true-believers!

Spider-Man: Edge of Time
Written by Dalton “horror_spooky” Cooper
Copyright 2011 CheatMasters

Contact Information
E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com


1. Introduction and Controls

2. Walkthrough
Act I
  Chapter 1: An Unwilling Witness to an Execution
  Chapter 2: Things Fall Apart
  Chapter 3: Wild Cards
  Chapter 4: No Way Out
  Chapter 5: Pro and Anti-Venom
  Chapter 6: Fighting the Future
Act II
  Chapter 7: Back from the Dead
  Chapter 8: Here there be Monsters
  Chapter 9: Cause and Effect
  Chapter 10: MJ on the Run
  Chapter 11: Claws of the Cat
  Chapter 12: The Imperfect Storm
  Chapter 13: Connecting the Strands
  Chapter 14: Nowhere to Run
  Chapter 15: When Creatures Attack
  Chapter 16: Countdown to Disaster

3. Web of Challenges – Upgrading Spider-Man

4. Extra Content
  A. Costumes
  B. Action Figures, Concept Art, and Movies!

5. Conclusion
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1. Introduction and Controls
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Following the events of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, things are finally
getting back to normal for Peter Parker and the gang. Well, actually no, it’s
not. A time-traveler named Walker Sloan is looking to travel to the past to
kill Spider-Man by controlling the violent Anti-Venom! Meanwhile, the
Spider-Man from the year 2099 is looking to save the day by stopping these
cataclysmic events! Can these two Spider-Men put sarcastic comments and puns
aside in time to save the world?

Let’s find out!

Left analog stick – Movement
Right analog stick – Camera control
A – Jump/QTE
B – Webbing/QTE
X – Attack
Y – Attack
LB – N/A
LT – Hyper sense/Decoy
RB – Grab
RT – Swing web
D-pad (up) – Spidey sense
D-pad (down) – N/A
D-pad (right) – N/A
D-pad (left) – N/A
Start – Pause
Back – Upgrade screen

More complicated combinations and what-not will be taught to you throughout
this guide, true-believers!

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2. Walkthrough
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Act I
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Upon pressing start, you’ll be placed right into the silky-tight suit of
present-day Spider-Man, the Peter Parker version. You will be doing battle with
a heavily mutated and highly dangerous form of Venom. Use this time to press
the buttons as the game tells you to, in order to learn the basic combat in
the game.

My Introduction and Controls section of the guide will go into a bit more
detail about what the different buttons do. Just get comfortable, using this
Super Venom baddy as a punching bag. One thing I do want to mention is Spider-
Man’s hyper sense ability. By pulling on the left trigger, Spider-Man goes into
a Super Saiyan mode where attacks are dodged very easily and attacks are
lightning fast.

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After this battle with this evil monstrosity concludes, you will be in the
futuristic suit of Miguel O’Hara, a totally badass Spider-Man from the future–
the year 2099 to be exact!

Following another short scene, press the left analog stick in literally any
direction that you wish to move Spider-Man through the ventilation shaft. You
have to do this for a while, but it’s for cinematic effect, which the
developers actually pulled off quite nicely. Keep crawling until you are out of
the shaft and on your feet!

Enjoy the next scene with Walker Sloan. He’s making his way to some sort of
time machine, as you can tell by the dialogue! Now, notice the big blue panel
you are standing on. You will see an orange laser grid appear on the floor.
Move off the grid if you are standing on it. Keep avoiding the grid until the
door opens, which will in turn remove the blue laser door that is impeding your

Yeah, that’s right. They can build a freaking time machine, but a competent
security system is just over their heads I guess! Anyway, crawl through the
shaft as you keep following Walker Sloan. As you could guess, you don’t even
have to point the analog stick forward and Spidey will just keep crawling that
way. I don’t know why they don’t just have him move by himself, but whatever.

When you are on your two feet again and not on your belly, you will have to do
more laser grid dodging. It’s a little tougher than before, but still pretty
damn easy. When Walker opens up the door below, you can continue crawling
through the shaft, and this time you will zoom out of the hole and have full
control over the futuristic webhead (I will say this as much as possible
throughout the guide, simply because it must be done).

As soon as you have control, turn around and grab the Portal Energy behind you.
You use this to upgrade Spider-Man 2099 as well as olden days Spider-Man back
in the present. Well, that was a weird sentence. Then run forward and jump over
the barricade using your webs. If you hold A, you can use a web boost at the
top of your jump to easily get over the barricade. Be sure to grab the Portal
Energy as you are doing this, of course.

When you get to the other side, hold the right trigger to swing across the gap
and grab the Portal Energy floating in the middle. Head into the next room and
then swing around the room to the platform on the other side. Press the B
button next to the control panel to nab extra energy and health regenerative

Afterwards, head into the next room. You will be asked if you want to undergo a
challenge. These challenges are spread out across the game, and you can press
select to accept the challenge. If you do so, you are timed, given an
objective, and then rewarded with various medals for completing the objective
within the time limit.

This first challenge is an Obstacle Endurance. You need to complete the hefty
platforming segment introduced to you in the cut-scene within the allotted time
to complete the challenge. I guess if you don’t feel like doing challenges,
then just ignore this, but whatever.

Regardless of whether you do the challenge or not, on the left hand side of the
wall, there is a golden spider in the alcove. Nab that sucker. You can use
these to upgrade your attributes. Tap RT to go from point to point during this
platforming segment and work your way up, essentially. Use your web boosting
jump, and keep in mind that you can crawl on the walls. You are Spider-Man,
after all.

When you reach the top, crawl through the small crevice. Go interact with the
computer console on the far wall. Then head through the door. Obviously walk
down the tube with the energy orbs to reach the platform in the middle. Then
walk up the next tubes and grab all of the orbs. Approach the door and tap B
repeatedly God of War-style to get into the next room. In this area, there is a
golden spider crawling on the locked door, as well as a Memo collectible
sitting on the ground.

With collectibles sufficiently collected, return to the platform in the middle
platform and hop down the hole. When you reach the bottom, you will be taught
to use Spider-Man 2099′s very useful decoy ability. Basically, tap LT to create
a decoy that all the nearby enemies to attack.

In this instance, stand in front of the tanks. Wait for the red reticule to pop
up on the screen, then tap LT to initiate the decoy. When the decoy is used,
Spider-Man 2099 will automatically flip out of the way as well. The missiles in
this room will then blow up the container. Do this for the other containers
until the game brings your attention to the locked door.

Stand in front of the door then press LB to initiate the decoy when the red
reticule encompasses you. The missiles will blow up the lock and then head
through the door into the next room. In here, you will have to dodge some more
missiles to dodge, and then you will have to fight some robots!

The robots will pour into the room, so be prepared to take them all out. Use
all the combat techniques Spider-Man 2099 knows to your advantage. The game
uses this section to teach you about grabbing enemies, so do that at this time.
Anyway, when the robots have been killed, turrets will pop up on the ledges
around you. Take them out, then you will be rewarded with a golden spider.

A device will rise up in the middle of the floor. Point Spider-Man 2099 in the
direction of the platform, then tap RT to zoom on top of it. This is how
elevators work in the year 2099. THEY CAN BUILD A TIME MACHINE, BUT THEY CAN’T

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Oh, no! You go from being a badass Latino Spider-Man from the future to a
scrawny jerk that gets his ass kicked by Macho Man Randy Savage (may he rest in
peace)! Leave the offices of the Daily Bugle, but then an explosion will
totally rock your world if you catch my drift.

Walk down this hallway. Spider-Man will stumble around due to the aftershock
from the explosion that just blasted him through the freaking wall, which I
suppose is understandable. Anti-Venom will pop up for a second and warn you,
but otherwise, tap up on the d-pad when you regain control to activate your
Spidey sense.

This will point out a security guard through the dust. He is outlined in red.
Rush over to him and beat the holy hell out of the sucker. When he’s defeated,
you will get his security key. Then use the key on the security door and head
into the next area.

Another challenge can be activated here. You can do it or don’t do it, it’s
really up to you. Regardless, swing across the multi-leveled gap, collecting
the Portal Energy as you see fit, until you reach the mob of enemies in front
of another security door. Beat down all the enemies then head through the door.

As you swing through this area with lasers which need avoidin’, Spider-Man 2099
and regular boring Spider-Man will have a conversation which reveals pretty
vital information. It seems that actions that the regular Spider-Man takes in
the present day can drastically alter the world that Spider-Man 2099 lives in.
This will affect gameplay in a minor matter and in ways that you won’t really
need a guide for anyway, but just keep this in mind. There are some instances
when effecting the future is REQUIRED to continue in the game as well.

Anyway, your cursor on the screen will aim to a section on the wall after you
are done making your way through the lasers. Zoom over there with your web then
crawl through the next air vent. When you reach the end of the air vent, grab
all the Portal Energy on the ground. Then make your way through more lasers.
You will come across some forcefields that will block your progress, and
Spider-Man 2099 will reveal he is facing similar issues.

Zoom your way in front of the destroyed double doors. Run down the way using
your Hyper Sense ability to dodge through the lasers and then watch the scene
with the broski. You will have to do battle with three enemies below, so hop
down and take them all out. The enemy rocking the shield is equipped with the
key for this area, so snatch that off him, then jump up to the locked door that
the broski from the cut-scene was guarding until you kicked his ass of course.

Open the door and head into the next room. The time machine is in here, and
there is some breakin’ to be done. Beat the shit out of the time machine, and
then you will be surrounded by enemies. You will then be taught how to upgrade
shared abilities, Spider-Man OG, and Spider-Man 2099. You will be forced to
purchase the free upgrade for the Time Paradox ability.

This ability is activated by clicking the left analog and the right analog
sticks together at the same time. There is a symbol of a Spider next your
health and web bars in the upper left hand corner of the screen. When it is
filled, you can activate this ability, which will in turn freeze all the
enemies around you. Use it now, then defeat all the enemies. While you are in
this room, you can use this ability as much as you want, so abuse the power as
much as possible until all the enemies are defeated.

When all the enemies are defeated, leave this room. There will be more baddies
to deal with now! I lied earlier, by the way. You can still use that Time
Paradox ability limitlessly! Bahaha. Got’cha! Employ the hell out of it and
beat up all the enemies. When they’re all defeated, you’ll get a gold spider.

Backtrack through the way you entered this area. There will now be more lasers
to deal with. Activate hyper sense to zoom down the hallway and avoid taking
damage from those pesky lasers. Then it’s a simple matter of pulling the right
trigger to zoom from point to point, which will lead you right to the door that
was previously blocked by the forcefield.

Tap B repeatedly at the door to open it up. Head through into the lobby area,
and then press up on the d-pad. This will lead you to the first security guard
with the first key you need. The next door you have to go through requires
three keys instead of just one, by the way.

When the first dude and all the people around him are taken care of, press up
on the d-pad again to lead you to the next security guard. Take him out, the
cronies that appeaer around him, then press up on the d-pad again to find the
final guy.

If you want to find a hidden golden spider, crawl up the wall on the side of
the lobby opposite of the locked door you need to go into. There is a small
air vent that drops down into a room that is behind a locked door. There is a
golden spider in here to snag, so be sure to do that before continuing your
journey to defeat the final guy with the final key.

With all the keys in your possession, return to the locked door and head
through. Another explosion will…explode, and then go through this hallway.
Swing your way through the holes in the wall while avoiding the lasers, the
fire, and the enemies (unless you want to defeat them–entirely optional).

When you reach the end of htis hallway, you have to fight some enemies that pop
up as a final obstacle into the next room. Defeat them all and then rush
through the next door. To your left, there is a computer console that can be
interacted with for orbs. Then run down the hallway. Spider-Man 2099 is busy
getting his ass handed to him by giant robots, and it’s your job to destroy the
robots in the past to prevent them from ever being created in the future! Total
mind ****, I know.

Just run straight ahead as the timer appears. You will then be in the room
where the prototype for the giant robot Spider-Man 2099 is fighting is housed.
Go to the first blue circle on the ground, press B and then tap B repeatedly to
rip the leg off the robot. Then zoom up to the blue circle, next to the
prototype’s hand. Press B, tap it repeatedly, and then rip off the hand. Fight
off any enemies that you need to do, and then use your web to zoom up to the
head of the prototype. Press B once, then tap it repeatedly to rip off the
head, which will get rid of the giant ass robot in the year 2099 (assuming you
completed it in time).

To Top


Back to the future (teehee), you will have some smaller robots to destroy. Bust
their bolts. Turrets will rise from the floor and start firing missiles at you.
Use your decoy to avoid being hit by the missiles as you destroy the robots.
When the robots are all destroyed, approached the lock door. Use your decoy to
trick the turrets into blowing up the lock on the door, then head on through.

The enemies in this room can be avoided very easily. Just pull on the left
trigger to draw their attention to the decoy, then just run through here. Press
up on the d-pad to draw your attention to the location of the next key that you
need, then crawl on the ceiling to grab Portal Energy.

Hop down and use your Spidey sense to lead you right to the robot that has the
necessary key. He will summon a bunch of robots to defend him, so defeat them
all, then defeat that robot, and then grab the security key. Return to the
previous room, activate the decoy to avoid a messy firefight, and then keep
your Spidey sense activated to lead you to the locked door, press B, and head
on through!

Run through this place, defeating robots as you see fit, until you see the next
door that you have to open, which is guarded by more Kamikaze exploding robots.
Use your decoy to distract them, then approach the door and tap B repeatedly in
a way that would make Kratos proud to go into the next room.

You will take notice of the locked door. Sigh. More key-collecting for badass
future Spidey. Use your Spidey sense to lead you right to the robot that has
the key necessary. There is opposition on the way such as the Kamikaze robots
that will try to blow you up, so use your decoy to avoid them, and either go
past or destroy the other robots. You can also take time to collecting the orbs
that are floating around if you so wish.

When you reach the robot with the key, you will also have to do battle with
another robot that’s in the room. Defeat them both to get the key. You will
noticed a locked door in this room, so open it on up and destroy the forcefield
generator in this room if you’d like.

Regardless, return to the locked door and open it. You will now be treated to
a really long and annoying Dead Space 2-esque interactive set-piece where
Spider-Man 2099 soars through a tight space and you have to move him out of the
way of incoming obstacles. Thank god this part has checkpoints, otherwise I
would be throwing my controller through the television screen.

You can boost through this, but I recommend avoiding this. Just keep the pace
slow and steady and avoid all the incoming obstacles. When you’re down with
this, another scene will play. When you have control of Spider-Man 2099 again,
then start crawling upwards. Use the decoy as much as possible and otherwise
try to avoid the fire from the turrets.

Keep following the path until the giant doors shut and then you will crawl into
another room in a weird, Prey anti-physics sort of way. Defeat the first wave
of robots. Then a second wave of robots will come into the fray. Defeat them,
then destroy the door with the yellow lines around it. This is the ventilation
shaft. Of course. Crawl through here and then when you reach the top, destroy
the next door.

Fight all the robots. When they’re all blown up, head into the next room and
start crawling upwards again. Avoid the lasers. You’ll then reach turrets that
spew fire, so activate the decoy and crawl past them. Keep crawling until some
trippy stuff starts going on!

To Top


After the spooky scene, defeat all the enemies. One of them is housing the
security key that you need to unlock the door behind you. Spend some time
collecting the orbs and what-not, and then unlock the door.

Run into the hallway, and then Anti-Venom will chuck a grenade, causing a giant
explosion and chaos. Oh no! Swing over the electricity blocking your path, and
then head through the door on the right. Use your Spidey sense to reach the
control panel to open the locked door, then run back to it and go through.

In the next room, a giant wall of lasers will appear. Use the hyper sense, by
pulling LT remember, to dodge them and make it the other side. Press B
repeatedly on the locked door to open it.

In the next room, there will be a cut-scene. After which, you must save the
future from nuclear radioactivity by press buttons in the past! OMG. It’s a
linear path of orbs and web-swinging to the first control panel. Press it, then
continue onwards to the second control panel. Press the button there. Then just
keep going until you reach the third and final control panel and press the
button to keep Spider-Man 2099 from dealing with Fallout 3 mutants!

When the scene is over, lift open the door in between the larger door and the
smaller one to find a hidden gold spider. Then break down the door next to the
control panel in the corner. Crawl through this ventilation shaft. When you
drop down, you’ll see Anti-Venom running in the distance.

Approach the control panel and pull the switch. Then switch on hyper sense as
you run through this place. Just make it to the other side of the room before
the bar at the top of the screen runs out to get through the door in time. Once
you are safely in the door, press the button on the control panel at the far
end of the room for extra orbs, then go through the door.

Take care of the human enemies first while avoiding the fire blasts from a
brand new foe, the Hatchlings. Turn on your hyper sense to zoom to these pesky
fire-breathing critters and beat them to death. When they have been taken care
of go to the door in here and tap B to open it up. I strongly advise doing this
because, you know, if you don’t open this door, you can’t progress through the
game. ;)

Run down the hallway to chase Anti-Venom. In the next room, you will have to
fight an evolved Hatchling that has a bunch of health, small Hatchlings, and a
bunch of security guards. Take them all out. Spam hyper sense as you battle
these creeps. When the fight is done, you will have a key that will open the
nearby locked door.

* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
Yay! A boss fight! In capital letters with three exclamation points and
everything! Basically, the key to this fight is to spam hyper sense. By doing
this, you can easily get behind Anti-Venom and pound the ever-loving hell out
of him with attack combos.

Just keep spamming hyper sense and beating up Anti-Venom as much as possible.
Eventually, he will knock you back and start regenerating health. By the way,
don’t bother with Time Paradox on him because it has no effect. Anyway, after
he has regenerated his health, return to the strategy of spamming hyper sense
and nailing him with combos.

When enough damage has been dealt, a big B button icon will appear above his
head. Press B to activate a short scene. When it’s done, walk through the
destroyed door Gears of War-style. Work your way around the containers while
present day loser Spider-Man talks to super-cool Alberto Del Rio-esque Spider-
Man from the future. Their conversation will end, and you will see three blue
orbs leading into the middle of the containers. Collect them and walk into the
center to initiate another scene.

Ha! So now you know why I didn’t end the BOSS FIGHT!!! thing with the asteriks
after you tossed Anti-Venom through the door! Clever, aren’t I? Well, this
fight is pretty much the same as the other one, except you can’t use the hyper
sense ability to your advantage. Just be sure to get in as many shots as
possible, then bail by swinging across the ring with the right trigger.
* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *

The fight will end when about a quarter of Anti-Venom’s health has been
depleted. Then you will be involved in a unique quick-time event situation. Oh,
I know how you all love these QTEs! Just walk around in a circle around Anti-
Venom, or stay still, whatever, as they talk. Eventually he will try to attack
and you will need to press the correct button that pops up on the screen when
prompted. Do this a second time and this will end.

To Top


Yay! You get to be Spider-Man 2099 again! You know, whenever I hear the name
“Miguel” I think of that creepy Cuban guy from Dexter. Anywho, go through the
nearby door and then destroy the robots in the next room. One of them has the
key that opens the other door in the room, so open it when you can.

You will realize it won’t be a straight-shot to your destination, so take a
left into the next door. Run through the little hallway to be greeted to a room
full of robots, including robots modeled after those dang Hatchlings! You can
kill everything in here if you’d like, but it’s a lot easier to just employ the
strategy I am about to tell you.

Jump up on the raised area. You will see a button that is in between the two
orange areas of the floor. The cut-scene that played right when you entered
this room showed this to you. Well, employ a decoy to distract the enemies,
then use the Time Paradox to slow them all down. With the enemies taken care
of, press B repeatedly to raise the button. Then enter the nearby door to get
on the other side of the glass. Go to the next door, tap B repeatedly, and

The next room features a locked door that requires three keys as well as a ton
of robots, including the three that have the keys on them! Use your Spidey
sense to focus on the robots that are actually equipped with keys to make this
part go a little faster. When all the keys are collected, you can stick around
and destroy the left-over bots, or you can just use all three keys on the
locked door and continue onwards!

This next room is a bit tricky. You need to play a game of “don’t fall into the
scary plasma that will totally kill you”, and swing across the room. Stick to
the high ledges and work your way up to the control room. Once inside, flip the
switch on the control panel, and then crawl up into the vent up here. Crawl
through the vent to get a gold spider. On the outside of the vent, you can
easily swing across to the next door.

Go through the door and in the next area, quickly tap B at the subsequent door
to grant yourself access. Right away, deploy your decoy to avoid being blown to
smithereens, then work your way up. Look around for the door outlined in
yellow, then bash the door down to reach the air duct. Crawl through here and
drop down in the control room area.

Approach the blue circle on the ground. Press B repeatedly to raise the button,
then exit through the door. This closed off the poisonous gas that once filled
the lower area of this room, and you can now get through the door on the ground
floor. As soon as you make your way there, though, a bunch of Kamikaze bots
will try to kill you. Deploy the decoy then go to the door and tap B repeatedly
to get through.

Work your way through this area while collecting orbs, but I hope you weren’t
too comfortable controlling Spider-Man 2099. You’ll once again be controlling
present day Spider-Man, but he’s pretty much dead. Try to hit Anti-Venom with
strikes, but he will destroy you no matter what.

After Spider-Man 2099 tries to reassure you, push forward on the analog stick
to crawl away from Anti-Venom. With that, you will once again regain control of
Spider-Man 2099 as he rushes to save present day Spider-Man from getting killed
by Anti-Venom!

The robots that you will be swarming the next room have three keys. Use your
Spidey sense to spot them, and then focus on taking them all out. When you have
all the keys, go to the locked door and use them all.

After the scene, you will be holding OG Spider-Man in your arms. Aww. How cute.
Walk him through the open door into the next room to initiate yet ANOTHER cut-
scene and trigger a…

* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
Ohhhh yeah! Spider-Man 2099 is resistant to Anti-Venom’s power-draining
abilities. Treat this fight just like it was the original fight with Anti-
Venom, but instead of spamming hyper sense, spam that decoy like no tomorrow!

When enough damage has been done to Anti-Venom, the B button will appear above
his head. Approach him and press B to rip a device off his body. Then start
attacking him again in the typical fashion. After another set amount of damage
has been dealt to the beast, press B again and rip off yet another device.

You will then be prompted to pull the left trigger to initiate your decoy,
which in turn tricks Anti-Venom into barreling through a door. Meanwhile, in
2099 where the OG Spider-Man now resides, he starts to get attacked by zombies.
You need to destroy the eggs in the room you are currently in to save the OG
Spider-Man from these zombierific attacks.

There are three eggs in this room. The eggs look like sci-fi containment pods
and are impossible to miss. Just stand in front of one and then press LT to
trigger a decoy. This will trick Anti-Venom into smashing into each egg. Do
this for all three of them to save the future-present-past Spider-Man…uh…

Now you have to fight Anti-Venom some more. His attacks are more powerful, but
just use the same strategy that you did before. Avoid the patches of goo on the
ground as they will trap you and deal significant damage, and try to keep Anti-
Venom away from them as they will heal him.

Just keep pounding away at the monster until a B button appears above his head
again. This will happen when Anti-Venom has about a quarter of health left.
Press B to finally put him away and complete the first Act.
* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Act II
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


Just walk forward and another scene will play. When it’s done, go through the
door that you are told to go through to reach the Hydroponic Jungle area. You
will be greeted by a tentacle, so blast it with webbing by tapping B to get it
out of the way.

Continue onward and blast any tentacles you see as you collect orbs and
continue through the area. Eventually, a tentacle will rise up and block your
path while also facing away from you so that you can shoot it and disable it.
Well, climb up the wall to the left to place yourself right in front of the top
of the tentacle. Blast it with webs to get it out of the way, drop down, and
then head through the next hallway.

Another tentacle will burst through the wall, so blast it when it does so. Then
keep walking forward. A turret will pop up and start shooting, so blast it with
webbing to clog up its fire. Then rush it and start mashing on the X button to
destroy the turret.

With this completed, take a left. Swing across the swampy goo until you reach
some solid land. There will be a tentacle staring you in the face, so blast it.
Then swing back across to where you destroyed the turret. Head down the path
opposite to the gunky swamp. You’ll get to hear a funny conversation between
OG Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 about Jean Grey, Colossus, and Captain
America. Lolz.

Anyway, blast the tentacle in the face again, then work your way back to where
you destroyed the turret. The door will now open, so run on through, and then
go right through the next door. Staring you right in the face is a locked door
that needs three keys to open. Oh goody! Spider-Man does a ridiculous amount of
key-fetching in this game, I tell you what (sorry, I’ve been on a sort of King
of the Hill kick as of late).

Well, you know the drill at this point. Two of the key holders are located
behind windows to your left and to your right. The third culprit is hanging out
above the dude on the left. Go to your right first, and swing across the gunk
to reach this first robot. Beat him up and then take the key. Then swing back

You will notice that the room on the left can’t be reached at this point
because a tentacle is blocking the way. Oh, shucky darn. Climb up the wall at
the far end of the room to crawl around and to end up above the room. Beat up
the robot here to gain his key. Then blast the tentacle in the face, drop down,
and beat up the final robot to get the third key.

Swing back to the locked door and dump all three of the keys into it. You’ll be
happy to know that the next area is a large open one. Your new objective is to
obtain three atomic batteries, so let’s get to it!

Look around for a door that is covered by a mess of lasers. You can fight the
robots around here, but I find it easier to just ignore them as there are
multiple turrets in the area that will drain your health rather quickly.
Anyway, approach the lasers then activate hyper sense to get past them.

This next room has three control panels in it. Switches need to be pressed on
all three of them to deactivate the laser grid in the middle so that you can
get the first battery. There’s one right in front of you, so activate hyper
sense and press it. Then there are two more in the far-right and far-left hand
corners of the room. Press those as well with hyper sense activated to avoid
taking damage from those damn laser beams.

Snag the atomic battery once you are able to then leave the room. Now you can
activate your Spidey sense to find the location of the next two atomic
batteries. Technically you could do this before, but just for the sake of this
guide and convenience, you’ll be glad you listened to me! =D

Anyways, turn on your Spidey sense. While facing away from the door you just
exited, there will be two doors highlighted in green on the screen. Swing to
the one on the right first. Head inside and then press the switch right in
front of you. Then go around the room, webbing the turrets, and then punching
the turrets to death. Afterwards, go to the control panel at the far-right
hand corner of the room.

With two switches pressed, go to the control panel on the left-hand side. Now,
don’t even think about trying to press it as a turret that’s chilling out on
the wall will blast you with fire if you do so. Instead, approach the explosive
canisters and use LB to chuck them at the turret to blow it up. With the turret
destroyed, you can now safely get the atomic battery. Grab it and then leave
this room.

Activate your Spidey sense to lead you to the final room. There is nothing but
robots in here, so destroy them all. The robot Hatchlings can be a pain in the
ass, but there’s nothing too difficult in here. You know, the lack of killer
lasers and flame-throwing turrets is kind of relaxing! Press the switch that is
at the front of the room, then the one on the right.

When you go to press the switch on the left, three robots will materialize
around you. Defeat them, then press the switch if they interrupted you doing
that. Then go grab the atomic battery. Three more robots will materialize,
however, so take them all out before leaving the room.

Press Up on the d-pad to once again activate your Spidey sense. You will be
directed right to the door that you need to go to, and you will know it, too,
since it will be outlined in green. Make your way there and then a timer will
appear. Start rushing through these areas, avoiding the tentacles that pop up
to the best of your abilities, until you hit a dead-end. Start crawling up the
wall and blast the tentacle that shows up right in the face.

Keep heading forward as you blast any interfering tentacles in their tentacle-
face. I know tentacles don’t have faces but…uh, yeah. Come on, this is a game
about time-traveling superheroes that have the abilities of spiders. I AM GOING

The voice of a mysterious woman will ring out as you continue your journey to
the gateway room. Ooh. Mysterious. Sexy. Sexterious. Nomnomnom. Anyway, when
you reach the egg room, a bunch of tentacles will burst out of the ceiling as
well as the ground and cause quite the headache.

Avoid the middle of the room as there are two tentacles that will crazily pound
on the ground and try to hit you. Swing across the room if you need to in order
to get in position to blast the first tentacle’s red light with your webbing.
This will cause some of the tentacles to retract. Then blast the second
tentacle. The third tentacle, the one that was once protected by the bodies of
the others, will now be exposed and ripe for a web blast right into the face!

With the way clear and the timer ticking, head through the now-cleared doorway
and into the gateway room.

To Top


As Spider-Man 2099 in 2011 or whatever the hell year it is, defeat all the
security guards that are around you. Some of them are packing shields, so it
will be wise to use your decoy when necessary.

When they have all been defeated, focus your attention on the three towers in
the room. These are breakers, and they must be shoved into the floor. Why? I am
honestly not entirely sure. But they must be. Go to the first breaker and press
B to start the process. Then tap B repeatedly to shove it back into place.
After I finish this game, I am going to call Activision and demand that they
replace my B button!

With the first breaker in place, a second wave of security guards will appear.
Take them all out. Then force down the second breaker. Of course, this will
summon even more security guards. Take them all out as well, then force down
the third breaker. As you could have guessed, this will bring forth yet
ANOTHER wave of security guards that need punched and kicked and what-not. Take
care of business like only Spider-Man 2099 knows how.

With the breakers in place, approach the center of the room. Press B to open
the hatch, then jump through the hole. This is another one of those segments
that feel directly ripped from Dead Space 2 where you free-fall and avoid all
the obstacles and what-not. They’re growing on me. I hated them in Dead Space
2 because I felt it killed the atmosphere, but interactive set-pieces like
these feel right at home in an action game like Spider-Man.

Anyway, dodge the obstacles. Avoid boosting (you do this by holding the A
button) because it’s just going to make your life very difficult. However, when
you reach the fans, it’s wise to boost through them. After you have passed
those, return to not using the boost and just casually blowing by the obstacles
in your way.

A set of doors will start closing on you, so now’s the time to use the boost!
Line Spider-Man 2099 up with the middle of the screen and push down on that A
button like letting go would make you explode! Blow through all the closing
doors until you are interrupted by a short scene.

Run forward then follow the orbs to the lower level. Beat the hell out of all
the security guards. When they have all been defeated, turn your attention to
the locked door in the area. Tap B repeatedly to open the door. You will be
greeted to a very small room, with another door inside. Destroy this door and
then head through to reach yet another ventilation shaft. Man, if Spidey isn’t
collecting keys, he’s busy crawling through ventilation shafts!

As you crawl through the vents, you will be greeted by lasers. Avoid the lasers
and continue crawling. Keep crawling until you reach the end of the shaft and
then jump out. Follow the orbs around. They will lead you past a door with a
giant locked attached to it, and then lead you right to a turret. From the
turret, run right back in front of the locked door. Wait for the red reticule
to appear on you, then deploy your decoy and get out of dodge to destroy the

Head through the once it has been destroyed. Grab any and all orbs in the next
room. Then approach the control panel and interact with it to open up the doors
again so you can resume your crazy free-falling escapades. Just like before,
take it slow until you reach the closing blast doors, then, in a matter of
speaking, FLOOR IT!

Despite your best efforts, the blast doors will once again close before you can
finish your suicidal need to fall really far and really fast. Crawl up the wall
around the control room and follow the orbs to the roof. The piping will lead
to a hatch you can drop down, so do that.

Now you will be met with quite a dilemma! The control room to open up the blast
door is blocked by a door that requires not one, not two, BUT YES! THREE WHOLE
KEYS TO BYPASS! Ugh. Luckily there are three other doors in this area and each
one of the doors features a baddie that is equipped with one of the keys that
you need!

So, make the rounds. Visit each room. Defeat all the enemies and snag the key.
If you defeat every enemy each one of the rooms, you will gain a gold spider
for your valiant and noble efforts. With the three keys in your possession,
return to the door and open it. Head inside and then mess with the control
panel to open the blast door.

Hop back down. You will repeat some of the same environmental hazards you have
had to deal with in previous free-falling expenditures, so don’t worry too
much about being taken off guard. Seriously, it’s like the designers copied and
then subsequently pasted the level! Oh well. When you reach the end of your
free-falling, rush through to the archive door to discover yet another
roadlbock keeping you from your goal!

Oh, snap. Turn around and deal with the invading security guards. After they
have all been defeated, take notice of the shielded turret hanging above the
door from whence you came. Get its attention, then have the missile it shoots
follow you in front of the large lock on the door. Deploy your decoy to get out
of the way and the missile will destroy the lock.

Head into this room and destroy the machine in here. After doing this, Peter
Parker will contact you in distress. Aww, shucky ducky! Leave, and then return
to the main hall. Fight off the security guards in here, then go through the
large double doors at the end of the hall.

You’ll now be in the archives room with a giant statue. Well, there’s no time
to waste because after the scene, you are timed! Press up on the d-pad to
initiate your Spidey sense and point out three different control stations. Your
objective is to flip the switch on each one to open the door to the Terminal
room, so you can then save the present Spider-Man in the future…! Yeah! I
think I’m getting the hang of all this time travel mumbo jumbo!

Anyway, head to the first one on the right. Ignore all the enemies and just
press the button. Then make your way to the second one, which is mid-way
between the first one and the third one. The second set of controls are the
hardest to get to as you have to deal with a room filled with four turrets,
which are a pain in the ass.

Clog each turret up with webbing and use your decoy as much as possible. There
is a big ball of health in this room which DEFINITELY comes in handy as these
turrets kick a serious amount of ass. When they are all destroyed, approach the
door and press B repeatedly to open it and reach the second set of controls.
Flip the switch at the console.

Now make your way to the uppermost set of controls. This one is quite easy to
reach with your only opposition being more security guards. Hit the switch in
here, then make your way all the way back down to the bottom floor so you can
go through the terminal room.

Unfortunately, your path is blocked by a large biohazard door, and behind that
an orgy of lasers (whoa…that is quite possibly the coolest sentence I have
ever typed!). Hang a right through the door, then punch open the next door you
see. Crawl through the vents and when you reach the end, punch through the next
door. This will put you on the other side of the huge biohazard wall.

Now it’s just a matter of getting past the lasers.  Deploy your decoy and run
straight through, but be sure to jump over them and what-not to avoid taking
damage. Get to the big computer with the large green screens and interact with
it to help out present Spidey in the future!

To Top


Right off the bat, run forward to the first control panel. The glass behind it
will protect you from the rotating lasers. By pulling the switch, the first
circle on the nearby door will light up, and another set of lasers will appear.

The next couple of consoles aren’t protected by glass, so they’re a bit
trickier to turn on. Just use your hyper sense to get by the lasers and when
you get to each console, activate them. Each time you do this, another set of
lasers will be added for you to avoid. When both consoles have their switches
sufficiently pulled, the door will unlock and you can continue!

A new type of robot with a shield and plenty of firepower will be your reward
for entering this room. Defeat it by any means necessary. I recommend spamming
hyper sense (save the Time Paradox for a bit later). When it’s defeated, Peter
Parker Spider-Man will realize he’s trapped in the room! Spider-Man 2099 that’s
actually not in 2099 will then mess with the past to create an…AIR VENT for
you to crawl through and escape! Why he couldn’t have just worked a door in
there is beyond me.

Punch the hell out of the door that is blocking your way to the ventilation
shaft then crawl through. When you get out, you will have a sprawling, open
area. Swing across to the nearby locked door to the left. After this, press up
on the d-pad to draw your attention to a few different green highlights. Ignore
the door for now and make your way to the security key.

You will have to fight a bunch of robots, so do so. When they are all defeated,
you will have the security key necessary to open up the green door that I just
told you not to go to. Swing over to it and open it. Use your hyper sense to
make it safely past the turret on the ceiling and reach a control panel. Flip
the switch, then exit this room.

Now swing over to the first locked door you encountered in this area. It is now
unlocked, but only for the amount of time the blue bar at the top of the screen
will allow it to be. Once inside this door, switch on your hyper sense as soon
as you notice the first of many turrets dotting the ceiling and rush to the
next door. Tap B repeatedly and BEFORE the turrets can lock on to you to open
the door and get inside quickly.

The machine you will have to destroy that is generating the forcefield is
guarded by a wall of lasers, but it’s nothing your hyper sense can’t handle.
Blow by the lasers and then destroy the generator. A bunch of robots will
appear, so defeat them all and then return to the room that you escaped using
the magically-appearing air vent.

The forcefield that was once trapping you inside this room is now gone thanks
to the destruction of the generator. Just go on through the next two doors. The
sexy mysterious voice will turn the lights off on you, and then a TON of robots
will fill the room. Just do battle with them the best you can, and try using
the explosive canisters around the room to blow up a bunch at once. Keep this
fight up until Spider-Man 2099 manipulates the past to create yet ANOTHER
freaking air ventilation shaft for you to crawl through. Bust through the door
crawl through the vent, and then hop down into the archives…OF THE FUTURE!

Run over to the door and try to open it. Doing so will cause the door to warp
on the wall behind you, and result in it being guarded by three shielded
turrets that are chilling out on the ceiling. This part is a little tricky, so
BEFORE! Get the attention of at least two of the turrets. Blast them with
webbing when they start firing to clog the barrels of their guns. Then activate
hyper sense and get to the door FAST. Tap B super, duper fast to get through
the door.

Oh, great. More key collecting. Poor Spider-Man…saving the world is so
repetitive! The first robot with the first key is on the first floor, so take
him out and get the key. Then press up on the d-pad to locate the next robot.
Zoom up to his level, take him and anyone around him out and nab his key.
Repeat this process for the third and final key. Then drop back down and use
them all on the door. Another big robot will materialize, so take it out before

Interact with the computer in here. Afterwards, turn around and return to the
middle of the lobby. Chill out in front of the hologram to initiate another

To Top


Yay! You get to be Spider-Man 2099 again! Tentacles will be blocking your path,
so shoot them in their tentacle face to make them retract and allow you access
back to the room with the giant statue. When you reach it, you will see Mary
Jane being attacked by the tentacles. Zoom up to where she was.

Run through the door here. More tentacles will be blocking the way, so blast
them as well. In the next room, there will be multiple tentacles coming out of
the floor as well as the ceiling, plus there are big Hatchlings to deal with.
Use your Spidey sense to locate the Hatchling with the key that you need, beat
him up, shoot the tentacles when they give you trouble, then make your way to
the locked door in this room and go on through.

You will see MJ again. Zoom up to the third floor where she was and try to
follow her. Tentacles will rise up to block your path, but your attention will
be taken to the fact that the end of them is just on the floor below you. So,
hop down to that level.

Follow the security guard into the room with the forcefield generator. There is
a lot of enemies in here, and unless you feel like fighting them all, I suggest
you deploy a decoy right off the bat. With the decoy deployed, you can then
destroy the generator without worrying about taking damage. With the generator
down and the forcefields gone, exit the room.

Right next to this room is the two tentacles. It’s kind of tricky to shoot them
with your webbing because they are facing downwards, but just keep tapping B
and aiming Spider-Man 2099 at them. After they have been hit, they will retract
and you can run through this area.

MJ will once again run off and more tentacles will rise up to block your way to
getting to her. Aww, shucky ducky! The tentacles will make the fatal flaw of
destroying some of the glass nearby, so swing over to where this takes place.
Then crawl up the wall and blast both the tentacles until they retract. Then
swing back to where Mary Jan ran off and begin to follow her.

As you run down the corridor, a ton of tentacles will pop up to block your path
from reaching Mary Jane, who has taken shelter in an elevator. A CONVENIENT
ELEVATOR THAT DOESN’T WORK REALLY STUPIDLY?! This is madness! Man, people sure
get stupid in the year 2099! Anyway, work your way backwards over the

You should have no problem walking around and jumping over the tentacles, but
the final set of tentacles is a trio that is blocking your way considerably.
You need to crawl on the wall and then crawl onto the ceiling to crawl over
them. I used the word “crawl” three times in one sentence. If that ain’t boss,
man, I don’t know what boss be.

Drop down when you can, and then notice that there is an elevator shaft right
in front of a big red orb. Jump into this shaft and crawl onto the wall. Shoot
the tentacle in here repeatedly until it retracts, which in turn retracts all
the tentacles that were blocking the way to Mary Jane!

Return to the corridor. Swing by the tentacles and stay high to avoid being
nailed by one of the flailing ones. Drop down at the front of the elevator and
blast the remaining tentacle with your webbing. It will retract as well, but
then the elevator will begin to pull a Spider-Man 2099 and free-fall!

Well, make like an elevator and fall perilessly through that shaft! This time
you NEED to boost by holding the A button. Not only will this help you reach
the falling elevator faster, it will also give you the opportunity to skip a
lot of the tentacles as Spider-Man 2099 can blow by them before they even
materialize. Talk about a headache saver.

Anyway, just avoid the obstacles as they come. Take notice of the blue circles
that appear on the walls of the shaft as that’s where the tentacles will pop
out of. Keep boosting towards the top of the elevator until you are close
enough and can then press the B button to initiate a QTE.

It’s not a tough QTE. In fact, you only need to press one button. The B button.
Lots and lots of times. Pound on that sucker to break off the top part of the
elevator. You will then fly off it, and will once again have to boost to the
top of it while falling through the shaft and avoiding the obstacles.

Once again, the B button will pop up on the screen when you get close enough to
the elevator. Then you will have to mash on the B button again a bunch of times
to rip open the top part of the elevator. After this, boost your way back to
the top for a third time, avoiding the obstacles as you fall, to get inside of
the elevator and finish this little interactive set-piece!

With MJ in tow, start walking away from the crash site. Walk along the pipes,
and then you will be transported right back into the not-so-comfy and sorta
awkward suit of present-future-past Peter Parker Spider-Man!

To Top


* * * * * * *
Black Cat
* * * * * * *
Ooh yeah! Who didn’t see that coming from a mile away? This fight is incredibly
easy. Just use the hyper sense and beat the holy crap out of her. None of her
attacks are especially devastating. Just pound away on her. Seriously. That is
the strategy for this boss fight. Pound the cat. Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
* * * * * * *
Black Cat
* * * * * * *

With Black Cat defeated, a few clones of her will pop up. Defeat the first
three. Then more will materialize, and one has a big red light on her. Guess
what that means? Yup! She’s packing the key! Defeat these clones of the Black
Cat as well, then grab the key. Unlock the door and leave this room.

After the scene, you can walk around and look at all the pretty costumes and
Spider-Man-related junk. Then approach the device in the center of the room and
tap B repeatedly to raise it. This reveals another costume and also unlocks a
door in this room to lead to the CEO’s private archives.

Head into these archives. Take a minute to examine the merchandise if you so
wish, then crawl up the wall and through the ventilation shaft. Crawl through
the air duct and then hop out. Defeat the robots in here, and then make your
way past the turrets. Use your hyper sense or throw the explosive canisters at
them to destroy them.

There will be a door that you can lift. With any enemy opposition out of the
way, lift open the door by mashing on that B button. Once inside, destroy the
forcefield generator. Then make your way to the end of this hall, either
destroying or ignoring the turrets and robots. Flip the switch at the console
in here to start a meter at the top of your screen.

Use your hyper sense to run by the new robots and the laser walls. Drop back
down to where you came from and then go through the door that was once
previously locked. Go through this next hallway, which will be transformed by
the space-time continuum or something.

Anyway, climb up the tower. Keep crawling until a yellow circle appears on your
screen which directs you to areas where you can pull the right trigger and zoom
over to them with your web. Keep doing this as you make your way upwards. When
you see the blue turret lights, activate hyper sense to avoid taking damage and
just keep on crawling.

You will drop down into a room full of robots and a door that requires button
mashing to bypass. Defeat all the robots in here. Then button mash at the door
to get through. Then head on through the door.

* * * * * * *
Black Cat
* * * * * * *
Black Cat will make herself known yet again. This time she has the key you need
to continue. Use your Spidey sense to keep directing yourself towards her. She
will teleport away when you get close, but just keep pursuing her.

Eventually, she will stop running away and chill out on a platform, flanked by
her clones. Fight her as well as the clones. Once again, fighting Black Cat is
relatively simple. When about a quarter of her health has been drained, she
will once again retreat.

Return to zooming around the area and making her teleport away from you. She
will stop yet again, which means another fist fight with the pussycat! She will
have more clones protecting her, but it’s still a very easy fight. After about
another quarter of health has been depleted, she will retreat for a third time.

Everything is in three’s in this game. EVERYTHING. Well, chase her around some
more. When she stops for the third and final time, she will have significantly
more clones protecting her, but it’s still VERY EASY. Just use the same
strategy that you did for the first fight and beat the ever-loving crap out of
her. When she’s defeated, you will have the key you need…oh, and a nice
achievement! =)
* * * * * * *
Black Cat
* * * * * * *

Use your Spidey sense to locate the door that is unlocked with the key you just
obtained. A couple of tentacles will block your way into the sewers, but their
ends are nearby, so blast them to gain access into the sewer tunnels. Drop down
into the hole and then swing through the sewers, avoiding the tentacles as much
as possible, shooting the ones with web that you need to, until you reach the
other side. Don’t touch the ground because you will take damage.

When you reach a dead-end, start crawling up the wall. Tentacles will appear to
block your path, so wait for them to disappear before you continue crawling
upwards. When you reach the top, go through the door and then swing over more
of the evil sewer gunk to reach the next area. It’d be wise to try to swing
into the orbs so you can upgrade Spidey, you know.

When you reach solid ground, all the paths except the way you came and the way
you have to go will be completely blocked off by tentacles. Head down the
unbeaten path while avoiding the flailing tentacles that are sticking out of
the walls and blasting the other ones that are blocking your path in the face
as need be. Keep pushing through and you will end up back in the egg room.

Tentacles will be blocking your way to the time machine dealy. There will also
be two tentacles on the right side of the room (facing the exit), and behind
them is the tentacle that you need to web. Do this. They will all retract, but
DON’T approach the door just yet; you will get glitched uner the new tentacles
and die automatically if you do so (trust me…I found this out the hard way).

Wait for more tentacles to pop up. This time they’re on the left side. Blast
the necessary tentacle, then wait around again. Another tentacle will burst
through the floor and block the door. Do a 180 and then blast away the tentacle
behind you. You’ll finally be able to return to the time machine! Hip hip!…


To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -


Upon gaining control of Spider-Man 2099, weather the short Time Storm (my local
meteorologist didn’t call this one!) and then approach the wormhole that
appears on the ground. Hop on through to be transported exactly where you need
to go! Convenience! It rules!

Destroy the generator. Then run through the door and start crawling up the
wall after the little storm subsides again. Crawl through the ventilation shaft
and keep going. Your route will change due to the Atrocity (the name Peter has
given to the giant tentacle/Anti-Venom monster thing he’s battling) destroying
a wall, but just keep crawling. You will eventually reach a hole that
Spider-Man 2099 will automatically jump down.

Zoom up in front of the large machine. Press B repeatedly to fix it, then run
around this catwalk to pick up some Portal Energy orbs. Afterwards, jump back
down to the area you came from and use your Spidey sense to direct you to a DNA
data cart that you need to shove into place. You accomplish this using, of
course, the miraculous B button.

You will then be attacked by…ZAMBIES! Go freaking figure. All the games I
play have zombies in it, I tell you what (King of the Hill kicks ass–WATCH
IT!). First it was Dead Island, which was filled with zombies. Then Gears of
War 3 had the glowie zambies, and now Spider-Man: Edge of Time has zambies!
Zambie, zambie, zambie! Will this craze ever end?! Zombies have become the new
robots in video games, by god!

Well, run into the room that they came from and beat the crap out of them. When
they’re all dead, open the door in here. Then make your way to the control
panel. Flip the switch, then rush back to the new DNA data cart. You need to
protect it while it hooks up with the other cart that you shoved into the
machine just a second ago. Fight the zombies off the tracks as the things won’t
move if anything’s in front of it.

When the cart reaches its destination, you need to run up behind it and return
to mashing on the B button like it’s your job (for me, it actually is my job!
Har har har). Once it’s in place, a big door will open up. Guess what? You need
to put two more carts in place! Who saw that coming? Man, that was almost as
surprising as that Black Cat reveal! Arglebargles.

Go through the big door and then make your way to the control panel. Before you
flip the switch, head into the room behind the panel and destroy the forcefield
generator. Then return to the console and flip the switch. The cart will start
rolling out, but a bunch of zombies will swarm it. Quickly make your way to the
cart to protect it from the zombies as it rolls along the tracks. It will reach
a dead-end, which is your cue to make your way to another control panel (which
was blocked by a forcefield previously) so you can open up the gate.

As the cart continues to roll, fight off the zombies. In the next area, some
robots with guns will target you directly so use your decoy to distract them
while you busily defend the cart from those pesky non-brain eating zombie
jerks! When all the enemies are dead and the cart reaches its destination, run
up behind it and tap B to shove it into the machine! As you could have guessed,
a third door will then open up.

Make your way to the big door in here and tap B repeatedly to open it up. There
are two turrets in this area as well as two switches that need pulled. Distract
the turrets with your decoy and then pull both switches. This will release the
cart and you will have to once again protect from pesky zombies. Do this, then
shove it into place when it reaches the machine. You should know the drill by
now, fellas.

Anyway, a percentage counter will appear on the left side of your screen. It
will be making its way to 100% and all you need to do is survive. This couldn’t
be any easier, really. All you have to deal with is a bunch of zombies, and
this also serves as a great opportunity to work for those combo-based
achievements and kill a bunch of enemies at once. Booyah!

At about 90%, some robotic enemies will join the fight as well, but this isn’t
a big deal. They won’t even have time to kill you if they land any hits, so
just keep fighting and wait it out until that counter reaches 100% and you once
again take control of The “Amazing” Spider-Man. Yes, I put “amazing” into
quotation marks. What of it? Whoops, did it again. Hmph!

To Top


Well, run! Run straight ahead, right into the camera, really. When you reach
the next room, the camera won’t correct itself, so do that manually. I know,
right? Anyway, hop over the booth and go towards the door. A tentacle will pop
up and block your path. Blast it to make it retract thatn proceed through the

You will now have to battle experiment 626…er, I mean, a weird guy with a
hatchet that looks like a slasher movie reject! Take this sucker on as well as
all the security guards that are around. He is actually pretty easy to defeat,
despite his intimidating stature. When he’s defeated, you will have a key that
opens the nearby locked door. Well, what are you waiting for? Unlock it!

The next hallway will have two guards with shields blocking another door that
requires a relentless mashing of the button of B to open. Defeat these guards
and then open the door. Run over to the kneeling experiment with the axe and
then take out all the security guards and him as well. Use your hyper sense to
avoid the fire from the turrets and mash the nearby door open.

This room is a little bit difficult due to the amount of enemies you have to
deal with, but overall, it’s not too bad. Just use the hyper sense immeidately
and rush to the first window. Mash on B like you really mean it to shut the
gate and keep Atrocity out. Fight off the enemies if they get too close, and
then do the same for the second shutter and then the third shutter to cover all
the windows. If you are having too much trouble with this, using a Time Paradox
is very helpful and will guarantee you success in shutting at least one shutter
without interruption.

When all the shutters have been…shut, Atrocity’s tentacles will block the
door and start pounding all over the place. Sitting pretty under the catwalk
is the tentacle that you need to fire your webbing at, so do that to get rid of
all the flailing tentacles and to clear your path. Take out the security guards
that remain and hten continue through the door.

Just swing around this place avoiding tentacles. Eventually an air vent will
be knocked open, so swing over there and start crawling through the ventilation
shaft…AGAIN. Holy god. Spider-Man crawls through more air ducts than Marcus
Fenix kills Locusts! Just keep crawling forward until Spider-Man is ripped out
of the thing and beaten to hell.

When you come to, you will discover you are right in front of the DNA recorder
doohickey you have been searching for this entire chapter that I somehow forgot
to mention! Eh, Spider-Man talks about it constantly. And you know what, it
doesn’t really matter. As long as there’s not three of them, I’m cool with it.

Grab a giant syringe from the control station as Atrocity stomps into the room.
Make him walk through the chamber and then walk out of it. He will be trapped
inside and gas will fill up, knocking Atrocity unconscious. Run over to his
fallen body and press B to nab a DNA sample. Return it to the DNA station…oh
god, three syringes. Really? REALLY?!

Well, now Atrocity has some new tricks up his sleeve! As he wakes up, you will
discover that he can now teleport, and he will become more aggressive, using
his tentacles to teleport all over the place in an effort to entangle Spider-
Man. You need to be QUICK to avoid having to deal with too many tentacles and
to make this section a LOT easier.

And by “quick”, I mean using hyper sense to zoom right into the gas chamber.
Have Atrocity follow you into the chamber, and then zoom out. His tentacles
will stop the door from closing, so chill out next to it for a second. Blast
his two tentacles repeatedly with webbing to make the door shut and the gas
fill the chamber. When he falls down again, extract the second DNA sample and
return it to the DNA station doohicky.

This third time is a lot more difficult. Even if you are fast, he will still be
able to get his tentacles up to block the gas chamber. When this happen, you
need to zoom around to the other side and enter from that way. Atrocity will
then stumble into the gas chamber, and you will be trapped. If you are quick
enough, you can zoom by Atrocity. Otherwise, he will grab you and throw you in
the direction you need to go, so if you have enough health, that’s actually not
a bad strategy.

Regardless, he will stop the door from closing again. This means, of course,
that you need to shoot his two tentacles to get the door shut. Once you have
accomplished this, run over and get the third DNA sample. Then return it to the
DNA station.

To Top


Another fee-falling segment! Geronimo! Cowabunga! And what-not! This section is
actually easier than the previous ones, but it’s a bit different. You will do
your usual dodging of objects that are hurdling at your face, but things are
switched up a bit. When you are surrounded by fire, you need to BOOST through
these sections to avoid being killed. This is very important. Hold that A
button and BOOST THROUGH IT.

Otherwise, keep your thumb off the gas so to speak and take it nice and slow so
that you have plenty of time to dodge the incoming obstacles. When the segment
ends, go through the open door and mess with the computer panel. Then press up
on the d-pad to activate your Spidey sense and point you to your next

Climb up the wall and through the air vent. Hop down in the next room and
destroy the generator in here. Then exit the room and destroy the horde of
zombies that come swarming in. When they’re all taken care of, go through the
room that they came from and step into the swirling blue circle on the ground.
Mash the B button to pull the two large batteries into place.

With the batteries in place, run over to the control room next and press the
button to initiate the gravity. This will make debris float around in the air,
but a timer will pop up as well. When the timer reaches zero, the room will
be covered in flames. You can survive it, but it does a significant amount of
damage and if you are playing on the hard difficulty, you probably won’t want
to risk it. So, either start zipping up the debris to your next objective,
which is a robot with a key (use your Spidey sense to point him out), or wait
for the timer to hit zero then crawl up the walls to reach the robot.

Beat the robot to death (baha) and get the key. Then use your Spidey sense to
show you the door that you need to unlock. When you reach it, unlock it, and
defeat any enemies in here. Approach the blue circle on the ground and tap B
repeatedly to lift the device up. This will make the flames in the next room
subside for a few seconds. Run in there and mash the door open, then in the
next room, pull the two batteries back down into place.

Then jump all the way back down to the first floor. Fight off the zombies and
pull the switch in the control room again. Once again, you can either zip up
the debris using your webbing or sit tight and wait for the incinerator to go
off and take the long way of climbing up the wall. Regardless, when you reach
the next room, defeat the robots. Then pull up the device on the ground and go
VERY FAST through the corridor because you have a very short time before the
flames return and make you into a Spidey sandwich! Bar har har!

Then gain the attention of the turret and trick it into blowing the lock off
the nearby door using your decoy ability. There’s a bunch of hidden orbs
stashed inside. You’re welcome. Take care of the robots. Afterwards, pull up
the device in the ground to get rid of the fire in the next area for a very
limited amount of time. Man, talk about a hot ticket item! *crickets*

With the fire gone, open the door. You will have a couple of Kamikaze robots to
deal with! Haven’t seem them in a while, huh? After they have been taken out,
defeat the robots and then pull down the final pair of batteries. After this
has been taken care of, jump back down to the first floor.

Take out the zombies, then run back into the control room. Flip the switch,
then run into the middle of the room to start another free-falling segment…
except you’re falling up, not down. Hold the boost the entire time during this
segment as you avoid the obstacles because otherwise, the fire will engulf you
and you will die. This can be pretty hard, but just get used to the pattern of
the obstacles as they come into your way.

When you get out, start fighting off the swarm of zombies in this area. Keep
fighting them off until you are transported into the suit of the other Spider-
Man and out of this chapter!


To Top


Mash open the door, defeat the enemies in the next room, bash open the next
door, and then get in front of the eggs housing the zombies. Tap B repeatedly
to destroy the eggs to help out Spider-Man 2099. Then head into the next room,
defeat the enemies, and then go to the next batch of eggs and destroy them as
well. Zombies pour out of the eggs when they’re destroyed, so kill them.

Then drop down and start ripping out six more eggs. Defeat all and any enemies.
Go through the next designated door. Tentacles will pop out and block your
progress. Turn around and fire at the tentacle to make them retract, then go
through the door that was previously blocked by them.

In the next room, fight the enemies and make your way to the three different
control consoles. Flip all the switches to power off the device located in the
middle of the room. Then step onto it to be teleported away. Repeat this

You will now be able to defeat an enemy to get a key, which will allow you to
backtrack. Yippy! Defeat the enemy then return to the door that you came
through. It is locked, so use the key and start running down the hallway.
Tentacles will burst out of the walls and block your progress once again. Blast
the tentacle on the right and then climb on the wall to get around the other
ones. Then continue to blast your way down the hallway.

You will then reach a very long, very empty corridor. Sprint down it and at
some point you will be taken from The Amazing Spider-Man back to Spider-Man

To Top


Mash open the door. You’ll be in a long hallway filled with enemies as well as
turrets. Go around and destroy as many robots as possible to make this a lot
easier. Then run in front of a turret. Get it to shoot a rocket and then have
the rocket follow you all the way to the end of the hall. Stand in front of the
door that has a big lock on it, then deploy a decoy and get out of the way. The
missile will blow up the lock, letting you get through the door.

This next part is a SERIOUS pain in the ass. First thing’s first, though, you
need to rid the room of ALL the enemies. When they are all destroyed, now it’s
time to get rid of the lock on the door on the far end of the room. This…
well, this sucks. You need to be quickly fast, with really good reflexes, and
you will need a whole hell of a lot of patience.

What you need to do is perch yourself on the beam in front of the shielded
turret. Listen to the beeps. Time it just right so you can start swinging away
JUST before the red reticule appears on you. Start swinging across the room,
avoid the lasers in the middle, then land right in front of the locked door.
Activate the decoy and GET OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY. Even if you are right next
to the lock and get hit with the missile, it won’t blow up. You HAVE to dodge
out of the way for this to work. Anyway, the missile will hit the lock, blow it
up, then you can get in the next room. Be patient with this.

In this room, there is no insane missile dodging to do. Instead, you just have
to kill a bunch of dudes. Robotic dudes. Robodudes. Anyway, defeat them, and
then more and more will materialize. Keep doing this until you get the key and
they stop respawning. Then use the key to open the nearby locked door.

In this Star Wars-esque room, defeat all the robots. When they are all
defeated, stand in front of the turret. When it starts to fire a missile at
you, swing over to the locked door. Move out of the way by deploying your decoy
to trick the missile into blowing up the lock and allowing you access through
the door.

Run down the hall and then mash open the door. In the next room, start bashing
away at the robots. When they are all destroyed, you will have the key that you
need to open the locked door in this room. Now head inside to talk to a
hologram! What a thrilling conversation! When the convo is over, grab the gold
spider that’s chilling behind the CEO’s desk, then hop down the hole in the
middle of the room.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Atrocity and the CEO
* * * * * * * * * * *
Avoid Atrocity at first as you can’t do anything to him. Wait for the towers to
rise out of the ground that are sparking with electricity. Then chill zoom your
web to it and chill out on top. Atrocity will stupidly wrap his tentacles
around the tentacle, electrocuting himself.

While he’s being shocked, that’s when Atrocity is vulnerable. Run over to him
and start pounding away. After about a quarter of his health is gone, just
repeat the process. Keep doing this until the fight ends.

Or does it?! You will now be Spider-Man 2099 battling the CEO! Oh noes! This
fight can be very hard if you don’t get the pattern down immediately. Whenever
the CEO fires any missiles at you, deploy the decoy to avoid taking damage.
Run around the area in a big circle as he fires the red balls of energy at you,
and just wait for him to retreat to a wall. When he does this, wait for the
blue wormholes to appear on the ground.

Run over to the wormhole. Count to five, deploy the decoy, and then get out of
the way. If timed correctly, the CEO will latch onto the wormwhole just as
Atrocity’s tentacles rip through to grab at you. He will inadvertently grab the
CEO, and this is your cue to wail on him with combo attacks. As soon as the
tentacles start loosening their grip, GET OUT OF THERE. The CEO does an absurd
amount of damage up-close, and it’s not smart to stick around.

Just keep recycling this process. It’s hard to deal all that much damage to the
CEO, but just try to keep at it. When enough damage has been dealt, you will
return to controlling Peter Parker’s lamer version of the webhead. His fight
with Atrocity is played out the same way, except with a few minor differences
that set it apart from the initial battle with Atrocity in this chapter.

You can no longer stick around on the ground. The very fabric of time and space
is ripping and a bunch of orange nonsense will damage you. You need to swing
around, and then at the top of your swing, mash the B button to spam some web
shots at Atrocity. After both of his tentacles are out of commission, two
electric towers will rise, so hop on one until he wraps his tentacles around
it. Then zoom over to the other one and he’ll wrap his tentacles around that
one as well.

When Atrocity does this, the orange stuff leaves the ground and returns to the
time machine. Use this time to start hitting him with attacks to drain his
health bar. After enough damage has been dealt, you will have to repeat the
process a couple of more times to finally rip off his final two remaining
tentacles. Yeehaw!

Meanwhile, the fight with the CEO is now a lot easier. Just keep walking around
in a circle, and let him get close to you. There will be tentacles rising out
of the ground, and when he gets near one, blast it to make it smash him. After
this is done, go hit him with attacks. When he starts to get up, run away and
just keep repeating the process. Sometimes he will get stuck by a tentacle,
which will let you spam the tentacle into just hitting him a dozen times, if
you’re lucky.

Now you have to deal with the Atrocity again. All you really need to do is spam
basic strikes on him and hit him towards the time machine portal. When he
starts to attack you, just use the hyper sense and then start nailing him some
more. Just keep pounding him until he goes through the portal.

You will then be finishing the fight, so to speak, with the CEO. To deal damage
to him, activate a decoy in front of him. Then go behind him and start dealing
damage to him from behind. Keep repeating this. If you have a Time Paradox at
your disposal, then use that as well. After enough damage has been done, the
CEO will crawl on top of the time portal and fire a large laser beam.

What you need to do here is zoom to a piece of floating debris. Leave a decoy
and then zoom away. Then start blasting the CEO with webbing. When the CEO has
a fraction of health left and you do this, he will fall to the ground and all
you have to do is run over to him to a initiate a scene. Then the final order
of business is tapping B repeatedly to send the sucker through the time portal.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Atrocity and the CEO
* * * * * * * * * * *


To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
3. Web of Challenges – Upgrading Spider-Man
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Like pretty much every action game in existance nowadays, you can upgrade both
Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 with experience orbs obtained through the game.
You can also gain these orbs by completing various challenges that you also
find simply by playing through the game.

There are multiple different types of challenges. You can actually complete
each challenge as you find them in the game, assuming you are playing on the
normal difficulty setting. For some reason unbeknownst to me, you HAVE to be
playing on the normal difficulty in order to complete these challenges. Anyway,
if you decide you want to finish one later, all you have to do is choose Web of
Challenges from the menu screen.

Each chapter in the game, except for the first chapter, features it’s one set
of challenges. These challenges are displayed in a web-like format, and they go
from a bronze medal to a silver medal to a gold medal. They are often timed
challenges of completing platforming segments or defeating a certain number of
enemies in a specific amount of time. It’s all self-explanatory stuff, but
there is some challenging…er, challenges, so practice your thumbs, Spider-Man

In order to upgrade Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 you need to collect these
orbs, officially called Portal Energy by the game’s instruction manual. The
upgrade screen allows you to purchase new moves for both The Amazing Spider-Man
and Spider-Man 2099. The two also shares moves, so there’s that to look into as

However, there are also character upgrades, which basically upgrade the health
of both Spider-Mans (Men? >_>). You can only purchase these kinds of upgrades
by finding the gold spider collectibles hidden throughout the course of the
game. By following this guide, you will find quite a bit of the gold spiders,
but I haven’t found them all my self. If someone writes up a detailed guide for
gold spider locations, I will update this FAQ/Walkthrough and include a link to
that guide!

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
4. Extra Content
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Spider-Man: Edge of Time features a hefty amount of bonus and extra content for
you to sink your teeth into. There are alternate costumes to wear, action
figures to collect, cut-scenes to unlock, concept art to enjoy, and much more!
This portion of the strategy guide will tell you how to unlock all the
alternate costumes and what-not, so you’ve come to the right place. =)

After completing the necessary requirements to unlock a costume, you will be
given the Costume Key. To actually obtain the costume for permanent use, you
have to visit Chapter 11 in the futuristic archives. There you must find the
costume that you have the key for and use it in order to obtain it.

All costumes with a “[2099]” following their name is a suit that only Spider-
Man 2099 can wear. Otherwise, the suit is either a default costume for one of
the characters or exclusive to The Amazing Spider-Man.

* * * * * * * *
Spider-Man 2099
* * * * * * * *
You unlock this suit simply by playing the game. This is the default attire of
Spider-Man 2099.

* * * * * * * *
Big Time [2099]
* * * * * * * *
To unlock this suit, you need to have obtained a silver medal on all of the
different challenges in the game.

The difference between this suit and the 2099 one is that this suit features a
yellow and black color scheme, as opposed to red and dark blue. This suit can
only be worn by Spider-Man 2099.

* * * * * * * * * *
Amazing Spider-Man
* * * * * * * * * *
The default costume for Peter Parker’s version of Spider-Man.

* * * * * * * * *
Future Foundation
* * * * * * * * *
Like the Big Time – [2099] suit, you unlock this costume for completing all of
the challenges with a silver medal. It is exclusive to Amazing Spider-Man and
features a silver and black color scheme as opposed to the traditional red and

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Spider-Man 1602 [2099]
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Once again, this suit is unlocked by earning silver medals on all challenges.
It kind of resembles the Noire Spider-Man from Shattered Dimensions.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Peter Parker Civilian
* * * * * * * * * * *
Silver medals. Challenges. Earn them all. This is Peter Parker in his business

* * * * * * * * * * * *
New Spider Armor [2099]
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Silver Medals. This has a yellow and black color scheme.

* * * * * * * * *
Ben Reilly [2099]
* * * * * * * * *
Silver Medals. This will earn players the “other” Spider-Man as he is
affectionately known.

* * * * * * *
New Ultimate
* * * * * * *
A newer version of the Ultimate Spider-Man costume. Silver medals.

* * * * * * *
Hyrda [2099]
* * * * * * *
This suit resembles the Hyrda terrorists native to The Avengers media. Silver

* * * * * * *
Masked Marvel
* * * * * * *
Fish-net looking suit. Silver medals.

* * * * * *
Black Suit
* * * * * *
Aka the “alien suit” or the Symbiote costume, this suit can be unlocked by
getting all the silver medals in the challenges.

* * * * * * * * * *
Negative Zone Suit
* * * * * * * * * *
Trippy-looking costume. Silver medals.

* * * * * * * * * *
CEO Civilian [2099]
* * * * * * * * * *
Simply beat the game to unlock this suit! You don’t even need to have a key to
get it!

* * * * * * * * * * * *
CEO Battle Armor [2099]
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Same as above!


Along with the costumes, achievements, and all that jazz, there is a crazy
amount of action figures to unlock for this game. These are just interesting
little toys that you can look at, like the trophies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
or the figurines from Resident Evil 5. They are unlocked mainly by encountering
the representation of the action figure in the game.

As for the Concept Art, it is unknown to me at this point how to unlock any of
it. Once I figure it out, I will update this section of the guide. Keep
checking back here at Cheat Masters for the latest!

Finally, there are eight cinematics to view. You unlock these just by watching
them in the game. There are also three other movies to watch in this section of
the game, but it’s only stuff like the logos for the developers of the game
Beenox, the publishers Activision, and of course the logo for Marvel.

Also, if you want to watch the credits again, they can be viewed from this
section of the game.


There are 19 different newspapers to unlock in the game. You can’t really read
them, but you can read the main headline on each one. To unlock the newspapers,
all you have to do is play through the game. After each chapter, you unlock a
new newspaper. You also accomplish this by doing other things, but there’s no
way you can miss any of the newspapers. Each newspaper also shows an alternate
timeline where the headline is different, oftentimes depicting the villains of
the Spider-man-specific Marvel universe doing heroic deeds.

There are also four different memos in the game. They can be found in very
remote locations through the main storyline. This guide will help you find a
couple if you follow it to the letter. The letters are similar to files found
in games like Resident Evil; they provide a little back-story, but are more or
less worthless unless you are a diehard completionist. Once someone has found
all the memos and has YouTube videos up or something like that, I will provide
the content in this guide to the best of my ability. So check back often to
Cheat Masters for more information and future updates for Spider-Man: Edge of

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
5. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Spider-Man: Edge of Time for the Xbox 360,
PlayStation 3, and the Nintendo Wii!

Special thanks to Jeremy Wise and everyone at CheatMasters! Without them, this
guide wouldn’t have been possible!

Did I miss some of the memos? Need more of an explanation when it comes to
finding all those pesky gold spiders? Well, shoot me an e-mail and I will edit
the guide and give you credit for any corrections, concerns, personal
strategies, hints, tips, and what-have-you!

I can be reached via e-mail at:

Feel free to check out my other guides, walkthroughs, and reviews on

Spider-Man: The master of key-collecting and air duct crawling…

Legal Information
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This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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