Batman: Arkham City FAQ | Walkthrough [Guide]


Welcome to a world without rules! Literally. Don’t even think about facing the many dangers of the violent Arkham City without first taking a look at this guide to help you save the day, upgrade Batman to his fullest, complete all the side missions, and beat the game 100%! This is the guide gamers deserve, but not the one they need right now! Er…I mean, everyone needs it! Yeah!

This guide is compatible with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the
game. Most of the guide will be relevant to the upcoming PC release of the
game, but it is unknown how much will differ between this current version and
the unreleased Wii U version of the game.

Batman: Arkham City
Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper
Copyright 2011 CheatMasters

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Upgrades

3. Walkthrough

A. Becoming Batman
B. Damsel in Distress
C. The Killing Joke
D. Steel Mill
E. The Coldest Point
F. Batman, Interrupted
G. Knight at the Museum
H. Batman vs. Ninjas
I. That’s Not Very Ice Of You
J. Love Hurts
K. Titan Tower
L. Running Gag

4. Side Missions

A. Watcher in the Wings
B. Fragile Alliance
C. A.R. Training
D. Shot in the Dark
E. Identity Theft
F. Remote Hideaway
G. The Tea Party
H. Heart of Ice
I. Hot and Cold
J. Enigma Conundrum
K. Cold Call Killer
L. Acts of Violence

5. Riddler’s Revenge

A. Riddler’s Challenges
B. Challenge Mode

6. New Game Plus

7. Catwoman Episodes

A. Episode One
B. Episode Two
C. Episode Three
D. Episode Four

8. Extras

A. Character Bios
B. Statistics
C. Character Trophies
D. Options
E. Story Synopsis
F. Concept Art
G. Credits
H. Achievements/Trophies

9. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Following the Arkham Asylum incident, things in Gotham have been crazy, to say
the least. The former operator of the Asylum has successfully run for mayor,
and at the advice of Hugo Strange, has created Arkham City. Arkham City is a
large section of Gotham that has been sectioned off and filled with all of the
major supervillains in the city to try to keep them from targeting Gotham
itself. Arkham City is populated by specialized TYGER police forces to uphold
the law and criminal scum ranging from genetic freaks to psychopaths to former
Asylum inmates. Bruce Wayne realizees that this can only lead to disaster and
after a failed foray in politics, he is arrested by Hugo’s forces, but then
works on uncovering the secrets of Arkham City, and tries to bring it crumbling

Left analog stick – Move
Right analog stick – Camera control
A – Run/Roll/Confirm
B – Stun
X – Attack
Y – Counter/Special attack
LB – Detective Mode
LT – Aim
RB – Various
RT – Crouch
D-pad (up) – Gadget
D-pad (down) – Gadget
D-pad (right) – Gadget
D-pad (left) – Gadget
Start – Menu
Back – Map

Of course, the previous list of controls is pretty damn basic compared to
Batman’s extensive arsenal and unlimited knowledge of martial arts. You can’t
just play as the Batman. You have to BE the Batman! Huzzah!

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2. Upgrades
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
For progressing through the story, completing extra objectives, and beating
Side Missions, you will earn XP. You will then level up after you have obtained
enough XP, which will allow you to choose one upgrade from a variety of
different categories, all influencing a different facet of Batman’s abilities.

The upgrades are divided into the following categories:

Under this category are things that include Batman’s basic abilities. Some of
the abilities will be unlocked as Batman needs to use them in the game, while
others have to be purchased with upgrades. It is from this menu where Batman’s
resistance to bullet damage as well as melee damage can be increased, and new
attacks can be unlocked as well

All of Batman’s gadgets and their upgrades can be found here. Many of the
gadgets are unlocked simply by playing through the game, but some of them, like
the Sonic Batarang, must be purchased using an upgrade. Many of the upgrades
that have to be purchased complement previously existencing gadgets, improving
their abilities in various ways.

Batman’s skills are stored here. Basic attacks are unlocked at first, but then
as Batman encounters new enemies that require different strategies, new moves
are continuously unlocked. Players can choose to purchase new attacks here as
well as more combos.

This category is unique in that none of the abilities here can be upgraded, as
there is no need to do so. Batman will just unlock all these moves as you do
them in the game. I’ve taken the liberty to list these ones as they aren’t
upgraded simply by progressing through the game or by purchasing upgrades.

-Vantage Point
-Corner Cover
-Silent Takedown
-Knockout Smash
-Double Takedown
-Inverted Takedown
-Grate Takedown
-Ledge Takedown
-Hanging Ledge Takedown
-Window Takedown
-Wooden Wall Takedown
-Vent Takedown
-Corner Cover Takedown
-Grapnel Boost Takedown

The last upgrade, the “Grapnel Boost Takedown” can only be done once you have
received the ability to boost the speed of your Batclaw. In order to do this,
you have to complete the first set of A.R. Training missions, which is one of
the Side Missions in the game.

You can only see this category if you have purchased the game new or if you
decided to pay the money to purchase a Catwoman DLC code. Practically all of
Catwoman’s abilities are unlocked simply by experiencing her storyline episodes
through the game, but you can also upgrade some of her abilities from this
menu. For example, you can increase her resistance to bullet damage as well as
melee damage. You can also unlock new attack combos involving her “stun”
weapon, the whip.

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3. Walkthrough
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The first Catwoman episode occurs before you actually get to play as Batman,
but since the situation with Catwoman is quite confusing, I have made her
episodes a separate entity from the main walkthrough. You can find information
about her missions in a section that is later on in the guide. Regardless, her
initial episode is self-explanatory; beat up the bad guys and open the
wall-safe. It’s truly all it boils down to.

When this prologue of sorts wraps up (and if for some reason you need more help
with this, please refer to the Catwoman Episodes section of the guide), you
will discover that not all is right in the land of Arkham City. I guess it was
a bad idea to stuff a bunch of inmates and psychopaths into an enclosed part of
Gotham City to wreak havoc. Dr. Hugo Strange kidnaps Bruce as the opening
credits roll.

The first thing you will be able to do is move your eyes around using the right
analog stick. You’ll be stuck in a first-person view at the beginning of the
game. After Dr. Strange is done speaking with Bruce, you will take notice of
yourself in the mirror on the wall. If this isn’t one of the coolest opening to
a game ever, I don’t know what it is. But Batman isn’t much use when he’s not
even technically suited-up and he’s tied to a chair, now is he? So, how are we
going to rectify that little problem?

I’m glad you asked! Use the left analog stick to shift Bruce’s weight left and
right. Move it to the left and then to the right to get Bruce to shake the
chair around. With enough effort, the chair will tip over, and Bruce will be
free from the chair, albeit handcuffed. An enemy will come into the room and he
will try to attack you, so wait for the appropriate lines to appear above his
head then press Y to counter his attempt to kick you while you are down. This
will prompt another enemy to come in and effectively kick Bruce’s ass.

After smashing your skull into a television set, this guy will throw you
outside. You will have control of Bruce again momentarily. The inmates will
shout crap at you, but don’t pay them much attention. To your right as you are
shoved out of the room you were being held in is a caged area, with a small
tunnel in the middle that currently has two inmates hanging out inside of it.
Make your way through this tunnel. The first inmate you come across will abide
by the demands of the guards and get out of your way, but the second inmate
will have a short, cryptic, threatening conversation with you before he follows
suit. With your way clear, keep walking through.

In the next area, you will be introduced to one Jack Ryder. Woo, woo, woo, you
know it. I’m not actually sure if he’s related to Zack Ryder, but I’d be
willing to wager on it. This guy is a little freaked out, and for obvious
reasons. He also doesn’t have much faith in Bruce’s advice to stay calm,
because it’s coming from someone that “can’t even fight”. Baha. Oh, Jack…you
are so clueless.

Follow Jack and the other dude he’s with into the next area. On either side of
you are inmates behind fences, looking on at you like dogs in a cage at an
animal shelter. Except instead of looking at you with big, sad eyes that scream
“adopt me!” they are looking at you with beady, evil eyes that scream “I’m
going to bash your head in with a baseball bat!” So, yeah, they’re not very
chill bros. Unlike Jack Ryder. Broski of the week, baby.

The inmates will scale the fence and of course, chaos will ensue. Defeat the
enemies as best as you can, using dodge abilities as well as striking attacks.
When they’re all clear, Jack will be getting his face pounded in by the last
one. Approach this guy and beat the hell out of him. Press A to help Jack up
and then start leading him away from this brutal carnage. Unfortunately for you
and Jack, this victory is very short-lived, as another inmate runs up and
bashes you in the back of the head.

Jeeze. People keep knocking you out in this game. It’s getting just a tad on
the ridiculous side, eh? When you come to, you will be getting a talking-to
from the one, the only, Penguin! Second supervillain and the game has barely
even started yet! Damn! Penguin is pretty pissed off about Bruce Wayne’s family
totally effing over his family back in the day, and now he wants to exact his
revenge. Penguin will try to punch you, so wait for the cue and then press Y to
counter it and break your handcuffs in the process. Penguin will flee and his
cronies will swarm you. Fight them all, and when they’re defeated, Bruce will
realize that he needs to get in contact with Alfred.

You need to reach higher ground. Take a moment to observe your surroundings.
Nearby there is a dumpster with a ladder attached to a fire escape sitting
right on top of it. I’m no expert, but ladders are oftentimes the best devices
for reaching higher ground. Make your way to the ladder and climb up. Hold the
A Button to jump across to the vent sticking out of the wall. Climb up the next
ladder. Use the A button to climb up onto the subsequent rooftops, and then
Bruce will get in contact with his beloved butler.

Alfred will be dropping Bruce a bunch of supplies on top of the ACE Chemicals
building. This building is located right in front of your face…Protip: It’s
the building with the giant letters that spell ACE right on the front. The game
will ask you to use the right analog stick to look around, which will put Bruce
in a first-person point of view. Anyway, get a running start and jump towards
the ACE building.

Shimmy along the edge and then climb up to the ladder. Climb up the next
ladder, and then hold the right trigger to get into a crouching position and
control under the pipes on the roof. When you can’t move any longer, hold the
right trigger and press to hang off the ledge and start shimmying by the large
neon sign. Climb up and then climb up the next ladder. Get a running start and
jump across the gap to the next vent.

On the roof, a pod will be fired down by a jet that goes by. Work your way
around the building and climb up the ladder. Approach the capsule and press A
to get the Batsuit.

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After the ensuing conversation with Alfred concludes and Bruce is decked out in
his trademark suit, Batman will whip out a radio device.

Use the left analog stick to point the cursor to the pulsing circle on the
upper-right hand corner of the device. Press A to decode the signal and pick
up information about Catwoman’s whereabouts. The compass at the top of the
screen will have a green icon that will point you to the courthouse where
Catwoman is located. Run off the roof by holding A, then keep holding A to
glide in the direction of the courthouse. Oh, and there will also be a giant
bat signal in the sky pointing you exactly where you need to go, so don’t worry
about getting lost in the city!

There are a bunch of inmates chilling out in front of the courthouse. You can
take them out in any manner you so choose. When they have been dealt with, head
inside the courthouse. Once inside, there is nowhere to go to your left or
right as the doors there are locked. Instead, you need to climb up the stairs,
and then take a left. Run down the hallway, towards the windows lining the far

Take a second to survey the scene. It seems that Two-Face has gathered a mob of
inmates to hold Catwoman accountable on a “trial” of sorts. Catwoman is hanging
above a vat of acid, so she needs some savin’. From the windows, take a right
and go up the ladder, but be stealthy about it. Hold on the right trigger as
soon as you get to the top to get into a crouching position, as there is an
inmate up here that is armed with a machinegun.

If you press LB to switch on your Detective Vision, you will notice that this
inmate and Two-Face are the only two enemies in the area with a gun. Slowly
make your way behind him and press Y to take him out silently. This will afford
you the ability to hop down into the mass of inmates below at your leisure, and
since none of them have guns, they are easily dispatched.

When you jump down into the mob of inmates, most of them will actually flee.
Only a handful will stick around to defend Two-Face. Fight them all. Some of
these enemies will chuck chairs at you and stuff, so be aware of that. But
really, as long as you are good at the game’s combat system, which isn’t hard
to master at all, you will have absolutely no problem defeating all these

Once they are defeated, Batman will get shot by Two-Face. Of course, his armor
protects him, but in the ensuing cut-scene, Catwoman frees herself and manages
to capture Two-Face for you before she runs off. And she even leaves him
hanging. What a clever kitty.

Or not. The Joker attempts to snipe Catwoman, and after saving her life, she
leaves you alone with a crime scene. Use Detective Mode by tapping LB to scan
the area for the place where the bullet penetrated. The cut-scene should have
definitely helped you out in finding where the bullet came through. Spoilers:
It came through the window right next to where Batman was having a conversation
with Catwoman. Hold LB and aim it at the bullet hole to analyze it. Then turn
your attention to the ground right in front of the window and scan that one as
well to finish your detective work. Just like in CSI!

To Top


Now that you know where the sniper shot came from, it’s time to make your way
to the church. I recommend using your grappling hook to position yourself on
one of the gargoyles on the church so you can ambush the enemies that are
guarding the front door. When they’re all defeated, head inside.

Open the door. Harley Quinn will do a bunch of cartwheels. You can wait for her
to get close and then counter her attack or you can be more aggressive and
straight-up punch her in the face. After your short squabble, Harley will run
off, leaving a quartet of armed guards with their guns trained right on Batman.

Aye, but you are Batman, and you have many things in your utility belt. One of
those things, which is very useful in this particular situation, is smoke
pellets. Press Y when the game demands it, and Batman will chuck a smoke pellet
at the ground, obscuring their vision and allowing you to tap RB and zip up to
a higher, safer, obscure location.

This is your first real, Arkham Asylum-style “pick off people one by one like
you’re in a horror movie” type situation that was very prevalent in the
previous installment. Use Detective Mode to gather some facts; one, there are
four goons in this area, and they all have guns. Guns + Batman = bad time. Two,
two of these guys have hostages, and they are hanging out to the left and right
of the altar area. The other two guys decided to stick together near the altar,
with their guns trained on the bulk of the hostages.

You can really take them out in any order that you feel like it, but why not do
it in the order that I listed those people?! First, let’s deal with the guy to
Batman’s right, if you are facing the altar. This dude is rocking a hostage,
but he’s easily dispatched. Glide over him to the scaffolding. Keep Detective
Mode activated if you are having problems remembering where he is located. Move
Batman along the scaffolding QUIETLY (by pulling on the right trigger) and when
prompted, push Y to kick this guy’s face in and rescue the hostage without any

Alright, cool. Now it’s time to take out the dude directly across from this bad
guy. Use the grapple hook to zip across to the other side of the church. This
guy is hiding in a confession booth, with a gun trained directly on the head of
a hostage. Luckily for you, the wall of the booth is pretty shoddy, and Batman,
being the bad-ass that he is, can literally punch through the wall and beat the
holy hell out of this guy. Drop down behind the booth, approach the wall, which
will be highlighted in blue to indicate that it is indeed breakable, and then
press Y when prompted to simply destroy this guy.

The altar people can be taken care of from your current location without any
more zipping all over the place. Simply crouch and approach them from the side.
When you have room, move towards the back of the altar, behind them. Position
Batman right behind and in between the two baddies, then press Y to knock their
heads together, effectively knocking both of them out with ease.

When the coast is clear and all the medical staff are saved, Batman will try to
put their minds at ease. Now guarding the entrance to the church is a familiar
face–Aaron Cash. It seems his life hasn’t gotten any better since the asylum
incident. Speak with him, and he will reveal that Harley took a doctor with
her, Stacy Baker, to “fix up” the Joker.

Before you can save her, though, you need to get to the top of the bell tower
and figure out who fired that sniper round. Just go through the door with the
big green sign next to it that says “Bell Tower” to get on the right track.
In the next room, use your grappling hook to zip upwards from platform to
platform. When you reach the top, there will be a ladder that leads right up to
the bell, so climb up it.

In the bell tower, you’ll find plenty of dynamite, oil barrels, and enough
messed up mannequins to make you think you were playing a Condemned game. Use
Detective Mode to scan the sniper rifle which Joker rigged to operate with a
remote control. That devious bastard. Speaking of, his ugly mug will pop up on
one of the television sets, warning you that the tower is about to explode.

Oh noes! Push the left analog stick towards one of the windows then double tap
the A button to send Batman diving through the glass and gliding to the safety
of a nearby rooftop. That’s one tragedy averted, I suppose. And hey, you saved
a bunch of EMTs and firemen in the process. There have been worse days.

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A new icon will be on your screen, on the right. The Joker’s radio signal is
still making chatter, and luckily for you, it will lead you right to his
location. You just need to aim Batman in the appropriate direction, and when
the meter on the right turns green, that’s when you know you are pointed the
right way. Head that way and platform your way along the rooftops, fighting the
baddies that you come across, doing anything extra that you feel like, and

When you start to see some water, that means you are nearing your destination
and the location of the Joker. Avoid falling into the water and keep following
the strength of the signal. You will clearly see a giant neon sign that reads:
Joker’s Funaldn (laying low my ass). This means you’re going the right way, so
just keep going. In the distance you should see some large chimneys spewing
fire and what-not–the workings of a factory.

When you get close enough to the titular steel mill, Batman will get in contact
with Alfred again, asking for advice on how to actually get into the mill. It
seems the only way is through one of the chimneys. Look around for the largest
one that has a giant skull attached to it. Press RB and Batman will zoom all
the way to it and dive inside like a mad man.

Batman will land on a wire conveniently placed right above the fire that would
have otherwise burned him alive. Glide over to the ledge that Batman is facing
and then get ready for parkour! Hold A to run and then hold RT to do an epic
slide under the rock wall blocking your path. Then hop over the next couple
set of pipes. Try to keep running, and the heat will make Batman stop and
stumble backwards.

Switch on your Detective Mode to point out the vault that is holding the water
in. Press up on the d-pad to equip your Batclaw, aim it at the door, and fire.
Tap A repeatedly to rip the door open. Water will fill the mill and put out the
flames. Hop over the fence and drop down. Keep walking until a large furnace
blocks your way. This is when you need to drop down the nearby ledge and shimmy
across to reach the other side of the furnace. Climb back up, then run along
the railing as far as you can go over the fire pit. Jump across to the next
broken railing and keep running as the mill shakes and you reach yet another
dead end.

But ha! Nothing is a dead end when it comes to Batman! Detective Mode reveals
that the floor is breakable, so whip out that Explosive Gel. Spray some on the
ground, back up, and then detonate it. You complete this process by equipping
the gadget by pressing left on the d-pad. Then aim it with the left trigger,
and spray the gel with the right trigger. To detonate the gel, hold the left
trigger and then press RB.

To Top

Hop down the hole. Steam will be blocking your progress, but toss a Batarang by
pushing down on the d-pad and chuck one at the button on the wall. The steam
will dissipate, allowing you to hop up and start crawling through the vents.
Turning on Detective Mode will reveal to you a ton of enemies are nearby, but
keep crawling through the vents. You can peak through the vents and watch the
savage inmates be all evil and stuff if you’d like; otherwise, keep crawling
through these vents.

You will come across some pipes that are spewing flames. Wait for the flames to
die down, then keep crawling. The second pipe will also be shooting flames, but
just wait for it to go away before you continue crawling through the vents. You
will crawl right under the inmates, but don’t pay them any attention. Just keep
following the vent, then turn on Detective Mode once you are on your own two
feet again.

You will see a large pipe in the walls that is highlighted in the color orange.
Follow that pipe, and it will lead you to three switches on the far wall. Use
your Batarang to quickly hit all three switches by pulling the left trigger
repeatedly. Then return to the vent and crawl under the feet of the inmates yet
again. Pick one of them, ambush them, and beat the hell out of them.

Of course, this little fiasco is going to attract attention from all the other
inmates. Fight them all (none of them have guns–don’t worry) and when they
have all been bested, Harley Quinn will reveal herself, which will also give
away the location of the Joker. However, before you can deal with the Joker,
you need to save Stacy Baker, who, as you remember, was kidnapped earlier.

If you weren’t paying attention to the hoopblah that was going on while you
were crawling through the vents, Harley was going to have Stacy murdered at the
hands of someone called “Hammer”, but Joker decided she should suffer an even
worse fate, and had her taken to the smelting room. Uh-oh. Face the homebase of
the Joker and Harley Quinn, then take a left and head through the doors to
get on your way to saving the doc.

In the next room, you will find an elevator that is locked. Inside the elevator
are two Riddler trophies. The game will teach you how to tag trophies for later
collection by holding the left bumper. This will add the location of the
trophies to your map so you can return to this area and obtain them once you
have access to more gadgets. Anyway, continue down the hallway and through the
next set of double doors.

Upon entering the next room, take notice of the large Harley Quinn mannequin
thing. This is a radio that the thugs use to communicate with Harley. Activate
your Detective Mode to get a lay out on the situation. There are three enemies
in the next room, and they are all armed. Two of them are chilling out right
next to each other, but one of them is hanging out by himself. To reach these
fellas in a quiet manner, look at the conveyor belt in the room. Follow it to a
closed gate. Press the button next to it to open the gate and then follow the
conveyor belt through.

Use your grappling hook to zoom up the next ledge. Then use the platforms that
are sticking out of the wall to zip across to a position behind the enemies.
Quietly drop down, then approach the single enemy first as he’s positioned
behind the couple. Take him out quietly, then sneak up on the pair of guards
by the broken bumper cards and knock them out as well–two birds, one stone
style, of course.

When they’re both defeated, check out the door that they were guarding. It’s
locked, so dive through the window next to it. There’s nothing worth while in
the next room, so just head on through the door to finally reach the smelting
chamber. Ooh, I’ve got chills. Be sure to crouch and stealthily make your into
the next room. Use Detective Mode to get a survey on the situation. There will
be six enemies, all armed, and Stacy is tied to a chair in a separate room.

Two enemies are conveniently chilling out next to each other right in front of
your face. Slowly walk over to them and bash their heads together to take them
both out in one fell swoop. When they’re defeated, notice that three other
guards are walking around aimlessly, and another one is chilling out by Stacy,
guarding her.

Use the vantage points littered throughout this area near the walking paths of
each enemy. Wait for them to walk under you, then take them out stealthily.
It’s a piece of cake. Take out the other two enemies–stealthily–and then
approach the room where Stacy is being held.

There’s an air vent next to the room, but there’s a much easier way to get this
job done. Use your grappling hook to zoom up on top of the room that Stacy is
being held in, and spray explosive gel on it. Jump off the roof, and then
detonate the gel. The debris will rain down on the enemy inside, so that’s your
cue to rush in and take him out while he’s down.

Stacy will reveal to Batman that the Joker blames Titan, the chemical Joker
filled his veins with in Arkham Asylum to essentially turn himself into John
Cena, for his sickness. Bummer. Harley will instruct her foot soldiers to seal B
Batman and Stacy in the smelting chamber by welding the door shut. They didn’t
count on Batman having a Remote Electrical Charge handy, though.

With the main exit welded, turn on your detective vision. A shutter door will
be highlighted in orange, and has a green EXIT sign above it. Head over to this
gate, and then aim the REC at the orange overhanging above the door, with the
electricity symbol on it. Fire a charge at it. If you press RB, the gate will
close, but if you pull on the right trigger, the gate will open. Open the gate.
Open the next gate, then grapple upwards and crawl through the small air duct
to be on the opposite side of the welded door.

Watch the goons as they busily try to finish welding the door shut. You can
easily ambush them from this position. When they’re defeated, start
backtracking your way back to the loading bay, where Harley Quinn and Joker set
up base. Now that the doctor is safe and sound, it’s time to deal with the
Clown Prince of Crime himself!

Harley will pop out of the “Fun House” that is their base. Grapple up to her
position, which will prompt Harley to kick him off, or you can let her run her
mouth and then when Joker pleads for her to rush to his side, she will retreat
back into their base. Take notice of your surroundings. Above you is a large
hook, and directly across from the base is an orange mechanical device.
Obviously this device can be manipulated using the REC.

This time, instead of RB meaning “up” and RT meaning “down”, they will mean
outward and inward respectively. Fire RB and RT charges at the device
repeatedly to cause the hook and chain to swing violently at the base of Joker
and Harley Quinn. The hook will destroy the base, leaving the door wide open.
Attempt to grapple up to it again, though, and you will be stopped by Hammer.

To Top

Hammer is called Hammer because, well, because he has a hammer. He’s
compensating for something, and no, it’s not what you’re thinking. The dude
only has one arm! He’s a very sad clown indeed. Hammer doesn’t roll alone,
though, he’s got a whole posse of dudes that are just itching to mess up

There are many different ways that you can handle this fight. You can trick
Hammer into defeating all of his own people by firing the REC at him
repeatedly, which causes him to swing his hammer around in a circle wildly.
However, this can be somewhat difficult to do, and the easy way is to just take
care of all the enemies while avoiding Hammer’s attacks.

Regardless of the route you take, when only Hammer is left, it’s time to take
out the trash. Fire the REC at him until he starts swinging his hammer around
in a circle. He will then collapse from being dizzy, which is your cue to run
up to him and mash on the X button to beat the hell out of him. It only takes
one or two times, and Hammer is defeated.

With Hammer dealt with, grapple up to Joker and Harley. Batman falls for the
‘ol fake Joker gag, and then he gets his ass handed to him by Harley with a
baseball bat. This will trigger the second Catwoman episode, if you downloaded
it, but otherwise, Batman wakes up tied to a wheelchair. Joker reveals that
he is indeed dying from the poison that Titan left in his veins, but he has
injected Batman with the poison as well. Not only that, but he has been
spending months donating his blood to all the hospitals in Gotham, effectively
poisoning a good chunk of the city. This leaves Batman no choice other than to
find the cure.

Joker has been having Mister Freeze cook up a cure for him, but Joker hasn’t
heard from Freeze for a while. So, instead of running around Arkham City
himself searching for the dude, he has hatched this brilliant scheme to force
Batman into finding Freeze and getting the cure finished. Mark Hamill is an
evil freakin’ genius, I tell ya.

To Top


Remember when you searched for the source of the Joker’s radio signal using
the meter on the right side of the screen? This is exactly like that, except
you are now searching for the coldest point in the city. Why? Well, Mr. Freeze
MUST be in cold temperatures, otherwise he will die. Luckily for you, this
means he’s a fairly easy individual to find.

Travel towards the coldest point. When the numbers on the right are green and
they are increasing, it means you are going the correct direction. Find the
right direction and start making your way there. The coldest point turns out
to be the old police department, with a bunch of goons chilling out in front
of the station. These guys are armed. Listening to their conversation reveals
that the Joker and Penguin seem to be having a war over Arkham City.

Stick to the rooftops while dealing with these guys. Stick and move. That’s
really the best strategy. Do your best to avoid detection and take them out one
by one. Then make your way to the front of the police station. You will see a
closed gate that can be manipulated with the REC. Open the gate, but it will
only open up slightly, meaning you have to get a running start then slide under
it to get inside.

Once inside, hang a right to see a dead body leaning in front of the doors that
lead into the station. There is a radio next to the body, so pick it up. Then
hack it. To accomplish this, simply move the cursor to the pulsating circle and
press the A button. This will let Batman listen to all of Penguin’s

The next room features six armed enemies. Just zip around the room and pick
them off one by one, like you normally would. The last guy left will beg for
you to leave him alone, but instead interrogate him. The interrogation process
is very short, as this guy is scared to the point that he’s very, very
compliant. You’ll discover that Mr. Freeze has been taken by Penguin to the
local museum, which Penguin is using as his homebase.

Cool. You’ll hear a loud explosion. Try to leave the police station. Two gates
will close and trap Batman in the room. Lucky there is a vent on the ground,
but let Batman have a quick chat with Alfred first and download the unlock
codes for the city. Then crawl through the vent to the room on the other side
of the wall. Push left and down on the d-pad to equip the Cryptographic Sensor.

Use the sensor on the computer on the wall with the padlock displayed on it.
This short hacking mini-game is quite easy, even if the flurry of letters and
junk makes it feel kind of intimidating. Basically, you just need to tilt the
left and right analog sticks in the correct direction and hold it there until
the correct phrase locks. You’ll know you are pointing them in the right
direction when the letters stop spazzing out and a clear word or part of a
word is all that remains in the center. It’s easy stuff and really nothing that
you probably haven’t encountered before in other video games.

With the terminal hacked, the gates that once kept you locked in the police
station are now open. Hop back down in the vent and then make your way back
to the previous room. Walk out the door. It would be very ice of you to go get
Mister Freeze now! And oh, no…these puns…they are never going to stop. And
they will never get cold.

To Top


Your compass at the top of the screen will lead you to the front door of the
museum, where the dude you interrogated in the police station told you Mister
Freeze is being held by that dastardly Penguin! Do whatever you want to do
Side Mission wise, and then make your way to the museum. As is the norm, a few
goons will be guarding the front doors of the museum, so beat the hell out of
them, then approach the computer terminal that is controlling the locked museum

Pull out your Cryptographic Sensor and use it on the terminal. With the door
unlocked, head inside. As the words on your screen will tell you, the enemies
up ahead are equipped with knives. Countering knife attacks is a bit different
as countering regular attacks, as you really can’t counter them at all.
Instead, you need to pull the left analog stick away from the enemy as they
lunge at you with it, as well as press Y.

Dodge ‘dem blades and beat Penguin’s cronies down. The main gate that leads
further into the museum is locked. Activate Detective Mode to lead you to the
terminal that keeps the door locked. Jump through the window to reach this
room by double tapping A, then once you’re inside, approach the monitor. Batman
will be locked out of hacking the terminal as Penguin has activated multiple
disruptors around Arkham City to keep Batman from breaking into the museum.

There’s nothing more to be done in the museum, so leave. Before you can even
hope of saving Mister Freeze and obtaining the cure, you need to destroy all
the signal disruptors in the city. This plays out exactly like finding the
coldest point in Arkham City did. There’s a meter on the right side of the
screen. When you get closer to the disruptor, the number will count down to
indicate you are getting closer and closer to it. Conveniently, the first
signal disruptor is actually located on the roof of the museum.

The disruptor is guarded by a bunch of unarmed inmates, so take them out first.
When they’re defeated, approach the orange static screens on each side of the
disruptor and press A to punch through the screen and destroy the insides of
it. Do this for all of the screens to put the disruptor out of its misery and
star your adventure towards the second signal disruptor.

Use the meter on the right hand side of the screen to lead you to the second
disruptor. Once again, it is protected by some guards, but they’re nothing that
the Dark Knight can’t handle. Take them out and then destroy the second signal
disruptor in the exact same manner that you did the first one. With this second
signal disruptor destroyed, it seems that Batman will be free to hack whatever
he pleases in the city, but not so fast! The Penguin has one last signal
disruptor located under the city.

Of course, this translates into the final signal disruptor being located in the
subway system of the city. Use your compass at the top of the screen to lead
you to the subway. Quietly make your way down the subway stairs and activate
your Detective Mode. This will point out two guards, facing away from Batman,
armed with machineguns. Sneak up behind them and press Y to smash their heads

With these two goons dealt with, hop the rail and keep making your way down the
stairs deeper in the subway. Run over to the tracks, and use your grappling
hook to latch onto the downed subway train. Run across the top and use your
cool “sliding” move to make your way under the pipes. Hop over the next set of
pipes, then approach the breakable boards and destroy them with explosive gel.
Hop over to the next subway train and crawl under the next pipe.

This will position you behind three enemies, with at least one packing a knife.
Use your advantageous position to take out at least two of the guys with one
move. Eliminate the remaining enemy, then turn your attention to the shuttered
gate with the orange electrical device above it. Use the REC on it to open it
up, then crouch to make your way under the gate.

The next room features multiple enemies and all of them are armed. However, you
can take them all out pretty easily. They are so spread out across the room
that all you need to do is zip across from gargoyle to gargoyle, wait for an
enemy to walk under you, then hang down and take them out. Just methodically
take out each of the armed enemies, and with all the gargoyles to zip to and
all the places to hide, it’s actually very easy. You’d have to try to get
caught and shot.

After all the enemies are taken out, approach the final signal disruptor. Go
to each screen, punch through it, and destroy the disruptor. With the disruptor
destroyed, leave the subway the way you came. Yup, there’s some backtracking
goodness for ya, so get it done! Return to the city…and then return to the
museum (the compass at the top of the screen will point you there). It’s time
to save Mister Freeze and defeat that dastardly Penguin!

To Top


When you arrive back at the museum, return to the room where you attempted to
hack open the door earlier. You can now hack the door without the signal being
disrupted. Hop back out of the window and now run past the place where the gate
was once blocking your way. After the T-Rex nearly eats Batman (seriously),
use Detective Mode to get aware of your surroundings. There’s a few enemies at
the end of the room, and a couple of them have pretty big knives. Make your way
over there and knock them all out.

However, one of the enemies isn’t like the rest! This dude is decked out in
body armor, so while he will take more strikes to take down, he’s nothing to
really worry about. When all of the enemies have been defeated, Batman will
start talking to an undercover cop that was working at the museum. He will
inform you that there are a bunch of other undercover cops being held hostage
by Penguin in the museum. Your new goal is to not only rescue Mister Freeze so
you can obtain the cure, but you also have to rescue all of the cops. You have
to be a special kind of crazy to take a police position in Gotham, let me tell

Run down the stairs that Penguin’s guards were standing in front of and then
head through the door. Run by all the exhibits and open the next door. Keep
going down the hall. You will come across a gate that is locked, with the
switch that opens it behind it. Equip the remote-controlled Batarangs and throw
it over the top of the gate and guide it to the switch on the other side. Run
through…and right into Penguin’s gladiator pit!

After the pleasantries are exchanged and one of the cops are killed by Penguin,
the gates will rise and a bunch of inmates will rush you. Those that manage to
kill Batman are initiated into Penguin’s squad of goons, but that just can’t
happen. There will be quite a lot of inmates that swarm you, but just use basic
combat tactics and take them out. When they’re all defeated, Penguin will shoot
down the wooden cage he has set up over the pit, revealing one of his foot-
soldiers that he has had Titanized.

Remember these fights from Arkham Asylum? Well, it’s a lot easier now. All you
need to do is mash the B button three times to stun the big dude, then mash the
X button to wail on him. Batman will then jump on his back and apply a sleeper
hold. While Batman has the sleeper hold locked in (most epic Raw ever?), you
can actually control the big guy, kind of. You can press the B button to smash
his fists on the ground to create shockwaves, and you can use the A button to
charge around the pit. Penguin will let loose more smaller inmates, so use the
big guy’s abilities to defeat them. Eventually, the steroid dude will grab
Batman and throw him off, but just repeat the stun and punch process until he
and all the other inmates are defeated.

It seems that now you’re trapped in the gladiator pit. But never fear! Chuck
your remote controlled Batarang over one of the fences to the side and use your
Detective Mode to point out the switch needed to open one of the gates. When
your Batarang nails the switch, the gate will rise. Head through, then approach
the terminal and hack it to open the next door that is blocking your path. In
the next room, you will find a lift powered by those orange devices that open
shuttered doors with the REC. Stand on it, use the REC to raise the lift up to
the ceiling, then use the explosive gel on the ceiling to destroy it. Then
continue using the lift to reach the top.

At the top, approach the next wall that can obviously be destroyed with your
explosive gel. Blow it up, then go through the door that you saw Penguin go
through during the cut-scene. Walk through this chilly exhibit and approach the
ice wall and use the explosive gel to, once again, blow up the wall of ice.
As Batman walks through, Penguin will freeze his hand to a wall using Mister
Freeze’s gun. Another one of the kidnapped cops will run across the frozen
water, but Penguin will freeze him with Freeze’s gun and then turn around and
walked off.

Glide down to the frozen cop. Walk VERY slowly across the ice, otherwise it
will break and Batman will be eaten by Penguin’s shark, Tiny. Approach the
frozen guy and press A to break the ice and free the cop. Batman will then take
him to safe position. He will tell Batman that there are actually two more cops
that are also frozen in this room. Well, Detective Mode will reveal that these
guys are located to the right, so make your way towards them.

Notice the platform that is suspended above the water. Use your Batclaw
(equipped by pressing up on the d-pad), to knock down the raft. Then use the
Batclaw to attach to the handle on the side of the raft. Tap the A button to
pull the raft to the edge of the ice. Slowly walk onto the raft, then use the
handles around the room, then fire the Batclaw into them to drag yourself
around. Drag yourself to the frozen cop on the left, not on the dock. Free him,
then drag him to the dock, where the second frozen cop is located. Break the
ice to free him as well, then climb up the ladder.

Head through the next door, which will open up into a large room. There are
three cops being held hostage on the center bridge. There are six enemies in
this room as well, and they are all armed. The vantage points in this room are
useless because the enemies in here are equipped with special equipment that
will let them see you hiding in the dark. So stick low. I recommend going to
the right where you’ll find three breakable walls that you can spray with
Explosive Gel, which will cause a nice distraction. All the enemies will run
over to investigate, and then they will walk away, allowing you to easily sneak
up on each enemy one by one and knock them out silently. If you do get caught,
just use the smoke pellet to regroup, then continue to stalk and take out each
enemy one by one.

To Top

With all the enemies defeated, speak with the police on the center bridge. They
will take up arms to defend this section of the museum while you work on
getting to Mister Freeze and all that jazz. Return to the room that had the
frozen cops, then slowly walk across the ice to the opposite side. Use the
platform over there to position yourself better so you can using the grappling
hook to reach the ledge, then go through the door and head up the subsequent
flight of stairs.

At the top of the stairs, you will find three goons. Whenever you get close to
them, however, a gate rises. Just hack the nearby terminal to put a stop to
this nonsense, and then beat the crap out of the fellas. Work your way down the
hallway full of tongue-in-cheek exhibits, and then slide under the gate that is
slightly ajar. You’ll see Mister Freeze trapped in one of the exhibits, but
ignore him from now. Approach the destroyable wall that is next to him and
spray Explosive Gel on it. A big, one-armed dude will punch through the wall
and grab at you, though, so be prepared for a fight.

This guy is a carbon copy of the one-armed Hammer that you fought earlier in
the game at the Steel Mill. The only difference is that this guy has a sickle.
Fight him as well as Penguin’s other henchmen that will be helping him out.
When they’ve been dealt with, run by the destroyed wall, and you will see a
terminal that is on the wall behind the Mister Freeze exhibit. Hack it. Then
you will find another terminal, so hack that one as well, and this will free
Mister Freeze from his prison!

When the cut-scene concludes, Batman will need to retrieve the suit of Mister
Freeze so he can successfully combat the Penguin, who has Freeze’s trademark
ice gun. Backtrack to the ice chamber. The ice is starting to thaw, and the
slush can’t be walked on. Get on a platform and use the Batclaw to make it to
the other side again, where you rescued the guards that decided to take up arms
and actually defend the damn place. This is where you can find Freeze’s suit,
as your map very conveniently informs you.

Use your map to help you find the specific display case with Freeze’s armor. It
is near the end of the display cases on the left side of the top half of the
room, just so you know. Approach it and press A, and Batman will bust through
the glass. He’ll toss some Freeze juice for a cop to deliver it to Freeze to
keep the old bastard alive, and he’ll also take the chip necessary for him to
override Freeze’s weapon so Penguin can no longer use it to his advantage.

Once again, backtrack to the ice chamber. This time your goal is the Iceberg
Lounge, which is located on the only side of the ice chamber that you haven’t
been to yet. Use your Batclaw while standing on a platform to traverse through
the slushy coldness. As you near the entrance to the lounge, Tiny will pop up
out of the water and take a big chunk out of the raft you are standing on. You
need to quickly press X to straight-up punch that shark in the nose to save
your skin.

With Tiny defeated, use your grappling hook to reach the Iceberg Lounge with
ease. Run down the hallway to the door at the very end and head on through.
You will be in a circular hallway, with Penguin chilling out on an iceberg in
the middle of the room, equipped with the freeze gun and a couple of police
hostages. Work your way around the room, but be sure to stick behind walls when
Penguin starts blasting his freeze gun. When you reach the bridge that leads
to Penguin’s position, equip the Disruptor: Freeze Override. Walk up to Penguin
and hold the right trigger to disable the gun. When you get close enough, press
X to let him have it with a swift and powerful uppercut to his disgusting fat

However, the Penguin can’t be defeated that easily. He will press a button that
will blow up the iceberg Batman was chilling on (PUNS!), and the Bat will fall
into a scary hole. Penguin will then activate his secret weapon–Solomon
Grundy, the dangerous undead behemoth. Solomon is invincible and he is rocking
two large balls (err…) that he swings around on a chain. Double tap A to
dodge them as they near. Make sure you have Explosive Gel equipped. Use it on
each of the circular devices on the floor (they heal Solomon). Remember, you
can quickly spray the Explosive Gel by using the left the trigger and X in
tandem, which should keep you out of too much trouble.

When all the devices have been destroyed, Solomon will collapse to his knees.
That is your cue to run over to his head and start mashing on the X button to
deal some serious damage. After this, Penguin will up the ante a little bit
and increase the strength and size of Solomon. Just continue to dodge his
attacks and blow up all of the circular devices on the ground. Then when Grundy
gets on his knees again, go punch the ever-loving hell out of his cranium until
he collapses.

Approach the fallen body of the once mighty Solomon Grundy. Tapping X to
“finish” the fellow actually only makes him pissed. Grundy will then grab
Batman, then punch the nearby electrical equipment to charge himself. Tap A
repeatedly to escape from Grundy’s grasp. While he is stuck in one place now,
his attacks have far more range and deal more damage. Just quickly move through
the room to each circular device on the ground and blow them each up one-by-one
to make Solomon fall to his knees yet again. Then approach him and beat the
hell out of him for the third and final time.

However, Batman stil isn’t out of the woods just yet. With Grundy defeated,
that still leaves Penguin. Penguin is equipped with a rocket launcher that he
constantly fires. Avoid the fire from his launcher and get in close to him.
Wail on him by mashing on the X button repeatedly to finally end this lengthy
and intricate boss battle.

To Top


Batman will stop Freeze from killing Penguin, but then Freeze reveals some bad
news. It seems that the cure for the Titan poisoning is impossible to produce
efficiently without specialized blood. Batman realizes that he knows just the
guy that has the needed juice, Ra’s al Ghul. Just when he utters these words,
a ninja assassin that Penguin kidnapped, part of the League of Assassins,
breaks out of her exhibit prison and tries to attack. She is damaged in the
process, but runs off, leaving a blood trail in her wake.

Use Detective Mode to scan the puddle of blood that the ninja left behind on
the ground. Once this is scanned, you will be able to follow little droplets of
blood throughout Gotham, with the idea that the sort of disgusting take on the
age-old bread crumb philosophy will lead you right to the assassin. This
assassin will then lead you directly to Ra’s al Ghul in turn. See, Batman IS a

The blood trail isn’t exactly hard to follow. It starts as soon as you exit the
museum, and trails to the left. It goes over some obstacles and what-not, and
you may have to fight random thugs, but it’s a pretty straight-forward affair.
The blood trails ends in Park Row, by the way, if you just want to mark your
own path there. The blood trail leads to a bunch of bandages left behind by the
Assassin. Scan it with Detective Mode, and then Batman will be attacked by her.

Follow the Assassin across the rooftops. This is simple platforming, and you
just need to follow her movements. There’s no extraordinary obstacles or
anything like that. When the chase ends, Batman and the ninja will be on top of
a roof. The fight is short, but the ninja will win it. Afterwards, Robin will
swoop in and save the day as a couple more ninjas arrive. The ninjas leave,
but Batman manages to plant a tracking device on one of them. Oh, and Robin
will give you that Line Launcher that you ordered!

The game will lead you directly to where the ninja is located with an arrow
that nappers on the screen as well a box that tries to pinpoint her exact
location. Just make your way towards your objective, which is in Joker’s Arkham
City territory, by the way. You will be lead into the sewers of Arkham City
via a large hole in the ground.

Work your way through the sewers by parkouring any and all obstacles that get
in your path. Use the still on-screen indicator to continue helping you reach
the ninja assassin. You will eventually reach a ledge, and below there will be
a few enemies. One of them has armor, but the other ones are easily dealt
with. When they’ve all been defeated, continue on your journey through the

You’ll have to get a running start and slide under a slightly ajar gate, and
then you will have to use your new Line Launcher to zip across a gap. On the
other side, continue to follow the indication on your screen. It will lead you
right above a few guns, which will allow you to press Y to get the serious
drop on them. Defeat all of the Joker’s associates before proceeding.

With the enemies dealt with, you’ll notice two closed gates. Simply hack the
computer terminal on the wall to raise the gates. Then continue onward. You’ll
come across typical obstacles and what-not, but your on-screen indicator will
eventually lead you through a door to a new area. Your first steps in this
place aren’t exactly satisfactory, as Batman collapses as the poison in his
blood begins to deal serious damage.

Regardless, approach the ledge. Use the Line Launcher to zip across the gap,
then about halfway through, hold the left trigger to activate slow-motion and
allow you to shoot another line and change course directly. There is a room
full of enemies here, so use the Line Launcher to line up your path, so you can
take a couple down in the process (preferably the ones with the guns…which
you can identify using Detective Mode, of course!) When they’re defeated, head
through the door they were guarding.

As you make your way through this next room, you will see a bunch of inmates
with a doctor hostage. If you try to activate Detective Mode, you will discover
that one of the goons has equipment that is blocking your signal. I recommend
standing back and blasting the fool with a remote controlled Batarang from
afar. With enough force, you can knock him down the elevator shaft behind him
to get rid of the problem without needlessly alerting the other guards.

With this completed, start zipping around the room and taking out the enemies
one by one. There should only be five after you take out the guy that was
jamming your Detective Mode (he was the one with the red triangle on his body,
by the way). They are all armed, so be weary, but you can take them all out
without breaking too much of a sweat. You need to be aware, however, that the
doctor in the middle will be guarded by another inmate that will put a gun to
her head. This guy is a bit trickier to take out as you have to glide behind
him then sneak up on him (and he rotates around a lot), but beggars can’t be

After Batman has successfully cleared the room of enemies, go speak with the
doctor you just saved. Following a short conversation, visit the area under the
place that you just rid of enemies. This is where your tracker will be leading
you to, a secret and cozy little place known as Wonder Avenue. Heading through
the door will see Batman have another violent episode, and he will also cough
up blood this time, Breaking Bad-style.

When Batman is done having his spaz attack, pull out the REC. Aim it at the
electrical box on the ground and fire it to open the giant doors in front of
you to reach Wonder City. As the doors open, an inmate will stumble forward
with a knife in his back and fall dead. Then fire the REC at the next box in
the ground to open the next set of double doors.

In the next room, a trio of ninja assassins will pop out of nowhere and
surround Batman. Put them away. When they’re defeated, activate Detective Mode
and approach the door with the image being projected onto it. You’ll see a
breakable floor covering more electrical equipment buried in front of the door.
Use the Explosive Gel to reveal the box, then use the REC to open the door in
front of you, then head deeper into Wonder City.

To Top

Run by the robots and towards the door with the big blue glowing light in the
center. Batman will then turn his attention to the downed robot on his right.
Hold LB to scan the thing’s head and read its memory banks. Use Detective Mode
to point out the locations of the rest of the robots. The next one is just
farther down the hall leaning against a wall. Scan it until its head explodes
as well, then continue towards the one that is chilling in a display case.
Scan its head, too, and afterwards, a bunch of ninjas will attack. Defeat them.

When they’re defeated, scan the head of the robot in the next display case.
Use Detective Mode to point out the location of the next robot. You will need
to use your grappling hook to reach the area it is located, and once you do,
even more ninjas will show up and attack. Defeat these chicks, too, then scan
the head.

With this scan complete, hop out of the window and work your way along the
pipes into another room with yet another robot whose head needs scanning. Scan
it, then hop out of the room back into the main hallway. Zoom up to the area
with the final head and scan that sucker’s head to finally have all the pieces
necessary to check out the recording. You will discover that there is a secret
panel to get behind the nearby locked door, as that’s how the League of
Assassins are coming and going from this place.

Visit the brick wall shown in the video, located right next to the large door.
Interact with the panel, but then Batman will discover he will need a sword to
shove through the slot in order to continue. An assassin will show up and try
to kill you with her sword, but press Y to counter her attack and shove the
sword through the slot. Go through the secret passage. Follow the hall to a
ladder, then press A to climb up it and push through the manhole at the top.

The poison in Batman’s system will start to overtake him. Batman will collapse
and nearly die. Oracle will bring him back to his senses, though he is severely
damaged. Walk through the open gates on the left. Batman will fall to his knees
and a trio of ninja assassins will threaten him with swords. Talia al Ghul will
save the Dark Knight. Batman will agree to go through the Demon Trials, a
ritual created by Ra’s, and become the heir to the League of Assassins, even
though he knows that part of it involves actually killing someone.

Follow Talia down the secret staircase. She will lead you to the start of the
Demon Trials. You will be in a claustrophobic room, with an endtable that has a
goblet on top of it. Approach the goblet and press A to take a drink. This is
a special nutrient that will revive Batman’s health, but it’s only a temporary
solution to his health ailments. It will also send Batman on a wicked acid

The ghost of Ra’s or whatever the hell it is will whisp away to a large ice
platform in the distance. Use dive bombing and gliding, following the whisps to
reach the platform. Avoid touching literally anything else, or else you will
die. If you get close enough to the platform, you can use the grappling hook to
reach the platform. Listen to Ra’s and then he’ll whisp away again. Follow the
whisps to reach the next ice platform.

This time, a bunch of weird ninja-things will attack Batman. Defeat them all,
and then Ra’s will once again whisp away Casper-style. Glide and dive bomb
through the air. Follow the whisps to the big orange portal, so glide into it,
and then Batman will divebomb to another platform. Ra’s will whisp away yet
again to another large ice thing, so follow the whisps yet AGAIN to have
another quick chat with Ra’s.

As you could probably guess, Ra’s will bail and you will have to follow the
whisps through the air to once again catch up with the transparent bugger. The
next ice platform you reach will have even more of the psychedelic freak ninjas
than before, so be prepared to wipe them all out. After they have been dealt
with, follow the whisps to a second large orange portal and divebomb through
that powerful sucker as well.

Batman will once again find himself in the claustrophibic room. Go through the
door and run up the flight of the stairs. Speak with Talia and she will open
the large double doors behind her, leading you right to her father. He will,
of course, demand that Batman kill him and take over as the leader of the
League of Assassins. Batman refuses, revealing this was all a ploy just so he
could get a sample of al Ghul’s blood to help Freeze make the cure. However,
a bunch of sand will rush into the building, and Batman will be transported to
an alternate dimension, where he will…battle more ninjas!

Ra’s will charge you with his sword. Roll out of the way. Then a bunch of those
ninjas you battled while Batman was tripping will pop out. Eliminate all of
them. Ra’s will then show himself again and meditate while floating in mid-air.
A row of statues will circle him and a giant version of him for protection.
Meanwhile, a bunch of blades will zoom through the sand like shark fins. The
big guy will also start throwing shuriken at you. Use LT and B to fire REC
charges quickly through the gaps of the statues and at Ra’s to deal damage.

When enough damage has been done to Ra’s, he will bring a large sword done on
Batman. Tap Y repeatedly to block all of his strikes. Ra’s will then try to
get Batman to kill him again. Batman resists, obviously, and then a ton of
ninjas will pounce on him! Tap Y like crazy to counter all of their attacks and
sending them flying in all sorts of different directions. Then beat the hell
out of all of them. They will keep jumping on you, but just keep eliminating
them as best as possible. If you attack the one that is actually Ra’s, the real
world will flash, and then he will try to attack you with his sword, which can
deal a significant amount of damage, so be weary of that.

After all his lame shadow clones have been bested, Ra’s will summon that giant
spirit thing. Shark fin sword things will zoom through the ground and try to
hit you again. There will be more statues to protect Ra’s as well, which means
fewer gaps and chances to zap him with the REC. His big spirit thing will also
use its giant sword to try to smash you. So now you have to dodge even more
attacks while spamming the REC at Ra’s. Once his health bar has been depleted
yet again, he will collapse and his dream world will as well.

Talia will help Ra’s to his feet, but he will then grab his daughter and put a
knife to her throat. Batman will drop al Ghul’s sword and pull out his reverse
Batarang. Hold LT to aim it at Ra’s, then hold RB to focus in on al Ghul’s
face. Then let go and the Batarang will nail Ra’s al Ghul. Batman gets his
blood sample…but he doesn’t get the girl. Bummer!

To Top


With the blood sample obtained, it’s time to return all the juice to Mister
Freeze so the cure can be manufactured and all these problems can be put behind
us. Ahh! Well, backtrack out of Wonder City. Just go back the way you came,
through the sewers, through the big doors, and back to the train station area.
You’ll find that this place is once again populated by guards. There are six of
them, and they are all armed. Some even have those goggles that help them see
and the dark and stuff. Spooky.

You don’t even have to mess with these guys if you don’t really want to. They
are pretty easy to pick off one by one. Just apply the basic rules of taking
enemies out that you’ve been using throughout the entire game. It’s easy as
pie, I promise. When you’re done fighting them all, keep making your way back
to Arkham City. As you near the city at large, Batman will notice a few thugs
that are now rocking shields. Use B, A, A to hurt enemies with shields.

When they’re defeated, keep backtracking through the subway station. Once
again, you’ll find things aren’t quite as you left it as you crawl through the
vents that lead back to the city. There is a bunch of ex-Penguin thugs that are
being initiated into Joker’s gang. Your Detective Mode will reveal that one of
them is packing armor, so position yourself next to him and use the Y button to
take him out. The other enemies are easily taken care of. None of them have
guns, but a couple may have shields or melee weapons.

You’ll get a call from Oracle as you leave the subway station revealing Quincy
Sharp, the mayor of Gotham and the former warden of Arkham Asylum. He has been
captured by some thugs. The compass will lead you to him. Take out the enemies
that are surrounding him, then approach his downed body to zoom him to a safer
location in Arkham City.

With the Mayor saved, head to the police station where Freeze is. Joker will
get annoyed by this, and he’ll order snipers to start aiming at you as you
glide through the sky. It’s not really a problem at all most of the time, but
keep an eye out for the red lasers. When you finally reach the police station,
there will be a bunch of Joker thugs outside of the building. Drop down and
take them all out. Then use the REC to open the shutter and head back into the

Return to Freeze. He’ll then turn on you, and the following is one of the
coolest and most original boss fights in recent gaming history. Basically, you
have to take out Mister Freeze Home Alone-style, but you can never repeat the
same trick twice, as Freeze will become privy to your moves. There are
multiple ways to do damage to Freeze, which I will lay out for you. When he
gets down, beat the hell out of him by mashing on the X button, by the way,
after you initiate each trap on Freeze.

1 – Use the REC on an electric box when Freeze is near it. He will be dragged
to it and electrocuted.
2 – Hide in the vents on the ground, then press the Y button to take out Freeze
as he walks near it.
3 – Wait for Freeze to walk on the second story, hang out on the ledge, then
jump up and attack him.
4 – Sneak up on Freeze from behind.
5 – Get Freeze to walk under you, then hop down and surprise him.
6 – If you turn on Detective Mode, you will notice cables on the ground that
are highlighted in orange. You can trick Freeze into walking into this area
and then use one of the buttons the cables are connected to knock Freeze down

There are probably more ways to hurt Freeze, but these are the easiest and the
most effective. Don’t be afraid to experiment! When enough damage has been
done, Batman will crack through Freeze’s helmet. That’s your cue to keep
pounding Freeze’s head in. After he’s been defeated, Freeze will give Batman
the Freeze Blast, which is basically an ice grenade. Oh, yeah, and Harley Quinn
stole the damn cure!

To Top


You have to leave the police station through a backway since the usual doors
are frozen shut. The compass will lead you up a flight of stairs and out a door
that opens to the back area. You’ll see a helicopter flying around that houses
the report Vicki Vale. She will be shot down by a rocket from Joker. Head to
the crash site, which will be your new primary objective.

Be cautious as you near the site of the crash, though. Joker has multiple
sniper teams set up to pick off Vicki. Use Detective Mode to sneak up behind
them to take them out. Avoid fighting them head on, and only use quiet,
stealthy takedowns to avoid attracting attention. When they’re dealt with,
speak with Vicki to take her to a safer location in Arkham City.

If you were paying attention to the cut-scene where Batman is talking to Vicki,
you would have noticed the midget-looking guy with the old tophat that was
watching the situation. Well, that is part of the Side Mission that pops up
telling you to go to a drop point for the cure that Alfred has somehow managed
to cook up. Ignore that if you want to keep going on with the main storyline of
the game.

Head back to the Steel Mill area. Once you arrive, you’ll discover that the
previous way you entered the mill simply won’t cut it this time around. Oracle
will find a route for you, so head over to the new designated area, which is
pretty much a backdoor leading back into the Steel Mill. Defeat the nearby
armed enemies, then go through the door. Crouch and slowly approach the three
armed enemies that aren’t paying attention, and just running their mouths about
the mysterious Protocol 10. You’ll only be able to take one of them out using
stealth, but the other two are easily disposed of afterwards.

Hop over the rail and face the current. Throw a Freeze Blast to create a small
ice platform for you to stand on. Be sure to crouch to avoid running into the
wall, and then use the Batclaw in conjunction with the handles on the walls to
pull yourself to the next platform. Then throw another Freeze Blast to make
yet another ice platform. This time be sure to quickly pull yourself to either
the left or to the right to avoid being sucked up in the giant drill in this
area. Reach the next platform then pull off the vent grate and head through.

You will have the ambush point over a bunch of thugs. Ambush them, but be
prepared for a multi-man brawl afterwards. A couple of the thugs will be
packing knives, so be weary of this fact as you fight all of the enemies in
this area. Keep going and Joker will pop up on a TV and rip on LOST. You can
ignore this little snippet if you’d like and go through the door. You’ll find a
couple of thugs with another thug chained over a pit of green goo. Defeat them
and then release the other guy, a captured goon that was once a part of Two-
Face’s gang it seems. This guy will quickly turn on you if you stick around for
too long, so either take him out immediately or leave.

There will be more water in your way, so toss the Freeze Blast to create yet
another ice platform. Hop down onto it and make sure it’s positioned away from
the upcoming drill. Duck to avoid running into the wall. As you keep floating
down the water, there will be an area to go to on Batman’s right, and a giant
drill dead ahead. Use the Batclaw and the handles to pull yourself and the ice
platform to the area on the right. Jump up onto the first set of solid ground
and then use the Line Launcher to make it across the water to the other side.

You’ll come across a bunch of steam blocking your path over a set of pipes, so
use the Freeze Blast to block the steam. Then use it again to create another
ice platform to traverse across the water. You’ll reach a dead end, but wait,
it’s not a dead end just yet! Pull out the remote-controlled Batarang and throw
it through the open space in the floodgates. Fly the Batarang through the
electrical charge, then hold the left and right triggers to perform a U-turn
maneuver. Guide the Batarang through the other flood gate door, and then have
it smash into the fuse box to destroy it and open the flood gates.

Use another ice platform to make your way down the river. The RB symbol will
pop up when you near the giant set of drills, so use this opportunity to
grapple up to higher ground. You’ll then come across a gate locked
electronically, so use the Sensor to hack the device and open the door. Not
only does it open the door, though, but it also releases a bridge that will
allow you access to the other side.

Run across the bridge, but then a captured medic will try to knock you out with
a pipe, confusing you for a bad guy. It’s your old friend Stacy Baker! When she
is done talking, head into the next room. It’s the old area where you found
Stacy in the first place. There are a bunch of armed guards in here. Take them
out in the same manners as you did before. Then use the REC to head into the
next room.

You’ll see a laser pointing through the window. This is an enemy with a sniper
rifle ready to blow your brains out. Jump onto the conveyor belt and hide in
one of the boxes to make it by the man with the sniper rifle and then you can
take him out safely from behind. You’ll notice Harley Quinn in this room as
well, gagged and tied up. Release her gag to get her squealing. Then continue
through the Steel Mill to the main room where Harley and Joker’s hideout is

In place of Harley at the top of the base will be two armed thugs. Take them
both out, then follow the arrows in the hideout to the place where Joker is
hiding. After the scene, Joker will challenge you to a fistfight. Beat the
crap out of him. When he’s knocked down, he’ll call upon reinforcements. There
will be quite a lot of enemies that appear, including the dude with one arm and
a hammer from earlier. Not only do you have to deal with these thugs, though,
but there is also a couple of trains that keep zooming through the area that
deal a crap ton of damage to you if you are hit by them.

As you defeat more and more of Joker’s goons, he will summon a thug of his
that he injected with TITAN. Don’t bother really trying to use this guy to your
advantage as you can barely stay on his back and control him before he just
throws you off. Just focus on taking out the hammer guy, then the weaker and
smaller enemies, then the TITAN monstrosity. When they’re all defeated, focus
your attention on wailing on Joker to finish the fight.

Batman will be crushed by the rubble of the Steel Mill rooftop, a result of
Protocol 10. It seems that Hugo Strange has ordered his helicopters to bomb all
of Arkham City, planning on killing all of the inmates, Batman, and all of the
supervillains that are contained within the city. What a dastardly bastard.
Talia arrives to save Batman just in time, and then offers Joker the role of
being the head of the League of Assassins in Batman’s place. Joker then kidnaps
Talia, demanding that she deliver him to the Lazarus Pit to become immortal,
and leaving Batman crushed under a piece of rubble…luckily Catwoman arrives
in the nick of time to save Batman from being Batsandwich! If you have the
Catwoman DLC downloaded, this is when the third episode for Catwoman will play.

To Top


Exit the Steel Mill through the giant hole in the wall after you have regained
your senses. Protocol 10 is in full force and the entire city is being
completely ravaged by Hugo Strange’s helicopters of mass destruction. Batman
will try to convince himself that he needs to rescue Talia from Joker, but
Alfred and Oracle convince him to focus on saving the thousands of lives in
Arkham City first.

First you’ll need the master codes to break into Hugo’s big tower in the middle
of the city to stop this madness. Activate Detective Mode to point out all of
the helicopters. Get close enough to one, then hold LB to scan them to see if
they have the code you need. Helicopters that you’ve already scanned are
highlighted in blue, while the ones that haven’t been scanned yet are an orange
color. When you’ve finally found the correct helicopter, it will be highlighted
in green.

Grapple to the correct helicopter, but be sure the helicopter hasn’t spotted
you, or else it will just shoot you down when you get close. Batman will nab
the codes from the helicopter, and then your compass will lead you to the front
door of Strange’s tower. Hack the computer. The password is “MASTER” on the
left and “MIND” on the right. After you’ve hacked it, use the REC to open the
next door, then glide down, to the level below. Use the REC again to open the
following shutter. Then open the following door.

You’ll have a vantage point over a few political prisoners that are being
watched by TYGER guards. You can get the jump on one of them, but then the
other two in this area will be equipped with electric rods. To counter these,
press A twice and then X to attack them from behind and avoid the prods. After
defeating them, Strange will send in a bunch of his cronies as he threatens the
life of a young gentleman on the screen. When he’s done flapping his jaw about
his master plan to replace Batman and be a true savior to the world, the crap
ton of enemies he sent in the room after you will begin to attack. They have
electric rods, guns, and basically everything else you can think of that you
have seen an enemy with so far in the game. This fight can be tough, but just
apply the same combat rules you have been using this entire time and you will
be able to do them all in.

When the last enemy has been done-in, go through the nearby manhole. Then drop
down the subsequent hole. This area can be very confusing as well as
disorienting, but I will explain how to traverse through it to the best of my
ability (you haven’t doubted me yet, so why start now?!).

Throw a Freeze Blast at the water below to create an ice platform. Jump down,
then rotate the camera pointed upward until you can press RB and grapple to a
higher ledge. There will be yet another higher ledge that you can grab onto and
then shimmy along, which you should do until you can drop down again. Then hop
across the gap. You’ll be looking right at a large clock on the wall. If you
turn on Detective Mode, you can see that the ground under your feet is
destructible, so spray it with Explosive Gel, then head through the next door
after you fall through.

Speak the nurse that you straight-up abandoned earlier in the game. You need to
access the elevator in the center of this area to get up to the tower, but Hugo
has a bunch of his guards in the place, mostly armed with extremely powerful
sniper rifles. Now this is actually a pretty easy series of stalk and knock
out. Just swing around the room, drop down, stealthily take them out, and then
continue the process. There are two guards that are hanging out in front of the
elevator, and after all their friends have been eliminated, they will walk off
to try to find you. They will be basically in a single-file line, so get behind
one of them, eliminate him, then sneak up to his buddy and take him out as

Hack the electronic device. The password to get inside the elevator is
“OBSESSIONS”. Get inside the elevator then hack the computer device in there as
well. The password for this one is “MEDICATION”. The elevator will begin to
rise, so enjoy the ride. You’ll hear some TYGER guards start talking amongst
themselves about Batman being in the elevator, so that’s your cue to use the
hatch above to grapple upwards and stand on top of the elevator as it is
rising. When the elevator reaches the top level, take out all the enemies
outside of the elevator. One of them is rocking armor, but only one or two will
even be packing heat.

Hack the nearby device that is locking the metal gate. The password is
“SAFEGUARDING”. Upon hacking it, use the ledge to shimmy across to the next
platform. Then make your way across the weather vane extruding from the tower.
Reach the end of the pole, then turn around and grapple up to the upper pipes.
Then walk along the pipes. You’ll be able to grapple up to another ledge, so do
so as well. Then jump across to the next platform, and use the ladder to reach
the shaft of the elevator. Make it across to the other side, then walk along
the rope to reach the next ledge, then across the next rope, then grapple up to
the following ledge. Then once again grapple up to the top of the tower as far
as you can.

Approach the next computer and hack it. The password is “MAINTENANCE”. This
will open up a hatch above you. Grapple up to this are and make your way
through this vent area. Then go up the next set of stairs, and then go through
the vent. This will lead you into a room filled with Hugo’s guards again. You
HAVE to remain stealthy, or you’re screwed. Just sneak up on each enemy and
take them out stealthily. Use the grates on the ground to your advantage, and
try to wait for at least a couple to walk off to the balcony to take them out
without having to get out of dodge too fast.

Hack the device that is locking Hugo’s room. The pasword is “GOTHAM SAVIOR”.
In case you’re having troubles. Batman will then beat the holy hell out of
Hugo, smashing him into all sorts of things here and there. Ra’s al Ghul will
then reveal himself as the true head of these plans, and he will kill his pawn,
Hugo, by stabbing him through the chest. Before Hugo dies, though, he activates
the self-destruct sequence for the tower. Batman tackles Ra’s through the
window and they both fall hundreds of feet. Ra’s attempts to kill Batman by
stabbing through himself, but Batman dodges the blade and then Ra’s crashes on
a gate, impaling himself.

To Top


Batman fills in his companions on the recent events, and then Joker appears on
a large screen. He instructs Batman to meet him in front of the old theater,
with the threat of murdering Talia if he doesn’t show. Head there immediately.
This is the end of the game, but you will be able to go back and finish up any
Side Missions or whatever you need to do. Head towards the theater, but keep
your Detective Mode activated the entire time.

As you near the theater, you will notice a bunch of snipers are all trained
on the theater. Some of them are also have their sights on their fellow
snipers in case some dude in a batsuit decides to systematically eliminate all
of them. What you need to do is trace the bright red sniper rifle lines. Make
sure to take out each sniper one by one, but be sure to only attack a sniper
that doesn’t have another sniper buddy watching his back. Keep doing this for
each sniper until they are all defeated.

When they’re all taken out, hop down to Joker’s position. He will retreat into
the movie theater with Talia in tow. There will be a couple more guards to
defeat down here, so do so. When they’re dealt with, follow Joker into the
theater. While he’s giving his rambling speech, Talia will nab her sword back
from Joker and stab Joker through the back. However, Batman will realize,
through a neat string of flashbacks, that the Joker that Talia just stabbed…
isn’t the real freaking Joker! Oh em gee! The real Joker then reveals himself
as being on the balcony in the theater, shooting Talia in the back and killing
her. The fake Joker then reveals himself to be none other than Clayface!

Holy hot damn! Batman is ready for business. Start chucking Freeze blasts at
the dude. Pulling on the right trigger twice in quick succession will see
Batman throw a Freeze Blast right into the hulking monstrosity that is Clayface
very quickly. His health bar at the top right corner of the screen will begin
to deplete, thank god. Keep chucking the Freeze Blasts into him until he morphs
into a ball form. He will then roll around the room, but if you stand in front
of one of the corners and trick him into running into it, the resulting
explosion will deal a massive amount of damage to him.

Otherwise, keep pounding him with Freeze Blasts. When his health bar has been
reduced to nothing run over to him and press A to pull the sword out of his
back. Then mash on the X button to slice and dice Clayface as much as possible
with the sword. He will then regenerate himself and the process will restart.
Try to trick him into rolling into the corners, dodge his attacks by rolling
around a lot, and chuck Freeze Blasts at his gooey body excessively.

When his health is depleted and he’s frozen again, start wailing on him with
the sword some more. You’ll both then fall through the floor, which is revealed
to be built on top of the Lazarus Pit where you first battled Ra’s al Ghul.
A bunch of Clayface clones will surround Batman, so fight them all and take
them all out. Periodically Clayface himself will rise from the puddle of goo on
the ground. This is your cue to chuck more Freeze Blasts at his ugly mug. Just
keep doing this until all his buds are defeated and he is frozen again. Then
run over to him and rip the vial of the cure from his mouth to defeat him.

Enjoy the touching and insane final cut-scene. But I’m sure there’s still much
more for you to do before your adventure in Arkham City is officially over.

To Top

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4. Side Missions
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

A. Watcher in the Wings
This mission has confused a lot of people, but luckily I have it all figured
out! Hooray! Now, there is a strange mystery character, called “Unknown” in
your character bio database for the time being, that can be found in one of
four locations around Arkham City initially. The four locations are the

1. Building across from the courthouse
2. Building across from the police station
3. On top of the ferris wheel at Amusement Mile
4. Two buildings to the right of the museum (while looking at your map)

Visit one of these locations to initiate the first meeting with this weirdo.
After you speak with him, he will leave a strange symbol on the ground for you
to scan with your detective powers. Do so by holding LB. When the first one is
scanned, visit the next three locations until you find him again. The order he
appears at each location is random, so if he’s not at one place, just look for
him again at another. Each time he will leave a symbol on the ground for you to
scan with Detective Mode.

After you’ve collected all of the symbols, you will be taken to the map and you
will have to decipher the meaning behind the symbol. Rotate the symbol so that
the smallest circle is on the right. Then place it over the right-most blue
icon on the map. Then enlarge it until the other circles line up in their
designated areas as well. This will reveal the final location for this side

Visit this site. You will see another symbol on the outside wall of the church.
Scan this symbol, and then the stalker will show up again. He reveals himself
as Azrael, and he says that Batman is set to fulfill a prophecy to “close the
gates of hell.” Azrael claims that even though Batman will succeed in Arkham
City, it will put in motion a chain of events that cannot be stopped. Cryptic.
I like.

To Top

B. Fragile Alliance
A radio interception of chatter between TYGER soldiers reveals that someone
popped a distress flare from a building near the Amusement Mile. When you get
near the building, you will discover two armed thugs. Beat them down, then
enter the building yourself. You will discover Batman’s long-time nemesis Bane,
but Bane actually wants to work with Batman now. You see, Hugo Strange has had
shipments of TITAN shipped from Arkham Asylum to Arkham City, and Bane wants
them all destroyed. He feels that since he was used to create the stuff, he is
partly responsible for making sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands again
like it did with Joker.

Bane decides that it would be fair if he and Batman destroyed six of the TITAN
containers each. It’s possible that you have destroyed some of them already
just for the hell of it, in which case Batman will correct Bane, which I
personally find to be extremely awesome. Anyway, the TITAN containers that
Batman is tasked with finding and destroying aren’t exactly difficult to

There is one in the museum. One in the subway station. One in the subway
tunnels connected to the station. One outside the steel mill, and one inside
the steel mill. Oh, and the final one is in Wonder City. Upon speaking with
Bane, the location of all these containers are added to your map, so there’s no
guess work with hunting them all down. Just travel to each location, defeat any
goons that are standing around gawking at the stuff, then spray it with your
Explosive Gel to blow it sky high!

With all the TITAN containers destroyed, return to Bane at his base at Krank
Co. Toys. A bunch of TYGER guards will run into the building, equipped mainly
with batons and bats, forcing Batman and Bane to work together to snuff them
all out. Bane is a very helpful ally in this fight, but avoid stepping in
front of him, as if he accidentally hits you, it deals a ton of damage. Help
Bane defeat all of the TYGER guards.

After the battle, Bane reveals he had Batman destroy half of the TITAN
containers so that it couldn’t be used against him. He collected the other six
for himself! Batman acts fast, locking Bane in an elevator. With Bane safely
secured, walk over to his storage room full of TITAN containers. Spray some
Explosive Gel on the middle container on either side, then exit the room and
detonate the gel to destroy all of the TITAN with a single explosion.

To Top

C. A.R. Training
This side mission is automatically added to your map. It’s located near the
Amusement Mile and marked with a W. When you near the location, you will see a
red holographic bat symbol on top of the roof of a small shack. Touch the
hologram to initiate the first set of training. All you need to do is glide off
the roof and through the five green rings that appear, in order. You know which
order you have to fly through them because the one that you have to fly through
has a bat symbol floating around inside of it.

You will find the second red hologram on top of a crane. Activate the training,
then fly through the first ring. You’ll notice the next three rings are stacked
on top of each other; hold RT to dive bomb through them all in quick succession
and complete this training.

The third hologram will be on top of the crane directly across from where the
second hologram was located. This one is a bit trickier, as you need to use the
dive bomb to build up speed to then increase your gliding distance. First, jump
off the crane and glide through the first ring. The next two rings will be
stacked, so dive bomb through them. As soon as you go through the second ring,
let off the right trigger, but hold down on the A button while pulling back on
the left analog stick to gain some serious air. The next ring is a giant one
underneath the nearby bridge and can’t be missed, so make your way there. The
final ring will be right in front of a small raft floating in the cold water,
so fly through that sucker as well.

The final hologram is located on the very top of a pillar.  This one is actually
pretty easy. Glide off of the platform as usual, then dive bomb through the
first two rings. Then glide across the water to the next two stacked rings, and
dive bomb through them as well. Pull up and start making your way to the final
ring on the platform floating in the distance. Position Batman right above it
and then dive bomb through this final ring to complete this set of Augmented
Reality challenges.

With these first set of challenges complete, Batman will request for an upgrade
for his grappling hook. Alfred will send it, though it’s in its prototype
stages, and the Batwing will drop it off on top of a bridge. Use your map to
find its exact location, then press A on the pod to receive the upgrade, which
will boost the speed and range of your grappling hook.

However, Batman’s Augmented Reality training hasn’t quite concluded just yet.
After receiving the upgrade from the Batwing pod, four new AR training
locations will pop up on the map. Once again, they will be represented by the
letter W. You can visit each one in any order, so I am just going to present
the strategies for completing each challenge in list form, as to allow you to
find what you’re looking for easier! Aren’t I a swell chap?

Advanced AR Training 1 – This one is extraordinarily difficult. It’s located
near the Steel Mill. Basically, you have to dive bomb immediately in order to
gain enough height to fly through the first ring. Then dive bomb through the
next two rings. Then you have to manage to glide through an entire tunnel to
get through the final two rings, and it’s not easy.

Advanced AR Training 2 – The second exercise is considerably simpler than the
first. From the starting point, glide towards the first ring. Pull back on the
left analog stick to ensure you cover enough distance to reach the ring. Then
as soon as you touch it, divebomb to the ground to go through the second ring.
Then glide forward through the narrow area to the third ring, then take a sharp
left to reach the final ring.

Advanced AR Training 3 – Similarly to the first one, this one is quite
difficult because it requires you to zoom through a tunnel while gliding, which
is extraordinarily difficult. Thankfully there are only three rings to glide
through this time around. Glide through the first ring, dive bomb, then
maneuver through the narrow tunnel to get through to the subsequent two rings.

Advanced AR Training 4 – This is actually one of the easier ones. There are
only four rings to fly through, and they’re all simple. Fly to the first one,
then avoid divebombing through the second. Glide by it, reposition yourself,
then fly through it while facing the other direction, towards the other rings.
Then it’s just a matter of gliding under the bridge and through the next two
rings, with the final ring being a giant ring chilling out in front of the

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D. Shot in the Dark
This mission can be accessed pretty early in the game, and you will discover
it’s location automatically. It will be shown on your map as a call for help
near the Amusement Mile. When you reach the location of the mission, you will
find a political prisoner hanging out. He reveals that he built a tower for
Hugo Strange, and since then, Hugo had him uprooted and shoved into Arkham
City. Before the prisoner can say much more, he is shot and killed by an
unknown sniper.

With the prisoner dead, tap LB to enter Detective Mode. You will discover that
the bullet penetrated through his body and hit the pipe behind him. Hold A to
scan the bullet hole to set up the trajectory. With Detective Mode still
active, follow the large orange line that leads away from the bullet hole to
discover where it was fired. It will lead you to an enclosed generator, and
then the trail will stop.

If Detective Mode is active, you will automatically start surveying the crime
scene in first-person as is custom. However, if it’s not, tap LB to active it
again real quick, then scan the shell casing on the ground. Scanning it will
reveal that Deadshot fired the round, and Batman immediately requests
Deadshot’s file from Alfred. If you want to get to know more about the guy,
please refer to the Character Bio sub-section located in the Extras for more
juicy details.

After some time has passed, Deadshot will strike again. Oracle will be able to
pinpoint the approximate location of where the bullet hit based by the sounds
it made. This leads you to a small political prisoner camp near the courthouse.
If you look on your map, you will notice a bridge that has been destroyed. The
prisoner is on the lone section of the bridge right at the edge of the map.
Approach his body and then activate Detective Mode to scan the crime scene for
evidence. The bullet hole will be right next on the body on the concrete median
on the bridge. Scan it to discover the trajectory of the bullet.

Follow the big orange line in the sky using Detective Mode. It will lead you to
the roof of Gotham Casinos. There will be a few armed thugs up here, but they
are taken out easily. In the corner behind the large sign on the ledge, there
will be a tripod that was left behind by Deadshot. Approach it, and then Batman
will suggest to make this area a crime scene. When he does this, use Detective
Mode to scan the tripod. Not enough information is procured, but Batman feels
a bit more positive about the situation knowing that Deadshot is getting sloppy
with his kills.

When you are told of the third kill by Oracle, look at its location on your
map. Place the cursor on top of the blue exclamation point that is in the
middle of the approximate area where Deadshot shot his latest victim. Move the
cursor to the left, and right to the edge of the Arkham City border. This is
where you need to look to find the third victim. As you near this area, you
will pick up chatter of inmates talking about the dead body, so if you switch
on Detective Mode, you will be lead right to it.

Defeat all the gawking goons and then approach the dead body. Batman is amazed
that Deadshot was able to get the shot despite the fact that the political
prisoner was hiding behind a car. Well, this means that Deadshot shot behind
the victim, making the bullet ricochet and pierce through his back. So look
at the fence behind the victim with Detective Mode active. Scan the bullet
hole to start following the bullet’s trajectory. The trajectory ends on a metal
shutter not too far from your position. Scan this hole as well, to reveal that
the ricochet was far more complicated than previously believed, and to start
another orange line of trajectory to follow.

The trajectory will end at a generator on top of a roof. Don’t follow it to the
end, though. Just turn around and go down a level of the roof. You’ll see the
outline of a body in the snow. Then you will scan it to pick up more forensic
information about Deadshot. It’s time to find this son of a bitch! Huzzah!

There will be three locations added to your map. Visit the one on the left-most
on your map. Go to each substation and rip off their panels one by one. Then
visit the second area on the map. Rip all the panels off the substations again.
This is where I found Deadshot’s equipment and PDA, but it’s possible that this
is random. When you find the PDA, you need to use the crytopgrahic sensor thing
to hack the PDA. This hacking sequence is a bit more difficult than previous
ones. There are multiple passwords that the game will try to make you input,
but the password that is right is HEAD on the left and SHOT on the right.

By breaking into his PDA, Batman will discover Deadshot’s next three victims.
They are Jack Ryder (woo, woo, woo, YOU KNOW IT), Bruce Wayne, and Batman.
Lolz. Well, you have three minutes to reach Jack Ryder’s location. When you
get close, Batman will tackle him out of Deadshot’s view. Deadshot will become
enraged, and Batman will get to his location automatically. Batman will be
behind cover, and you will have a clear view of Deadshot. Wait for Deadshot to
turn around, which you will be able to tell by his red laser, then crawl your
way to the second set of cover. Wait for Deadshot to turn again, then crawl
through the vent under the platform he is standing on. Crawl under Deadshot and
then press Y to take him out.

Batman will trap Deadshot in a downed subway car. With Deadshot safely secured,
this case is closed.

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E. Identity Theft
Eventually, you will intercept a TYGER call about a murder victim. Visit this
crime scene, and you will find a dead dude underneath a fire escape. His face
has been completely removed. Ouch. Tap LB to enter Detective Mode, then scan
his face for evidence. Batman links this murder to a string of other murders
that have been occurring in Gotham. The killer has been nicknamed the “Identity
Thief” by the press. Afterwards, scan the blood next to the dead body to do
some crazy detective magic tricks and start following the blood trail on the

The trail will lead you around the building to a political prisoner hiding
behind a fence. Hop the fence and speak with the prisoner. He will claim that
he didn’t kill the person you found, but that someone that looked like Bruce
Wayne did. Spooky. Well, finding the next couple of bodies (which you have to
do on your own without the game telling you about it) might get a little bit
on the confusing side, so read carefully!

Pull up your map. Look at the left of the map for the words Park Row that are
going diagonal through a building. Guide the cursor to the building immediately
to the right of this one and set your marker. Upon arriving at this location,
look around the area. You will see a blue neon BAR sign. Glide down there, and
you will clearly see the next body leaning against the far wall in the alley.

Approach the body with Detective Mode activated. Scan the head of the victim.
Then scan the knife sitting next to the dead body. Batman will notice a
fingerprint on the handle of the knife. He’ll send the information to Oracle,
which will reveal that the fingerprint belongs to…BRUCE WAYNE! Dun, dun,

Pull up your map again. The next body is located not far from this location.
Move your cursor over to the ACE Chemicals Building. Notice the red lines that
make up the RESTRICTED AREA of the map? Well, make a waypoint that’s on the
ACE Chemical building, right next to the red line, and as far south as you can
move the cursor without moving it off of the building. Confusing? Indeed. Well,
if you placed the objective marker correctly, simply look down off the side of
the building to find the next body laying flat on its back in the middle of
the alley.

Approach the body with Detective Mode activated. Scan its head again. Then scan
the chemicals on the ground near the victim’s foot. Batman discovers that this
is bleach, and he analyzes the chemicals to single out bleach tracings on the
ground. The bleach will lead you through an alley full of inmates and over some
fences, but handle these obstacles as you would. As you near the fellow that
the bleach trail leads to, crouch to avoid making too much noise. Sneak up on
him and press Y to interrogate him. It’s just an inmate that was apparently
hired by Bruce Wayne to clean up the crime scene using bleach. Hmm…he will
reveal the location to find this “Bruce Wayne”…lucky for you.

Your compass will lead you to an alley, specifically to a house nestled in this
alley. Go through the front door. Walk through, and then listen to the journal
on the end table right before the surgical room. You’ll then come face to face
with the Identity Theft Killer. He will escape. Hack the nearby computer device
on the wall to open the shuttered gate and exit the house…nothing you can do
about this right now it seems.

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F. Remote Hideaway
Some time after the undercover police have been rescued from Penguin at the
museum, they will radio to Batman, revealing they have discovered a remote mine
detonator for Batman to use. The game will guide you to a back door that leads
directly into the Iceberg Lounge, so you don’t have to traverse through the
entire building again.

However, there are your typical grade of thugs chilling (baha) out near the
door of the lounge. They are puzzling about what went down in the Lounge and
why Penguin isn’t in power any longer. Take all of them out, though there will
be at least two with shields, and others with bats. When they’re defeated,
enter the lounge.

It seems the cops have barricaded themselves in the lounge. Clever dudes. You
will be given the weapon and then the case will be closed. Simple as pie.

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G. The Tea Party
The Mad Hatter first shows himself while Batman is rescuing Vicki Vale from
Joker’s snipers after her helicopter is destroyed. He watches from afar and
tips his hat, and afterwards, Alfred will phone in about a pod drop from the
Batwing containing the cure for Batman’s poison. Go to the location of the
drop. Batman will foolishly inject himself with the stuff, which was all a
trap by the Mad Hatter, of course.

When you awaken, you will be strapped to a table surrounded by psychotic dudes
with bunny masks on reminiscent of Donnie Darko, except in an Alice in
Wonderland setting. Mad Hatter will then shove a crazy mask on your face as
well. Tap A repeatedly to resist the psychoactive effects of the drugs Mad
Hatter has been using to screw with you, and then Batman will find himself on
a giant floating clock in the middle of a bunch of cogs and gears and other
clocks while various thugs from other supervillain gangs attack with bunny
masks on. I am not even close to kidding.

This is a typical multi-man brawl. Just keep fighting them off until the Mad
Hatter shows up. He will charge himself, then fire a beam at you. Go punch him
in the face as quickly as possible. He will disappear, and you will have to
resume fighting his henchmen. When he returns, attack him again. With each
attack, the glass protecting the giant clock you are standing on begins to
crack and shatter. When the glass finally shatters, all his henchmen will
disappear and Mad Hatter will collapse.

This is your cue to run over to the little bastard and hold the right trigger
and press Y to perform a ground takedown. Batman will snap out of his acid
trip (Batman is high most of this game, I’ve discovered) and remove the creepy
mask he was forced to wear. You are then free to exit through the nearby door
into a back alley of Arkham City.

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H. Heart of Ice
After defeating Mister Freeze at the police station, he will narrow down the
location of his popsicle wife that Batman promised to save. The area is around
Joker’s turf, but it’s not too hard to find. Simply make it your current
objective and go to the area that the bat signal leads you directly to. From
this location, activate Detective Mode. This will point out a set of double
doors that can be opened on a nearby building. Go to these doors and try to
open them to find that a very scared Joker thug is inside.

When this conversation is done, head over to the right of the building. You
will see water as well as some buoys and a barge. Glide to the barge and then
face the wall. Detective Mode will reveal a breakable wall right in front of
your face, underneath the hook that you can use your Batclaw on. Throw a Freeze
Blast into the water to create a platform, then hop on it. Use the Batclaw to
pull you close to the wall, then use Explosive Gel to destroy it. Then use the
Batclaw again to pull yourself inside, and go through the door.

After going through some air ducts, you will find the main room of the building
with a bunch of Joker thugs guarding Nora. Defeat all the enemies, then unlock
the front door. Return to Freeze at the police station and tell him the good

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I. Hot and Cold
In the Steel Mill in a late point of the game, you will find Harley Quinn tied
and gagged by Joker. Ripping the tape from her mouth will get her to talk,
dropping the fact that Joker stole a bunch of equipment from Freeze and hid it
in the boiler room of the mill. With this information handy, head to the main
room of the mill, the place where you can access the hideout of Joker and

Look at your map. The location of Freeze’s equipment will be in an area of the
mill that’s not covered by your map, but you will notice a door on the right
side that hasn’t been opened (unless of course, you’ve been through there
already). Use the REC to open this door and then head on through. You will be
at the top of an elevator shaft. Unlock the gates in front of you by hacking
the device on the wall.

Use Detective Mode to single out the elevator with the thugs inside. Drop down
into their elevator and beat the hell out of them. With them defeated, hop on
top of the second elevator. Use the REC to raise the thug elevator high up,
then drop down the shaft. Then use RB to grapple up to the nearby ledge. There
will be one armed enemy and one enemy that just has his fists. Defeat them both
and go through the door.

This next room is tricky. There’s really no way to get the upper hand against
the multitude of enemies in here. You really just need to fight them head-on
and hope for the best. There will be three guys with guns, so try to take them
out first. Then focus on the padded guy and the other enemies around. When they
are all defeated, search the room for Freeze’s equipment. It’s located in an
icebox off to the right.

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J. Enigma Conundrum
NOTE: In order to rescue each hostage, you need to solve a certain amount of
riddles or find trophies or what-have-you. By doing this, Riddler will reveal
the location of a Riddler room where the hostage is being located. This
section of the guide won’t repeatedly remind you of this, so just keep that in
mind if you think you’re wrongfully stuck or something.

More information about Riddler challenges and secrets can be found in the
Riddler’s Revenge section of the guide.

A short while after rescuing the medical team from the church, Batman will
intercept a call from TYGER to Hugo Strange, revealing that they have all been
kidnapped! Rush to the church and step inside to discover that the notorious
Riddler has kidnapped all of the medical staff. He threatens to kill them all
if Batman fails to solve his riddles. Argh! The first riddle is easy to solve,
luckily, so just hold LB near the organ at the end of the church to solve it,
and to make Riddler reveal the location of the first kidnapee.

Upon leaving the church, you will be introduced to a new concept for battling
the thugs of Gotham. Thugs that are glowing green are Riddler informants. If
you take out all the other enemies around them WITHOUT knocking them out, you
can then press Y to interrogate them, which will reveal the location of Riddler
trophies and other goodies on the map, including the approximate location for
riddle solutions. Do this now to Two-Face’s cronies.

When this is done, head to the courthouse to save the first person that Riddler
kidnapped. You will notice a Riddler informant, so interrogate him if you’d
like, and defeat all of the enemies in here. When they’re all defeated, free
the cop that Riddler kidnapped. Speak with him, and then he will tell you a set
of numbers. Batman will recognize them as a radio signal. Match up the
frequencies with your transceiver device, and then press A to decrypt the

Riddler will speak some nonsense, and then the guy that Riddler kidnapped will
hand over the Enigma Device. The first riddle it asks has an easy answer. Use
the left and right analog sticks to rotate the wheels and match up the two
segments of words. The answer of the first riddle is “secret”, so match up the
segment of “sec” on the left with the segment of “ret” on the right, then press
A to solve the riddle.

With this riddle solved, Riddler will reveal the location of another person he
has kidnapped. Make this your current objective and starting head there as soon
as possible. When you arrive, you will find a large brick wall that was built
in front of the Black Canary building, with a large green question mark spray-
painted on the front of it. Press A to knock down the wall, then head through
the following door that is adorned with more neon green question marks.

Once inside, a giant projection of The Riddler will appear on the wall. After
he is done running his mouth, don’t bother even trying to open the door. Tap
LB to activate Detective Mode to discover that the door is actually locked.
Follow the orange wire through the walls to find the big question mark/button
on the wall behind you. Throw a Batarang at it to unlock the door and head on

This room is quite scary isn’t it! First, get familiar with your surroundings.
There are two question marks on the wall that can be hit with your Batarangs as
switches. There is also a platform above you that contains the kidnapped medic
that you need to save. I recommend avoiding this part of the mission until you
have acquired the Line Launcher by playing through the main storyline.

What you need to do is hit the question mark on the far wall from where you are
currently standing. If you didn’t notice, the tiles of this room are all
surging with electricity. Once the question mark I specified is hit, select
tiles will go dark, but only for the amount of time allotted on the top of the
screen. Use these dark tiles to guide you to the next platform that is not

Once you reach this area, equip the line launcher. Notice the platform right
next to the one you hit to de-electrify the tiles. Hitting the second question
mark in this room will cause this platform to rise like an elevator. If you
need a better idea of where it is located, just hit the second question mark
anyway to watch it rise and fall so you know exactly where you are going. Then
use the Line Launcher to reach this platform. Use the question mark button to
make it rise again, and once it reaches the top, glide over to the hostage.
Press A to release them.

Once rescued, this hostage will give up a radio frequency as well; this time it
is 625, 925. The answer to the second riddle is “darkness”. So, use the box to
rotate the second cog to “dark” and the right cog to “ness” to complete this
puzzle and reveal the location of the second hostage. Head over there, and
search through the bricks with the giant green question mark painted on them to
discover the next Riddler Room.

Basically, just hop down to the platform below. Stand on the pad on the ground
with the question mark to initiate the puzzle. When it begins, you will see one
of the medical team members strapped to a chair. He will then be switched
around all over the place. To pick which container you believe he is in, all
you need to do is chuck a Batarang at the question mark underneath that
container…IF YOU WEREN’T A SUPER AWESOME DETECTIVE WITH LOTS OF GADGETS! Nah, you just need to wait for the containers to switch all over the place, then
activate Detective Mode to find which container he is hidden behind. Baha!

Jump across the gap to save the dude. You’ll then get the next radio code to
get in contact with the Riddler. It’s 860, 120. When you have allocated enough
Riddles completed, head to the third room. You will find a bunch of drills and
water. The hostage is to the right, behind a door. Use the Line Launcher, but
then use it like a tightrope to make it across to the other side without
falling in the water. Then use the REC on the devices above to allow you to hit
the question mark switch on the right. Then use a remote-controlled Batarang to
hit the switch on the left.

With this completed, use the Line Launcher to zip through the rotating blades.
At the halfway point, change your direction to dart into the nearby room. Use
the Detective Mode to get a handle on this room. There are a lot of glowing
orange things, eh? Simply use them to move the box in place. It’s a very simple
puzzle, and once it’s done, the door to the hostage will be open. Free her.
Get the transmission code, be told you need to unlock more secrets, and then
go do that. Then it will be time to save the next hostage! Of course, you will
have to solve the next riddle. The answer is SHADOW.

With the location of the 4th hostage revealed, head to their location. Once
you arrive, you’ll find a room with electrified floor tiles and giant spinning
blades of death, with the hostage suspended above it. Uh-oh. Well, turn around
and hack the device on the wall. The password is “CONUNDRUM”. When this task is
completed, part of the floor will lose its electricity. Quickly make your way
across the safe tiles. Stop when you can no longer go any further. Be sure to
crouch to avoid the blades, by the way, and never stop in a position where the
blades can potentially rip you to shreds.

Once you reach the next platform, use a Batarang on the question mark on the
far wall. Then run across the safe tiles. Jump across the gap (when the blades
are on the lower level, obviously–you’re given plenty of time, so that won’t
be a problem). Then use the Line Launcher to zoom across the room. Riddler will
appear on the wall and trash talk you. Apply Explosive Gel on his face and then
blow it up. The wall will explode. Use the REC, then use a remote-controlled
Batarang to lead your Batarang over the fence and to another question mark.
When it is hit, the forcefield on the nearby door will disappear.

Go through, then step on the platform. Use the Line Launcher, but immediately
slow it down. As you zoom across the gap, aim the Line Launcher at the hostage
that is hanging. Zoom across the room to get him to safety. When he’s back on
his feet, he will give you the next set of numbers. 115, 780. The answer to the
next riddle is MIRROR, by the way.

Head to the location of the next hostage. She will be electrocuted as soon as
you enter the room. Man, Riddler is such a douche! Slide under the gate, then
use the REC on the device above to lift open the next gate far enough for you
to slide under. Then step on the red tiles. A bunch of question marks on the
far will light up, and you just need to hit them all. When that is done, the
electricity leaves and the door opens. Run across.

Use the remote controlled Batarang to guide the Batarang over the next doorway,
which is guarded by a forcefield. Hit the first question mark switch, and then
the second one. Jump across the gap and then climb up the ladder. Use the Line
Launcher to start zooming across the gap, but then use it again to zoom through
the rotating blades. When you land, hack the device using the password
“BAMBOOZLING”. Line Luanch your way through the rotating blades yet again, but
this time take a right with the launcher. Then use RB to reach the next ledge.

Use RB again to zip beyond the electrified panels. Then turn around and use the
REC to manipulate the boxes. They will destroy the platform that they are
resting on and fall to the ground. Use the REC again to send them crashing
towards you. Then return to your previous location. Use the Line Launcher to
zip across and reach the boxes to reach the next ledge. Run across and use the
Line Launcher again, then reposition it mid-move to reach the platform of the
final hostage.

When this is done, you will have to wait a while for Oracle to do a check on
Riddler’s location. When his location is pointed out to you, head there. Zip up
to the next ledge and pull off the grate on the ventilation shaft. Then crouch
through the vent and then drop down when you can. Riddler has taken the rest of
the medical staff and has outfitted them to make them walk around in a circle
with a device on their heads to warn him if Batman shows up. Oh no. Avoid
stepping in the green light in front of them as best you can and make your way
under the Riddler. Use the Y button to rip through the floor and take him out.


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K. Cold Call Killer
Victor Zsasz is a creepy ass psychopath. I’m sure Dexter Morgan would love to
have the freak on his table. This dude murders people and anyone and everyone
is a possibility. He doesn’t kill selectively like most serial killers–no, he
just kills whoever he can get his hands on, and with each kill, he slices a
tally into his skin. What a nutjob. Well, as you would expect when releasing a
demented serial killer into a city full of people, he starts to chop some dudes
up again!

Infamously known as the “Payphone Killer”, Zsasz will get in contact with
Batman via payphones that are scattered throughout Arkham City. His first call
will randomly occur when you’re near a payphone, of which there are many, so
go answer it. The first conversation with Zsasz leads to nothing, but upon
answering his second call, Batman will be lead on a crazy chase through the
city to find the next payphone Zsasz is calling from. Your compass at the top
of the screen leads you directly to it, and you are timed to find it to try to
triangulate the location of Zsasz.

Upon answering the call, you will be taken to a screen that shows all the
possible locations Zsasz could be, and you need to trace the call. Use the left
analog stick to move the cursor around the map, following the pulsating circle
as it moves around as well. Doing this will fill the bar on the bottom of the
screen with green lines. When Zsasz hangs up, you’ll just have to keep waiting
for phones to ring, answering them, dashing towards the next one, and then
keep trying to triangulate the position of the murderous bastard.

To find new payphones for Zsasz to call you on, you can use your map. It will
keep track of payphones already used, and ones that have yet to be used by you
or Zsasz. Anyway, keep up this process. When you’ve finally managed to track
the bastard down, head to the new location on your map, which your compass will
directly lead you towards.

Upon arriving, clear the area of enemies, and then open the double doors that
lead into Zsasz’s hideout. The main door to Zsasz is locked, so use the Batclaw
to rip off the grate of the nearby ventilation shaft. Then zip up there and
crawl through. Drop down when you can, but stay crouched and keep quiet to
avoid attracting attention from Zsasz. You’ll notice that the water level keeps
dipping and rising. Well, run across the platform in front of you and then
climb up to the next platform.

Stay crouched and stick close to the railing to avoid detection from Zsasz.
Jump across the next gap, then you’ll have to get a running start and slide
under the piping that blocks your path. However, don’t do this until the water
level dips. Timed correctly and you will be hanging on a ledge after doing your
epic powerslide under the pipes. Shimmy along the ledge to the other side. Then
jump across the next gap again. Throw a Freeze blast into the water to make a
platform, hop on it, and then use the Batclaw on the handle to pull yourself
across the water. Pull yourself until you can no longer pull yourself, then
turn your attention to the next handle on the left to pull yourself across the
water some more. Pull yourself up, then stealthily make your way towards the
glass window that Zsasz is behind. Wait for him to be standing next to it, then
press Y to burst through the glass and knock the psychopath out.

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L. Acts of Violence
Occasinonally throughout the game, you will notice a pulsating blue circle on
your map. This is a political prisoner that is being harassed by an inmate or
supervillain foot soldier or whatever. Travel to these locations and save the
prisoners, often wearing furry hooded coats, to make progress in this mission.

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5. Riddler’s Revenge
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

A. Riddler’s Challenges
Riddler has 400 (440 if you have the Catwoman DLC) challenges for Batman to
complete in Arkham City. These challenges range from destroying a certain
amount of Joker balloons to finding all of his pesky trophies to completing
combat challenges to solving riddles.

When you complete these challenges, certain rewards are unlocked. You can
unlock concept art for environments in the game. You can unlock 3D character
models. You can even unlock maps for the challenge mode that is the main focus
of this section of the guide.

Happy hunting! More information about Riddler’s challenges can be found in the
Enigma Conundrum Side Mission.

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B. Challenge Mode
There are two main different types of modes to play for the Challenges in the
game (unlocked by completing Riddler’s challenges in the main game):

1. Combat Challenges
2. Predator Challenges
3. Campaign

Firstly, Combat Challenges are just as they sound. They place Batman or
Catwoman or Robin (assuming you pre-ordered the game) in a pit with a bunch of
enemies. Players are rewarded medals for earning a high score, which is
achieved by stringing together high combos, using a variety of gadgets, and
avoiding damage.

Secondly, the Predator Challenges are quite different from the Combat
Challenges. While the latter focuses on straight-up brute force and action, the
Predator Challenges rely on stealth. You know the rooms in the main game where
you have to hide and take out each enemy one by one? Well, that’s what these
challenges are like.

And finally, the Campaign Challenges. These are gauntlet-like tests of ability
that combine a mixture of both Combat and Predator Challenges, challenging you
to complete them all.

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6. New Game Plus
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
After beating the game once, this mode is unlocked. You can choose it from the
main menu.

This allows you to play through the game again with all of the upgrades you
have. However, the enemies are a bit tougher during this playthrouugh, which is
an attempt to up the challenge a little bit.

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- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
7. Catwoman Episodes
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
In a controversial move by Warner Bros. and Rocksteady, there is some single-
player content only available to those who buy the game new or purchase a code
from the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Marketplace. This content focuses on
the character Catwoman, and while you can still play through the entire game as
Batman and enjoy all that content if you bought the game used or whatever,
Catwoman’s adventure will be closed off from you.

This section of the guide details the sections of the game involving Catwoman.
I have made it separate from the main guide for a number of reasons. One,
playing as Catwoman is entirely optional. Even if you buy the game brand new,
you still have the option of simply not inputting the code and not downloading
the character.

For those that don’t have an Xbox Live or PSN account, well…you’re just kind
of screwed when it comes to being able to play as Catwoman. Sorry. =( I don’t
agree with it, but it is what it is.

The code will be on a piece of paper bundled with the instruction manuals (if
you can call them that) as well as the other papers that promote the upcoming
Gotham City Imposters and what-not. You’ll find the code on the back of the
paper that advertises Catwoman, and when you try to start up the game for the
first time, you will be asked to redeem the code. You will then have to wait
for the bundle to download, which also includes a couple of alternate costumes
for Catwoman.

To Top

This Episode takes place right at the beginning of the main game. It seems that
Two-Face is having a bunch of his thugs steal something from a safe in the
courthouse. Catwoman arrives on the scene to steal what they are trying to
steal, and this is where you come in, of course.

This is your opportunity to get used to being Catwoman. She’s very similar to
Batman, actually, but is a lot quicker and more agile. Right now, all that you
need to focus on is using her combat abilities, as Two-Face’s thugs will try to
make her a dead little kitty. The combat works exactly like it does in the rest
of the game, so employ the same strategies that you always do. Press Y when the
marks appear above an opponent’s head, and otherwise use a combination of her
abilities to take out all the thugs in a quick fashion.

When all the enemies are defeated, approach the wallsafe. The cut-scene that
occured before you were actually allowed to start kicking ass as Catwoman shows
you exactly where the safe is located. It’s on the far well of the courthouse,
and it’s impossible to miss. Approach it, and then press A to get Catwoman to
start doing her thing. Or, if you prefer, her “thang”.

Unfortunately for the kitty cat, Two-Face shows and presses the barrel of a gun
against her skull. Nothing good ever happens to anyone in Arkham City, it

To Top

This Episode takes place after Batman is attacked and knocked out at the hands
of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Catwoman is contemplating about helping out
Batman or performing a heist, and like a stand-up type of gal, she chooses the
heist. Heh.

When you gain control of Catwoman, she will realize that before she even hopes
to deal with the likes of Poison Ivy, she will need her stuff from her
apartment building. The compass at the top of the screen will lead you right to
her building, which has a large cage attached to it separating it from another
apartment building. There are a bunch of goons that have surrounded the place,
so get on top of the roof of the cage. Push through one of the grates to crawl
on the top of the inside. Get in position and then press Y to take out one of
the enemies. The others will then battle you, so take them all out.

Once all the enemies are defeated, Catwoman will hop into the window of her
apartment, which has a pretty little kitty cat roaming around outside the
window. Aww. She will grab her supplies, and you can use these like you would
use Batman’s gadgets in stealth situations. However, this upcoming situation
doesn’t really require them. Just use the compass at the top of the screen to
find Poison Ivy’s building. It’s pretty obvious which building it is as there
are giant vines protruding out of it.

There are two armed guards over there, as well as a walkway that leads to a
locked door. Avoid the guards and then crawl underneath the metal and crawl
by the door, then press A to come up through the other side of the door. Then
go through the door into Poison Ivy’s lair!

Ivy will throw you down a few stories, and right in front of a bunch of
Invasion of the Body Snatcher pods. Enemies will stumble out of them, so take
them all out. When they’re defeated, a bunch of poison gas will fill the area.
Press RB to jump up onto the ceiling then crawl towards the ledge and press A
to climb up to the next level. Repeat the process. Then on the third level do
it again. But when the battle is done, Ivy will capture Catwoman! Oh noes!

To Top

Catwoman and Poison Ivy discover that they are both after the same thing–they
are both trying to break into Hugo Strange’s vault. Catwoman for the dolla
dolla, and Poison Ivy for some plant of hers. Visit the location you are shown
with your compass to find a trio of TYGER soldiers. Take them all out. One has
a shield, one has a gun, and the other is armored, so it’s a tough fight, but
nothing you can’t handle.

When they’re all defeated, approach the manhole cover on the ground. Hold the
right trigger and press A to open it and head inside the sewers. Run through
the water and then walk through the small corridor that was destroyed by Ivy’s
vines. Then go through the nearby door and Catwoman will get a look at the
vault through the security monitors.

Crawl through the nearby air vent, then immediately press RB to jump onto the
ceiling. Your goal here is to snatch three security keys from three different
guards. This is actually quite simple. First locate the vault. There are two
guards that will be guarding it and they both have keycards. Wait for another
guard to walk to them, then walk to the right of them. Then drop down behind
them and quietly pickpocket the keycards from both of them. Then follow the
third guard that walked away, pickpocket him quickly, then pounce back to the
ceiling. Make your way back to the security room and use the keycards on the
computer inside.

Then pounce back to the ceiling. This part is actually quite easy. You just
need to take each guard out one by one. None of them stick together, except
for the two dudes by the vault door, so it’s a piece of cake. I recommend using
ground silent takedowns, however, as taking enemies out from the ceiling
results in a long animation that can get you caught. Take out everyone that is
NOT in front of the vault door first because then the final two will split up.
Take them out in a similar fashion, then go into the vault door. Destroy Ivy’s
plant once inside if you want, then open the briefcase.

A bunch of TYGER guys will charge you. None of them have guns, but there is
one rocking body armor and another with a shield. Fight them all. When they
have all been defeated, grab the suitcases and leave. Catwoman will then see a
visual on the computer monitor of Batman gravely injured. Press A to drop the
briefcases and then backtrack through the sewers and up the ladder to go save

To Top

This episode takes place after the credits roll. Return to Catwoman’s apartment
building. When you try to enter it, an explosion will knock Catwoman on her
ass. A few of Two-Face’s thugs will find the body, but then Catwoman will
awaken. Defeat all of the enemies and then Catwoman will discover the location
of that dastardly Two-Face!

Head to the museum. Defeat Two-Face’s goons outside of the establishment, then
head inside. The first room with all the dinosaur fossils is crawling with Two-
Face cronies, so take them all out. Then head through the door and continue
through the museum to the Gladiator Pit. Defeat the mess of Two-Face soldiers
in here and then go through the door and go up the stairs.

Make your way to the Torture Chamber room, the big flooded area that used to
house Penguin’s giant shark Tiny. Crawl to the edge and then press A to swing
underneath. Crawl to the right where there will be a Catwoman-specific Riddler
trophy. Pop through the grate, grab the trophy, then tab RB to zoom up to the
fence above. Then follow it as far as you can, grabbing another Catwoman
Riddler trophy, and dropping down when you can. Go through this next hallway,
defeat the three armed guards, and then go through the next door you come

This next room is very easy, actually. Yeah, there’s a bunch of guards, but
Two-Face is out in the open, and he’s the only one you need to focus on. He’s
the one walking back and forth across the bridge with the grenade launcher.
Swing up to a gargoyle, and then position yourself so you can pounce on him.
Do this, then just wail on him with combo attacks. Even if you haven’t upgraded
your resistance to bullet damage with Catwoman, Two-Face can be defeated very
easily. And while it sounds like a more strategic idea to eliminate all of his
goons first, they constantly respawn, so yeah…take the head off the snake.

At this point, there will be various locations around Arkham City that you can
visit to switch to Catwoman at any time that you wish. These locations are
marked on your map by a symbol that looks like the face of a pink cat.

To Top

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
8. Extras
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

NOTE: The following information is taken directly from the Character Bios
section in the pause menu of the game.

Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Occupation: World’s Greatest Detective
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 210 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 27 (May 1939)

Bio: When his parents were gunned down in front of him, young Bruce Wayne
resolved to rid GOtham City of the criminal element that took their lives.

He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, in addition
to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal psychology.

Dressing as a bat to prey on criminals’ fears, Batman fights crimes with the
aid of specialized gadgets and vehicles, operating out of his secret Batcave
below Wayne Manor.

—> Trained to phsyical and mental peak
—> Arsenal of gadggets, vehicles, and advanced technology
—> Inventor, detective, genius-level intelligence
—> Expert in most known forms of martial arts
—> Trained in all aspects of criminology

Bruce Wayne
Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Occupation: CEO/Philanthropist
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 210 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 27 (May 1939)

Bio: Born into the wealthy Wayne family, Bruce Wayne had an idyllic childhood.
But after witnessing his parents’ violent murder in Crime Alley, Bruce
dedicated his life to battling criminals.

He circled the globe for years, training his mental and physical abilities to
their peak. Gotham City welcomed him home, not knowing that high society’s
favorite billionaire playboy is also the Batman.

Bruce has never been into politics but Batman alone has not been able to stop
Arkham City’s construction and so he has had no choice but to use his alter ego
and invest millions to bring enough political pressure to bear to force its
closure. He knows it is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode onto the streets
of Gotham.

—> Billionaire playboy by day, Batman by night
—> Gotham’s most eligible bachelor

Real Name: Alfred Pennyworth
Occupation: Butler
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Gray (formerly black)
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 160 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 16 (April-May 1943)

Bio: After a varied career, Alfred Pennyworth was employed as the Wayne
family’s butler. When Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed, Alfred raised the
young orphan and reluctantly abided him in his quest to become the Batman.

Alfred’s many skills–ranging from cooking to combat medicine–make him
Batman’s staunchest ally, along with a formal demeanor that grounds the Dark
knight and deflects those who might otherwise suspect Bruce Wayne’s true

—> Skilled actor
—> Trained in emergency medical techniques
—> Proficiency with mechanical and computer systems
—> Expert in domestic sciences
—> Unflappable manner
Real Name: Barbara Gordon
Occupation: Information Broker
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 126 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 359 (January 1967)

Bio: The daughter of Gotham City’s Police Commissioner James W. Gordon, Barbara
Gordon was forbidden by her overprotective father from joining the GCPD.

Instead, she took the identity of Batgirl and was a crime-fighting partner of
Batman for years. But that all ended when the Joker shot her through the spine.

Paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair, Barbara adopted the
new identity of Oracle, and now aids the Dark Knight with her computer
expertise, providing Batman with a constant stream of information in the field
to aid his battle against crime.

—> Eidetic memory–recall of everything she sees and reads
—> Extensive headquarters in Gotham City’s Clocktower
—> High-level hacking and computer skills

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Real Name: Tim Drake
Occupation: Student
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 170 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 436 (August 1989)

Bio: Young Tim Drake was in the audience the night the Flying Graysons were
murdered, where he witnessed Batman leap to the scene. Inspired by Batman’s
heroics, Time closely followed the chronicles of Batman and Robin.

Eventually deducing their secret identities using his self-taught detective
skills, Tim convinced Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson–now Nightwing–that a new
Robin was needed in the never-ending battle for justice.

Tested by the Dark Knight himself with a grueling training regimen, Tim earned
the right to become Robin, and has since lived up to the name.

—> Keen detective skills
—> Trained to fight crime by Batman
—> Arsenal of gadgets and advanced technology

Jim Gordon
Real Name: James W. Gordon
Occupation: Police Commissioner
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: White (formerly brown)
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 180 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 27 (May 1939)

Bio: Police Commissioner James W. Gordon dedicated his career to cleaning up
the corruption in the Gotham City Police Department, a goal he has come a long
way towards accomplishing.

He has been equally tough on crime, and in the pursuit of making Gotham City
safe for all its citizens, Gordon has forged an uneasy alliance with Gotham’s
other top crime fighter, the mysterious vigilante known as Batman.

In the wake of Mayor Sharp’s establishment of Arkham City and TYGER guards
assuming most law-enforcement roles, Gordon has been increasingly
marginalized–but he remains an ally to the Batman.

—> Experienced police officer
—> Trained criminologist
—> Proficient in hand-to-hand fighting
—> Expert marksman

Mister Freeze
Real Name: Dr. Victor Fries
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: None
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 190 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 121 (February 1959)

Bio: Victor Fries was a brilliant cryogenicist whose beloved wife Nora was
stricken with a fatal degenerative disease.

He placed her in suspended animation while obsessively searching for a way to
cure her; but the corporation that funded his research pulled the plug,
triggering an accident that transformed Fries’s body into a cold-blooded form
that must always be kept below zero. At normal room temperature he will die.

Wielding a number of freezing weapons, he wears protective armor in his quest
to somehow bring back his lovely wife and avenge her fate. Since the opening of
Arkham City, Mr. Freeze has seemingly disappeared.

—> Scientific genius, with a speciality in cryonics
—> Employs an extensive array of cryo-weaponry
—> Permanently altered to survive in a sub-freezing state
—> Wears protective, freezing armor
—> Motivated by grief over the fate of his wife Nora

Real Name: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
Occupation: Black Market Racketeer
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 4 ft 10 in
Weight: 175 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 58 (December 1941)

Bio: The Penguin is an eccentric criminal mastermind known for his shady
business dealings. Born into the wealthy Cobblepot family, Oswald was sent
overseas for school as a boy. When his family hit hard times, Cobblepot
immersed himself in a criminal education on the streets of London.

Years later, he re-emerged as the Penguin, a black-market arms dealer in
Gotham, facilitating the illegal financial activities that fund much of the
city’s underworld.

The Penguin seems to be prospering within Arkham City as the leader of its
emerging black market.

—> Criminal and financial mastermind
—> Expert hand-to-hand combatant
—> Driven to prove himself
—> Employs various weapons

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Hugo Strange
Real Name: Hugo Strange
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Grey
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Weight: 180 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 36 (February 1940)

Bio: Infamous psychiatrist Hugo Strange claims to have unique insight on the
criminal mind from years of clinical study. He persuaded Mayor Sharp that the
Arkham City project was the only way for Gotham City to eliminate crime and
“rogue vigilantes” like Batman.

Rumors persist of Strange performing ethically dubious experiments on inmates
without consent, but unless hard proof comes to light, the Gotham public is
happy to credit Strange with their dramatically reduced crime rate. Strange
knows that Batman will hunt him down. He’s counting on it.

—> Trained to physical perfection
—> Brilliant psychological analyst
—> Extensive knowledge of psychoactive substances
—> Obsessed with Batman and Batman’s secret identity
—> Plagued by schizophrenic episodes

Harley Quinn
Real Name: Dr. Harleen F. Quinzel
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 140 lb
First Appearance: Batman: Harley Quinn No. 1 (October 1999)

Bio: An Arkham Asylum psychiatrist assigned to treat the Joker, Dr. Harleen
Quinzel instead became obsessively fixated on her patient, believing herself to
be in love with him.

She helped him escape and took on her own criminal identity as Harley Quinn.
Quinn is a violent and unpredictable felon whose only motivation is achieving
the Joker’s approval.

Because of his cruel and mercurial nature, this in some ways makes her just
another one of his victims–albeit a very dangerous one.

Since the Joker’s Titan overdose in Arkham Asylum, Harley’s mind has further
deteriorated. She is blindly determined to put a smile back on his face.

—> Surprising strength and stamina
—> Superior gymnastic skills
—> Total disregard for human life

Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Green
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 160 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 1 (Spring 1940)

Bio: The self-styled Clown Prince of Crime has no superpowers beyond a capacity
for incredible violence and a skill at creating deadly mayhem.

Since his last encounter with the Dark Knight, the Joker has been transferred
to Arkham City. Eyewitnesses claim he is stricken with a serious disease,
possibly caused by his Titan overdose on Arkham Island.

He has been lying low, delivering orders through Harley Quinn, so no one can
confirm if the Joker is actually in poor health or playing another sick joke.

—> Unrepentant homicidal maniac
—> Surprisingly strong hand-to-hand combatant
—> Unknown past
—> Employs various deadly weapons, often based on party-gag items
—> Uses a fatal toxin that stretches victim’s faces into Joker-like grin

Mayor Quincy Sharp
Real Name: Quincy Sharp
Occupation: Mayor of Gotham City
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Gray
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 190 lb
First Appearance: Batman: Arkham Asylum (August 2009)

Bio: Quincy Sharp was the warden of Arkham Asylum on the night that the Joker
broke free, 18 months ago. Unknown to most, but discovered by Batman, Sharp
suffered from a split personality disorder and had been committing atrocities
in the asylum, believing himself to be possessed by the Spirit of Amadeus

In reality, he was being influenced by Hugo Strange, who had provided Sharp
with powerful mind control drugs that allowed him to manipulate Sharp’s
behavior, enabling him to plant the seed that led to the creation of Arkham

Hugo Strange used the evidence of the atrocities committed by Sharp as
collateral to make sure that, whatever happened, Sharp must remain loyal to

—> Intense dedication to “clean up” Gotham
—> Pompous and old-fashioned in demeanor
—> Focused on his own political aspirations

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Vicki Vale
Real Name: Vicki Vale
Occupation: Investigative Journalist
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 121 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 49 (October/November 1948)

Bio: Investigative reporter Vicki Vale got her start at the Gotham City
Gazette, where she quickly rose to fame for her unwavering commitment to
rooting out the ugly truths behind Gotham’s corruption and poverty.

Focusing more and more on Batman’s feats, Vicki has recently turned her
attention to the opening of Arkham City.

She’ll risk life and limb to portray the danger this prison city poses to the
public, perhaps overly confident that Batman will be there to catch her when
she falls.

—> Hard-nosed reporting skills
—> Gotham’s most trusted name in news

Real Name: Harvey Dent
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown/Grey
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 182 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 66 (August 1942)

Bio: District Attorney Harvey Dent was one of Batman’s strongest allies in
Gotham City, until a criminal threw acid in Dent’s face, hideously scarring

The wounds fractured his psyche, and he was reborn Two-Face, a schizoid
criminal mastermind obsessed with duality. His former good-luck charm, a “two-
headed” trick silver dollar, was damaged on one side in the attack, and Dent
has seized on it as a reflection of his half-scarred visage. He flips it to
decide the fates of his victims.

Two-Face is thriving in Arkham City, rallying inmates to join his gang using
tried and true campaign tactics.

—> Hideously scarred on half of his face
—> Extremely skilled with his twin .45 semi-automatics
—> Psychotic obsession with duality and the number two
—> Defers to his half-scarred coin in choices of life or death

Ra’s al Ghul
Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: International Terrorist
Based In: Mobile
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Gray with white streaks
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 210 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 232 (June 1971)

Bio: Little is known about the early years of the nearly immortal Ra’s al Ghul,
leader of the League of Assassins, whose name means “the demon’s head.”

He has lived for many centuries due to the Lazarus Pits, mystical and
alchemical brews that restore his youth. A brilliant master of strategy and
organization, Ra’s goal is to save the Earth from eventual ecological
devastation by destroying most of its population.

He recognizes Batman as both a worthy foe and a possible ally–except that
Batman cannot accept Ra’s dystopic worldview.

To bring Batman to his side, Ra’s has even orchestrated a relationship between
Batman and his beautiful daughter, Talia al Ghul.

—> Genius intellect and strategist
—> Superior strength and stamina
—> Superb hand-to-hand combatant
—> Nearly immortal thanks to his Lazarus Pits
—> Commands the League of Assassins

Talia al Ghul
Real Name: Talia al Ghul
Occupation: Assassin
Based In: Mobile
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 141 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 411 (May 1971)

Bio: The headstrong daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and on-again/off-again lover of
Bruce Wayne, Talia al Ghul is second in command of the League of Assassins.

A master of hand-to-hand combat and swordplay, Talia has dueled with Batman on
several occasions and considers him an honorable opponent.

Despite Batman’s elusiveness, her attraction to him has only increased–an
attraction that her father encourages in his mad quest for a male heir.

Talia knows that one day she may be forced to choose between her father and her

—> Trained in stealth and combat by the League of Assassins
—> Ruthless and brilliant tactician
—> Runs legitimate business empires for the League

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Real Name: Basil Karlo
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: None
Height: 8 ft 2 in
Weight: 410 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 40 (June 1940)

Bio: Horror film icon Basil Karlo went mad when he uncovered plans for his
most classic film to be remade with a different actor in the lead role. He took
on the mask of the film’s villain, Clayface, and killed several of the remake’s
cast and crew before being stopped by Batman and Robin.

Later, Karlo stole and injected himself with experimental compounds that
transformed him into a mass of living clay who can alter his composition to
mimic anything…or anyone.

—> Can mimic anything and anyone
—> Extremely difficult to injure or contain

The Riddler
Real Name: Eddie Nasthon a.k.a Edward Nigma
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 183 lb
First Appearance: Detective Comics No. 140 (October 1948)

Bio: With an obsessive-compulsive need for attention, Edward Nigma is
determined to be the cleverest of Gotham City’s criminals, plotting elaborate
trails of clues and riddles around his crimes.

Batman has proven a worthy opponent, capable of unraveling the Riddler’s most
intricate plans, but Nigma is dedicated to creating a mystery that will stump
the Dark Knight, even if he has to kill someone to do it.

Humiliated by Batman on Arkham Island, Nigma is more determined than ever to
bring the Caped Crusader to his knees.

—> Genius Intellect
—> Driven to test others by leaving clues to his crimes
—> Compulsive need for attention

Solomon Grundy
Real Name: Cyrus Gold
Occupation: N/A
Based In: Slaughter Swamp
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Gray
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
First Appearance: All-American Comics No. 61 (October 1944)

Bio: Over a century ago, murderer Cyrus Gold sought to escape justice by hiding
in Slaughter Swamp, where he met a fate worse than death. Mysterious forces
doomed the now immortal Grundy to an endless cycle of death and rebirth.

Robbed of his memories, he adopted the name of a nursery rhyme: “Solomon
Grundy, Bron on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill
on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday. This is
the end of Solomon Grundy.”

—> Each reincarnation makes him stronger
—> Incredible strength and resilience
—> Can never be truly killed

Real Name: Selina Kyle
Occupation: Professional Thief
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Weight: 125 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 1 (Spring 1940)

Bio: An orphan who learned to survive on the mean streets of Gotham, Selina
Kyle turned to thievery to survive. Determined to do it with style, she learned
martial arts and trained in gymnastics to perfect her skills.

Her criminal activities are tempered by a reluctant altruism, making her an
inconstant villain and occasional hero. She maintains a complicated,
adversarial relationship with Batman that frequently turns flirtatious and
occasionally romantic.

Since the opening of Arkham City, reports of Catwoman burglaries are down,
though underworld rumors have her hunting down Two-Face for an unknown reason.

—> Trained gymnast and athlete
—> Expert hand-to-hand combatant
—> Highly skilled with whips
—> Unrivaled stealth capabilities
—> Obsessed with stealing famous and well-protected items

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Nora Fries
Real Name: Nora Fries
Occupation: N/A
Based In: N/A
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 145 lb
First Appearance: Batman: Mr. Freeze (1997)

Bio: Beautiful Nora Fries found undying love when she married the shy but
brilliant cryogenicist, Victor Fries.

After she was struck with a rare disease, Victor used his lab to freeze Nora in
a state of suspended animation until he could find a cure. Since then, Nora has
been trapped between life and death.

Victor became Mister Freeze, willing to break every law in his desperate search
for a means to cure Nora.

—> Gifted dancer

Real Name: Victor Zsasz
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: None (formerly blonde)
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 150 lb
First Appearance: Batman: Shadow of the Bat No. 1 (June 1992)

Bio: A true sociopath, Zsasz grew up in a life of ease, but nonetheless became
a serial killer. Indiscriminate in his prey, body count is the only thing that
matters to Zsasz.

He carves a mark for each of his victims into his own body, and is saving a
special spot for the Batman.

Since being thrown into Arkham City, his whereabouts are unknown, though
reports of rising body counts fit his modus operandi.

—> Sociopath with no regard for human life
—> No pattern of killing, making him difficult to track
—> Compulsive need to kill others

Real Name: Floyd Lawton
Occupation: Mercenary
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 193 lbs
First Appearance: Batman NO. 59 (July 1950)

Bio: Floyd Lawton is the deadliest gun-for-hire in the world.

He never misses a shot, especially with his pair of silenced, wrist-mounted 9mm
cannons. Deadshot disdains himself almost as much as his corrupt targets;
several prison psychologists have diagnosed him with “suicidal tendencies.”

Batman is the only person who has made Deadshot miss…a distinction that puts
the Dark Knight at the top of Deadshot’s hit list.

—> Master marksman
—> Expert with all firearms and projectiles

Real Name: Michael Lane
Occupation: Police Officer
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 210 lbs
First Appearance: Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight No. 1 (March 2009)

Bio: Years ago, Michael Lane was part of a program to create the ultimate crime
fighter. Instead, it turned him into an insane criminal.

Thwarted by Batman, Michael confessed his sins to a priest of the secret
religious sect, the Order of Purity. They recruited Michael to fight evil as
their crusader Azrael, wearing the mystical Suit of Sorrows and wielding the
Sword of Sin.

If Michael does not keep his soul pure, the Suit of Sorrows will destroy him.

—> The Suit of Sorrows bestows enhanced strength, stamina, and speed
—> The Sword of Sin burns with the souls of the damned
—> Prone to fits of insanity
—> Military-and-policed-trained tactician

Mad Hatter
Real Name: Jervis Tetch
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Height: 4 ft 11 in
Weight: 115 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 49 (November 1948)

Bio: Obsessed from a young age with Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in
Wonderland, Jervis Tetch, an expert hypnotist, embraced a delusion that he was
the incarnation of a character in the story, the Mad Hatter.

Using his skills for mesmerism, the Mad Hatter has committed many crimes, often
themed around the book that inspired him and his love of hats and headgear,
going so far as to implant his hats with mind-control chips to amplify his
hypnosis skills.

Above all other headwear, however, he covets Batman’s distinctive cowl, and
will stop at nothing to acquire it.

—> Master of hypnotism and mind control
—> Obsessed with hats, especially one-of-a-kind items
—> Delusional schizophrenic with a fixation on Alice in Wonderland

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Real Name: Thomas “Tommy” Elliot
Occupation: Surgeon, Serial Killer
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue (formerly brown)
Hair Color: Reddish-brown
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 225 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 609 (January 2003)

Bio: Tommy Elliot and Bruce Wayne were childhood friends and, unknown to Bruce,
dark reflections of each other.

A childhood sociopath, Elliot tried to kill his parents so he could control
their fortune. When his plans failed due to the surgical skills of Thomas
Wayne, Bruce’s father, Elliot blamed the Wayne family for his problems.

An incredibly gifted surgeon as an adult, Elliot has spent decades planning an
elaborate revenge scheme to destroy Bruce Wayne.

—> Great physical strength, augmented by the drive of revenge
—> World-class surgeon
—> Master of disguise
—> Determined to destroy Bruce Wayne

Black Mask
Real Name: Roman Sionis
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 195 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 386 (August 1985)

Bio: Following the suspicious death of his wealthy parents in a fire, Roman
Sionis inherited their fortune and went on to bankrupt their company. Saved
with a buyout by Bruce Wayne, Sionis came to resent and hate his rescuer.

Fixated on the concept of masks, Sionis carved one from his father’s black
coffin and sought revenge on Wayne; his ensuing battle with the Dark Knight
caused his mask to be burnt into his skin, remaking him as the Black Mask.

Sionis is now a feared gang leader and one of the most powerful mob bosses in
Gotham, with a burning hatred of the Batman.

—> Obsessed with masks
—> Harbors a hatred of Batman and Bruce Wayne
—> Face resembles a black skull
—> Feared and powerful mob boss
—> Skilled marksman, known for his double handguns

Jack Ryder
Real Name: Jack Ryder
Occupation: Investigative Reporter
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 194 lb
First Appearance: Showcase No. 73 (March 1968)

Bio: Jack Ryder is an investigative reporter turned controversial talk show
host, well-known for his aggressive manner and his relentless determination to
get to the truth.

With the opening of the controversial Arkham City at hand, Ryder hopes to
discover the roots of this dangerous stronghold and expose them for the good of

—> Determined reporter
—> Known for his aggressive pursuit of stories
—> Famous for his controversial talk show

Poison Ivy
Real Name: Pamela Lillian Isley
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 115 lb
First Appearance: Batman No. 181 (February 1966)

Bio: Botanist Pamela Isley was transformed by a science experiment gone wrong
into a plant-human hybrid. With chlorophyll flowing through her veins instead
of blood, she developed a toxic touch and a pheromone-fueled talent for

Her unique brand of eco-terrorism often puts her into conflict with Batman,
whose iron will usually protects him from her seductive powers. Since her
encounter with the Dark Knight on Arkham Island, Ivy has been transferred to
Arkham City.

Taking refuge in a vine-covered stronghold, Ivy would rather keep humanity
away than participate in the gang wars of Arkham City.

—> Able to direct the growth of all plant life
—> Plant genes mixed with her DNA
—> Exudes natural pheromones that control victims
—> Skin secretes a deadly toxin
—> Pathological drive to protect nature from humanity

Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: Professional Criminal
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Brown (when on Venom: Green)
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft 6 in (when on Venom: 9 ft 2 in)
Weight: 140 lb (when on Venom: 350 lb)
First Appearance: Batman: Vengeance of Bane No. 1 (January 1993)

Bio: Imprisoned from birth to serve his dead father’s sentence, Bane was raised
inside the horrific environs of a Santa Priscan prison. Subjected to military
experiments with the experimental ultra-steroid Venom, his superhuman strength
and iron-forged will helped him to escape. Determined to build a criminal
empire, he sought out Batman and broke the Dark Knight’s spine.

But Batman recovered and managed to best Bane, cutting off Bane’s precious
Venom supply.

Since the events at Arkham Asylum, it’s rumored that Bane has turned over a new
leaf in an effort to save others from similar addiction.

—> Master strategist
—> Intense focus
—> Abnormally strong reaction to the super-steroid Venom
—> Determined to best all who challenge him

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B. Statistics
In the main menu of the game, you can see a percentage number that keeps track
of how close you are to fully completing the game. It takes into account all
the Side Missions you need to complete, your progress in the storyline, the
various upgrades and collectables you have left to unlock, your progress with
Catwoman, progress in the Riddler’s Revenge challenge mode, as well as your
progress with any DLC available for the game.

This is a great place to keep track of what you have left to do in order to
fully complete the game!

C. Character Trophies
3D character models of all the main characters in the game can be unlocked by
finding Riddler trophies and completing other challenges. They are cool to look
at and serve the same purpose as the figurines from Resident Evil 5 — none.
They are just for show, but cool collectibles to unlock for the completionists
out there.

D. Options
From the options screen, you can adjust basic gameplay mechanics, the visuals,
and the audio of the game. You can toggle whether or not subtitles are on or
off, and you can view the game’s controls (just in case my wonderful
description at the top of the guide wasn’t enough for you).

However, the reason I am dedicating part of the guide for the Options menu is
that Batman: Arkham City is one of those unique games that actually supports
3D television sets. So, if you want to play the game in 3D, you can! Assuming
you have a 3D TV and all the necessary equipment, of course.

E. Story Synopsis
This is a nifty little feature that allows you to go back and watch all the
cut-scenes in the game. This is great if you haven’t played the game for a long
time and need to catch up on the story. It’s also a wonderful tool to help you
find your place, to then subsequently find your place in this guide!

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F. Concept Art
Once again, these are unlocked by finding trophies and completing challenges
for the Riddler in the main game. These are concept art photos that were
created in the process of making the game.

G. Credits
The credits for the game can also be viewed from the main menu. Now, the
credits for Arkham City are abnormally long, but at least you can skip them
when they appear after completing the main storyline!

H. Achievements/Trophies
Featuring 50 achievements (plus more if you count the ones added with the
Catwoman download), Arkham City is quite the difficult game when it comes to
unlocking all of those precious rewards. Thankfully, OmegaMustard has written
an excellent guide to help you do just that! Here’s the URL:

Batman Arkham City Achievement Guide

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9. Conclusion
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
I hope this guide helped you beat Batman: Arkham City for the Xbox 360 and the
PlayStation 3!

Special thanks to Jeremy Wise and everyone at CheatMasters! Without them, this
guide wouldn’t have been possible!

Did I overlook an easier way to clear a particular room of enemies? Need me to
go into some more detailed directions with the Side Missions? Well, shoot me
an e-mail and I will edit the guide and give you credit for any corrections,
concerns, personal strategies, hints, tips, and what-have-you!

I can be reached via e-mail at:

Feel free to check out my other guides, walkthroughs, and reviews on

Holy torpedo, Batman!

Legal Information
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use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
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All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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