It’s time to rumble!!! Welcome to the world of BATTLEFIELD 3, where the only difference between a hero and a villain is the uniform they wear.

Here’s the full walkthrough for Battlefield 3 along with important details about the game and any tweaks (if necessary). Enjoy the world with the cutting edge graphics of the Frostbite 2.0 engine, dozens of weapon, wonderfully designed streets of Iraq / Iran, and of course the vast maps in the multiplayer… there’s no time to think, just hold that controller and go mad !


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Why read my walkthrough?

There are a few reasons...

1) Because it is undoubtedly the fastest produced guide with emphasis on
   quality - unlike some websites which have access to the game even before
   it is released and they still manage to make shit guides.

2) Quality of the guide is extremely important, but how does one define the
   quality for a guide? I play the game on the highest difficulty setting and
   whenever I feel that an area is a bit dangerous or needs more information
   I give more information. So, depending on the game - the depth of the guide
   will vary.

3) Emphasis is on the person reading this document, I make sure the way I write
   this is understandable to the reader. Also, there is no possibility of you
   encountering any spoilers while reading my guide. You need to enjoy the
   game and it's surprises - and believe me, you will be surprised when the
   game wants you to be surprised... I will not mention everything here so you
   will still have a lot to look forward to. But that does not mean that I will
   keep you hanging by the rope in the desert staring down a bottomless cess

4) All my guides are 100 % completion guides and there will not be even a
   single thing left out.

5) All locations of collectables and other stuff are mentioned very precisely.
   Also, you can find images and videos to help you understand the game better
   on, even video walkthroughs for places I feel necessary



The Human-kind thrives to be better. But what keeps pushing us to do better all
the time? what empowers us to lead a better life? eat better food? watch better
stuff? and obviously - play better games?

The answer is desire (it's greed actually). And that desire is what showcases
when we present something - be it anything - including ourselves. The same
desire pushes the hundreds of game developers to better their counterparts /
competition / themselves - what they previously did. But, amongst the hundreds
only a few stand out - Valve, EA DICE, Bioware, Rockstar, Ubisoft - to name a
few ( I am extremely sorry I cannot remember others ;p - yeah you know who I'm
talking about). But all of them have one thing in common - they made games that
rocked our world.

DICE's latest game - BATTLEFIELD 3 - Oh boy! what can one say about it? That it
uses Frostbite 2 - an engine that enables everything in the environment to be
destroyed, which can produce gorgeous scenery and depiction of real battles,
which can immerse you totally into it's world to the point that the girlfriend
starts to think about leaving (you)... But, everything apart, you even have to
praise the competition - yes I am referring to Call of Duty, which is known to
be the greatest video gaming franchise of all time ( hey I'm not stating
anything, just look at the number of copies they sold - numbers speak ). But
you need to have balls to take them head on. And, the developers of Battlefield
did exactly that - something us fans of "real" games wanted to hear - they
announced that Battlefield was made to "take them (Activision) down" with a
capital D. They just shot the giant in the face, and seeing as to how punishing
the gaming community can be with their criticism, that was a pretty ballsy
statement to make - even for someone who already proved that they can make
games - real good games.

EA went on the offensive and marketed the game with nearly $100 million -
nothing less can be expected from a company which has produced some of the
greatest franchises of all time.

They released a beta (I'm not talking about that) and made bold statements.
Only one thing remains - for the game to be played by you. At last, it depends
on only one person - the person who decides what is better - you.

So, nuff' said...


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  1.COPYRIGHT............................................................. CPY0

  2.VERSION HISTORY....................................................... VHIS

  3.CONTROLS.............................................................. CNTS

  4.THINGS TO KNOW........................................................ TTK0

  5.WEAPONS............................................................... WPNS

  6.WALKTHROUGH........................................................... WLK0

    6.1.SEMPER FIDELIS.................................................... WLK1

    6.2.OPERATION SWORDBREAKER............................................ WLK2

    6.3.UPRISING.......................................................... WLK3

    6.4.GOING HUTING...................................................... WLK4

    6.5.OPERATION GUILLOTINE.............................................. WLK5

    6.6.COMRADES.......................................................... WLK6

    6.7.THUNDER RUN....................................................... WLK7

    6.8.FEAR NO EVIL...................................................... WLK8

    6.9.NIGHT SHIFT....................................................... WLK9

    6.10.ROCK AND A HARD PLACE........................................... WLK10

    6.11.KAFARROV........................................................ WLK11

    6.12.THE GREAT DESTROYER............................................. WLK12

  7.MULTIPLAYER / CO-OP COVERAGE.......................................... MPC0

    7.1.CONQUEST LARGE & CONQUEST......................................... MPC1

    7.2.RUSH AND SQUAD RUSH............................................... MPC2

    7.3.SQUAD DEATHMATCH AND TEAM DEATHMATCH.............................. MPC3

  8.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT....................................................... ACK0


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  Version 0.3 - 26/10/2011 - Started publishing the guide... Single player campaign

 and also multiplayer mode tips...

  Version 0.5 - 27/10/2011 - Written four mission and in fifth, also written
                             are tips and info on the different multiplayer

  VERSION 0.7 - 29/10/2011 - Added more missions...

  VERSION 1.0 - 30/10/2011 - Full campaign completed, more multiplayer / co-op
                             on the way... adding video walkthrough in

  VERSION 1.9 - 04/11/2011 - Video Walkthroughs added for missions 1-10 in
                             their respective mission places in the main
                             walkthrough itself.
Final Version Submitted for this guide.

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  ||  CONTROLS  ----> CNTS
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Basic Infantry Controls -

Move                  W/A/S/D
Camera control        Mouse
Crouch                C
Toggle crouch         X
Prone                 Z
Jump/Vault            SPACEBAR
Fire weapon           Left click
Scope zoom            Right click
Reload                R
Weapon slots          1/2/3/4/5
Throw grenade         G
Use knife             F
Interact              E
Firemode              V
Pick up item          R (hold)
Flashlight            T (when available)
Spotting/Team radio   Q
Squad chat            J
Team chat             K
All chat              L
Vehicle slots         F1-F8


  ||                 \\\\
  ||  THINGS TO KNOW   ----> TTK0
  ||________         ////
Do not judge the game by it's campaign - although it is pretty good.

Battlefield 3 was announced as a multiplayer game and frankly, it is the best
multiplayer FPS in the market right now with the expansive maps and different
modes and pbviously the graphics.


Obviously the most important gameplay element is the combat. And with many many
dozens of weapons from all around the world, you will love the combat. But,
the best part is the "feel" of each weapon. No two weapons will feel similar,
be their destructive power, range, stability or fire rate. You will love how
each weapon feels and feel free to play with as many weapons as possible.

As always, I mention a few tips for efficiency in combat, note that these tips
are only for the campaign and although somw may be useful in the multiplayer,
I will mention the multiplayer tips in that part of this guide.

1) PRONE - Going prone is like breathing air - you can't live without doing it.
           and you will have to do this as often as ou can. What are the
           benefits? firstly you can hide behind the smallest thing in the
           environment that provide cover - even a truck's tire. Enemies are
           also less likely to spot a player who is crawling instead of running
           like a mad man. Some weapons have a bipod stand and in order to fire
           them, you need to be on the ground.

2) COVER - Similar to prone, cover is just as important if not more so. The
           first thing you need to do when you come up to a new place is not
           scout for enemies. Scout for cover. Pick a good spot - under a bus,
           behind a wall, a car or even the smallest pile of trash. You can
           stand, crouch and prone behind cover. Walls can be destroyed if they
           come under heavy - arms fire but you can still go prone as they will
           not be destroyed completely.

3) VIGILANCE - I like to play games when I'm drunk - I really do. And I also
               play a lot of games when I am drunk. I also always put my games
               on the highest difficulty setting available. And what happened
               when I did the same for BF3? The game was on high and I was
               drunk and I was - shot, bombed, fragged, run over, and even
               stabbed. The lesson - be vigilante. The problem - enemies can
               be holed up anywhere and there are lots of them around. So, you
               need to open up your eyes and ears especially so if you are
               playing on hard and the multiplayer is on a totally different
               level. Sometimes you will not be able to see the enemy right
               away, but they are there and they will kill you. Stay behind or
               near cover at all times. Shotgunners can kill you with one shot
               and they can be around the next corner...

4) AIMING - Make it a habit to aim down the sights. This shooter is pretty
            realistic and if you have watched any movie or TV show in the past
            century or even before that, everyone aims down the sights. You do
            this by right-clicking the mouse. All professionals aim down the
            sights and it is the only way you will prevail. Weapons like some
            .3 or .5 cals zoom when you aim down the sight and this makes
            shooting the bad guys easier.

5) THE MEANING OF "FOLLOW" - All throughout the campaign, you will be asked to
                             follow a guy who has a "follow" written on him on
                             the screen. It is best if you do this and not rush
                             into battle. This way, you will witness the game
                             the way the developers wanted you to do so and
                             believe me it is more dramatic and better this
                             way. You will understand things better if you do
                             this and not run blindly.

6) MOVING COVER TO COVER - You will need to run from place to place sometimes
                           while being shot at and while doing this - sprint
                           do not cat walk or crawl when you don't have to.
                           Also, the enemies will not know where you are if
                           you move from cover to cover - unless they saw you
                           moving. So, you will have the element of surprise.

7) RUN FOR YOUR LIFE - This is a war game and you are fighting an enemy nation.
                      There are literally thousands of enemies at war and you
                      cannot kill all of them and you are better off
                      understanding this fact. When there is a move icon on
                      the screen, then stop shooting and go there from cover to
                      cover. If there is a follow sign, follow from cover to
                      cover, if you kill an enemy, another will replace him and
                      you do not have infinite ammo but the enemies will keep
                      coming forever. Of course, if there is no move or follow
                      sign, then you have the area to yourself and you need to
                      clear out the place, but it is wiser sometimes to run
                      away, especially if a copter is waiting to extract you.

8 ) FIRSTS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST - In all missions, the soldiers pick up some
                                mission specific weapons before starting, as a
                                result, you should see that you have two
                                weapons at the beginning of each mission and
                                you have those and not other weapons for a
                                reason. So, it is best not to switch weapons
                                throughout the mission unless you really have
                                to - when you are out of ammo - even then look
                                around for an ammo dump before ditching your
                                weapon. I mean, a shotgun or smg can't really
                                replace a sniper now can they? especially if
                                the sniper has an IR scope.

  ||          \\\\
  ||  WEAPONS   ----> WPNS
  ||________  ////

There are tons of weapons in BF3 and to include them all in here is just
suicide. But what I will do is give you a link -

where every weapon's stats are given.

To Top

________ ________\ || \\\\ || WALKTHROUGH ----> WLK0 ||________ //// ________/ | | | |Be careful, Be ready, Be vigilante, because even lightning may hit you at | |any time... | | | SEMPER FIDELIS | ---> WLK1 | | He lands on a speeding train and enter it through a window... You pick up a gun just as you enter the train, and as soon as you do so, you should be able to see two gangsters in front of you. Aim and shoot at them as soon as you can see them and continue forward. Crouch under the fallen debris and be careful as there are three more guys in the next compartment. One is straight ahead of you and the other two may take cover behind the seats to the left and right so be careful and always be ready. After killing them move up and take the M1014 gun which was being used to bar the door. And then... Hit left click once when you are prompted to do so, and go to the door to the other end and hit "e" when asked. Outside, hit space once and when you are shot at through the window, you need to keep hitting space continuously to climb up the side of the train. As soon as you are on the train, go into prone. Keep looking to the left in front of you and you should see a guy come up and another shoots at you from the same side but from a bit further. If you are not in prone, then crouch or prone as soon as the explosion take place and keep moving front all this while, and you will drop into the train. Be ready for more enemies who come in from the door in front of you. You will not be able to see all enemies, but the best thing to do is to stick to the left or right wall whichever has more cover and if you even remotely sense an enemy in front of you, shoot. There's lots of ammo, so don't worry about it. Keep moving and again, be ready for a lot of crooks. Eventually you will get to the objective and...

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 | | | OPERATION SWORDBREAKER | ---> WLK2 | | This is the prelude and the scenario of the whole game... this is where it all begins (in the end)... After the cutscene you will come out of the van you are in and outside, follow your squad to the rendezvous point. After the brief follow your squad to the bad part of town. You should be able to see a "follow" tag on one of your team mates. It is imperative that you always have the "follow" marker on your team mate in your sight. You always need to know where this guy is or whoever the "follow" guy is. This mission requires a lot of detail to the enemies and it is very difficult to describe the locations of the enemies in such vast locales so I will put up some pics and videos of all the important enemies (RPGs) and other stuff stuff but if you are reading the plain text version of this guide on GameFaqs then you have a challenge ahead and you need to find the enemies by yourself. OBJECTIVE - LOCATE VIPER SQUAD If you are playing the game on HARD (for which this guide is described for) then we obviously have a nice task ahead of us so be ready... If is very important that you stay behind the "follow" guys so that you will be able to match my description of the locations and enemies without many problems. After a long run behind the "follow" guy you will come to an open area where the soldier in front of you is hit and you need to hit space when prompted and you need to do this thrice. OBJECTIVE - SECURE PARKING LOT After you pull him into cover go into prone and take cover behind the pillar in front of you and crouch and start shooting. There should be two guys in front of you and two more to the right who start running away. The squad leader asks for a sit-rep and shortly, depending on where you are standing, the nearest car will be blown up by an RPG. You need to kill these RPG's and they are in to building to the right in the second floor. Here are pics of where you can find them... one is to the right side and the other is to the left. A group of tangos come in from the left upfront so finish off those RPGs quickly with your sniper - yes you have a sniper(2) select it and kill those guys. And some more tangos would have entered this area. Find cover behind the tires and rubble to the left most side of this area as the enemies are to the right and some move to the center left. So, if you stay to the left side, you can have all of them in front of you as opposed to being behind a car in the center and having to fight enemies from both sides. If you are shot then just go into prone to recover. The enemies are to the left of the building which was housing the RPGs. After you secure the area, you will be asked to move back inside and go back to where you laid the hurt soldiers from earlier and some of your mates open up the door here, keep following them...

To Top

OBJECTIVE - TAKE OUT SNIPER You now have to kill the sniper who shot your mate. But first, you will get to a door past which you will have to sprint through the room to avoid sniper fire and when you reach the end of the room, go prone and equip your assault rifle and look to the right and in come three tangos from the door. Kill them and go behind the "follow" guy - Montes. After you get to the roof, always stay behind Montes and you will need to crouch behind cover and eventually near the end of the roof, you must go prone and follow Montes out of cover while prone, if you stick your head up for even a millisecond, you will be shot by the sniper - it's a sure kill. After a bit of chatter, one of the guys who is to the left of the roof rolls out an RPG for you. Go near him and pick it up. Then another guys spots the sniper and now, after a while, your mates here stand up and give up suppressing fire and you automatically get up and a red target is shown in front of you, hit the target and watch the building collapse. OBJECTIVE - COVER CHAFFIN'S EXTRACTION After that, you will hear news from below that your friend has been patched up and is ready to be taken for extraction. But, they have to pass through the streets and without cover fire, they are done for. So take position in between the soldiers here and take out your sniper and look down on the road ahead. There are three guys who show up from the left and run for cover here's a pic of where they come from. As soon as they come out, two guys show up on a roof to the left here and start shooting so immediately take cover and go prone if needed. Use your sniper on them and kill these two first before you go for the ones on the ground. The guys on the ground take cover behind the cars to the left and behind the debris. After this, our team below moves to the next place and two more guys show up in front of them so be ready. After these two, the team moves to where those two took cover and some more show up near the gate to the left where the first two entered the street from. There's a guy in the balcony above them but one of your team mates might have got him already. After this stint, the extraction is completed and you may be fired upon by enemy but you will not see them so just take cover and follow your group until you get to ground level again and you will come to the market.

To Top

OBJECTIVE - INVESTIGATE THE MARKET After the market you will enter a door, stay behind the follow guy and another shooting ensues. After clearing the initial wave, another group come in the back of the place so just use your sniper on them. Stay low and behind cover and you will be fine. After clearing this area you will need to move out. OBJECTIVE - SECURE IED SITE After you come out, go behind cover near one of your buddies and wait till you are asked to follow the wire. It's the red wire and is clearly visible so you will get lost only if you are a 5 year old in which case you are not supposed to be playing since the ESRB rating is higher. Anyway, look at the wire and follow it all the way, you will need to go prone and crawl through the shafts. After you pull out the first wire, you should see a shadow on the wall, be ready to hit "e" and then "left click" and watch Blackburn beat the shit out of the other guy. If you miss the button don't worry as you will be asked to hit another one immediately but if you miss too many times, you die. After you pull the second wire you will be asked to come back outside because more enemies showed up. OBJECTIVE - CLEAR LZ OF ENEMIES So, go back up and just as you come out, take your sniper and take out the guys to the left. One is hiding under the stairs of the bridge to the left and keeps peeping out so go prone and shoot. Other guys are behind the pillars that support the bridge. After killing them, you will be asked to take hold of the LMG. Run up the bridge immediately after you are asked to take possession as if you are too slow, enemies show up on the other side and kill you. On the bridge, look at the railing to the left and where there is not railing, run and when you can take cover behind the sheets that act as the railing, crouch and pick up the LMG and keep moving. The sheets give temporary fire and will be destroyed if there is prolonged fire, so you need to keep moving at all times. Go down the stairs on the other side and kill an enemy or two and a vehicle will show up. Shoot at the vehicle for a while and you will hear someone say that the enemy is falling back. You are now required to run back and get on a vehicle mounted gun. This is marked on the screen by the blue marker so you will not have any trouble finding it. Just be sure to run there as fast as possible because enemies come up from the left and start shooting. After mounting the gun, use the right-click to zoom and kill everything that moves in front of you. After a long killing streak the Earth cracks...

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  |          |
  | UPRISING | ---> WLK3
  |          |


Yup, all you have is a knife - fun huh?

Keep moving, crouch when prompted to, prone when prompted to and a rat tries
to kill you on the way, but you will survive the encounter by hitting
left-click when asked to. Keep moving and you will come to a door. Open the
door and walk or run the the guy ahead and stab him and take his gun and shoot
the others in front of you and immediately go prone and take cover behind the
stack of mats to the left of the place where you stabbed the guy. If you cannot
kill the two guys ahead just as you get the gun, then just go prone and you can
handle it later.


Crawl a bit to the left of the mat and you should see one or two enemies. Kill
them and crawl to the right of the mat and another enemy is in front. But, kill
him and another comes, after killing three guys, throw a grenade there to
finish any other guy here and luckily you could hurt the shotgunner there.
After bombing the guys, stay in prone and move ahead but remember to stay in
cover, there are more enemies in the right side here and so, kill them, but
be especially careful of the shotgunner. If you play on HARD, he can take you
out in a single hit. So, move very slowly out of cover (in prone) and shoot
and get back in cover and keep repeating till you clear out this area. Use all
your grenades if you have to since you will come to an ammo dump soon.


When you come out, you should hear a copter and see two guys walking in the
distance. Kill them and progress to where they were and kill another guy if he
shows up and go ahead and pick up the ammo and grenades from the ammo crate if
you have to. This area can be a pain in the ass if you have vision problems.

Go into prone from near the ammo crate and you ought to stay here itself
throughout this next fight. If you go down, you may face problems. Anyway,
move ahead in prone and keep to the left and at the edge you should see four
soldiers patrolling here, one of them is sitting next to a car and gets up once
you start blasting them. Kill them but do not stay here more than a few seconds
as this area has more enemies than you can imagine. After killing the four,
move back and stay there and you should be able to see a orange flair in the
sky fall down. Below the flair are more enemies. It can be difficult to spot
them and you can now fall to the left where you killed the four guys and
continue from there but I prefer to stay on higher ground. You can use as many
grenades as you want if you stay near the ammo crate. But if you stay on the
top look out for the enemy who comes from the right with a flash light. Kill
him and crawl to the right and finish you job from here if you are having
trouble killing from near the ammo crate. After you are sure you killed
everyone, go into the garage which is marked on you screen and you should see
this red shutter...

               Stay to its right crouch and be ready for enemies. One of them
opens the shutter, shoot him and someone throws in a grenade. Move back as
ar as you can and stay there to get your health back after the explosion. Go
prone and kill the rest of the guys. Be careful since they can look at you
before you can look at them, so just move back if you are being fired upon.
After killing the three guys (including the one who opened the shutter), go
out and move to the right and get into the bus and no you are not dead...

To Top

RETRACE YOU STEPS TO SCHOOL Go prone and look to the right and past th first fire is a hole and you will see several lights so as soon as you see one, shoot to kill. Move back if you are hit and come back and kill the lights. There are only two here and the second one is very close to the right of the hole. Move out and go thru the gate and some enemies come in front of you, kill the two guys and go through that door. FOLLOW MONTES Follow Montes and stay low near the edge of the debsirs. Spend some time here - just a few seconds, and run to the jeep which is marked on your screen and hit "e" to mount the weapon. Kill everything that moves, look to the extreme right and left as enemies come out from everywhere. Keep sweeping the entire area again and again as new guys keep coming all the time. After the helicopter comes turn to the right and shoot the guys there and after a while an RPG hits you and you come out of the truck. Immediately run to the right and into the copter to end this.

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  |               |
  |               |

This is more like a fun diversion form the main story.


After you get into the jet, do what is shown on the screen to complete the pre-
flight checks, till you take off. Look left and right when asked to check the
wing and flaps.

After a long time you see your first target. An enemy jet shows up, you are to
keep the jet in your sights at all times so that you can take a shot when its
clear. Select missiles and to lock onto a target, keep the crosshair pointed
at the enemy for some time and after you see the lock on, shoot. Enemies can
deploy counter measures so your missiles will not hit all the time so keep
shooting. Aiming may be a headache but stay focused. It take a long time.


When you hear the alarm (beep beep beep beep beep  pi pi pi pi pi) your pilot
will ask you to deploy counter-measures, so do so by hitting "X". You can
fire counter measures as soon as you hear the alarm. So keep your ears open.
All through the flight the enemy will be either behind you firing at you or
in front of you when you get to fire at them. When the jets are behind you,
all you need to do is keep deploying counter measures so that their missile
loops out of trajectory. You have to destroy a total of five jets. So, stay
calm, stay focused. After the first three jets, you will have to defend and
attack at the same time, so keep a finger on the counter measures at all times.


After selecting the HARM missiles, zoom with the right click and you move
the sight around to get a lock on the targets. You will have an easy time as
all targets are stationary. After destroying the three SAM sites you will need
to kill the parked planes. Switch to JDAM and infra. Zoom out if you are in
zoom mode and look around and you can see little white jet as shown in the pic

After killing four of them you need to take out two more which are
trying to get away. You have to switch to the next target and kill it. After
that move your sights to the bulk of people and fire to end this.

I really think a video walkthrough for this mission is extremely useless and a waste of
resources to all humanity... you never know how much time it takes to hit one Jet...

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 | | | OPERATION GUILLOTINE | ---> WLK5 | | After you get up, run behind the guy with the follow marker to the end and put doqn the mortart using "e". After that, go up to the wall and climb over it by getting a boost from the marine over by the wall. As I already mentioned in the "things to know" section - the first weapons you have are the best for this mission and if you replace them - you will die rather sorely. So, do not pick up any other weapons you may find on the ground. OBJECTIVE - DESTROY ENEMY MG POSITIONS / SECURE APARTMENT BLOCK After falling in the other side run to the follow guy and soon you wil get to some water where he crouches, fins some cover behind the rocks and start shooting at the enemies on the other side. After you kill them all, the follow guy start moving again, follow him to where the enemies came down from and you come to some stairs, past which you have can take cover behind a slab. Go prone and you should have seen the red attack marker to the right on the wall. This is one of the MG position. Start shooting and after a while, some marine throws a grenade to destroy this position and the second attack marker comes up in front of you far ahead. Run there and stay to the right, if you are shot at, just go prone and stay behind cover and run again. If you are having trouble near the first MG, do not climb the stairs, instead go prone near the middle of the stairs and zoom in using right click of the mouse and move slowly and kill any enemy who you see. When you are behind the large wall that separates you and the second MG position move left and go prone or crouch near the broken edge of this wall, and shoot from here... be careful as there is an enemy real close to you on the other side of the wall, and another is to his left a bit further and they can easily kill you if you don't kill them first. You can also take cover behind the cement slab to the left of this broken wall. After you kill the guys in the MG nest, you will see a "move" icon and not a attack icon for the next MG. If you stop and try to kill all enemies before you are near the move icon, you will fight an endless amount of enemies. So just reach that place from cover to cover. Here are pics of what I thought was an easy way to go...I am starting from the broken part of the wall. You will be shot at by enemies who are on the wall immediately after the second MG is bombed, so move from where you are immediately and run to where the second MG was...but there may still be more enemies around so scout the area, and remember that, you can always follow your squad and if they are running run behind them. It is better to go prone just as you come to the rock which are near this place as you will be fired upon by the enemy from the complex. Remember that you can hit shift (run) once to get a boost to get up and then immediately hit z(prone) to dive from cover to cover and this also get you there faster. So take cover behind the sand bags and dive to the sandbags to the left of this one. While here, move to the right edge of the sandbag and look at the rocks ahead of this place... Run and dive there and...go and dive again to the large rock straight ahead. From here, look right and you see the wall broken behind which some marines take cover in a little time. Go there quickly and get your gun ready, you now have a clear path ahead of you... Now just run forward all the way to the end ignoring any shots being fired at you. At the end, look around for any enemies firing at you, one of them is in a window to the right of the stairs. Go up the stairs which are here and stay with your squad, someone throws a grenade inside the apartment and a burning enemy breaks the door and comes thru. Follow your squad into the apartment and equip your shotgun. To breach the first door, continuously press E, and be ready when you are asked to breach the second door as there are three enemies past it. One is just behind the door the other is to the right and another is straight ahead. After killing them, go out and get into the humvee. OBJECTIVE - CLEAR BLOCKADE After you get out of the humvee run after the "follow" guy and keep following him until he kicks down a door and you come back outside. You are on the bridge from where the RPG and other enemies were shooting. There is a lot of cover to be found here if you prone behind the cars here. I will not mention the enemy positions - hey, where's the fun in playing if I do all the work? You will not be able to see all the enemies, so when under fire, just take cover and move out of cover, shoot to kill and then come back. If you are being fired upon and cannot see the enemy, he is being covered by the fog and you need to go forward in order to get a good look at where they are. Go from cover to cover and after killing all the enemies follow your squad ahead. OBJECTIVE - PROCEED TO BANK Go near the end of this road and hit space to climb up. As soon as you climb up, look left and you should see a car. Run behind it and go prone ASAP as more enemies are ready to ambush you on the road which is below you, in front. Stay behind this car on top throughout this part and kill from here. Some guys are close down so you will need to crouch instead of prone to get a look at them and some guys come out of a window to the left of the road ahead. Some enemies are far away and may be difficult to spot but you can still kill them from here itself. If you do not have the SCAR with you (which was the assault rifle which you had at the beginning of this mission) you will sorely miss it and you may not even be able to kill the enemies in which case, you will have to go down and take cover behind the cars and start shooting from there. If you are near the car on the top, keep moving from the left of the car to the right and vice versa to see the enemies. Since it is dark down there, you will need to find the enemies based on their firing, so look carefully. There are a lot of enemies so you will have to spend some time here. After you hear friendlies stop firing and can no longer see enemies, go down and near the friendlies, but do not stop, keep running ahead of them and into the crack in the ground, do not stop for anything until you get to the end near a door. Why? play to find out my friend...
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After a long run you will come out of the apartment and after the heavy armor
in front of you is destroyed, follow your squad and you come to some stairs.
There are enemies above the stairs so be careful. If you were right behind the
follow guy, he would have signaled you to slow down as you got near the
stairs. Another guy come out of the trailer to the right on top of the stairs
when you get near it - watch out. Pick up the Javelin...

And go prone and slowly move up and the low wall in front of you is blasted by
a tank and shortly after a red attack marker appears. To attack the tank with
the Javelin get into crouch position from prone and zoom in. Place the red
marked in the middle and you will hear a beeping sound similar to the one you
heard when you were in the Jet fight some time ago. When the beep sound becomes
continuous after single beeps, fire your weapon and it will hit. As soon as you
take out the first tank, look to the right far away and you will see another
tank come in, stay in prone till it gets a bit close and hit it. After this
another tank comes in from the left side.

After making the three hits, go down and run ahead to the move marker. After
this, you need to follow Matkovich. Run behind him and keep an eye to your
right side, if there is a wall, move normally, if there is empty space then
sprint. After two sprints, you stop and wait for your squad to move ahead. You
will come under heavy fire in this area if you roam about.

   So just move out
run and dive (prone) behind the sand bags ahead. Move to the left of the
sand bags and run to the move marker from cover to cover. It is a waste of time
trying to shoot enemies here since they keep coming. So just move to the
marker. After coming out of cover from the first sand bags, sprint ahead and
go prone near the wall ahead and you see some more sand bags to the right of
the wall, you have to go around them and up the stairs to the left just behind
these bags. When you get to Mat, take cover since there are enemies ahead.
After killing the three, follow Mat and climb up the wall and stand below the
stairs to boost him up and go up the stairs and into building thru the window.


As soon as you drop, you will need to hit e and left click to kill the guy.
Follow Mat outside and walk up to the next guy to knife him too. Stay behind
the glass to the right here and shoot the two guys upfront. Crouch and move and
when you get to turn left, be ready to kill another enemy who is crouching
in front of you. Stay down and stay hugged to the left wall here. Move along
the wall and you can sneak up and shoot the four guys here. When you get to
another left, there's a guy behind the pillar and another one close to you
after you turn left. Follow your pal and you come to your squad crouched behind
the stairs. Shoot the enemy to the left on the stairs. Stay hugged beside them
and stay low. If you are lucky, your friends will do the killing, go down and
thru the door equip your shotgun and rappel down and throw the flash bang by
left clicking.


When inside the room, start shooting immediately and kill the three guys in
front of you. Move left and run to the wall in the middle of the two door. Go
left and be ready - take out the shotgun if you haven't already done so. There
are five enemies close by, two have flashlights. All of them can be taken down
with one shot from the shotgun. Double tap just to be sure because the glass
below then can take some damage for them. Stay low and move in to where they
were. And look around before climbing the stairs as you can kill five more who
come in from all sides above the stairs. Kill them from below the stairs. Move
in or wait for your squad to kill the remaining guys.
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 | | | COMRADES | ---> WLK6 | | OBJECTIVE - NEUTRALIZE NUCLEAR THREAT After you go in, move into the room to the left thru the door and hit E to cut the wires. Go down, shoot at the two guys when asked to and run behind the van to the left of this place. Look to the left of the van and shoot the enemies here. I prefer using the second weapon thru this mission because it has a better zoom, but the first is more powerful and has less recoil. Stay to the left and after killing as many as you can, run ahead and dive to take cover behind the vehicles to the right and kill of the rest of the guys. If you go in the room from the right instead of the path I just mentioned, you will have a difficult time trying to see the enemies. You can shoot at the headlights of cars to kill them. Follow you comrades down to the second level. Take cover beside one of your pals and shoot. Kill the headlights if you have to, but do not stay out of cover for too long. Move out with them again and in the next area, crouch behind one of the cars to the left and take out the enemies who are far away ahead of you. They are very far and can be difficult to kill if you don't have that second weapon, which I believe is a SCAR. After they are killed run behind you guys and when you get near where they were, switch your first weapon with a F2000 if you find one and use it for the rest of the mission. LOCATE DEVICE As soon as you breach the door, start shooting at the guys and one comes up the stairs ahead a bit to the left. Hit E to equip your gas mask. When you are in the fight, hit E again. Go in and after a while, you will be in a fight again. Go to the right corridor and kill the guys here while moving up. You will be able to sneak shoot them if you go thru this side. Turn left in the end and kill the guys here. There are more in the room ahead of this one and the best way to approach them is by going to the right side wall of this room and prone and keep going, you will see them after a while so be ready. Stay in prone and head to the next room. Go beside your friend to the left in cover and shoot from here. You will be able to see little heads pop out, so shoot them. Two enemies are on the balcony above you to the right and another is in front of you. Go thru after clearing this area and be ready for more enemies. Stay to the left of this place and keep picking out the enemies one by one and kill them. They will keep coming out of cover so be careful. There are a lot of guys around. Move ahead and after you breach the door, be ready for another fight. Again, stay to the left of the room and move from the left of the cover. There are about six enemies ahead so be ready for them as they come in, three are beside the pillars for cover. CAPTURE NUKE CARRIER ALIVE As you keep coming out, you will need to kill a guy by hitting E in a fight and when you reach the exit, a group of enemies are running out but two will shoot at you. As you come to the read, your comrades crouch and talk for a bit. Go near them to initiate dialogue, and after it as soon as you see the capture marker, sprint ahead and take cover behind one of the low walls between your pals. From here on, your emphasis is to move from cover to cover rather than wait and kill some guy. You need to be quick and shooting the enemies is just a waste of time although you will not lose your target, it still is trivial if you are not moving from place to place as shown by the marker. Stay close to your pals and you will do fine. But you will still need to kill a few enemies so be vigilante and it is better to use the SCAR if you have it, when going for mid-long range enemies. Hence forth, stay close to your team and stay behind cover, there is a lot of cover so do not worry. Keep looking out for the follow marker and run there if you are behind. Shoot to kill if your pals are not moving. There are enemies everywhere, so scout out the road ahead if you are in a good cover spot before moving ahead. Look for enemies and possible cover before you move out. Again - this place is filled with enemies so be very careful. Move from cover to cover if you cannot get eyes on the enemy. The locations of enemies are difficult to describe. But after one of your guys takes cover here - Behind a board, an armored car holding a lot of guys comes in, you can avoid it by going running past it even just as it stops and you can keep running after the marker ahead and you will reach him soon. After the scene, follow your other friend and you will pass an arch door. He trips at a place and you should also dive here as you can come under enemy fire if you run here, just go prone for a millisecond, hit prone and hit sprint again immediately. Keep going all the way and up the stairs and you will be in another quick time even where you need to hit E, left click and space.
This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.
This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.
  |             |
  | THUNDER RUN | ---> WLK7
  |             |

Another "fun" mission. This time, it's tanks... 

Some enemy tanks come in from the right and they have markers on them so do
not worry about spotting them. You can go real close to them and fire from
there. You will need to switch to thermal now C. Two more enemy tanks come up
from behind you, depending on where you are. After this, all you have to do
is drive and shoot, its not challenging even on HARD. 

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OBJECTIVE - REACH HIGHWAY 1  You will first see two tanks and when you engage them five more will come out from the other side and three will retreat. You will need to get close and take them out. After that two more tanks come in at close range and then shoot the trucks around this area as shown by the markers. After cleaning up this area, move out. After a long drive, Miller comes out of the tank. Run up to the marker in front and speak to the guy. While he is talking, your tank moves up from the right side. Go to the right of your tank and go prone behind the low cement walls. Move up a bit, jump over the wall and run and dive behind the cement cover to the left of the car, you will be shot at while running so just hit the prone button when you are being shot at, and run and dive beside the car or just run straight to the marker and hit E. There is another long column of cement cover to the left. Go prone and crawl along this, if you are being shot at, just look back fast and shoot the guys here, but do not spend a long time. When you reach the end of this cover. You will be near the car and you can directly run and dive beside the cement cover ahead of the car. From here, run left to the column of cement wall you first took cover behind and jump over it and crawl back to the marker. Talk to the guy and get into your tank. If you are dying while running back, just look around, kill a guy or two and continue running. Keep doing this after every time you take cover. OBJECTIVE - CLEAR ROAD TO THERAN Back on the road, keep looking to the left where some enemies come in. Some more RPG's come up to the right and you can shoot a bomb vehicle to kill them, but more are on the roof to the right. After this, you will come up to an enemy tank near a gas station. Shoot at the station to blow it up along with the tank and continue looking to the right. After a while, another bomb car hit a friendly tank and BOOM!. Keep looking straight for two more cars to kill. Also there are two guys with RPGs on the overpass ahead of you, hit them. Turn right immediately after the second car blows and you will need to shoot at two more cars. After shooting the second car, turn again to the left and shoot at the guys on the overpass to the left part.
This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.
This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.
  |              |
  | FEAR NO EVIL | ---> WLK8
  |              |

Boy! you will feel sad at the end of this mission :( 

Keep moving and you will come up to three tanks which you need to shoot. After
hitting them, move ahead and take the tank up to the fountain and watch the

You are manning the .5 again, turn right and keep shooting till all of this
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 | | | NIGHT SHIFT | ---> WLK9 | | OBJECTIVE - SECURE MARINE INSERTION Look to the right and you can see four very bright lights. Use the sniper and aim just above the light to kill the lights. Remember that you can stabilize the sniper by holding the sprint button while aiming (shift). Verify the position of the marines by looking at them and them move to the right. When asked to shoot, look to the right of the marines and shoot the guy. Then move to the next place and rappel down to the ground and follow Campo to the next area. After a while, you are to kill another guy who has the red marker on his head and follow Campo again. After you come up on the roof you need to kill two more guys who are to the right of the street ahead. OBJECTIVE - REACH RV POINT CHARLIE After climbing out of the tunnels, crouch near the broken piece of cement cover in front of you and if you quick enough with the sniper, you can kill all four guys patrolling in front of you. There's two more to the right of the rubble here and one of them is in prone under some rubble. After killing all six guys here follow behind Campo again and you will shortly come to the room where Miller was executed. After a short talk between Campo and Misfit Actual, enemies start pouring in into the room to the right. They won't come in here so you will have to kill them through the windows. Stay low and go prone if you are hit. Use your sniper since you can see enemy positions more clearly, but you can use your other primary weapon also. There will be many waves of the enemy squad so keep shooting till all sounds stop. Another reason to use your sniper is for conservation of ammo for your SMG, you will need ammo later and yes you will come across ammo dumps but if you don't, you will be in a world of pain. If staying near the window is too close, move back to the left or right ends of this opposite to the next room and shoot from there. OBJECTIVE - SUPPORT MARINE ASSAULT Keep following your guys and you will finally reach an overwatch position. Go prone very close to the broken piece of the wall to the right of Campo. You can crawl to the right like this when you are under suppression. Kill the first guy who is working on the generator in front of Misfit 1-4. And look to the right, you will see a gate, on the left is a road. Enemies will start to pour in, first from the right and then from the left. About 15 or twenty come from the right first and then more from the left. If you look carefully, you can see that one of them moves to the first floor of the building there and Campo warns you of his presence also, kill that guy and some more come in from a truck to the left of this place from the road. You will have a real fun time killing all these guys, so just be ready and remember that using the sprint button will steady the scope for a short period of time. If you are not fast enough 1-4 will be annihilated and you may have to play this a few times to actually understand where the enemies are coming from. Keep an ear open to Campo also as he teels you when an RPG is running on the roof. You can actually shoot from anywhere in this area (room to the left, place to the right) once you stand beside Campo for a second just to get rid of that move marker. Find the position that best suits you, but you don't really have to go anywhere from here beside Campo. In the middle of the fight after the truck to the left another jeep comes in from the right with a guy mounted on a .5, make him your priority as soon as the jeep shows and keep an ear out as the lead of 1-4 tells that Al-Bashir is making a run for it in a truck. As soon as you hear this, get up and run like hell to the right end and down the building - its a long run and don't release your finger from the sprint button. As soon as you get down, have your second weapon ready because you need to shoot at a speeding vehicle. As soon as you see the car, just shoot at it and if you get a few shots on, the car crashes into a wall, run to it to secure Al-Bashir. If you are losing him then just be faster, run to the right as soon as the game loads and shoot at the car. OBJECTIVE - SECURE HVT When Campo joins you here, more enemies assault you from the left of the road far ahead - they are coming from the place you were just killing them from the apartment buildings. If you are getting killed here, then just run to the left of the road behind a car - and shoot enemies from there. This is the left most car on the road right next to the gate opposite to the car which you just crashed. Prone behind this car and look and aim to the left. Enemies start coming in double of single and they actually come down the same path so you don't need to even move your crosshair. But a couple of them might go out of line but nothing too fancy. If you killed all the guys to the left. Look to the right and there are two more guys, one behind a wall and the other next to a car, both on the opposite side of the road. Go back to Campo after this.

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This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

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 OBJECTIVE - PROTECT HVT UNTIL EXTRACTION ARRIVES Firstly, after you get to Campo, the first strike happens from the ground floor and you should be on top of the stairs and you can take out all who come. Enemies come in from left and right. The second strike comes from the floor you are on and directly opposite to you. Stay low and kill all. When Campo moves, start moving with him to the opposite side. The third strike happens on this floor from the opposite side and also be aware of the enemies on the top floors and if you don't hear anyone and Campo is still not starting the conversation, just move out of this place and look on the top floors and you ought to see some guy in cover. One thing that can happen is that, if you do not move with Campo and the games saves while you are still in the first room, it keeps reloading from here if you die and you may not have time to run to the opposite side where Campo is as enemies start shooting at you. When this happens, just stay here itself and take care of the enemies from this floor who come in from the left, let them run in front of you towards Campo and then take them out and if they are not coming just peek and kill them. After that , move slowly and look at the top floors while moving to Campo. Kill them and get back to him. After Campo tells you to move out, you will hear an explosion from the other end of this place and enemies start coming in. Kill them and after Campo moves out, clear the path in front and start diving from cover to cover. If you are getting killed too many times, look to the right and kill the guys on top but do not spend too much time - its time to pull out, not fight. Go out and stay prone behind cover. Go from cover to cover and you will come to the copter but do not go in until you are asked to, stay low behind cover to the right and wait till you are asked - this is the cover you need to stay at- After you are asked to come in, run for your life - run after you hear "Now go, go, go" and listen to Al-Bahir squeal. | | ---> WLK10 | ROCK AND A HARD PLACE | Drinking a vanilla milkshake - does that mean | | something? Expect things to get hard from now. You will not be able to see most of the enemies but you can still kill them on pure foresight and intuition. But the mission gets real easy after the first attack. After the jeep breaks down, find cover behind the closest tree. You will need to take cover behind trees for some time now so be on the lookout for trees - you are in a forest, so not trouble spotting trees, you will also be able to find cover behind occasional rocks (prone only). Death is imminent because as I already said - you will not be able to see all of the enemies, but take it slow and low - there's no hurry. If you ran to the left then you can find enemies to the right of the road upfront behind trees and stones, keep coming back to cover if you are being fired upon - you do not want to die. After clearing the right side, run to that side and take cover behind trees and shoot, if you can't find anyone (you need to look hard) move to the next tree in front of you. Look to the left side too as there maybe an enemy or two real close to you to the left - real close. Go prone to avoid being shot. As soon as your friends say "Get fresh Mags out" Look in front of you and you should see about five guys running in. One of them has an RPG, but the trees will protect you. Again, they take cover behind the trees and rocks so look there. Two go to the left of the road and about three come to the right. The RPG is on the right of the road (possibly in front of you) behind a tree. After investigating the body run ahead with your squad. After that, run ahead with Cole and try to stay with him since he goes behind the best cover. Look through your scope and shoot - run ahead when your squad is running but stay with them - don't fall back and do not go ahead. If you did not notice by now - you have a grenade launcher and a rocket launcher - wonder what they are for hmmm!!! After you ceasefire and regroup, another counter-attack happens and a tank comes in. Use your rocket launcher and do not worry about ammo as there are a few dumps around this place. Stay behind cover, shoot the tank and go prone immediately and hit it again after reloading. Each tank takes three hits. Save your grenades and grenade launcher just in case you are not bale to find the ammo crates. Listen to your squad as they tell you which sides the enemies are coming from. If they say left, then the enemies come from the left and so on. Keep picking up the stray weapons from the ground if you are out of ammo. So, keep changing weapons from the beginning itself so as to not run out of ammo. I'm pretty sure the game shows ammo indicators in this part. Two more tanks attack you and they will not hurt you in the least. Just stay in prone while reloading and shoot while not. These tanks take only two hits from the rockets. There will not be any more tanks after this so go crazy if you want to on the enemies ;) Then you will be fired upon by an enemy Jet. If the enemy Jet is behind you then take cover in the front of a vehicle and if the Jet is in front of you, take cover behind a vehicle. You will need to repeat this for a long run ahead. Run in between cover and after a little while, you will be asked to obtain a stinger and a move marker will show up. Go around the vehicle and take the stinger. Aim at the jet and after the target is locked, hit it. One hit and the jet goes down and then watch shit happen.

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This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

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 | | | KAFFAROV | ---> WLK11 | | The last mission was short and easy but this one is nowhere near both...but I think this is the best mission of the game (maybe ties with Night Shift). After your buddies notice the enemy patrol, go to the left most part of this place - near Kiril even though the follow marker is on the other guy. This makes things a bit easier. If you are near Kiril, you can take cover behind the large rock to the left and shoot at the enemy from here itself. When you are asked to take the weapons, do so because you have a freaking midget of a weapon right now. Take the guns and come back here or just stay prone there and shoot the remaining enemies from there. Note that another jeep comes in with more enemies after the first wave. When you are going to take your weapons, try to kill some guys in the front near the road or you may have a tough time dodging their bullets. Do not go in to take your weapons as soon as you see the move marker, there are a lot of enemies around here, try to finish them off with the midget first and go only when their numbers fade. Just shoot in the air if you are not able to pinpoint your enemy. You will need to hit left click for a quick time event and after a while, go to the marked spot and hit E near the switch. Now before going left and up the stairs, equip your shotgun as there is an enemy with a shotgun on top of the stairs, shoot him as soon as you come to the stairs. There are more enemies behind the cars. Two vehicle come in and have two guys in each. But they are not your problem. After climbing the stairs, take cover behind the wall to the left and do not go near the car in front of you (to the left of the road). An RPG will hit it as soon as you pass the car or if you are near it. The RPG is followed by two MGs and they all are difficult to spot but you should look for them here... The RPG will not come out till you pass the first car, so just move from the right of the road and come back here for cover or stay behind one of the cars. Remember that the MGs and RPG can destroy the white walls you are taking cover behind, so take cover behind a car. But, before passing the car for the RPG to come out, kill all the foot soldiers here. Stay behind a car and the RPG will not hit you, if you are in between a car and the wall, it can still kill you. The RPG comes from behind the fence above there and can be a headache if you are not behind proper cover. You can blindly shoot at the place I have shown in the pic as the RPG is in prone there itself (around there). The best place is behind the first car to the right of the road. After killing all the ground troops. Your comrades will move ahead. You do the same and run from cover to cover and take cover behind the rock that is to the left of the place where the other guys are staying at. It is a little behind them so do not run all the way to them. When you are here, you can spot the enemies easier. But you still need to be careful, do not stay near the edge of the rock, stay somewhere in the middle and crouch to shoot and prone for cover. After this, you move ahead and more units come in. Stay low and kill all of them - nothing special here. But, instead of shooting them from where your pals are, look to the left of here and you should see an entry to a pipe, go in thru the pipe and fire the enemies from behind their backs - flanking...well not literally behind them. After this, you will move into the house and again you will be split from your guys. Go down to the right when they ask you to and you will get a sniper with a thermal scope attached. You will need to use this from henceforth to kill enemies who are at a distance. When asked, kill the two snipers who are to the left and right on the roof and kill the rest of the guys below there and move in. When near the house, don't stay with your group, instead move through the left around the house and kill the guys here, be careful while passing by glass panes as there are a lot of enemies inside the house too. Use your sniper to get a clear position on them. OBJECTIVE - FIND KAFFAROV After clearing out the bottom floor, you will be asked to go up. Be ready to fire as soon as you get on top of the stairs as there's an enemy close by in front of you. Keep moving into the next room and shortly you will come to stairs leading down. Look back as soon as you get down for more enemies. After killing the ones here, your pals come to you and take cover in front of you. Go right to the room here and be prepared as there are enemies to the left in the next room - more flanking for you... Kill all the guys here with the thermal sniper and move up the stairs and a RPG comes at you. Go prone immediately here itself on top of the stairs and kill the RPG and two gunners to his left and be quick or they will kill you. You may only see their heads - but that is enough for us with the sniper. Move up and when your pals come near a door, stay away from the front of the door as some idiot is playing with a shotgun on the other side. As soon as the door is kicked down, move in and go prone instantly. As soon as you get down, equip your shotgun and crawl left (prone) shoot any guy you see in front of you as you get to the other end of the room but you need to be fast as all guys here have shotguns that can kill you with one shot, so if you are not quick with you reaction, you will die. And if you think this approach is too risky for you, stay with your friends and fight from there. After this room, you will be asked to go to the top floor again. You know the drill - shotgun time. Go thru the right door and you should see two guys coming up from the stairs, go right and kill them. Go prone and shoot guys in the lower room and clear the place. But, if you are too close to the railing, the enemies can shoot you, move back quickly if they are hitting you and come back and shoot again. When you get in the dark room with the red light, you will see lots of weapons here, you should definitely pick up one of these as they have a light attached and the next area is going to be totally dark. You can exchange any weapons you like here and keep one you already have. You could also use your thermal sniper but you would need one fast weapon too since some enemies come in at close range. After clearing this room, a last guy comes in from the front and has a machine gun. It is highly recommended to take it but it is your wish which weapons you want to keep. In the next room, you need to go down the stairs to the right. Just jump near the entrance of the door if you can't walk in. Throughout the next area you will come across enemies who have, blinding lasers attached to their weapons. IF you have a normal weapon without any light attachment, the lasers will totally blind you, but you can still see a white spot - hit it. If you have a light weapon, see thru the scope and the effect of the enemy lasers is greatly reduced and you will be able to see them. If you have the machine gun then don't give a shit.. just hold the trigger as soon as you see anything. There is an enemy to the left as soon as you enter this area. Go prone and crawl thru this room and to the next room where the enemy was. Go into the next room from there and as soon as you look right into the next room, another laser guy is waiting for you. Another guy may come in here but if not, he is in the next room to the left. As soon as you go in, crawl to the right end of the room from behind the cardboards and move towards the door. If you saw a guy come in earlier then there is another here near the door and if not, there are two. In the next room, another laser guy is to the right near the door. Past this door is another door and an enemy to the right. Keep yourself proned and throw a grenade above the stairs in front of you and run up and kill the guy here (if he ain't dead). To your left is another laser guy far ahead near the edge of the wall and you will see a red target by now. Do not rush. Move in slowly and go berserk (if you have the machine gun) - there are two guys, one to the left and right. Your pals rejoin you now and run to the next door. As soon as you get near the stairs - another goon. The whole area is on fire - you will not be able to use thermal here. Use your grenades or go berserk with the machine gun from the wall here - don't go in as you may die. Wait for your guys to move all the way inside if you just let them go, they may even kill everyone for you. When you get to the place they are waiting. Be ready for two more guys who come down from the stairs to the right. Shoot around before entering the inferno as you may become the victim of an unfortunate and totally random barrel explosion - shoot any barrels you see. When you are outside, sprint to the copter and when you are in - hit E. When you are Blackburn again, run into the villa - no fighting. Inside you will meet Dima. Cole comes in from the left door and asks you to drop your weapon - shoot him as soon as you see him.

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

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| | | THE GREAT DESTROYER | ---> WLK12 | | The quick time sequence is SPACE and E. As soon as you are free, run out this room and to the left and hit space near the window. You will die if you do not hold sprint all this while. Run behind Campo and when he stops running, run to the left where you see the marker and hit space when asked (as the train comes below you). Inside - a recap of the first mission, as soon as you pick up the pistol, shoot the three guys in front of you. Grab their SMG and move into the next cart and shoot the three guys here. Keep running and hit left click in the fight. Run ahead and hit E near the window to the left, hit space once outside and then keep hitting SPACE continuously after you are shot down. On top, enemies keep coming from the left, stay prone at all times and shoot whomever you see. You will get to the hole in the train, there's a guy with a light attachment gun, shoot him down but do not stop when the light is out - he will still be alive. After killing him, move on and kill the three guys who come from the right side ahead. More keep coming as you move towards Solomon. Just shoot anyone you come across - there's plenty of cover if you need it. Be aware of the shotgunner in the second compartment - wait for him to come. You need to pass three compartments to get to Solomon. Its only quick time from now on. First RIGHT CLICK and then SPACE. SEWER CHASE :- OBJECTIVE - CHASE DOWN SOLOMON As soon as you fall, hold the trigger and after the guy in front of you is dead, take his weapon as it has thermal scope - you will need it. Move on and kill the next guys. There is plenty of cover behind the concrete projections from the walls here and also plenty of people to kill. Do your thing and keep moving as you do it. Nothing much to write about in this place and you would not need any help if you have made it this far. Be careful as there are laser blinders to some enemy weapons and this time, you will surely be blinded if you did not pick up the weapon from the first guy. Just be wary of the cover around you, there is plenty to be found and Solomon is not going anywhere so spend your time. One observation I made is that if you really act like a maverick and keep pushing forward without stopping, the enemies will be on their toes and you can kill them easily...try it. Outside, you get a handgun, just shoot in the traffic so no car hits you... After the crash Solomon comes and it's time to kill the f***. The sequence is SPACE, E, LEFT CLICK, E, coontinous SPACE.

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

Congratulations..... you just saved New York

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=============================================================================== /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ _______________________________________________________________________________ ________ ________\ || \\\\ || MULTIPLAYER / CO-OP COVERAGE ----> MPC0 ||________ //// ________/ Multiplayer is the essence of this game. It is undoubtedly, the best FPS multiplayer in the market right now. That is the exact reason I have started writing this guide from the multiplayer section first. All real gamers start with the multiplayer first ;p Covering every aspect of the multiplayer is not possible, but I will try to put forth as much as I can. You get 100 points for killing an enemy and if you assist in killing them, then you get the number of points equal to the damage you did to that enemy before your teammate killed him. You may get extra bonuses for headshots and various other stuff. Destroying vehicles is also very profitable since you get 250 points. I found the tank to be of most help in these modes - just for that extra protection. If you fill up all seats of your tank then it will be more earier, but hope your partner is good with the mini gun.

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 CONQUEST LARGE & CONQUEST ----> MPC1 Note: The only difference between Conquest Large and Conquest I could make out was that there are no vehicles in Conquest but Conquest large may have jeeps and tanks to boats and jets depending on the map. I'd say that these are the best modes in the multiplayer. They are just like capture the flag but with a twist... There are about five flag locations in the map and one country (US or Russia) spawn on one side of the map and the other country spawns on the opposite side. Your goal is to capture the flag points and the only advantage the flag points hold is that, your country's soldiers will be able to spawn from the flag locations which is currently under your power. Otherwise they... you'all just spawn in the original spawn point. Each times a player dies, he can choose to spawn in any location located on the deploy screen (the screen which you come to when you die where you can select the classes). Each time a player spawns, their country will lose a point. Each country has 250 points to begin with. So, if your team does 250 spawns before the other team, then you lose. You can capture the flag if you are within 50 meters from it. When in an area with a flag, if there are more members of your team than those from the other team, you will see a circle filling up around the alphabet which represents the flag area. IF the circle is fully filled, then you have just obtained the flag. But be wary, enemies can still get this flag... if you are the first to reach the flag area and successfully obtain the flag, you get a cool 250 points, if you assist then you get 200 points. Enemy flags are represented by an orange color. So, if you see an alphabet in orange, then that area has been help by the enemy. To capture an enemy flag, go there and stay there till you can see the orange circle decrease around the alphabet that represents this flag area. When the circle is fully reduced then you have neutralized the flag. Now, the circle will start filling towards your capturing the flag. All soldiers in the area when the flag is neutralized will get 200 points. So, if you are the first person in an enemy flag area and successfully neutralize and capture the flag, you get 450 points. Another thing is that (Thanks TOM for mailing me about this) If any team holds more than half the flags, then the enemies will bleed points (tokens) and your team will become closer to winning the round. Tips to gain a few extra points :- As the game starts, you will be in a count down and when the timer reaches T-5 (5 seconds remaining) you will be able to move, sprint to the nearest ground vehicle and head to the nearest flag point. The flag points are marked with alphabets (A B C D E) and you can see them on the screen. As soon as the game starts and countdown begins, you need to check which two flags are closest to your spawn point. So, as soon as you are in a vehicle (or not) rush to the nearest flag point. Remember that you can hold "shift" to boost your vehicle speed. Rush to the nearest point and stay there and after you get the flag, rush to the point nearest from here and get that one too. If you are the first to get to these then you have a cool 500 points by now, or if you are not the first, you still get 400 points. From here, advance to the next area, you can get the first two flags easily but if you are not fast then you may face some resistance near the third flag. So, be careful when trying for the third flag. If you die, then choose to spawn from the flag area that is nearest and come back here to fight. It is best if you leave your flag count at three and defend the ones you have. The two flags closest to the enemy position would have been captured by now and there will be hordes of enemies to face if you try to breach perimeter. So, you can just choose to defend the flags you have. If you see orange arrows around your alphabet with a circle which is decreasing then the enemy are in your territory. Also, you will be able to see if your team mates are capturing a flag. So, if you see and alphabet with the circle filling around it, rush to that place to get some assist points. All passengers get reduced scores and all drivers will be given full scores. So, if you are a passenger, just get out of the vehicle just as the circle is about to fill up. But, be careful as other team mates may take your ride away. Sneaky B*******

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 RUSH & SQUAD RUSH:- ----> MPC2 RUSH There are two enemy M-Com units in the map. Defenders have to stop the attackers from destroying the units. Attackers need to go to the unit and manually place a charge on them. Then they have to kill any defending forces trying to disable the charge. Placing and disabling charges takes time which can be seen by the filling of the circle around the alphabet that represents the comm station. The comm stations first spawn in an area which is inbetween the attacker and defender deployment areas. Later, they randomly spawn around the map. Comm stations spawn only if the previous ones have been destroyed. You cannot destroy the stations by shooting or bombing, they have to be fused manually. Both comm stations usually spawn very close to each other, within 20-30 meters of each other. Usually, attackers or defenders, both stay close to the M-comm while defending it from the enemy. So, if you cannot see them, be sure that there are enemy around this place and the best way to go is to go prone but you will be stabbed if you are not careful. Throw a grenade near a comm station before approaching it to see if there are any enemies there. Some maps allow light to heavy ground armor (jeeps and tanks). But you will not see jets or copters - you don't expect a comm station to be floating in the sky, do you? SQUAD RUSH Similar to rush, but is played by squads. Squads are teams of four. This mode may have only one M-comm station as very few players can play it at once. I think usually 8 players are on the map at once but even 16 can play at a time. SQUAD DEATHMATCH & TEAM DEATHMATCH :- ----> MPC3 You cannot expect any shooter multiplayer without death matches (RAGE is an exception !!!). If you have not heard of what a death match is, then you have been living in an icy cave in Antarctica for the past 30 years living on rotten meat and frozen fish ;p or you are a 3 year old. In which case, you should not be playing the game. If you are playing squad deathmatch then you have to kill other squads and whichever squad reaches the kill limit first wins the game. If you are playing team deathmatch then you have to kill players from the other team. I suggest you play squad matches only if you have a friend to play with or a group of friends. Going into a good squad is difficult and there are plenty of bad players around who do not have a shred of common sense on how to play as a unit. (yeah NOOB ALERT !!!)

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=============================================================================== ________ ________\ || \\\\ || ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ----> ACK0 ||________ //// ________/ =============================================================================== /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ _______________________________________________________________________________

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