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​Dark Souls, one of the more difficult games on the market right now tends to stymie many players. Our very own CheatLemur will walk you through every section of the game step by step to help you on your way. Come on in and lets get started!!

This IS a work in progress with much more info to come. Please check back often for updates and additions.


​1.1 Character Creation


1.2 Controls

Playstation 3
Xbox 360

1.3 Stats


1.4 Gameplay Elements

White Light
Estus Flasks

1.1 Character Creation

There are several things that you choose from just before you begin playing Dark Souls. This is simply character creation. Character creation is, obviously, creating the character that you’ll be using throughout the game. You’ll be choosing from various settings including the character’s name, gender, appearance, class and gift.

NAME – You can give your character any name you want, regardless of availability. Your character’s name is insignificant, as it will not affect the gameplay or outcome and will not be present in the dialogue.

GENDER – Your gender will be the sex of your character. Your character’s gender will not affect the gameplay in any way, but the appearance of your armor sets may look slightly different than if your character were the opposite sex.

APPEARANCE – Your character’s appearance will simply be how your character will look. You can change your character’s hairdo, physique, facial complexion, hair color, eye color, and skin color. None of these will affect gameplay in any way.

CLASS – Your character’s class is what determines his or her starting stats and equipment. This will affect early gameplay, but will not prevent you from doing anything another class has the ability to do. We’ve provided a list of the classes in the game to choose from.

​WARRIOR – The warrior class is a good all-around class and is a very good ​class to begin with. The warrior class has decent strength, dexterity, and vitality. ​This class also starts off with a set of Standard Armor.

​KNIGHT – The knight is a heavy tank class. It’s a very strong class, but his heavy​ set of Knight Armor makes your character slow with the starting stats, so this ​class if for those who do not often dodge.

​WANDERER – The wanderer class is a good all around class that allows for ​speed and evasive dodging. The wanderer class starts off with a set of Wanderer ​Armor.

​THIEF – The thief class has a high critical rate, which gives this class a great ​early advantage. The preferred weapon for this class would be shortswords and ​daggers. The thief class starts off with a set of Leather Armor and a Master Key.

​BANDIT – The bandit class is a strong class with a high dexterity. This mean the ​bandit class will favor high-dexterity weapons. The bandit class starts off with a​set of Brigand Armor.

​HUNTER – The hunter class is specialized in using bows. This class starts off ​with a set of Leather Armor, a bow, and thirty arrows.

​SORCERER – The sorcerer class specializes in magic and pyromancy. This ​class is recommended to those who dislike close combat. This class starts off ​with the Sorcerer Set.

​PYROMANCER – The pyromancer class starts with high physical and magical ​damage stats. This class begins focusing primarily on fire spells and raw power. ​The pyromancer class starts of with a set of Tattered Cloth clothing.

​CLERIC – The cleric class has a knack for casting miracles, and you’ll start off ​with quite a bit of them with this class. However, this class has very low dexterity, ​and this should be noted when choosing a class. The cleric class starts off with a ​set of Holy Gear.

​DEPRIVED – The deprived class is often referred to as the ”expert” class. This is ​not because it is a powerful class, but quite the opposite. The deprived have poor ​stats all around and do not have any starting gear. Only pick this class if you’re ​willing to challenge yourself from the beginning of the game.

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GIFT – You can start your character off with a gift that will aid you during the early hours of gameplay. You can choose from any one of the gifts listed below.

​NONE – Your character does not start off with a gift

​GODDESS’S BLESSING – This item completely restores HP and cures all status ​effects.

​BLACK FIREBOMB – Powerful throwing item that inflicts fire damage to affected ​enemies.

​TWIN HUMANITIES – Grants the user two humanities as opposed to one.

​BINOCULARS – This allows you to loot at faraway sights.

​PENDANT – This item has no effect at all.

​MASTER KEY – Can open any basic lock throughout the game.

​TINY BEING’S RING – Gives a small boost to the user’s HP when worn.

​OLD WITCH’S RING – This rings has no immediate effect on the user.

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1.2 Controls
Here we’ll lay out the differences between the PS3 and Xbox360 controllers for you.


  • Left Stick: Player Controls.
  • Right Stick: Camera Controls.
  • D-pad:Select items and equipment.
  • Up: Cycle remembered spells.
  • Down: Cycle equipped items.
  • Left: Swap Left hand weapon.
  • Right: Swap Right hand weapon.
  • [Triangle]: Two-hand equipped weapon.
  • X: Action.
  • [Square]: Use selected item.
  • [Circle]:
  • Tap [Circle]: Backstep.
  • Slide down ladder: Stop moving, Tap [Circle]
  • Left Stick + Tap [Circle]: Roll.
  • Left Stick + Hold [Circle]: Run/Dash.
  • While Running + Tap [Circle]: Jump.
  • R1:Attack.
  • Forward + R1: Kick.
  • While falling + R1: Takedown.
  • Behind Foe + R1: Backstab (weapon).
  • Tap [Circle] + Double Tap R1: Dash Attack
  • R2:Heavy Attack.
  • Forward + R2: Jumping Attack.
  • L1: Guard (shield), Attack (weapon, catalyst).
  • L2:Parry (small shield), Bash (large shield), Parry (weapon).
  • After successful Parry: R1 to riposte.
  • R3:Target lock/release.
  • Swap target by moving the Right Stick. Move it in the direction of the preferred ​​target, from its current position.
  • On ladder:
  • [Circle]: Slide down.
  • R1: Upward punch.
  • R2: Downward kick.
  • Select: Gestures.
  • Alternatively, you can hold the X button and use the Six-Axis controls of the PS3 ​controller. These motions are shown in the Gestures menu.
  • Start: Menu.
XBOX 360
  • Left Stick: Player Controls.
  • Right Stick: Camera Controls.
  • D-pad:Select items and equipment.
  • Up: Cycle remembered spells.
  • Down: Cycle equipped items.
  • Left: Swap Left hand weapon.
  • Right: Swap Right hand weapon.
  • Y: Two-hand equipped weapon.
  • A: Action.
  • X: Use selected item.
  • B:
  • Tap B: Backstep.
  • Slide Down Ladder: Stop moving, Tap B
  • Left Stick + Tap B: Roll.
  • ​Left Stick + Hold B: Run/Dash.
  • While Running + Tap B: Jump.
  • RB:Attack.
  • Forward + RB: Kick.
  • While falling + RB: Takedown.
  • Behind Foe + RB: Backstab (weapon).
  • RT:Heavy Attack.
  • Forward + RT: Jumping Attack.
  • LB: Guard (shield), Attack (weapon, catalyst).
  • LT:Parry (small shield), Bash (large shield), Parry (weapon).
  • After successful Parry: RB to riposte.
  • R3: Target lock/release.
  • On ladder:
  • B: Slide down.
  • RB: Upward punch.
  • RT: Downward kick.
  • Back: Gestures.
  • Start: Menu.

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1.3 Stats

Your stats govern how powerful your character is, what equipment or spells your character can wield and wear, and how resistant you are to different types of damage, status ailments, and curses. You can level up any of your stats at bonfires by sacrificing a set number of souls. This required number of souls will increase as you level up, making leveling up a more difficult task each time. Each of the different stats are listed and described below.

VITALITY – Vitality governs your health within the game. Increasing you level of vitality will increase the maximum amount of HP that your character has. It will also increase your character’s general defense, making your character lose less health from all attacks.

ATTUNEMENT – Attunement simply governs how many attunement slots you have. All that this means is that, when your attunement is higher, you will be able to hold more types of magic and faith at one given time.

ENDURANCE – Endurance governs a few different things, but the most prominent of these is how much stamina your character has. It will also increase your character’s equipment load, and increase your resistance to bleed.

STRENGTH – Strength governs how effectively you can wield certain weapons and armor, how much damage you do with physical attacks, and how much physical defense your character has. Strength is easily one of the most important stats.

DEXTERITY – Dexterity governs all the same categories as strength, but focusses on finesse instead of brute strength. The biggest difference that you’ll see will be the types of weapons it affects. They will likely be slicing and piercing weapons, such as Katana swords and spears rather, than blunt weapons, such as axes.

RESISTANCE – Resistance simply governs all of your character’s defenses including physical, magic, flame, and lightning. Therefore, you will lose less health from any kind of attack. Resistance also governs how vulnerable you are to status ailments and curses.

INTELLIGENCE – Intelligence govern a few different things. First, it governs how powerful your magic and pyromancy is. Next, it dictates the different spells you can use. The higher you intelligence is, the more spells your character will be able to use. Finally, it governs what magical equipment you can use, such as catalysts.

FAITH – Faith affects your character in the same way intelligence does, but works with the miracle set instead. It will affect how powerful your miracles are, what miracles your character can use, and what miracle-based equipment your character can use.

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1.4 Gameplay Elements

The gameplay elements are basically the inner workings of Dark Souls. These gameplay elements are just the basics. It’ll just give you information to run on. Without such knowledge, you would be lost in the game with no idea on how it works. We’ve compiled a list of the most important gameplay elements of Dark Souls.

MESSAGES – Throughout the game, other players leave these red-glowing markers on the ground. You can approach and select them, and a message will be displayed. Most of these messages were created by players, and compiled from a set of possible parameters that are preset in a list. Often, these are hints to help all players in the game. You can also create your own messages by using a specific item acquired early in the game. You may also recommend messages you find helpful. If you recommend a message, the author of that message will receive a health boost. Likewise, if another player recommends your message in the game, your character will receive a boost to its health. Messages can only be seen if the game is in online mode.

SOULS – Souls are the central currency throughout the game. They are used to increase your stats, purchase spells, items, equipment, and other various things throughout Dark Souls. You can acquire souls by killing enemies, devouring consumable souls, and using certain items in the game. When you die, you lose all of your souls. The only way to reclaim your souls is to activate your bloodstain at the spot where you died. If you die on the way to your bloodstain, that bloodstain disappears along with the souls it contained, and a new one appears where you died on your way.

WHITE LIGHT – A white light in the game is basically a door that your character can “traverse” that head you deeper into the level, and often to a boss battle. However, despite saving your data, these are not checkpoints and, if you die, you will still go back to your most recent bonfire, not at the white light.

BONFIRES – Bonfires are your checkpoints throughout the game. When you rest at a bonfire, several options come up. You’ll be able to reverse your hollowing(death body), gain more Estus Flasks, level up your stats, and completely heal. Every time you die, you’ll be sent back to the last bonfire that you rested at.

ESTUS FLASKS – Estus Flasks are your characters health potion in the game. You’ll have a set number of Estus Flasks from each bonfire, and the only way to replenish them is to rest at a bonfire. You can increase the strength of you your Estus Flasks by offering Fire Keeper’s souls to a specific NPC in the game. You can also increase the number of Estus Flasks you gain from certain bonfires by kindling them.

HUMANITY – Humanity is a somewhat universal item in the game. I say this because it is used for so many different things. The amount of Humanity you have at any given time is shown as a number in the top-left corner of the player’s screen. The higher that number is, the easier the enemies are, and the better chance the have of dropping better loot. The lower the number is, the more powerful the enemies are, and the less of a chance they have of dropping better loot. You can also use Humanity at bonfires to reverse hollowing, and kindle the bonfire. You can gain Humanity from consuming the Humanity Item, killing enemies(random), and defeating bosses. When you die, you lose all your Humanity and your human form. If you activate your bloodstain where you died, you can reclaim your Humanity, but not your human form.

SUMMONING – There is an online co-operative system in Dark Souls. If you are in human form, and are not hollowed, then you are able to summon other human players throughout the game that are within 10 soul levels of your total level. You’ll be able to summon them by finding their summoning markers and activating them. These markers are similar to those left by messages, but are white, as opposed to red. Summoning players will allow them to aid you in your quest, but they are sent back to their worlds once you die or a boss is defeated. If you are hollowed, and therefore are not in human form, then you may use a specific item acquired early in the game that leaves a marker for one in human form to see. If this marker is activated by one in human form, you will be summoned to their world to aid them in battle. When summoned, you are unable to use Estus Flasks. If you defeat a boss while summoned, you will be sent back to your world with an additional Humanity.

INVADING – Invading is quite the opposite of summoning. If someone invades your world, their number one priority is to kill you. An alert message will flash on your screen three times, warning you that a player has invaded your world. If you kill them, you will receive their souls, one Humanity, and possibly one of their items. You can invade other player’s worlds as well. You can only do this by using a specific consumable item that is acquired at various points in the game. When invading, you cannot use any Estus Flasks. You will be a black phantom. If you kill your target, you will receive one Humanity, and all the opposing player’s souls. If you die when invading, you will lose all your souls and Humanity, and your human form. You will not be able to find you bloodstain to reclaim these, since you died in another player’s world.

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