Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception Walkthrough | FAQ [Guide]


This guide will walk you through all aspects of Uncharted 3. 22 chapters in all and each one has step by step info to guide you to a successful completion of the game!

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I. Treasures and Trophies_________________________________________________[TT0]

II. Walkthrough___________________________________________________________[W00]

    Chapter 1_____________________________________________________________[W01]

    Chapter 2_____________________________________________________________[W02]

    Chapter 3_____________________________________________________________[W03]

    Chapter 4_____________________________________________________________[W04]

    Chapter 5_____________________________________________________________[W05]

    Chapter 6_____________________________________________________________[W06]

    Chapter 7_____________________________________________________________[W07]

    Chapter 8_____________________________________________________________[W08]

    Chapter 9_____________________________________________________________[W09]

    Chapter 10____________________________________________________________[W10]

    Chapter 11____________________________________________________________[W11]

    Chapter 12____________________________________________________________[W12]

    Chapter 13____________________________________________________________[W13]

    Chapter 14____________________________________________________________[W14]

    Chapter 15____________________________________________________________[W15]

    Chapter 16____________________________________________________________[W16]

    Chapter 17____________________________________________________________[W17]

    Chapter 18____________________________________________________________[W18]

    Chapter 19____________________________________________________________[W19]

    Chapter 20____________________________________________________________[W20]

    Chapter 21____________________________________________________________[W21]

    Chapter 22____________________________________________________________[W22]

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                         ||  Treasures and Trophies  ||                   [TT0]
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                              ||  Walkthrough  ||                         [W00]
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=================================/           \=================================
                                   Chapter 1                              [W01]
=================================\ _________ /=================================

After the beginning cutscene, you'll be immediately thrown into an extended
fight against the thugs in the bar. The game tells you everything you need to
know though, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. After a bit, a large
fellow throws you through the window and you land back in the bottom floor of
the bar, where there are even more enemies to deal with. If you find yourself
low on health, just keep pressing Triangle to counter all the attacks, and
press Circle when it's displayed to break grabs.

The large brute eventually throws you into the bathroom. You need to move
towards him and counter his attack, then lay into him with your own punches by
pressing Square. Keep this up and you'll take him down in no time. Sully then
opens the door leading into the kitchen.

There are a few more enemies in the kitchen. Move to the back door to trigger
a cutscene and finish this chapter.

=================================/           \=================================
                                   Chapter 2                              [W02]
=================================\ _________ /=================================

Enter the museum and look around. You can press Select to bring up your
Journal, if you want.

Move upstairs and look around. When you're ready, examine the small case in
the middle of the room that has two sides. This triggers a cutscene that gets
you thrown out of the museum.

Move to the first intersection and go right. When prompted, take cover behind
the car. The game will tell you to move along the car to the front, then push
forward and Circle and to jump to the next cover point. Keep going around
until you trigger a cutscene.

Follow the road from the cutscene and it'll take you right. Now keep going
forward and you'll pass through a meat shop. There are some double doors on
the other side that you can go through. Once you do, go straight forward and
the man you've been following will enter the building here. Look on the red
building to the left for a pipe that leads straight up. Move towards it to
climb it and make your way around to the windows of the first building. Press
X to jump to another handhold if you have to.

After the cutscene, continue around the building and jump onto the pipe, then
onto the balcony ledge. Press X to climb up.

When you reach the end of the balcony, move towards the ledge on your right
and press X to hang from it. Jump to the 24 Horas sign and then over to the
ledge on the next building. Move to the end and climb up onto the ledge, then
jump over to the next one.

Move to the end of the rooftop and jump onto the Hotel Arrecife sign. Climb
down it. You may have to jump from one letter to another. At the bottom, press
Circle to drop down onto the blue kiosk below. Head up the nearby stairs and
follow the man until you trigger a cutscene.

=================================/           \=================================
                                   Chapter 3                              [W03]
=================================\ _________ /=================================

There is a rope to the right that you can jump to. Use it to get over to a
flat roof area. Once there, turn right and get onto the small structure with
roof tiles on it. You can then jump onto a raised section ahead that has
skylights. At the end of this section you'll find a ramp. Use it to jump to a
beam ahead, and then to the ledge of the next roof. Don't climb up. Instead,
just shimmy around to the left and you'll come across a gutter/downspout. Use
it to get onto the floor of the balcony.

Use the doors in the middle of the balcony to get back into the upper floor of
the museum.

Press Triangle next to the case in the middle of the room to trigger a
cutscene. When it's over, you'll be running from enemies. Head upstairs until
you can go no further. There is a box next to the closed door. Use it to climb
up into the open window above the door, then drop down on the other side.
Keep going, up more stairs. Move towards the door at the top to open it, and
do the same with the gate. Keep pressing Square when prompted to shake your

Run across the rooftop until you notice enemies ahead of you, then go right.
You should see a makeshift ramp. Use it to jump onto the nearby building. From
here there's just a bunch of straightforward running and jumping until the
end of the mission. Just don't slow down.

=================================/           \=================================
                                   Chapter 4                              [W04]
=================================\ _________ /=================================

Follow Sully down the alley and through a very narrow passage, then jump over
the metal bar ahead.

Keep going and your British friend will bust through a gate for you. Shortly
after this, you'll be at a dead end. There is a yellow thing with wheels in
here. Get behind it and press Circle to take cover on it, then push it up to
the next wall and use it to get over.

After the cutscene, move to the end of the alley and climb up the pipe by the
green garage door. When it breaks, jump up to the horizontal piping above you
and get around to a rooftop. There are more pipes on the other side. Use them
to climb around and get into a window.

Use the pipes ahead of you to get down onto some window sills. Press X to flip
over onto the other side of the window and use the pipe and sills over here to
drop down onto a pile of wood on the floor.

Head over to the garage door and press Triangle. After the cutscene, look on
the ground for tire tracks. Follow them until they turn. You'll be prompted
to press Up on the D-Pad at one point. You'll examine some tire tracks that
look like they go right into the wall ahead. When you regain control, move
around on the tire tracks and you'll find that a piece of the floor is a
button. There is another button on the other side, where the other tracks are.
Stand on it to trigger a cutscene. Once all four of you are standing on the
four buttons, press Up on the D-Pad and look at the brick wall, where the
vehicle should've gone through. After another cutscene it opens up.

Run to the end of the tunnel and you'll find the gate is locked. Turn around
and look on the wall to your left for a door that you can activate. You are
told to shoot the lock on it. Keep going, through a very narrow passage, and
you'll come to a room with two guys in it. They spot you immediately, so put
them down. Press R2 to reload your weapon. There are two more enemies in here,
near the exit.

In the cylindrical shaft, use the pipes to get to the bottom and move through
the hallway. The next room has two armed guards in it. Take them down and look
on the wall with the mesh. There are a bunch of horizontal pipes above that
you can use to get up to a ladder.

After using the ladder, look around the room for another ladder that you can't
quite reach, then go to the wall underneath it (you'll be just to the right of
the sparking box) and press Triangle to boost Sully up. Now look for a yellow
cabinet being illuminated by a light. Use this to get onto some ledges. Use
them to climb over and under the ducts, and get over to the lever. Pull it and
keep pressing Triangle to unlock a platform that you can climb on. Keep
pushing on to enter the next chapter.

=================================/           \=================================
                                   Chapter 5                              [W05]
=================================\ _________ /=================================

Keep going forward until you trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, look to the left
of the elevator you were trying to lift for a yellow ladder. Use it and climb
around to the counterweight. After the next cutscene, walk along the girders
above the next room. They lead you to a ledge. Climb up the ledge and walk to
the end. Use the chandeliers to get over to the other side. When you climb
down to the floor, an enemy comes out. Wait for him to approach your allies,
then walk up behind him and hit Square to perform a silent takedown. Move
through the room and when you reach the end, two guys will come through the
hole in the wall. Hit Square when prompted to take them out.

After travelling some more you trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, vault over the
railing and drop onto the enemy below you. Move towards the next enemy and
take him out silently as well (the game provides hints for these encounters).

Walk up to the desk in the middle of the room and press Triangle to trigger a
cutscene. You'll now need to find the Golden Hind. If you open your journal,
the answer is on the first page, circle. It's a golden deer head. You'll find
it at the top of one of the pillars in the middle of the room, by the desk. To
get up there, go around the back of the pillar on the other side of the room
and you'll find bars you can climb up. Once you get around to the other side
of the pillar, go as high as you can, then turn around and jump onto the
pillar with the deer head on it. Interact with it and two enemies will bust
into the room. You'll have to shoot them while hanging. After the next short
cutscene, eliminate the other three enemies and pick up their weapons, then go
through the doors.

You'll now backtrack into the train station area. When you enter the rocky
passage, watch for two enemies. A lot more show up when you actually enter
the station. Watch for the laser sight of the sniper at the far end. Clear it
out and move forward. When you get to the area with the trains, back up a bit.
Enemies come from ahead and from the train to your right. While scavenging for
ammo, you might find a KAL-7 SMG, which is useful.

When you approach the corner, more enemies show up on the other side. The
sniper is also back. Take them all down and he runs through a set of doors.
Approach those doors and you'll find two enemies inside. Keep going and you'll
come to another room with a few enemies and propane tanks. Use the tanks to
help clear the room. Use the ladder.

You'll come onto some subway tracks and another batch of enemies. Roll to
avoid the lasers and take out everyone. When you reach the subway car, more
enemies pop up on the other side, both on the tracks and on the platform.

Keep going and you'll come to some stairs. As you head up them, two enemies
appear at the top. Quickly dispatch the one on the left. He has an SMG. In the
next room you'll find a few more goons to deal with. There are also enemies
with laser sights beyond the gate at the end. When it's clear, run upstairs
and some enemies will follow you. Take them out and shoot the lock on the
final gate, then run through it to finish this chapter.

=================================/           \=================================
                                   Chapter 6                              [W06]
=================================\ _________ /=================================

Keep moving forward and after you drop down, you'll see the castle ahead of

Go left and you'll come across some ruins and a statue of a flute-playing guy.
Climb onto the platform to the right of these ruins and move to the edge. You
can drop down and shimmy across the ledge. When you come back up, you'll have
to jump across a couple of gaps and pass over a log bridge. You'll soon come
to a building. Sully can't open the doors, so start climbing up the wall to
the right of the doors. Once you're on the platform at the top, jump over to a
pipe on the next building and climb around to the large hole in the tower.

After climbing into the castle and reaching the bottom floor, move to a window
ahead of you and shoot the lock off of it so Sully can get in. He'll try to
move a beam in front of the exit door. After this, follow him over to a
cabinet and help him raise it up, then use it to get to the staircase. You can
now jump onto the chandelier and over to a platform. Use the pulley on the
wall to raise the chandelier that's on the ground, and jump around to the
final platform. You can now move the beam out of the way.

After going up some stairs and triggering a short cutscene, climb out of the
open window to the left. In the next room, lift the beam blocking the doorway.
You'll eventually enter a room with four golden statues.

Interact with one of the statues and you'll be told to bring up your journal.
Each knight in your journal wields a different weapon, just like the four
knights in the room. The large weapon/shield in front of the knight tells you
what that knight needs to be facing. So the knight holding the shield needs to
be facing the knight holding the axe. Axe faces shield, mace faces shield, and
sword faces axe. Once they're all turned into the proper positions, the
fireplace will open.

Move through the cavern until you reach what seems to be a dead end. There's
actually a very, very narrow passage that you can squeeze through. Keep going
and you'll eventually climb up to the edge of a well. When the cutscene is
done playing, press Square to pull the nearby enemy over. There are plenty of
enemies hanging around up here, so be ready for a firefight. Pick up a nearby
propane tank with Triangle and throw it at the nearest group of foes by
pushing L2, then quickly shoot it. A bunch of enemies will now try to rush
you, so if you can, roll over to one of those enemies and pick up a better
weapon, then roll back behind cover. After everyone on the ground is dead, two
guys pop up in open windows nearby. Take them out, then climb up to the
windows and hop in. Kill the guy that busts through the door and head on.
You'll engage in a grenade tutorial that takes care of the two guys below you.

Further ahead you'll enter another grenade tutorial which blows open a way
forward. After that, there's one last grenade tutorial. You'll now be
overlooking a courtyard filled with enemies and Sully. Don't linger around up
here too long. Enemies will come up from behind you if you do. Drop down and
take care of the opposition. When the area is clear, go to the top of the
stairs and bust through the door at the very end.

Go all the way down until you reach a puzzle on the floor. Open your journal
when prompted and you'll bring up a series of the floor symbols. You need to
work from bottom to top in your journal. You may notice that the symbol at the
very bottom on your journal is a yellow circle and crescent. Find this tile in
the room and step on it. It should go down. Face the other tiles now. To
complete the puzzle you need to move up, left, up, right, up, up, left, down,
left, up, up, right, right, right, up, left, and up. You'll end on the other
weird symbol that has a large circle and a crescent on it, and this opens a
nearby wall.

In the large room, after you and Sully talk a bit, head over to him and
press Triangle, then use the Cipher when prompted. You'll now have to push the
large altar out of the way and climb down into the caverns.

Short answer to the next puzzle room: Move the Eagle right three times and up
one time. Move the Horse left five times and up two times. Move the Ox/Bull
down three times and right four times. Move the Lion down two times and left
four times.

Long answer to the next puzzle room:

You'll eventually enter another puzzle room. Look on the back wall with all
of the tiles, and note the device just in front of them that you'll need to
use. Open your journal when prompted. First, examine the eagle symbol, since
it pops up twice. On the first page the eagle is surrounded by three other
symbols. There is no fourth symbol bordering the bottom of it. Keep those
symbols in mind and interact with the device in front of the tiles. Push up or
down with the Right Thumbstick until you have the eagle selected. Now you can
move the eagle tile on the wall ahead with the Left Thumbstick. Move it to the
right three times and up once. It will now be surrounded by the same symbols
in your journal, so it is in the correct place.

Open the journal again and look on the second page. You'll need to move the
horse so that it's two spaces to the left and one space up from the eagle.
This puts it on top of the circle bisected by a vertical line. Now get off of
the device and go to the left. You should see what looks like three slightly
raised tiles around a black square on the floor. Stand on one of those tiles
and look at the black square. It displays a symbol on the puzzle wall. Go to
the other two tiles and do that same thing. The symbol changes depending on
how you look at it. Now look inside the nearest archway. You should see the
eagle logo on the object in here. The eagle symbol on the wall is surrounded
by the same three symbols you just saw on the floor. Using this knowledge, you
can go to the other side of the room and find two more black tiles. One of the
archways doesn't have the logo on it, but the other archway has the lion logo.
You can see the four symbols that the lion needs to be surrounded by, so head
back to the device and move the lion symbol down twice and to the left four

The final black square correlates to the final movable tile: the ox/bull. Move
it down three times and to the right four times. Once all the tiles are
properly arranged, they should return to their original positions and a space
will open up at the bottom of that wall.

=================================/           \=================================
                                   Chapter 7                              [W07]
=================================\ _________ /=================================

When prompted, press Up on the D-Pad to spot an area where you can climb up.
Follow Sully over there and press Triangle to boost him up, then jump to him.
You'll now have to run for it. The longer the spiders are on you, the more
damage you'll take.

After you escape them, drop into the nearby hole and move to the end of this
floor. Jump over the ledge here so that you're hanging from it and you can
climb the wall. When you can't go any further, jump back onto the chandelier
and then get over to the next wall. Get up to the ceiling and keep trying to
climb up until it collapses, making a ramp that Sully can use to join you.

Keep going and you'll drop down. After the cutscene, take out the two guys
to the left. They'll drop gas cans that you can shoot to create an explosion.
Find a wooden ledge that you can walk on. At the end, jump over to some hand
holds on the opposite wall, then quickly get on the wooden beam going across
the room. Enemies show up on the other side. You can still aim and shoot while
hanging. Flip onto the other side of the beam and get onto the floor ahead,
where you'll immediately be accosted by two thugs. Use melee combat to deal
with them and find Sully. He's still on the other side of the room. There's a
large beam here that you can interact with, which creates a bridge for him to
cross. As he's coming over to you, two enemies bust through a door behind him.

Move towards the hole in the ceiling and kill the two guys that pop up above
you. Sully will boost you up, but the floor above is on fire and you fall.
Shortly after this, the nearby wall crumbles, and there's an enemy on the
other side. Keep going and you'll fall through the floor. Use the nearby beam
until it breaks, then jump onto the wall above you. Keep going, onto the
ceiling and over to Sully. Bust through the next door with him and you'll
have to fight the brute again (this is the large fellow that you left in the
bathroom in the first chapter). Put him down and kill the others on the second
and first floors.

On the first floor, an enemy will start shooting at you from a platform. Kill
him and get up to that platform. As you head upstairs, your foot will get
stuck. Kill the two enemies that come for you while Sully helps you out. The
stairs will then start to fall apart, so get ready for some climbing.

After a while you come across more enemies. The large room ahead is filled
with them. Once they're all down, a piece of the roof caves in, providing a
ramp. After you climb the ladder and get on the roof, get over to Sully, then
get ready to run. The big tower behind you will start collapsing, taking the
roof with it.

=================================/           \=================================
                                   Chapter 8                              [W08]
=================================\ _________ /=================================

Go to the left of the gate ahead and climb up to the bars above, then onto the
platform. Keep going and you'll pass through a huge stone arch and wind up on
a bridge.

Climb up the right side of the next door. When you finally get inside, there
will be three enemies on the floor below. Jump over to the platform to your
right, then circle around to the final platform and hang from the ledge
by the stairs. There should be a guy roaming around below you. Drop on him to
silently dispatch him. Now climb back up and go back to the previous platform
(the largest one). Look for a red ladder and use it. You should come down by
another enemy. If you hang from the edge, you can shimmy around until you're
behind him, then climb up and take him out. Now you can jump over to the
nearby platform, where there is an enemy facing away from you.

You can now drop down on one of the two enemies on the bottom floor. The
other guy will be alerted, so get ready to shoot him. Open the door for Sully,
then move to the large wheel to the left of the next door (which turns out to
be a drawbridge).

Head on and shoot the lock off of the gate.

Keep going until you spot a bucket ahead of you. Jump on it and Sully will
lower you down. Drop off at the bottom and jump up onto the platform on the
left side. Jump up again, but just hang from the ledge. An enemy will come to
you, and you can pull him over. There are two enemies in the area ahead. When
the coast is clear, move forward and take cover behind the little part of the
wall that sticks out. The nearest guard should patrol right in front of you.
When he does, take him down. The other guard might start patrolling at this
point. Quickly circle around behind him.

You can climb the wall in one of the rooms in the back here. Once you reach
the top, shoot the lock off of the gate in the distance that is blocking
Sully. Continue on and Sully will shoot the lock off of your gate.

Meet up with Cutter and Chloe, then climb the stairs. There will be enemies
ahead. Go right and when you reach the end of the platform, look down. You
should see two enemies. If you look at the one in the back, you should get a
prompt to press Square. Do so to silently take him down, then take out the
other one. A guy will patrol the area in front of you. Wait until he starts
moving away and let him have it. Another guy patrols the area around the
corner to the left. He stops in front of a low wall, so get to that wall and
take cover, then deal with the guy when he gets close.

Move up the stairs, but stop at the first landing and take cover. A patrolling
guard will stop right above you. When he turns away, climb up and take him
down. You should see the flashlight beam of the other guard to your left. You
can jump over the edge and climb over until you're right behind him, then pull
him over. Two more guards will come out the area ahead, so deal with them and
head inside. If you alert anyone, three more guards will come up to join the
firefight. Go upstairs and raise the gate.

Go upstairs and you'll find several armed enemies. One of them is heavily
armored and wields a shotgun. After you take them out, head upstairs and
you'll be ambushed and blown out of the window. When you're on the chain,
move back and forth and swing over to the next chain. When you start climbing,
enemies will shoot at you from the top of the tower, so take them down. A
sniper will also be aiming at you, so hurry up the tower and into a window.
There are a few enemies to deal with up here. Find the door on the central
pillar and open it. You'll have to fight the brute again.

Once you're on the roof, follow Cutter. When prompted, open your journal.
The bottom star on the Little Dipper is circled. Stand on the symbol and you
will be prompted to press L1 to use the binoculars. Look into the sky ahead
of you and find the Little Dipper, then look at the bottom star. Now follow
it down to a door leading into a tower.

You'll now need to run along the wall. When you reach the end, pick up a
Dragon Sniper and use it to eliminate several enemies with RPGs. Move towards
the zipline when it's clear and you'll find out that it isn't clear. After
you land, follow Cutter until you both get knocked down again.

You'll be tasked with clearing another area of guys, and once again, you can
do this the stealth way. However, these enemies patrol much faster, so make
sure you've got a good idea of their routes before you move. Follow Cutter
over to the right and keep going this way. A guard patrols the area ahead, so
be careful. When he walks away (to the right), move forward and take cover at
the corner. When he gets close to you, press Square to take him down. Now head
back to the beginning of the area and go up the stairs (you just passed
under them). Keep going until you see a lone guard patrolling this upper area.
Take him out when he starts walking way.

Head back to the beginning one last time and find a wall on the opposite side
of the stairs that has three white ledges on it. Use them to get up to the
open windows and you should notice a guy inside staring out of a far window.
As soon as you enter, he will turn around and come towards you, so immediately
head to the pillar in the room and hide, then get behind him and take him out.
Go out the other side and drop onto the flat platform. Wait for the patrolling
guard to move away and drop down and take him out.

Keep moving forward and stay to the left. You'll be heading up a long set of
stairs. There is a guy patrolling the area up here that you need to take down.
At this point, there should only be two guys left, and they're both back in
the main area below you. The closest one comes close to the stairs and stands
by a low wall. You should notice a square indent in the ground. Get into that
square and wait for the guy to move away, then attack. The final enemy is
easy to deal with. Just watch his patterns and strike. Now go back up the long
set of stairs and up some more stairs to the left and you'll approach the

After the cutscene, look at your journal and make note of the sun symbol. Now
stand on the symbol on the ground nearby and use the binoculars. You need to
be looking in front of an open doorway. This will be ahead of you (you
probably haven't been over there yet). In front of the doorway, there is a sun
symbol on the ground. After seeing it, move up until you're looking at pillars
with markings on them. At this point, you're spotted, but Sully appears and
starts peppering the area with rockets. Move forward, taking out anyone who
gets in your way. Do NOT get too close to anybody, though. Sully will blow you
away with the rockets. After everyone is dead, two snipers with laser sights
pop up in a building, and Sully hits them with an RPG. This blows open the
door to that building, so head inside.

Climb up and rejoin Chloe and Sully, then move to the end and interact with
the walls in the alcove. After the cutscene, Chloe will talk a bit. Interact
with the middle pillar that she's referring to.

=================================/           \=================================
                                   Chapter 9                              [W09]
=================================\ _________ /=================================

Keep going until Cutter starts to fight you. Keep holding him off and he'll
eventually start choking you. Keep pressing Circle until a cutscene starts.
Continue on and you'll enter a large room with a globe in the middle.

Find the stairs leading up. They're next to the two pulleys behind the globe
that you can't use yet. Once on the second floor, light all four braziers on
the backs of the statues and use the doorway on the other side to reach
another brazier in a seperate room. After the short cutscene, you'll need to
throw the torch onto the next brazier to light it and scare off the spiders,
then jump down and grab another torch. Now hit the brazier above you. Don't
worry about missing. Another torch always reappears next to the brazier.

Jump to the chains, then go right, onto the stairs. From here you can get over
to the next brazier. After a couple more torch-throwing exercises, you'll be
in an area with two pulleys/cranks. Interact with one of them and wait for
Cutter to get on the other one, then use it to flood the area ahead with

Swim across and use the next set of cranks. The globe will now start moving.
Get on the flat white part next to the globe and interact with it. Use both
thumbsticks to spin the globe so that it matches up with the glowing parts,
then head upstairs and enter the new staircase.

Keep going and you'll trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, move forward some more
and interact with the wall. After another cutscene, start running. Roll to
avoid the lasers. After yet another cutscene, you'll have to protect Sully and
Cutter. Wait for a guy to come running up the stairs and take him down. You'll
automatically grab his rifle. Quickly eliminate the closest enemies so you can
take cover where they were. Start taking out everyone else, which includes a
heavily armored enemy and two guys with riot shields. Shoot their hands or
throw grenades.

After opening the doors you'll be on a bridge. Two or three riot shield foes
come for you, along with other enemies. The guys at the back also love to
throw grenades. You can use this to your advantage, however, by picking up
the grenades they toss and throwing them at the riot shielders. Once they're
down, move up the stairs and you'll face a few more enemies on another
building. There are also two enemies on the next set of stairs.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 10                             [W10]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Follow Elena for a bit, until she has someone open up a gate for her. In the
next area, you reach a dead end. Look on the right side for a ladder, and use
it to get up into a building.

After you climb up the next ladder you trigger a cutscene. When it's over,
jump to the opposite wall and climb across the beams. Keep going and then use
the pipe to get down to the ground. Enter the doors that Talbot used. After
the cutscene you'll need to fight off a bunch of guys in a market, including
the brute.

After the fight, just follow Sully and Elena to a cutscene.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 11                             [W11]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Use the ladder to reach the bottom. After a bit you'll be told to open up
your journal and pull out a map. After another bit, Sully calls you over to a
wall that has writing on it. Use the Cypher and you'll mark the moon symbol
on the map. Now, you may notice that there are large tiles scattered around
on the floor that each have a different symbol on them. You need to find the
one with the moon and stand on it. If you stand in front of the wall with
writing and face the room, the moon symbol will be near the wall to your
right, at the other end. When you're standing on the tile, pull up the map and
match the drawing to the pillars in the room. When Sully and Elena move to the
pillars, get over to the closest one and keep pressing Triangle around the
holes until you find the right one. A secret entrance will open up.

The door ahead closes, so head up the stairs to the left.

There's a giant wheel-type mechanism on the ground in front of you, and empty
spaces on the wall behind that. You need to fill these spaces with gears
scattered around the room. Before you do that, however, go up the nearby
stairs and climb onto the back of the pillar, then get around to the front and
up to a ledge. Flip onto the other side and start climbing across. You
eventually wind up a long ledge, and as you shimmy across, you'll see two
symbols in front of you. One of them has four dots, and the other is a cross,
and they rotate in opposite directions. When you get to the end, drop down and
knock the large gear up here down onto the floor. You'll need it.

Now drop down and look at the spaces where the gears go. There's already one
in here, and it has a cross symbol. You need to fill the spaces so that they
alternate between the cross symbols and the four dot symbols, that way the two
symbols will always be turning in opposite directions. Now turn the giant
wheel on the ground to solve this puzzle. Now head back to the main room and
go up the next set of stairs.

Head into the room with the floating body parts and interact with the staff
in the middle.

After picking up the staff, look in your journal. You should see a picture of
a guy putting a spear through another man's heart. The guy getting speared is
on the wall ahead of you, so you just need to find the spot where the body
parts come together to form a guy with a spear. This spot is to the right of
where you are now, so go that way until you reach the last body part stand,
then go down a few tiles (down meaning back towards the stairs). You'll be in
the general area. Look towards the guy on the wall again and the body parts
should come together to form the spear-wielding man. Place the staff in a
hole in the ground to solve this puzzle.

Now head back and the final door will be open. When you go far enough, Drake
mentions a brazier ahead, so pick up a nearby torch and light it. After the
cutscene, you'll be running from your old friends: the horde of spiders. These
guys are even more aggressive than usual, though, so press Square to
constantly sweep the area with the torch. Ignore Sully and Elena, they can't
die. Run back the way you came, constantly sweeping your torch, until you
reach the well-lit hallway and the door. Elena will squeeze through the
bottom, and you'll now have to hold off the horde of spiders with a shotgun.
They move together in a mass, so just keep shooting the densest collection to
keep them at bay. Sully throws down more ammo only once, so make each shot

Make your way back into the cistern and enemies will drop in amidst smoke
grenades. Included in the mix are two heavily armored guys with shotguns and
the brute...again. Once everybody's down, Sully will boost you up.

When you emerge from the well, go towards the stairs ahead to trigger a
cutscene. You'll be drugged by a dart. While drugged, just run through the
streets for a while, until everything starts to go white. After the next
cutscene, you'll have to chase Marlowe's henchman all over the place for a few

After a bit, you'll lose him. Move through the crowd of people and you'll see
him below you, on the left. Jump over to his building. When you finally catch
up to him, you'll have to fight him for a bit.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 12                             [W12]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Press Square when prompted to break out of the chair, then fight off the
pirates in here. Once they're all down, another brute drops in. Different
color, same moves, so put him down and use the nearby ladder to get on top of
the containers.

Use the boxes here to get up to some metal hand holds. You can then climb
around to a ladder and jump backwards onto the bottom of some kind of
platform. When the platform breaks, swing forward and jump to a chain, then
over to an open door.

Once you exit the ship, jump to the rope/chain ahead of you. Make sure you
have enough momentum, and swing over to the nearest yellow bar. Jump to the
next bar ahead, and then over to the anchor chain, where you can climb down.
There's a guy on the boat ahead that you need to get on, so wait until he
stops moving, then go up and take him out silently.

The next area is FILLED with enemies. There are snipers and guys with RPGs and
heavily armored types with shotguns and two turrets as well. Drop into the
water and move to the nearest platform, where you'll find some guns. The best
way to do this is to clear out the first boat to your left and take cover on
it. Try to clear out the next boat, since a guy with a grenade launcher likes
to take shots at you from the top of it. Also, you'll need to watch out for
the heavily armored foes, as they love to rush. However, you should be safe
from the turrets as long as you stay behind cover. If you get cornered, just
jump back into the water and swim to a different platform.

After clearing the area, get onto the large half-ship on the back wall. There
is a yellow ladder on the ship that you can use to get up to the crow's nest
area. As soon as you get up here, you'll find a Tau Sniper pistol and a
grenade launcher. There's also a turret up here. A few enemies will start
shooting at you from a far off walkway. Two of them are snipers, so take them
out quickly, then climb up the crow's nest to continue on.

As you're climbing along, a guy comes up on the platform ahead and starts
shooting at you, so take him down. As soon as you get up onto that platform,
another guy comes up for a fist fight. Just press Square to push him off. When
you drop down, you'll have to deal with several enemies, including a guy with
a riot shield and a heavily armored foe. They like to throw grenades, so use
that and the propane tanks to your advantage. When the area is clear, find the
large yellow beam ahead. It's tethered to a crate nearby. Push that crate into
the water to lower the beam, then use it to jump over and do some climbing.

When you land, get up to the stairs and jump across the first gap. The next
gap requires you to swing across a rope. Once you're on the platform, jump
over the ledge and do some more climbing. Pull the enemy over the edge when
you get to him, then climb up and jump over to the red handle. Enemies will
start shooting down on you, so take care of them and keep going. Everytime
you reach a red handle, more enemies will show up.

After climbing around for several minutes, you'll finally see Ramses' ship
in the distance. Enter the nearby doorway to trigger a cutscene.

Use the zipline to get down to the next area. You'll be knocked into the
water. Stay on the piece of cover and take out the guy and his two sniper
friends. Go to the left and you can climb up. After dropping down, you might
see someone's flashlight in the next corridor. This someone is a heavily
armored foe.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 13                             [W13]
=================================\ __________ /================================

There is an enemy patrolling the area below you, so drop down when he's facing
away and deal with him. There are more enemies ahead that you can take out
silently. Don't be afraid to take someone out and leave them in plain sight.
Although the other enemies might look in the general direction of a downed
pirate, they're spread pretty far apart, so they might not be able to see

When you reach the bridge, lower it. When you're blown off, swim back onto the
platforms and start backtracking. There will be plenty of enemies to fight
off. Don't forget to take out the guy with the flares. Try to get onto the
boat and a huge wave will sweep you away. When you regain control, run to
the end of the platform and jump onto the moving boat. Quickly grab a weapon.
You'll have to fight several enemies here. They eventually start swinging
over from another boat that moves next to yours. After they're all dead,
enemies will start shooting everything with rockets, so jump over to the next
boat before your current one blows up.

You'll have to fight off more enemies, including a heavily armored guy. Once
they're all down, look around for an RPG. Use it to shoot the boat that has
pulled up to your left. After a few shots, it goes down. Jump onto the ladder
ahead of you to transition into the next chapter.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 14                             [W14]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Climb up the ladder and continue on until you see a lifeboat to your right.
Use it to get up to the next deck. Use the ladder to go up again, where you'll
find an enemy patrolling. Take him out from cover and climb the containers.
There's another guy facing away from you just ahead. After you find the ammo,
you'll enter a cutscene, and then you'll fall down into an area with some
enemies. Among them are a couple of heavily armored guys (one of them wields
a light machine gun) and a guy with a grenade launcher. This can be rather
annoying, since the LMG guy likes to throw two grenades at a time, and the
boat will constantly rock back and forth, interrupting whatever you're doing.

Once you enter the pool area, stock up on ammo, then continue into a ballroom
of sorts. The first enemy can be easily dealt with, since he stops in front of
some cover. The other four are not as easy. In fact, your best bet is to
simply run down there and take out the guy in front of the piano with a
stealth attack, then run back upstairs. The others will be alerted, but at
least there's one less guy to deal with. Also, snipers and a guy with a
grenade launcher show up on the balcony, so if you get caught down there,
you'll constantly have to watch out for them.

Once everyone in the room is down, including the people on the balcony, a few
enemies bust in through a side door, which is the way forward.

Go through the side door and head left. Keep an eye to your left for a guy
facing away from you. Take him out and enter the corridor, then head into the
door to your left. There's a guy in the next room. You can shoot him in the
head from here, just be ready for another enemy to barge in.

Keep going until you have to drop down to get Sully. Jump over to the ledge
directly ahead of you, then drop down the three ledges to get onto the floor.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 15                             [W15]
=================================\ __________ /================================

There are plenty of enemies to deal with in this room. Right in front of you
you'll find a heavily armored enemy and a guy with a riot shield. There's also
someone on the high platform at the far end. Once they're down, look on a
platform behind you for three more enemies. Other guys will keep coming for
you until the boat capsizes. Keep going until you're trapped by a box
underwater. Press Triangle repeatedly to get out. After a while, you'll have
to run away from a wall of water. Jump over the gap and pull yourself up. At
the next gap, jump onto the red rope and climb up. Keep going until the door
you're climbing opens, then enter the room. You'll need to climb onto a
cabinet in the room and jump to the next door, then get into the next room.

Keep climbing around until you fall onto a chandelier. Jump onto the red rope
in the middle of the chandelier and swing onto the chandelier bottom that's
broken off. Shortly after this you'll need to run away from a wall of water
and jump off of the ship.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 16                             [W16]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Lift the bay door and climb around until you reach a dead end. Move to the
green truck. Elena will steer, so push it up the hill. When it's under the
open window, hop on it and go through the window, then circle around and get
up on the roof. Drop into the skylight of the next building and go to the door
to open it. You'll find two enemies there with the same idea. You can throw
a nearby propane tank on them if you want. Once they're down and the door is
open, more enemies rush into the room from the other side.

Once the area is clear, get in front of the car and push it backwards. It'll
roll through the next fence, and three enemies will investigate. You can
silently take out the guy on the left of the vehicle. You can also do this
with one of the others, but the remaining enemy will always be alerted. Take
them out and get into the building to the left via the windows.

The next area is filled with bad guys. You can stealth through it, but make
sure you know the enemy patrol patterns. You can't just knock a guy out and
leave him anywhere. Once you're through, climb onto the building ahead and
jump to a ladder.

After the cutscene, run forward. The gate will close and a vehicle with a
turret will park itself on the other side. Climb the building to your left.
There are a few enemies on the roof. Once they're down, jump onto the
containers and make your way down onto the runway. Chase the plane for a bit
and Elena shows up in the jeep. Jump on it and wait for her to pull up to the
front two wheels on the plane, then jump on them.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 17                             [W17]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Crawl around for a bit to trigger a cutscene. You'll have to fight a brute
again. You put him down pretty quickly though, so run over to the red handle
near where your gun was dropped and pull it. Cargo will start to be pulled
out of the plane, and you'll get swept along with it eventually. Climb back up
and pull the guy above you off to grab his weapon. Once you're back in the
plane, take out the two enemies. Move forward and several more enemies pop
up. Take the first few out and move forward. A hole will get blown in the
side of the plane, and everyone will be sucked out, including you. After
free falling for a bit, you grab a crate. Pull the parachute to finish this
short chapter.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 18                             [W18]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Once the crate hits the ground, get up and head towards the plane to trigger a
cutscene. After that, walk along the top of the dune until the camera shifts
behind you again. Now walk straight ahead and you should see something that's
a bit out of place. It's a well.

Pull the bag up, then continue walking. After looking at the sky, walk some
more, towards the guy. You'll come across an oasis, which is actually a
mirage. The rest of the chapter is a whole lot of walking dotted with short

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 19                             [W19]
=================================\ __________ /================================

The gate ahead is locked, so go to the right of it and you'll find a place
where you can climb up. After you vault over the low wall up here, you'll
crash through the ceiling.

Once you land, go through the door ahead and drop into the well in front of
you. After trying to drink the water, look back at the crack you just passed
through. You can climb up the wall to the left of it.

Once up top, keep going until you have to break through a door. The area ahead
has several enemies in it. Go left and take down the guy coming towards you to
get a gun. You'll have to act fast, since most of the enemies here rush you.
You're also going to have to deal with grenades and an armored enemy on a
platform above you. When they're all gone, move forward and down a ramp, where
you'll find more enemies. Go right and you'll come to a pit. An enemy shoots
the supports out from under you, and you tumble into that pit. Take the
enemy out when you regain control.

You should see another support pillar here in the pit (these pillars have red
wood on them). Shoot it to destroy it, revealing some ledges that you can use
to get out of here. Once you reach the stairs, drop down and deal with the
enemy at the top. Once you reach the top of the stairs, you'll find another
enemy ahead.

The next area is filled with more enemies, including an armored guy and
someone with an RPG that pops up on the right side of the area. They love to
throw grenades, so use that to your advantage.

After clearing the area of enemies and squeezing through the tight passage,
you'll soon come to another area filled with enemies. Your priority should be
the jeep that is parked on a platform being supported by four pillars. Take
out two of those pillars to bring the jeep down, then take out the RPG soldier
on top of the gate ahead of you. You can now mop up everyone else, including
two armored foes.

When the area is clear, use an RPG to blow open the wooden gate, and wait for
the vehicle to roll down and stop. Keep going until you're pulled down into
another enemy filled area. Take out the sniper, and then just hold on for a
bit. The enemies will be taken out by some men on horses. You'll ride for a
bit until the guy with you is shot, and then you'll take control of the horse.
Keep going until you meet back up with the other riders. As you circle around.
you'll see an enemy on a bridge ahead of you wielding an RPG. One of the other
riders should take him, and then you'll grab the RPG as you pass under the
bridge. Aim it at the wooden gate ahead to blow it open.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 20                             [W20]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Keep following your ally until you come up behind the convoy. There will be
one enemy in the bed of every truck, and there will be some guys roaming
around on motorcycles. You need to take them all down. You can just shoot the
guys in the beds of the trucks, or you can jump onto the truck with them, if
you need the ammo. When you get far enough, you'll find a guy with an RPG.
Take him out, then jump onto his truck and use the RPGs here to blow up the
two trucks ahead of you that have turrets on them.

After that, you'll need to repeat the process for a while, minus the RPGs and
turrets. Eventually you find Sully, and he jumps onto a large truck. Get
onto that truck and fight off the brute. When you're hanging from the orange
crane thing, wait until your horse is below you, then press Circle to drop
onto it.

After the cutscene, walk forward and start taking out enemies. This includes
an armored guy with an LMG. Keep fighting your way forward until you reach the
arches. Go through them, but not too far. After you clear the area, two trucks
with turrets pull up ahead, a guy with an RPG appears on the left side, and
two snipers appear on both sides. Take out all enemies, but note where the
snipers were. Each sniper nest has one RPG that you can use to take out the

First, go towards the sniper nest on the left, but don't head up there yet. A
few enemies will come towards you, including an armored guy. When they're
down, go up and use the RPG on a truck, then take out anyone else that might
be coming for you. Now go to the other side and do the same thing. Now you'll
need to slowly make your way forward, taking out enemies ahead of you. The
sandstorm makes them hard to see, so be careful. Most of them will shoot at
you long before you reach them, though. At the end of this area you'll find
two huge doors that you can enter.

Keep going until you reach a room with a huge entrance. Go up the ladder to
your right and hold the switch up here to raise a chandelier and move some
platforms. Let Sully hold the switch down now.

Jump onto one of the platforms that are moving up to the right of the switch
and use them to get to a solid platform above. Jump down and then climb onto
the wall. When you get to the long wooden beam, climb up onto it and walk to
the end. Use the chandeliers to get over to the next switch and use it.

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 21                             [W21]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Keep going until you trigger a cutscene, and then you'll jump down into an
area filled with enemies. These enemies have twice the health of normal foes,
though, and once you take out half of their health, they'll turn into some
kind of demon, complete with flaming head. When they do this, they also gain
the ability to teleport around, so keep your eyes open.

Once the area is clear, enter the central elevator and chase Talbot at the
bottom. You'll soon become caught in a hallucination where you're in Carpegna.
Run away from the horde of spiders and shoot Sully when he appears.

Once you're back at the elevator, go forward until you reach a golden gate.
Try to use it and you'll find it locked. You'll now need to fight off some
enemies that pop up behind you. Once they're down, the gate opens up. Go
through it and you'll find a few more enemies and an RPG on the left side, if
you need it. The large room after this has several more enemies. Once again,
there is an RPG on the left. In the room after that, move towards Sully, then
use the mechanism nearby, at the head of the pool, to fill it with water. You
should see your own reflection on the side, by one of the wheels. Go over
there and interact with it, then follow your reflection to the other wheel and
do the same. Now jump into the pool and interact with the spot of light in the

=================================/            \================================
                                   Chapter 22                             [W22]
=================================\ __________ /================================

Keep going until you jump across a gap. At this point, take out the guy
ahead of you, then quickly deal with the three guys to your left. Two of them
are snipers. Another enemy will rush you, so take him down and move forward
a bit. There will be a foe on a platform above you, and an armored guy near
the top of the stairs. Once you reach the top yourself, another guy will come
down a ladder nearby. You can use this ladder to get up to a nice position,
where you can deal with the enemies ahead. There's also a sniper rifle up
here. When they're all down, move forward and two more guys pop up, but
they're taken out by a grenade launcher. After meeting up with your friend,
run forward and use the elevator.

Go up the stairs and use the switch. Enter the next room and take out the
enemies below you, then drop down to find more enemies ahead. Keep fighting
your way forward until you reach a cutscene with Marlowe. After this, you'll
need to fight your way back across the bridge you just used. After dealing
with the guy right next to you, prioritize the enemy with the RPG on top of
the building ahead. When the area seems clear, move forward a bit and more
enemies pop out. When the area is actually clear, use the elevator to get up
to an area with two enemies.

There is a ladder you can use around here. On the next level, go to the other
side and climb onto the moving platforms, then take out the guy at the top and
the guy in the distance with an RPG. Keep fighting your way up and you'll soon
trigger a cutscene with Marlowe. Afterwards, the place starts to collapse into
a giant sinkhole, and you'll have to do a lot of running and jumping. At the
end of this sequence you'll fight Talbot. Once you fall off and grab the gun,
climb up a bit and shoot Talbot when he appears, then continue on to finish
the game.


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