Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [Review]


The Modern Warfare series by Infinity Ward has been established as the premiere FPS experience in the market since it’s first release back in 2007, and for good reason. The action-packed single-player, coupled with the engaging and diverse multiplayer, as well as the premise of the game being set in modern times, made this series a perfect fit for today’s audiences. With the release of this latest sequel, Modern Warfare 3, the bar has now been raised even higher and it’s already taking the gaming market by the throat and slapping it silly.

It still follows the standard COD formula, which has been tried and tested quite well for the better part of the last four years. While other military shooters have been painstakingly developed for realism and factual accuracy, the Modern Warfare series just takes a character into a setting where terrorists are abound and gave him dogtags and a rifle. Everything else is just about running forward and killing as many enemies as you can while still in the guise of a military shooter. The mechanics do not impede the player as much as in its more “realistic” counterparts, so casual players can have fun with it while veterans can do whatever they want in order to win.

The single-player campaign has taken the storyline to new heights. While the previous two games have been sort of on and off in terms of the writing, resorting mostly to shock value and Michael Bay-esque progressions, this one can hold more grip upon one’s soul. Modern Warfare 2 did have those missions like No Russian and America getting invaded, but Modern Warfare 3 has the qualities of those particular missions, but more so throughout the game. You pick up from where you left off in the previous game and get Soap and Price through what seems to be another global crisis that got sparked by the actions of both Makarov and General Shepard.

Of course, the multiplayer experience is still why people would ever shelf out cash for this game. The COD system that has maintained Activision’s foothold on the market has been improved further with features like weapon levels and other additions. There’s also the Spec Ops mode that now stores your progress in your profile, making them challenges that you would actually want to finish. The profiles are still what they are, with an experience system that lets you unlock weapons, equipment, and other good stuff. As your skills grow, so does your arsenal, so you can arm yourself and charge into a match quite smoothly.

The only thing you can really think of that makes this game suffer a bit is that the multiplayer is still pretty much the same. But due to how solid it is, that’s what keeps this game franchise relevant. The gameplay is not as balanced as it could be though, so it’s a bit awkward in its place in the competitive gaming world. However, its prominence is what keeps it in that picture as a game that leagues all around the world would keep in its lineup. As far as FPS games go, Modern Warfare 3 is impossible to ignore.

All in all, Modern Warfare 3 is a very good addition to the franchise. It shall continue it through at least two more years before Activision decides to call for another one until we’re sick of it. But for now, this game has a deathgrip on market demand and easily blows Battlefield 3 out of the water, despite what that game’s fanboys say. It’s still a great game, but Modern Warfare 3 is still more accessible to a wider audience in the long run.

Tested in iOS. Final Score: 8.5/10


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