Tiny Village Walkthrough [Guide]


Tiny villages were the origins of early civilizations. Creating your own miniature village could be exhilarating and demanding at the same time. In the game, Tiny Village, you’ll get the chance to create a village in a land before time. You can do this by utilizing workers who will locate and gather the resources you will assign to them. Other interesting activities that can be done are accomplishing quests and create a host of different stuffs from the stores like foods, tools, and clothing.

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You will have the opportunity to transform your village into a fascinating one while you play with enthusiasm and unlock premium goods you can use for the purpose. This guide can be very useful for you because of the tips, information, and hints it contains showing you how to play the game with flying colors.

Your task is to help distressed Rupert, and Regina reconstruct their village after they lost their home when chased away by a fearful dinosaur. They have searched for an amazing parcel of land where the new village will be built. You will have a worry-free journey because a short tutorial will teach you how to complete quests. It will also help you on how to buy buildings and decors as well as properly placing them in the land.

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The ‘Settings” button with gears is at the right of the screen and got the menu that contains the help section and allows you to turn off the sound. The basic currency in the game is the Gold Coins which are utilized when coins are earned from selling items. High end stuffs for your village can be bought using the premium currency called crystals. They can also be used to get the services of temporary workers as well as special abilities like quickly accomplishing timed jobs. Coins and crystals are earned after completing quests and upon reaching a new level. At the start of the game, you will get 1,400 Gold Coins and 40 Crystals.

There are times that you can not resist premium purchases like cool items that are being offered. For this reason, you would need more coins and crystals, so you got to purchase them. Most importantly, they are indispensable in speeding up gameplay. To have access to the purchase screen, tap on the coin indicators at the top of the screen. Coins and crystals can be bought in bundles that range from $0.99 cents to $99.99 excluding taxes. This is an in-app purchase that will be charged to your iTunes account. Together with the currency indicators, the XP and level indicator can be found at the top left corner of the game screen. You will level up in the game by earning specific amount of XP. Earning them is done by performing an action within the game.

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The initial and crucial move you need to take is to place buildings in your village. They can be dwellings for your villagers, rock quarries, lumber mills or storage facilities. However, you must prioritize building houses for your villagers because they will be the ones to help you build your village. You will also entice more villagers if you have more built houses. Taxes in different amounts can be earned through the décor items, and they increase the value of your village, as well.

Leveling up entails a host of benefits such as:

  • Increase in the number of buildings, houses, and décor items you can buy.
  • There will be larger houses that can accommodate more villagers at one time.
  • Décor items earn better taxes like premium ones.
  • Shops produce more products.

You will be able to purchase additional décor items, shops, and houses as you collect more taxes from your existing décor and buildings in different phases.

To purchase the items you will need, you can always zero in on the hammer icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. It will take you to the game shop menu where there are buttons for the categories you want to purchase from. There are buttons for “houses”, “stores”, and “decorations’ as well as resources for the other buildings. You can scroll from left to right with your fingers as you scan the highlighted items. These are the items that are for sale and there will be more as you level up in the game.

The number of houses that you can purchase for the village is dependent on the number of shops you have. Three houses are allowed to be built for the first shop you have where three villagers can work. To be able to place more houses and villagers, put up shops first. In placing a building, just tap on it to make it appear on the land. It will be surrounded by a white, bright ring which you tap with a finger and drag to the location you want it to be built. To lock in the changes you made, tap on the check mark at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap the “X” mark to void what you have done.

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You can get higher taxes from your houses if more villagers could live on them. Using premium currency, you can upgrade houses in your villages for this purpose. As you tap on a house you intend to upgrade, the cost of the enhancement will appear on the screen. You have the option to select instant upgrade that is quick or the normal upgrade that takes time to complete. Nonetheless, there are certain requirements before you can avail an upgrade. It can be reaching a certain level in the game or upgrading Big Rock. A message can be accessed informing you about the requirements you have to meet. You must also remember that only buildings can be upgraded and not decors.

The initial quests that you will encounter are more like tutorials that will show you the crucial moves. At the extreme left of the screen are the quest icons, which you can tap to access a quest. Beside an icon is a button that will give you access to a corresponding purchase menu for the quest. Coins, crystals, and XP can be earned for every completed quest, and another becomes available after the completed one. Earn money fast by completing quests as well as XP for leveling up fast. Like the upgrade, quests also have requirements which can be one or more for some.

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Your village has a twin in the form of the magic rock at the top edge of the village. The Rock grows with the village as it is upgraded and expanded. It is considered as the centerpiece of your village and can also be upgraded. The first upgrade for the magic rock can be done at level four with a huge number f coins. Aside from coins, wood and stones are also needed to purchase the necessary upgrade. To see what is needed for the upgrade, tap on the Magic Rock. Some of the benefits of upgrading it are larger stores, more awesome décor items, and more resources to be unlocked.

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Building the economy of your village and crafting items require natural resources like Rocks, Wood, Fur, and Food. These beginning resources can be stored until such time that they can be traded with other players and used for crafting items. Secondary resources like lumber, stone, and woven mammoth fur would come from refineries. The refineries come from your beginning resources which can be accomplished at level 10.

You will have access on Rock and Wood as the first two resources. In order to collect these resources, you will need quarry and tree chopper. You should also put up a stonehouse as storage and get the services of haulers to carry then to the stonehouse. Each kind of resource needs a store of its own which you have to purchase. By tapping on the store, you will access a menu that will allow you to create items.

As the last two primary resources, Food and Fur can be purchased at levels 4 and 5. This time, you can also create items after you build clothing stores and rock candy. Premium currency can be used to finish the collection phase if you are short of resource. Items can be crafted from rocks at the “Tool Store”. These items are bone, club, or hammer and will earn you XP and coins. Rocks can be gathered from the “Rock Quarry”. You can hire one worker that will work on the quarry and another to haul the stone to the “Stonehouse”.

Stores will enable you to build items from your resources. Three new houses are allowed to be added to your village with the premium stores. Higher pay out comes from these stores for the resources used in them. Premium stores, in this category, are bowling, jewelry, and premium tool. Woods can also be stored in the stonehouse after being gathered in the “Tree Chopper”. One worker should attend to each chopper, and another will haul away wood from each chopper. A maximum of 1, 000 wood can be stored per stonehouse. For the wood resource, the available premium stores are Dino Chopper, Rustic Chopper, and Jurassic Chopper. Scarecrow, rope, and straw hat are the items that can be crafted out of wood which can be done at the “Supply Store”. Moreover, toy maker, model trains, and premium supply can be added for this resource.

You need to purchase farm to gather Food. Each farm would cost you 50 wood, 100 stone, and 1,000 coins. 1,000 Food per stonehouse unit should be the capacity of your storage. The “Rock Candy Store” should be added to your village for crafting items like jelly beans, ring pops, and rock candy. These items will earn you coins as well as XP and needs specific amount of Food to complete. The premium stores for the Food resource are Bakery, Premium Candy Store, and Smoothies. One worker and a hauler should be hired for this resource.

From the Mammoth Pen comes the Fur, which can be stored as a thousand per stonehouse. One worker and a hauler should also be assigned per Mammoth Pen. At level 5, you can already buy a Clothing Store where you can create Scarf, Toga, and Dress. The optional premium stores for this resource are Plushie Store, Premium Clothes, and Puppet Show. At level 10, you can buy a refinery once you make Fur as secondary or advanced resource. Items can be created out of the Fur resource through the clothing shops.

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Purchasing a Stonehouse could cost 100 rocks and 500 coins. Construction is completed eight hours after placing, but you can avail instant construction by spending 57 crystals. Premium stonehouses with larger capacities can also be bought with crystals. Allocate enough land to place the stonehouses and be ready to purchase more as you level up. The resources that are stored in stonehouses can be primary like rock and secondary like stone which was made from the former. There are also advanced resources like woven fur, stone, and lumber.

Advanced resources are developed as you reach level ten. In order to make it, buy a refinery, assign a worker, and make sure you have the primary resource to develop it. The ability to produce advanced resource instantly can be bought with crystals. Experience Points and large profits are at hand as you create items in stores using advanced resources.

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In these activities, workers and haulers are indispensable. They come from the houses in your village. Tap “Add workers” after having the area placed to automatically add a worker. To get a hauler, tap on the ‘Add haulers’ and the “Hauler’ button to get hold of the next available hauler from the village for your requirement. Firing a villager can be done by repeating the process. If you still do not have the capacity to get workers, you can purchase a temporary worker and hauler for 20 crystals. This becomes very handy while you are still waiting for coins to level up. This option will be offered to you if you tap “Hire worker” but do not qualify.

In the resource menu, you can purchase the market upon reaching level 5. In the market, you will be able to trade one resource for the other. In the future, resources can be traded with other players of the game. At present, you can do other things like moving items within your village through the crossed arrows button. As you tap on item, a ring will appear that will enable to drag it to its proper place. If there is something blocking the item, the ring will turn red.


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