The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Side Quests [Guide]

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

While trying to save the world from an evil dragon menace, plenty of other folks will ask for your help along the way. These side quests are so plentiful, that they need their own guide. Looking for help on one of these delicious little detours? You’ve come to the right place.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper
Copyright 2011 CheatMasters

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1. Side Quests

A. The Golden Claw
B. In My Time of Need
C. Missing in Action
D. Forbidden Legend
E. The Man Who Cried Wolf
F. The Forsworn Conspiracy
G. Laid to Rest
H. The Wolf Queen Awakened

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1. Side Quests
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In order to obtain this quest, you need to visit the Trader building in
Riverwood. Upon doing so, you will hear the owner and operator of the
establishment, Lucan, arguing with his sister Camilla. Go downstairs and speak
with Lucan to get more information. It seems that some thieves have stolen a
very special item called the Golden Claw, and Lucan is willing to pay you to
head to Bleak Falls Barrow and retrieve the Golden Claw for him.

Upon exiting the building, Camilla will actually follow you outside. If you
paid attention to the dialogue, it seems that Camilla is wanting to guide you
to the Bleak Falls Barrow. I don’t recommend following Camilla; while she will
lead you directly to the Bleak Falls Barrow, she is slow moving, and it’s
easier to just head straight for the objective marker on your compass.

This will require a bit of creative platforming on your part to work your way
up the mountainside, but it’s not too difficult and certainly far from
impossible. Work your way up the mountain, using your compass to guide you, and
when you start encountering Bandits, you’ll know that you are going in the
right direction. Defeat any opposition that comes your way and work your way to
the large double doors that open up into the Bleak Falls Barrow.

Once inside, you can actually get the jump on a couple of enemies that are
inside. When they’re dealt with, work your way through the Barrow. The initial
areas of the place tend to be a bit twisty, with multiple hallways and all
sorts of directions to go, but using your compass will lead you down the right
path. There may be some rats and what-not that you’ll encounter as well, but
they can be defeated extremely easily and if you require my assistance in
defeating rats, you should probably put the controller down and go to school.

Insulting my faithful readers aside (please forgive me!), you will notice an
enemy walking towards a lever, with his back to you. Watch him. He’ll pull the
lever and a flurry of arrows will fire from all directions and rip him to
shreds. Head into this room…because it’s puzzle-solving time! This puzzle is
actually extremely easy, and while you probably didn’t need a guide to solve
it, I will help you out anyway, because I’m a swell kind of dude like that.

You’ll notice on the East side of the room there are three stone tablets.
Further investigation reveals these tablets actually rotate. If you look around
the room, you’ll probably notice that on the far wall and located near the
ceiling are two tablets. The left tablet is a snake and the tablet on the right
depicts a fish. If you look on the ground near the lever to the left, you will
see that there is also a tablet there, and it shows a snake.

It’s pretty obvious what needs to be done. It’s time to spin ‘dem tablets
around and solve the puzzle so you can avoid being riddled with arrows by the
Indiana Jones booby traps up in this place. Rotate the left-most tablet until
it shows a snake. Then rotate the middle tablet to also show a snake. After
that, rotate the final tablet until it shows a fish. This will deactivate the
trap and you can then safely pull the lever and go through the gate.

Once you’re through the gate, loot the area. There will be a book belonging to
the thieves sitting on the nearby table. If you take the time to read it, your
lockpicking skils will increase. I’d say it’s worth I read, myself. At any
rate, you then need to head down the stairs. There will be some rats that will
nip at you, so kill them, then continue making your way through the winding
halls of the Bleak Falls Barrow.

You will begin to hear the cries of Arvel the thief. He will hear you coming
and confuse you for his allies. You’ll have to cut through some webbing to
reach him. Make your way towards him (he’s the fellow that is encased in spider
webs like a demonic caterpillar), but as you try to do this, a giant spider
will fall from the ceiling. It’s damaged already so this is a simple fight. I
recommend using fire damage on the beast. When it’s dead, you can loot its body
for arrows, otherwise, go speak to our suspended friend Arvel.

After your conversation with Arvel, which reveals that the Bleak Falls Barrow
houses a secret and that the Golden Claw is all part of it, cut him down from
his web prison using a sharp weapon. When he’s free, Arvel will not return the
claw to you as promised, but instead runs through the hall behind him. Give
chase, but be sure not to get too close to Arvel. Leave some distance between
the two of you.

Some zombies will rise from their graves as you work your way through the
catacomb area in pursuit of Arvel. Watch as Arvel starts to battle one of these
undead beasts, and then a swinging trapdoor kills him. Quickly take care of the
zombies in the area and then loot Arvel’s body. Sneal his journal and also be
sure to take the Golden Claw from him. Quickly run by the trap before it can
hurt you some more, and then continue making your way through the Barrow,
defeating zombies as they come and avoiding pendulums in small hallways that
try to slice and dice you.

Eventually you will come across a room that is seemingly a dead-end. A zombie
will burst out of its sarcophagus and shamble towards you, so take it out.
Zombies tend to deal a lot of melee damage, so try to keep your distance while
battling these suckers. When it’s dead, turn your attention to the waterfall in
the area. The water pours down towards a gate. To the right of the gate is a
chain. You can pull on the chain to raise the gate. Do so, then keep following
the water. You will find a small alcove to the right that you can go through,
leading to another hallway that opens up on the side of the mountain, where the
water drains down.

Below you, there will be a bridge as well as a zombie running back and forth.
To the left, there is a formation of rocks jutting out of the side of the
mountain that you can use to safely make your way down. Use these rocks and
reach the bottom. Kill the enemy, then continue following the objective marker.
It’s really as simple as that. The compass and the objective marker will lead
you through the twisting cave system of the Bleak Falls Barrow much more
efficiently than anything else. Feel free to loot any chests that you come
across, fight off enemies, and if you want, stray off the beaten path to do
some exploring of your own. Be sure to avoid any traps that spring up, and keep
going until you are in a room with a broken bridge and some stairs.

Head up the stairs, defeating any enemies that are there. Then depending on how
high your acrobatic skills are, you can jump across to the broken section of
bridge. Otherwise, you will have to use the small wooden platforms to reach the
bridge. Regardless, follow the bridge to a set of double doors made out of
iron. Then keep going until you come across a large door with an engraving on
the front that is clearly made for the Golden Claw.

If you go to the Golden Claw in your inventory and examine the object, you can
move it around and look at the bottom of the claw. You will see a symbol of a
bear, then a butterfly, and then an owl on the claw. Return your attention to
the large door. You’ll notice that there are three circles, with squares in the
middle of them all depicting one of the three animals that were adorned on the
Golden Claw. I think you know what you need to do. Rotate the outer circle
until the bear picture is on it. Then rotate the middle circle until the
butterfly is represented on it. Finally, rotate the innermsot circle until the
picture of the owl is there. With this completed, you can use the Golden Claw
to unlock the door.

Head through the new passageway. You will come into an expansive room with huge
letters on the far wall. This ceremonial area is where you will find a Dragon
Shout, specifically the Dragon Shout called Unrelenting Force. Upon obtaining
the ability, a zombie will rise out of the coffin behind you. This thing will
be considerably more powerful than the foes you’ve faced before in this dungeon
as it is an “Overlord”. However, it’s still easily disposed of. Once it has
been defeated, loot its body for a Dragonstone and other goodies such as gold,
then start following the objective marker out of this area.

You will find another seemingly dead-end, but there will be a strange device on
the cave wall. Interact with the device to open up the wall, revealing a secret
passage. Go through this secret passage and keep following it. It will lead you
back outside. Fast travel back to Riverwood and return to Lucan. Speak with him
and tell him the good news, and don’t forget to return the Golden Claw to its
rightful owner!

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Oh boy, this quest. You will notice an argument between Alik’r men from
Hammerfall arguing with the guards of Whiterun. They are looking for a Redguard
woman that is hiding in Whiterun. Speak with them and then you have to find the
woman. Go to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, which is the local tavern.

The person you are looking for is named Saadia. She is a woman of dark
complexion and black hair, and just sort of wanders around the Bannered Mare.
Speak with her and she will lead you upstairs to talk in private. You have two
different options now. You can go to the Alik’r men and report her, or you can
help her out. Regardless, you have to listen to Saadia speak.

After talking with her, two objective markers will appear on your compass and
map. You can go tell on Saadia at a place called Rorikstead. They will point
you to Swindler’s Den. Go to Swindler’s Den and meet the leader of the Redguard
troops that have come to capture Saadia, Kematu. He will lay out the plan of
capturing Saadia.

Return to Whiterun and Saadia. Tell her to come with you to a farmhouse outside
of town. Kematu will then paralyze her with a spell and Saadia will be
captured. Now, if you’d like to stay on Saadia’s side to complete this quest,
things are a tad different.

If you are wanting to save Saadia, visit the dungeons in Whiterun. You will
need to speak to the captured Alik’r in the dungeons. He will only give you
the required information if you pay his fine (100 gold) to the guards. Do so,
and he will tell you that you can find the Redguard leader looking for Saadia
at Swindler’s Cave. Head there, murder the folks inside, and fight your way to
Kematu, just as you did before.

Instead of agreeing with Kematu and helping him capture Saadia, threaten his
life this time to initiate the fight. You will have to fight all of his guards
as well, so keep that in mind. Once they’re all dead, you can take a back
entrance out of the cave system to get outside again. Then you can fast-travel
to Whiterun and speak with Saadia. Tell her that the Alik’r are dead and she
will reward you.

Those are the two different ways you can complete this quest.

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Speak to Fralia Gray-Mane in Whiterun to start this quest. She will be arguing
with a couple of Battle-Born guys. After their argument concludes, talk with
all the involved members. You will learn that Fralia’s son has gone missing.
Talking to Fralia will result in her offering you to speak with her more at her
home. Head there.

Once at Fralia’s house, talk with her again. Her other son Avulstein will watch
you with his axe at the ready. When you have finished talking to his mother,
speaking with Avulstein. He will ask you to somehow get evidence that his
missing brother Thorald is still alive and is being held captive by the Battle-

The objective marker will point you to the Battle-Born building in Whiterun.
Head there. Then follow the objective marker through a couple of doors in the
building, leading to a door that is locked. Make sure no one is around, and
then pick the lock. The lock is skilled at “Adept” so it might take a few tries
to get it unlocked. Anyway, when the door is unlocked, head inside and then
snatch the book off the table, evidence that Thorald is alive and in Thalmor

Return to Avulstein with the evidence. There are multiple ways you can handle
the quest from this point. I am pretty sure you can start doing the Civil War
questline, join the Imperial Legion, and then order that Thorald is released.
Or you can do it how I did it, and that’s by murdering all of the Northwatch
Guards one by one and resucing Thorald from his prison! In fact, that’s the
best way to go, I believe.

If you choose my route, kill everyone in sight. With all the ones dead on the
outside, head inside of the Keep itself. Be weary; there are mages down here
that deal a ton of damage and have a ton of health. The other enemies aren’t a
problem, but those mages can be a serious pain in the ass if you don’t have a
high resistance to magical attacks. Hack and slash your way through the keep
until you find the Interrogator. Kill him as well, then loot his body for the
Northwatch Keep Key.

With the key in hand, approach Thorald, who will be chained to the wall.
Release him from his binds, and then speak with him. Lead him out of Northwatch
by back-tracking through the place. Once outside, speak with Thorald again. He
reveals that he is going to take his brother and join the Stormcloak Rebellion.
He asks you to give a strange message to his mother Fralia. Fast-travel to
Whiterun and speak with her.

Give Fralia the message from her son so she knows you’re not lying about his
safety. She’ll give you a two-handed warhammer with scorching enchantments as a

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To obtain this quest, you need to read the book called Lost Legends. You can
find a copy of this book in many locations. I found one at Nightcaller Temple,
and I’ve also discovered that there is a copy in the Dark Brotherhood
Sanctuary. Upon reading the book, you will learn the tale of an Archmage named
Gauldur, who was murdered, and then his three sons were hunted down and killed
as well.

Travel to Folgunthur. Your objective marker will lead you to a small camp
outside of the dungeon. Specifically, it will point to the journal of one
Daynas Valen, who was doing research on the Gauldur legend. After reading his
journal, enter the dungeon.

Ignore the rotating tablets in the first room. Kill all the zombies that rise,
and push your way through each room of the dungeon. Keep going until you find
the body of Daynas Valen. Loot his body to read his final writings, which
reveals that the Archmage Gauldur was actually murdered by his sons. The three
ungrateful twerps then stole his amulet of power and divided it into three
pieces. The brothers were then killed and then sealed in three different tombs
scattered throughout Skyrim. Folgunthur is one of them. The other two are
Geirmund’s Hall and Saarthal. Also be sure to loot the Ivory Dragon Claw from
Daynas’s corpse. Use it on the nearby pedastal to lower the bridge.

With this information, continue through the dungeon. You will come across a
curious hallway with four levels on either wall, and gates at the far end. This
puzzle is quite simple. On the left side, the lever farthest from the gates
needs to be pointing upwards. The lever closest to the gates on the left side
needs to be pointing down. The opposite holds true for the right side of the
cave wall.

Keep progressing through until you come across a room with a gate in the center
of the floor, blocking a staircase. The zombie on the nearby throne will stand
up and attack you, so kill it. Then take notice of the levers by the two
thrones. You only need to turn the lever near the throne farthest from where
you entered this room, since I will tell you the solution of the puzzle. What
else are guides for, eh?

Turning the lever will cause the rock wall to shift, revealing a secret room.
Kill the zombie on the other side. This next room will have some tablets that
need rotated, so get to it. The tablet closest to the entrance of the room
needs to be turned to the snake picture. Then the middle tablet needs to be a
whale. The far tablet needs to show an eagle. When this is done, return to the
main room with the thrones. Across from the thrones on the far wall is a chain
that you can pull. Doing so will open the gate blocking the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, kill the spiders, then continue. Keep going until
you reach a room with a large door, with an indention on it to place the Ivory
Dragon Claw. The zombies will rise from their crypts one by one, so kill them
all, then turn your attention to the door. If you examine the claw, you can see
that on the palm of the claw, there are three pictures. The top picture shows
an eagle, as does the middle one. The bottom picture is a dragon. So, get to
work on that door.

The outer circle needs to show an eagle, so turn it once. The middle circle
also needs an eagle, so turn it once. The inner circle needs to show a dragon,
so turn it twice. Then place the Dragon Claw into the keyhole to open the door.
This will grant you access to a door that leads you to the crypt. You can then
fight and kill the main zombie in here, the one that rises from the coffin in
the center, to loot his corpse (redundant, I know) and obtain the first

With this in hand, check out the pedastal behind the coffin. You will find that
you can stick the Ivory Dragon Claw in the pedastal to unlock the gate. This
will lead you to a secret passage that opens up towards the beginning of the
dungeon. Then it’s just a matter of backtracking to get outside again.

Head to Geirmund’s Hall to get the second fragment. Once inside, you will
discover a hole in the ground. Jump down the hole. Don’t worry–you won’t die.
There is water below that will break your fall. Swim to the nearby steps and
climb up onto dry land. Fight the zombies in the next area, and then take
notice of the rotating pillars. At the end of this room, there is a gate with a
lever next to it. The lever doesn’t work unless the pillars are in the right

Well, return to the steps that you walked down to be in this room in the first
place. On your left and right, engraved in the walls, should be pictures
depicting animals. The left wall should be an eagle and a whale, and the right
wall should be a whale and a snake. Basically, just hug the left wall and turn
the two pillars you find to depict an eagle, and then a whale. Then return to
the steps and hug the right wall, and switch the two pillars to depict a whale
and a snake respectively, in the order they are encountered. This will allow
you to pull the lever and open the gate.

Fight your way through the zombies. You will find a table with a note on it.
Take the note, then take the key that is grasped in the skeleton’s hands that
is lying on the table. With this accomplished, unlock the iron door behidn you
and then continue. You will find a bridge that is not lowered, and a lever at
the ledge. Don’t pull this lever; it will simply cause spears to shoot out of
the holes in the wall and stab you. Instead, face the bridge, and then turn
around. You will see the correct lever on the wall. Pull it to lower the
bridge, then head across, pull the next lever you see, then walk across that
bridge as well.

When you finally reach the final arm, the second brother will rise from his
coffin. Attacking him will cause him to disappear, and then reappear on the
three platforms in the room. Apparently he knows Shadow Clone Ninjutsu.
Obviously there are two fakes and one real one. Just keep attacking them until
you find the right one (it won’t disappear after you’ve attacked). After you’ve
done some damage to the real one, you won’t have any problem picking him out
from the crowd. Simply moving your cursor over his body will reveal that he has
had damage done to him, giving away that he’s the real enemy.

This guy is not so much dangerous as he is annoying. If you have a good bow,
then the best strategy is to hang back and pelt the sucker with arrows.
Otherwise, you can run up and hack and slash, but beware! He will disarm you,
and your weapons will become lost in the murky waters that fill the floor of
this cave. It’s a pain in the ass to retrieve them, so I don’t recommend
fighting this guy with your favorite gear equipped.

After he’s dead, loot his body and take the second fragment. The final fragment you can’t obtain until starting the College of Winterhold
questline. Please refer to my Guild Quests guide for information regarding that
quest. At the end of the dungeon, you will face the final brother with the
final fragment. He will be invincible until your mage buddy destroys the
magical aura behind him. Kill him, and then take the fragment.

Your map will then point you to a place called Reachwater Rock. It’s a strange
cave behind a waterfall. Once you arrive, take the Emerald Dragon Claw off the
podium and read the letter. Loot healing potions off the dead adventurer, and
then approach the door. The rings should be: Bear, WHale, Snake, in that order.
Then insert the claw and turn it to open the door.

A bunch of doors will lower. Go to the one that doesn’t. The first two rings
should be an eagle, and the bottom ring should be a dragon. The claw that fits
into the keyhole is the Ivory Dragon Claw. Turn the rings so they depict the
correct animals and then turn the key to open this door as well.

Then head deeper into the dungeon. Keep going until you come up to a strange
stone table with three tablets on it. Press A on each tablet to place each
fragment of the necklace onto the tablet. Then the three ghosts of the zombies
(…what?) that you just fought will appear. Then the one on the left will

Guess what? He’s behind you. Fight him and his zombie minions. The zombies
will constantly respawn though, so don’t go out of your way to kill them. After
this ghost has been defeated, the second ghost will disappear. This guy is a
little annoying as he will blast you with Shouts and pelt you with arrows,
plus he teleports all over the place, with shadowclones of himself.

Just attack them until you find the right one. As you deal damage to him, his
health bar will help you pick out the correct one as he continues to teleport
around the room. When he’s dead, the third ghost will fight you. He can summon
an Atronarch and he also has a very high defense, but he is still fairly easy.
When he’s dead, return your attention to the three amulet fragments.

Gauldur’s ghost will then appear and reforge the fragments. Grab the finished
amulet as it floats in front of you, and this quest will be completed.

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If you visit the city of Solitude, you can enter their renowned palace, named
the Blue Palace. Your first visit there will reveal that there are some issues
in Solitude. Speak with Falk Firebeard, the head of “people that kill things”
in Solitude to learn more.

Falk will task you with clearing out Wolfskull Cave, where rumors are saying
some evil stuff is going down. Head to Wolfskull Cave. Upon entering the cave,
get ready to deal with some Necromancers. These are the only enemies you will
come across in this cave, but they are plentiful. When you reach a large hole
in the ground, hop down in it–you will survive the fall, I assure you.

Then keep going through the cave like you would any other typical Bethesda-
created cave. You will see a large purple aura in the distance as you near
your destination. Kill all the Necromancers that you come across, and then when
you reach the purple aura, kill all the ones there as well to stop the ritual.
They were attempting to summon and control Potema, the Wolf Queen, and use her
for evil deeds. Pull the lever next to the drawbridge to lower it, then make
your way across. This will allow you to backtrack and leave the cave.

Fast-travel back to the Blue Palace in Solitude. Go speak with Falk about your
success to receive your reward.

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After witnessing a murder in the marketplace at Markarth, you will be greeted
by a man named Eltrys that is trying to get to the bottom of the incident. He
will ask you to meet him at the Shrine of Talos in town. Accept his offer and
meet him there at your leisure.

Eltrys will then ask you to dig up evidence about a couple of people in town.
They are Margret and Weylin. Visit the local inn and speak with the innkeeper
to learn more about Margret. Then either get her room key from the innkeeper or
pick the lock. Search the endtable in her room to find her journal. Read it to
obtain a new objective to start looking for information regarding someone named
Thonar. Upon leaving the inn, a Stormcloak soldier will confront you, and he
will try to intimidate you into abandoning the investigation.

Meanwhile, go to the Warrens, which are basically the slums of Markath. Speak
with Garvey. Get Weylin’s key from him or pick the lock to Weylin’s room. Loot
the chest that’s against the wall to find Weylin’s note. Read it and take
whatever else you like out of the chest.

Upon exiting the Warrens, you will be attacked by a man named Dryston. Brawl
with him and win. Speak to Dryston after he has been defeated, and he will
reveal that he was sent by someone named Nepos. At any rate, it’s time to
gather some dirt on Thanor, so go to the Treasury House.

Once inside, speak with the woman at the front desk. She will unlock the door
to Thanor Silver-Blood somehow. Go speak with Thanor afterwards, but he will
refuse to talk. He does admit to sending that guard to try to scare you
earlier, though. As you go to leave the treasury, a bunch of the patrons will
start attacking. They kill the woman at the front desk, Thanor’s wife, and get
into battle with Thanor. Intervene and kill these glowing people. Then speak
with Thanor.

With his wife dead, Thanor admits to being the “King of the Forsworn”. He says
that they have been operating like his puppets. A flat-out confession is as
good as evidence as any, so now time to gather evidence on Nepos. Visit his
home, and his housekeeper will stop you at the entrance, asking you to leave as
Nepos needs his rest.

Go speak with Nepos anyway. He will be sitting in a chair in front of the
fireplace, reading a book. Sometimes it will say “This person is busy” when you
try to talk to him, but just keep hitting A until he talks. Nepos reveals that
he has been carrying out the orders of his king for the last 20 years in the
name of the Forsworn. As you try to leave, Nepos and his butlers and maids

Kill them all. When they’re all dead, loot them for some


and then return to Eltrys at the Shrine of Talos. When you arrive, you will
find that not only is Eltrys dead, but there are multiple Stormcloak soldiers
to deal with as well as one of the Jarl’s men. You can choose to go to jail and
avoid a fight, or you can kill them all (except for the Jarl’s guy, he cannot
be killed).

At any rate, this marks the end of the quest!

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If you visit the quaint city of Morthal, you will find out that a tragedy has
struck the town. A fire terrorized a local family as they slept, and only the
man of the house, Hroggar, survived. His daughter Helgi and his wife were both
killed in the flames. Hroggar has since found a new lover in the beautiful
Alva, and obviously suspicions around town are on the rise.

Just ask around Morthal and you’ll find out all about this. People will point
you to the Jarl for more information. Inquire about it and she will ask you to
investigate the burned house as no one else in town has the testinal fortitude
to do so. If you visit the ruins of the house now, you will find the ghost of
young Helgi. Speak with her, and she will run off, asking you to find her at

Wait until it’s dark out. You can ask around for more information about where
Helgi may possibly be. If you want your compass to point you directly to
Helgi’s location, then go ask the Jarl about Helgi’s ghost. Her ghost will be
located outside of town at her grave. You’ll find a vampire named Laelette at
Helgi’s grave, which has been dug up, and is crooked standing up. Kill Laelette
and then search the coffin.

Helgi will talk to you again. Meanwhile, Laelette’s husband Thonnir will show
up and discover her dead, vampiric body. He will reveal that Laelette
disappeared a while ago on a night when she was supposed to meet with Alva.
Hmm…what a conspiracy! Thonnir asks you to investigate Alva’s house, so head
there now, while it’s still dark out.

Pick the lock to Alva’s house (or pickpocket the key from Hrrogar or Alva,
whatever you want to do). At night, you will find Hrrogar stirring away at the
cooking pot and Alva nowhere to be seen. You can easily sneak past Hrrogar or
you can murder him. Whichever is easier for you. Regardless, head into the
basement where you’ll find Alva’s empty coffin, and her journal lying inside.

Nab the journal. It proves that Alva is a vampire. Give this evidence to the
Jarl. She will ask you to kill the local master vampire named Movarth that
lives in a cave just outside of town. She hires a group of angry citizens to
help you raid this cave and you will find them right outside of her hall.
Leading this pack is Thonnir, so speak to him if you want them to follow you.

At ny rate, head to Movarth’s Lair outside of town. Kill all the vampires that
are inside, and then kill Movarth himself. After everybody is dead, return to
the Jarl and tell her the good news, that the vampire threat hanging over her
town is no more!

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Falk Firebeard is still having Wolf Queen issues in Solitude. Ask him if there
is anything more you can do for the city, and he will ask you to destroy the
remains of Potema the Wolf Queen, as to prevent anyone from ever trying to
bring her back from the dead again.

To get into the catacombs where Potema’s remains are located, you need to speak
to Styrr in the Hall of the Dead in Solitude. Fill him in on the situation, and
the old man will kindly give you the key to the catacombs. Head there now and
be prepared for a very tough dungeon. I don’t recommend continuing this quest
at this point until you are at least level 25, with a minimum level of 20. It’s
tough stuff.

In terms of puzzles, the dungeon isn’t too bad. There are deviously set traps
like flames that shoot out of the ground and swinging trapdoors. Because of
this, until you get into the depths of the dungeon, you will probably want to
sprint through every doorway. Check every treasure chest for tripwires that
can be attached, and be ready to kill an absurd amount of zombies and vampires.
Talk about the monster mash!

Corny references to old holiday songs aside, as you go through the dungeon,
you will eventually come across a dead end. If you pull the lever in this area,
the wall will begin to rotate. If you watch it as it rotates, you will see a
gate at the top of the revolution. However, the gate is only open for a split
second. What you need to do is push yourself against this rotating wall until
the gate swings by again, so you can step through the gate quickly before it

Keep killing the zombies and the vampires and going through the dungeon. You
will have to fight a Deathlord zombie that also has a vampire with him in one
room in particular. The vampire may have powerful magical attacks, but he can
be killed very easily, usually just with a couple of strikes. Kill him and then
focus on the Deathlord. After this grueling battle, loot the body of the
vampire and take the key off him. Use the key on the nearby door and continue
through the dungeon.

The next puzzle you come across will feature three sets of rotating walls with
three different gates. Don’t be too worried about this; pull the first lever
(the one you came across first as soon as you stepped into this area) and make
it point to the left. Then pull the other two levers so they are pointing to
the right. This will be the right combination needed. Use the same strategy as
stated earlier with these rotating walls to get through them all. It might get
a little claustrophobic, but you don’t have to worry about being killed by

As you near Potema’s remains, you will wind up in a room that has a floor
covered in dead bodies. Potema will resurrect these corpses and you will have
to fight them. Once they are…er, re-dead, keep going through the dungeon
until you finally are in the large room with Potema herself. She will be
materialized as a giant purple figure in a glowing aura just as before. She
will resurrect a TON of zombies to fight you, and her purple lightning will
drain your health as it hits you.

My recommendation? Leave this room. The zombies will follow you right out the
door. This helps you keep from getting surrounded, and you can take care of
all the enemies without having to worry about being offed by Ivan Ooze’s
girlfriend’s purple lightning. Eventually, when enough zombies are killed, she
will summon ANOTHEr Deathlord to fight you.

Once it is dead as well, go through the door in the back and approac the
throne with Potema’s skull sitting on it. Potema’s ghost will then battle you,
so…kill? it. It’s kind of intimidating, but the ghost isn’t nearly as strong
as the TWO Deathlords you’ve had to fight in this godforsaken quest. Once the
ghost is dealt with, retrieve the skull, then go through the back exit to reach
the beginning of the dungeon as is the typical routine, and then when you get
outside, fast-travel back to Solitude.

First return to Styrr. Give Styrr the skull so he can destroy it once and for
all. Then return to Falk Firebeard and inform him that you have completed his

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20 Responses to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Side Quests [Guide]

  1. 1. Go to Merryfair Farm.
    2. Speak with Dravin.
    3. Give him the bow.

    Merryfair Farm is Northwest from Riften if you haven’t found it already.

    Here’s a YouTube video to help out with the location:

  2. avatar ben says:

    i found Draven’s Bow under the Ragged Flagon in rifton and had it most of the game how do i get rid of it?

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    im in the ruins just outside of solitude and im stuck on the part with the statues that turn i tried the patturn that they had in the other room and it didnt work please help

  4. avatar Derrik2k says:

    Here’s the thing: I completed the quest one time in another character, so I know the storyline if you aren’t Thane, that much I do know, but I redid my character, and redid all of the quests, now I became Thane too early or something, or is there a lost string? Even though Eltrys is dead I have returned, and it still says return to Eltrys, I killed the guards at one time to break in, that didnt work, I got arrested in the city and went to jail, but the questline doesnt pick up.

  5. avatar Derrik2k says:

    Yeah, but if you are the thane you don’t get arrested, then what?

  6. Eltrys is supposed to be dead when you get there. There should be Stormcloak soldiers that will try to arrest you. You’ll have to kill all of them or go to jail to end the quest.

  7. avatar Derrik2k says:

    I am at level 54 got there without cheats or hints, kinda fun, but got stuck on the Forsworn Conspiracy. I am at the point where it says to return to Eltrys, but he is already dead. I have all the evidence but cant proceed, any suggestions?

  8. Ah, unfortunately, that may have screwed with the game. =/

  9. avatar Blaine says:

    No I didn’t I just ran across it and cleared it.

  10. Did you have the quest as one of your available quests when you did this?

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    I love how all these people ask for help but dont specify.

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    I am stuck in the cellar at dead man’s respite and can’t get out. What do I need to do?

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  16. Don’t worry! There will be more content added to virtually all the Skyrim guides on the site!

  17. avatar Thankfulguy101 says:

    Tanks man for the info. If you could actually put some more up that would be great. Any will do. This was really helpful and i hope you have done more. If you have any more walkthroughs tell me and i will be glad to read over them.

  18. An associate of mine on the site volunteered to write up that questline for me. However, I will be happy to help you with any problems you’re having. What is your specific issue right now? Finding the College, completing the first quest…? Just lemme know!

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