The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Civil War [Guide]

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is being torn apart — a violent a civil war has erupted between the
native Skyrim people, the Stormcloak Rebellion, and the Imperial Legion. Who
will win this power struggle? And which side are YOU on?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper
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1. Stormcloak Rebellion
A. Joining the Stormcloaks
B. The Jagged Crown
C. Message to Whiterun
D. Battle for Whiterun
E. Liberation of Skyrim
F. Rescue from Fort Neugrad
G. A False Front
H. The Battle for Fort Snowhawk
I. The Battle for Fort Greenwall
J. The Battle for Fort Hraggstad
K. Battle for Solitude
2. Imperial Legion

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1. Stormcloak Rebellion
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There are many, many ways to trigger this quest. I personally was told of
joining the rebellion after saving a prisoner from a band of soldiers in the
middle of the woods. However, you can also obtain the Misc. Quest to join this
faction simply by running into Stormcloak soldiers that are chilling out all
over the place. Their base of operations is in Windhelm where Ulfric resides,
so you can always travel there and ask around until you are pointed in the
right direction.

And the “right direction” would be Galmar Stone-Fist. Speak with him and he
will give you your initiation mission. The goal is to travel to a remote
iceberg located in the far north, then kill an Ice Wraith. Easy enough. The
Ice Wraith in question will be “chilling” (man…ever since Arkham City, I
don’t know if I will be able to stop these puns!) in front of the Serpent

Kill it. PROTIP: Fire works. After the Ice Wraith is dead, return to Galmar.
Report your success. He will be surprised that you actually survived, but then
demands that you take the oath to join. Take the oath, and bam, you’ve just
joined the rebel army. And in doing so, the Imperial Legion side of this
questline has been completely shut off from you!

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You’re in deep now, fella. Galmar will then give you your next mission, your
first one as a part of the Stormcloaks. It seems that the Jagged Crown, used
longer ago to adorn the head of Skyrim’s high king, is located in a dungeon
called Korvanjund. Meet Galmar and a few Stormcloak soldiers outside of the

Once you meet with them, they’ll discover that Imperial Soldiers have already
entered the place and are patrolling outside, waiting to ambush the
Stormcloaks. Murder all of them and then head inside. Kill the Imperials inside
as well, and then push your way through the dungeon. You won’t come across many
puzzles, with the exception of a door that will be locked to you, in which you
have to activate a handle on the wall on the floor above it.

With this gate open, continue through the dungeon, killing any Imperials or
zombies that you come across. Eventually you will reach one of those doors that
require a Claw to open it. You’ll find the Ebony Claw lying in front of a dead
Imperial. Examining the claw reveals that the circles have to be rotated to
“Wolf” on top, “Butterfly” in the middle, and “Dragon” on bottom. Rotate the
circles so they depict the images in this order, then activate the keyhole to
continue into the main chamber.

There will be heavy undead opposition in this area, including a particularly
powerful Deathlord zombie. Along with your Stormcloak buddies, fight them all.
When they’re all dead, loot the body of the Deathlord to get the Jagged Crown.
With the Jagged Crown in tow, exit this dungeon, and then fast-travel back to

Go back to Ulfric. Give him the crown and then listen to him to receive your
next set of orders.

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Ulfric will give you an axe to give to the Jarl of Whiterun. It’s time for him
to pick which side of the conflict he is on, damn it! Visit Dragonsreach at
Whiterun and confront the Jarl. Give him the axe. Wait for a few minutes as he
talks to his advisors, then talk to him again. He will refuse and give the axe
back to you.

Return to Ulfric in Windhelm. Give him the axe back. Ulfric will then
reluctantly order the siege of Whiterun.

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Travel to Galmar’s position outside of Whiterun. He will be near a catapult and
a bunch of Stormcloak soldiers ready to attack. Listen to his war speech, and
then charge the walls of Whiterun with the other Stormcloak. Smash through the
barricades and murder all the Imperials and Whiterun guards that you see as
you fight your way through the city.

Make your way to the drawbridge levers. Kill everyone around and then pull the
levers to lower the drawbridge. Then slay your way to Dragonsreach. Upon
entering, Jarl Balgruuf will attack, along with his soldiers. Kill all his
soldiers and then attack the Jarl until he falls to the ground. Talk to him to
accept his surrender.

Wait a few hours and then return to this place. The Jarl will have gathered his
primary subordinates and has a meeting with the Stormcloaks. Sit in on the

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Go back to Ulfric and tell him the news about Whiterun. He will then send you
to go speak with Galmar at the Falkreath base for the Stormcloak, located in
the mountains near Helgen. Travel there and speak with Galmar, which will open
a new quest, and if you want more information on that, please refer to the
quest entitled “Rescue from Fort Neugrad”.

Once you’ve completed that quest, return to Ulfric. He will tell you that it is
now time to liberate Hjaalmarch. Go to the new location of Galmar and speak
with him to get your next set of orders, and the next quest.

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Head to the fort. Rolof from the beginning of the game will be with you for
this. Fight all the Imperial soldiers and kill them dead on the outside. Then
speak with Rolof. You can order him to follow you or stay in the courtyard.
Regardless, head to the prison area now.

Kill the Imperial soldiers in here, and then free all the prisoners locked in
cages in the basement. Return to the courtyard, then enter the fort itself.
Work your way through the fort, killing everyone there is to kill. The fort
will twist around back to its origins, as does every dungeon in the game, by
the way.

With everyone dead and the fort secured, speak to Rolof again. Refer back to
“Liberation of Skyrim”.

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Galmar will ask you to hunt down an Imperial Courier. Your map will actually
bring up two objectives. It doesn’t matter where you go, but if you hit “X” to
make the game show you the location of the quest on your map, it will point you
to Dragonbridge. For the sake of simplicity, let’s just assume you went there,
though the actions you take in the other location will be identical.

Speak with the local innkeeper and they will tell you the courier has run off
on an errand and will be back eventually (with enough persuading that is). You
can now go hunt down the courier yourself or just wait around for them. There
is an upside and a downside to each choice.

If you just wait at the inn for the return of the courier, when you confront
him, it will draw the attention of the local guards and you will either have to
go to jail or pay a hefty fine. If you try to hunt the courier down, you will
likely have a long on-foot journey ahead of you, and trying to fast-travel to
him could prove bothersome considering he will have made a significant amount
of progress to a different location by the time you arrive in a nearby area by

Regardless of which method you choose, confront the courier. He will try to
attack you after you reveal you want his package (erm…), so kill him. Loot
his body to steal his package (…erm again) and then return to Galmar. Galmar
will forge the documents to contain misleading information to throw off the

Travel to Morthal next and deliver the documents to the leader of the Imperials
there named Legate Taurinus Duilis. Give him the documents. Refer back to the
quest “Liberation of Skyrim”.

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Galmar will instruct you to head to Fort Snowhawk and help the Stormcloak
soldiers already there to take over the fort. Travel to Snowhawk and then break
through the barricade guarding the front entrance into the fort. Then have at

This quest is a little unique. Instead of having to travel through a dungeon-
like area throughout the inside of the fort, all you have to do is kill enough
of the Imperials for it to be considered a victory. A percentage will
constantly pop up on the screen reminding you how many enemies you have left to

After 100% of the Imperials have been killed (which isn’t an accurate number–
there is definitely going to be left-overs that will flee), the quest is
complete. And guess what? You should scroll back up to that “Liberation of
Skyrim” quest!

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This quest is VERY similar to the previous quest. After you receive your orders
from Galmar, head to the other soldiers that are waiting to attack the fort.
Then attack the fort and keep killing Imperials until the quest is complete.
The only real difference between this quest and the previuos one is the
location and the fact that this one will net you the War Hero achievement!

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Identical to the previous two quests, with the difference being the lack of an
achievement gained and the fort is located on the top of a snowy mountain!

Head to Solitude. Listen to the speech by Ulfric and when the cue is given,
head into the city. Murder your way through the streets until you reach the
location of General Tullius. Galmar and Ulfric will arrive next, and have an
argument with Tullius’s subordinate.

Fight and kill her in a three-on-one battle. When she’s dead, beat Tullius to
the ground and force him to surrender.

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