Battle Nations Walkthrough [Guide]


From the creators of MetalStorm and Trade Nations now comes another action-packed game by the name of Battle Nations, wherein strategy will make or break you. You will lead an elite Imperial Army that will catapult you to greatness by dominating your own Empire. Train your troops and go to battle to ensure your dominion and expand your empire. It is certainly an exciting game for the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Be on the right track by following our comprehensive guide on your way to domination.

Start playing by tapping on the “Battle Nations” icon on the home screen of your device. You will get to know the main characters included in the game once you start playing. They include Lieutenant Morgan and the Emperor. Take time to watch and listen to the introduction or just skip it by tapping quickly.

How to Fight
Learning to defeat your enemy is the most essential skill you should master. To succeed means to know by heart the aspects of battle. Your army is colored green on the battle screen, while your enemy is colored red. The only unit that can launch an attack while highlighted is the active unit and it is colored blue. Tap on any other unit to switch which one is highlighted.

To launch an attack on any of your enemies, tap on any of them. Attack at once, so your unit can fire as soon as possible. The enemy will retaliate by also firing. This first encounter is just the basic of combat, and advanced combat will be covered as we go on through this guide.

Be reminded that specific units are capable of attacking more than one unit at a time. Using a basic attack only, artilleries can take out up to 9 units at once. If you decide to attack on enemies that are blue, other units standing on blue squares will also be attacked. Tap on these enemies to obtain maximum damage. Enemies that have received tremendous damage will just disappear from your screen. The enemies’ health bar is just right below them. They have more health if the bar is light green in color.

Building Nations
You will be able to build nations after your initial battle. Resources that are crucial in battle can be derived from here, thankfully. Through the Build Menu, you can start building a new nation. This can be accessed by tapping on the Build icon at the lower right corner of the game screen. You can choose the kind of house you want residents to settle in. You can pick “Shelter” at this point in time.

You need to place the Shelter to make it more useful. Drag it around the screen to get the feel of it, and then tap on the check mark if you want to place it permanently. A few seconds is all it takes to be able to complete a Shelter. Once it is finished, just tap on it for people to start moving in. From time to time, come back to your nation and tap on the tents in order to collect money. Completing this activity also means that you have accomplished your first mission.

You will do some farming on your land so you better know how to do it. Start by tapping on a bare plot in the farm on your land. Choose artichokes and plant them. Wait for them to be fully grown before harvesting. Harvesting crops is being done by just tapping on them.

Goods Production is your main source of Exp, which can be Tool Sheds, Bakeries, Farms, and Raptor Cages. They work off timers, so planning the timer that works for you depends on your schedule. If it is bed time, set at least 5 to 12-hour jobs in every building. Five minute cabbages can be pumped out by building a number of farms.

For making a bunch of small increments of Exp, cabbages on your farms are essential if you are playing for a while. For fast progression, utilize your army well by skipping PvP. Just defeat computer opponents as fast as possible. Proceed to your friend’s list and campaign characters then choose Boar Badlands. A kill amounts to 5 Exp and if combined with cabbage Exp it will set you up to the next level.

Supplies for your battles are necessary, and a Supply Drop can be of great help. The Supply Drop option is also on the Build menu at the goods section. Just tap on it and place it by doing the procedure done in placing the Shelter. The Supply Drop will only work with the assistance from people. In connection with this, one essential strategy is to put up shelter as you move on.

Your second battle can be fought when you notice a red icon on the screen. Just tap on the icon to commence the fight and utilize the fighting strategy you have learned earlier. The missions that will be given to you will pop up from the left side of the screen. To get more details about them, just tap on them.

Barrack-O-Rama is part of the first missions that you will receive. The objective in this mission is to train a trooper and build the barracks. To do this, access the Build Menu then choose the military category. Tap on the barracks and place them.

If the barracks are finished and you have obtained enough population, bring up the barracks’ menu by tapping on it. Start training the trooper by tapping on it and the “train” button. The mission will be completed after you are done training the trooper. This would take time so you have to wait. If you want to expedite the training, you have got to spend Nanopods.

If there are buildings that are not needed, you have got to delete them to utilize your population to the fullest. Barracks, Stone Mines, and Farms only takes little resources and a few seconds to build, so put the workers to do more important and urgent jobs. You can grab bonus resource by entering any PvP random matches.


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