Wasteland Empires Walkthrough [Guide]

Wasteland Empire

It is stunning and exciting – as long as you are not physically there – imagining being in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Crowdstar keeps these emotions heightened for Facebook users with Wasteland Empires. In this game, you will learn to engage in battles and make a life out of a forgotten land. Help is at hand with the tips, tricks, hints, and cheats we provide in this guide.

You can start playing the game if you are a Facebook member. Just click on the “Free-Play Now” button to start playing. Crowdstar will ask permission to post messages on your Facebook’s profile page wherein you can click “Allow” before you continue playing the game. The basics of the game and survival techniques will be given to you by Ethan Tyler and Ashlen Rose by means of a tutorial.

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Your basic goal in the game is to defend your settlement and aim for expansion. For the latter, you will need to clear the area surrounding your camp to be able to advance. By creating a strong base in this wasteland, you will be able to deal with the relentless attacks of raiders in the adjacent lands.

Start working by placing a building or moving rubble. After clicking on them, an icon will appear which you have to click to complete the job. If the icon is not clicked, any building will not become active and pieces of rubble would not be moved. It takes added steps to do things in Wasteland Empires compared to other games in the popular social networking site.

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Central to your camp is a water source coming from a well. Growing your camp means building extra wells and upgrading the ones you have been using. No activity in your camp could be undertaken without water. Once a well is placed, you will not be able to move it. As much as you can, try maintaining old wells before building new ones to maximize every space in your camp.

The pieces of rubble that are scattered around your camp should be moved for you to have more area to expand. Hover around some rubble to determine how long it would take to clear the patch and the number of colonists you will need for the job. Moreover, building and extending your camp needs some kind of planning. You need to plan your move because you have to consider that buildings should be connected to a well. The latter makes them active and the connection could either be direct or through a road.

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The best strategy that could be adapted is to clear huge patches of rubble in one stroke. After clearing the land, the next step is to lay down a road then build along it. This technique eliminates irregular spaces with not much use. With numerous buildings in it, your camp could look cramped. Another reason is that there is not much space in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Having a clear and instant overview of your camp can be done through the eye-icon beside the move button. Clicking it transforms buildings into a simple schematic view.

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The remaining resources you utilize in Wasteland Empires are broken down into three categories such as mineral, biological, and mechanical. In effect, these are the currency that you will use. These resources can be used in training your troops, putting up buildings, and looking for upgrades. They could lie hidden in the rubble or you can build refineries in your camp that will produce them. A blue icon on top of each refineries signals harvest time because production is already full. Mineral resources are harvested from a mine, mechanical from mechanics workshop, and biological from a mill. Resources are also plentiful in the rubble but you got to have storage for them. You must remember that you can’t build one until you put up your first refinery.

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Your camp is as good as dead without people in it. Your settlers in Wasteland Empires are called colonists. They do most of the activities in your camp like constructing buildings, clearing rubble, and even trained into soldiers. A maximum of 50% of your colonists can be trained as fighting soldiers. The remaining half can be ordinary colonists who do equally productive tasks within the camp. Your food and water supply, as well as the housing, determine the number of colonists you could have. To add more colonists in your camp, build more farms for the food supply, wells for water, and dwelling for houses.

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There are other camps in the wasteland aside from yours. They will compete with you and fight you for survival. There are raider’s camp and other player’s camps that you can attack. You can get training from these computer players who will give you some good challenge but not so tough. You will decide which player to take on but you have to click on each of them to evaluate their combat level.

You will be able to see other player’s camp once you decide to attack. You will be able to send your troops but in limited numbers if you have not yet upgraded your martial hall. After sending the first wave of soldiers, prepare reinforcement to augment those who are already on the battlefield.

The enemy’s defensive towers are threats to your troops if they are still up. Aim to take them down on the first attack. If the towers are down, you will have the chance to loot other buildings. Consequently, your reputation bar on top of the screen will turn from negative to positive as you succeed in taking out more enemy buildings. You will earn reputation after destroying enemy base.

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Other than being good in offense, you should be unbeatable in defensive tactics. Make yourself formidable by strengthening your base. Build defensive structures from items in the rubble to look for new structures at the scrapyard. The defensive perimeter should overlap and check the range of a structure by clicking on it.

In upgrading, research is of great essence. It is done in the town hall and the technologies you have researched are in the tech tree. Be sure to research all the technologies in a certain level because you can not move on to the next without doing it.


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