Tap Zoo 2 Walkthrough [Guide]


A Safari park is one great venture that is enticing to undertake, although unless you have a disposable income the size of what Bill Gates has, then it is unlikely you will run your own park. Nonetheless, you do not need billions to do it because in Tap Zoo, you will be able to operate on by trading and breeding wild animals. Its latest version, Tap Zoo 2, you will have access to new animals, cross breeds, mix breeding, and staff. This guide will help you setup your awesome animal kingdom.

Tap on the icon “Tap Zoo 2” on your device’s screen after the download has finished. As you start playing, you will be then taken to your safari park so you can start putting up exhibits where your animals will live. Exhibits are the main attraction in your animal park.

Start Building
Your zoo looks bare as you see it on the main gameplay screen. People are visiting the place but there is nothing in it. You can start shopping for animals by tapping on the “Animals Menu” at the bottom left corner of the screen. As you tap on the Animals button, you will have access to the selection screen where you can choose from the animals available in this latest version.

You can choose the Gorilla as you first animal. It is not only the cheapest one available but the first among the available animals. Afterwards, you need to place different exhibits in your park. This is done in the Placement mode wherein you drag around the green hued exhibit using your fingertip. After selecting the location of your choice, tap on the green checkmark at the bottom right corner of the screen to permanently set it up.

For the future exhibits you will have, you can use the same procedure you did with the first exhibit you have. Because you only have limited space at the start, purchase more of the same animals on that exhibit to maximize the space. Your exhibits will earn you XP and coins. You can collect the coins as they appear above the exhibits.

In your zoo, there is a room for future expansion as the area becomes cramped. For this purpose, you need to buy land through the Store icon. You just need to tap on the main menu to be brought to the Store icon and then to the main market menu. As you tap on the “Expand” button, you will be taken to the “Buy Land” screen. You can shop for land here for your zoo expansion.

To start building the new land, tap on the text and spend the required amount. The land will instantly appear in your zoo after it is finished. If it is taking too long, you can expedite the process by spending Stars for fast upgrade. As the main currency of the game, it will cost you real money to obtain Stars. You need to spend them wisely to avoid wasting them.

Be a Breeder
As you tap on the Build menu and the Nursery, you can start breeding the animals that you presently have. This is for the purpose of having additional XP and coins. To start breeding, you have to unlock nests. You can unlock it with coins by tapping on the locked nest. Tap on the unlocked nest to start breeding. Your animals that are available for breeding will be shown on the breeding menu. To start breeding a pair, tap on the ones you prefer. Afterwards, an egg will appear in your nest with the new animal. A number of minutes to about a few hours are needed to complete the process. After it is finished, tap on the animal to place it in your zoo.

Visit Friends
You can see how your friends’ zoos fair with you by visiting them. In this way, you can also help them out. Through the arrow button located at the lower right corner of the screen, you will have access to the main menu. Within the maim menu, tap on the “Visit Friends” button where you will have access to the list of your friends. By tapping on the appropriate button, you can pick a random player if you don’t have friends playing the game.

You will get some rewards if you help save sick animals in the zoos you visit. Tap on the animal exhibits to be able to heal them then get back to your zoo through by tapping on the Home button. You are allowed to visit a friend once every day to be able to earn special rewards. It would be in your favor if you can visit them every day.

As you complete various tasks in your zoo, achievements will pop up from time to time. Majority of these tasks are enhancing your zoo with additional things. An example of active achievements is the Zoo Building: Giraffes. It will ask you to place a giraffe exhibit to your zoo which you have to do to activate it. After activating it, you can check through the trophy icon at the upper left corner of the screen. Access the list of achievements after completing this one. You will receive small rewards with its completion.


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