Resident Evil: Revelations FAQ / Walkthrough [Guide]

Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations is the latest installment in Capcom’s incredible survival-horror franchise, and now you can complete the game 100% using this great guide. So, turn off the lights, put on a pair of headphones, attach your Circle Pad Pro (if you have one) and turn the volume all the way up–the Evil is back!

Resident Evil: Revelations
Written by Dalton “HorrorSpooky” Cooper
Copyright 2012 Cheat Masters

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Characters and Story
3. Walkthrough
A. Episode 1: Into the Depths
B. Episode 2: Double Mystery
C. Episode 3: Ghosts of Veltro
D. Episode 4: A Nightmare Revisited
E. Episode 5: Secrets Uncovered
F. Episode 6: Cat and Mouse
G. Episode 7: The Regia Solis
H. Episode 8: All on the Line
I. Episode 9: No Exit
J. Episode 10: Tangled Webs
K. Episode 11: Revelations
L. Episode 12: The Queen is Dead
4. Missions
5. Raid Mode
6. Extras
7. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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Set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil: Revelations sees series mainstays Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield thrust back into the hellish world of Resident Evil, where terrorist organizations unleash BOWs upon unsuspecting populations, and it’s up to the BSAA to take them down. They went to the 3DS, where they thought they were safe…

They were wrong.

L – Parallel Move
R – Aim
A – Use a Herb
B – Reload
X – Use a Sub Weapon
Y – Action/Shoot
Circle Pad – Movement
D-pad – Switch weapons
Start – Pause
Touch screen – Menu/Camera Control
Motion Controls – Camera (if activated from options menu)
Circle Pad Pro (optional) – Camera control

HELPFUL TIP: The quick-turn is one of the greatest tools in Resident Evil history. You can use this to make a quick escape from enemies when the going gets tough, and it makes maneuvering around the environment easier. To quick-turn, pull the Circle Pad down, and then press B. This will make the character you’re controlling turn 180 degrees.

HELPFUL TIP: New to Revelations, players can now use a “dodge” ability to avoid enemy attacks. In order to dodge, point the Circle Pad in any direction and tap B just as the enemy is about to attack. This will cause you to dive out of the way of an incoming attack, and may see the enemy kill themselves on a hazardous environmental object.

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2. Characters and Story
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One of the strongest points in the Resident Evil series has been the colorful cast of characters that we’ve been subjected to throughout the years. Resident Evil characters are marked by their sometimes outrageously hilarious dialogue and all-out corny nature, which is actually really awesome and gives the games an incredible atmosphere. There are returning faces as well as new friends and allies to meet in Resident Evil: Revelations, so let’s get acquainted with them.

The following information is taken directly from the Resident Evil: Revelations game manual:

BSAA – Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, an NGO established by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium against the global bioweapon threat after Umbrella’s downfall. Acts as an observer in the operations of various nations in the event of bioweapon emergence.

Jill Valentine – Survivor of Raccoon City and one of the founding members of the BSAA. Infiltrates the ghost ship along with Parker after learning of Chris’s disappearance.

Parker Luciani – An Italian with roots in England who serves as Jill’s partner on this assignment. Rumor has it he made his mark in another organization before joining the BSAA.

FBC – Federal Bioterrorism Commission, an organization secretly founded by a certain major nation to combat terrorism. Its actions never become public, as they are concealed under the tightest possible secrecy. Does not look favorably upon the BSAA’s interference, especially considering it is an NGO.

Morgan Lansdale – FBC commissioner. Butts heads at every turn with the BSAA with his characteristically aggressive manner.

Raymond Vester – One of the FBC’s top agents. Reportedly an acquaintance of Parker and Jessica.

Clive R. O’Brian – Current BSAA commander. Skilled at bringing together the rouges gallery that is the BSAA. Appears to have a close connection of some sort with Commissioner Morgan of the FBC.

Chris Redfield – One of the founding members of the BSAA. Jill’s brother in arms ever since the Mansion Incident. His disappearance is where our story begins.

Jessica Sherawat – BSAA agent who may look fashionable, but actually exhibits impressive combat prowess. Her marksmanship rivals the best of the best.

Mysterious Terrorist – Mysterious man whose face is hidden behind a gas mask. Reportedly has some sort of link with the group behind a bioterror incident that rocked the world.

The manual also provides a quick plot summary to give you a better idea of what the game is about:

It started with the disappearance of Chris Redfield. Upon receiving the report, the BSAA dispatched two of its finest operatives to rescue him:  Jill Valentine and her new partner Parker Luciani. Following traces of a comm link left behind, Jill and her partner ventured across the storm-swept Mediterranean in a tugboat. Nearing their target point, they found a massive black ship looming ahead–a ghost ship that had once been a former cruise liner.

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3. Walkthrough
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Once you gain control of Jill following the opening cut-scene, head inside the ship. You can really only go in one direction at this point, so once inside, just work your way through the hallways. Creepy things will be crawling around in the air ducts, but don’t much attention to them. You’ll finally reach the end of the hallway, marked by a blue door on the side that you can go through.

Before going through the blue door, open the lockers to collect a green herb. With the herb in your possession, go through the blue door and then go through the kitchen area. Parker will approach a bloody grate on the ground that is covered in blood. Walk up to him when he’s done talking to interact with the grate.

When the cut-scene concludes, you’ll fight the first monster in the game. It’s a typical T-Abyss monster. You don’t even have to move, really. Just stand still, take aim, and pump the enemy full of lead until it dies. After it dies, another cut-scene will play.

Once that lengthy cut-scene concludes, you’ll be acquainted with one of your new gadgets, the Genesis, in a flashback from earlier that day. This device scans the environment for hidden items and it can also scan enemies. Scanning enemies is useful because if you scan enough of them, you will earn yourself a free green herb for health.

Begin scanning the blobs on the bleach. One of the blobs will have an object inside of it, prompting Jill and Parker to investigate. Digging inside of the blob will yield them a vial of the T-Abyss virus. They pocket it, and now your goal is to continue scanning the blobs on the beach. You need to scan enough to make the marker at the top of the screen reach 100%. So look around on the walls and on posts in the water, and on the beached ship for little masses of blobs that you may miss.

As you finish up this side of the beach, one of the blobs will come to life after you scan it. Continually back up from the blob and wait for it to lift its head up, exposing its mouth. Fire repeatedly into its mouth, and then back up as it pursues you. After the monster is dead, search the area around it for supplies.

Go through the makeshift tunnel and on the second beach, one of the blobs will blow up due to a gas overload. Then scan the blobs on this second beach until you have reached the 100% marker. When enough blobs have been scanned, head back to O’Brian to give him the data.

Unfortunately, on the way there, another blob monster will burst out of the shack. Employ the same strategy as before, firing into its mouth as you back up and avoid being engulfed by it. It’s like the monster from Stephen King’s The Raft, I swear. Anyway, with that monster dead as well, head back to O’Brian and give him the data you’ve collected.

Following even more cut-scenes, your perspective will be back on the Queen Zenobia. Scan the dead enemy, and then also scan around the environment for helpful items like handgun ammo and herbs and what-not. It’s always good to scan an empty room for supplies, especially since you may not have the opportunity to scan at your leisure in later rooms.

Leave this room when you want and then head down the stairs. Keep going straight down the hall at the bottom of the stairs, towards the orange door. Try to open the door, and Jill will lift up the flap on it, seeing what appears to be Chris strapped to a chair on the inside. Jill will radio back to Parker, and it is decided that she’ll need the key in order to save Chris from the room.

At any rate, go down the path that you haven’t been to before. You’ll go up another flight of stairs, at the top of which you can find another green herb. Go through the door, and then head straight towards the debris blocking the hallway. Go through the door there and ravage this room of supplies. Continue through the room and through the bathroom. A monster will burst out of one of the stalls. You can easily avoid it, but if you have the ammunition to spare, you might as well lay into the sucker until he’s dead.

Explore the room. Scan. Gather items. Then go through the next door. Go down the hallway, hang a left, and then go through the door you see next and down the stairs. A woman will be smashed against the window as you come down the stairs. Head into this room through a nearby doorway. Once inside, you’ll see the monsters feasting on the woman’s dead body. Since they are on the other side of the room, you have an advantage. Hold your position and fire at these enemies until they’re both dead. After which, Jill will radio back to Parker.

Equip the Genesis and scan the floor near the dead woman’s body. You’ll discover an object lying on the ground. Approach it and pick it up. Then be sure to scan the x-rays on the wall for a hand print (these are hidden hand prints that are plentiful throughout the game–try to find them all!) before leaving, heading back towards the room where you saw Chris.

On your way back, you’ll run into a surprise. A monster will burst through the air duct and try to kill you. Just ignore him and run on by. In the next hallway, there will be an orange door that you can unlock using the key you found near the dead woman’s body. If you want, you can head inside this area. It’s a laundry mat with a bunch of ammo for your handgun as well as a green herb or two if you take the time to scan (most likely–I believe the items you see from scans are random each time). At any rate, there will also be a monster that will crawl out of one of the washing machines before too long, so don’t spend too much time in this room.

Continue your journey back to the orange door where you saw Chris. Run by the enemies that pop out–they’re not worth the ammunition. It’s almost always smart to be conservative with your ammo in a survival-horror game, and Resident Evil: Revelations is no exception.

As you near Chris’s room, Parker will show up. Then approach the orange door and unlock it with the key. Head inside for some…revelations. Teehee.

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You’ll now be in control of Chris, partnered with Jessica. A plane will crash overheard. Walk forward and then hop down the ledge to reach the sight of the crash. Scan the area for helpful items if you there are any (as you should always do). Then approach the biohazard container in between two hunks of the plane. Open the container to find some T-Abyss virus goop.

To the right of the container is the cockpit of the destroyed plane. Open the cockpit door, and a body will tumble out. Scan the body and then check it for a document. Go through the side door of the plane. Destroy the boxes , and then approach the gate that is slightly open. When you try to open it, Jessica will run over to help you lift it up, resulting in a quick loading screen.

Walk through the cave and hop down the couple of ledges. You’ll come to a wide opening in the cave and then a few zombie dogs will attack. They are killed rather easily with the shotgun, so take them out. Then continue through the cave until you come across a dog howling in front of a bridge. Kill the dog, grab the shotgun ammo off the create next to it, then go across the bridge.

More zombie dogs will show up across the gap, on the next ledge. Shoot them and then hop over. Then hop down into the next cavern. You’ll be attacked by even more zombie dogs. Hold your ground and blast them away as they charge. Wait for them to get close and shoot them in the face with your shotgun. If at all possible, try to hit more than one dog at a time. Scan this area for items and grab any ammo or health that’s lying around.

Continue through the cave and Jessica will inquire about Jill. Seems fighting mutated monsters is the appropriate time to talk about relationships. As you continue through the cave, you’ll find more boxes and more items, including a very helpful item called  B.O.W. decoy. Through these things on the ground, and monsters will swarm to it, and then it will blow up and kill them.

Head outside of the cavern and then try to jump across the next gap you see. The ground will give out and Chris will fall to the ground below. You HAVE to use your handgun during this part, and any grenades or explosives that you may have had collected up to this point. Jessica will be trying to make her way down to you to help you out. If you’ve been following this walkthrough to this point, then you shouldn’t have been using your pistol anyway, so you should have plenty of ammo.

Take out the dogs as they near you, and don’t be shy about using explosives. If you feel yourself becoming especially overwhelmed, chuck a decoy to get rid of multiple dogs at a time. Jessica will show up and start helping out, but you’ll find that partners are rarely efficient when it comes to actually helping you kill things, and you’ll still have to deal the killing blow most of the time, even if it’s only one shot.

When the coast is clear and all the dogs are dead, Jessica will run over and help you up. When you’re up, take notice of the yellow and black ladder nearby. Climb up it, then follow the path until you reach another gate. You’ll have to wait for Jessica to catch up, but once the gate is open, head outside. You’ll be overlooking an airport from the mountain, and Chris and Jessica deduce that it must be the revived Veltro terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, Jill will wake up on a bed in a mysterious room on the ship. If you played the demo that was released on the eShop, then you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Of course, the graphical detail has been intensified, which is something that I think Capcom did on purpose. Anyway, notice the door that is blocked with a cabinet. Push the cabinet to the side and open the door. Grab the green herb off the ground near the toilet, and then drain the water from the bathtub. You’ll find the screwdriver in here OR you’ll find the screwdriver taped to the bottom of the toilet bowl lid.

When you have the screwdriver, you’ll hear a monster shambling outside of the bathroom. A monster has broken out of the closet it was in. Approach it, and then press B and flick the Circle Pad in any direction to initiate a dodge maneuver. This will send the monster lunging forward, and it will go head-first through the television set.

With that taken care of, approach the other door in this room. There is a fuse box attached to it. Interact with the fuse box to use the screw driver. Using the touch-screen, press down on the screws with the stylus to unscrew the panel. What follows is a rather simple mini-game in which you have to move the circles so they all touch a light, and so that none of the lines cross one another. I think these puzzles are randomized for the most part, so just go with it. Once you’re done, the door will open up, and you can head outside.

Since you don’t have a weapon, avoid confrontation at all costs. You can explore a little bit if you’d like, around this area. You can find a room with a shotgun attached to the wall that you can’t access right now, and the bathroom here has a green herb (as well as a monster that bursts out of the stall). Like I said previously, avoid all confrontation. Go through the only other remaining door possible, then down the long hallway. Go through the next door, and you’ll be in a room with displays and stuff. Ignore the monsters, push the cabinet out of the way, and then go through the door.

You’re in a large, lobby-like area with a grand staircase now. Head down the stairs and run through across the foggy floor to the only door that you can open on the bottom floor. Parker will come out of the door as you near it, and then after a brief conversation, follow him back through the door. Parker will lead you to another door, and then hand you decoys. Go through the door, which will lead you to a library area.

If you can maneuver around the monsters without using a decoy, then great. If you feel like you’re being trapped, then toss a decoy to avoid taking damage. Work your way around the shelves and past the monsters. The next door you go through will lead to another library area. Maneuver your way through here as well, only suing decoys when you deem it absolutely necessary. When you reach the next door, take note of the green herb on the ground and snatch it up before continuing.

Parker will head down the hallway ahead of you, so follow him. He’ll stop in front of a metal door with bars on it, claiming he’s found your weapons. If you check the cabinet next to the door, you’ll find Custom Parts. You can use these to apply various stat upgrades to your weapons. Go inside the door, and sure enough, all of your gear will be sitting on top of a crate.

Collect your weapons, then turn your attention to the large green box in the room. This is the box that you use to apply upgrades to your weapons. Do this if you want, and then exit the room. It is then decided that the two of you should head to the bridge, so backtrack to the foggy lobby area and go up the grand staircase and back through the door that you came through.

You’ll once again be in the room with the displays. A monster will fall through the ceiling, but just try to run by it and the other monster, and go back through the door and down the long hallway that you walked through earlier in the game. Remember, if you get lost, there is an extremely helpful map on the bottom screen that’s there all the time for reference.

Eventually you’ll be back to the area where you had to avoid the monsters for lack of ammunition–the place you ended up after exiting the spooky room Jill woke up in. Try to head back there, but instead of going back to Jill’s room, turn your attention to the door opposite of her room. There is a chain and padlock keeping the door shut. Either shoot it or slash it with your knife to open it. Head through the door, go through the hallway, and then use the elevator that you come across.

When the elevator reaches the top, go the only way there pretty much is to go. Open the all the doors, and just push forward, so to speak. Once you reach the bridge, Jill will let you know this by articulating it. Scan the area for items. If you scan the window with the Genesis, you’ll find a handprint. There is also an ammo case for handgun ammunition sitting on the control panel.

Speaking of the control panel, interact with it to trigger another cut-scene. And trust me, it’s a pretty explosive one. Teehee.

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FLASHBACK TIME! It’s like an episode of Naruto up in here. When the scenes are over, you’ll be in control of Parker. This flashback takes place at Terragrigia, the floating city that you’ve learned about in previous levels. At any rate, sit tight and watch O’Brian and Lansdale have their conversation, where it is revealed the city is about to be destroyed by their own satellite system.

When Raymond Vester leaves with Lansdale, that’s your cue to carry out your orders (Parker and Jessica are FBC at this point–not BSAA). Turn around and go through the doors to be in the hall area of this building. There will be a ton of hunters that show up, and this part can be kind of tricky. The hunters have the capability of killing you with one hit, so you have to be careful and make sure they can’t get in close to you.

This section takes an absurd amount of ammunition to get through. Luckily there’s various machine gun ammunition boxes lying around, as well as green herbs hidden in pretty much every corner of the room. I suggest finding a wall and putting your back to it. Take aim and mow down the hunters as they get close. When you run low on ammo or health, move towards one of the ammo boxes or herbs, and then repeat the process. When the hunters are dead, it’s time to head for the chopper!

Go up the stairs and down the hallway, following Jessica. You’ll see hunters climbing on the windows all creepy-like. Open the elevator doors, and you’ll be greeted by a hunter. Kill it, then go inside the elevator and press the buttons. The elevator will come to a premature halt, but luckily it does so in an area that you and Jessica can get out of it and opt to take the stairs.

Out of the elevator, go through the office area. Go through the first available door. A hunter will burst through the window. Kill it quickly or run past it, then grab the ammo off the overturned shelf behind it. Then go through the next door. Walk towards the barricade at the end of the hallway to gather more ammunition and a green herb. Then hop the barricade and go through the next immediate doorway, IF YOU NEED THE AMMO. If you do, go inside, kill the hunter, snag the box of ammo. Otherwise, continue down to the end of the hall and ignore that room completely.

In the door at the end of the hallway, you’ll be in a storage-like area. You’ll find grenades and shotgun ammo in here. Stock up. Head out through the next door, and kill the hunter. Follow the hallway and you’ll see a shotgun leaning against some boxes. Grab the shotgun, and then use it as you fire your way down the hallway. Kill all the hunters that get in your way, and go through the next doorway to reach a locker room area.

In the locker room, check inside the lockers for supplies. You can find grenades, ammo, green herbs, and whatever. Just be sure to check all the doors to make sure you’re fully equipped. Then head out the next door. A hunter will jump over the barricade, so blast it out of the way and then jump over the barricade yourself. Walk down the hallway and then blast through the next few hunters that pop up. You’ll eventually reach a metal door that opens to a stairwell, so go through it

There’s a green herb on the first landing. Otherwise, keep heading up the stairs. Pay attention to the numbers on the wall as you continue going up the stairs. Keep going until you reach the 6th floor, and then go through the metal door, down the hallway, and through the set of double doors. You’ll be in an area filled with cubicles and computers. Kill the enemies in here that you have to, but otherwise you can dodge them pretty easily if you use the cubicles as buffers between you and the enemies. Check the cubicles for ammo as you explore the room, and head to the other doorway here, which leads out to another hallway.

Run to the gate at the end of the next hallway. You have to wait for Jessica to get to you  before you can open the gate. Keep going and grab the ammo in the next room. Make sure you’re well stocked-up Go around and grab ALL the ammo that you see, then go to the elevator. Try to open it You’ll have to wait around for a little bit for the elevator to arrive, so get your back to a wall and start mowing the monsters down. Use grenades or decoys if you have to, and keep blasting them as they come. You’ll have to fight quite a lot of them, so make sure that they can’t sneak up behind you or anything as you’re doing this. When you get the chance for a quick rest period, take advantage of the opportunity and reload your guns at this juncture.

When the elevator arrives, rush to it. Once inside, interact with the panel and Parker and Jessica will ride it to the top. The elevator will stop, so head outside, go up the stairs, and go through the metal door to reach the heliport. Run over to the helipad and Parker and Jessica will climb on board the chopper.

Back on the ghost ship, Parker and Raymond will have a conversation, but then Raymond will escape. It’s then decided that the ship must be searched for answers. From your position, notice the small staircase leading down. Go down those stairs. Take a right before the elevator and take out the monster in the next hallway. There will be a door on one end with a Helm symbol on it, and a door opposite of that that you can actually go inside. Go to that door, and explore the room for supplies. You’ll find the Helm Key in here, lying on the window sill. Read the file on the table.

With the key, go back into the hallway and then go into the room with the Helm symbol on it. Inside this room, you’ll find ammo on a cabinet. Scan the area for more useful items, then approach the swivel chair. Interact with it to be greeted by a very dead fellow. Scan his body to find more supplies. Grab the Crest off the bookshelf, and then snag the map off the wall (Parker will likely be looking at it).

With the map, it’s then decided that Parker and Jill will go looking for an emergency communication room to contact the BSAA headquarters. Head back out into the hallway. Near the elevator, there will be ammo and a green herb. Collect these items, then backtrack out of the bridge and to the elevator that you used to get up there to begin with. Take the elevator down.

Go back to the room with the shotgun attached to the wall. Place the Crest into the indention below the shotgun to release it from its latches. A monster will burst out of the closet when you do this. Grab the shotgun and leave the room before you have to do any fighting.

Once you return to the hall lobby-area, you’ll encounter a new type of enemy that fires projectiles. They are killed very easily, but they can be a pain in the ass due to their deadly accuracy. At this point, you can really just ignore them, though, and any of the other monsters in this area. Run down the grand staircase to the foggy floor, and then approach the gated area. Use the Helm Key to open the gate, and then go through the large double doors locked with a weird wheel-like mechanism.

Your map will lead you to the communication room. However, you’ll find it’s locked. Read the note on the wall next to it to find out that you have to go to the promenade deck to retrieve the key. Go down the stairs and then go to the next set of double doors with the weird wheel mechanism that is locking the door. Once through, you’ll be greeted by another staircase. Walk down, smash the box, grab whatever is inside, then head back up the stairs.

Go through the door here, and then go through the small hallway. You’ll find a sniper rifle lying on the ground, and ammunition on the shelf. There’s also a box in here for upgrading if you feel like it. Then go through the door. Approach the slightly-opened gate, and then wait for Parker to come help you lift it up.

On the other side, you’ll be getting closer to someone pounding on a door and screaming for help. Ignore that for now. Take this time to familiarize yourself with this area because you’re going to be doing a lot of running around. Take not of the location of all the explosive barrels you see. When you’re ready, shoot the lock off the door that’s being pounded on (but be sure to be clear of it, as it will crush you if you’re standing in front of the damn thing).

This will release the communications officer, who has transformed into a horrible beast–one that takes an incredible amount of attacks to put down as well. Monsters will constantly spawn throughout this entire area during this fight as well, making it especially difficult. The communications officer’s attacks deal a significant amount of damage, plus he can kill you with one attack.

Constantly back away from him. Use you heavy weaponry first to try to put him away. Toss grenades and decoys and everything else you have until you’re bled dry. Then trick the monster into walking by the explosive red tanks. When it’s near, fire at the tanks. When enough damage is done, the monster will fall to its knees. That’s your cue to either take aim with the sniper and blast the weird little head it has on its shoulder, or run over and used a charged melee attack on him.

There is plenty of ammo and health in this place. What you need to worry about, though, is the one-hit kill attack where he picks Jill up in his mouth and smashes you around the place like a ragdoll. Eventually the monster will be killed, and the lifeboat key will be dropped in its place. Grab the key, then use the key on the double doors on the bottom floor. This will allow you to snake your way backwards, the way you got to this area from to begin with.

Backtrack all the way to the locked gate and open it up. This will result in a cut-scene where Jill and Parker run into Raymond again. O’Brian then decides to send in the geek squad of Keith and Quint (hands down the worst characters in Resident Evil history), and Chris and Jessica go on the hunt for Jill and Parker.

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Episode 4: A Nightmare Revisited
When the cut-scene concludes and you have control over Jill again, scour the room for ammo. Then go back through the double doors with the wheel attached to it to leave. Raymond will be leaning against the wall immediately outside of the doors. He will hand you the Iron Anchor Key, which will help you get to the casino, which will then lead to a lift that will take you to the bilge, your next destination. Raymond then expresses fear for his FBC partner Rachel.

Go down the grand staircase and go around the corner to the door that is locked with a large gate. Use the Iron Anchor Key to open the gate. Behind the gate is, of course, another door with a weird wheel-locking mechanism. Give the wheel a turn and head inside the casino. Jill’s flashlight will switch on automatically, so go forward into the casino.

Find another set of stairs, past the water fountain, and go up them. You’ll find a lever. Pull the lever to restore power to the casino. Then go back to the fountain and press the button on the front of the fountain. The water will turn red, and the fish in the water will turn into evil monster fish.

They will leap out of the water and charge you on the ground. Use your weakest weapon and kill the few as they pop out. The last one you kill will drop a coin. Find a slot machine that is lit up (which indicates that it is in working condition) and play the slots until you win a bundle of coins.

After you’ve acquired the bundle of coins, go back up the stairs where you turned the power on. You’ll see a cardboard cut-out of a woman holding a dish. You have to put in enough coins so that it equals exactly 107 grams in order to open the door. You need to put in 3 bronze coins, 2 silver coins, and 4 gold coins.

The decorative door next to the cut-out will unlock. That’s your cue to go inside. Scavenge the room for ammunition, scan it, and then approach the ladder in here. Hop down the ladder. Hop down the next ladder. Then walk down the shaft to the tall ladder going up. Climb it to the top, then move your way through the shaft. Drop down to reach the room with the lift.

Follow Parker onto the lift. Try to interact with the controls, but you’ll discover that the key is missing. Jill volunteers to go hunting for the key while Parker will stay near the lift to search for it. Look for a big set of double doors that are metal. Go through them, then down the hallway. You’ll find an elevator. Take the panel off the fuse box and fix the wiring. This will activate the elevator. Go inside the elevator and ride it.

When the elevator comes to a halt, Parker will surmise that Rachel, the woman Raymond mentioned earlier, probably has the key. Remember that chick that got smashed against the window from way earlier? Well, start heading there now. You’ll begin to realize that you’re back at the beginning of the game, but there will be more monsters that pop out and try to kill you. Run past them for now, only stopping to pick up ammo and green herbs that you see.

In case you don’t remember how to get there, you have to backtrack by the room that had the Chris Redfield mannequin and go through the rooms with the bunk beds in order to avoid the debris that’s blocking the path. On your way there, you’ll notice a locked door with the Iron Anchor insignia on it. I highly recommend going through this door, as there is a lot of ammo and a green herb. If you go to the end of the room, you’ll be able to go through another door and find a new machinegun as well as a box to upgrade your weapons.

When you’re satisfied, continue heading to the lab where you find Rachel the first time. You’ll that her body is gone, but there’s a file in a blood. Read the file. Then Rachel will run over to the window, revealing that she has morphed into a horribly grotesque monster. Uh-oh.

As you near the stairs to return, be cautious. Rachel will run around the corner. Blast her until she turns and runs. Chase her up the stairs. Rachel will retreat into the ventilation system. Continue to backtrack then, the way you came. There will be a few new monsters that will rear their head, but don’t pay them too much attention unless they absolutely get in the way. You’ll want to conserve your ammo for Rachel.

Speaking of Rachel, as you go through the bathroom area that is adjacent to the room with the beds, Rachel will pop out again. Blast her in the same fashion as before, then she will run to the other end of the bathroom and once again retreat into the ventilation system. Head out of this room, and then Rachel will turn a corner and chase after you again. Blast her some more until she is once again forced to retreat.

As you continue to go back to the lift and Parker, Rachel will pop out yet AGAIN as you near the room that fake-Chris was held in. Repeat the process from earlier of blasting Rachel repeatedly. Then backtrack your way back into the kitchen that you explored at the beginning of the game. A monster will crawl out of the vents, but so will Rachel, and Parker will show up to help as well. With Parker, blast the hell out of the monstrosity that is now Rachel. Kill the other monsters in this area to make sure they don’t damage you during the fight.

When enough damage has been done, Rachel will fall to the ground and something will be shining on her chest. Run over to her body and pick up the Lift Key. Then go with Parker back to the elevator that leads back down to the lift area. Go back onto the lift and insert the key into the control console. Then go to the other console with the lever on it and pull the lever to get the lift in motion.

To Top

Yay, it’s the Spirit Squad. Work your way through the hideout. Follow Quint. He’ll stumble and run into a shelf. A can will fall off the shelf. Scan the floor near the can and nab the screwdriver that Quint evidently dropped like the moron he is. If you walk by without getting the screwdriver off the ground, Quint will mentioned he dropped it and all you have to do is backtrack a little bit.

With the screwdriver in hand, continue through the base. Be sure to pick up the various items lying around as you progress. You’ll eventually come across a door with a fuse box attached to the wall. Remove the panel, readjusted the electric nodes, then head inside the next room. Interact with the consoles to check out the footage of the security cameras. Paranormal Activity sh*t up in here.

Exit the room and go back to the room that you saw in the security camera feed. Scan the area. You’ll find a Security Token on the ground not too far from the dead body. Retrieve it. And then, thankfully, you’ll be free from dealing with these idiots and the perspective will switch back to Jill and Parker.

Jill and Parker are still riding the lift. The lift will come to a screeching halt, at which point our heroes will hear the distant sound of water as it rushes into the boat. Go off the lift, and head to the door that will be to Jill’s left when you first get control of her. Hop down the ledge and into the water. Wade through the water, go up the stairs, and open the next door you come across.

In this room, approach the lever and examine it. Examine the red screens as well to gather more information about the power outage and the flooding in the bilge. Use the item box in here if you need to, then go through the next door. At one end of the hallway will be a couple of boxes to break for supplies, then continue going the other way.

You’ll come across another flight of stairs. Walk down them into more water. As you move through the water, you’ll notice a monster swimming through the water. These guys are huge pains in the ass. They are like smaller versions of the giant Raft monsters from the beach earlier. Just run right by them and use your map to help guide you. You can try to fight them, but that’s just more annoying than anything and is a waste of resources.

As you move through this area, look at your map. There will be two metal doors you can go through. Choose the one farthest away, go through, climb the stairs, and go through the next door. Up the stairs, you’ll find a control panel, but you can’t activate it right now. Parker decides to stay and examine it. In the meantime, notice the steam blocking your path below as well as at your current position. Also notice that there is some sort of console up here with you as well. Pull the lever on this console. This will get rid of the steam below.

Turn around and go back through the metal door. Now go through the other metal door. In this U-shaped room, you will be able to grab Custom Parts at one end as well as a map of this area. Run through the water to avoid enemies, and go up the steps. You’ll see a giant cog mechanism. Ignore it and continue along the catwalk to reach another door. This will put you across from Parker. Pull the lever up here, and then examine the console. It seems that you two need a set of keys to pull simultaneously in order to get those consoles working.

Backtrack to the area where you first started wading through the water. If you’ll recall, there was steam blocking a room as you ran through there past the monsters. Now that steam should be gone. Go into that room. Grab the cog sitting on the desk in here. Then turn the valve in here as well to turn all the steam off. Then backtrack yet again all the way to the cog mechanism. Put the cog in its rightful spot.

Fish monsters more akin to the ones from the casino will start hopping out of the water at you. Hold your position and blast them as they get close. Then turn your attention back to the cog machine. There is a button next to it. Push the button to turn the cogs and open up the middle cog. Grab the restart key from this mechanism then backtrack your way back to the console by Parker. NOTE: On your way there, you will notice a desk with Custom Parts as well as a new gun. Kill any big monsters you see on the way, and also be sure to grab any ammo or herbs as well.

Once you return to the console, interact with it so you and Parker turn it at the same time. Unfortunately, it causes water to start filling the room up instead of stopping the flood in the bilge. As the water rises, the perspective shifts back to Quint and Keith. Ugh. Drowning would be far more merciful.

Back in control of Keith, you’re now outside in the snowy mountain area that Chris and Jessica traveled through earlier. Kill the dogs as they come and follow Quint through the snow. As you near the crash site, Quint will crash into something invisible. Then a bunch of hunters will ambush the two of you, and then they will turn invisible.

Whip out your scanner and scan the monsters. This will make them show up momentarily. Then blast the ever-loving hell out of them. You can also watch for the snow to fly up as they walk through it to get an indication of where they’re at, so you can shoot them and make them sow themselves. After a long time of murdering invisible hunters, they will finally stop coming.

With them dead, head to the plane wreckage. Press Y to pull the debris out of the way blocking the ship’s computer terminal. Then approach the terminal and interact with it. Then the computer nerd will get on his job! I hate these guys.

To Top

You’ll now land on the ship as Chris, still partnered with Jessica. Go through the door to head inside. In this somewhat luxurious room, check around for ammo and herbs. Scan the area if you want extra items. Then head to the elevator and ride it down.

Go through the Life Boat doors. Monsters will start popping up. Run by them, and then go through the next Life Boat door. Then snake your way around to backtrack towards the Hall. If you recall, this is the same area encountered as Jill and Parker, where you battled the monstrous Communications Officer. You’ll have to go through a door with that fancy wheel lock to get into the hall area.

Quint will call you and tell you to head to the Bilge to deal with a problem with the engines. Look at your map, and take note of your next objective. You need to go through the casino room, so stay on the first floor of the hall and go through the door behind the staircase.

Once inside the casino, TWO monsters like the Communication Officer will burst out of a room. Luckily Chris has quite the arsenal on him, and these two copycats are easier to kill than the monster encountered before. Just stay away from them and lay into them. When they’re both dead, the last one you kill will drop the Trident Key. Pick up the key, then head into the room that the monsters came out of. Unlock the door and drop down the hatch.

A bulbous monster will be down there to greet you. Keep your distance and shoot it until it explodes. These things are pains in the ass, so be sure to always keep your distance from them, or run by them VERY quickly. Their explosions will knock you to the ground, and it will leave you vulnerable to attacks from other enemies.

Go through the next door. In this warehouse-like area, you can easily avoid all the enemies down here, so I suggest you do that. At the end of the room, you’ll find a ladder. Climb the ladder. Wait a second. Another explosive monster will hobble into view. Blast him. Then run through the vent and hop out of the vent. You’ll see the lift. Go to the lift and pull the lever to start the descent.

After the not-so-shallow cut-scene (…I’M RUNNING OUT OF MATERIAL), go through the only door down here that’s not locked with a key-card electronic lock. Work your way through the hallways, and you’ll end up in the room from before with the computers and red screens. There’s a lot of ammo in here, and you’ll be able to see a bunch of the bulbous enemies in the next room over. Go through the door. Toss a grenade into the next room, which will kill all the monsters from a safe distance.

Keep going. You’ll encounter more monsters in these hallways, so just kill your way through them. The hallway is tight, so you really have no choice other than to kill them. There will be a little room to the side with a green herb as well as a bunch of ammo. Stock up, then continue working your way through this area.

You’ll begin to recognize this area as the one where Jill and Parker were trapped. Head to the room they were in, through either one of the metal doors in the U-shape room, and then open the door to Jill and Parker’s location…

BUT BAM! Surprise! Queen Semiramis, not the Queen Zenobia! Oh snap! Back on the Zenobia, Jill and Parker are running out of breathing room as the water continues to rise. Press Y to dive and tap B repeatedly to pick up the pace in the water. Quickly dive to the floor. There will be a pipe clear at the bottom. Grab it, then swim to the top. In the middle of the room at the top, in the center, you’ll see a grate. Use the pipe to try to rip the grate off. The pipe will break. Dive again. Swim to one of the consoles that was used to flood the area with water to begin with. You’ll find another pipe there. Snatch it up and swim back to the grate. Rip the grate off and get out of the water.

Grab the shotgun ammo case, then hop out of the vent and land in the water. It’s time to close the bulkhead to stop the flooding of the ship. Work your way back to the room with all the computer screens. Jill and Parker will mess with the controls. Afterwards, exit through the door opposite the way you came. The water is still coming into the ship. Oh no! Go up the ladder and work your way back to the lift.

Pull the lever on the lift to get it to rise. A brief cut-scene will show the goings-on with Chris and O’Brian. At any rate, when the lift gets to the top, climb the nearby ladder and start working your way through these halls. Hop down, climb the next ladder, and then climb the next ladder. You’ll wind up back in the room that was attached the casino room–the one that you had to solve the puzzle to get inside.

Exit this room, then exit the subsequent casino through the wheel doors. Your map will lead you right back into the hall, and to one of the elevators in the hall. Use the elevator. A monster will attack the elevator and smash the glass. Its large, armored tail will poke down and wind up to come back and attack. Hold your position and blast at the tail every single time it shows up.

The monster will also poke its head down, which is also your cue to lay into the freak. After so much damage has been done, the elevator will then resume its ascent. When the doors open, grab the herb and the ammo. You’ll then notice a bunch of ammo, herbs, and explosive tanks in this area. Yup, there’s gonna be a boss fight.

The evil armored monster that attacked the elevator will show up again. There are fleshy parts of its body that has no armor protecting it, so aim for those fleshy points. Stay as far away from the monster as possible, as it can kill you in 1-2 hits alone. It will tend to charge you as well, by the way, so when it is about to do that, dodge out of the way quickly.

Then resume focusing on its fleshy points. If you have grenades, toss them at the monster to make it hesitate, will allow you to blast at it more efficiently. You can also shoot the explosive tanks when the monster gets near it, too, for the same effect. When the monster finally dies, a ladder will fall from the ceiling.

Take this time to collect any ammo or herbs that you may have left here. Then climb the ladder. grab the key card at the top of the ladder, then head through the door. Work your way around the ship and climb up the next flight of stairs. Then climb up the next ladder. Approach the antennae box. Unscrew the panel, readjust the electric nodes, and the antennae should get working. Then hang tight as Jill and Parker call O’Brian.

To Top

Once you regain control of Jill, head back inside the ship. As you walk, O’Brian will fill you in on the plane. The goal is to screw with the Terragrigia’s satellite system to make sure it doesn’t blast the Queen Zenobia and kill the two of you, and all the evidence onboard. Backtrack to the elevator that leads to the hall and take it down.

The elevator will stop halfway before it completes its descent. Climb up. Quint will contact you via radio and tell you to head to the deck, where you guys can use some sort of remote-controlled plane to confuse the satellite system. Uh, okay. Your map will lead you to the set of wheel-locked doors that you need to go through to get on your way. To help you on your way, you need to go down the grand staircase to the bottom floor in the hall, and you’ll bump into Raymond along the way.

Go past Raymond and through the wheel-locked doors that your map is pointing you towards. This will lead you back to the Promenade area that had the mutated Communications Officer. Go through this area as you normally have, working your way to the double doors with the Lifebuoy Key symbols on them. Essentially, go the opposite way that Chris and Jessica went in the last episode.

Hunters have inhabited this area now, though, so be careful to take them out before they can decapitate you. Go through the double doors, then kill the two hunters in the hall. Work your way to the end of the hall and remove the panel that is electronically locking the door. Readjust the electronic nodes and ride the elevator to the top.

In the room at the top, you’ll find a variety of supplies. Stock up, especially on ammo. Then head outside. A few hunters will pop up. Hold your position and blast them in the face until they’re all dead. Then run to the helipad and examine the crate. Parker will suggest killing all the hunters first, so oblige him. Keep in ind that there are crates lying around in case you need more ammo or health, plus an item box to switch out weapons if you need to as well.

After all the hunters have been killed, go to the crate sitting on the helipad. Go to the doors and open them up. Trust me on this, it will save your life!…and trigger a cut-scene as well.

When the aircraft launches, exit the helipad. Don’t go through the door that you exited the ship out of, but walk along that path to the other door there and head through, as per Quint’s instruction. Quint will then send you a timer that will sit at the top right corner of the screen. That’s the time you have to control that damn aircraft and keep you and Parker from being fried.

Continue through to the side deck of the ship. RUN straight up this path. Yes, you can take the time to shoot barrels and kill enemies if you’d like, but there is enough maneuverability that you can just run right by any opposition without too much of a headache. It will save ammo, time, and health, so I highly suggest taking my advice.

Once you reach the end, go through the door to get back inside the ship. Hang back and kill the monster that’s in here, and wait a few seconds for his bulbous pal to come around the corner, or chuck a grenade to blow him up. Then run around the corner yourself and call the elevator. Step inside and ride it to the bottom.

When you exit the elevator, the camera will take a second to show you the exact room you have to get into. As you begin to walk into this room, none other than Rachel pops up to give you grief. Ignore her and run straight ahead, onto the catwalk. At the barricade, turn to your right and hop off the catwalk onto the boxes. Hop off the boxes to the ground. Blast the bear trap-like objects on the ground and then by the monsters up the only possible path. Grab the rocket launcher leaning against the wall (but at the first opportunity trade it out at the item box for a different weapon–you’ll want to save the RPG for the last boss fight) and then go through the door.

In the adjacent hallway, sprint by the enemies and go through the door at the end. You’ll have made it to the control room at this point, so man the controls at the console sitting against the far wall! Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

To Top

Don’t rock the boat, baby! After the cut-scene, water will burst through the door and knock Jill on her ass. The water will fill the room, and then you’ll have to swim out of it. Swim down the hallway and go through the next door. You’ll then be in the large room from earlier. Swim to the surface to catch your breath, then dive back down. Look for a ladder, and then use it to climb up. On the catwalk, you’ll be able to nab Custom Parts. Then jump off the ledge back into the water.

Dive back down, look for the door that you didn’t get into this room from, and go through. Then swim through the next area and rise to the surface. Climb the ladder and try to open the door, only to discover it’s locked. Jill and Parker will then decide to go to the Bilge. Jump back into the water and go to the other door, the one you didn’t enter from, and it will be unlocked. Swim down the hallway and Chris will get in contact with you. Keep swimming until you see an open hatch. Take a breath at this hatch, then dive back down and continue swimming.

This is pretty linear, as you can imagine. You just have to swim from room to room. The next time you see a hatch, take a moment to grab the Custom Parts on the pipe. Then swim to the hatch and exit the water. Run down the hall and dive back into the water and swim to the next door. In this room, grab the Custom Parts on the pipe again, then swim to the hatch and get another  breath. There’s a monster in this room, so quickly dive back down and exit.

In the next hall, swim to the broken window. Swim to the end of this room and go up through the hatch for air. Dive back into the water, and exit this room. Avoid the monster in the next hallway and follow the ladder up. Go through the door, then in the next room rise to the surface to catch your breath again.

Look for a ledge, marked with black and yellow stripes, and pull yourself up. Grab the green herb. Chris will get back in touch with Jill and instruct the two of you to head to the hall. Go to the ladder and climb up. In the shaft, hop back down the next chance you get in the water and dive. Swim towards the ladder and avoid the monster, then rise to the surface and climb up the ladder.

In the next shaft, climb the next ladder as well to go back to the fancy room attached to the casino area. Then head into the casino to enjoy a juicy cut-scene. Afterwards, you’ll be transported to “a little earlier”, as Chris and Jessica race towards the Zenobia.

This is an on-rails shooting section. As Chris, you’ll be in control of a mounted machinegun that can also fire grenades. On the bottom right corner of the screen, you’ll have a meter. The meter will fill up with a yellow line towards a red line. When the line gets to the red, that means the machinegun is overheating. Take a few moments every now and then when the coast is clear to hold down on the d-pad to cool the gun off. The amount of grenades you have will be in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Press X to launch grenades. They will regenerate, so don’t worry about wasting them.

As you race towards the Zenobia, a giant tentacle monster will come from the water and repeatedly try to kill you and Jill. Blast the tentacles and fire grenades at them to make them retract. This part is pretty easy as long as you don’t overheat your gun. When you reach the Zenobia, the next cut-scene will go off with a bang. Ah, puns.

Well, after all that drama, you’ll be in control of Jill, and your new partner will be Chris while Parker and Jessica are teamed up. Return to the fancy room attached to the casino. You’ll be given shock grenades by Chris, which can be used to combat underwater monsters. Hop down the hatch and back into the water. Backtrack to the big room, hop off the ledge, and dive all the way to the bottom to the door that’s electronically locked.

Chris also gave you the Veltro Key Card, so use that to unlock the door. Swim through the hall. You’ll see a monster float by. Follow it and swim past the pipes to the next door and go through. Then swim through the next hallway as well, being sure to either avoid or kill the fish monster. Then open the next door to be back in the crate room. Swim to the surface when you spot the ladder and climb the ladder to the top.

Then follow Chris to the next ledge and jump off back into the water. Dive and go through the door that Chris goes through. Pause to grab the shotgun shells, and then swim back down the hall and through the next door. Then go up the ladder. If you haven’t noticed, you backtracked all the way to the locked door that Parker and Jill discovered earlier. Chris will hand over the Trident Key. Use it on the door to make it unlock, then head into the next room and go through the lab door.

Run to the end of the hallway and hop through the broken window. Walk to a set of computers in here. Examine the machine attached to the computers. You’ll then be prompted to register your fingerprint. Place your finger on the touch screen as instructed. When the fingerprint is registered, turn around and hop back through the broken window. Go back down the hallway to the door in the middle with the fingerprint lock. Use your finger to unlock the door in the same manner that you registered the print. The door will open. Go through and then down the hall to the left while Chris goes down the one to the right.

The doors will lock. Chris will watch helplessly as a large monster with armor bursts through the wall. This thing is slow, thankfully, so just blast it repeatedly until the door opens and you can escape and have Chris help you shoot the sucker. When enough damage has finally been down, the torso of this monster will burst off, and a tentacle will be sticking out of its legs. Shoot the tentacle until the monster finally is dead for good.

Explore the new room. Gather ammo and heal up after the fight you just had. In the corner of the room to the right of the big elevator will be a magnum sitting next to a monitor. Grab the L. Hawk magnum and go into the elevator and take it for a ride.

When the elevator comes to a halt, go down the long, science-fiction centric hallway. The vault-like door at the end of the hallway is your destination. Open it to trigger the cut-scene that ends this level.

To Top

Perspective will switch back to Quint and Keith. They will return to the base from earlier. Follow Quint through the base. When he stops, be wary as a few hunters will come around the corner. Hold your position and start blasting them away. Then go through the next room into the large room where you first saw the invisible hunters. Quint will then lead you to an elevator. Get inside and take it.

When the elevator stops,t he doors will open up to a large room that is just littered with weapons. There’s even a machinegun sitting on a shelf. As you could probably guess, this room is going to turn to hell real quick like, so that’s why the game is loading you up with enough ammunition to service an army.

Quint will go mess with a computer, but will discover it’s out of power. You have to go power up the computer by pulling levers on two different generators. Just follow the cords on the ground to reach the generators and pull the levers. With the computers activated, Quint will start messing around with the computer, and zombie dogs will start pouring into the area.

The best course of action is to hold your position and just kill the dogs from afar. When the dogs get too close, climb a ladder onto one of the crates, then resume firing at them. When they jump up with you, hop down, find a new wall to put your back to, and then resume blasting at them.

Eventually, hunters will join the dogs in the assault. Use the same strategy as before. One of the generator levers will go down eventually. Go flip the switch then resume killing the dogs and hunters. Finally, invisible hunters will show up, too, so kill them as well. Quint will constantly give you updates, and when the cut-scene happens, your struggle will be over.

Back as Jill, go to the door nearby with the fingerprint lock. Place your finger on the touch-screen to open the door. Grab the supplies in the next room, including the machinegun ammo case. Then go into the next room, which is like a morgue. Don’t mess with any of the containers on the wall, as they have no useful items…just monsters. Then go into the next room.

This will place you guys at the center tower of the T-Abyss virus thing. Chris will begin messing with the console in the center, and then instruct Jill to look for the password. That’s your cue to go into the nearby elevator and ride that sucker down. When the elevator stops, you’ll be in a room with weird pillars all over the place.

This room is tricky. You need to use your Genesis Scanner to see the laser beams that are all over. Work your way through this room using the scanner to avoid running into the lasers. Work your way all the way to the control panel at the end of the room and press the button. This will shift the lasers. Then work your way back to the beginning of the room, and then you should be able to jump off the little ledge that was once blocked by lasers. A monster will smash against the glass. Ignore it and go through the enxt door.

In the following room, you will discover two of those armored monsters that gave you and Chris a headache earlier. You can choose to fight them, and if you do, I highly recommend using the magnum. Otherwise you’re just going to burn through your ammunition. If you decide not to fight them, which I recommend, just run past them, then climb the nearby ladder. Grab the Illegal Custom Parts, and hop back down. Bait the two monsters towards your position, then run past them. Unlock the door that’s locked with the fingerprint lock and head into the next room.

In the laboratory, grab the ammo on the counter. Grab the map off the wall. And then approach the console at the end of the room. Press the button. This will once again shift the lasers in the last room you were in. As you backtrack to the laser room, the monster will bash on the glass again. Ignore it and go back to the laser room. Snake your way through the lasers and use the scanner to detect where the lasers are. Get to the dead body on the ground and read the file on him. Then pick up the Prototype Vaccine from him. Then backtrack out of the laser room and back to the lab area.

DO NOT MESS WITH THE KEYBOARD IN FRONT OF THE BIG MONITOR. Instead, go to the machine on the right with the arm-thing that looks like a blood pressure analyzer. Interact with that first, and Jill will inject herself with the vaccine. If you don’t do this, you will be killed in the next few minutes. After you have successfully administered the vaccine, interact with the keyboard. As the data is downloaded, you will get the authentication code. Then a flood of the T-Abyss virus will rush into the room.

Since you have been vaccinated, you have nothing to worry about. Swim through the room. Be sure to swim above the laser grid, and swim back to the room with Chris. Climb the ladder and then approach the console Chris was messing with and enter the password.

Morgan Lansdale of the FBC will pop up on the monitor. When he’s done chatting you guys up, a bunch of T-Abyss monsters will flood the room. Take them out. Remember the strategy you used earlier with the hunters and dogs as Keith? Use that exact same strategy here. It’s incredibly effective, especially when the stronger (albeit slower) armored monsters show up. As you get up on the crates, though, be sure to kill the long-range monsters before hanging out up there.

To Top

You’ll then be in control of Parker and you will be able to see the events that unfolded for him while Jill and Chris were messing around with the T-Abyss virus below. Jessica and Parker will decide to split up after a brief conversation in the Hall. Jessica says she’ll meet Parker at the bridge, so start heading there now.

Use your map to lead you to the wheel-locked doors necessary. The ship will be swaying back and forth, which may make things a bit disorienting. To help you get on track, you need to go to the promenade deck. You know, the place where you fought the Communications Officer. As you walk through the hallway to get to the promenade deck, O’Brian will get into contact with you.

When the conversation is over, head towards the Lifebuoy symbol doors. Ignore all the monsters that you bump into before the doors. Once you go through the doors, hunters and armored tentacle monsters will make themselves known. Run by them as well and then get to the elevator. Select the “bridge” option once inside the elevator.

When the elevator reaches the top, head straight to the deck. You’ll find Jessica at the controls, and a cut-scene will play. Following that explosive cut-scene, you’ll be back in control of Jill, with a new goal of getting the hell off the ship! Follow Chris through the doors and out of the lab area. The pilot Kirk, nicknamed “Hat Trick” will get into contact as you rush through this area. Use Chris as your guide. He will lead you directly to the foredeck, which is your objective.

Follow Chris into the water and swim after him. Climb up the ladder, run up the stairs, and then just keep following Chris through this madness. An explosion will rock you at some point, but just turn to the side and hop off the catwalk into the water. Keep going through the water and keep Chris in your line of sight. More explosions will rock the boat, but none of them will hurt you. But eventually one will trap Chris behind some pipes, Transformers 80s-cartoon style (if anyone gets the reference at all, please mention so in the comments).

With Chris and that way blocked, head to the only other path. You’ll find Parker leaning against the wall, shot, and dying. Help him up, and then help him through the next door and through the water. As you walk through the area, steam will burst through some pipes and keep you from continuing. Turn around and head towards the explosive tank that’s next to all the dead, floating monster bodies. Behind the explosive tank is a button that you can press to switch off the steam.

Take a second to whip out your weapon as you turn around. Kill the monster, then wade through the water back the way you were going in the first place and go through the door. In the next hallway, you’ll meet back up with Chris. Point behind Chris and fire at the explosive tank lying in the water as the monsters get close to the tank to kill them all in one blast.

Keep doing that as you progress. Once again, follow Chris. You will walk by some tanks that will blow up and make flames block your path, but if you hug the left side you can walk right past them. Shoot the bulbous monster as it shows up, then go through the door, up the stairs, and through the next door onto the catwalk. Prepare for another quick cut-scene.

With Parker gone, run straight ahead and up the stairs. Go through the door, then break the box to the right. Switch out your weapons at the item box if you need to. Before hopping down below, fire at the explosive tank to kill the monster. Hop down, then turn to the left and turn the valve by rotating the Circle Pad to get rid of the steam blocking your path. Then climb up the ladder.

On the catwalk, take note of the two explosive tanks. Lure the two monsters near them, and then blast the tanks to kill them. Then run ahead and climb up the next ladder. Grab the green herb as you round the hallway, then jump down the elevator shaft. A few monsters will hop down with you, but ignore them and follow Chris up the next ladder.

An explosion will destroy the elevator. Then go through the hallway and keep following Chris. Go through the next door, and then you and Chris will be outside on the side of the ship. As you run forward, the ship will sake and rock, and boxes will start flying down towards you as the boat tips. Explosive barrels will fly down at your face as well. Move your way up and avoid the tanks as you go up. Go through the door, then as you approach the next door, another cut-scene will wrap things up for this episode

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Ah, the obligatory level named after the subtitle of the game. Hmm. Well, in case you didn’t notice, there’s a giant monster that has attacked the ship. Tentacles will pop out of the side of the monster. You need to fire at the tentacles until they retract. Eventually Kirk will drop supply crates for you. Break the boxes, pick up the RPG inside, and then fire at one of the tentacles to make it come off.

On the top right corner of the screen is a timer, by the by. You have to get the hell off that ship and kill the monster in time. Keep firing at the tentacles, avoid the projectiles it fires, and then blast at the tentacles with the RPGs that Kirk drops for you guys.

Eventually, the monster will stop moving. Kirk will then pick you guys up. However, Chris decides that it’s irresponsible to leave without making sure that the monster is completely dead. You’ll be in control of the mounted turrets on the helicopter.

Fire at the tentacles. Blast at them with grenades. Use the same strategy as before with the mounted turrets when you were playing as Chris. When enough damage has been done, the monster will spit out three more tentacles out of its mouth. Keep firing at them, and then you’ll be given a powerful missile launcher. Blast it into the monster’s mouth to kill the damn thing finally.

Following that epic battle, it’s time for a…you guessed it, a flashback! This flashback takes place one year ago, on Terragrigia, and you are in control of Parker yet again, partnered with Jessica. This is before the events you already saw. Parker and Jessica will decide to head to the command room, so oblige them.

Head up the stairs, grab supplies you see, kill the hunters, and go into the elevator. When the elevator stops, hold your position and kill all the hunters in the hallway that are attacking Raymond. Then go to Raymond and pick him up on your shoulder, in a manner similar to how Jill carried Parker not too long ago.

Walk through the halls with Raymond on your shoulder. Grab any supplies you see. The path is linear. Just go. When you see a hunter, pause to kill it, since you won’t be fast enough to out-maneuver them anyway. Eventually you’ll reach a door and leave Raymond there while you go look for a tourniquet to help his wounds.

The location of the tourniquet will pop up on the map. Backtrack through the area, and then follow your map to a room with cubicles. Dodge the hunters here and grab the tourniquet. Don’t bother checking the lockers unless you need more ammo, and then backtrack all the way to Raymond’s location again.

Ignore all the hunters on the way there, since you’ll be using a ton of ammo in the next section. When you finally return to Raymond’s position, stand in front of him and slaughter the hunters as they come down the hallway. Raymond will get up after the scene, and the three of you will head to the elevator.

The elevator will stop and the doors will open. You’ll be back in the large lobby area that you encountered when you played as Parker last time. All the supplies that were there before have respawned, so employ the same strategy as last time. Work your way around the room, collecting ammo as needed, and blast the hunters as they come. Grab healing items as you need to as well, and watch your ass.

When you try to leave the lobby and head to the command room, you’ll have to kill another wave of hunters. Once all the hunters are gone, head to the command room.

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Jill and Chris will be in scuba gear when you finally gain control of them. They are searching the third Veltro ship, the Queen Dido. Approach the first door and rotate the Circle Pad to open the door and swim through.

Then swim through the next room and approach the steel door. Use your welding tool to knock down the door. You just have to trace the lines on the touch screen to do this. Swim through this room, head to the next door available, and break that thing, too. you’ll be in a small room with a green herb, machinegun ammo, and Illegal Custom Parts.

Then leave this room to the next available metal door and knock that sucker down, too. Swim into the next room, and then swim past the dead bodies. As you turn the corner, a giant blob monster will swim by. Uh-oh. Keep swimming your way through the ship, then knock down the next metal door you come across.

This room will feature a door with bars on it. This door is electronically locked, as you could probably imagine. Go out of the room through the next metal door. You’ll then have to swim through a small vent and then swim by the next blob. Then through the next vent, all the while avoiding the blob monster. Keep swimming through these vents, kind of heading towards the blob monster. You’ll eventually see a red light in the room by one of the vents, attached to a console. Press the button, which will open the door from earlier.

Backtrack all the way to Chris, all the while avoiding the blob monster. Once you return to Chris, open the door. Then swim up, following the ladder to the top. When all the cut-scenes and loading times are over, approach the dead body and take the voice recorder from his land. Take a minute to listen to his recording.

When that’s done with, go through the nearby door. You’ll find a place similar to the other Queen ships that you’ve been in; you know, it kind of looks like a damn mansion! As you work your way through the mansion, lights will go out, and a monster will slump forward, dead. Ignore him as you work your way through the mansion. You’ll come across the dining room, with dead bodies lined on the table and covered by a sheet.

Go to the adjacent room. You’ll see a video of Jack Norman, the head of Veltro, injecting himself with some T-Abyss and also showing that he has the evidence that could take down Lansdale and the FBC. Now, before you even think about going through the nearby wheel-locked doors, check out the item box and grab your best machinegun, shotgun, and a magnum. Then head through the wheel-locked door. Go down the staircase, and then through the next door.

Enjoy the scene with Jack Norman as he injects himself with even more T-Abyss. He’ll begin convulsing, and he’ll drop the video evidence needed to take down the FBC. Grab the evidence off the ground. Then turn around and try to leave.

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Yeah, I had to have at least one of those in here, didn’t I? Well, VenomMyotismon Jack Norman has morphed into a devil-like T-Abyss monster. This part is very difficult. Equip a shotgun, and then wait for him to teleport near you. Watch for purple smoke to come out of his chest. If there is purple smoke, BLAST him before he can slice you. If there’s not, just ignore it as it’s simply an illusion meant to distract you from the real Norman.

When the real Norman is in sight (remember PURPLE smoke), shoot the ever-loving hell out of him with your machinegun. But be sure to equip your shotgun whenever his forehead flashes and he teleports, because you need to blast him quickly to stop his attack animation.

After awhile, his arsenal of attacks will increase to include a three uppercut attack. The first uppercuts will be his illusion, and the third one will be him, so be quick to blast him in this situation as well. It’s best to just blast the illusions too, if you have the ammo, so you can get in the rhythm and avoid taking damage.

There are four green herbs in each corner of this room. Favor these corners to make sure you never run low on health. When you run out of machinegun or shotgun ammo, trade them out for the rocket launcher. Then start using your magnum on him. If you become desperate for healing items, you scan Norman until you are given another green herb, so I strongly advise doing that.

Keep blasting him, interrupting his attack animations, and always only shooting the one with purple smoke coming out of his chest. When enough damage has been done, he will fall to his knees. That’s your cue to whip out the rocket launcher and blast him. You can technically shoot him at any point with the RPG, but to make sure you don’t waste the rocket, it’s best to do so when he’s vulnerable like this.

If the rocket doesn’t kill him, keep working him over with your magnum. Switch out to your handguns or sniper rifles if you have to (depending on what difficulty you’re playing on, Norman can be an incredible pain in the ass and a huge ammo sponge). Finally, he will die.


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4. Missions
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Missions are essentially achievements for Resident Evil: Revelations. However, there are two different types of Missions. There are Campaign-specific ones, and then there are Missions that are exclusive to Raid Mode. The more Missions you complete, the more content you unlock, including more Missions.

More Missions are obtained via StreetPass. All the Missions are self-explanatory, but I may create a Missions-specific guide, assuming I StreetPass with enough people to allocate all the Missions.

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5. Raid Mode
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Raid Mode is the co-op mode for Resident Evil: Revelations. In Raid Mode, you pick your character, and then level up, earn new weapons, and rack up high scores. You play through a variety of levels taken directly from the campaign, with increasing levels of difficulty. Raid Mode is played through an online lobby system, or it can be played directly online with someone, or locally if both players have a copy of Resident Evil: Revelations. Unfortunately, single-cart play is not supported.

Here is a list of Raid Mode characters and how to unlock them:

Chris – Beat Episode 1-3
Chris (2) – Reach level 30
Jessica – Reach level 10
Jessica (2) – Beat Raid Mode on Trench difficulty
Jessica (3) – Reach level 40
Jill – Beat Episode 1-3
Jil (2) – Reach level 5
Keith – Beat Episode 4-6
Keith (2) – Clear 50 Missions
Morgan – Find the real exit on stage 21
Norman – Obtain all rare weapons
O’Brian – Beat Raid Mode on Abyss difficulty
Parker – Beat Episode 1-3
Parker (2) – Reach level 20
Parker (3) – Obtain a rare weapon
Quint – Clear 100 missions
Quint (2) – Reach level 50
Raymond – Beat Raid Mode on Chasm difficulty

You unlock Raid Mode stages by beating stages in the campaign.

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6. Extras
- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -
Like most Resident Evil games, there is unlockable content for you to enjoy, and here is the list of unlocks:

Hell Difficulty – Beat game on normal
Hydra Shotgun – Beat game on normal
Infinite Rocket Launcher – Beat game on Hell
New Game+ – Beat game

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7. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Resident Evil: Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS!

Special thanks to Jeremy Wise and everyone at Cheat Masters!

Know the location of Custom Parts I missed? Want to offer detailed Raid Mode strategies? Or want them? Send me an e-mail at:

Feel free to check out all my other work on Cheat Masters!


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4. Missions
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  3. If you run out of ammo, use your scanner to look for more ammo and healing items.

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