Tetris Stars – A Beginners Walkthrough [Guide]

Tetris Stars

Tetris Stars is a hybrid of the original Tetris game, with a couple of new twists and features. This puzzle game is available on Facebook and offers quick action, interesting game play and social interaction. This guide will give you the rundown on the basics of the game, and teach you a few tricks you can use to increase your scores.

Getting Started with Game
An active Facebook account is needed in order to play Tetris Stars. To sign up, go to the Facebook website and create an account. For those with existing accounts, you may proceed directly to a Tetris Stars link. This page will request for your permission to access basic information, send email, post to your Facebook profile, and publish games and app activity. Clicking on “Allow” will let you proceed with the game. If you are playing the game for the first time, an in-game tutorial of the basic functions will be given.

The goal of the game is to down stack or eliminate as many rows as possible by filling the gaps with differently shaped blocks. Filled up areas will disappear, and will delay the possibility of being eliminated from the game. Simply click where you want to place the falling pieces, and be ready to place the succeeding blocks that will appear immediately after. The concept is very similar to the original Tetris game, and having a basic understanding of that will be very helpful. You need to score as high as you can within the time limit without getting eliminated from the game. Dissolving several blocks at the same time would give you chain combination bonuses, and you could earn extra points and time bonuses.

“Power-ups” is a new feature, and it makes the game of Tetris Stars more interesting. A Lightning Power-up conjures a big rock that will take out several blocks as it falls down, leaving more space for the new blocks. A Star Power-up, on the other hand, provides much needed extra time, so you can eliminate more blocks and get higher scores. Some power-ups simply involve giving the player an extra bonus, while others may wipe out all of the existing blocks.

Summary Screen
A summary screen will appear at the end of each game, and you will see how well (or feebly) you played it. A player rating of A+ to F will measure your performance, and information on your score, coins collected and stars earned will also be given. The impact of the power-ups you used during the game will also be shown. You have the option to brag about your scores by clicking on the “Share and Continue” button, which will post your game information in your Facebook Timeline.

Daily Scratch Card and Coins
On a daily basis, you have a chance to win extra coins by simply logging in and choosing one of the three block cards. A pop-up screen will appear, and all you need to do is click on your choice of card and claim the reward hidden beneath.

To add spice to the game, another new feature of Tetris Stars is the inclusion Missions that you can complete while playing. Accomplishing these missions would result to extra coins as rewards. At the end of the game, a pop-up will appear and show the specific reward earned as well as an option to simply “Collect” or “Share & Continue.” A new mission will then be automatically assigned for your next games.

Another exciting aspect and new feature of Tetris Stars would be the availability of the Leaderboards. This will allow you to see how your Facebook friends are faring in the game, and show you which individuals are dominating in the game! The Leaderboard may be accessed at the home screen or at the end of every game. You and your friends are ranked, and this is updated every time there is a change in the high score.

Tips and Tricks
To help you get ahead of the game, remember that the extra coins that you gain from completing missions or from the daily scratch card may be used to purchase power-ups. Newer power-ups may be unlocked as you level up in the game. These will in turn help you achieve higher scores and make you rank higher in the leaderboards. Upon selection of a power-up, you need to click on “Play” to start the game and spend one Energy. You can gain energy by waiting for it to automatically recharge, or by using Facebook credits.

If you are not happy with reward given to you through the daily scratch card, you can spend Facebook credits to purchase the other rewards. Facebook credits are only available upon purchase.

Final Words
At this point, you are ready to enjoy the game repeatedly. Tetris Stars actually has great graphics and gameplay and will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. Make your presence felt in the leaderboards and be the envy of your Facebook peers and friends by having the player with the best score!


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