Monopoly Hotels Walkthrough [Guide]

Monopoly Hotels

The goal of Monopoly Hotels is to be a huge tycoon in the Hotel Business. This is a hotel simulation game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, where the player needs to focus on expanding his very own hotel chain. It makes reference to the well known properties from the classic board game, but gives the player a more in-depth experience of how it is to actually be inside the hotel! This guide will give you a run through of the game basics, as well as tips to make you the most successful hotel tycoon there is!

Checklist to get started

  • To get started, download Monopoly Hotels by logging in to the Apple App Store and downloading the game.
  • Once you are finished downloading, you should find the game icon on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone home screen. Tap on the icon to commence playing.
  • Mr. Monopoly will welcome you to the game and give a brief overview and tutorial to get you started.

Game Basics – Construction
Mr. Monopoly will welcome you to a ribbon cutting ceremony to a new hotel located in one of the cheaper areas in town. Swipe your fingers across the ribbon and the hotel will be ready for construction. Money is required to make the hotel habitable for guests, so make sure to grab whatever amount Mr. Monopoly drops. Money periodically appears on the screen while playing, and tapping on it will enable you to collect and keep it for future use.

To begin construction, simply tap on the hammer icon at the bottom right corner of the Monopoly Hotels screen. This brings you to the Build menu, and you can choose the exact type of room that you wish to build. Create a Guess Room so future guests will have a room to stay in. Select on the specific type of room by tapping on it. You will then be taken into placement mode, which basically allows you to tap and drag your new room and place it anywhere you like in the hotel. Double tap on an empty space of your choice to lock it as the final location of your room.

Make sure to start the construction process by tapping on the room and hitting the Start Building button. This will cost money, like most of the actions in the game. After construction, you will also need to paint the room by selecting the Start Painting button. Once you tap on Complete Room, it will be ready for guest occupancy. Guests will leave money behind for you to collect once they decide to leave. Tap on the room with the money symbol to collect.

Attractions also entice guests and give them activities while staying in your hotel. These are businesses that operate within the hotel premises. Similarly, you can build these by entering the Build menu, but selecting Attractions instead. Feel free to build a Cupcake Shop, a Bowling Alley, or even a Casino and place it in a vacant spot in your hotel.

Game Basics – Maintenance and Expansion
To keep you hotels powered, you may need to visit the Electric Company. Interestingly enough, activating this utility will earn you some money and not cost you the way it does in the board game. Swipe your finger to get access to this place, and tap rapidly on the screen to recharge. Coming back to the Electric Company ensures a steady power supply and results to happier guests and better business.

Another game component of Monopoly Hotels is expansion through additional hotels. More hotels mean better business and more attractions and themed rooms. Swiping on the hotels would bring you to a property that is for sale. If you have enough cash on you, you can purchase a new hotel by simply tapping on a vacant one. It may take a while for it to be ready for operations, but waiting is part of the game. For the impatient, in app purchases allow you to buy Gold with real money. Gold may be used to immediately finish construction and to purchase more hotels.

On occasion, Jake the Jailbird will show up and attempt to steal from you or your guests. Turn this into an opportunity to make money by sending him away and getting a reward from the police.

Final Words
Monopoly Hotels is quite similar to other hotel building games, but it does bring to life a classic board game. Monopoly has a lot of followers, and several versions of the board game have been created for various niches. This particular hotel building game will be more appealing than the rest because of the familiarity of the characters and locations. It also builds on the original game, and satisfies the need to see more detail on what transpires within the establishments themselves.


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