Broken Sword 5 to Arrive in 2012? [Editorial]


Big news in the point-and-click genre of videogames is expected to be revealed in the coming months, with the announcement of the eagerly anticipated 5th game in the Broken Sword series. Devout followers of the series will also be pleased that Broken Sword 5 is almost certainly going to return to its 2D roots.

Broken Sword, a popular gaming series created by Revolution software, was initially released in 1996. Originally conceived by Charles Cecil, Noirin Carmody and Sean Brennan, the game was devised while they were talking about the origins of the Knights Templar, which featured prominently in the first installment of the series. The first four installments have been hits in their own rights, including the modern reinventions of the first two games, paving the way for a rumoured Broken Sword 5 to be released sometime in 2012/2013.

Broken Sword 5 Five

Will Nico rejoin George in his next adventure?

It is widely known in the gaming world that Revolution is currently developing an adventure game to be released soon. Although everyone working of this title is mum as to what specific game it will be, it is highly probable to be the next Broken Sword installment. There has been no actual confirmation of a release date or even an actual concept, but a recent interview with Charles Cecil reveals some tidbits and information on the potential of Broken Sword 5 coming to fruition.

Firstly, there is speculation that Broken Sword 5 may be released through the Apple App Store, and targeted for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch user. There was a brief discussion as to how releasing through this outlet would be better financially for the developers, and how it is easily accessible to millions of fans and gamers. Revolution has already started collaborating with Apple in the past, and the successful enterprise led to continuous communication between the two companies. In the interview, Charles also hinted on experimenting with an unrelated game release that would go beyond their usual premium end marketing stance and breach the freemium market.

Broken Sword 5

Will Montfaucon be graced yet again by George Stobbart?

Perhaps the most talked about possibility for Broken Sword 5 is the speculation that it will go back to basics and be released in 2D. After two successful games, Broken Sword was released in 3D in an attempt to go with the flow. Due to this, gamers had to adjust a lot, and a substantial chunk of the point-and-click loving population may well have been turned off by the rudimentary ‘action-adventure’ system introduced in the 3rd game. Charles wants to focus on the adventure aspect of the game, and build innovations using the same old gameplay.

Finally, Charles sent a Tweet not long ago in response to an inquiring fan, saying that the new game will be about the same length to Broken Sword 2. More good news was that there was also mention on Twitter of Rolf Saxon reprising his role as the valiant George Stobbart, one of gaming’s greatest characters.

Reading between the lines, it appears that Revolution is gearing up for a new Broken Sword chapter that elevates the series to a whole new level. It is interesting how going back to the basics of the 1st and 2nd games will be the key to this improvement, and it is even more exciting to look forward to the potential announcement of the release of Broken Sword 5.


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