Marvel: Avengers Alliance Walkthrough [Guide]


Marvel: Avengers Alliance is the latest Facebook game that has role-playing features. You are a young S.H.I.E.L.D. agent sent out to help superheroes investigate a mysterious substance that gives villains superpowers. The player will get to use several super hero characters with the main character, and battle different villains. Different weaponry is used throughout the game, and the characters may be upgraded.

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The top of the Marvel: Avengers Alliance screen will show the current level, experience, energy, and balance for coins and points. The right side will show the current quests that you need to complete. The bottom of the screen, on the other hand, will show your friends list, and buttons to the missions, store, research, PvP and team.

During a fight, there will be a different toolbar at the bottom. It will provide a choice of available attacks, the recharge button, distress calls, inventory as well as the combat store.

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Silver: Silver or coins are the main currency used to buy equipment and supplies from the game store. You can get this silver by visiting your game friends, sending super heroes on remote missions and successfully completing missions and quests.

Gold: Gold is the premium mode of payment in the game, and may be used to purchase S.H.I.E.L.D points and command points, as well as to pay for other activities such as hiring staff, unlocking items prematurely, and skipping otherwise mandatory quests. Gold can only be acquired through using Facebook Credits or every time you level up.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Points: These are used for a number of things in the game. They are used to level up your characters, do your research, and as a means to buy certain items. S.H.I.E.L.D. points may be earned through visiting friends and getting them as gifts. Another option is to use gold to purchase them.

Return to Top Leveling of the Characters

Clicking on the Team icon will let you enter team management, and you can choose or purchase the Marvel: Avengers Alliance superheroes that you want in you team. The stronger superheroes may cost more than the others. Each team player has specific skills that may be unlocked as you progress in the game. The skills may be used in combat against your enemies. You will need sufficient command points to choose. These points are collected from playing missions or using gold. Points received through the use of gold will cost Facebook credit.

Once the members of your team level up, you can use them for new and more difficult missions, while you can go back to the easier levels if you want to improve the levels of your other heroes.

All throughout the game, one of your goals is to build up your team. You need to recruit heroes who will help you on your missions, and level them up to reach their full potentials. Heroes will fight by your character’s side as you go on missions or fight PvP. New heroes may sometimes be unlocked when you level up in the game. Command points enables you to recruit new heroes for the team, and may be found during battles, earned when going on missions, or purchased through gold.

There are various types of characters in Marvel: Avengers Alliance, heroes and villains alike. Each provides different strengths and weaknesses. There are also different classes represented by different icons. Blasters will give critical strikes against bruisers, and ignore the latter’s defense system. When the bruisers attack them, damage is reduced. Bruisers get an enraged bonus when they attack or when they are hit by a scrapper. This increases the damage of a hit and reduce damage while active. Enrage also makes the bruiser attack twice. The third type, the generalists, have no bonuses, but they have no weaknesses that other classes can use against them. Infiltrators, on the other hand, do a counter attack when they are attacked by one of the tacticians. When they attack the tactician, they gain combat reflexes and have increased accuracy. Finally, the tactician gains a bonus once it attacks a blaster and takes reduced damage. Knowing your enemies classes will make you choose heroes that will work well against them, and will make you gain the best bonuses.

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Missions will provide a quest and a story that you will need to fight your way through. This is one of the key elements of the game. Experience is earned through fighting battles, going on missions, and completing quests. Enough experience will enable you to level up and unlock new missions as well as other items and skills.

Training allows you to actually work on the level ups. It increases the abilities of the heroes, and will eventually unlock new attacks or special powers that they can use in the future. Silver or S.H.I.E.L.D. points will be needed to train.

The Marvel: Avengers Alliance mission screen will let you fight a series of enemies. Using Challenge points will allow the player to challenge other players to fights. The difficulty level increases progressively, until you reach the boss that needs to be defeated. Prior to starting the mission, you will be given a recommended player level that you need to be at in order to be successful. Attacks will be used to damage the enemy during battle, and each hero has his own unique attack. Attacks also use up the stamina. When running out of stamina, a recharge is needed. In this move, the character’s turn needs to be sacrificed so that the stamina levels can be recharged. A stamina boost may also be used for this very purpose.

To start the mission, click on the Mission button and select which one you want to start with. A background story will be given. Once you are familiarized with the story, you will then have access to the mission map which will show at least one lit building. Hovering the mouse over the location will give you an indication as to how difficulty the fight will be, as well as inform you who the enemies will be. Clicking on the building will begin the fight and bring you to the fight screen. You will have the option to swap out heroes with the change hero button.

Heroes that are ready to be leveled up may be trained at this time, by using S.H.I.E.L.D points and silver. If not, you can click to continue. The fight begins, and it will be a turn-based combat. During your turn, you may choose an attack that you wish to use and click on the enemy you wish to be dealt the damage.

Your health bar will show how much life your characters have left, and will be taken out of the battle once they run out of it. You will lose your overall fight if all of your playable characters run out of health, so you need to make sure to pay attention to the health levels. It is to be noted that only the main character has access to the inventory, and to the healing equipment. Once incapacitated, he will no longer be able to heal any of the other heroes.

In certain fights, you will be joined by a hero that has not yet been recruited. These are called Team Up Fights, and they are usually more powerful than the heroes on your roster. They usually show up during the mini-boss and the boss battles. The mini-boss is a powerful foe that you can battle before going against the mission boss. If they are not fought, they will appear at the boss battles and fight side by side with the boss. Bosses, on the other hand, are very powerful and may attack multiple times. They have a tendency of hitting your team with negative status effects.

To help with the boss round, it may be best to use the Distress Calls. These allow you to call a friend who will help you out. These are collected by visiting neighbors and friends, at a maximum of once per day. This is the reason why you will need to gather as many friends to play Marvel: Avengers Alliance. The more friends you have, the more distress calls you get to potentially collect.

Once you beat the boss, you will move on to the next part of the game. A successful mission will also give you points and stars or other random rewards that will be needed to have access to other missions and to complete quests.

The combat store is available during battle, and you may opt to buy items that will give you an advantage in the game. You can buy healing items and cure your entire team, or weapons that will attack the enemies at one time for extra damage.

Deploy Missions can also be done during the missions. One of your heroes will lose their turn for several rounds to go on a remote mission, and they will return with a big bonus for you.

Return to Top Quests

Quests will allow you to gain experience, items and additional game coins. As you complete them, other Marvel: Avengers Alliance quests will appear subsequently. For the most part, quests are optional and may be ignored if you wish to, but you will be missing out on experience. In some parts of the game, you will need to complete these quests in order to advance to the next level.

Return to Top Game Store

The game store is where you can buy new things for your character as well as for your heroes. Within the store, you can find Gear which will have weapons that you can use for battle. Hovering your mouse over the item of choice will make you see the stats, and will help you make the decision of purchasing. Some of the weapons will require you to meet certain requirements prior to purchase.

Uniforms will provide extra protection and shield from attacks, and may even provide additional bonuses to certain stats. These will also allow the user to equip ISO-8 pieces for more bonuses. Each hero has his own uniform that may not be changes, but training them will result to unlocking ISO-8 slots.

Supplies, on the other hand, will provide important items to be used in battle such as first aid packs, restoration, frag grenades, and other items. The Resources tool will help you purchase ISO-8 chips, energy boosts, as well as challenge points.

Return to Top Research, Fighting and PvP

Research is a tool used when you want to unlock items in the game store, and will cost S.H.I.E.L.D points and silver. PvP, on the other hand, allows you to fight against other teams and other players.

PvP fights are generally more difficult because your opponents are typically more powerful. You may make your team stronger by giving them bonuses, as well. At the PvP button, you can access PvP bonus window and will be able to use items from your inventory as permanent bonuses for PvP fights. Simply equip the desired item, taking heed that it will no longer be available in other fights. Challenge points will be needed to start a fight in PvP. This will make you choose a player who you will be battling against.

Return to Top Flight Deck

The Marvel: Avengers Alliance flight deck is the base of operations, and it is where you can buy ships that you will need to send resting heroes out on missions to get silver and bonus experience. This is called Flight Deck Remote Ops, and you will be able to collect the bonuses upon the hero’s return. Larger bonuses may be earned if they are away for a longer period of time, and the level of the heroes may also be a factor. Friends are needed to man the ships, or you can go for the alternative and use some gold.

Return to Top Conclusion

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is also a social game and you will need a lot of friends to help you get further in the game. Visiting them once a day will earn you special items and points, and you can send and request gifts too. Short of purchasing gold using Facebook Credits, this is probably one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition and to build the team of your dreams.


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