Risen 2: DARK WATERS Walkthrough [GUIDE]


Live the rated Arrrr life of a pirate with our guide on Risen 2: Dark Waters. Locate all the legendary items and search every cave in the world.




Meet the Commandant
Search the Beach
To Tacarigua
Kitchen Help
Gorg For the Guards
Find the Pirate's Den
Silver Mask (legendary item)
The Left Boot (legendary item)
Sturdy Clothes
A Map of Tacarigua
A Fat Roast
Find Steelbeard
Pirate Post
Distract Allistar
The Sugar Shipment
The Termite Plague
The Hand Mirror (legendary item)
The Water Carriers
Night-Time Pursuit
A Difficult Chest
O'Brian's Treasure Map


Talk to the pirates at the Tower
Defeat the Lookouts at the Tower
The Natives
Jim's Treasure
Four Offerings for Kanadiktu
Dangerous Beast
The Shipment for Crow
Chani, Daughter of the Chieftan
Assault on Earth Temple
The Fight Against Crow
The Earth Titan
Speak to the Commandant
Third Crew member
Fourth Crew Member


Steelbeard's Treasure
Steelbeard's Artifact

Sword Coast
Steelbeard's Treasure

The Greedy Captain
The Skull
Following Garcia's Trail

Island of the Dead
Steelbeard's Ghost
The Skull Scepter


The Greedy Captain
Treasure Isle
Map of Maracai
The Expedition
The Graves of the Ancestors
Chaka Datu's Legacy
The Wall of Fire
Nice and Spicy & Unwanted Sermon
Treasure Maps


The Cunning Captain
Ship's Equipment
Steelbeard's Artifact
Garcia's Treasure
Steelbeard's Treasure
Gargoyle Eggs
Legendary Items
Antigua Side Quests


Treasure Isle
Steelbeard's Treasure
Storm Island
Air Temple
Marooned Sailor
Magical Geysers
The Gargoyle Eggs and Broods
The Isle of Thieves
The Cunning Captain part 2
The Water Temple



Your Character has five Attributes which reflect his ability in that respective
field. Each attribute can reach to a maximum of 10 levels.

You can increase your attributes by spending the shown number of glory points.
You gain glory by doing quests and killing enemies - it's just like XP in other

With the increase of each Attribute you gain five points in the corresponding
talents related to that attribute.


The talents skills are increased by 5 points for each level of the Attributes
corresponding to the talents.

If you want to increase your ability to lockpick, pickpocket, sneak your
thievery talent in CUNNING attribute needs to be high. Attributes can be over
100 points.

Talents can also be increased by learning them from the teachers in the world
by paying them for each lesson. The prices usually varies between 500-2000 Gold

Talents can also be increased by the possessions of certain weapons or armor
and the main purpose of legendary items is to increase talents related to the
item - you just need to be in possession of the legendary item.
Meet the Commandant

As our hero (that's us) is happily sipping off the strong rum, an officer-Juan
has been ordered by the Commandant of the Inquisition comes in and asks us
to go meet the Commandant. Before you go off take a look at the things inside
this room, the chest to the left of the bed has 400 gold and the desk to the
right of the bed has a purse with another 100 gold in it. There are also some
food items around the place - a chicken, two apples and another bottle of rum.
Go out of your room and drop down to the left. You can meet Largo in his prison
cell here -

Talk to him and ask him what you want, be nice to him and if you want to pay
the 500 Gold we just got then we can learn Sneaking - which is a very important
skill in the game. Walk up the stairs to the left of Juan and you come to the
Commandant, talk to him and he gives you a new task.

Search the Beach

Head out of this place by the gates which Juan is guarding and go right as you
come down the stairs. You'll get glory points everytime you do an objective or
kill anything. You'll see an old mate of ours fighting some Angler Fish
look-alikes. Kill the three beasts and then after a short conversation, you see
yourself back in your room.

To Tacarigua

Go out again and to the left where you see a few soldiers now. You can meet the
commandant inside the large hall ahead. After you learn of your mission, go up
the stairs to the left to Angus. Ask him for your money and use Silver Tongue
in the options to get 200 Gold. Go back to your room and speak to Patty. Now,
go out the main gates again and to the left till you get to the ship, speak to
the captain whom you can reach when you walk up the stairs to the left. Then
you see yourself topless nearing Tacarigua.

Kitchen Help

Immediately after enterign Tacarigua, go to the right-most house to the right.
You'll meet Osorio who works in a kitchen. He needs help in the kitchen and
Patty is the only one who can do it. But to persuade Patty to do it, you need
to have Silver Tongue at 10 points - you only have 5 now so just come back here
later when you can persuade Patty. You can do so the moment you have 1000
glory points - spend them on your cunning skill to get the stat to 10.

Gorg For the Guards

You get this after you convince Patty to take the job in the kitchen. Osorio
asks you to deliver five bottles of Gorg to soldiers on the Island.

Go out of this area and to the left down the hill and you see sugarcane fields
here. Talk to Gilles and then to Thompkins.

Find the Pirate's Den

Speak to Pedro to the left as you enter Tacarigua and ask him about everything.
This way you get four quests and information.

Silver Mask

You can get this when you go into the large house to the left in Tacarigua,
this is where you need to meet Di Fuego, the governer. Go into the first room
to the left and there's a book to the right of the bed, read it to get this.

The Left Boot

You get this when you read the book inside he first floor of Booze's place in
the Pirate's Den near where Lola sleeps.

TEACHER - Roquefort

He can teach you Swordfighting and is found arguing with Sebastiano beside the
Governers house when you come to Tacarigua for the first time.

Sturdy Clothes

You can meet Carter who sells clothes just past the house of the Governer, go
straight and you will see the prison to the right, talk to Carter here but if
you do not want to spend any money buying a shirt then you can go to the house
to the left of the Governer's place and look in the chest to the right to find
the world's dirtiest shirt. Also, talk to Largo in the prison which Carter is
guarding, tell him you want to join the pirates and all that stuff, he gives
you a couple of quests.

A Map of Tacarigua

Talk to Di Fuego in the large house to the left right as you enter Tacarigua
and ask him about everything. Ask him what he sells and also buy the map from
him for 100 Gold. We can explore the Island more freely now that we have a

If you go down left from the main town down the mountain path, you come to a
sugarcane farm and near the house you meet Thompkins who's an arms dealer, here
is the map location -


A Fat Roast

You see a prized Warthog as you go past Thompkins here -

kill it to complete this quest and go to Thompkins beside the sugar cane field.
Thompkins also mentions a Jaguar you can kill.

Find Steelbeard

Go to the right from Tacarigua - specifically, right from the prison and you
come to a place called Vasco's Tower.

                                             If you speak to Vasko inside, he mentions
the cave to the left of his tower. Take that path for now and do down the
wooden bridge and eventually you come to the Large Gate with the Fence outside.
If you have enough skill in Intimidate or Silver Tongue, you can make him let
you in or you just need to gather stuff a bit longer.

You can still get to the pirate's den without Fence letting you through. Go to
the right from fence and you come to the beach. Collect all the oyster shells
you can here and in your inventory, click on them to see if you got a pearl. Now,
move left along the beach.

You'll find Blake here -

He can teach you Toughness. 

Past Blake is the Pirate's Den. Go into the place and walk till the end. You
can see in the map that there is only one ship in this area. You come to the
docks in the end and you find Steelbeard here. You still need to impress him
though to be able to get on his crew. Go up the stairs on his ship to the left
and talk to the person here, he tells us that steelbeard has stole a chest but
cannot get to pick it's lock - so you can pick the lock to impress Steelbeard.

Pirate Post

Speak to Roquefort and he gives you this quest and pays you 100 gold upfront
and another 100 after you finish the delivery. Go speak to Di Fuego and tell
him that Roquefort commissioned you to deliver the letter.

You need to give the letter to Booze. Then you can take his message back.
Booze is in the tavern opposite to the dock in the Pirate Den.

Distract Allistar

You can talk to a guy near the campfire outside the tavern - Morris who
mentions that you can get a few things from the floor above if you can get Lola
to distract Allistar.

If you already have the sneak skill then just go up the stairs near the tavern
and give 100 gold to Lola. When she takes Allistar aside, just sneak in and
grab everything you can - there are a lot of things you can take too.


You can do many things for Largo. One of which is gettin him free. To do that
you need to first pay him 1000gold and learn the pickpocketing skill. Then
pickpocket Carter and take the black pearl to Stone who is the blacksmith in
Oirate's Den. He is in the first house to the left if you go to the Den from
the beach. Show him the pearl and tell him he Owes Largo and he gives you a
pick. Take it back to Largo and give it to him to release him. You can then
follow Largo back to the Pirate's Den.

He also needs his clothes. You can steal his boots from the barracks at night.
The Black pearl is with Carter and the Bandana is with Riley at the sugar
plantation - you ca meet him there in the mornings.


You get his from Di Fuego. The three savages are in the part of the Jungle
to the right from Vasco's Tower, kill them and go back for your reward.

The Sugar Shipment

You get this after you speak to Steel Beard. To continue this quest, you need
to head to Jack's Lighthouse which is to the right from Vasco's Tower, here -

Speak to Jack and learn of his termites problem, this quest is tied with the
Termite plague so I will mention both here.

The Termite Plague

Track this quest and you can see all the termites are marked on the map. Go
down the right of the lighthouse and to the marked spots and kill the termites.
There's a cave to the left here, go in and after killing the first warrior,
take all the seven bags of sugar and go further inside the cave and kill the
last warrior. Go back to Jack and then to Booze.

Booze asks you to give the Rm to Allistar. Go up and give it to him and get
back to booze to get your reward. Ask him about the Rum shipment to Steelbeard
and he confirms it.

The Hand Mirror

You get this when you read the book on Pirate raids in Jack's Lighthouse.

The Water Carriers

You get this after you speak to Steel Beard and Booze. Talk to the guy infront
of the tavern and then go left of the dock and look to the right to see a
waterfall. Go down there and talk to the guys. You can deal with them in any
way you want to. Go back to Booze after that.

Night-Time Pursuit

Speak to Booze in the brewery's lower floor - it's the large house opposite
to the Docks. He wants you to follow Meeks at night. Just speak to Booze again
at night and follow Meeks slowly. He goes to the beach and something comes out.

The Traitor and the Beast

Kill both of them and report back to Booze and Steelbeard.

A Difficult Chest

You get this after you speak to the pirate whom you can get to by going up the
stairs to the left of Steelbeard.

The Chest is in the canons area of the ship below. To pick the lock, you just
need basic lockpicking skill at level 1 but to reach there you need to get your
Cunning to level 4 and then pay Largo 1000gold to teach you the skill. After
you learn it, go to the chest and open it - there's 300 gold in there.


O'Brian's Treasure Map

You can meet O'Brian in the inn where Booze is. Speak to him and you can
challenge him for a drinking match involving his map. You can bet gold but you
will still need to buy painkillers from Booze to be able to play with O'Brian.

To win just click on the bottles as fast as you can. After winning, the
location of the treasure is added onto your map automatically. To display it,
go to the journal menu and click on the quest and track it and the map shows
the x mark. Before you go there, go up the stairs to the right of the tavern
and you come to a house ahead and a wooden bridge to the right, cross the
bridge and buy a shovel and a pickaxe from this guy and go to the waterfalls
again. Go past them and you come to the treasure. You can see the X on the

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talk to the pirates at the Tower Defeat the Lookouts at the Tower As you land on the Island, Steelbeard tells you about Crow. We can go to the tower ahead by going to the right from here and you see a path leading ahead to the tower. When you reach the tower, you get into a big fight and then you have to kill off the four people enemies here. After that, Steelbeard gives us two choices, one is that we can go further into the Jungle to meet the Natives or go to another place to meet the Inquisition. Since we are already here, choose the Jungle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Natives Follow Steelbeard into the jungle and you keep fighting your way through the forest. You face mostly some Claw Monkeys in the beginning and eventually you come to a cave where Steelbeard asks you to take a look inside it. Go into the cave - the entrance is to the right nearby. Go all the way in and you see two savages and a pirate. Kill them, you can mine for gold ore here in this cave as there's an ore vein. Also a book pointing to another legendary item and a locked chest needing 30 skill. Talk to Steelbeard again and continue to follow him, after a while again he stops and mentions some Blue Claws. These are big monkeys - just walk ahead, they are the brown ones you see hopping ahead. Go near them and when they come after you, run back to Steelbeard and kill all of them. After that keep following him and after crossing the river, you come into the territory of the savages. Talk to the one guarding the entrance and then go into the camp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jim's Treasure You can meet Jim who is on top of a set of stairs near the big fire in the center of the village. To his left is a locked chest, if you can pick it then you can take his treasure map and then the location is marked on the map. Mark this quest by going into the Logbook and then the spot is marked on the main map. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Four Offerings for Kanadiktu Badria will give you this quest, she gives us four names and we are to collect offerings from each person for Kanadiktu. Ranapiri and Chani are here itself around the center. Samir is inside the temple which you can go by taking the bridge behind Chani. Nakutu is also around here but if you cannot find him then just wait till night when all the tribals gather around the fire in the center and start dancing - you can actually get three people then itself. Go back and speak to Badriya and she gives you 300 gold for all the hard work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dangerous Beast Ranapiri is the one of the hunters of the tribe, speak to him and he wants us to prove ourselves by killing a dangerous beast. You can find this beast upstream during the Shipment for Crow quest below. It's just a crocodile. Follow the quest below to get to it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Shipment for Crow You can meet Slick near the stairs and if you speak to him for a while, he reveals that he's the person responsible for delivering goods to Crow inside the temple. He wants us to bring him all the stuff needed so that he can get on with his next shipment. Speak to Kapua nearby, she tells us that she neededs special Jade stone to make something to be taken into the temple and that Hikoko will lead us to the four pieces of Jade. Talk to Hikoko and tell her that you are ready to go. She leads you into the jungle thru a path filled with Claw Monkeys and a few Warthogs and a Jaguar. After a long walk you come to the Jade Cave. Hikoko warns us of termites inside. Go in and like she said, you fight termites. The first piece of Jade comes to the right after you fight the first termite. Keep going in and a lot more termites to kill. The second and third pieces are just past the group of termites near the wall straight ahead. Move to the left and you see the final piece of Jade. Go back outside and talk to Hikoko again, go back to the village and speak to Kapua who gives you a Monkey statue. Show it to Slick. Firstly we need to find Natsumi, go out of the village past the guard and take a right, go straight till you get to the water. Go into the water and turn right and keep going by the left bank of the river. You will come across a Crocodile here but try to avoid it, Natsumi is just ahead of the croc to the left standing on the bank. Talk to her and she asks you to kill the croc and also tells you that her herbs are missing. Kill the croc (it's not going to be easy) - if you are having too much trouble then you can slowly lead the corc back to the village where you will get tons of help. The bags of herbs are just to the right of wher Natsumi is standing near the water - on the edge of the bank. You will also find Yazuki behind Natsumi and she fives you a fruits basket. Go back to Slick after that. He now wants you to get some Gold from Lin, down river. Go out of the village and right onto the water, Follow the water to the right all the way, keep on the left side of the banks and after a very long run, you come to Lin who gives you seven Gold Nuggets. Take them back to Slick. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chani, Daughter of the Chieftan Chani is near the Voodoo Altar. Speak to her and she tells you that she is the Chieftan's Daughter. Talk to everyone around this area and go back to Chani and ask her about what you heard. Tell her that you are not here to hurt them and you fight against Crow. She mentions a person - Tahana. She asks you to speak to Ranapiri who was the last person to see Tahana. Talk to Ranapiri and ask him to take you to Tahana then follow him. He takes you to the Inquisition Tower. Inside the cell, you will find Tahana. Talk to him and he mentions some keys which fell down. The Keys are to the right of the wooden stairs opposite to Tahana's Cell. Release him and take him back to the village and speak to Chani. He may also lead you elsewhere to find an Idol just follow him - if he does take you to find the Idol then he stops at a spot and asks you to search for it - it's just to the left of where he is standing. If you quick travelled to the village instead of following him then speak to Chani. She still does not trust you but we are getting close - she asks you to join the Tribe, just agree and then she tells you of an Idol which Tahana last saw. Go to Tahana and he leads you to the Idol WHen he stops, you need to search for the idol - it's just to the left of where Tahana stands. Go back with him. Speak to Chani and she wants you to face Samir inside the Temple, go into the temple and defeat Samir and wait for Chani to come into the temple, speak to her and place the irol on the altar to summon the spirit. It does not matter what you ask him, he will give you his blessings eventually. Talk to Chani again when she gets back to the village and now we need to collect a few ingredients - talk to Jim and tell him that you can get him a protective amulet to protect him from Voodoo. You can buy everything else you need from the merchants in the village, Kapua has everything you need. Go to the altar after buying teeth, jade and the remaining stuff and use it to make a doll. Speak to Chani again. Go to Jim and equip the doll as a weapon and use it, you'll be controlling Jim near the temple now. Move ahead and head onto the stairs first and talk to the guard Floyd, as him if you can make it up to him somehow and he asks you to nick items from the other guys here. Go to Ben and pick pocket him. Go to Skinner and pick pocket him and the three warriors around the fire. Then go to Skinner - you cannot pickpocket him, go to Floyd again and pickpocket him. Now you should have atleast 150 gold, go to Digger and pay him your debt and buy a bottle of Rum and give it to Skinner. Then pickpocket him and go back to Floyd and give him the three things and head inside. Take some hair from the chieftan and talk to Crow if you want to and go back outside and to the village again. Speak to Chani and she gives you all the stuff to make another doll. Make it and speak to her, you'll then get to Crow. Assault on Earth Temple There are eight guards outside the temple, you need to kill them all before you can go in. It'll be difficult but try to move around a lot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Fight Against Crow The Earth Titan You'll soon be against Crow. Ignore everyone else and go straight for him. After he is killed, you need to take care of the Earth Titan. The Titan keeps throwing large boulders at you - you can avoid these by running to the left or right. After it Throws a Boulder, it sort of roars and when it does, it opens it's chest showing a cavity - you need to throw the spear into this cavity. Aim above near the head and once you get the hang of it, you'll be shooting aces. After a lot of shots inside, the Titan runs behind you and sometimes it sprints towards you, immediately after it sprints it opens it's chest cavity again. Throw the spear in four times and the Titan goes down. You need to go to each of the dead guys and loot them. Go into the temple and use the lock. Two doors open but both lead to the same place, go in and take the things in the three Sarcophagus and use the two altars to go in. Take the stuff here and go back outside the temple where you meet Steelbeard again. After the cutscene you need to make your way to Puerto Isabella which come far to the south east end of the Island, here - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speak to the Commandant Firstly enter the large mansion (you can get into Isabella in three ways so giving you directions is a waste - I'm sure you can figure it out). Speak to him and he obviously will not give us the ship - worse, he asks us the Titan Speak. Speak to Patty next and she takes you to the ships and lays out a plan. You need to sabotage four cannons here and also add two more members in your crew. Third Crew member Chani is just outside the exit of Isabell - the exit which is to the left of the dock area. Speak to her and ask her to join you. Fourth Crew Member Optional Skill Required :- Pickpocketing - 35 You can mark this quest in your logbook and see where it points. Go back to the Commandant's mansion and to the right is the prison. Speak to Hawkins and he gives you a hint to take the key from the commandant. If you have enough skill in the pickpocketing area, then go right ahead and take the key but if not then take the hairbrush which is on his table and go speak to Chani. She gives you all the ingredients you need to make a doll. Go to where you met her in Puerto Isabella and walk to the left of where she was originally standing and you come to a cave - there's on Ghoul inside. Kill it and go to the altar ahead and make the doll. Go back to the Commandant and use the doll on him. When you are possessing him first speak to the guard just outside the commandant's house - his name starts with an A. Ask him to reward us and also tell him that the prisoner will be free. Go to Hawkins and free him now. Then go to the ship and speak to the crew You can make them do anything to vacate the ship. Then go to the storehouse which is to the right just as you climb the first set of stairs from the Docks to the upper area. Speak to the person outside the store house and tell him to load the ship with water barrels. Then speak to the guy to the left who is near the cannons. Now, go back to the house and change bodies back to normal again. Sabotage You also need to sabotage four cannons, the first is above the Commandant's Mansion, walk up the stairs outside and you get to it, just make sure to destroy it when the guard is not here. The other three are near the storehouse so go there and try to distract the person guarding them, if you cannot then just attack him and destroy the cannons. Now talk to Hawkins who should be waiting with Patty (if you stole the key from the Commandant then he should be back in the Voodoo cave). Ask him to join you and then speak to Patty. She fills you up with everything and you need to set a course, let's head to tacarigua again for now.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tacarigua NOTE: You had a choice of a few locations after we took the ship on The Sword Coast, Tacarigua is a good place to start because we are already familiar with it and also, you can spend all the money you made to learn new skills Tacarigua does have a lot of people who teach use various skills. Tacarigua is also the first place to start for if we are looking for both Steelbeard's Treasure and his Artifact. Also, Patty talks to us the moment we arrive about a Druid and Steelbeard's Treasure. Steelbeard's Treasure Talk to Patty about the one page she has and ask her where to start looking. Ask her everything about her father's treasure and she mentions a chest. This chest is in the upper floor of the Tacarigua Tavern. Go up the stairs to the left of the Tavern and into the romm to the left. Go thru the room ahead and you come to a place overlooking the tavern below, the chest is here. If you open it you find the fourth page of the diary. Speak to Patty again about this and you now have two leads. One is back on Sword Coast in the graveyard. The Second is on Antigua. Steelbeard's Artifact Talk to Booze in the Tavern, he tells you that Steelbeard hid his Artifact in the hidden treasure place of Captain Garcia who is supposed to be in Caldera. So we are to go to Caldera to get more info. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sword Coast Steelbeard's Treasure Patty gave you the location, mark the quest in your logbook and the X mark appears on the map of sword coast. You can get to the mark by walking from the Pirate's Tower. The mark is just to the left of the temple door. You can go inside the temple and if you go into the left chamber and take out the idol, a new door opens, there's a book inside which gives us the whereabouts of a legendary item. Place the Idol back to open the door back to the main hall, now take the idol and quickly run out before the door to the mail hall closes. Run into the chamber to the right and use the idol, kill the guard and take the stuff here and go back outside. NOTE: Before you head out of Sword Coast, buy items to make atleast one Voodoo Ritual - you need one each of Voodoo Doll, Jade, Eyes and Teeth - you need them for a quest in the next place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caldera The Greedy Captain Now, we need to get to Caldera so set a course for Caldera again. Go into the fort and talk to Carlos - he's in the same office he was when you left him earlier in the game. Talk to him about everything and learn of the new development. If you ask him about Garcia, he mentions that Garcia already left Caldera but only one guy knows where he went and Carlos gives us the permit to head further into Caldera, go to the right of his office down the stairs and you come to the gate keeper to the left, talk to him and he opens the door to the Bridge. Legendary Item The Skull Across the bridge, take the left and the first house to the right is that of Mauregato. Go into the room to the left and there's a book - Chaka something read it to get the location. Following Garcia's Trail Mauregato Cross the bridge and take a left, the first house on the right is that of Mauregato. Mauregato is upstairs and is of no help at all. But, on the ground floor in the room to the right is a piece of paper which is a bill for a Wig. Take the bill because it's the key to visiting the High Council. Search every room of his place and take everything you can get your hands on, you will also find and need a Signet Ring. Now, go back out of the house and go up the stairs leading into the upper section of Caldera, go into the first place to the right, speak to Lucia who's the owner of the hotel ask her about Garcia but do not rent any place yet. In the room to the left is Pantaleo who gives you a Wig if you show the paper you swiped from Mauregato's House. Take the room costing 250 gold from Lucia. Now, go outside and to the right, a servant talks to you and tells you that Azuro is calling you - his house is the one to the right of the bridge but before you go there talk to the merchant here to the left - Possodino and give him the key to your room. Go back and talk to Lucia and take Garcia's Room. If you go into Garcia's room you find two locked chests one with a skill of 60 and the other with 90. You also find a Jade Earring. Go to Azuro and he tells you his plan, you should already have everything he needs so give them to him and he makes you a fake letter. Go to the hotel again and buy Messenger's Clothes from Pantaleo - you may not need them buy just take them anyway. Now, if you have the stuff to make a Voodoo Doll of Mauregato then go to the upper floor of the Hotel and into Da Silva's room, use the Altar to make the doll and go back to Mauregato and use the Doll. Now, get Mauregato to the High Council office and talk to the guys here, after the meeting is set up, go call on the two people one of whom is the representative of the farmers and the other is a Master Gunsmith who is in the area to the right of the main hall. Then go into the Archives and look around. Head into the meeting and make sure you tell them not to support Mara. Then amke Mauregato resign and go back and change to your original body again. Get to Azuro's house and he makes you his messenger, now you can go into the council and then go into the chamber to the right and to the Archives which are guarded. Go into the Archives and take everything here and read everything. The most important thing revealing the location of Garcia is the book in the left end of this place. After you locate him, go back to the ship and tell Patty about Garcia's Location. Now, we can go to the Bay but first, let's head on to the Island of the Dead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Island of the Dead NOTE: This is going to be a very difficult area filled with danger. You will not have any chance to get anything once you are on the Island so it's best if you take a lot of provisions with you and make sure you have everything you need before you enter this place. Steelbeard's Ghost Speak to Patty and Chani, no one wants to go to the Island with you so you should take the row boat and go there alone. Go up to the door and talk to the Guardian, tell him you will get the ingredients and he will let you in. Now, as you go in you will face many enemies so it's best to be prepared. The first is a warrior and further in when you get to the sand there's a Ghoul and a Gaurdian to fight. Try to stay away from the Guardian and make fast hits and move back or try to use a throwing weapon. Kill it and go down the stairs onto the sand. The first black lotus is straight ahead near the rocks. The second one is just to the right of this one near the wall. Now, you have three ways to go, first head into the path to the left. You find a Ghoul and a Guardian again. Move ahead and you fight a Warrior and a Ghoul and also you see the first of the Grave Dust to the left here. Move ahead and you come to another warrior and ghoul. There are two Black Lotus here, one near the dead tree in the center and the other to the right near the Statuette. Go straight from the dead tree in the center and you will see a Warrior near a Grave, kill him and take the Grave Dust, go back and go left. You find a chest which needs a skill of 30 to pick and a Ore Vein to the right of the grave. Go back now and up on the path in the middle and turn right where you see another warrior. Kill him and go into the room to he right which has another Grave dust and a Jade. Go ahead and to the left where you fight another Ghoul and Warrior. Kill them and pick up the things here and head back all the way to where you jump up to the left to get here and go straight now and read the book to get a tip on a legendary item. Go down thepath to the right now. As you exit the cave a Guardian is waiting for you. Enter the room to the left to find another Grave Dust. Now, there are stairs to the left, remember these because the Altar you need to go to after you collect everything is here. Go to the right and kill the Warriors. Keep going and you will come to the first area again thru the central path. Now only the right side path remains. Go there and kill the Warriors and the Ghoul. In the end are more ghouls and a Guardian. After you kill them you will find the last Grave Dust in the room ahead and the last lotus to the right of the room. The room to the right has a treasure map and the treasure is on this island itself. The treasure contains a Hook Hand - one of the legendary items. Now, go the the Altar of Transition and speak to Tao, use the Altar to head into the world of the dead and pick up the Old Coin to the right which is another legendary item. The Skull Scepter The first person you meet is Nahele to the right, talk to her and she offers to make you a Sceptre but needs three items which are with the other leaders. The room behind her has a Schematic. The second leader is Motega to the left of here, talk to him about he Silver Back and offer to help. The Silverback is in the path to the right of where Nahele is. Go in and kill it and talk to Mothega, he gives you the Skull of an undead animal and vanishes. Go up to the right here and keep going till you come out of the cave, you see a Confused Ghost ahead, talk to it. The quest it gives involves going back to the real world but we don't need to do that now so go back and up the path to the right. To the right as you go up is Akando who is the third leader. He wants you to steal from him - nice. Go back to Nahele and ask he to make you a key, she needs some gold for it. Take the key back to Akando and use it on the chest which is in the room to the left, take it's contents and talk to him. the last leader is in the Arena. You need to defeat him to free his soul - it should not be difficult after killing all those Warriors. Finally, after having all the stuff, go to Nahele and she makes you a Scepter. Take it back to the entrance to Tao and he summons Steelbeard. Steelbeard now gives you the exact location of the amulet on Antigua. But before we go there we should go to Maracai Bay where Garcia is said to be. Just go back to the Altar of Transition and then become normal again. Head to your ship and to Maracai Bay.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maracai Bay The Greedy Captain As you land in the port, an Inquisition officer lets you know about what was happening before you arrived and also mentions the whereabouts of Garcia. If you ask him to spare a few things then he asks you to meet Mercutio in the temple ahead. Go to Mercutio and aspeak to him. He is willing to trade only if you brign him six barrels of something. Go out of the temple and head down to the right. All Six barrels are near the edge of the beach in the water here itself. Walk along the like of water and kill the two Fire Birds and take the Barrels. Take them back to get a trader in this area now. Again, go out of the temple and head right down the steps - let's start exploration from this side of the Bay. Go on the path and eventually, you come to a couple of firebirds. Kill them and if you have Patty or Chani, they look at the tracks on the ground and notice that the tracks split two ways. Just ahead you meet Habib who tells you that Harlok is the leader of the bad pirtes and that he went up on the path up the hill to the left so we would assume that somehow Garcia went into the Jungle to the right. Treasure Isle Go left up the hill and cross the bridge and keep goign to find Harlok near a campfire. Kill his mates and talk to him, he joins your crew but you have some more info on Steelbeard's Treasure. Read the book here to get info in The Pirate's Almanac. Look in the chest to find the meat that Habib was looking for Go back down and give Habib the meat and head deeper inside to the right. Map of Maracai The Expedition After you walk for a while you kill another firebird and Patty tells us that they might have gone south west - there are bones on the ground here, pick them up. Go up the mountain to the right and you come to a place where there's one path to the right and two to the left - one into the jungle and the other goes further up the mountain behind us. The path to the right has nothing but a Maki Berry so move left and go left up the hill. Kill the firebird and Patty mentions a camp fire to the south west, go on the path to the right and you see the campfire. This is the first temporary campsite, which means we are on the right trail. Rest here if you need to and go back to the main path and continue forward. You should see two Blue Claws on the path to the right and the path left is empty. Both lead to the same path again ahead os might as well kill the claws. You come to an old Tomb to the left, go inside and kill the tree Ghouls. Now move further in and try to take th Golden Mask...oops! Agree with the spirit and tell it that you will help get the masks to the right places again, try not to take the mask here - this will give you a new quest. Head back out and straight and you come to another branching path. The path to the right has a chest with a Diamond. Go back and on the path to the left, keep going straight and kill the monkeys here and go left in the end look to the right and you see ledges you can climb on, climb the ledges to the top and open the chest in the end - it has a ruby. Go back and to the right and you come to a dead soldier - take all the things here and we just know we are on the right path now. If you go left from here up the hill, Patty mentions that we are going on the wrong path. So listen to her and take the path to the right and after a while you come to a group of three Tribals around a Camp fire Talk to Hanu and he mentions a beast in the lake - a Crocodile. Tell him that you will kill it for him - now killing the crocodile is extremely important because Hanu gives us the location of a treasure and also with it comes the map of the Island - finally. Go ahead and kill the corc - it's left from the campfire near the water. After you get the map, look into it and you should be near the lake. Go on the right bank of the lake and you should see torches on the ground leading to the path upwards on the hill, that's the village. In the Village, you can meet Corienthes in the tent to the left of the fire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Graves of the Ancestors You meet a maracai tribal as you go up the hill here. He does not trust pirates but we can change that. Move ahead up the hill and kill the three pirates here and each of them has an Idol on them. take the three Idols and head into the Temple. Whoever is in your party leaves you to go ahead, so just go ahead and jump into the hole, kill the Ghoul and take the Statuette to the left of the door and the bowl from the right. You need that statuette. Head into the temple and there's a Guardian in the room to the right ahead. Kill it and take everything the dead pirate has and also the stuff from the Sarchopahgus in the room in which you saw the guardian. The Dead Pirate has a golden mask we need. Take it and move ahead. Pull the lever and you come to an Altar, use it and the Golden Mask is placed on it. Whatever you do, do not try to take the mask back from the Altar beacuse the Ancestor's Ghost you saw earlier comes back is not happy with that so just place the mask and jump across the hole ahead to return back outside. Talk to the tribal who was guarding the path - Koraka and tell him he can return home. If you have not found the village yet, just follow him to his Village. Here is the map showing all the graves (marked G) - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chaka Datu's Legacy Speak to the Chaka Datu who is in the hut on the highest point of the village. Then go down to where bones keeps shouting and go into the hut to his right. You meet Zaalu inside who already has a follower Potaka and wants you to fight him if you are to join him as his follower. Potaka is the only guy who is listening to bones so talk to him and defeat him in a duel and get back to Zaalu who appoints you. Go back to Datu and he gives you the first task - get claws from a blck hunter. Go to Zaalu and tell this to him, he asks you to follow him to the place where he knows the Hunter is at. Follow Zaalu to the place and he wants you to Lure it out. Just go in and kill the Hunter or run bacl to Zaalu and kill it together. Take the paws from it after it's dead and make sure you have everything from the cave. Tell Zaalu that you will follow him back to the Village. Speak to Datu again and he sets up the next task. Speak to Zaalu and ask him for him hair. But the stuff you need from the natives here and go to the Voodoo Altar which is straight past Bones. Make the doll and go back to Zaalu. Take control of him and go to Datu and answer the three questions - they are very simple ones and the answers are darkness, time and nothing - not necessarily in that sequence. Get back to your body and tell Zaalu about it and then go to Datu again. He asks you to fight the other follower. He is near the fire where everyone is gathered (at night). Speak to him and defeat him. Then go tell Zaalu and Datu. You get a grea item as a reward. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Wall of Fire NOTE: The cave leading to the wall of fire is near the X mark above. To find the wall of fire, first head out of the village, go down the village and to the pond. Turn left from below and go straight (past the chest) you come to a left ahead, go on there and you will come to a camp where you see Black Dog. Kill him and read the book here to know the whereabouts of a Legendary Weapon. Then go straight and in the end look to the right and you will see a cave. Inside this cave, you will need to figh four Grave Spiders. You will find the Wall of Fire in the end. Go back to Corrienthes after that. He tells you about Osamu and marks the spot where you can find him on your map. Go to Osamu and speak to him, you discover a few things now - I mean we already knew all of that ealier itself but still. He gives you the Blood, you need to go back to the wall of fire and go thru it. Go all the way into the temple and fight Garcia - he is one tough guy. Take the Bone hand from him after that and go back and talk to Patty. You can go to Garcia's ship from the beach on the right side of the map. Go to the beach and you find a boat, take it to reach his ship. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nice and Spicy & Unwanted Sermon You meet Bones in the village and he just keeps going on and on and on... about the impeding doom. Also, when you were in the Island of the Dead you would have come across a Confused Ghost who is actually the soul of Bones. You need to deliver the soul to Bones but first, talk to him and ask him to join your crew. Now, you will also meet Jamila who needs four Fire Pepper for a special potion. She marks the place on your map, mark this quest and you can see the spot where there's the fire pepper grows. Go there and talk to the tribal girl. She gives you a fire pepper and there's one behind her and the other two are to the right Go back to Jamila and she gives you a potion, make Bones drink this potion and take him to your ship. Go back to the Isle of the dead and talk to Bones. He mentions a word. Go into the transition chamber and get into the land of the souls and meet the Confused Ghost near the Thief's temple - he is a little before the area where you did the thief's quest. Tell him the word and he returns to his body. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Treasure Maps You come across four treasure maps if you did the quests according to the walkthrough. All the places are marked on your map so just go to them to get the treasure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antigua The Cunning Captain Ship's Equipment After landing in Antigua, you meet Rick as you go down. Remember this guy. Then go past the houses here and to the left you will see a larger house and you need to use some steps to get to the door - this is where you meet Slayne. Talk to Slayne and he wants you to meet at his ship. Before you go out, look in the room to the right and you will find a treasure map adn this also gets you the map. You will also find a map on the floor above. Go with him to his ship and ask him about his artifact and he tells you of the ban in trading. If we can get him some supplies then he will take us to where his artifact is and will also gladly part with it. Cannon Slayne needs five different things/supplies. The first is a Cannon for the ship To get Slayne the cannon go behind the Antigua tavern and you will come to the house of an old gunsmith - Wilson. He refuses to sell you cannnons. To make WIlson change his mind we can do one of two things. Get his laid or get him his pistol back. To get his pistol back move to the left of Wilson's house and you will find another gunsmith - a French guy. Talk to him and he has Wilson's handgun and in order for him to part with it you need to defeat him at shooting You need to shoot eight out of ten things. After you get it, take it back to Wilson and he delivers the cannons. Also, you meet a woman infront of the large house - the Captain's house where you met Slayne, talk to her and you can either pay her 1000 gold or persuade her. Powder Kegs Remember Rick? Go to the left of the tavern and you see him infront of a warehouse - if it's the day. He wants to get out of this life and needs a treasure map so he can take his loot and get away. You can give him the treasure map you found in the Captain's house and he then gives you the Powder Kegs. Helmsman Inside the Antigua tavern you can talk with Morgan who is a helmsman. Ask him about joining Slayne's crew and he refuses but you can insist. He asks you to beat him at the pirate triathlon and he will join Slayne's Crew. You just need to beat him in two of three matches. them being - a duel, a drinking and a shooting match. Water If you go right from the captain's house you will come to some water carriers. Talk to the old guy who tells you that he will start delivering water only if the guard here is gone and he also mentions a cave nearby. Talk to the bully and mention the treasure in the cave and take him in and kill him. Go back and the old guy is ready to deliver your water. Fish Lastly you need fish for Slayne. You first need to go to the fishermen's hut which is in the middle of you map to the right - it's on the beach there. Go there and speak to the guy inside who is feeling guilty that he left his friend in a cave with a Hobgoblin. The cave is directly above the beach in the map. Go there and kill the hobgoblin. Go further inside and you find the other guy. Go back to the hut and talk to them and they will deliver your fish. Now that you have all the things Slayne needs, talk to him and set out to the next destination, but you may still have some other things to care care of too. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steelbeard's Artifact Garcia's Treasure The waterfall is here on the map - To go up the falls, you need to walk left from the water falls and keep an eye to your right till you can see a chest. To the right of the chest is a path going up, follow it to get to the top of the falls and use the password on the door. Keep going and in the end you come to Garcia's Treasure and Steelbeard's Artifact. Beware of the Grave Spiders. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steelbeard's Treasure Go left from the Captain's House and you come to a graveyard. You can see an X mark infront of Nasir's Grave. Fig it up to get the last of the info on the Treasure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eldritch Gargoyles Gargoyle Eggs Head to the Captains House and go right out of the village, here you meet Spencer who you can speak to for some info. Just continue along the path past the pond of the water carriers and till you come to the stram of water in your map. Go left and you will meet Eldritch to the left near a campfire. If you speak to him, he tells you of the gargoyles and their eggs and also of the legendary Air Temple. He can take you to the air temple if you can kill all the gargoyles and collect their eggs. You can see all the gargoyles along the beach near the line of water that runs along the cross section of the island. Also, you will see the nests near two of the gargoyles so just look around after you kill each of them - they are not difficult to locate. One of the nests is in the area just behind the Druid. There are only two nests. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legendary Items The Broken Rattle - read book in house to the right of tavern. The Flask - Read the book in the house behnd tavern first floor. The Hangmans Noose - Room to right inside captains house. Peg Leg - Book in Fishermans Hut. The Left Boot You can find the Left Boot in Anituga. Here's the location on the map - Look at the arrow showing the position of the character - top left of the map. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antigua Side Quests Most of the side quests in Antigua are completed as a part of the cunning captain quest above. But these are the rest - Go to the innkeep in Antigua's Tavern - Morgan. He wants you to run supplies between Antigua and Tacarigua to Booze and back. You will also meet an on olg guy who can tell you stories on all the captains at - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Treasure Isle Steelbeard's Treasure Now we are finally near the greatest treasure known to man. Read the second page which tells you that you will survive only if you choose the rigth path. But we are missing the first page so just go straight ahead and into the woods. If you go down the path, you will come to the Monkey's Trap. Kill the three gorillas here and there are two more, on each on top of the path to the left and right of the central area. You find a diary here near the metal gate. it's Steelbeards. You can go back and take care of Harlok or continue ahead and find the treasure first. Go in and after a while you will come to two paths where Patty will talk to you The correct way to go here is to the right and you come to another division, if you go left you will find a trap (hit space) and a chest with minor things. Gp rigth again and you come to a place with a bed and a chest. Go further thru the tunnel and you will come out of the caves and into the Mangrove. If you go to the left you will find two Alleygators, go to the right and you come to a division. There's a Sunken one here, kill it, if you go to the end you'll find some minor stuff. Go back and to the left path where you can see a sunken from the distance. You will also see the Totem Pole mentioned in the pages and also there are gold coins on the ground pointing to the right (south). The place to the left has nothing but a gator. Go right from the totem pole and you come to the double palm tree. The right direction is north from the double palm tree - that is left. You will come to the Grave with torches to the left and rigth. For the Key you need to go north - left. Kill the two sunken ones and go till the end to get the key and four treasure maps. Go back to the grave and down the other way. When you reach the monolith, go right - Soon you will be on a beach with four graves. The correct one is the leftmost grave, all others will instantly kill you. You can find the Pirate's Almanac in the chest - this is what Steelbeard mentioned in his diary about being worth more than all the gold. Facing the ship, Harlok is to the rigth on the beach. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Storm Island After you go to Storm Island, talk to Eldritch and he joins the party, take the row boat to the Storm Island and you will understand how it got that name. Air Temple Marooned Sailor Magical Geysers You can do everything on Storm Island in one go. Talk to Edritch and take him onto the island. Make your way across the Island, there is only one path leading to the top. You will face some Sunken Ones first and after a while you come to a Marooned Sailor. Talk to him and ask him about eggs and he gives you the locaation of a stash of eggs. You can mark the quest to see where the stash is. But first, go straight from where you met the sailor and you will come to his house where you can find the map od Storm Island. Now, track the quest he gave you to look for the chest of eggs and you can see an X mark on your map. Go there and take the three eggs. Now on the Island you will find eggs in five different nests apart from the eggs in the chest and the ones in the air temple at the end. Here are all the locations of the nests - The nests are near wherever you fight gargoyles so look around after killing the gargoyles. You need to make your way to the top of the Island and on the way you will come across three geysers - they are right on your path and you don't even need to search for them. Talk to Eldritch near the first geyser and he gives you a potion that can close the geyser. Now, keep going up and keep collect all the eggs in the way. After five eggs, talk to him again and use the next serum and close all three geysers on your path. You will finally reach the air temple at the top. Go in and kill the General and move in and kill the remainign Gargoyles and take the last of the eggs. You should have enough to seal off the last of the geysers and you are done on this Island. Go back to the ship and talk to Eldritch again. Now, he tells you that the Gargoyles may have already spread to other Islands and he wants us to check out all the places. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gargoyle Eggs and Broods Caldera Speak to Eldritch after you reach this Island. The Sword Coast Speak to Eldritch after you reach this Island. Talk to Chani after you land and she gives you the locations of the gargoyles. Mark this quest and you will see them on the map. Go there and kill all six Gargoyles and collect the 6 eggs which are near the gargoyles. Tacarigua Speak to Eldritch after you reach this Island. Talk to Booze after you land and he gives you the locations of the gargoyles. Mark this quest and you will see them on the map. Go there and kill all six Gargoyles and collect the 6 eggs which are near the gargoyles. Isle of the Dead Speak to Eldritch after you reach this Island. Maracai Bay Speak to Eldritch after you reach this Island. Talk to Valdez after you land and he gives you the locations of the gargoyles. Mark this quest and you will see them on the map. Go there and kill all six Gargoyles and collect the 6 eggs which are near the gargoyles. The Isle of Thieves Speak to Eldritch after you reach this Island. Follow Slayne and you will come across three Gargoyles. The first two eggs are near where you fight the second Gargoyle and the last egg is to the right of the third Gargoyle - this completes all your Gargoyle relates quests. Talk to Eldritch immeditely the next time you can see him (after you take the raft from this Isle to Tacarigua) and he rewards you for all the effort. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Isle of Thieves Follow Slayne and you will come across three Gargoyles. The first two eggs are near where you fight the second Gargoyle and the last egg is to the right of the third Gargoyle - this completes all your Gargoyle relates quests. After you reach the cave, go in and you will come to a division, to the right is a book revealing the whereabouts of the Legendary Snuff Box. Move back and to the left. You come to another division and to the left are some termites but to the right is the way out. Move forward onto the edge of the beach and you will see Sunken Ones - a lot of them standing in line. Kill all of them while moving right and near the last Sunken One is a note in a bottle - it's a treasure map but more importantly, it gives us the map of the island. Go back to where your ship was - south of the mid region. No ship..... Go left from here and you meet Jaffar. Jaffar tells you what he needs to make a raft... 5 vines, 5 shirts and 10 wood logs. For now, follow Jaffar to his cave. When he stops, look behind him on the ground to the left of entrance and you will see some vines on the ground. Take it and that's 1/5. You will find Vines like this in all houses of the Gnomes. To get to the rest of the houses go on the path to the right of Jaffar's house. The first house which you come to the right is Zeki's. There's a vine here too, take it. Talk to Zeki and you somehow learn that he is looking for a crown in a cave guarded by Giant Ants. If you mark this quest, there's a red X on the map showing you where to go. If you look into the map, the entrance to the cave is above the X mark - you may not see it so just go to the area above the X mark and you will come to a cave with Termites. Kill all of them and you will find a Crown in the end, take it back to Zeki and he gives you shirts. Further down in the village, you will come to Ulvi's house to the right, Kalil seems to be missing and you can find him here - If you look carefully you should be able to see a ship on the map, when you go there you can rescue Kalil from danger and as him to go back to the village. You can also pick up all ten pieces of log you need from this area and the place to the left. Go back to Kalil's House and Ulvi gives you a deep black pearl. Go down and into the house to the left where you meet Nuri. Give him the black pearl from Ulvi and he gives you shirts. I hope you are taking the vines from the houses of all the Gnomes. The last house to the right is of the chieftan Kaan. Speak to him and he wants us to kill a Gnome Eater - it's not going to be funny. The Gnome Eater is just past the - go on the path to the right of Kann's house and you come to the large bluba creature. This is not going to be easy and infact, the gnome eater is the toughest thing in the game - always keep your distance since it can take away your weapons. The best thing to do is to buy bombs from one of the Gnomes and use it on the eater. This is going to be a very long fight and you can lure the Gnome eater into the village to get help from the other Gnomes. And again, it's best to use ranged weapons. After you kill it, talk to Kaan and you are done here. He gifts you the Flask - a legendary item. Go back to Jaffar and tell him you have everything. Go to the western end of the island - where you see beach sand on the map and you can take the raft and get out of here and back to Tacarigua. In Tacarigua, your ship is anchored in the usual spot - opposite to the tavern. If you speak to Patty she tells you that you might find Slayne in Antigua. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Cunning Captain part 2 Set sail to Antigua and surely, you do find Slayne's ship. Go to the Admiral's House and Slayne finally accepts a Duel. You can mark the quest to see where the location of the fight is on the map. Go there and take care of Slayne once and for all and then call forth Steelbeard with the Skull Scepter. Talk to Steelbeard and he gives you the location of the Water Temple. Before you go back to your ship and set sail, I strongly suggest you buy all the Rum and Gorg you can find and place them in the quick slots before you go to the temple. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Water Temple Set sail to the new Island shown on the map and when you get there, something big is about to happen. The Kraken has you trapped on the deck. You can run left and right to avoid being smashed by the Kraken. It keep moving from the front of your ship to the back - you can see it's head so follow it. Whenever it opens it's mouth just throw the Titan Speak into the mouth, you may need to do this about ten times and after six times, it starts to get closer to the ship. After you take care of the Kraken you get to know it's true Identity. After you land on the Island you can fight all the terrible monsters ahead with your whole crew - have the rum and gorg at the ready and just use them when your health goes too low. Keep moving into the heart of the temple and finally you come to Mara. Mara is just like any other soldier we fought with in a sword fight. Ocassionally she may levitate and summon some other creatures but overall, it is an easy fight - try to keep your distance since once she starts to hit you she does not stop hitting - you need to move out of range and then come back. You can still use any ranged weapon you have to take her out too. After you kill Mara, go out and talk to everyone, Jaffar tell you about the preious item he want so he can get into adulthood. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The whole world is still available to explore and you can still do all the quests you missed. The End.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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