Sniper Elite V2 Walkthrough [GUIDE]

Sniper Elite V2

Become the Elite of all Elites; Conquer the Third Reich and destroy the V2 program with  our walkthrough on Sniper Elite V2.




Press B to use Binoculars and scout the buildings ahead. There's nothing there
so move ahead and jump up into the building.

Now, change the inventory items by clicking on Z or X and the icon below the
name of your gun to the right bottom corner of the screen changes, when you see
Trip Mines, place one mine to the left of the door and move to the right just
like that and place the next mine.

There are two enemies behind the broke vehicle ahead. Move towards the vehicle
slowly from the left side. When you are behind the vehicle, change your
inventory item to Rock and hold F, while holding, turn your character to the
right and release to throw the rock, when the enemy is coming slowly move to
the left of the vehicle and go into the door ahead.

Now, hold C to get into Prone and move thru the debris ahead. Take cover behind
the debris by hitting Q. Then move to the left and equip your Silenced Pistol
by pressing 3. Hold right click to aim, shoot the enemy in the head.

Use a land mine on the body in front of you and jump over the low fence ahead
and go up the stairs. Look thru the scope and aim at the head of the German -
the one to the right.

 Shoot him and take cover behind the wall. Go under the
window so that you can emerge and shoot thru it. There are a few enemies ahead.
You need to account for the gravity now. Make sure your heart beat is low.
If it reaches 60 then you can use E to get focus time. This way you can aim
properly, the cross hair is not the aim. You have to aim with the red triangle
which comes below the cross hair at the enemies. After you kill all of them
switch you your Thompson and move out the the room. You come to the stairs and
the landmine you out on the body trips.

Go down the stairs to the right and to the open wall...a tank comes thru so you
need to find another exit. It's to the right side behind you. You need to go
prone to go thru the wall. Then take cover behind the wall to the right. There
are a lot of enemies on the road ahead so you need to be very careful. Throw a
rock at the car ahead and some of them come at you. Use your pistol or Thompson
on them as they come. Move out on the road and go to the building ahead.

Climb the stairs and make your way - stay crouched to avoid getting hit. When
you reach the open wall take cover quickly. There's two to the left and three
to the right. Kill them and vault over the wall to get out of here.


Slowly move to the left and take out your pistol. Aim at the head and take him
down. Move onto the street and go left. Stick to the wall infront of you. When
you reach the end of the wall to the left, take cover and wait for both enemies
to turn away from you. If you are fast enough you can use the Sniper to take
both of them down within a moment's delay. Move to where they are and continue.
You will come to a open door to the right and stairs leading up.

Take cover as soon as you are upstairs and shoot the enemy in the next room.
Go right and jump down. Now, you are in the debris of a building and you can
go to the rightmost room of the building and look thru your Binoculars. There
is an enemy in the building to the left just ahead in the upper floor and if
you look straight ahead onto the road you will see the remaining enemies. Take
them out one by one - kill only one at a time because this allows you to have
a low heart beat rate.

If you are up for too long or fire too many rounds at once your heartbeat will
go berserk.

After you are sure you killed every one Vault thru the window onto the street.
Go straight ahead, the street should be empty but just in case, go from cover
to cover. You should also see an enemy Sniper in the top floor of the building
which is at the end of the street - it's the last building to the right. Go to
the yellow marker which is a bag containing some ammo, grenades and a couple
of explosives.

The first target is to the left at this street's end, it's a wall. The second
target is a vehicle at the end of the road to the left of this one. Use your
binoculars and scout the room to the right of the truck and you should see two
enemies. There's another enemy who comes from the left of the street ahead.
Kill all of them and place the explosive on the truck and go back. You should
see a open door to the left, go thru it.

You need to reach the absolute top of the building to get to the proper Vantage
point. Move while crouching because there are two guards inside the building.

You can take them out while in cover. At the top you will need to go close to
the wall and hit space to climb it. 

Then climb again and you should be near the vantage point.
Take out any of the remaining enemies and wait for the convoy to arrive.

The convoy has a Jeep in the front and a truck at the back. Shoot the explosive
when the Jeep is just beside it. The Truck stops and our target comes out of

take your time here since there are a lot of enemies. A tank also makes its
way in from the left side - be very careful and stay in prone position. The
tank cannot reach you if you are a couple of steps behind the broken section
of the floor. You can destroy the tank by shooting the fuel tank on the tank.

Make sure you kill everyone from here and then move to the next
room ahead and jump down from the broken section of the wall. Go down and you
will come to an open window on the right. You need to vault thru this window.

Run to the objective, search him and take cover immediately.

There are two guys who come from straight ahead. Kill them and exit thru the
building far ahead.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MITTELWERK FACILITY Look to your left and you should see a watch tower. Go up the stairs and shoot the guard on top. Take cover and look ahead with your Binoculars. You should see three guards but the moment they hear a gun shot, more come. Also, there's another watch tower to the far right. You are to kill the guard inside there first. You can use the cover of the sound (someone's talking in the loud speaker) to hide the sound of your gun. Shoot at appropriate time and they won't notice you. Climb down and move ahead. You should see more enemies ahead, kill them. You cannot enter the area ahead by jumping so you need to go to the right side and you will see a path forward. When you enter the compound, look to your left - the side the yellow marker is at and you will see a guard house to the left. Kill the guards inside and proceed ahead. You are inside the facility now The map shows the whole facility and also where you need to plant the explosives. Be careful as there are guards around every corner. You can still use the sound as cover for your shots. Process with extreme caution. Place the explosives at the three locations and head to the last point. After you reach the last yellow marker, be prepared as you will need to fight an entire squadron of enemies who are in the large hall ahead. Take cover below the windows and shoot them. You will need to stay here for a very long time so brace yourselves. It's best to take out all enemies from here as they may flank you if you fight from below. You need to get out of the facility amidst the explosions. The gate out is now open but proceed with extreme caution as a truck full of enemies drop in ahead of you. Take cover to the left or right of the gate and also there's one guy in the watch tower ahead to the right. Take him out first. After you kill all of them, just run ahead towards the exit.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KAISER-FRIEDRICH MUSEUM As you move ahead, you will see enemies right infront of you so it's best if you sneak up to them and assassinate them from behind with your pistol. As you come to the road you will draw fire from the front and right. There's a sniper on a large building to the right on the top floor. Kill him and then take care of the sniper on the top floor of the building ahead - he's near the broken wall. Clear the road and go to the other side and run into the building to the left. Take the stairs down and move out. You come into a narrow space between the buildings where more enemies are waiting. Kill them and go to the other end and into the building. Go up the stairs but be prepared. You come across single gunmen in each room and three in the last room. Take the Mosin Sniper from the table to the left of the room and go back down and onto the road. Take cover behind the wreckage to the right and be prepared to kill more than a few enemies. You need to be very quick here, the Mosin is faster and more powerful but you still need to be quick. The enemies come from front and from the building to the left. There's a sniper on the building to the left - kill first and move ahead. When you get near the bridge you should be able to see a sniper far ahead on the large building (far ahead). Take him out and enter the building to the left. Make your way to the lower part of the bridge and set up the explosives by walking on the pipes. Go across and ump up onto the higher platform and go into the building to the right. You are now in the museum. If you want to kill everyone here then go straight to the end first the make you way to the left. The stairs leading up to the vantage point are at the left end of the museum. There are enemies in every room and you can catch their attention by throwing rocks and when they get close you can use your pistol on them. Go to the left end and climb the stairs. The room you come to has three enemies. You can use your pistol or place a landmine and lure them out. Move in and climb the wood frame at the end and you come to the vantage point. The tanks are already moving in. Shoot the explosives only after all three tanks on on the bridge. Then another tank comes in the field to your left. You can see the fuel cap on it if you zoom your sniper. There are also a lot of enemies down on the road so you will need to spend some time here. Move left back near the wood frame and you see two enemies come, kill them and go down. You will see a hole in the wall and another woodwork going down. But first kill the enemies - one at the top of the building to the left and the others on the road. After you clear the place go down and run all the way to the other side and go into the broken building to the right. There's gonna be more coming from the other side. Start killing them and move out of the building. You need to reach the other side of the road and there are two enemies on mounted guns ahead. Kill them, you can go from the building which is to the far left. There are also three snipers in the two buildings to the far right.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPERNPLATZ If you look thru your binoculars, you should see three enemies far ahead. You can mask the sound of your shots behind the bombings. Just look for the sound indicator at the top right of the screen. Move forward and just before where the enemies were standing you should go right and into the building. Beware of the two soldiers inside. Now we need to secure the plaza. Go up to the second floor and to the rightmost room. Place mines near the stairs so that no one can attack you from behind. Start killing all the enemies in the square ahead. After everyone is dead you'll see a new marker pointing to the building far right. Head out and to the right and make your way to the vantage point. But there are snipers in the buildings ahead, to the left, right and in the building ahead. They can be difficult to spot so look carefully. Go into the large building that comes to the right, there are two enemies on top of the stairs, to the left and the right. Make your way to the Vantage point and you should see that the person of interest is about to be executed. Kill the guy who is going to shoot the POI and then the other two soldiers near him. More soldiers come on the road, kill them before they get to the scientist. He moves into the building to the left and he will be attacked from both sides, keep a vigilant eye on the upper floors before he comes up so that you can take the enemies out before they kill him. He keeps moving to the left and when he exits the building then look to the left because more enemies come from a door to the left. Kill them and he keeps moving towards the museum and eventually he is in the museum. Go down to meet him and he warns that the Russians are coming Go to the marked location on the first floor and be ready for the Ruskies. They come in a truck so if you keep your beat low enough you can enter focus mode and take them out one by one as soon as they get out of the truck. Another Truck follow, kill all of them and this mission comes to an end.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ST.OLIBARTUS CHURCH Look at the street to the left and you will see a horde of enemies. There are two snipers on the buildings to the left and the right. Kill all of them here and you should see a tank ahead. Hit it's fuel cap and move there. There's another tank to the right and a lot more enemies, you need to be careful here since it can get overwhelming very easily. Take your time and move into the building behind the tank after the area is clear. Move to the right of the building and exit it. Go into the opposite building and be wary of gunmen. You are inside the church now. Make your way very slowly, use rocks here to distract and kill enemies. Move inside and go up the stairs of the church. As soon as you are on top of the stairs, climb the debris to the right to get to a higher point in the church. You need to go all the way up to pick up a package so make your way there. When you reach the top, you get a new sniper. There are three different points the Germans are attacking from. The first can be seen from here itself so just go into prone and start shooting. After the game tells you that this point is cleared, go backwards and down to the lower areas of the church. The second point has a truck with a gun mounted, take it out and kill everyone here. The third point has a tank and some soldiers. Aim at the tank only after it stops moving. Now, the Germans are inside the church and we need to escape this place. When you reach the ground floor note that they have taken points to the left and the right so kill the ones to the left and then proceed to the right to the exit.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIERGARTEN FLAK TOWER There are two guys in the room ahead. You can use your Thompson to take out both quickly if they are standing close to each other. Move into the next room and go up the stairs. You come to a room with a catwalk ahead. There are two guys across you, kill them and make your way to the other side. There you will see stairs going back down so go down the stairs. When you are on the lower level, be very careful not to draw too much attention since the area is filled with enemies. There's one on the upper floor directly opposite to the door here. Distract the guards and take them out and move into the room Go out thru the door to the right and take cover. You can see the Russians and the Germans fighting each other. Kill them alternatively. Move ahead and go up the stairs to the left. Climb the pile of trash to the left and climb the wall to get into the building. Move ahead and stay crouched. When you reach the low wall, move to the left-most side and start marking your targets with the binoculars. You can mask your shot behind the explosions and there are about six enemies you have a clear view of from here. After you kill a couple more will crawl out, there are about a dozen guys here and also one is behind sandbags to the far right side near a mounted gun. After you take all of them out, walk back and go down the stairs to the right and go out and into the complex ahead. As soon as you climb the stairs, more guys are in the room. You can set up trip and land mines and lure them down near the steps. There are five guys in the room, you can lure them out one by one. The stairs leading up are on the other side of the room to the right. Go up and be very careful here - the enemies can come out of anywhere. Go around this place and you come to another set of stairs leading up. Go up to the third level and take cover near the stairs. Start throwing rocks near the door ahead and take out the enemies as they come. You can kill about six like that. Go ahead and then outside, climb the steps but take cover as you go up since there's a lot of enemies patrolling the area. You need to be extremely careful now since even one mis-timed shot can make life hard. You need to make your way to the other side of the roof and go down a similar set of steps you just came up on. After you go down the stairs on the other side, kill the enemy here and move to the yellow marker and you can see the target clearly. The best thing to do is to use your binoculars first to tag Mueller only and then take him out while holding your breath. As soon as you fire, hell comes down as the alarm of the facility rings and you will soon be swarmed by enemies and you still need to get out of this place. All you need to do is trace back the same path you took to get up here - shouldn't be too hard right..... well, it would not have been hard if the whole place was not crawling with enemies. There are more even after you step out so be careful and kill all of them before you make a run for the exit on the road.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KARLSHORST COMMAND POST Now this is a very tricky one. Go straight and at the end are two enemies, take them down silently and go on the left road and you will come to a crashed aircraft. The aircraft is also shown on the map. Go straight from this aircraft or just move in the buildings to the right of the aircraft till you get to see the center of area. At this place a tank is making rounds and to the left is a deserted building and on the right is the command center. If possible, go into the deserted building slowly without being detected, try to move thru the debris. When you are in the deserted building, you should place your trip mine and land mine on the two doors behind you and take cover at the door looking over the area where the tank is moving. The fuel cap is in the center of the tank on either sides, take it out and the Russians get really mad. They start coming at you from the front and one or two may even try the back entrance which we sealed off with the mines. Keep killing them till they stop coming and move closer to the command center. There are two mounted turrets to the left and right of the entrance of the center. Kill the guys on them and go inside. You will see enemies coming from ahead, take cover in the middle pillar and take all of them out - there are at least 15 of them, after that go inside and kill the person holding the intel. While going back outside, you need to kill the Russian Sniper Team. Two are already inside this place. One of them is on the roof of a broke building directly opposite to the door and two more come in close. The rest of it is entirely up to you since describing where they come from cannot be done. Just be vigilant and the final sniper is on a tall tower, after you kill him you can proceed to the next mission.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KREUZBERG HQ The area in which the mission takes place is very small but the time you need is a lot because of the sheer number of enemies you need to face. From where you start off you need to go around the bridge to the other side - exactly opposite to where you first are. There's a tank ahead, take it down before proceeding. After you take down a group of enemies it appears as if all are gone but another group comes in immediately. This happens a few times and also, when you are on the opposite road watch you back too. When you get to the lane where the subway entrance is far ahead, take out all the enemies before proceeding. Go into the entrance and come out the other way. Take cover, if you are patient enough, you can cover all of your shots behind the noise of explosions thus avoiding detection. You need to do that for as long as possible, avoid detection and move forward slowly. The building you need to go in has a mounted turret to the left of the open door so watch out for it. Again, keep looking behind you because some of them just creep up. Enter the building shown and you finally get plausible intel. Now, we need to get past the square and into the opposite building but trucks full of enemies are dropped in the square. Make your way slowly to the other side. There's a sniper in the building to the left ahead. There's may be more enemies than you think around here. The concentration of enemies is more near the entrance to the place you need to go. Go into that building and make your way to the top and after the cutscene it's a battle of snipers once again. Move to the area ahead and climb the stairs. Keep low and take cover whenever possible. Look out for the shines of the sniper's scope and take them out - you need to be quick, especially when you are against two of them. I'll give you the pics below so that you have an idea about the whereabouts of the snipers. - Make sure you killed the snipers before moving to the next area. You'll come to a broken part of the roof and you cannot jump, just go into the room to the right and you come back to the roof again, make your way to the right to get out of this place.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KOPENICK LAUNCH SITE Use your pistol on the enemy ahead. There's one more patrolling further ahead and another to the right. Move slowly so that you can hear them come. From where you spawned move ahead and take the immediate right and stick close to the walls to the left and stay crouched always. When you move to the wall on which the truck's headlight is shining, stop moving and take cover. You may not see them but there are over half a dozen enemies on the ground ahead and four more to the right high on the walls. They are on three mounted turrets and one's holding an auto rifle. Kill the ones over the wall and move ahead slowly and you will coem to the trenches when you move to the yellow marker. Go into prone and move ahead till you come out. As soon as you come out, stick to the right wall and when you see a turn, take cover - there's a soldier in the lane to the right, you can use a pistol to take him out. Look into your map and you will see the path you need to take. Go near where you saw him and move ahead slowly. At each turn you will find an enemy and the left side has a small bunkhouse full of guards so you need to be extra careful. You can keep a distance and lure them out with the rocks. Make your way across the first length of the trench and you should be able to see a small hole in the wall to the right as you come into the shelter, go thru it and you will come to the last section of the trench, move ahead and you will be on top of the wall. There's a sniper to the left in the large building far away. He's in the room with the lights. Take him down and continue up the path. After a while you will come to some rail tracks and the place where the launch supervisor is stationed. Kill the guard to the right of the supervisor and then take him out quickly or just lob a grenade at both of them Now you need to defend this point till the V2 rocket is completely fueled. Grab everything from the ammo crates here. There are two here and if you go down the stairs in the back of the room you will find two more crates. You should have at least four trip mines and some landmines with you. Trap the whole stair case from top to bottom since the enemies comes down from the broke wall. Trap the stairs case and go up and make your stance by shooting thru the windows. After a while the rocket gets fully erected and the game tells you that you have a new objective - shoot the furl tank of the rocket. As soon as you see that, aim at the rocket and look at the place where the fuel pipe is attached. After a second or two, the fuel pipe falls off showing the fuel cap, this is your chance to hit it. As soon as you hit the rocket - major crisis averted. We only have one loose end to deal with now.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRANDENBURG GATE Yup, last chance to take Wolff down and it's right back to where we started the game - where the prologue happened but it's a total different scenario now. All the buildings have been razed. Get into crouch position and move ahead very slowly. You should see a tent to the left and two soldiers are infront of it. On the wall directly behind the tent is another soldier. You should take him out first with the silenced pistol. Behind the tent is a path which will lead you to the other side of the tent. Go there and walk very slowly and keep an eye on top on the soldiers infront of the tent. You ought to use you pistol on both guys here. Now go into prone and slowly make your way to the left, do not fully expose yourself. You need to go into the building which is directly opposite to the tent but from here you should be able to see gunmen at the end of the road to the left. This place has a lot of guards and you should shoot only when the sound indicator is showing - that is when the explosions are happening in the background. Kill all of them and move into the building shown and make you way to the other side, you come to the place where the enemies were before you killed them. Make you way inside the house ahead and fall down the hole and you will have reached the square. Again, use the sound of the explosions for cover to kill the enemies ahead. There's one to the left ahead. There's also a tank right across where you are. Shoot it's cap. Slowly make you way to the right side. There's a soldier on the right as you go. There are many more far ahead to the right which is where you need to go to. It is easy since you have the sound of explosions in the background. If you move slow enough you can make it there - no sweat. Go to the house on the far right and go in. Make your way to the top - hold your sniper only since there are no enemies around. You have to climb to the top as soon as you can - just keep hitting space and keep climbing. When you are on top you should see Wolff escaping in a jeep. If you check, you should be out of breath by now and your heart beat must be very high. But, take it easy and go prone. Wait for your heartbeat to reach 70 - you will have lot's of time to get Wolff, then hit E and make sure you hit his brains. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The End...

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