Diablo III

Welcome to our Walkthrough of DIABLO III where chaos and destruction have returned to the unholy land of Tristram once again in the form of the Prime Evil Diablo.

Levelling Up
Managing your Health
Equipment Repairs and Durability
Equipment Hierarchy

CHARACTER CLASS GUIDE (linked to another page)

Levelling up
Crafting Equipment and how to obtain them
Blacksmithing Plans

Levelling up Shen
Combining Gems and Removing Gems
Exalted Level Plans




--Jar of Souls
--The Matriarch's Bones
--Scavenger's Den
--Pillaged Home
--Secluded Grove
--Forlorn Farm
--The Family Rathe
--The Precious Ores
--Carrion farm
--Last Stand of the Ancients
--The Sacrificial Hermit
--Cave of the Moon Clan
--Watch Tower
--Ancient Pyre
--The Apothecary's Brother
--The Cultist Grand Inquisitor
--Stranger in need
--A Reputation Restored
--Death of a Queen


--Frightened Girl
--A Miner's Gold
--Sirocco Caves
--Treasure Chest
--Courier's Corpse


--Tortured Coven Minion



--Cellars, Flooded cave and the Ancient Cave
--Prisoners of Kamyr and Mysterious Cave
--Treasure of Khan Dakab






--Demons on the Walls


--Forged in Battle


--Blood Ties
--Fortified Bunker
--Tide of Battle
--Battlefield Stores
--The Forward Barrack
--Caverns of Frost
--Icefall Caverns

--Crazy Climber
--Bridge Stones
--The Underbridge
--Blaze of Glory




--Holy Sanctum
--Sacellum of Virtue
--Blessed Chancel




Levelling Up

Any character can level up in Diablo III by gaining experience. You can gain
experience by killing monsters and completing quests and tasks. Sometimes, you
will find tomes containing knowledge which will also provide you with bonus

Each level requires more experience than the previous levels and there is a
max level cap for each difficulty you play in. You will first play the normal
difficulty (you cannot choose your difficulty - it is default) and can gain
a max of 31 levels. Next is the Nightmare difficult where you can go to 50
levels and lastly is the Hell Difficulty where you can take your character to
the maximum reacheable level of 60 only after which you can attempt the
Inferno Difficulty.

Managing your Health

As your level increases, the Vitality of your hero will also increase thereby
raising his health. Your character will gain 10 health with each point at
level 1 and it will go up to 35 for each point by level 60. You can replenish
your health by drinking potions after which you will need to wait till the 60
sec cooldown is over - so you just cannot continuously chug on the potions.
You can also pick up the health orbs which drop sometimes after you kill an
enemy. The health orbs will stay on the ground for 60 secs before disappearing
so if three orbs fall down at once and you only need one for now, take one
and wait till your health falls to pick up the next orb or you will waste them
if you walk on them with full health. You will occasionally come across some
Health Wells where you can replenish you health as many times as you wish.

Equipment Repairs and Durability

As you use them, your equipment will deteriorate and furthermore, you will
also lose 10% of durability each time your character dies, on the equipment
the hero carries. You can repair all of your equipment at any merchant for a
little gold.


You will also find four kinds of shrines during your exploration which grant
temporary bonuses for 120 secs -

Protection Shrine - Reduce damage taken by 25%
Frenzied Shrine - Increase attack speed by 25%
Fortune Shrine - Improve your Gold and Magical Equipment findings by 25%
Shrine pf Enlightment - Gain 25% additional experience from killing enemies

Equipment Hierarchy

There are six colors assigned to equipment suggesting their level.

Grey - This indicates that your weapon is on low durability
White - Basic equipment useful only during the initial stages of the game
Blue - Basic Magical Equipment
Yellow - Rare Magical Equipment
Orange - Legendary Equipment (only found during INFERNO difficulty)
Gree - Legendary Equipment belonging to a set of armor.


You will find your stash box outside the Slaughtered Calf Inn in the beginning
of the game. This is linked to your battle.net account. So all items in this
box will be carried into your account and you can use the items stored in this
even with another character in a new game again. So if you come across some
Monk's Armour but are playing as a Demon Hunter, then you can save the armour
for another time when you want to play as a monk.

There are two types of Auction Houses in Diablo III -

Gold Auction House
Real-Money Auction House

The real-money auction house is only available in certain regions of the
world starting 29th May 2012 -

and parts of Europe which have the currencies - Euro, Pound Sterling and Ruble

The real-money auction house has not yet been announced in Asia.

*** Make sure you authenticate your Battle.Net account and also choose a   ***
*** preferred mode of payment or funds transfer to be able to take part in ***
*** the real money auction house.                                          ***

1) As soon as you start you will be asked to choose between the Gold Aution
   House and the Real-Money Auction House. Make your choice to proceed
   further. If you choose the Real-Money Auction House then Blizzard Servers
   will choose the appropriate real-money Auction House (there's one for each
   region) for you and you will be able to trade only there.

2) You can access the Auction House screen by clicking on the "Auction House"
   button on the left-hand side on your character screen. You can also switch
   between real-money and fake-gold by clicking on the button on the top-right
   corner of the Auction House.

3) The items in the Auction house are basically divided into two categories.
   EQUIPMENT -- Weapons and Armour
   COMMODITIES -Gems, Crafting Materials and other stackable items

   The difference is that when a seller wants to sell an "Equipment" he can
   list a maximum buy-out price. But buyers have the option of bidding for
   the item (the system will do a 5% increment on each bid)... so you can
   either bid for the item or buy it immediately with the buy-out price

   For Commodities, sellers can only set a buy-out price and buyers need to
   buy them for that price since there will be no bidding for Commodities.

4) PAYMENT METHOD: Players are requested to authenticate their Battle.Net
   account and also choose their favourite mode of payment - PayPal or any
   Visa or Master Card which is associated with their account. You will
   send the money from within the Auction House after you win a bid -
   actually, money will be automatically deducted from the payment method of
   your choice upon winning a bid.

5) SEARCHING FOR ITEMS: The search function is pretty basic - a list of
   recommended items is shown for our character which we can choose from -
   you can also specify additional parameters - if you find you item then just
   click on it and hit the "place a bid" or "buy it out". If you win the bid
   then the amount of bid will be deducted from your selected payment method.

6) USING THE ACQUIRED ITEMS: After you win an item you will see the "Send to
   Stash" button in the completed tab. If you click it, then the item goes to
   the Stash box (which is found outside the Slaughtered Calf Inn in the
   beginning of the game and then travels around with you).

7) SELLING: To sell an item click on the SELL button in the auction house and
   the list of all items from your inventory and stash are shown. Once you
   choose an item, you can set a "mimimum bid" as well as a "maximum buyout
   price". For commodities you can only set a max-buyout price. Remember that
   once you create an auction, the item you out up will be removed from your
   inventory and paced on auction - so you will not be able to use it.

 8) TRANSFERRING MONEY: The most important thing is to transfer the money.
   After you sell an item successfully, you can either transfer the funds to
   your battle.net account (max 250$) or in certain regions - U.S.A, Mexico
   and Australia. You can link your paypal account and authenticate your
   battle.net account and you will have an option to transfer the money to
   your paypal account with a transaction fee of 15% (this is too much).



You meet Haedric Eamon in the second quest of Act I - pretty early in the game.
The Blacksmith then offers his services after you help him out in the quest.

The Blacksmith can craft you some basic weapons and armour in the beginning
but for him to be able to craft better equipment - you will need to spend
gold on him to improve him. Headric can be taken from level 1 to 10 and by
the end of the tenth level, he can craft any equipment known to man. Each
Level has five stages and you will need to spend gold on each stage so that
he can level up after five stages - the last level has only one stage.

As the blacksmith's level increases, even his workshop changes the way it
looks transforming into a master's work place by the end of lvl 10. You may
not have enough gold to take Headric to level 10 during your initial
playthrough till lvl 31. Also, playing till lvl 31 (normal difficulty) will
give you access to only two crafting components which can be used to make only
the most basic equipment. You will need to play the game through four
difficulties from lvl 31 - 50 on Nightmare and from 51 - 60 on Hell and
finally, the much dreaded Inferno difficult where your character cannot
increase his level further.

Levelling up

You will also need to find tomes to level up your characters in addition to
spending gold on some higher levels. You can find the "PAGE OF BLACKSMITHING"
while playing the game on Nightmare Difficulty - it will either be dropped
by some monster you kill or in some random barrel or chest. The "TOME OF
BLACKSMITHING" is found in the Hell Difficulty - again by killing monsters or
looting stuff. You can train him only to level 4 without the tomes and you
will need 10 of one kind of tome after that for each stage of all levels.

Crafting Equipment and how to obtain them

The crafting equipment which are found on various difficulties are listed

NOTE: To salvage components from a piece of equipment, just take it to the
      blacksmith and use the Salvage Option. Also, you cannot find the
      equipment of lower value on other difficulties - you can only find the
      ones listed below in that particular difficulty. So if you need to save
      some equipment then read the -
      "Diablo III Legendary Equipment and Armor Sets Guide" where we mentioned
      the requirements of every weapon and armour.

NORMAL (lvl 1 - 30)

Subtle Essence - obtained by salvaging magic weapons and armour
Fallen Tooth   - obtained by salvaging rare weapons and armour

NIGHTMARE ( lvl 31 - 50)

Shimmering Essence - obtained by salvaging magic weapons and armour
Lizard Eye         - obtained by salvaging rare weapons and armour

HELL ( Lvl 51 - 60)

Wishful Essence - obtained by salvaging magic weapons and armour
Encrusted Hoof  - obtained by salvaging rare weapons and armour


Excuisite Essence - obtained by salvaging magic weapons and armour
Iridescent Tear   - obtained by salvaging rare weapons and armour
Fiery Brimstone   - obtained by salvaging legendary weapons and armour

Blacksmithing Plans

Even if you train Headric to level 10, he will not be able craft all the
equipment in the game. SOme extremely rare and powerful equipment can only be
forged if you find the plans to that equipment while exploring the world or
killing monsters. A list of all such plans is included in the -

"Diablo III Legendary Equipment and Armor Sets Guide"


Coventus Shen is the Gem expert of the game. His lust for gems is legendary
and it is said that he values a gem over his own life sometimes. You will meet
Shen for the first time in the seventh quest of Act II - BLOOD AND SAND. Shen
has the capability to craft powerful gems which improve the ratings of your

Levelling up Shen

Shen can only be taken to level 3 on normal difficulty. Levelling up Shen is
much easier than Headric since you will need to spend gold only once for
each level. After 3 level, you will need 10 copies of one of the following
three tomes to further increase his level -

Page of Jewelcrafting - Nightmare only
Tome of Jewelcrafting - Hell Only
Tome of Secrets - Inferno Only

Combining Gems and Removing Gems

The main ability of Shen is to combine three similar Gems to make a single Gem
of higher quality (there are many levels of quality). The higher the quality,
the more benefits those gems provide. Shen can also remove a gem embedded in
any of your current equipment.

Exalted Level Plans

You will be able to find some additional plans on Inferno Difficult which
allow Shen to Craft Gems of extreme quality and shape.


Dibalo III has three special people with their own powers who can assist the
Heroes in their quest against the forces of evil, their description, locations
and powers are as follows -

NOTE: Your followers will always be one level lower than yourself and may not
have good enough equipment - you can change their equipment and
characteristics after hiring them.


Met During Act 1 in the quest - Reign of Black King

The Templar taunts your enemies and draws attention to himself while you
prepare to destroy them. He can also heal you with the power of faith and
increase your rate of healing and resource regeneration. Despite being attuned
to defensive maneuvers, the Templar is more than capable of leaving foes
stunned or atleast slowing them.

Level 5
Heals you or the Templar for 4651 Life.
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Level 5
Taunts enemies attacking the hero for 3 seconds when the hero is below 50%
Cooldown: 60 seconds

Level 10
Enemy units are slowed by 60% for 3 seconds when they hit the Templar.

Level 10
Regenerates 155 Life per second for you and the Templar.

Level 15
Charges a target, dealing 50% weapon damage and stunning all enemies within 8
yards for 2 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Level 15
Delivers a massive blow to an enemy for 200% weapon damage.
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Level 20
Rush to the aid of wounded ally, knocking back enemies within 15 yards and
healing the wounded ally for 4651 Life.
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Increase resource generation for all allies that the Templar is following.
Mana: 2 per second.

Level 20
Arcane Power: 0.5 per second.
Hatred: 1 per second.
Fury: 8% generated.
Spirit: 12% generated.


Met during Act 1 in the quest "The Sword of the Stranger"

For a melee fighter, Lyndon is the perfect partner if you are looking for
ranged attacks. Lyndon can cripple or blind enemies and can always stay away
from danger himself and also boosts your attack scores.

Level 5
Crippling Shot
Ranged attack that slows the target by 60% for 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Level 5
Poison Bolts
Ranged attack which deals 40% weapon damage and an additional 40% weapon
damage as Poison over 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Level 10
Dirty Fighting
Blinds enemies in front of the Scoundrel for 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Level 10
The Scoundrel vanishes in a cloud of smoke when injured, reappearing after 5
seconds. While vanished, he will heal himself for 15505 Life.
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Level 15
The Scoundrel's ranged attacks fire 3 bolts at a time.

Level 15
Powered Shot
Powerful ranged attack that explodes on impact, dealing 25% weapon damage as
Arcane to targets within 6 yards and has a 50% chance to Stun targets for 2
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Level 20
Increases Critical Hit Chance by 3% for the Scoundrel and his allies.

Level 20
Whenever you or the Scoundrel land a Critical Hit, you both will go into
hysterics, increasing all damage done by 10% for 3 seconds. This effect
cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds.


Met During Act 2 in the quest "Beneath the Burning Sands"

Elrena is the mistress of magic and can bewitch your foes making them less
dangeours to the players. Her Conjuration skills outmatch anyone elses as she
brings forth waves of arcane power and destruction. Erlena not only slays your
enemies with great power but also supports in augmenting your own powers and
casts shields to protect you from danger.

Level 15
Charms an enemy to fight for you for 4 seconds.
Cooldown: 25 seconds

Level 15
Forceful Push
Summon an Arcane explosion 8 yards around an enemy, dealing 100% weapon
damage as Arcane and knocking back all monsters caught within it.
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Level 20
Powered Armor
Enchantress buffs herself and her allies, increasing Armor by 15%. Attackers
are slowed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Level 20
Reflect Missiles
Place a shield on the Enchantress and her allies that reflects incoming
projectiles for 5 seconds.
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Level 25
Cast a flash of Confusion on a group of enemies in an area, causing them to
stumble around disoriented for 2 seconds.
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Level 25
Conjures a pool of energy that deals 50% weapon damage as Arcane per second.
Affected enemies take an extra 15% damage from all attacks for 3 seconds.
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Level 30
Focused Mind
An aura that increases attack speed by 3% for allies within 40 yards.

Level 30
Mass Control
The Enchantress lobs a bulb of magical energy at the player that will hex all
enemies within 15 yards into chickens for 5 seconds. Hexed enemies are unable
to perform offensive actions.
Cooldown: 60 seconds

                         WALKTHROUGH - DIABLO III

///Kill the Risen at the gate///

After several years, evil raises it's ugly head again in the Town of New
Tristram which was build several years ago near the ruins of the Old Town where
the evil Diablo left a scar on the land that would never be healed. After a
star fell on the Cathedral near New Tristram (in the ruins of the old town),
heroes from all parts of the land came searching for evil in a bit to destroy
it and rid the land of terror again. One among the several hero's to have come
is us...

As you approach the gates of the town, help the guards here and start killing
all the Risen. Talk to Captain Rumford after you have killed all of the Risen
and he opens the gates of the town for us - talk to him before you head inside
to know properly of all the events that have been happening around this cursed
land. He mentions Leah in the Slaughtered Calf Inn who was supposed to be the
only survivor to return after the fall of the star.

Leah is in the Slaughtered Calf inn which can be found in the middle row of
houses. Talk to her and she mentions her uncle - Deckard Cain whom she believes
to still be alive inside the Cathedral. But in the middle of the Conversation
itself, several of the wounded villagers around here turn into the dead - kill
all of them and talk to Leah again. She asks us to speak to the Captain near
the gates. Before you go out, look for Leah's Journal in her room (use ALT to
highlight items). There's another Journal in the house to the right of the Inn
both of which give you a little Exp.

//Talk to Captain Rumford near the Gate to New Tristram//

As you come out to the gates again the Risen are relentlessly attacking the
barricade outside the gates. You will also see a Wretched Mother in the
vicinity. The risen will keep coming as long as she is alive so kill her and
speak to Rumford again.

//Kill the Wretched Queen in the Old Ruins//

We need to head out to the Old Ruins to face and defeat the Wretched Queen who
is the queen of all the mothers. The path to the old ruins can be eventful if
you search in all the houses you come across and you may even stumble across
a wishing well littered with gold.

Since we are playing the game for fun, just explore every area to make sure you
looted everything and also killed everything. If you search well enough you
will stumble across an Old Keepsake Box.

The curvy road leads to the south east and comes to a small elevation leading
into the Old Ruins. The Wretched Queen is near the Waypoint east of here but
you should first go all around this place counter-clock wise to kill all the
Risen you can come across, then head to the Wretched Queen.

The Wretched Queen fights similar to the Wretched Mothers. She can spit poison
at you or summon zombies. If you are a ranged class then you can easily side-
step to avoid her spit. If you are melle then just get in close and kill her
fast. You should kill the Wretched Queen before dealing with the Risen - she
ain't that tough for a quest boss. Make sure you search all your kills

//Return to New Tristram and Talk to Rumford//

You will come to a gate here nearby and also see your first waypoint. Waypoints
can be found in the world across many locations which lead back to the nearby
swelling - New Tristram in this case. So, use the waypoint to get back to New
Tristram and then go to Captain Rumford who is near the Slaughtered Calf Inn.

If you have not checked out the Stash which is outside the Inn yet, then look
in it, it should have a couple of potions. This stash is directly linked to
your battle.net account and all of it's contents will be available to you even
it you re-play the game with another character.


//Head into the Old Ruins//

Go with Leah to the waypoint in New Tristram and back to the Old Ruins. Once
there, Leah opens the gate to Old Tristram. You can find Adria's Hut in the
southeast section across the bridge, but as usual, before you go there, you
should look around and make sure you talk to Leah about everything during this

//Search Adria's Hut//

As you reach Adria's Hut, you see the remains of what seem to be an obvious
fight. You also learn that Adria's Hut is where Captain Dalytn made his last
stand against the Risen. As you move inside, you will find corpses littered
about the hut and there are no bodies belonging to the militia or the captain.
As you move about inside the hut, Leah discovers a ladder leading into the
cellar of the house.

//Kill Captain Daltyn//

You can know more about Leah mother here but as soon as you go around, several
corpses rise up along with Captain Dalytn.

He is only a little bit tougher than the usual Risen but is little threat to us
Kill off everything that walks here and search the cauldron in the centrer of
this place.

You come out of the cellar and some Risen come out as well, take them out and
move towards the north side. You will face more Risen and Walking Corpses along
your way, kill them and search them and keep moving till you get to the
Cathedral. The key you have will unlock the Cathedral.

//Search for Deckard Cain in the Cathedral//

Go towards the crater that seems to have been made by the fall of the star.
Go down the stairs to where the star seems to have smashed in. There's a door
to the south which you can break to enter the central part and begin your
search for Deckard Cain.

You will start facing new monsters now which include the "Grotesques". These
seem like the remnants of a terrible nightmare left behind. They are not much
of a threat when alive but when they die, they explode causing splash damage
around them and also release Corpse Worms into the air. Apart from monsters,
you will also encounter several traps in dungeons from now on. You can use them
to take out groups of enemies too. Another new enemy you face is the Carrion
Bat. They can be a pain in the behind. Also, rarely, you will find a
Molten Carrion Bat which leaves a trail of fire in it's path and like I already
mentioned - it can be a pain since it also has it's friends nearby. Lastly,
even after it dies - like the Groutesques - it explodes into a fireball so
be careful.

Keep looking for a doorway with a yellow low - it leads into Leoric's Passage.
If you come across any barricades or closed doors then smash through them. If
you search carefully then you will also come across the Scribe's Lantern which
reveals lore and gives you XP.

Deckard Cain is just beyond the door leading into Leooric's Passage. As you
move, a drama will unfold and you even see the Skeleton King himself - King
Leoric but he does not fight. A group of Royal Henchmen start attacking Cain.

//Talk to Deckard Cain in Leoric's Passage//

Go down the stairs and towards Cain and start taking out the Henchmen. After
the first rush. The second wave of enemies come at you leaded by the

The Headcleaver was the Royal Executioner for Leoric. He is not is really not
tough and ranged class of fighter can take him out easy. The only thing that
stands out in this fight is the executioner's laugh - you can hit him
continuously while he is laughing.

After you take care of all the dead things, talk to Cain and follow him out of
here into the waypoint and back to New Tristram. Talk to Leah when you get back


//Talk to Haedric Eamon//

Back in town, talk to Deckard Cain again and he gives you the lowdown on the
fallen star and the prophecised return of the Skeleton King. Deckard asks you
to speak to the blacksmith Hardric Eamon who knows the whereabouts of the
King's crown which is instrumental in defeating him. Eamon can be found on the
north part of the town near a signpost. Go speak to him and learn of his own

//Kill Mira Eamon//

Haedric tells you how all the Risen were quarantined in the Cellar of the
Damned. Follow him into the Cellar and start slashing some heads. Keep killing
them while Haedric talks to his wife for the last of here moments as a human.
She then turns into somekind of a Wretched Mother. Kill her and bedone with
this curse.

Talk to Headric again and he reveals the location of the crown. It's buried
with his grandfather - The Chancellor, in a crypt beyond the Weeping Hollow.

//Find the Cemetery of the Forsaken in the Weeping Hollow//

Exit thru the Northwest gate of the town and you immediately face some
Scavengers on the bridge - some guards here help you in killing them.

The Weeping Hollow is one of the few places where the Risen and the Dead truly
thrive in the open. You will frequenlty be in a fight with different enemies
including the Scavengers, The Risen, and Walking Corpses and some others too.

The number of these enemies may vary from a group of three to more than a dozen
You will literally be packed between these undead. Make sure you stay on one
side and kill them. You can fight and kill a lot of these things too and skills
which damage on a wide range are very useful while fighting in the hollow. Also
if you are willing to check under graves, you may find more enemies and some
small trinkets. If you spend some likt to look around, you may also find the
corpse of Headric's Apperentice.

Finally, the Cemetery is not really that far from New Tristram. You can reach
there by following the winding road to the northeast where ou come to three
identical Crypts.

//Search for the Chancellor's Altar beneath the Cemetery//

You may already have guessed that the Chancellor's remains are in one of the
Crypt and the other two are empty. After you enter a Crypt, one sure way of
knowing if it is the real one is by checking it's exit. If the exit leads back
outside to the three crypts then it is not the real one. If one of the crypts
leads to a lower level in the same crypt then that's the real one. You may also
find the Resplendent Chest near the exit of one of the Crypts inside them.

One of the Crypts may have a blue jar of souls which releases it's souls upon
interaction. You need to stay alive for 60secs to reap the bonus.

You may alos have a chance to come across Lady Dunhyld. Her three remains are
marked on your map so take all of them but you will be distrubed by the soul
of her husband Lord Dunhyld. Dunhyld can slow you down as the skeletons around
you get close to you so make sure you kill him quickly to avoid too much damage
After picking up all three remains, take them to the Sacrchopagus of the Lady
and deposit the remians to get a great 1300 XP.

Apart from all that exitement, if you stuble into the lower floor of one of
the Crypts then know that the Chancellor's Grave is close by.

//Kill the Chancellor and Take the King's Crown//

As you get close to the exit of the second level down to the third level, you
will face the beast of several corpses - the Manglemaw.

The Manglemaw is actually made of several corpses of Risen. It can only melee
attack you so if you are a ranged class character then you can pick him out
easily. If you find it difficult to kill then you can also lead it into a
narrow door and block it. After you kill the Manglemaw, go down to the last

As soon as you enter the tomb, you may find one or two guardians who are
guarding the tomb of the Chancellor. They can also summon a few skeletons to
help them so be careful and stay away from the arcane balls that they shoot.
After you kill them, reach for the Crypt and Chacnellor Eamon himself shows to

If you are a melee fighter then prepare to be rubbed off. The Chancellor can
be extremely anoying because he keeps teleporting around the room as you get
close to him. He also has a strike that will cause Knockback. In short, ranged
fighting is easy but melee fighters might have a work a bit. He also casts
Soul Siphon which may cause the character to completely slow down - beware of
that happening. All in all, you will not have much trouble if you levelled up
nicely killing all the monsters you came across - heros of level 8 or above
will have an easier time taking Eamon out.

After you kill the Chancellor, go take the crown and look around if you need to
and use the waypoint to get back to New Tristram.

//Talk to Headric Eamon again//
Back in Tristram, be sure to speak to Headric who is now opening his
Blacksmithing services again. To learn more about him and his smithing and on
a bigger scale about crafting items in the game, read the "Artisans and
Crafting" section of this guide.


//Enter Leoric's Passage and Descend thru the Cathedral//

Speak to Deckard Cain about where to take the Crow to. Then go back to the
waypoint here in New Tristram and go back to the Cathedral Garden. Make your
way to the mausoleum where you first met Deckard Cain. Once you are in
Leoric's Passage go down the steps and to the Ornate Door which you can open
since you are in possession of the crown of King Leoric.

You are now in the second level of the Cathedral. This part of the quest is
unique for all the monsters you face. The first and most notable are the Tomb
Guardians you come out of the walls. When you see a blue glow in a wall nearby
then know that trouble is close - infact, it's about to spring out of the wall

You will also face creatures like the lesser Manglemaw which are called as the
Unburied whose smash attack may prove fatal. Whenever you are up against a
large enemy and it's minions, take care of the larger enemy first but if the
minions are Archers then make sure you kill the archers first. Explore all
of level two and use the various contraptins to kill a group of undead which
may be feeding on a corpse ahead. Move to the end and you will find stairs
leading further down.

//Aid the Warrior and Kill Jondar//

When you come down to the third level, you will see a few Dark Cultists
casting some kind of spell on a warrior in the center. Kill the Cultists first
or they can summon endless skeleton warriors to fight against you. As soon as
you kill three of them, the Warrior will assist you. Go up the stairs which
lead away from the area where the warrior was held and you will come to his
chest which is close to a waypoint to New Tirstam. But as soon as you approach
the chest, more Cultists coem at you. Kill them and talk to the Templar. He
wants to kill Jondar now, go to the other side of the level and continue your
killing streak and you will reach stairs leading down to Jondar.

Jondar has the ability to send poison projectiles all around him so you will
likely be hit if you are a melee fighter but they won't do any significant
damage. He will be killed easily but as long as he lives, he keeps summoning

//Find the Crypt of the Skeleton King//

You can now ask the Templar to tag along with you on the rest of your jouney
in the Cathedral now. Believe me when I tell you that you are going to need
him so forget the gold he asks for and hire him to follow you. If you do
decide to go on your own then you can find him back in New Tristram.

This is the Fourth Level of the Cathedral and has more monsters than you ever
faced till now including all the things you faced in the upper levels of the
Dungeon. You will also come across Harvesters which like Gortesques burst
upon death and bring out a group of Impish Fiends. You will also start facing
Skeleton Archers who - marke my words - will be a pain in the behind if you
face them in large numbers. Skeleton Shieldbearers can block all damage till
their shield is destroyed but you can flank them from behind or use attacks
that rise from the ground to take him out. Explore all of this area carefully
and when you find the door leading down to the Crypt, take it and go down.

As soon as you approach the central part of the Crypt, the Skeleton King's
spirit will active the four pillars in the center of the room. Run away and
onto the steps and start killing the endless barrage of enemeis who come at
you. Note that they will keep coming as long as the pillars in the center are
intact so as soon as you thin down their numbers and can go to the pillars,
do so and destroy the pillars to stop these Skeletons from rising. This is
also a good palce to try out the skills of a Witch Doctor or a Monk or even
a Wizard. The real entrace to te Crypt is to the left of the waypoint ahead.

//Kill the Skeleton King//

The returned that the Skeleton King summons to stop you are practically no
match to you. But you should use this fight to replenish your resource -
especially the Fury of the Barbarian which keeps depleting. Go to the crypt
of the King when you can and place the crown of his head to wake him up.

The Skeleton King is like a Lion which has been disturbed from its slumber,
but the Skeleton King's is an ancient slumber and he is equally angry for
being awake. The Skeleton King has by far the most HP of any enemy you faced
till now and is extremely tough. Infact, he has almost 9times the health of
Jondar whom you faced earlier.

The Skeleton King can summon upto 8 minions at once but you should concentrate
on the King all the time. Keep moving as much as you can and Demon Hunters
and Wizards have it easier than other classes. Try to stay away from his
Slash of the Axe and when he is in a Whirlwind lead him into his minons to
take them out quicly. The minions also act as a source of health golbes so
watch out for them and do not pick up the globes unless you need them or you
will be wasting precious health. The Skeleton King will also teleport from
place to place and slash at you immediately after appearing - this can get
really bad and you need to counter him everytime this happens.

After killing the King, go into the Desolate Chamber by the stairs behind his

//Talk to the Stranger in the Desolate Chamber//

Go down the spiraly path down to the crater. You will learn that the thing
that fell out of the sky was not a star but rather this gentleman. Talk to
him and then follow him back to New Tristram. Head to Deckard Cain immediately
after that to learn more of this mysterious stranger.


//Go to the Fields of Misery//

Now we are supposed to go to the Fields of Misery. Use the waypoint to travel
to the Cemetery of the Forsaken and go thru gate in the northwest corner to
gain access to the fields. The caves will yellow glows are sub plots.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
You will come across a seemingly desolate farm with the carcass of a large
animal in the middle, as soon as you search the animal, some enemies attack
you and a farmer comes out of hiding. He asks you to talk to his wife in the
cellar - go there to find a resplendent chest.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
During your exploration, you will come across a chest just laying about. When
you see this, be ready for some action as a wood wraith attacks you with it's
friends. Kill all of them and check for the chest.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
On the edge of this area is a desolate home filled with corpses of villagers.
There are some merchants here who can trade with you.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
There is a rare chance that you will come across a two level dungeon. In the
second level, you can meet Tashun the miner who is looing for Ore Veins. Take
him to the edge of the cave and kill the enemies to receive a reward.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
The Field of Misery sometimes contains access to the Decaying Crypt which is
a two level dungeon and home of several Decayers and Deathspitters. Go down to
the second level and search for the ghost of Willa Rathe. She wants you to
free her family members from their curse. The first is the Father who is a
Stumbler, the Mother is a Spewing Horror and the third one is Jebby Rathe who
is a Decayer. You will find a Resplendent chest now and while making your way
to the Dungeon Stone to exit this place, you will need to face dozens of

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
The Scavenger's Den is a single level cave which has dozens upon dozens of
enemies and your rewards for enduring all the punishment is a Resplendent

//Find the Khazra Den and locate the Glowing Sword Shard//

You will find the Entrance To Khazra's Den either in the center of the fields
or to the north. As you move through this area you may encounter several Moon
Clan members. Look for chests whenever you see a group of Moon Clan members.

There's a blue glow to the entrance of the cave leading to Kazhra's Den. It
is also the home of the Moon Clan and a Healing Well. You will fight several
Dark  Cultists. Battle past them to the other end of the cave.

//Kill the Cultists near the Glowing Sword Shard and Take it back to Cain//

As soon as you get to the back of the cave, you will see A ritual being
performed by the Dark Cultists. They are trying to summon Magdha who inturn
summons a Unique Dark Cultist, Urik The Seer. Urik has a shield of lightning
around him and he keeps shooting Fireballs at us and summons Dark Hellions.
You should kill him as soon as possible but watchout for the other members too
Kill them and Urik and you will see that the astral projection of Magdha
summons another group of cultists. After everyone is dead, pick up the
Glowing Shard Sword Piece. You will now need to fight your way to the Dungeon
Stone at the rear end of the cave. Once outside, use the town portal to get
back to New Tristram and give the Shard to Deckard Cain.


//Go to the Drowned Temple//

Use the waypoint to go back to the Fields of Misery and go on the path up to
the northeast to the Old Mill

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
You may come across a farmer whose fields have been infested with four Carrion
Nests. If you go in and destroy all four he will reward you - know that the
Carrions are poisonous and are nearly limitless.

//Follow the Scoundrel, talk to the Brignads and Kill them//

You can pick up a Stolen Sack in which you will find the Scoundrel's Journal
Lore. You will meet the Scoundrel as you go up the path who tells you that
he's been locked out of the mill by a band of thieves. Follow him up the hill
and thru the locked gate. Speak to the Brigand here and after you take out
the first wave, you will meet Nigel Cutthroat and another wave - use the
health globes that dropped properly after they are all taken care of, the
Scoundrel takes his relic.

//Speak with the Scoundrel and Take him to the north waypoint//

You can now hire the Scoundrel anytime and he is always found in New Tristram.
Go past the Old Mill to the northeast and make your way to the waypoint at
the Drowned Temple. Enter the gate nearby to go into the temple.

//Talk to Alaric and go to the Festering Woods//

You will meet Alaric - the guardian ghost. He wants you to  bring him two
beacons from the Warrior's Rest and the Crypt of the Anients. They are in the
Festering Woods and he raises a bridge for us to cross over to the woods. Go
across the Bridge and enter the Festering Woods.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
On the South End of the Festering Woods you will come to a structure. Go
inside and on top of the stairs where a rare enemy attacks you. Stay on top
of the stairs and Leah and the Scoundrel make things easy. You will gain a
piece of Lore after you kill the enemy.

//Retreive the Beacon of Light from Crypt of the Ancients and Warrior's Rest//

You will come across Enraged Phantoms and Ghouls in this area. You should
try to move away from them and kill the Ghouls first before going for the
Phantom. There's a Waypoint inbetween the two tombs Fight thru to the Crypt
of Ancients and take the Beacon of Light and return to thesurface and enter
the next place. You may come across a Rare Dark Skeletal Archer. As soon as
you pick up the Beacon here too, go back to the Drowned Temple.

//Place the Beacons on the Pedestals, enter the temple and kill Ezek//

Go back and place the Beacons on the two pedestals to gain entry to the Temple
of Nephalem. Enter the temple and cross bridge to the other side where more
enemies are waiting for you. You can find an Ancient Chest on a platform to
the left and a Well of health nearby. Ezek the Prophet's got a big axe and a
lot of minions. You can stay close to the bridge and move back to narrow down
the numbers of the enemy. If you are a ranged user you will have an easier
time picking out Ezek. Look out for the Health Globes on the ground and use a
potion if you need to. But as soon as you kill Ezek three more Skeleton
Warriors rise. Karel, Larel and Moek are three brothers and Moek is the
fast one and you  can lure him away and kill him first, Karel will cause
knockback so try to stay a bit away from him, Larel is a Molten trait monster
so be careful.

//Talk to Alaric in the Drowned Temple and take the Glowing Shard//

Talk to Alaric and you can find Maghda in the end to the right. She summons
Dark ones. Go back to Deckard Cain and give him the second piece of the
Glowing Sword Shard.


//Talk to the Ferryman and travel to Wortham//

Take Leah and go to place where you first met Headric. Go left to the docks
and speak to the ferryman who takes you to Wortham. You will need to fight the
Dark Zealots and also Dark Evokers who cast fire. Follow the main road all the
way to the Chapel.

//Kill the Cultists outside the Chapel and kill Uzrel Mordreg//

As you move down the road, a villager comes running and mentions that all the
other villagers are inside the burning Chapel.  Kill all of the enemies in th
courtyard and proceed inside to Maghda. Uzrel is another molten trait enemy
with the ability to cast fireballs and summon Carrions. Try to stay away from
him but keep hitting him to avoid too many summonings.

//Kill the Dark Berserkers//

Some Dark Berserkers are then Summoned, they are heavy enemies who get their
weapons stuck in the ground which is when you should attack them. Also, do not
let them surround you.

//Talk to the Priest, Search for the Hilt and talk to Deckard Cain//

Talk to the priest outside the Chapel who tells you that the hilt is with
Virgil inside the chapel and then reveals a secret entrance. You will come to
the dead body of Virgil and the hilt is not on him. Maghda then tells you that
she lured you here and stole all the pieces. Use the waypoint here to go back
Go to Cain's house just beside the Slaughtered Calf Inn and speak to him.


//Enter the Caves of Araneae above Wortham//

Head back through the waypoint to Wortham Chapel and go thru the gate on the
other side of the chapel to Wortham Bluffs. Go down the hill on the left
and to the caves.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
If you come across Rodger, he wants you to take a potion to a crazed hermit
who is near the entrance of the caves.

//Search for the Chambers of Queen Araneae and Kill the Queen//

Okay, you should know that you will be facing spiders from now and they are
not easy to beat. You may be overwhelmed by their large numbers at times and
heroes with poison resistance and Witch Doctors will have an easier time
traversing thru the cave. The Arachnids slow your movement and if there are
many coming at you, you will certainly face trouble. Make sure you are never
surrounded and use area of effect attacks. Keep going thru the cavern, it has
a few forks and dead ends, move cautiously. You will soon come to the chamber
of the Queen Araneae - apporach the woman trapped in the web. As soon as you
apporach the woman a large - I mean very very large spider drops down from the
ceiling and guess who it is... the Queen herself. Like a real spider, the
Queen likes to play with her prey, often trying to trap, poison and slow her
food. If you are close to the queen then she either bites you or tries to stab
you with her foot. If you move away from her she spit's venom or web that will
slow you down. If you are slowed then she may even charge at you. The Queen
also has a special attack where she spits poison on the floor which deals
continuous damage all the while you are standing in it. After you beat her to
about 66% her health, she moves back and summons a fleet of spiders. They are
easier to kill than the ones you previously encounteres. Kill all of them and
the Queen comes back, this happens once more at 33% health. The spiders
which she summons have a chance of fropping health orbs - be on the look out
for them.

//Harvest the Pool of Venom in the Spider Queen's Lair and free Karyna//

The pool of Venomn is on the ground in the far corner of this chamber. Use the
venom to free Karyna from the web.

//Go out into the Highlands Crossing and find the Khzra Staff//

Now, lead her out of the chambers via the opening on the far end of the
chamber here. Karyna has some useful information on the Coven so learn
everything you can from her. Karyna tells you that she saw the Coven in
Leoric's Manor which is far to the North. Karyna tells you that she stole a
staaff and if you bring it back from her cart and give it to the Dark Moon
Clan, they will let you pass through the barricade before the Manor. You can
use the Waypoint to return to New Tristram. The bridge here leads to the
Southern Highlands area. This area can be very dangerous to players who have
not been levelling up their character to their full potential. Karyna's Wagon
is to the west across the Southern Highlands and as soon as you pick up the
staff, you will face the Goatmen.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
There is a chance that you may come across this two level dungeon. You will
find some Moon Clan members and more spiders. On the first level, you should
gather all the notes of Urik the Seer and then go down to the second level.
There's another set of Urik's notes here in the middle of all the dead ends -
you may also find some Resplendent Chests, use the dungeon ston in the end to

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
You may also come across a watch tower as you go by the western edge of the
Southern Highlands. The upper level has Dark Cultists and the lower level has
all kinds of Returneds.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
Some of the Goatmen have a camp in the Highlands. This camp is a very
dangerous place and you will face a unique Moon Claner Rambolt the Lunatic and
 about twenty of his followers.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
You may come across the ghost of a goatman called Gharbad. He wants you to
retrieve a shard of ressurection from atop a funeral pyre so that he can
return to life. As soon as you speak to Gharbad an army of Khazra ghosts.
Defeat all of them and return to Gharbad. And you may have guessed it - the
coney attacks you immediately as he transforms. He also has a few Impalers
with him. Things will be easy if you do ranged attacks.

//Approach the Khzra Barricade//

The Barricade lies to the north and you may come across several traps as you
head there. You should explore all of the Highlands and do as many side
missions listed above as possible. Each enemy you kill will give you a great
deal of Exp. Before you come to the barricade make sure you are prepared for
an assault. This fight here is also a bit difficult. You will come into the
Northern Highlands after this and have a chance to kill a Rare Withermoth.
There's a waypoint in the northwest corner of this place and you will want to
get there as soon as possible. You will also come across numerous weapons
which can be used to gain materials from salvaging at the Blacksmith.
Go up the stairs where ther enemies are on the north end of the levelled path
and move past the feeble structure to get to Leoric's Hunting Grounds. The
Hunting ground is a small area to the north of the Northern Highland just
across the bridge to his manor. You will find some structures placed in a
triangle - destroy these first as they seem to power up the number of summons
around this area. Then move towards the manor.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
Rarely and with great luck, you may come across Rike the Apothecary in the
Highlands. He is near a cave and tells you that Dark Cultists kidnapped his
brother to ask for a ransom of Rike's Elixirs. Help Rike by going with him
inside the cave and kill all the Dark Clan members as he tries to heal his
brother. After it is done you will be rewarded with a lot of Exp.

//Enter Leoric's Manor and Kill the Cultists//

After getting to the Courtyard, cross it and you will come to the entrance.
The whole manor is crawling with Dark Cultists - they are trying to convert a
member of their Clan - The Vessel into the Unholy Thrall. You ought to run
towards the vessel and kill him before the transformation. Proceed thru the
door and you will overlook Maghda talking to her Coven. The Dark Summoners
here bring out many Hellions. You ought to move back thru the door you came
thru and wait for the Hellions to come at you one by one and then take them
out - they are not easy to kill and a follower would really help here. After
you kill all the things here go to where the ritual was being conducted and
speak to the sacrficial man.


//Enter the Halls of Agony//

Go down the stairs outside Leoric's Manor towards the Halls of Agony below the
outer balcony. 

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
On the first level here you have a chance to encounter the Cultist Grand
Inqusitor with his spawns. You should use all the traps which you find to your
advantage agains the Hellions and the Hulks. After a long time of fighting and
dodgind Giant Cleavers, you will coem to the stairs which lead deeper into the
Halls of Agony.

//Enter level 2//

The second level has the entrance to the Highlands Passage but you can also
find a waypoint. Search for the Waypoint before going out. You will come
across large groups of enemies and as many traps which can help you thin down
their numbers. You should always move near doorways which allow you to thin
the enemy numbers you directly face.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
You may come across a stranger who is trapped in an Iron Maiden. Kill the
enemies around the maiden and release the stranger.

//Go to the Highlands passage and into Cursed Hold//

Continue past the exit to the Highlands Passage. The pit below has a Tormented
Behemoth and several Inferno Zombies. Ranged attackers will have an easire
time taking out the Behemoth, after you kill them go up the stairs to the
Highlands Passage. The bridge here leads to atleast a couple of dozen enemies,
move past the bridge and lure the enemies back onto it to narrow the numers.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
You can either meet Radek the Fence of Kyr the Weaponsmith. If you meet Kyr,
he asks you to kill Dargon and his master - a Cultist who are on the far side
of the elevated walkway. Speak to Kyr after you kill them to earn XP and he
also opens his shop to you.

//Talk to Queen Asylla and free the Six Prisoner's Souls//

Fight you way across the Highlands Passage and follow the path to come to the
Cursed Hold. Go in and speak to the ghost of Queen Asylla. She needs you to
free the spirits of six forgotten prisoners inside the Hold. You can pick up
her Journal from the chest in her cell near the entrance. All the souls can be
found inside the cells where their bodies were, you need to move into all the
cells and inspect the prisoner's remains to free the souls. The locations of
the cells with the souls are located randomly around the dungeon. You will see
that some of the cells have enemies inside them - you can use certain ranged
attacks to kill the enemies inside the cells without opening them.

//Kill the Warden//

You will come across a four way intersection in the center of Cursed Hold
where you can see the Warden. You can access the stairs leading into the
deeper levels only after you kill the Warden. Remember that there is a health
well somewhere inside here. You can run away from the Warden to search for the
well but his minions will come after you - kill them and find the location of
the well. The Warden is a great Melee fighter and you should try to stay away
from him as much as possible, melee fighter should make hits and move out of
the way when the Warden begins his attacks. The stairs leading to the lower
level are behind a spiked grill gate which is to the south side of the
southern passage of where the Warden was. You will have to keep fighting all
along your way.

                            ----- SUB - PLOT -----
Break the door which is to the left of the stairs to see a small play by the
ghosts, if you stay till the credits roll you will be able to uncover a piece
of Lore.

//Search for the Chamber of Suffering//

After coming into this level you will face a lot of Zealots and Dark Vessels
who turn into Unholy Thralls. You will also see some Mushy Lecterns here,
search all of them for journal entiries from Leoric's Journal. The lower level
of the Dungeon is just ahead down the stairs. This is the Chamber of

//Kill the Butcher//

The Butcher is the largest Demon you have faced and if you are wondering - a
Butcher is a demon which was directly under Diablo's Command. So you know how
kick a** it can be. Before you even think about fighting the Butcher, learn of
you surroundings. The floor is divided into segments from which fire comes up
randomly. You should definitely avoid the fire. The Butcher can melee attack
you with his massive hammer. But if you stay far away from him, it won't touch
you, the second attack is followed by a sequence of hops so you will know
qhen to move away. The Butcher also has a deadly chain and he can either latch
onto you and pull you closer and stun you or just throw the chain like crazy
and do piercing damage. There are two healing wells at the upper corner of
this mini hell. You should constantly move to avoid the fire from below.
Remember that the wells need a 30sec cooldown before they can be used again.
The Butcher can also charge at heroes who are far away and will usually ram
into the walls if you are quick enough to move out of his way. When he rams
into the walls, he will remain stunned for several seconds and this is you
que to get back at him. Keep repeating this and after considerable toil you
will be able to take him down.

//Kill the Cultists surrounding the Stranger and talk to him//

Search the Butcher and move futher inside, go down the circular stairs and you
will come to the stranger. After the fight with the Butcher, this will seem
like slapping an old man. Kill everyone - but you still ought to be careful
of their summons. Kill the Cultists trapping the Stranger. After he is
reunited with his sword he reveals himself to be the Archangel Tyrael.


//Talk to Tyrael and the Caravan Leader in New Tristram//

After speaking to Tyrael, move thru the portal he creates to get back to
New Tristram and speak to him again. When you are ready to move on to the next
act of the game, talk to the Caravan Leader.



//Go to Caldeum Bazaar and Talk to Asheara//

Your caravan is set on top of a hill overlooking the Bazzar. Talk to Leah and
Tyrael to send them on their own task while we search for the whereabouts of
Maghda. Use the stairs to the north of the camp to go down to the Bazzar.

As you move a bit, you will meer Asheara who is the commander of the Iron
Wolves. She tells us of the whereabout of Maghda. After talking to her, you
can also meet Leah and Tyrael near the arch which you cross.

Before you decide to head out, just look around in the market and the Inn and
refill any supplies you want to and then head to the northeast part where you
can exit to the desert. You will also meet some guards near the gate who want
you to seek out Captain Dayvd if you are successful in reachinf Khasim Outpost

//Go to the Sundered Canyons and save Jarulf from the Lacuni//

Head into the Canyon and after a little walk you will get to meet up with the
final follower in the game - The Enchantress. She warns you of the cultists
and tells you that she is against Maghda and joins you on your journey ahead.

Move ahead and you will see a dead end, you will face some Sand Wasps and
other enemies and when you reach the end, Dark Cultists will ambush you. Kill
them and speak to the Enchantress and she gives you her name and also dispells
the illusion that was causing the canyon to look as if there was not path
ahead. As you move into the now opened camp, several members of the Iron
Wolves and Jarulf - their captain are purused by Lcuni Warriors.

jarulf can die very easily sometimes so it's best if you jump ahead as soon
as you see them and take out the Lacuni. Talk to jarulf and he tells you about
the two powerful magics being cast inside the desert.

//Disrupt the Hidden Conclave and Secret Altar Rituals to open the Bridge//

You will come into the Howling Plateau which is another part of the desert and
the Bridge out of here 	can be reached by going on the main road coming out of
the Sundered Canyon. jarulf already told us about two rituals which are
blocking the bridge so we have to stop them now.

Side Mission: Frightened Girl

You will see another one of the Dark Cultists Illusions in he form of a lost
little child near a group of small houses. If you move in then you will be
attacked by a group of Celtists with their pets, move back out of the door to
force them into a chokepoint and then take them out one by one.

Side Mission: A Miner's Gold

Inspect the mining lifts and boardwalks for a lone miner with a Resplendent
Chest. A group of Fallen are coming at him while he is trying to raise a lift
with the chest. Stay with the miner and kill the Fallen and after the lift is
raised you can take the contents of the chest.


There is a rare chance you may come across a deadly cavern knows as Sirocco
Caverns. This place can be utterly devestating because of all the inhabitants.
You will face many things from Rockworms, Dead Worms, Larva sacks to many more
things. This is just to gain XP from killing them.


Keep using all the lift and you will come to a Treasure Chest with one of them
it is usually near the pit to the east of the map.



You may find a corpse of a cultist which holds a lore concerning Maghda.

You will now need to find the two ritual and destroy them. As youo move about
the Enchantress will uncover another illusion which was covering the tracks of
the cultists. She cuts off the illusion and you can follow the tracks and you
will come to a portal which takes you to the Hidden Conclave. It's guarded by
a Vivious Mangler and the ritual is being conducted by several Dark Cultists
so kill all of them to take this down and go back out.

Move to the east of the Howling Plateau and the Enchantress will uncover
another set of prints. Follow this to find the Secret Altar - the place of
the second ritual. This area has more monsters than the first ritual and they
include Pain Mongers, Frenzied Hellion, Dark Cultists and Manglers. They can
overpower you very easily so stay on one side away from th crowd. Take all of
them down to disrupt the ritual.

//Go to the Bridge and talk to the Enchantress//

With the two rituals destroyed, the magic blocking the bridge must be open now
From the Howling Plateau go along the road to the north and you will come to
the bridge. Speak to the Enchantress here and go back to the town to re stock
yourself before moving ahead.


//Find Khasim Outpost//

Try to have a follower with you because things are going to get very difficult

Cross the bridge to enter the Black Canyon Area.  As you move along the road
to the north, you will see that the entrance has been blocked by debris. You
can go to the Stinging Winds area by the narrow opening to the west. But
before you go there, make sure you explore this area to find the loot on the
various platfroms - use the levels to raise the platforms.

The Stinging Winds is one of the special areas in the game. You will come
across a few Uniques here and a lot of tough monsters. If you really want to
see how well you have grown in the game then be sure to explore all of the
Stinging Winds area and try to complete all the Side Missions. There are a lot
of missions you can do in this area which are listed below.


To the west of the entrance to the Stinging Winds, you may meet Mehtan who is
a Nechromancer - albeit and good one. Speak with him and interact with the two
totems here, killing the Deathly Haunts which appear after each totem. After
the two totems, some Cultists will attack you, kill them and speak to Mehtan
for your reward.


In the same area where you can meet Mehtan you may come to a destroyed caravan
instead. Here, you meet Beyatt who is a summoner of the Fallen, kill him and
take the things from the Caravan.


Enter the Chamber of the Lost Idol and talk to Poltahr. He wants you to
accompany him inside in search for the Ryngar Idol. You will meet various
guardians inside and the Idol is guarded by four Frozen Guardians. Take them
on one at a time to avoid an onslaught. You can go back out if you find a
Dungeon Stone or use the town portal to go back and the waypoint to come back.

Side Mission: THE RUINS

This dungeon is filled with powerful enemies which include many serpants. You
may face a Serpent Magus (which you will face later in the end of this main
mission) and a Writhing Deceiver (you meet these too). The Lightning circles
which the serpents cast are very lethal so stay away from the, and look for
Resplendent Chests in this area.


You may come across several deserted cellars in the area. They will have a
Unique. One has Graveljaw the Devourer and another has Hurax. If you do manage
to kill them then you can search the areas for several Chests.


Enter the Blood Cellar and kill the hounds which are here. After you kill all
of them, some guy who was hiding comes out and rewards you.

//Talk to Lieutenant Vachem and enter the command post//

Before speaking to Vachem who is in the middle of the Khasim outpost, head
past the guards and turn around the corner and you come to a chest. Check for
the Guard's Orders inside. Then speak to Vachem and he tells you that Davyd
has the Key to the gate. Go inside the Cellar nearby and you meet Maghda and
a few Guards who turn into Writhing Deceivers - they were just under an
illusion and are now out to kill you. Destroy them and release the Captain.

//Free Davyd and kill the disguised demons in Khasim Outpost//

Release the Captain and all the Wolves and head back out where you meet
several Serpat Magus and more Deceivers. After you kill them you can go thru
the gate that Davyd opens - make it quick.


//Find Alcarnus//

Move through the gate which Captain Davyd opened and you will come to another
part of Stinging Winds. Moake your way south of the desert and you may see
some strange crap like a broken ship in the middle of the desert. If take a
look a the ship some Fallen Lunatics attack you. Some other enemies come out
of the sand to attack you. You will find a certain "Road to Alcarnus" as you
move to the south east. There's a waypoint near the Road to Alcarnus which
allows you to revisit the town.


In the central are of the  Stinging Winds, you may meet Mehtan who is
a Nechromancer - albeit and good one. Speak with him and interact with the two
totems here, killing the Deathly Haunts which appear after each totem. After
the two totems, some Cultists will attack you, kill them and speak to Mehtan
for your reward.


If you do not come across Mehtan then you will come to a mine entrance which
leads you to the Dervish Lord a Unique with extra health and electrified


You will come across many cellars in Alcarnus where you have a chance of
finding some prisoners of the Coven. You will find more of them in random
locations shown on the mini map.

Side Mission: Tortured Coven Minion

To the left of the lair of the Witch is a minion who will produce Maghda's
lore part 2.

Move to the west of the road and explore the area before going to the east.
You meet the Shatterbone very very soon. You ought to lure all the other
enemies away from it before facing it. The Shatterbone is a unique Dark
Berserker with extra health trait that makes it's health go up to 150%. It
has two attacks - one like the usual Berserkers where it lifts the club into
the air and slams it, if that hit misses you, the club will be stuck in the
ground for a few seconds leaving the boss open. Otherwise, it can also do the
normal quicker attacks which will probably hit you if you are too close.

Enter the gate after killing it and you come to Alcarnus.

//Find the Lair of Witches and kill Maghda//

Move to the east along the southern part of the town. Keep moving between the
buildings to avoid all the magic projectiles. You will need to fight your way
east thru the town and then north where you will find several groups of
Corrupts in some ritualistic circles. The Lair of the Witch is at the
northeast corner of the map. You may want to use your town portal to return
back and refill your supplies before going in and facing Maghda.

Maghda begins the battle by first summoning a group of Dark Cultists, you need
to be quick in killing all of these additional enemies and minions. Try to
stay away from Maghda while killing the minions as she can release a deadly
swarm of flies if you get too close to her. She will also summon Berserkers
and teleport around her Lair. Melee attackers will have a little difficulty
during the fight here and you will especially be frustrated when she turns on
her invulnerable ability which puts a shield around here absorbing all damage
for some time - you ought to concentrate on the minions when she does that.
Health globes can be a bit infrequent but be sure to take them when they fall
and use up any potions you can.

//Return to the Hidden Camp//

After you kill Maghda, search her Lair and then use the town portal to go back
to the Hidden Camp where you come to know that Leah has been kidnapped.


//Talk to Asheara and follow Asheara into the Imperial Palace//

Asheara is near the bridge that leads into the city, go down to her and talk
to her, she somehow convinces Captain Ravan to let you two pass into the
palace but once you reach the palace you will see that some imposters have
screwed with the little Emperor's head and he now thinks you are responsible
for the death of the soldiers at the command post.

//Escape the palace and kill the four Demon Summoners//

Leah is brought in and all three of you are lined for execution - like that's
ever going to happen. After Leah becomes free of her shackles you can start
handing it to all the snakemen. Avoid being surrounded and follow Leah back
through the city towards the gates of the Sewer. You'll come across a lot of
enemies on your way. The road bends to the east and you will see a large group
of enemies guarding four Demon Summoners who keep summoning Serpen Magus. Kill
them quickly to avoid being overwhelmed by the Magus.

//Escape to the Sewers of Caldeum//

Continue around the perimeter of the city and down the stairs leading into
the sewers. Descend into the sewers very slowly taking out a few enemies
each time you move. Go into the sewers through the gate.


//Find the Wretched Pit//

The sewers are generated randomly and you will see a different layout of the
sewers each time you come in here and so, automatically the enemies and the
exit will also keep changing. One thing you can be certain of is the type
and number of enemies you are going to face. You will face Sandlings who keep
crawiling out and there are also some Diseased Bodies which will explode
releasing a cloud of poison as you kill them. You can search the pipes around
the sewers but disturbing too many pipes will wake up the dead around here.
The exit out of the sewer is in the form of a ladder and you are sure to come
across a lot of dead ends before you can get to the ladder. Also, you will
face a multitude of Skeleton types - they even fall in on you through the

//Kill the snakemen guardian Adria and talk to her back in the hidden camp//

As you climb up, you will see Adria being questioned by Goz'Turr the Torturer.
Move in and Adria will break free and join you in taking down Goz'Turr. You
have to rush forward and attack him with your most powerful hits because he
keeps teleporting and if you keep handing him bitch slaps you will keep doing
that for a long time. Leah and Adria will take care of most of the minions but
you will have to face some of them on your own too. Do not step on the
desecrated ground which he makes and keep clear of all lightning.

After you kill him, Adria will conjure a portal taking you back to the Hidden
camp, go thru and talk to her when you are back in the camp.


//Go thru the gate in the Flooded Causeway//

The flooded causeway is home to many refugees and also merchants. Talk to the
little Emperor and he opens up the gate for you. Go in and take the stairs to
Flooded Causeway. You ought to look around for two of Cain's Lost Satchel
which have lores inside them, one should be in the Flooded Causeway and the
other at the end in the "Path to the Oasis".

//Find the Oasis//

After you climb the ladder you will come to the ruined cistern which is a
small dungeon with a lot of loot and enemies. You may also find a resplendent
chest in here and a ladder leading out to the path to the oasis. You will find
a waypoint in the path here and possible the second of lores in cain's satchel
A few steps ahead, you will come to the Oasis itself. The Oasis is a large
area and the ruins are not far from the beginning. However, there are a lot
of sub mission you can do in the caves around the oasis.

//Enter the ruins//

As you move through the Oasis, you will come to a host of traps which you can
use against enemies. There are also plants which explode into poisonous
clouds if you get near them so stay clear. You will also come across several
new enemies like the Dune Dervish - which has spinning blades attached to it.
If you get too close to it while spinning, you will be slowed and hurt so
try to stay away and attack them when they stop spinning. Another unique enemy
you come across is Mundonogo who is a fallen shaman having the powers to
teleport and ressurect the enemies you kill. You can come across him near
a Resplendent Chest which is on top of a structure made of wood boards. Go
thru to the entrance of the ruins after you are done looking around.

Side Mission: Cellars, Flooded cave and the Ancient Cave

You will pissible come across many sub quests while exploring the Oasis. The
Flooded Cave is a two level watery dungeon and hosts Webspitter Spiders which
spit on you to slow you down and are dangerous in groups or with other enemies
The Flooded cave has a Resplendent Chest with great loot in the end. The
Cellars around the Oasis have several humans who are held as prisoners by the
Fallen. Save them if you can.

Possibly the most important and the most dangerous dungeon you can find in
the Oasis area is the Ancient Cave which is a two level dungeon and there's
a chance to find multiple resplendent chests and many more Rare type
Webspitters in narrow areas of the place.

Side Mission: Prisoners of Kamyr and Mysterious Cave

If you look around, you may come across four prisoners tied to posts who are
captives of the Fallen. As soon as you release one, a wave attacks you,
release them slowly to take on the Fallen in reduced numbers as you kill them.

You will also meet Zaven the Alchemist who is being terrorized by Deathly
Haunts, Kill them and he tells you of a mysterious cave nearby. The Mysterious
cave is another area with multiple resplendent chests and even more enemies.


Side Mission: Treasure of Khan Dakab

In the center of the Oasis, you have a chance to come across a stone lined
sprind and two wheels behind an aqueduct - look for a resplendent chest in
this place and turn both wheels to open a cave door. Go in and take the
contents in the Resplendent chest and suddenly, four Grim Wraiths along with
the ghost of Khan Dakab show up to kill you.

//Find Kulle's Head and talk to Adrian in the Hidden Camp//

The Shock and Blazing Guardians and the tower Guardians which move around area
a great threat in the ruins. You will also face Skeletal Guardians. The head
is in the end of the Dungeon almost near a Dungeon Stone and is usually
guarded by an Ancient Guardian. The guardian is a Unique Sand Dweller and has
Knockback and Extra Health and you ought to employ hit and run tactics to
defeat him. The Guardian has considerably large health pool so make sure you
do a lot of your best attacks to take it down, try to move back into the Ruins
to aviod his knockback hits. Take the head back to the camp and talk to Adria.


//Find the Ancient Waterway and pull the eastern ans western control levers//

Use the waypoint at the Hidden CAmp and go back to the Oasis. The path
leading to the Aqueducts is a bridge which is in the northeast corner.

You will come across a lot of Bone Warriors as well as Skeletal Sentries in
the Western Channel. There are a few trpas here which you can use. Go to the
Western Flow Control Room and pull the lever connecto to the gears. Turn the
Lever to partially open the hidden entrance to the aqueducts and it also
opens a set of stairs leading into the Eastern Channel. Bloated Corpses and
Desert Hornets await you in the Eastern Flow Control Chamber. Move to the
control room here and pull the lever (this opens the door which was only
partially open earlier). Head back to the Ancient Waterway's entrance.

//Enter the Ancient Waterway and break the talking barrel//

The entrance is fully open to the Aqueducts and you can go get Kulle's Blood
now. Descend the steps to the Waterlogged Passage and go up the apth till come
to a pile of bodies and a strange barrel. Some Betrayed show up and they
release poisonous clouds when killed so be careful. Break open the barrel to
free the guy inside.

//Talk to Covetous Shen and find the Crucible//

Shen is a Jeweler and is in search for the jeweler's Crucible. Continue along
the cascading water and go down the steps and into the Hidden Aqueducts. You
will face some of the most common enemies again - the Serpent Magus and
Writhing Deceivers, you ought to know everything about thse things by now so
just go along the main path through the Hidden Aqueducts and to the Jeweler's
Crucible. You find the Crucible but you also encounter a thief - Gavin.
Gavin is a plaguebearer and there are several Magus around him. He is fairly
easy to kill but be wary of the Magus and their lightning rings. Gavin bursts
into a poison cloud when he dies so be careful. Take the Crucible after the
Thief dies.

//Go to the Ancient path//

The Ancient Path is just behind the Altar where the Crucible was kept. Your
friends here will go back to town now. Proceed past the waypoint to the
Desolate Sands.

//Obtain the Blood of Zoltun Kulle from the Cave of the Betrayer and the Vault
                                                             of the Assassin//

The Desolate Sands is ab rren area with scatterings of enemies. If you do not
have a follower then go back and get one right away.

You may come across a unique Rockworm. Kill it and enter the burrow it came
out from. This is a deathtrap area filled with all kinds of creatures. You
will have a possiblility to get to a resplendenten chest and also gain a lot
of gold if you manage to go thru the area. You will also have the chance to
meet the Reaper which is related to the Broowing Leaper.

Side Mission: VILE CAVERN
There's another two level cave you can come across and the contents of this
cave as as bad aas it's name. Worms, spiders, stinges, Spewers and whatnot
inhabit this cave.

The cave of the Betrayer is another 2 level area with the same spiders, worms
and stingers you may have encountered all this while. You will also come
across Slime Spewers if you haven't already - they are on the walls and will
spit poisonous projectiles at you if you get oo close. The entrance to the
lower level of the cave can be anywhere so you need to look very carefully.
The upper level usually has a few chests and shrines in the end near a
circular path. The Lower sections has just as many enemeis as you may have
faced in the upper section and you will find Kulle's Blood at the end near a
Dungeon Door. But as soon as you take it, four Chilling Constructs attack you
at once. They have the capabilities to slow you down but are not that tough.

The vault of the Assassin is a large area with Guardian Towers and Blazing
Guardians. After you take the Vial of Blood, Misgen will attack you, kill all
the things here for XP and return back to the Desolate Sands by a Dungeon

NOTE: This is another quest where you can use a follower and a whole lot of

//Search for Zoltun Kulle's Archives and go to the Terminus//

Travel northwest from the Desolate sands waypoint to a bridge going west
across the chasm. Zoltun Kulle will likely reveal himself to activate the
portal to his archives. Cross the bridge to the waypoint in the distancee and
you should meet Leah and Hakan. They both have useful information. To bring
back Zoltun Kulle, you will need to use his blood on the two Shadow Locks
which are in tow different places. Go to where Kulle is standing and you will
see three bridges behind him. The left one goes to the Unknown Depths, the
right to Storm Halls and the center one is not available yet but it goes into
the Realm of Shadow.

//Open the two Shadow Locks in the Unknown Depths and Storm Halls//

First go into the Unknown Depths from the left bridge. You find that the
Depths area and the Storm halls are a bit similar in architecture (they are
randomly generated so they will change each time you are here). You will come
across several narrow and long bridges and they will lead you to a junction
where you may come to two to four stair cases with possibly a chest in the
middle. If you open the Chests then some Toxic Constructs are summoned (1-4).
You will be in a world of trouble when this happens but you shuld take them
out from the top of stairs if possible. The Depths are has many more mosters
like Fallen and Rock Giants - especially Fallen. The Shadow Lock looks like
are large spiked sphere which when gets activated by Kulle's Blood. And you
may also find Kulle next to the Shadow Lock. An exit portal should also be

Go back to the Terminus and down the right bridge into the Storm Halls. This
is similar to the Depths area but has some different enemies. The lengthy
bridges and intersections of stairs are the same too. After you activate the
Shadow Lock here you will likely go thru a place with many chests - beware
since Constructs are likely to be summoned when you loot the chests. The exit
should be ahead of all these chests. Go back to the Terminus.

//Enter the Realm of Shadow and find Kulle's Body//

The central bridge is now open and you can access the Realm of Shadows. You
should come across several Sand Behemoths here and more Shade Stalkers. This
place is smaller than the previous two areas and when you find Zoltun Kulle's
body, you will see that it is being protected by atleast two uniques and more
Sentinels. Take them down with ranged attacks - stay on the corners of the
chambers - if you are lucky then you can also pick up his body and make a run
for the exit which is a portal behind where you found the body.

//Enter the Soulstone Chamber and kill Zoltun Kulle//

Talk to Leah and she revives Kulle who laughs sinisterly and leads you into
the Soulstone Chamber. Go behind him and well, he will not allow us to take
the stone but instead is happy to fight us for it.

Zoltun Kulle will actually attack you from behind his two Eternal Guardians.
Try to range fight them and if you are a melee fighter then you ought to use
some hit and run tactics. Kulle will likely start throwing fiery boulders at
you from the back - you can miss them but if you are fighting with the
Guardians the you will probably be hit. If you do try to hit him then he
vanishes for a few seconds and turns up elsewhere. He can also collapse the
ceiling on us - and this is what you need to look out for. He gestures towards
the ceiling in a bid to catch them and that is your que that boulders are
going to fall down on you - keep moving to try and avoid these. If you do get
him then you ought to move to the ends to the chamber away from Kulle to use
a potion and wait for the cooldown. He can also deploy twisters and use his
time bubble but they are of lesser concern than the ceiling collapse and you
can outrun those attacks.

//Get the Blacksoulstone and return to the Camp//

After you kill Kulle go grab the Black Soulstone and head out of this chamber
and use the Town Portal to get back to the camp. Talk to Adria when you are

//Talk to Asheara//

Asheara is near the same sewer entrance which you used the last time. Go down
to the Bazaae and head to the sewers. Belial is responsible for all the bombs
on the city. Avoid the toxic rings that mark Belial's bombardment and sprint
thru the city to the sewers and speak to Asheara about her plan to save the

//Lead the Refugees into te Flooded Causeway//

There are refugees out on the street too, some hiding in carts - click on the
carts to make them follow you, you can find all the refugees as they are
marked on your mini map. You have only 180secs to save all the refugees. They
are shown in the map and on your screen by the glitter rising up. You'll find
them behind carts and furniture, once you click on where they are, they will
follow you to the sewers. You will still have to stop the Doom Vipers from
getting the refugees. You can also, kill all the vipers in the path to the
sewers before you save the refugees and then save them.


//Enter the Imperail Palace//

You can meet up with Leah and Adria at the entrance of the Flodded Causeway.
Fight all the Doom Vipers which are guarding the walkway to the gates of
Caldeum. Leah shows some impressive powers around this time. You see Doom
Vipers inside the city and you ought to kill them very soon. Try to lure each
one into a circle with you, Leah and Adrai on the outside. This way, you can
be sure that the monsters take a lot of damage from the other helping you too.
Climb the gates but be aware of the poison spewing up from the ground. Wait
for them to stop and then go in, move to te circle ahead. 

You should come across Kamyr by now who is a Unique. He has a host of Fallen
as his minions and he himself is much easier to kill but you ought to kill
the fallen first before you get to Kamyr. There are more poison vents on the
ground on your way to the palace so watch your step caarefully and kill off
the remaining Deoom Vipers and Serpent Magus. There's a healing well near the
steps, use it before entering the gates which Leah just opened.

//Kill Belial//

As you move into the palace you will see who Belial really is (I really did
not expect that but I was wondering where the little itch was). The first
phase of battle includes Belial's minions only, he will not do anything to
hinder the progress of the battle while you are busy killing his minions. You
will mainly face Veiled Sentinels and Veiled Evokers who are more snakemen.
You ought to use the whole palace to move around avoiding getting surrounded.
After you kill a lot of enemies Belial steps into the battle. Even though he
comes into the battle you ought to move as far from him as possible to avoid
his melee and his green ball attacks, just move far and thin down the number
of Veiled monsters and only then get to Belial. You ought to use the dropped
Health orbs acrefully here. You will probably never be able to concentrate
only on Belial so you will have to fight him alongside his mnions. If you
damage him enough then you get to meet his real form. His real form is
extremely large and changes the entire layout of the palace - you won't call
it a palace anymore. 

                            Belial is just ahead of you and there are no more
minions so all you have to do is hack at him with your most powerful skills -
do not wate a single second in doing so. Belial will use his arms to strike
at you but you will be able to see the impact points (green circles) before
he hits you so saty clear of that area to avoid being killed. He can also use
his lightning breat attack on the entire breath of the platform and you
better move to the other end and stay out of it's way. Belial can alse bring
down some more lighning on you. Again, this will be indicated by the cluster
of the flies that come around. Belial has about five times the exp (24k) of
the last boss you met so you know how long it's going to take to kill him.
Take all the spoils of battle and collect the Soul of Belial after the
battle. Use the twon portal to get out of this place and head back to the
camp and talk to Tyrael. 

//Talk to Tyrael and the Caravan leader//

Tyrael tells you of some new menace and you should talk to the caravan leader
to move out of here and onto the next act.



//Light the 5 beacons and find Dalen//

After a while you will be with Tyrael who lights a beacon and then leaves us
with five more to light. Before we get to lighing all the beacons, go down the
stairs to the Armoury where you can meet Leah and Adria who are with the Black
Soulstone. In the adjacent room you will find a lore in Leah's Belongings,
exit the armoury via the stairs in the northwest to enter the Stronghold
proper. This is the are you will be in throughout the whole act 3 so you ought
to get accustomed to everything and everyone - explore the stronglhold to see
where your fllowers are and where merchants and other useful people are
located. Your stash is located right next to the waypoint. You will find an
additional lore in Captain Haile's chest. Once you are ready to kick some
demon ass, go thru the drawbridge to the right and you will come to the
Skycrown Battlements.

You will be on the walls now where all the beacons are present.


If you come across Captail Cyrillis then you will also see him being eatern by
a hellbearer. These things cough out Demon Warriors so just keep going at them
till they fall.

Climb the stairs and start killing all the Fallen in this area. Then go around
the corner to the left and up the stairs to the narrow catwalk leading to the
first beacon which is also shown on your mini map. Before you approach the beacon
you will come across Demon Troopers and as you get to the beacon, you will see
another Demonic Hell Bearer on the wall. You better start killing it before
it spits our more troopers. Keep going on the wall and you will see the
locations of all the beacons on your minimap and near the fifthe beacon, you
will also meet a Collosol Golgor - just stay away and kill it. After lighting
the fifth beacon, you can meet Dalen.


You have to make you way to the Catapults but you start off with a sidemisson
first. You need to help Captain Haile with his task of raising the Drawbridge
so that his reinforcements can cross over. As the lift rises, you will need
ot face Demonic Troopers and Hellflyers. Once the lift is raised a Unique
called Dragus will cross over to kill you.

//Raise the 3 catapults in Stonefort//

After you finish the sub plot above, you will need to crossover to the three
catapults. You will face more enemies here. You need to get to Seargen Burrows
near the first catapult and then follow him to the gates nearby to get back
some recruits. There's a healing well up the stairs to the left of the
catapult and you just need to worry about killing the demons that come here.
Do not worry about the recruits as for once in the whole game, the good guys
keep coming after they are killed.

Continue along the wall after that and you come to Lt.Lavail. Now, we fight
some more Hellbearers. They keep spweing more Troopers so you have to keep
their numbers in check and the best way to do it is to kill them as soon as
possible. Finish off all the hellbearers in the area and then move ahead to
the last catapult.

Lt.Clyfton is the person incharge of this catapult here and well, it's manual
labour time for us. You need to continuously click on the winch to raise the
catapult but obviously you will be attacked by more enemies here. You need to
time yourself between killing and raising the wench - do not be in a hurry
and having a follower certainly helps. The Witch Doctors will most likely
find it easier than other classes beacause they can summon their own mosters
and even have a follow to fight as you keep click on to raise the catapult.
Head back to the bastion's Keep after that with the town portal.


//Find the Keep Depths level 2//

Side mission: FORGED IN BATTLE
You can come across Ironsmith Maldonado who needs someone to defend him while
he makes some weapons. You need to protect him for about a minute only, just
stay close to him and he will be done soon and you get some nice rewards.

This first level is filled with mostly Skeletal enemies. You will come across
both Melee and Ranged Skeletal enemies and you ought to go back out a door
nearby so that they come thru in one by one as you use the door like a choke
point. Almost every room in this area will have one or the other kind of
enemies in multiple numbers.

You will come across an area where lava is flowing below your feet and it will
shoot up thru the grates so be careful. If you want to head out of here soon
then you will mostly find the entrance to the second level in the far
northeast corner of the map.

//Find the Breach in the Keep Depths//

You just have to have a follower and a full stock of potions with you. You
will come across Swift Skull Cleavers from now on and they are formidably
opponents who can cut you down easily - espoecailly when they are attacking
in groups. You need to more strategic and use area of efect skill coupled
with slowing skills like cold. You will also come to meet several Fallen
Maniacs who detonate on hitting them. You have to kill them when they are in
the middle of other enemy groups.

Keep going thru the second level till you get to the Breach and another vision
of Azmodian will hit you and the entrance to the third level is also nearby.
In the third level of the Dungeon you will come across Demonic Tremors. They
are the baddest brute enemies in the game but you need to tay out of their
reach and move around continuously. If they go into their defensive stance
then you will not be able to hurt them so you can cencentrate on other enemies
while they get out of their stance. You will find your way to the larder as
you move thru this level.

//Find the Bastion Keep Larder and Kill Ghom//

Go thru the larder and you will come to Ghom.

Ghom is a fat Bastard, but you can see that... The best way to take Ghom down
(and it can get easy too) is the stay far from him - as far as possible and
hit hit from a distance, that way, you only will need to worry about his
sneez which scatters on the ground and you ought not to step on it as it can
cause you damage over time. If somehow you do get a bit close to him then he
will most probably use his gas clouds to slow you down and try to eat you up
whole - which is aptly named as the chomp attack. Ranged attacked also need to
look out for Ghoms minons who come out of his mouth - the Acid Slimes. These
slimes will follow you and can be kill easily but do not take your eyes off
Ghom and do not step on their remains. After Ghom is killed, the toxic gases
he releases will continue to stay for a while.

You will come across the body of a half eaten guard near the edges of the
Larder and you can look for Ghom's lore with it.  Use the waypoint here to
get back to the stronghold.


Shortest quest in the game.......

Whoop, trouble! do what the objective tells you... You see Vermin come out of
the soulstone, start killing them. You should be fine against them now. Talk
to Leah


//Go thru the Arreat gate and speak to Seargent Pale//

Speak with Tyrael in the Armoury to start the quest. Go by the drawbridge and
head straight to the Arreat Gate. Go down the steps and you come to Pale. He
tells us that we need to fight our way across the battlefields to the bridge
of Korsikk and then head into the Fields of Slaughter.

Side mission: BLOOD TIES
To the left of where you see Pale is a two level dungeon called The Barracks
which has a chance to have multiple Replendent Chests and multitudes of fallen
behind a drawbridge which you need to pull down. Go to the lower level and
talk to a guard who's here. He tells you of his mission firend. Look behind
all the closed rooms in this area and you will find the friend, go back to get
some reward.

Instead of The Barracks, you may come to the Fortified Bunker. This place only
has a single Resplendent Chest but you will fight DDemonic eenemies here
includeing Hellflyers, Tremord, Moloks and many others

Side mission: TIDE OF BATTLE
If you come across a camp which is under attack by the Blood Clan then help
them in clearing out the enemies and soon after that and monstrous Firewing
attacks you. This is like a broodmother of all the Moloks and spits fiery
projectiles and is also capable of meelee hits. Speak to Colonel Severyn after
you kill it for your reward.

This is a common two level dungeon which can be accessed from the center of
the battlefields area. You will find a lot of Skeleton warriors and a
Resplendent Chest in here.

IF you look hard enough, you have a chance to find he Forward Barracks which
host a Resplendent chest and other loot sources alongside a few enemies.

//Cross the Bridge of Korsikk//

You come to fight some Blood Clan Warriors and Blood Clan Spearmen. If you
come across a Herald of Pestilence then you can use a nice tactic to take it
down without too many problems. The Herald will dig into the ground and bring
up it's arm elsewhere and when it does that, go behind the body which will not
move until the arm is in the ground and hit it till it dies. The Bridge of
Korsikk is to the Northeast but if you move to the center then you will see a
large crater which leads to other places with side missions (only a chance).

Once you come to the bridge you should be able to see multiple traps you can
use to your advantage and you have a possibility of finding a shirne here.
Cross over and you come to the Fields of Slaughter.

Side mission: CAVERNS OF FROST
This is a two level dungeon filled with Lacuni like warriors a lot of loot and
possibly a Resplendent Chest

This is actually a unique cave and if you come across this then consider
yourself lucky because you are going to face enemies which can be found
nowhere else in the game. They are the Possessed and th Greath Horned Goliath.

//Destroy the 3 Demonic Ballistae//

The three Ballistae are around the Trbuchet and have a Herald of Pestilence
and and other enemies. You will also come across several Moloks and Hellflyers
Each Ballista is guarded so take down all the enemies before you destroy it.

//Destroy the Trebuchet//

First kill all foes you come across. To destroy the Trebuchet, you will need
to destroy it's controls which can be accessed from the southwest corner of
the crater where the device is mounted at the end of a overhang. Fight your
way up the narrow approach and destroy the controls.

//Find Rakki's Crossing//

The Crossing can be reached if you head northeast past the furthest ballista.
Tyrael is seen waiting for you, talk to him.


//Find the demon gate at the edge of the Abyss//

You will reach the Edge of Abyss if you go straigh on the far bank of Rakki's
Crossing. You have Tyrael who is into battle now with you for the first time
but even with an angel by youe side you ought to expect nothing less than a
great fight. You will face all kidns of enemies and Blood Clan Sorcereres who
have the abilitly to increase the scores of the other enemies nearby. Kill the
Sorcereres to avoid too many buffs. Make your way to the burning barricade
which is at the end of the viaduct. Then go left down the stairs into the
interior. You can reach the edge of Abyss if yor proceed north across Rakki's

Side mission: CRAZY CLIMBER
If you come across Private James near the base of the watchtower then he asks
you to deliver a spyglass to Lt.Gryffith on top of the stairs..you only need
to fight past a Hell Bearer.

Side mission: BRIDGE STORES
You will find this as you smash through a door and the events in this may vary
randomly from meeting a merchant to fighting Bloodclan members.

You may find the entrance to this place near the waypoint. You will find a
Resplendent Chest and numerous other loot here and if you see a Fortune Shrine
use it to get a 25% boost in the gold you find.

Side mission: BLAZE OF GLORY
You may come across Captail Haile while on the Rakki's Crossing. Just fight
alongside him for about a minute and talk to him for a reward.

//Kill the Siegebreaker Assaut Beast//

Soon you will come to the Demon Gate and see how Tyrael's sword sucks, but
wait! what's that?

The Siegebreaker Assault Beast is not as dumb as it sounds, infact, it is
very powerful. Again, this is another monster where the melee fighters suffer
(I mean, theey suffer anyway thru the whole game but I got to write...) If
you are in it's melee range then it does a swift three hit with it's arm which
is well, better seen than explained. Another attack of it is when it let's
out a long shout and then slams into the ground causing area of effect damage
- run away as soon as it starts shouting. It can also charge and you ought to
make it charge into the walls by standing close to them. This will give you a
few seconds as it recovers. As I mentioned, ranged attackers should maintain
as much distance as possible and you ought to slow it or stun it to make
things easier.

//Talk to Adria near the demon gate//

Go towards the Demon Gate where Adria is waiting and talk to her and she
tells you of the Sin Hearts within the crater.


//Go through Arreat Crater and find the Tower of the Damned//

The crater will see strange with mystery and all; The enemies you encounter in
it are even stranger, this looks like a misfit level but in the sense that it
is different to any of the surroundings we've seen earlier in the game.
Choosing a skill to work with is going to be extremely important because of
all the accursed things you come across. Note the Tormented Stingers which
attack in numbers, these cowardly creatures can be lethal in large numbers
and their sting is nothing to be measured by their size. Immediately use a
moving ability which will allow you to instantly escape from the clutches of
these scorpions. Amongst other creatures are the enhanced versions of all the
Blood Clan members you have fought till now and also some Demonic Serpents
which lodge you in the air. You will also need a lot of life so make sur you
are revived before you move further or into another area.

You'll come into many paths which lead nowhere but travel northeast and you
will come to the Tower of the Damned. Azmodian appears again in a vision.

//Find the Sin Heart in the Heart of the Damned//

Go down the stairs to the central path and circle your way around the edges to
more steps leading into the next level. The entrance to the stairs is directly
east. You come across the Phasebeast and the Succubus here. The Succubus
should be dealth with in close range and the Phasebeast from afar. If you are
hit by the Bloodstar Curse then try to stay out of battle till the curse fades

You'll come into the second level of the tower from the central spire. Go on
the spiraling path to reach the entrance to level 3 at roughly north west
position. Soul Rippers make their presence in  numbers in this second level
and you ought to deal with Area of Effect attacks on them.

In the Heart of Damned, follow the spiraling path down in an anti-clockwise
direction. You'll come across flaming jets and hell bringers on your way down.
 Make your way around the perimeter to the east to find the Sin Heart

//Kill the Daughters of Pain and destroy the Sin Heart//

The Daughters of Pain are three Succubi. You have to deal with them as soon as
 possible because some Blazing Ghouls come in very soon. Try to stay clear of
Cydaea as much as possible. Take down the Blazing Ghouls and destroy the Sin
Heart and move down the stairs to Arreat Crater Level 2.

//Find the Tower of the Cursed//

If you thought for one bit that level 1 was tough then this will get really
really ugly. You will meet a host of deadly enemies here and I can't even
mention all the names. But you will see a certain Hellhide Tremor which can
kill you with ease if you are too lax. Try to seperate all enemies. After you
reach the waypoint and the enemies spot you, you ought to run back on the
narrow bridge taking down what enemies follow you. If you manage to destroy
all of them, head east to the Tower of the Cursed.

//Find the Sin Heart in the tower of the Cursed//

Keep to the perimeter and make your way around the tower in a
counter-clockwise direction to reach the path crossing into the middle stairs
in the position below you.

When you reach the second level, make your way along the edge of the level, if
 you look in all of the sources of loot along the way, you  are sure to find
health potions. Make sure you have a lot of Major Health Potions going into
the next level. Cross to the center of the tower on the north side and go down
 the spiral stairs and you come to the entrance to the next level.

Just keep walking on the path till you come to the stairs going down, and then
 to the Sin Heart and Cydaea.

//Kill Cydaea//

Shockingly, you will find that, for the first time in the game, melee fighter
will do better against a boss than ranged fighters, but then again, this boss
ain't really too much to brag about. At close range Cydaea is only capable of
 melle striking you but at far ranges she is capable of pain bolting you and
also trapping you with web before she hits you. You will find yourself being
attacked by spiderlings occasionally but they are no biggie. But she also goes
 up to the ceiling and make pits on the ground which make more spiers come out
 but they can be tackled with relative ease with any area of effect attack.
Cydaea is not really such a big deal and I wonder why she was not made to be
tougher but then again, we will know what tough is soon enough...

//Destroy the Sin Heart and Kill Azmodan//

After she dies, take your spoils and destroy the second Sin Heart. Go down the
 stairs on the left to the Core of Arreat.

The Core of Arreat has it's own set of enemies but talking about them at this
point will make no difference, move to the entrance of the Heart of Sin in the
 distance and make a trip back to the stronghold and gather everything you
need to for a full fledged act III boss fight.

Azmodan is no push over (understatement)... If you move in too close to him he
 will strike you and slow you. If he does a belly flop then you will do a pain
hop. More importantly, he has a Globe of Fire attack where a Globe of Fire
(no points for guessing..) will come after you and well, it's a heat seeking
missile so you better keep moving to avoid it. When you see the red circles on
 thr ground then make sure you move out of the way because there's going to
be dead people falling on you (did you expect frogs?)... If you grow less on
health then you better move to the edges of the place and use a potion and
wait for it to colledown and make sure your life is full again. Melee fighters
 should make fast strikes and move out of the way before he can slow strike
you. Once he gets low on health - about half, he starts conjuring black pools
on the ground which will suck away your life as long as you stand on them. Get
 away from these pools when you see them and also, if his health gets lower
further, he starts shooting lasers. Ocassionally, Azmodan will raise portals
from the ground and some of his Minions come out who are a great source for
health orbs. After they fight he leaves behind his soul and a load of great

//Get the Soul of Azmodan and enter Heaven//

Your friends come in to capture the soul into the Black Soulstone. You should
use the Town Portal to get back to the Stronghold. Surprisingly, the Armory
is empty.... Climb the stairs to the Keep Tower so see the drama... Enter the
portal to Heaven...



//Enter the Vestibule of Light and Kill Ishkatu//

Go down the steps to where Tyrael is and speak with him. Stand on the blue
portal to go to the Vestibule. By this time you ought to have unlocked some
extremely powerful attacks so  make sure you use them. 

                          You'll face Ishkatu and a host of Shadow Vermin. The
Vermin can be taken out with relative ease if you unleash your best area of
effect attacks, after a while Ishkatu himself joins the fight. He is mainly a
melee fighter and if you try to flank him or outmanover him, he will summon
fiery spots on the ground with his Desecrator ability. You ought to stay away
from Ishkatu at all times but he will make sure he stays close to you. Kill
any Shadown Vermin coming out of the shadows for health globes.


//Find Itherael and the Library of Fate//

Climb the stairs to the Waypoint to find Ithrael. He tells you how the
Archangel of Hope has been captured by the Lord of Despair Rakanoth. Auriel is
supposedly in the Gardens of Hope tier 1, proceed thru the archway behind

//Enter the Library of Fate//

When you come across Oppressors, make sure you move out of the way when they
use their fire breath attack and hit them from the sides. You will come across
 all kinds of new enemies in here and you should avoid the areas were circles
show up since something is going to be dropped from above. Another massive
enemy here is the Armored Destroyer hit it from the flanks to damage it. If
you come across a Vile Temptress then make sure you stay clear of it's attacks
 and kill it as soon as it's possible since (like their cousins the Succubus)
they can weaken you greatly with the Blood Star. make your way across the
bridge where you come to a waypoint (to the west) and the entrance to the
Library of Fate. You ough to use the waypoint to go back right now if you want
 to restock and get a follower with you.

//Kill Rakanoth//

Rakanoth is one of the most skilled enemies in the game. He also is a melee
fighter mostly who can teleport within range to strike you from the back (a
backstab) but this strike will drain you of most of your health so you need
to avoid it at all cost and keep moving at all times. If he teleports to the
center of the room then he is about to shoot projectiles at you so run to the
corners of the library to avoid being hit and also beware of the Soul
Devourere that he brings in, divert all of your attention to kill them while
moving continously when they appear. Melee fighters will see hell if you want
to get close and dirty but ranged fighters should use their most powerful
skills on Rakanoth. If you do have a follower then you will get a little
breathing time - if only a little.

//Free Auriel and return to Gardens of Hope Tier 1//

After Rakanoth falls down, make your way to the cage in which Auriel is and
 click on it. Talk to Auriel and he gives you a special power which allows
you to dispel all the corruption which may have blocked your progress in the
previous area. Use his portal to go back to the Gardens of Hope tier 1.

//Find and destroy the Corrupt Growths to reveal the hidden Hell Rift portal in
the Gardens of Hope tier 1//

You need to start exploring all of the tier 1 in order to find a hellrift
portal. If you come across an inactive portal then remember where it is as
you will need to get back to it later on. Look for the Hellrift portal and
enter it.

//Destroy the Rift Oculus in the Hell Rift//

To get to the Oculus you will need to kill Hammermash first. He is of the
lightning trair and you should sstay away from him and kill him from a
distance if possible, you definitely need to stay away once he starts to
raise his feet since that can be bad news. There are more enemies you will
meet in this level like the Armaddons ridden by Subjugators. After you kill
Hammermash through, go to the rear of the Hell Rift and destroy the Oculus.

//Use Auriel's portal to leave the Hell Rift and enter Tier 2//

After you destroy it, Auriel will come forth and summon a portal back to tier
1 Move north to find the portal that goes to the tier 2.

//Find and destroy the Corrupt Growths to reveal the hidden Hell Rift portal in
the Gardens of Hope tier 2//

In the tier two of the Gardens of hope, you should come to a waypoint as soon as you land. You can
return using the waypoint to restock. This area is larger than the previous
area and has more growths you need to destroy and search under looking for
the Hellrift Portal. You will also come across two rooms (random chance out of
multiple rooms) in tier 2 which are listed below -

Side mission: HOLY SANCTUM
This area has a little puzzle. You lock the tiles by stepping on them and
Armored Destroyers come after you. You will find an Exquisite Chest on the
other end.

This is another area with an Exquisite chest but you will find this place
guarded by tons of Marauders and Oppressors.

In this room you will find the Exquisite chest in the lower area. After you
reach it and open it, you will face a ton of enemies which appear on your way

//Destroy the Rift Oculus in the Hell Rift//

You might find the portal in the northern portion below a Corrupt Growth. But
it still is random and you need to chesck the whole area and go into the
extra rooms and gather as much exp as possible.

In the second Hell Rift you fight with Sledge if you move to the rear. But
this time you will also have a healing well near the Rift Oculus which you
can use in the battle. After you take down Sledge, destroy the Oculus.

//Leave Hell Rift and enter the Crystal Colonnade//

She comes in again to open a portal for us (I wish they helped more!!!)....
Look for the portal to the Colonnade. Tyrael is near the portal so talk to him.
Use the portal to enter the Colonnade.


//Find Imperius and enter the Spire//

You will come to some Angels battling an army of Oppressors and Imperius
comes in to loosen up a bit but then he goes away after warning you. The
gateway to the spire is nearby, kill the rest of the enemies here and continue
into the waypoint for a restock and a companion and come back.


//Cross the Great Span on the Silver Spire//

Go on the bridge to the end and you will see the Ghost here transform into a
Aspect of Terror. You will be standing on a narrow path and the Aspect beings
in more help but you should led Tyrael take the lead here and blast away from
the rear if you can and also, make quick work to avoid being damaged greatly.
Continue to the platform ahead and interact with the lift and you come into
the first level of the Silver Spire. The next thing you need to do is talk to
another ghost and some other Aspect shows up (this is random so writing a name
 is relativly useless). But whatever appears here, you should be able to
finish it if you work quickly. You will come across all kinds of things as you
 continue ahead. The Angels you encounter are a source of great loot and if
you are lucky, you will be able to see a rare Angiris Repoitory to get a lore.

A new kind of enemy in this place are the Morlu. Whatever form they come in,
 after you kill them you ought to destroy the ashes they form into for loot
and to avoid them from coming back to life - move away from the red circles
which show up indicating the are of impact of a meteor. Also, try not to step
on any of the cracks on the ground to avoid being spiked. You will also find
a difficult combination of Mallet Lords and Witches (which like the Succubus
can cast the Blood Star Curse leaving you in no position to get close to a
Mallet Lord).

Move across to the end to the Silver Spire and you come to the Great Span,
get on it with Tyrael.

//Kill Izual//

After you cross the great Span, you come to Izual

Izual is a unique (Suppressor Class) and is powered with a Frozem Blast - if
you happen to be hit by it then you will most likely be killed by the other
Oppressors and Corrupted Angels who are here. The other enemies should be a
source for Healt Orbs for you and even though Izual is ver fast, try to stay
away from him and take him out.

//Climb to the Pinnacle of heaven in the Silver Spire//

You will come to a ghost of one of the several people whom you knew in the
past. It will soon turn into another Aspect, whatever Aspect comes out, kill
it qucily before a host of other enemies join in. In this level you should
move with extreme caution and draw the attention of only a few enemies at a
time. You will also meet more Morlu here but just kill anything in youe way
and go to the end reaching a lift which takes you to the Pinnacle of heaven.

//Talk to Tyrael and Find Diablo//

This is your last chance to do anything since we are going to face the Lord of
 Terror himself very soon. Enter the Crystal Arch and know that your worth
will be tested..

//Destroy Diablo//

In the fight against Diablo, you will need to kill him three times... Know
that the Crystal Arch area has two healing wells on either side...
remember this...

Keep clear of all the fire projectiles - and do not stand inside the fire,
you will have a lot of chance to avoid these attacks provided you take it
slow and not rush in. You should only use your most powerful attack against
him and move back when it's in cooldown. He also occassionally raises his
hands and makes shadows appear below you which indicate the arrival of cages
in which you will be trapped. Keep moving to avoid being trapped or Diablo
will slam you into the ground. Hero's withe skills that can slow, chill or
freeze an enemy should exploit their ability. Diablo also can charge at you
within no time so you need to be on the move always. After you vring him down
to half of his health, you will go into his realm along with him...

This Phase is not easier and know that Diablo in addition to showing all of
his previous prowess will be able to summon your clones. But, they are nowhere
 near your powers and can be defeated with relative ease. The Shadow is
actually deadlier and I had to increase the brightness of the game to be able
to see where the Hell Spikes will show up on the ground but still, it's best
to keep moving. Having summoned pets will be a good advantage here. He
typically disappears about three times bringing forth a clone of you, but
after you kill the shodow, you are in for the final phase of the battle.

This phase is obviously deadlier because the Terror Lord is in his ultimate
form (it does not look different but does feel different). The first thing you
 need to look out for is his Lightning Breath which is positively the most
wicked attack in the entire game. Diablo also looks like he's been taking
dance classes as he rotates and releases an energy beam around him in one
direction - if you can, then teleport across the other side or run like hell.
Do not forget about the healing wells and their 30sec delay and you may
actually need to live by the wells which makes it easire for ranged fighters
but never stay in one area as Diablo does all of his regular attacks too At a
 faster pace. take it slow and wait for the right times to hit him. If your
character can teleport or move fastly then you will have a great advantage.
Keep clawing at Diablo till you are able to finally destroy him. Talk to
Auriel to bring your quest to an end.

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