Lil’ Kingdom Walkthrough [Guide]


With most tower building games, floors are built to make your building higher. With Lil’ Kingdom, however, players build floors downwards and expanding your dungeon, giving this game a very unique spin on the Android and Apple building simulation game from Glu Mobile Games.


The concept of the game is to build the maximum number of floors in your kingdom, deciding between residential and business floors, while balancing the number of residents along with the businesses that you put up. The goal is to maximize the acquisition of coins either through collecting rent, or through income earned by businesses. Players must also be able to balance out the number and skills of their citizens to maximize business output, as well as balance out the purchase of stock which will be used to keep your stores running.


Coins are the main currency in Lil’ Kingdom. These are used to construct dwellings and businesses. They are in turn earned by collecting rent and by keeping businesses running. Gems are the prime currency in the gem, and these are used to speed up construction of floors, or reaching achievements. Gems are sometimes earned while building floors, or purchased using real life currency.

Building Floors

There are basically two types of floors that can be built in Lil’ Kingdom. These are residential and business type floors. Residential floors are used to house citizens, and you can use these to periodically collect rent income. There are several types of businesses that can be built, and each can earn you different types of cash. Building floors, however, take time, but payers can speed up completion of floors by spending a gem.


Citizens are the people that will be living and working in your kingdom. In order for these citizens to work, they must be able to live in your castle as well, thus, it is important to build housings before buildings first. Different types of citizens excel at different types of businesses, which will in turn earn you greater amounts of cash. A residential floor has a maximum number of occupants, so it is important to build dwellings as needed.


Businesses need to have employed citizens as well as stock in order to earn money. Citizens have specific job skills, so it is important to delegate which citizen is best for which business. Stocks also need to be replenished in order to keep businesses running, but these take time to fill up. To speed up restocking, spending a gem can be done.

Special Floors and Businesses

There are special floors and businesses that you can gain access to, which will provide you with additional benefits. Samples of these are dragon hatcheries, which will help you restock your businesses faster, or Faeries, which excel at Service jobs. Most of these can be unlocked by doing achievements, or when leveling up due to continued play.

Leveling Up

Leveling up opens up new types of floors as well as access to different types of citizens that will further improve your play. These new items will give players a more exciting experience when playing Lil’ Kingdom, as new features and elements will be unlocked and made available to you.


As with all building simulation games, Lil’ Kingdom requires a lot of time and patience. Fortunately, gems that can be used to speed up construction and production are readily available, even when not purchased using real currency. This makes Lil’ Kingdom a game that is essentially free, and you can take advantage of gems even without making real life purchases.

Lil’ Kingdom also requires a good balance between businesses and dwellings. There must also be a good harmony between the skill sets of your citizens with the type of businesses that you are running. Proper allocation of employees is a must in order to maximize store profitability. Although having unemployed citizens do earn you rent, players must be able to take advantages of the citizens’ skills in order to make your businesses more successful.


Lil’ Kingdom is a tower building game that offers a lot of variety when it comes to building floors and providing dwellings and employment to its citizens. The graphics are top-notch, giving characters and locations a 3D like look and feel to them. Animations and designs are very fun, colorful, and wholesome, and players of all ages will surely enjoy the different types of businesses and citizens that you can gain access to. Lil’ Kingdom is a game that can provide you with countless hours of fun, whatever your age is. Also, building your kingdom from top to bottom rather than from the bottom up provides gamers with a uniqueness that can rarely be found anywhere else.

Lil’ Kingdom is a tower building simulation game released last April, 2012. It was developed by Glu Games, Inc. and is available for the Android OS via Google Play, and Apple devices via the iTunes Store.


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