Diablo III – Whimsyshire: The Secret Level [Guide]

Diablo III

In the first Diablo, a rumor was born from a cow that somehow players can interact with, which spawned the now famous Secret Cow Level story. In StarCraft, Blizzard and incorporated a cheat that said, “there is no cow level”. But in Diablo II, they decided to actually create one for the sake of humor and gameplay. Now in Diablo III, Blizzard set to outdo themselves in the easter egg department with a level that trumps the aforementioned cow level with creatures even scarier than cows — ponies and care bears.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Whimsyshire.

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This secret level is basically an evidence that Blizzard employees are fans of animated series such as My Little Pony and Care Bears.

Whimsyshire is a fully playable map in the game, wherein you fight against cute monsters like ponies and teddy bears, which explode into a bloody mess when killed. They drop gold and items more frequently than normal levels and they also drop health orbs that look like pink cupcakes. The elite bosses within will make you cringe from both their strength and apparent adorableness. The minimap is also a thing to behold, looking like a cross between a baby blankie and a kindergarten drawing.

The enemies in this level are equivalent to late Act Four, even though access is through Act One, so it’s most likely best to enter once you’ve finished the corresponding difficulty, then select a quest in Act One to gain access to the entrance. Lower level characters might not survive, but it’s still a pretty good co-op level to run in. You can get four or more runs with friends, picking up precious loot along the way.

While not a major part of the game, as it should not be, it’s still a very fun level that will be remembered for years to come, just like the Secret Cow Level. But before you can go in there, you will need five ingredients to create the Staff of Herding that is required to gain entrance to Whimsyshire.

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A total of five ingredients must be obtained in order to create the Staff of Herding that’s required to open the gateway to Whimsyshire.

Black Mushroom
In a room at Act One, Cathedral Level One.

Leoric’s Shinbone
Spawns rarely in Act One, at the fireplace in Leoric’s Manor.

Wirt’s Bell
Sold by Squirt, a vendor in Act Two for 100,000 gold, put alongside her potions and dyes.

Liquid Rainbow
In Act Two, found in the Mysterious Chest in the Mysterious Cave located the Oasis after saving the old man, who opens the chest for you.

Gibbering Gemstone
In Act Three, dropped randomly from Chiltara by a random mob in the Caverns of Frost within the Ballistae area. If it’s labeled Ice Caverns, leave the game and try again.

Plan: Staff of Herding
In Act Four, dropped randomly by Izual. Use this to teach the recipe to Haedrig.

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Once you’ve gathered the ingredients and have crafted the Staff of Herding courtesy of Haedrig, you must then deliver the said item to the Ghost of the Cow King, which comes out of a corpse of an anthromorphic cow along Old Tristram Road. Nearby the body is a pit emitting a red glow.

If you have the staff in your person, you get to speak to the spectral bovine monarch to gain access to Whimsyshire. You’ll know when you can enter once the red glow turns rainbow-colored, signaling that you are about to enter a wonderful, yet sinister place that not even the most demented of minds could ever imagine.

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