Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge [Guide]

Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge

It’s been a while since the conclusion of Arkham City, and Harley Quinn wants revenge. Take control of Batman and Robin to put a stop to her evil exploits in this DLC to one of 2011′s biggest games.

Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge Guide
Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper
Copyright 2012 Cheat Masters


1. Robin
2. Two Days Earlier
3. Secret Base
4. Harley Quinn
5. Surprise!


1. Story
2. A Few New Tricks
3. Battering Ram
4. Bomb Squad
5. Frequent Flyer
6. Party’s Over
7. Snap to It



You start the game as Robin. It seems that Batman has gone missing within the walls of Arkham City while trying to rescue various police officers from the clutches of the vengeful Harley Quinn. Robin has been sent in to investigate the disappearance of Batman. When you first get control of Robin, defeat all of Joker’s thugs in the first room.

Then move to the door and open it. Use the grappling hook by pressing RB to zip up to the ventilation shaft and crawl through to the other side. Listen to Robin talking to Oracle for a while, and when the conversation is over, try to open the nearby door. It will be locked, so press the big red button on the wall to open the nearby gate. Continue through the room until you find another door with a Joker TV set next to it. Open the door and go into the next room. Run down the path and defeat the thugs.

Now turn on your visor by pressing LB to find the destructible wall in the room. Spray it with explosive gel and then detonate it to destroy the wall. Continue through and then pull up the Zipkick and use it to zip across the water without falling in. From here, there are three different options you can take.

One, you can spray the new destructible wall with explosive gel and send rubble flying at them. This is a good strategy, but sometimes the rubble won’t hit them, and you will have to fight all of them anyway. The other thing you can do, which will guarantee at least one thug takedown, is to crawl through the vent to the left and then when you reach the next grate, press Y when it comes up on the screen. Then just battle all the guards. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can use a combination of these two strategies and hope that the explosive gel does damage to make it all that much easier of a process.

When they’re all defeated, you’ll discover that the door is locked. No matter. There’s another vent to crawl through near the ceiling, so zip up there and then crawl through to the end and kick out the other grate. Drop down and then equip the bullet shield. Move towards the mounted gun on the wall with the bullet shield equipped to block the fire. Then continue maneuvering through this area until you reach a pipe that is spewing steam. Use the bullet shield to block the steam and continue. A red laser will indicate a sniper. Move toward the sniper with the bullet shield equipped, and when you get close enough, pull on the right trigger to take him down with a shield base attack. Then finish him off.

If you look around this area, you will find a chair with a Harley Quinn balloon tied to it. Break the balloon if you’re pursuing the extra content in this DLC. If you go up the stairs or zip up to the next level or whatever, you’ll find a group of thugs trying to break into a door. Take them out if you wish, but you won’t be able to go through the door. The double doors on the lower floors are the ones you need to go through next.

From here, go through the door on the right. If you stand around, you’ll hear the group of thugs in this room talking about Batman’s utility belt, and how it’s “dangerous”. When you’re ready, take on the large group. These enemies will throw explosives and chairs at you, plus there will be a couple with knives and an electric prod. So you have to be extra careful during this segment so you don’t get killed. When they’re all dead, Robin will examine the utility belt left on the ground…


As Batman, equip the line launcher and approach the edge. Use it to zip across the gap to reach the Steel Mill part of Arkham City. Climb over the van and venture out into the city. Make your way to the objective marker. Go through the large hole in the side of the Steel Mill and then press A to open the door.

Go through the hall. Next to the crib will be another Harley balloon. Pop it and then go through the next door. You’ll see one of the captured officers hanging there, surrounded by thugs on the ground. Glide kick one of them to initiate the fight and then defeat all of the thugs. Use the control panel to lower the police officer and then speak with him.

Backtrack out of the Steel Mill. Outside, move towards the green objective marker. You will see a group of thugs hanging around, talking about a “secret”. Glide down there and beat them all up. With them defeated, turn on Detective Mode to find a cop’s radio on the ground. Batman will then set up a crime scene. In first-person view, examine the splotches on the ground within the crime scene. Blood. Cop blood.

This will then start a trail of blood that leads to a nearby gate. Climb up over the gate and get the jump on the two armed enemies on the other side. When they’re defeated, continue following the blood trail. You will be lead right into an area with multiple enemies with guns. Zip up, and then you’ll see a guard leaning against a rail. Sneak up and take him out silently. Now examine your surroundings. There are three different enemies roaming, as well as two guarding the gate. Take out the three roaming around silently from behind, and as long as you don’t get seen, you will not be bothered by the two by the gate.

Keep Detective Mode on so you can keep following the blood trail. This will lead to a group of three thugs under a slightly open gate. Take out all the thugs except the one that is designated the “Harley Informant”. When two of them are knocked out, press Y to interrogate the informant. He’ll tell you that you need a secret code, and there are three different soldiers of Harley’s that have the different parts of the code. Their locations will be marked on your map.

Notice that the closest interrogation target is designated as the second one. Make this your current objective and head there. He’s on a roof with multiple enemies helping him. Shimmy along the roof and silently pull them off the roof until there is barely any left. Then pick off the remaining enemies until only the interrogation suspect is left. Interrogate him to receive one part of the code.

Open your map back up. Take notice of the third interrogation suspect objective marker and make it your current objective. Head there now. As you near the suspect, take notice of the three lasers that are pointing at him. These are snipers that are meant to protect him. Follow the lasers to the sniper that is holding each gun, and take all three of them out silently. When they’re all gone, glide down to the suspect and press Y to interrogate him next.

Finally, make the first suspect your new objective. Make your way to him and then beat up all the guards around him. When they’ve all been knocked out, press Y to interrogate him to retrieve the final piece of the code. With all the pieces of the code, backtrack to Harley’s secret base. Pull out the Cryptographic Sequencer. Use it on the locked control panel next to the door and use the analog sticks to find the password. The password is HIDE AWAY. The door will open. Head through, pop the Harley balloon to the right of the next door, and then open the door.


Upon entering the base, you will immediately see a group of many thugs. They have shields, armor, and electric rods, making them quit the formidable bunch. There is also a crate of guns there that they can run over and grab once the fighting starts. For this section, I like to throw freezing cluster grenades to root a few of them to the ground, which will allow you to take on just four or five at a time instead of all ten at once.

Defeat all of the thugs and then go through the only door that you can go through in this area. Walk over to the wall at the far end of the next room and use the explosive gel to destroy it. Then approach the water. Use the Line Launcher to get to the other side. Then turn your attention to the area to the left, with the open door. Use the Line Launcher again to reach this part of the building. Climb up the steps, pop the balloon, and go through the door.

Climb up the steps. You’ll reach a section of the stairs that are broken off. Zip up to the next section of stairs to find another balloon. Use a Batarang to pop it, then return to the section of steps right before the break. There is an open ventilation shaft here. Run up against it with A to climb inside and then crawl to the other end. Kick out the grate by tapping and then hop out of the shaft. Then use the next cut-scene to survey your rather grim surroundings.

One of the captured police officers is tied to a chair in the warehouse below. There is a thug standing right next to him, and there are also multiple snipers above him, all aimed at the officer. On top of that, there are a couple of armed guards that are roaming around, protecting the snipers.

Ignore the roaming guards at first. First focus on picking off the sniper rifles first, one at a time. Zip away into the rafters after each takedown. Then take out the roaming guards. Then Glide Kick down to the guard that is in front of the cop. Defeat him and then press A to release the guard from his bindings.

But not so fast! Harley Quinn and her thugs show up just as the officer is released. Harley fires at the officer, but Batman jumps in front of it, whatever it was that she shot. Harley then orders her thugs to drag Batman somewhere, and they oblige. One of them pick up Batman’s utility belt, but it shocks him and he’s forced to drop it on the ground…right where Robin would find it two days later.


As Robin, go through the door shown in the previous cut-scene. Pop the couple of balloons that you encounter. Equip the bullet shield and use it to get past the steam. Then beat up the group of guards in the next hallway. Move through the automatic double doors to reach the Joker Shrine Room. Run forward to see Batman trapped in a freaky Joker monument built by Harley Quinn.

Examine the control panel. There is a key card needed to use the controls to free Batman. Harley Quinn will start taunting you, and you need to get to her to get the key card. Ignore her for now and go through the nearby door. When you enter the room, the two guards will have their backs turned to you. The game uses this opportunity to teach you about Snap-Flash. Equip it by pushing right on the d-pad and sneak up to the guard leaning against the crates. Attach it to him, back up, and then detonate the charge. The two guards will fall to the ground, and that’s your cue to use Ground Takedown attacks to get rid of both of them easily.

Then press A on the grates to enter a small tunnel. Crawl forward to bypass the malfunctioning door. Then get out of the grate on the other side. Quickly pull out the Bullet Shield and use it to block in the incoming sniper fire. Keep pushing forward until you see a vent low to the ground. Move behind a wall. Pull out a shuriken and look back the way you came to see another balloon. Pop it and then crawl through the vent.

On the other side of the vent, you will see a mechanism that is moving through the room and goes behind the thug with the sniper on the other side of the wall. Equip your Snap-Flash. Place it on the mechanism. When it moves behind the thug, use the Snap-Flash to knock him down. Break through the window and defeat that guard, as well as the other guards that come piling into the room.

Continue through the next door to reach the docks, where Harley is located, along with a sniper and numerous armed thugs. Zip your way to the sniper. Take him out silently. Then balance across the rope to reach Harley. Take her out from behind, then just keep beating on her until her health bar is drained, which will then knock her out. You should be able to accomplish this before the other guards even get near you.

When the other guards show up, start zipping all over the place to avoid their fire. When they’ve lost sight of you, start picking them off one by one. Then a cut-scene will play after they’ve all been taken out. Robin will take the key card from Harley’s cleavage, and then leave her to hang off the side of the catwalk by her ankle. With the key card in hand, backtrack your way to the Joker Shrine room. Pop any balloons that you see as well.

Back at the Shrine, you have to fight a TON of thugs, plus a Titan. If you use Stun (B) three times on the Titan in quick succession, and then nail him with a bunch of X melee attacks, you can take control of him momentarily to try to even the odds. A more effective strategy in this area is to simply keep an eye on the Titan at all times, and dodge out of the way as he charges, which will take out a nice section of the thugs so you don’t have to fight so many at one time. When they’re all defeated, approach the control panel and interact with it to free Batman.


Robin will go rescue the police officers, leaving Batman to disarm all of the bombs. The first bomb is right nearby in the Shrine. Approach it and use the sequencer on the lock. Then press A to disarm the bomb. Batman will then use his cowl to search out any other objects that run on the same frequency as the bomb that was just disarmed.

Use the numbers on screen to lead you to the next bomb. When you encounter steam, use the freeze grenades to bypass it. As you get closer, you will be attacked by a sniper. Take out the sniper, and then make your way to the bomb. Disarm this one as well and then continue toward the third bomb. You will have to fight any enemies you come across or the automatic doors won’t open.

When you are very near to the third bomb, turn on Detective Mode. Look up at the electrical device in the middle of the room. You probably noticed it before. Zip to the platform that is attached to the device and use the Remote Electrical Charge on the device to make the platform move toward the destructible wall. Use explosive gel to blow up the wall and then disarm the bomb on the other side.

Now backtrack to the Shrine of the Joker. Harley’s surprise? Robots! Fight the robots as you would regular thugs. The only difference is that the robots won’t have the blue lines above their heads when they’re about to attack. You have to watch their patterns and tap Y when they are about to hit Batman to effectively counter their attacks. Defeat them all and then zip your way to Harley Quinn.

Harley will try to stomp on Batman’s hand. Press Y to counter this when the lines appear above her head and then this DLC will conclude.

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Along with the new gameplay content, Harley Quinn’s Revenge also adds new trophies and achievements as well. Besides the achievements/trophies unlocked simply playing through the story, there are six other achievements/trophies to unlock by playing this DLC.

-A FEW NEW TRICKS (20G/Bronze)-
Description: Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight as Robin in Harley Quinn’s Revenge
Strategy: Just do exactly as it says. Quickfire gadgets are ones that you use simply by pulling on the right trigger without having to do anything else. One “fight” means one battle with as many thugs. There is a perfect opportunity to unlock this during the last fight as Robin against all of those thugs and the Titan toward the end of the DLC, in the Joker Shrine.

-BATTERING RAM (10G/Bronze)-
Description: Shield Bash 5 different thugs
Strategy: You must be Robin to get this one. Robin has a Bullet Shield right from the start of the game. You unlock it by pushing the d-pad to the left and up. Hold LT to use it, and then when you are close enough to an enemy, pull on the right trigger to bash them with the shield. Do this to five different enemies and the requirements will be satisfied.

-BOMB SQUAD (40G/Bronze)-
Description: Defuse all bombs in 3 minutes or less
Strategy: At the end of the DLC, one of the last things you do as Batman is disarm a series of three bombs. You have five minutes to disarm the bombs, but if you do so within three minutes, you will get this reward. It’s easier to do this on a second playthrough of the DLC since you’ll know where all the bombs are already. Just be quick, and defeat the thugs as fast as possible to make sure that you aren’t wasting any time in combat.

Description: Zip Kick 5 different thugs
Strategy: Robin’s version of the Line Launcher is the Zip Kick, which can be used to kick enemies to the ground. Use this on five different enemies throughout the course of the DLC to get this one.

-PARTY’S OVER (50G/Silver)-
Description: Destroy all Harley Balloons
Strategy: Hidden throughout Arkham City are balloons bearing the face of Harley Quinn on them. I have yet to find all the balloons myself, but I can confirm that there are 50 of them. I have pointed out in my walkthrough above the balloons that I have found. If the demand is high enough, I will later update the guide to include the location of all the balloons.

-SNAP TO IT (20G/Bronze)-
Description: Snap Flash an unarmed thug, an armed thug, an environmental object, and a Titan
Strategy: The Snap-Flash is a Robin-exclusive gadget that you can put on enemies and then detonate it to stun them and the surrounding foes as well. You need to use it on all the different enemy types. There are plenty of unarmed thugs to use it on, and there’s one point in the game where it practically makes you satisfy the armed thug and environmental object requirements. There’s one Titan in all of the DLC, and that’s the Titan that you need to do this to as well in order to get the achievement.

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