Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances Walkthrough [Guide]


Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is the latest game from EA Games’ popular Command and Conquer series. In Tiberium Alliances, players must manage their resources in order to improve on their respective bases while defending their bases against enemy attack and attacking other bases, as well. The game is available for free play, but users have to register at EA’s website to be able to avail of this game.


Tiberium Alliances is a real time strategy MMO. It is available for play online, and players can compete against other gamers as they try to expand their empire and control the world. To meet this objective, players must construct bases for offensive and defensive purposes. They can also create resources through constructs such as harvesters, as well as gather them from other sources within the map. Unlike other Command and Conquer games, Tiberium Alliances does not have a storyline to speak of.


There are various resources that come into play within the game.  Tiberium is used to create bases while crystals are utilized for the creation of vehicles such as tanks and aircraft, as well as troops and soldiers. Tiberium and crystals are farmed via harvesters, so a good balance and level between these two are a must.

Electricity, in turn, is generated via power plants, and these are used both for base construction and strengthening military forces. Credit is used for the transfer of Tiberium and crystals to and from bases. These can also be used along with Research Points in order to create bigger and better units and structures so that your base would be further improved. Research points work like XP, which are earned by destroying an enemy’s forces or bases, while credits are earned by creating and maintaining refineries.

Silos can be constructed in order to store excess Tiberium and crystals, while accumulators can be built to store extra energy. It is important to closely monitor these and level up accordingly so that capacity may also be increased in accordance with your generators’ output. Otherwise, these would just be wasted if not used. Players, however, can store unlimited credits and research points for use.


Building and expanding your base is one of the main objectives in Tiberium Alliances. There are various constructs to build, and each has their own use and purpose. The Construction Yard defines the size of building spaces available to you, while the Command and Defense Headquarters are required to build a good offensive and defensive force.  Other constructs, such as harvesters and refineries, help players in building resources, while other buildings help in defense as well as making repairs once damage has been incurred.

Attacking Bases

Attacking bases are necessary in order to gain additional resources and further expand your empire. Players can either attack other players’ bases, or Forgotten Camps and Outposts. Attacking bases can earn you a lot of research points as well as other resources. Some bases will even provide you with bonus items that you can use. Of course, bases can defend themselves as well. Thus, a good offensive force is necessary in order to be able to take over camps, so make sure that armies are properly built before beginning a campaign.

Command Points are required whenever bases are attacked. The father the base is, the more Command Points are spent. This is replenished automatically over time, but can be depleted rapidly, so it is also important to watch your status constantly before you begin an assault, as you might find yourself lacking of resources before you can finish off a base, giving it a chance to recover.

Players can also attack bases that have been previously attacked. At their weakened state, even lower leveled players can finish off stronger bases. A destroyed base will have 24 hours to recover, as no one will be able to attack the during this period.


In the same way that players can attack other bases, other players can attack you as well. It is thus important to build up good defenses such as walls, as well as formidable defensive armies in order to repel attacks. They may also use the world’s natural landscape such as swamps and mud in order to slow down attackers. It is also important to recover and repair structures as well as resupply infantry and other resources once battles are over in order to regain numbers and strength for succeeding attacks.

Players may also request support from other bases, especially if they have already formed allegiances with other groups. This gives Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances its MMO essence, as other players can act both as rivals and allies.


There are several types of vehicles, troops, and armaments that can be selected and utilized throughout the game. Examples of these are infantrymen, missile squads, commandos, juggernauts, anti-air cannons, and many more. Each of them have varying strengths and weaknesses, as well as an effective range, so good strategizing and management of your troops, as well as spacing out of columns and waves are integral for an optimum defense or attack.


Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is a welcome addition to the Command and Conquer series of games. It is a light version of the game that C & C fans would surely enjoy. Also, it is free and available from anywhere with an Internet connection, and that is always a plus for gamers everywhere.

Tiberium Alliances is able to capture the essence and charm of the original franchise, and gamers will surely enjoy the farming and base building that they have come to enjoy throughout the years, and the challenge of attacking and defending bases will surely provide for countless hours of farming, building, and improving of their respective domains and armies.

Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances was developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is a web browser game supported by Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 4.1 or higher, and Google Chrome. It had an open beta test on March 12, 2012, and was officially released last May 24.


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