Inversion FAQ/Walkthrough [Guide]


Gravity is yours to control in this new third-person cover based shooter,

Written by Dalton “Horror Spooky” Cooper
Copyright 2012

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough

A. Inversion
B. Vanguard Down
C. Caged
D. Breakout
E. Road Home
F. Street Fight
G. Road to Hell
H. Edge of the World
I. Into the Depths
J. Enlightenment
K. Reveal
L. Red Sky
M. Deja Vanguard
N. Reversion

3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
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The Lutadores are a vicious race of warfaring people, and they have taken over
your world and have stolen your life. It’s time to get it back, using their
very gravity-shifting technology…

LT – Aim
LB – Manipulation/Shield
Left Stick – Move
Back – Objective/Skip scene
D-pad – Zoom
Start – Menu
Right stick – Look
RT – Fire
RB – Gravlink
Y – Reload
X – Use
B – Melee
A – Roll/Cover

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2. Walkthrough
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At the control of a turret, blast at the building in front of you as enemies
run along it. The walls will crumble easily, so you don’t really even need to
focus on shooting the actual enemies. Simply destroying the structure that they
are standing on will be good enough.

This will be interrupted by a cut-scene. You’ll be thrust back into the action
as a swarm of enemies comes at you from the north. Take cover with the A button
and then start blasting the enemies as they come. Gravity will mess up, and
everyone will start floating in the air. That’s your cue to continue to shoot
at the foes as they float until gravity once again changes, sending you and
your buddy flinging into the nearby building, walking sideways.

Fight toward the enemies. Go from cover to cover, and pop out when you have a
good shot. Keep moving forward until this gameplay sequence is interrupted by
another cut-scene.

To Top


When that’s all done, move down the street. Take cover behind the car with A
after the scene, and then take out a few of the enemies from behind cover. As
they start to thin out, move down the street from where the enemies came from,
being sure to pick off any of the remaining enemies that may have been able to
avoid your initial assault.

Russel will then pick up a new weapon. You can cycle through your available
weapons using the d-pad. More enemies will begin to attack after this, so
quickly get behind cover and pick them off one by one as they come, making sure
to avoid the civilians that are running for the lives everywhere.

Following this, run out of the alleyway. More enemies will show up, so just
keep killing them and then move through the next courtyard. Enemies will appear
in the building at the end of the courtyard, so take cover and then kill the
couple that appear in the balcony. A few more will come through the alcove in
the middle of the building, so take them all out from the safety of cover.
Sprint to where they came from.

After another scene, you’ll find yourself in a parking garage. Stay behind
cover and take out all the enemies. When all the initial ones are dead, a few
more will come from the stairwell. Kill them all as they come and then move up
the staircase yourself.

Your goal is to reach the third floor by going through the hallways and snaking
your way through the building. The path is already set out for you. As you move
through what appears to be someone’s apartment, an enemy will burst through a
wall. Take him out with a quick melee attack by pressing B, then take cover and
kill any of the other enemies that show up in the hole in the wall, and
continue that way.

As you continue to move through the building, things become a little more
intense. Enemies will guard the stairwells as you move up to the third floor,
fires will block paths, and explosions will keep you from helping civilians
that are just trying to get to safety. The path through the building is a
linear one, so don’t worry about getting lost, and don’t let the set-pieces
confuse you. Just kill any enemies that get in the way and when you reach the
third floor, a scene and an achievement will signify the end of the level.

To Top


Follow your fellow humans through the camp. Watch the scenes, and then walk
through the camp again to a lift. Once you’re on the lift, it will
automatically descend. You will now have a grav-link equipped. Go through the
door that opens automatically and travel deeper into the cave.

Follow the tracks on the ground. A pile of rubble will block the path. Hold
LB and then release it to cause it all to float. Then continue deeper into the
cave until you reach another impasse where you cannot continue thanks to a large
gap in the ground. Look up.

You will see a floor being held by a support beam. The support beam will be
highlighted in red, which lets you know that it can be manipulated by the red
grav-link ability. To switch between the different abilities, click on the
right analog stick. Once it’s red, use it on the support beam to make it all
come toppling down. This will in turn leave a narrow beam that can act like a
bridge to cross the gap.

Approach the beam and press X to begin walking along it. As you move forward
with the left analog stick, cues of tilting the right analog stick to the left
or right will flash on the screen to keep you from falling off the beam. If
you do manage to momentarily lose your balance while crossing the beam, a quick
press of X will see you Russel back on the beam and crossing the gap in no
time at all.

Once you reach the other side, continue through the cave again until you find
a fence keeping you from continuing. Press X on the fence to get over it along
with Leo. With the gate opened, continue. You’ll now find two barricades that
are blocking the paths to the left and to the right. Switch to the blue gravity
and press RB to make things float. Then press LB to pick something up, and then
toss it into the barricade on the left.

In this small chamber will be stalagtites blocking the way as well as a couple
of explosive barrels. Fling the barrels at the stalagtites to blow them up,
opening the path ahead. Run through the chamber and follow the arrow until
enemies decide to ambush you.

From behind cover, fling a barrel or two at them. This will cause a cave-in of
sorts, destroying a nearby structure to allow you to use it as a bridge.
Approach it and press X to initiate a co-op climb onto the structure. Run up
it, and then approach the dead bodies of the enemies you just fought in order
to pick up a gun.

Continue into the next set of tunnels. The path will be blocked, so backtrack a
bit. Take note of the rocks blocking the way. Once again fling a barrel at them
to destroy them, then continue through. Hop off the small ledge using the X
button, and then a robot will attack.

Stay behind cover. Don’t bother shooting it with guns. Instead using gravity to
keep flinging barrels and rocks and stuff at it until its health bar is
depleted and it blows up. If you’re having trouble seeing it, just toss
anything you have at the bright lights attached to the robot. The robot will
blow up after its health bar is depleted.

To Top


Approach the cell door and press X to open it. Then take a left and run to the
window at the end of the hall. Outside, Russel will automatically be against
cover. Move along the cover the only way you can, and when you reach the end
of it, tilt the analog stick in the direction of the nearby brick building and
press A to sprint to the next cover.

Follow this brick building all the way to the end as well. Don’t worry about
being spotted by any enemies, because they simply will not spot you. When you
reach the end of the brick building, tilt the left analog stick in the
direction of the next cover. Press A. Then do it again, and again, and then
quickly get behind cover to avoid being spotted by the enemy standing in the

Move along this cover until it ends, and then lean up against the next cover
blocking the way. Wait for the spotlight to go by, then jump over the cover
and sprint to the stairs. Run up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, follow
the catwalk until you find a beam. Balance across the beam. On the other side,
approach the open grate in the wall and press X to begin a co-op maneuver to
get through. Walk forward a bit and a scene will play.

Kill the enemies behind cover using your gun, and then leave this area. Take
cover and aim toward the battlefield, where there will be plenty of enemies
running around as well as a tank that rolls into view. Kill all the enemies
from cover, but don’t bother with the vehicle. An explosion will block the
enemies from getting to you. Now survey the room you’re in.

Enemies will start coming in from the doorway, but before they do that, quickly
grab the weapons off of the crate. Kill the few enemies as they come in, and
then move out into the next area. A tank will burst through the wall and drop
off multiple enemies. Get behind cover and follow the cover until a scene

From behind cover, first pick off the Lutadore Captain. Shoot him until he
dies, and that’s really all there is to it. Then take out the rest of the
enemies, the ones that are above you and on the ground floor as well. When they
are all dead, leave cover and move forward. Another scene will occur, and when
it ends, you’ll have the Gravlink at your disposal again.

Leave this room and kick open the door by pressing X. Hop down the next area by
pressing X. Then move through this place into the caves, being sure to kill any
enemy that gets in the way using a combination of gravity attacks and your

In the cave, follow the path that you did before. This will lead you to the
giant hole in the ground created by the robot. Walk around the equipment around
the hole and when you reach the hole, chill out there until another cut-scene

To Top


Follow the streets. An earthquake of sorts will cause you to lose your balance,
but there’s nothing to worry about for a while until a cut-scene plays. And
when it does, quickly take out the enemies from behind cover. Move through the
lighted alleyway. Hang a left into the small room in the alley to find ammo on
a shelf, then continue through the alley until it opens up into an abandoned

Approach the broken piece of bridge with all the junk on it. The objective
marker will lead you right to it if you push back. Use RB to make it float,
creating a ramp to walk up. Walk up it, and then be cautious as you near the
door. An enemy will pop out. Press LB and RB together to smash the Gravlink
into the ground, killing the enemy instantly.

Go through the door he came out of it, and then approach the double doors in
this dark room. Press X to kick them down, leading you right into a department
store. Enemies will start pouring in, so quickly take cover behind the counter
and pick them off as they come. When they’re all dead, move into the street.

A sniper will attack. From behind cover, use the Gravlink and fire a gravity
blast at the sniper’s location behind the billboard to make him float. Then
shoot him while he’s floating around in the air. With the coast clear, move
forward until you see a flight of stairs, and then sprint up the steps.

Behind the cover of the remains of the roof of the building, look down to see a
few enemies hanging out by explosive barrels. Shoot the barrels to blow all of
them up. An enemy will then show up on the nearby roof across the way, so kill
him. Work your way down to the area where you blew everyone up, and then follow
the path to a shutter. Press X to open the shutter partway, then press X again
to move under the shutter. Run forward until a scene plays.

From behind cover, get the jump on all of the enemies as they are walking
around. Move forward and get behind the next wall. There will be an enemy in
the second story window of a building across the way, so take him out. If you
are having problems getting him out from behind his cover, use your gravity
abilities to make him float into view. When they’re all dead, run across the
area and keep following the linear path until another scene plays.

A drill will burst out of the ground and the enemies will constantly spawn from
this thing until you toss a grenade in it. From your cover, you can actually
throw a grenade far enough right off the bat to destroy the drill. Do this now
and then stay behind cover until all of the other enemies are dead. Then
continue until you reach another barricade that you have to press X at so you
and your partner can bypass it.

Walk down the street, only to be forced into a zero gravity zone. As you float,
you need to tilt the left analog stick from piece of rubble to piece of rubble.
Press A to launch yourself from one to the other, and continue doing this until
you reach the objective marker. This will put you inside the apartment
building, so run through the halls until you reach your apartment.

After another scene, approach the hole in the floor and press X to hop down.
Switch out the shotgun for the sniper, then stay behind cover and pick off the
enemies as they come into the street from the left using the sniper rifle. Then
a sniper for the enemies will appear on the roof of the building directly
across from you. Kill him. Then be wary because another one will show up on the
left. Then the right. Then two will show up at one time at both the left and
the right. Take them out as quickly as possible. If you get shot, stick behind
cover to regenerate your health.

After this, a Behemoth will show up. This enemy mech is slow-moving, but it
has a pair of gatling guns that are very powerful. Take cover and toss grenades
at it from behind cover. It’s likely that the explosions from the grenades will
take out the other enemies, so don’t worry about shooting the other enemies
right now. It will take about 10 grenades to kill the Behemoth, but there are
plenty of grenades lying around in case you run it. Once it dies, kill the
other enemies in the area and then move out into the street.

To Top


Move down the street. Two drills will pop up. If you have any grenades, chuck
them at the drills to blow them up. A tank will roll into view as well.
Take a right and run away from them down the alley. Go up the steps and take
cover behind the sandbags. Fire at them until the rest of the humans catch up
with you and start opening the nearby shutter. Run to the shutter as soon as it
is halfway open.

Approach the partly destroyed wall in the next area and press X to co-op climb
up it. Next move to the double doors and press X again. Then you two will break
into the next room. Kill all the enemies in this room as they burst through the
walls. Move forward, kill the enemies, and then keep going into the next room.

Following the scene, you’ll be back out in the streets. Run across the street
to the other side, ignoring the enemies there. Then take cover and kill the
enemies that come out of the door. Move through this building, killing
enemies along the way, until you wind up outside with a turret sitting on a
pile of sandbags.

Take control of the turret and kill all the enemies. You can destroy the
building across the way by taking out its support pillars instead of taking
the time to shoot at all the enemies. A Behemoth will join the fight eventually
but he’s easily killed with the turret. When the enemies are dead, hop off this
area and move toward the dead Behemoth. Loot its body for a new gun and then
continue to the next scene.

Once it ends, move around the large pile of rubble and run forward. Kill all
the enemies as they come, and just continue following the linear path.
Eventually, the gravity will switch, causing you to float in the air. Kill the
other enemies floating as this happens, but then the gravity will switch
again, which will see Russel land sideways on a building. Walk along the
building, using the signs for cover, and pick off the enemies. Use the “back”
button to help you find your way.

Move down a ramp next to an overturned car, then touch the blue field on the
ground. This will change the gravity again. Go through the hole in the
building. Quickly kill the enemy that comes down the stairs, and then go up
the stairs yourself. A bunch of enemies will shoot at you from the building
across the way, including multiple snipers. Run through this area, ignoring
them all, and then start working your way down until you find a ladder. Press
X to slide down the ladder.

Touch the blue field to switch gravity. Then take cover and take out the
enemies on the next roof. There will also be one running upside down on a
billboard. Kill him and then use a zipline to make it across to the other roof.
Then touch the next gravity field and keep going until another cut-scene plays.

You’ll now be in another boss fight, this time against the Butcher, an enemy in
a giant mech. You’ll be in a parking garage filled with cover as well as
grenades lying on the ground. Run from cover to cover and chuck grenades at it.
When its health is depleted by about a quarter, the mech will stop moving, so
run up behind it and press X to toss a grenade inside of it.

With that, you can now freely shoot at the cockpit to deal damage directly.
The mech will lose its guns, but it can charge you, destroying cover, and also
use gravity attacks. Avoid it and fire at the cockpit as much as possible until
the health bar is depleted and the Butcher is defeated.

Afterwards, move to the nearby shutter in the garage and press X to use co-op
actions to get under it. Run forward and then you will be blocked by a couple
of shelves. Use gravity to lift the shelves into the air so you can move under
them. Then you’ll see two beams holding up a bunch of pipes. Use gravity to
lift the barrels in the air and then fling the barrels at the wooden beams to
cause the pipes to fall, destroying the fence and allowing you to continue.

The next area is another zero gravity affair. It’s just like the last one.
Move from highlighted piece of rubble to highlighted piece of rubble by
tilting the left analog stick toward it and pressing the A button. There will
be one moment where rubble will be blocking the way, so you have to fling an
object at it to destroy it. Otherwise, it’s just a by the numbers zero gravity
section, except there will be a few enemies to shoot here and there.

To Top


Move down the stairs and then approach the ledge with the objective marker in
front of it and press X to begin the co-op climb. Then continue, fighting
through the enemies and moving along the linear path. You’ll wind up in a
large, open area, with enemies below. If you have a sniper rifle, be sure to
kill them from above. Otherwise, use the nearby zipline to get a ride down,
then approach the broken ledge and press X to hop down into the courtyard.

From here, start killing all of the enemies. They will be walking along the
walls sideways and all sorts of other zany stuff, but just keep shooting at all
of them until they’ve thinned out considerably. Then approach the next ledge
with an objective marker in front of it and press X to co-op climb.

Now fight your way through the area until you find a blue gravity field and
step into it. Kill the enemies and fight your way to the next gravity field
and step into it. You will now be walking down the side of a building. Kill
the enemies and go from cover to cover until you reach yet another gravity
field and step inside it. Kick down the double door, listen to the conversation
in the next room, and then exit the building.

Quickly take cover. You will automatically be equipped with a rocket launcher.
Peak out of cover and fire it at the turret. This will damage it, but not put
it out completely. Take notice of the large bus on your side of the field.
Run to it. There is more rocket launcher ammo over there. Pick it up, and then
fire a rocket through the bus windows to hit the turret again. Now move from
cover to cover, killing the enemies as they come, and making sure to avoid
grenades and to not stay behind cars too long as they can explode. Keep
picking up rocket launcher ammo and shooting the turret until the turret

On that note, a Behemoth will lumber into view. Quickly find more rockets and
then fire at the Behemoth to kill it with one shot. Then pick up his weapon and
move through the destroyed building until you find a door you have to co-op
open. Then continue to the next objective marker, which will lead you right
into another zero gravity zone.

At the end of this gravity zone, you will fight through a few more enemies, and
then find a mortar. There will be an unlimited supply of RPG ammo from your
initial position, so just blast the hell out of the mortar until it’s
destroyed. Then move down there and follow the path to be back at the area
where you destroyed the turret. Then regroup with everybody and follow them as
they talk and the APC breaks through the doors.

In the next area, take cover and walk slowly on the rightside of the area. Kill
the enemies as they show up to protect the APC and try to keep pace with it.
I recommend staying on the sidewalk because staying in the street leaves you
wide open to attacks from every direction. Fight your way through all the
enemies. The last one that will show up is one with a shield, so use gravity to
leave him open so you can peg him with shots until he dies, and then the APC
escort mission will be complete.

A bunch of cars will be blocking the path. Use gravity to lift them out of the
way and continue into the next street. Take cover as the enemies start showing
up. The game will then suggest you use cars to throw at the enemies. Do this to
kill a bunch of the enemies as they come in quick succession and maybe even
snag a few achievements in the process.

Run forward and watch the scene. Next use the cars to destroy the drills as
they appear. When they’re destroyed, follow the objective markers to the next
objective. An enemy turret will be guarding the area. Use gravity to fling a
car at the turret area. It will destroy the turret. Move to the shutter and
press X to get to the next area.

Kill a couple of enemies, and then walk into the zero gravity zone. Zip from
rubble to rubble in this area and kill any enemies that get in the way. You
will have to zip over to a pipe and then press A on the pipe to launch yourself
up on the next building. This will give you a vantage point to destroy the
second mortar.

Once again there are an unlimited supply of rockets here. Use the rockets to
destroy the mortar and kill the enemies.

To Top


You start this level in a graveyard. Kill all the enemies that are over the
fence, then quickly make your way to the destroyed structure on the right. Grab
a rocket and fire at the turret from the nearby building. Then move to
different cover to take out the enemies coming from the cathedral while
avoiding the dude with the rocket at the top of the cathedral.

Shoot the guy there, which will cause an explosion. Push your way to the
cathedral and fight your way through it. On the other side, there will be
another dude with a turret in another building not too far. Fire a rocket at it
to blow it up, then continue until you reach a gate. There’s nothing you can do
but stand around and listen to everyone talk. When they’re done, the gate will
get kicked open.

This leads right to a zero gravity zone. Zero gravity your way through the
area. When you finally land back on solid ground, you will be facing a gap.
Approach the gap and press X to leap across to the other side. If you are
playing in co-op, you will be separated by your buddies at this point, but
only barely.

Move along the path, and you will see enemies across the way. Your buddies will
engage the enemies. Help them out from your position. When the enemies are
dead, use gravity to move the cars off of the beam that the crane is attached
to. Then wait for your AI partners to walk across the beam. When they get to
the other side, they will move the beam so that you can walk across it.

Regrouped with them, move the cars out of the way using your gravity and then
move through the narrow canyon pass. After the scene, work your way through
the camp and kill all the enemies. Remember: USE COVER. Shielded enemies will
show up to rain on the parade as well, so use gravity to lift them into the
air to bypass their shields, or if you have a rocket, just blash them head-on
to kill them.

Move into the building that they came out of and approach the lever. Press X to
pull it, which will in turn lower the bridge. Now move through the trenches. A
door will swing open, kill the enemy that comes out, then go this way. Continue
through the trenches until you find yourself in another building, with another
lever. Pull it, which will finish bringing down the bridge.

Make your way to the bridge. A couple of enemies will come out of the gate.
Use your Gravlink to fling cars at them. Then a few more will show up above, so
shoot them from your position. When they’re dead, start flinging cars at the
gate until it is broken open, then run over there and get to the next area.

You’ll have to move through a bunker and kill a few enemies. Then you will be
back outside, where a Behemoth and two shielded enemies are. Lucky for you,
there are explosive canisters tucked away in the corners here. Fling these at
your enemies to effectively blow them up and destroy them.

Go into the next building and then find the ladder. Press X to slide down the
ladder. Sprint through the next room and the slave pens, making your way to
the objective marker.

This will initiate a boss battle with the Slave Driver. The dude has a shield
that will protect him from all attacks, and he will constantly summon humans
that he has turned into zombies (because we can’t have one game without zombies
nowadays) to attack you. They are easily killed.

The Slave Driver will point his finger at you fire a laser. It’s easy enough to
avoid it, though. When he does this, his shields will go down, leaving you
open to just blast at him. When his health meter turns gray, that means you
can’t hurt him anymore because he is about to bring his shields back up.

After about a quarter of his health is gone, he will start lumbering after you
himself, using a whip made of energy to attack. Just avoid his whip and wait
for him to shoot his laser. Avoid the laser, then resume attacking him and
killing the zombies that swarm you. If you get knocked down, quickly aim and
shoot at his face to avoid being one-hit killed by his whip.

Repeat this process until the Slave Driver’s health bar has been completely
depleted and he is dead. Afterwards, you will have High Gravity capabilities.
To switch between the gravity modes, click on the right analog stick, as shown
way earlier in the game. High-G is marked by a red color, and the regular
gravity attacks are blue.

Switch to red and look up at the gate. To the left and right of the gates are
weights. Shoot a High-G blast at each weight to bring it down. Then the gate
will open up. Go through the gate and activate your High-G shield by tapping
LB. A melee oriented enemy will attack you, fail, and then leave himself wide
open for you to finish him off.

Keep going until you reach the lift and then press X to activate the lift.

To Top


This level begins in a zero gravity area. Zip from one object to the other in
the zero G field until you reach solid ground. Grab the ammo off the desk and
then run up the stairs to trigger a cut-scene. Then quickly take cover and kill
the two enemies working with the fusebox. Then rush to the minecart and take
cover behind the cart. Use the left stick to push the cart forward and pick off
the enemies in this area.

Move outside and then drop down and move around the crates. A short scene will
play, and then kill all the enemies. Use the High-G gravity on the red
highlighted objects, and make your way to the lift, killing all the enemies
along the way. Use the lever to get the lift moving and take cover using one of
the boxes.

The lift will start moving. Kill the enemies from the safety of cover. There
will be one section where a group of enemies will come out on some scaffolding
that has explosive barrels on it. Fire at the barrels to kill the enemies,
save ammo, and destroy the scaffolding to boot. Stay behind the cover of one of
the crates and kill the enemies until the lift comes to a halt.

When the lift stops, quickly get behind cover because there is a turret in the
distance. Look up. There will be crates that are highlighted in red. Use High-G
gravity on them to make them crash to the ground. Now use these as cover. Move
from one to the other and all the way to the right side of where the turret is

Now use gravity on the barrels here and fling one at the highlighted section of
the structure that the turret is sitting on top of. This will reveal a few
explosive barrels located under here. Shoot them to blow the structure up and
then work your way around into the cave.

Move through the cave system, hugging the left side. Move down the tunnel and
approach the raised section to initiate a buddy system climb that will be
interrupted when the tunnel breaks and you and Leo are separated from one

Continue down the tunnel until you reach a turret. Press X to use the turret.
Leo will be in the area below, battling enemies. Use the turret to kill the
Behemoth down there as well as the other enemies. If Leo’s health bar runs out,
he will die and you will have to reload the previous checkpoint so keep that in

Leo will get to a crank that he can pull so that you can join him. You have to
protect him while he messes with it, though, so stay on the turret and kill all
the enemies that try to attack Leo. Do this until the enemies stop spawning, a
short scene plays, and then you’ll find yourself back on another lift. Press X
on the lever to get the lift working again.

Continue to protect Leo while the lift descends to his location. Once you meet
back with Leo, kill all the enemies in the area. Approach the elevator. It will
open, revealing a Slave Driver and a zombie with bombs strapped to its chest.
Keep your distance from the bomb zombies, as their explosions can kill you
with one hit.

Otherwise, the Slave Driver fight is just like the previous encounter, but a
tad easier. When he’s dead, ride the elevator down, and keep your weapons at
the ready. Kill the enemies once the enemies come to a stop and then exit the
elevator to enter another zero-G area.

This zero-G area features a new type of enemy that has melee attacks. They are
easily killed with shots from afar, but if they happend to grab you, be
prepared to hit X to counter their attack. Continue through the zero-G area
until you land on solid ground, and then use a co-op climb to reach the next
area and move through two sets of doors.

Watch the scene and run forward, getting behind cover. A scurity bot will be
battling the typical enemies. Kill both the bot and the enemies. It’s wise to
focus on the both along with your enemies so that you can drain its health
meter relatively fast. Then when the other enemies are dead, follow the path
right to an elevator and ride it down.

To Top


Walk through the building, pick up any ammo that you need, and then exit
through the door to watch the cut-scene. After the scene, take cover
immediately and start taking out the enemies. Zombies will rush your position,
so be ready to take those guys out as well. When things calm down a bit, move
forward and continue to take out the enemies.

Hug the wall and a scene will play, pointing out another Butcher robot. Leo
and Russel will automatically take cover. There are rocket launchers lying
around for you to use, plus you can make the cars that are hanging above him
fall down using High-G gravity attacks. You can also pick up rubble, like the
destroyed cars, and chuck them at the Butcher at your will.

With the Butcher defeated, a door will open up, with the objective marker
pointing you right to it. Run over to this door and then you will now have to
fight a Slave Driver again. He will be flanked by a bunch of zombies just like
the other fights. Uncoincidentally, this fight plays out exactly like all your
other encounters with the Slave Driver enemy types. Employ the same strategies.

With the Slave Driver dead, walk over to the gate with the barricade. Press X
to take the lock off and then kick open the gate. Grab the ammo next to the
ladder and then start climbing the ladder. Move between the crates. After the
scene, use the High-G on the red highlighted crates above to make them fall to
the ground, which will create a barricade for you.

Use the fallen crate as cover and take out the enemies behind the sandbags at
the turrets. When they’re dead, move up there and then wipe out the rest of the
enemies here. Look up, and take notice of the drill that is highlighted in red.
Use High-G to rip it down, creating a path for you. Go up the ramp that is
created as a result and then take cover and start taking out the enemies that
are up here.

After a scene, you’ll find yourself at the control of a turret. The enemies
will flood into the area from multiple directions, so have the turret at the
ready to blast through all of them. And when they’re all dead, the chapter is

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The shuttle will come to a stop, leaving you to collect a bunch of ammo that is
lying around outside. Gather the ammo and approach the next objective marker
and press X for a co-op climb to the higher level. Continue walking until the
enemies start showing up. Take cover and start picking them off.

Next is zero gravity. Zoom from rubble to rubble using the zero gravity. As you
move through the tunnel, the ninja-like Lutadores from earlier will attack and
interrupt your zero gravity flying around. Kill them until you wind up in the
next area on solid ground. Get through the doors and when you step out into a
larger area, you’ll find robots attacking the other enemies.

Take cover and shoot the robots from afar. The closer they are, the more of a
threat they pose because they can hover above your head. A Securitybot will
show up now and start spawning more of the smaller robots. Focus your attention
mainly on the Securitybot so you can stop the other robots from spawning.
However, if the other robots start getting closer, be sure to take them out of
the air. Use your shield as much as possible. There’s also a special rocket
launcher in the area that fires multiple rockets at once, but it’s safer to
just stay where you are and shoot the thing from your initial entry into the

Move to the next objective marker and tap X for another co-op climb. Next is
another zero gravity segment. Robots will start flying in as you continue
zipping along in the zero gravity field. Stay still at one of the platforms and
shoot them out of the air before continuing with your zero gravity ventures.
Once you land on solid ground, hang a left and in the next room, you will see
the “big reveal”…go through the next door to end the chapter.

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Sprint your way through this area. Don’t worry about the lava and rocks and
stuff. None of it is a big deal. Continue until you see more enemies, both the
robots and the more typical enemy types. Fling explosive canisters at them
with your gravity powers and push forward. You can work together to take out
the robots if you’d like. Just keep pushing forward, cover to cover.

The next area will open up a bit, with enemies all over the place, including on
a bridge. Zombies will rush you, but stay back so you can kill the guys on the
bridge first. Start moving to the left as you walk forward, as there are more
enemies at raised positions that can pose a threat. Kill them and then move
forward and go through the ground forces.

Go through the tunnel and then take cover, killing the robots as they show up.
Then step into the gravity field to change perspectives. Immediately take cover
again and kill the enemies from the safety of cover. When they’re dead, move to
where they were and step into the next gravity field. Then sprint forward and
step into the next gravity field after that.

Continue into the cavern, killing all the enemies that you see along the way.
Keep going until you get into another zero gravity field. Zoom from platform to
platform like you’ve always done, killing all of the enemies that you see in
the process. A short scene will see you and Leo repositioning yourself
automatically in zero gravity, leaving you another stretch of zero gravity
space to fly around in.

Kill the enemies as you go and when you land on solid ground, continue forward
and wipe out the enemies here. A wooden barricade will block the path. Shoot
gravity into the lava, which will create a floating blob. Grab the blob with
your gravity powers and then fling the blob at the barricade to burn down the
barricade. A few zombies will come through, so quickly take them out and then

Go up the ramp and then use the zipline to zip down to the next area. Move
forward and hop down. A Brute will then show up, with a lavathrower! Yes, a
freaking lavathrower. Quickly get behind cover and start chucking grenades at
the Brute. When your grenade supply has been exhausted, start throwing blobs of
lava at it. Fight lava with lava. Just like that old saying!

When the Brute is dead, you will have the lavathrower on you. Move into the
next cavern and you will see another wooden barricade. Use the lavathrower on
the barricade to burn it down and then move into the next area, on top of some
crates. Burn down the enemies. Move along the top of the crates to reach the
next area, where zombies will swarm, so take them out with the lavathrower some

Then continue into the next area, take cover, and kill the enemies. Move from
crate to crate to avoid taking damage from the turret and continue to mow down
the enemies. Move to the right wall to grab one of those rocket launchers with
multiple missiles, and fire it at the building with the turret from the side in
order to take it down and then continue into the next area. Approach the ledge
and press X to initiate a co-op buddy climb.

You’ll now have to fight a bunch of zombies as well as another Slave Driver.
This fight goes like all the other fights that have come before involving
these guys, except you have a lot more room to maneuver, which makes the fight
much easier than before. You’ll have plenty of room to avoid the zombies and to
fight the Slave Driver. Take out any stragglers afterward.

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Like always, there’s some ammo to grab at the start of this ammo. Enemies will
be patrolling nearby. Engage them when ready and start killing your way through
them all. Approach the gate and a bomb zombie will run into it, blowing it up,
and clearing the path for you.

A couple of bigger melee enemies will charge after, so kill them and then
continue and you will start fighting women Lutadores as well as a Brute that
will be patrolling a story above your location. He will eventually come down to
fight you. Use your most powerful weapons against him, but if you run out of
ammo, you can use lava blobs to fling at him that also do a decent amount of

When they’re all dead, move to the gate that is barricaded. Press X to lift up
the barricade and continue through the gate. Grab any ammo on the ground and
then take cover in the next hallway. Bomb zombies will charge, so stay behind
cover and blow them up from the safety of cover. Kill the other remaining
enemies, and then more will start piling in through the window and collect any
ammo in this room before continuing.

Approach the shutter and press X. When the shutter opens, continue into the
next zero gravity area and start zipping from platform to platform like you
usually do. As you start getting in between buildings, there will be enemies
walking up the side of the buildings, so be sure to take them out as you zip
along until you finally get back onto solid ground.

Take cover behind a destroyed car and start picking off the enemies here. As
you move up this area, there will be snipers and robots. Luckily there will be
sniper rifles lying around as well, so use them to pick off the enemies that
are at a distance. When this is done, you will be back in another zero gravity
segment. Zip along from platform to platform, kill the enemies that are around
and then land in the partly destroyed building.

A Behemoth will come out of the elevator and start reigning hell on you.
Quickly take cover, popping out only every few seconds to blast him before he
can kill you. When his health bar has been drained about halfway, then he will
turn away, revealing his back. Shoot it directly until his health bar is
completely depleted. When he’s dead, go into the elevator.

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Take cover, kill the enemies, and then move forward, taking cover inside the
building. A Brute will appear, but there are rocket launchers in this building
that will help you out as well. If you run out of rockets, there is also a
small hole in the ground with lava in it. Create a lava blob with it and then
fire it at the Brute in case you run out of ammo or you want to conserve your
rockets for something else.

With the first Brute dead, another one will take its place. Use the same
strategy as you just did to take it out. Then when everything is dead, approach
the large hole in the ground and press X to zero G your way into the next part
of the stage.

You will be in  zero gravity area. Move forward toward the bright light, using
the debris in this zero gravity segment as always. There will be enemies in the
distance, so take them out as you continue to float from point to point. When
you reach the bright light, this will open up into yet another zero gravity

A large beam will blast through the area, so be sure to avoid it by hanging on
to the cover. From the cover, take out the enemies and wait for the beam to
blast again. Then start moving from area to area using the zero gravity jumps.
You can tell when the laser is about to blast again when the middle objects
start to light up. You want to get through this tunnel in a zig zag pattern as
you float around in zero gravity.

Keep floating and zooming around until you get re-positioned into yet ANOTHER
zero G section. Zoom forward and now you will have to fight Securitybots. Just
shoot at them from your position. Then continue zipping forward and shooting
the enemies as you go (there’s a lot of them). When you finally reach the end
of this hall, you’ll be back on your own two feet!

Approach the large door and wait for it to open. A drawbridge will extend, so
walk across and then a cut-scene will trigger. This will bleed directly into
the final boss fight with Kiltehr.

Kiltehr will have shields, plus a regular health meter. Whenever his meters are
grayed out, don’t bother shooting at him because it won’t do anything.
Otherwise, lay into him to drain his shield. To counter-act his shield, use
a shield of your own so that his attacks don’t do anything to harm you.

Once his shield has been completely drained, his health meter will drain
incredibly fast. Just lay into him as much as possible when his shields go
down and he will be dead in no time.

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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Inversion for the PS3 and Xbox 360!

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