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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard

The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard is the expansion pack for Skyrim, and it adds 10 new achievements to unlock. This guide will offer strategies and advice for unlocking all 10 of these brand new Dawnguard achievements!

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The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard Guide

01. A New You
02. Auriel’s Bow
03. Awakening
04. Beyond Death
05. Kindred Judgment
06. Legend
07. Lost to the Ages
08. Soul Tear
09. Vampire Mastered
10. Werewolf Mastered


Adding 10 new achievements, The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard has achievements ranging from those that come by just completing quests, and other ones that require you to experience other new content that was added to the game through the new expansion pack.

While playing through Dawnguard, you will have a choice of going through the quests working for the Dawnguard vampire hunters, or joining the vampire clan and helping them with their evil deeds. It doesn’t matter which questline that you choose really, except for mastering the vampire perk tree. For this, it’s easiest to join the vampires as a vampire and then go through those quests using your Vampire Lord powers. If you go down the Dawnguard path, Serana can turn you into a Vampire Lord infinitely.

But don’t worry; becoming a vampire doesn’t mean that you can’t regain your werewolf abilities or become a werewolf. Speak to Aela of the Companions and she can turn your back into a werewolf so you can explore the new werewolf perk tree as well for that other achievement. However, she can only turn you back ONE time, so be careful about that.


-A New You-
Description: Change your face
Strategy: A face sculptor of sorts has been reported in Skyrim. If you ask around about rumors at inns and such, you’re likely to stumble upon this information. However, you can find the face changer simply by going to where they are located, which is the Ragged Flagon underground bar attached to the Thieves Guild.

Visit her and then speak with her to change your face. This will allow you to change the facial features that you created for your character during the character creation process of the game.

If you are a vampire, the sculptor will not be able to alter your undead face. Cure yourself from vampirism or visit the face sculptor before becoming a vampire to get the work done.

-Auriel’s Bow-
Description: Use the special power of Auriel’s Bow
Strategy: Auriel’s Bow is acquired by playing through the main quest in Dawnguard. During the last boss fight, you are given the option to hand the bow over. If you do this, you have to loot it from the remains of the last boss.

Once you have the bow in your possession and the main quest has been completed, speak to Serana about information given to you in an earlier quest. Ask to use her blood to soak in Elven arrows. If you have no Elven arrows, just look around until you find them or buy them from a merchant in one of the cities. With the special blood soaked arrows, head outside.

Make sure it’s daytime and then aim Auriel’s Bow, equipped with the proper arrows, directly at the sun. Fling an arrow into the sun and watch the amazing madness that follows.

Description: Complete “Awakening”
Strategy: Play through the main quest of Dawnguard to unlock this achievement. For more information on this quest, refer to the link to the main quest walkthrough for Dawnguard that can be found at the top of this page.

-Beyond Death-
Description: Complete “Beyond Death”
Strategy: Complete this quest in the main quest of Dawnguard to unlock the achievement.

-Kindred Judgment-
Description: Complete “Kindred Judgment”
Strategy: This is the final quest in the main quest of Dawnguard.

Description: Defeat a Legendary Dragon
Strategy: This achievement will be, by far, the most difficult achievement out of all the Dawnguard achievements. The reason for that is that these Legendary Dragons are extremely hard to find, and even when you can find them, they are far more powerful than any of the other dragon types found in the game!

Don’t even worry about this achievement until you are at least level 50. Various reports are conflicting about what level you need to be at exactly for Legendary Dragons to appear. Some sources claim level 75, others level 80, and others still say you just have to be at level 50 for them to start spawning.

These dragons are very tough customers as they are able to use both fire and frost attacks and they have a ton of health. When you find one, employ the same dragon fighting strategies as always. Also when you find one, it might be a good idea to save just in case you die and then are unable to find the dragon again.

Finding a Legendary Dragon will be mostly luck. I recommend just playing the game organically until you are randomly attacked by one.

-Lost to the Ages-
Description: Complete “Lost to the Ages”
Strategy: This is the only side quest that is required to complete in the Dawnguard expansion for an achievement. This quest will begin as a misc. objective that will be added to your list after reading about it in a book that you’ll find randomly in the world. These books are easy to find if you search around the ruins and levels that you explore during your storyline playthrough of the main quest in Dawnguard.

For more in depth information on how to complete this quest, refer to the main walkthrough for Dawnguard, which contains all of the side quests as well and strategies on how to complete them.

-Soul Tear-
Description: Learn all the words of Soul Tear
Strategy: Soul Tear is a shout that is taught to you by the dragon known as Durenhviir. This dragon can be called upon using your shouts after you defeat him in the Soul Cairn, which is a part of the main quest. Be sure to unlock all the Words of Power for the shout to summon him using dragon souls.

You have to summon Durenhviir a total of three times to unlock this achievement. Make sure you’re out in the open and you have a lot of room for him to be summoned. Every time that you summon him, he will teach you a new Word of Power for the Soul Tear shout. Summon him three different times and learn the three different Words of Power for the new shout. I don’t believe you have to unlock them all using dragon souls to get the achievement to unlock.

-Vampire Mastered-
Description: Acquire 11 vampire perks
Strategy: Newly added to Dawnguard are two new perk trees. You unlock this perk tree by becoming a Vampire Lord in the main questline of Dawnguard. You can become a vampire by siding with them during the storyline, or by asking Serana to turn you into one after you go through the entire storyline as a Dawnguard soldier.

To check out this skill tree, you have to be in your Vampire Lord form. In this form, kill enemies or people or whatever and then you will earn points that can be spent on your Vampire Lord skill tree. Purchase the 11 available perks to unlock this achievement.

-Werewolf Mastered-
Description: Acquire 11 werewolf perks
Strategy: To become a werewolf, you have to play through the Companions questline. If you have lost your ability to turn into a werewolf or if you have become a Vampire Lord, you can regain your werewolf powers by speaking to Aela of the Companions. However, she will only turn you back into a werewolf ONCE, so don’t lose your opportunity to unlock this one.

As a werewolf, you will now have access to a brand new perk tree that wasn’t there before. Attack enemies with your werewolf and you will gain werewolf specific skill points that can be spent on the werewolf perk tree. Get all 11 and this achievement unlocks.

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