Disney’s Ghost of Mistwood Walkthrough [Guide]


In Disney’s Ghost of Mistwood, players are tasked with finding their lost aunt Virginia in the haunted estate and, along the way, they will be able to find other people amidst the fog and hidden rooms, and they would be the ones that would be helping you with rebuilding the manor and it grounds to its former glory.

Game Mechanics

In Ghost of Mistwood, a lot of exploration and crafting are to be expected. Ingredients required for crafting can be made in a variety of ways, and you an even request them from friends in this very social media friendly game. Some tasks take some time to complete, though, taking anywhere from a few seconds to up to an hour.


Coins are the primary currency within the game. These are used to purchase anything from buildings, crops, creatures, trees, decorations, and many more. Coins can be earned by completing quests, clearing debris from the open grounds, as well as collecting coins from buildings.

Gold bars are considered as the premium currency in Disney’s ghosts of Mistwood. They can be used to skip over some portions of quests, speed up wait times, as well as purchase special or premium items in the market. Gold bars are earned each time you level up, and can also be bought using real-life currency.

Magic, in true Disney fashion, can be used to speed up wait times as an alternative to spending gold bars. Magic can be harvested from willow trees and other similar items and are much more accessible than gold bars.

Lantern oil is used to clear the fog enveloping unexplored areas in your map. Lantern oil is earned whenever players level up, but you can also purchase them using gold bars, or by crafting them using specific items as ingredients.

Leveling Up

Performing tasks such as collecting coins, constructing buildings, and purchasing items as well as completing quests can earn you experience points. Once enough XP has been earned, players level up. This will open up new and better items and quests for players, giving Ghosts of Mistwood extended playability and value, as well as enticing players to keep at the game until all available content has been unlocked.


Quests are part tutorial, and part the game’s way of guiding you to access all of its available content. While quests are optional to do, players can get the most out of the game by completing these tasks, and it can also earn them a lot of coins and experience, as well as some hard to find ingredients for crafting and building purposes.


The market is where players can purchase different types of items that can help them further enhance and improve on the estate. Each item has specific uses, such as for generating coins as well as providing for different types of ingredients necessary for crafting.

Buildings can be purchased, and they could be used to craft items, and some buildings can also allow you to collect coins from them over time. Decorations can also be purchased to enhance and personalize the look of the mansion grounds.

Crops and trees allow you to harvest ingredients from them. However, players would need to purchase crops again once they have harvested from them, while trees can provide output indefinitely. Creatures can also be purchased and can also provide certain items if you feed them.

Premium items can also be purchased in the market. These include lantern oil packs as well as other special items that are either difficult to find or are exclusive to the market. These usually cost gold bars to purchase, but are not mandatory in order to push the game and the story forward.


Staff are the people who will be helping you with the many tasks that you will have to undertake in Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood. Some must be assigned to watching over buildings being constructed, as well as clearing debris from the manor grounds.

Some staff can be found in the fog and can be put to work. You can also hire friends to help you out as well as purchase additional help using gold bars.

Expanding Your Estate

Expanding your estate entails discovering new areas and building over them. You can do this by using lantern oil to lighten fog covered areas as well as assigning staff to clean up these areas. To build buildings, you must purchase them as well as gather the necessary ingredients in order to complete construction. Some buildings also require staff in order to be built.


Crafting is where players will spend most of their time. Most items and buildings require a certain number of specific items, and these can be gathered in a variety of ways. Some items are fairly common and can be collected from debris or creatures, while some can be a bit hard to find such as those that must be rewarded upon completion of quests, or must be given as gifts from friends. Some ingredients must also be crafted themselves, so it is important to take a close look at your inventory in order to assess as to which materials you might be needing.


Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood relies heavily on social media to add further value to the game. Friends can visit other friends’ estates and perform tasks for them, and they could help out each friend five times every twenty-four hours. Doing so would earn them coins, experience, as well as bonus items, you can also gift friends with special items and ingredients that they could use for crafting.


True to Disney’s essence, Ghosts of Mistwood features quirky characters as well as great art and visuals. Cameos by beloved Disney characters could have been a plus, though. Also, in a game where the premise is finding your lost aunt and defeating a Dark Spirit, being able to expand and improve on the estate when there is an old lady who is probably in danger at the very moment can be a bit disconcerting. Still, the game can prove to be very enjoyable, especially if you are the type of person that likes turning dilapidated estates into respectable manors.

Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood is available on Facebook and was released on June 30, 2012. It was developed by Playdom, Inc. and published by Disney.


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